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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Tuesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Lorraine G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been searching for a new dentist for my family. After reading ALL Dr. Etman’s reviews (good and bad!) I decided that he sounds exactly like the dentist I have been searching for!! I love the way he responds to his reviews, even the negative ones! I think he sounds very intelligent when he explains things. I just love that. I am going to make an appointment first thing in the morning for my daughter, husband and myself! I can’t wait to go and I have a true problem with anxiety, especially with dentists! I am confident this WILL go well. I will write another review after we go! Thanks to everybody who sent in a review!

Ray Saulon (Source: Google)


This is by far the best dental practice in the Valley. My father had gone to several other practices which caused problem from improperly fixing several cracked teeth and improperly adjusting his dentures. After going to Dr. Josh Etman and his team at Lone Mountain Family dental he now has the full use of all of his teeth as well as a perfectly fitted denture. Thank you to Dr. Josh Etman and his staff. I highly recommend this practice.

Gwendolyn Lewis (Source: Facebook)


I would highly recommend Dr. Etman and the entire team. I had services before going out of town and I received 3 follow up calls while I was away. You can always judge the quality of service rendered by the front office staff, they are your initial contact. Well, these ladies blew me away from setting up my appointment to signing in at the office. I even had a smile on my face when I paid my bill because it was very reasonable!! I LOVE LONE MOUNTAIN DENTAL and you will too!!

Willie S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I had chipped my tooth several years ago and would always give a half-hearted smile for several years to come. My wife made me an appointment with Lone Mountain Dental and they put crowns on the chipped teeth and gave me back a GREAT smile!! This is a dental agency that provides excellent customer services and does really good work. I would recommend them for anyone who needs minor or major dental work done. The staff at Lone Mountain Dental are friendly and competent dental professionals!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


Dr. Etman is my dentist and he is fantastic! He is kind, understanding and genuinely cares about his patients. I have had cavities filled, a tooth pulled and a bridge implanted. His work is beautiful and painless! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Etman and Karen for always taking such good care of me and my smile!

Marc C. A. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Lone Mountain is my first experience with a dentist here in town since I moved from Boston. I went in for a wisdom tooth extraction after Dr. Etman was recommended to me. I waited less than about 15 minutes before I was seen for my extraction. I found Dr. Etman and his staff to be very attentive and comforting given the amount of pain I was in due to what was called an “impacted molar.” The procedure was fast and they were able to have me in and out of there within an hour. I highly recommend this practice.

Delia S. from Iona, MN (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Lone Mountain Family Dental and Dr. Joshua Etman. He took the time to explain to my husband the procedure to be done and did what was necessary. He is honest, very professional and caring and made my husband feel very comfortable. My husband had two very bad experiences with his previous two dentists here in Las Vegas. He had to go back several times for procedures which turned out to be unnecessary. With Dr. Etman it only took one visit and the he was able to fix all the problems that were caused by the other dentists. This is a great practice and I highly recommend Dr. Etman.

Susan Jane Kent (Source: Google)


This is a Dentistry that doesn’t just plug’em, pull’em, buff’em and send you truck’n. These people listen to you and adjust their approach and care with every procedure. They respect and respond appropriately to sensitive mouths and people like me that have other issues besides “dentophobia.” I have proof of all this, because I keep going back. Thank you Lone Mountain Family Dental!

Eveel Bahong (Source: Google)


What a great place as I had an emergency & had never been to this doctor before. From the front desk, the hygienist & Dr. Etman, I was treated professionally. They are excellent about making sure you understand what is going on & what their plan is to get the solution. They even gave me an estimate for future work after the main issue is done at a specialist. Clean & comfortable too. Highly recommend.

Ray B. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


My father had gone to 3 different dentists over the last 3 years. One of them, he had to return twice for a botched crown and extraction. We were finally referred to Dr. Joshua Etman through a friend of the family. His staff was very polite and helpful. He was seen almost immediately after filling out his paperwork and his procedure was completed within about 20 minutes and he mentioned that he hardly waited at all. The office is clean and contemporary and my father said it felt like he was more at home than at a dentist office. I highly recommend Dr. Etman and his practice.

Melissa O. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have a serious problem with going to the dentist. I can’t stand the smell, the sound, etc. The first time I went to this dentist office they completely understood and prescribed a low dose medication to help make sure I was comfortable and able to get a cleaning or any other procedure without freaking out. The last time I went a few weeks ago there was a new assistant Doug who was really nice and made sure I was comfortable and distracted me from the procedure that I had to have done. I tell everyone that says they need a dentist to go to Lone Mountain Family Dental. They are reasonably priced also.

Crystal Thompson (Source: Google)


I have struggled for YEARS with bad teeth. Embarrisingly bad, cracked, missing or decayed to the root. Dental care hasn’t been affordable for the work I needed done and I had to put my kids financial needs above my cosmetic ones. I came to Dr Etman less then 2 weeks ago just looking for a plan of action to get my smile back and assuming it would be a long process but was eager to start. First visit was unreal. The receptionist were phenomenal and so sweet and helpful to the millionth degree. Dr etman listened to my issues and never once made me feel anything other then comfortable and finally for once EXCITED about the dentist. I am so proud to say that after only 2 weeks I have my smile back. They went above and beyond to get my financial situation handled and between my 2 dental insurances worked out payment ts for me and got me my full set of beautiful upper dentures. I’m 33 and embarrasing to believe I was so neglectful for so long. Dr etman and staff I cant put into words how thankful I am to have found you. You made me smile again and it may seem so insignificant but it’s the best feeling inthe world. I owe that to you and your whole staff at Lone mountain family dental. Yall are amazing and I can never thank you enough!!

Wallace H. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I just met with Dr Joshua Etman the other day as I lost two back crowns the week before, that was with me for many years. I was recommended by a friend to go to Lone Mountain Family Dental, and when I called I was able to get an appointment quickly.and I am happy to say that it was the best recommendation one could have ever given to me. The Office is one of the nicest professional layout I have seen in years, spotless and bright too, and I felt extremely comfortable there the minute I walked into the reception area.. Unfortunately I had to loose the two permanent teeth as they could not be saved. The extraction process was painless and I didn’t have any after problem. The Good Doctor sent me home with two RX’s, one for pain and the other, an antibiotic just to be safe, I was really Honored that Dr Etamn called me the night after the extractions to see how I was doing. I hope that Dr Etman continues his good work along with his very talented Assistants and Office Staff for many years to come. I will return to Lone Mountain Family Dental for all my future Care. Wally Hoffman, Las Vegas Nevada

Edward W. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I had the misfortune of chipping a tooth one day while eating lunch. I was in terrible pain and knew I needed to have it looked at. After contacting Dr. Etman’s office I was schedule for a 5pm appointment. I arrived at the office at 3pm and after a 30 minute wait, they got me in a patient room early. Needless to say the tooth could not be saved but after extracting it I was in and out in about 30 minutes. I was so excited my pain was over and even the bill as a cash payee was more than reasonable. The best thing was that he attended to my needs at that moment and not tried sell me other services. The office staff and dental assistants made me feel right at home. One of the best dental experiences I ever had. Can’t wait to bring my family to Dr. Etman for all their dental needs in the future. GREAT JOB! Ed White Licensed Insurance Agent Las Vegas, NV

Barbra D. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I was very apprehensive about finding a new dentist but after 9 phone calls to dental offices I narrowed it down to three. My decision to come here was based on 4 things 1. Friendly & knowledgeable front desk & pleasant on the phone 2. Likes the testimonials from patients 3. Loved their website / Dentist profile 4. And was able to get an appointment same week The office is very clean, the atmosphere is comfortable and love the fact they play music and have TV. Their equipment is state of the art, the hygienists are excellent and thorough – did not feel rushed! Felt relaxed and even fell asleep when I got my fillings – Dr. Etman was professional and nice. Love Grace too – she is so kind and explains exactly what you are paying for and made me smile even though I was drooling. Already made my appt for next cleaning – look forward to going nack

Edward White (Source: Google)


The staff was great, the Dental Assistants were knowledgeable and friendly. Most of all Dr. Etman, DDS has been the best Dentist I have gone to. I hate going to the dentist but he always puts me at ease. But most of all he never makes me feel like he’s trying to up-sale me on other services. He always attend to my current need and makes suggestions of preventative things to do in the future. Never feel like I’m waiting around and always gets me in and out in a timely manner! Great Job!

Rachel C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


This place was absolutely wonderful I personally HATE going to the dentist however the staff made me so comfortable while i was there as well as my children. I had to get an X-ray done and my baby was asleep the receptionist held her for me while I was getting it done. This spoke volumes to me as they care for their patients. If they have a cancellation they will call you to see if you want to come in sooner. My boys did so well thank you to the staff here I had a great experience and will definitely be back

Donna Frieri (Source: Google)


I was a patient at Lone Mountain Dental for 15 years and when the practice was taken over by Dr. Etman, I was so hoping that I would receive the same personal and quality care as in the past. Well, Dr. Etman and his staff far exceeded my expectations. Not only did he re-cement an old gold onlay with gentle, quick and painless care, he kept my favorite hygienist on staff. Old and new patients will receive great dental care here.

Kylie Edinger (Source: Google)


Wonderful dentist and team! Dr Etman genuinely cares about his patients and the front office girls are always so welcoming and always do their best to get you in quickly when needed. These girls are appreciated and it definitely shows in how they work! Great job to the whole practice. I’ve had a few times this year that I have had to call to try and get in same day and they were able to fit me in. One tooth was giving me constant issues, to the point I was getting migraines and pain. I thought it was my wisdom teeth since I was waiting to get them extracted, and it ended up being another issue. They got me in and fixed the tooth. I haven’t experienced the pain since. I always feel better after leaving. If you want a great dental and office experience, look no further!

Christine A. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I can honestly say that after having a bad experience with my last two dentists I finally found one that gave me a good experience. Dr. Etman and his staff were incredibly friendly. I needed an extraction because I was in an incredible amount of pain and they took me in immediately the next morning. Not only did they schedule me the next day after I called, they took me in immediately after I signed in so there was no wait time. My last two dentists I waited at least a half an hour before they saw me for my procedure. I work for Sands corp so they took my insurance and were kind enough to explain to me my co-pay. I highly recommend Lone Mountain Family Dental. They are located in a nice neighborhood as well. Also, I was told that for all major procedures if you live further out they would even Lyft or Uber you if needed.

Adrian C. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


I can’t give enough thanks to Dr. Etman for the painless procedure yesterday (multiple root canals amongst other things) He and his exquisite team have gone above and beyond the call of duty; from mere moments after the accident and through extensive treatment! 2 weeks with these pretty sweet in office made temps, then the smile is #ThanksDoc ‍

Frances Richards (Source: Facebook)


So grateful Dr. Etman’s team was marketing years ago at LVAC/Decatur. This was beginning of my experience with Dr. Etman and his team. I recently chipped the enamel off the back of my front tooth eating some pistachios. I was able to get an appointment, Karen (dental hygienist and she prep me for the filling) and Yvette (front desk) explained all the services and fees associated with the procedure and of, course Dr. Etmam, they all took care of me. I am a cash paying customer, so the discount was greatly appreciated. The service was excellent, the care was exceptional and the customer service was tremendous. #SatisfiedCustomer

Anonymous (Source: Google)


This was my first visit. The entire team is outstanding. I called for an appointment and reached Lupe. She was so helpful. She looked up my insurance immediately and made sure I was covered. At first they only had a Dentist appointment but not a cleaning. Lupe tried to schedule them together. I went in for a check up and as soon as I got there a smiling Lupe told me that a cleaning appointment opened up. My hygienist was excellent. She did an excellent cleaning to get all the coffee stains out. The Dentist is friendly and honest. I thought I needed a new crown. He told me it looks good and we can address it when the time comes up. There was no up selling like they do in most of the Dental offices. At check out Kim was very friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend this practice.

Roni Johnson (Source: Google)


I normally don’t post reviews, however this office deserves it! Started here 8 months ago on an emergency basis. Since then, I have slowly moved my whole family over. The staff always makes you feel at ease. Dr. Etman coordinated with my son’s plastic surgeon and orthodontist. He’s even called to see how the kids are doing after dental work. That speaks volumes. Doug and Karen are masters at assisting Dr. E. They mesh very well and there is no office drama. Go here you won’t be disappointed!!!

Ray B. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Josh Etman is now our family dentist. My father has seen him twice for two cracked molars. One of which was damaged due to a bad procedure caused by his previous dentist. Since then, he has had no problems. My mother also became a patient of Lone Mountain Family Dental in July of 2017 and has been very happy with her results. I highly recommend Dr. Etman and his staff at Lone Mountain Family Dental.

Ivana G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


If there was possible I’d give this office a 10-star review! After having a terrible experience with another dentist office I was determined to do some serious research in order to find a dentist office that would give me the service we all deserve and pay for. I read the great reviews about the Lone Mountain Family Dentistry and decided to give it a try by first sending an email to this facility. I got a prompt response and scheduled an appointment even though this office is a 40-minute drive from my house. After the first and the second visit, I will stick with them even if they move even farther:) Dr. Etman and the orthodontist technician, Dug are simply amazing! They not only know what they are doing but also pay a ton of attention to the needs and problems you have. And they fix them! I told Dug that he is a magician in his field and I was not kidding! The office is extremely clean and has modern medical appliances. Lisa, who cleaned my teeth was very caring and thorough. She did the best she could to make me feel the least pain possible. She also gave me some valuable advice. The front desk girls, Shannon and Irene were very courteous, efficient and professional. I wish there were more dentist offices like this. Highly recommend this facility!

Janine R. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I am usually not a fan of dentists but I am a fan of this one. Dr. Josh Etman and his staff did everything to make my visit comfortable. Their office is a lot more modern than my previous dentist and they seem to have all the latest technology and equipment. They also had their own personal room for me which made me feel at east. Easy 5 stars for Dr. Josh Etman.

Mary P. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I switched dentist last year to Dr Etman and I couldn’t be happier! Everyone in that office has been friendly, pleasant and professional. I’ve had few dental work done by Dr Etman and he did an excellent job on all of them. Plus he follows up with a call that evening to see how I am feeling. That extra touch shows how much he cares about his patients. The most impressive experience I’ve had was getting a veneer replaced…..Doug is truly amazing and an expert in this field! He and Dr Etman made sure my smile is perfect before I left that office. Hygienist is very good and gentle for those of us who dread getting teeth cleaned. Hats off to the team at Lone Mountain Family Dental!

Cynthia Sabedra (Source: Google)


They are absolutely wonderful. From the time you walk in the front desk staff are welcoming, helpful & kind. They take you back right away, they’re on time waiting to greet you. Dr Etman & Doug are an awesome pair. They are HUMBLE, COMPASSIONATE, UNDERSTANDING, and they LISTEN. They really care about the patient & are passionate about their job. I just had an implant done a few days ago, and when I walked out I felt like I could have went to the gym 🙂 They’re professional, have nice equipment, clean, GENTLE and I am very very happy. I will not go any where else.

Marianna A. (Source: Google)


Dr Etman is the best dentist I met so far, He is very knowledgeable and caring. I had implants done and 3 wisdom teeth pulled out, none of these procedures were easy, but Dr Etman made me feel secure and taking care of. He is the kind of dentist that always follow up with the patient to make sure everything is fine. Also, his medical assistant Doug is a great asset. Doug is very friendly, knowledgeable, funny and has a great personality. I would recommend Dr Etman to any friends and family I may have, all his practice is friendly and provide great customer service. Nancy, is part of the front office, she is great! What a great practice! I never been happier with service received with dentists lately, and believe me unfortunately I am one of those people has a lot of dentistry issues. Also, Dr Etman practice has affordable prices, this is another plus!

Kayla B. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


After needing a dental check-up, I stumbled across Lone Mountain Family Dental. I have only lived in Vegas for about a year and half, but I definitely found my new hygienist and dentist. Lisa, the hygienist, did an amazing job. She was friendly, thorough, and knowledgable. It was one of the best cleanings I have ever had. Also, Dr Etman was professional and seemed like he really cared. Instead of over charging and just filling teeth, he mentioned that I could try using fluoride rinses and MI paste for six months to try to remineralize the start of cavities. Overall, everyone in the office is very welcoming and friendly. Also, it was awesome getting a cleaning while getting to watch my favorite channel, HGTV!

Laurie H. from North Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I cannot stress enough that this should be your new dentist. Caring, on time, professional, everything I want in an office! I called the day before my appointment and got scheduled. Phone service was perfect. I showed up and was taken right back. Thus began my stress. My own fault had left me in pain, needing help, not showered, and ready to fight, because that’s how my week was going. I was having issues with getting my bank to release the funds, I had canceled my card earlier in the week. After dealing with my issues they let me run to the bank putting my appointment time over an hour late. Again, my fault not theirs. I was thinking I looked like one of “those people”, the ones who pretend they can pay but can’t. They were SO nice to me about it! Once I got my stuff in order I went back in and they started. I told them I’m resistant to Novocain, a crap shoot because I’ve had dentists who seem to think it’s a challenge, but not this time! He checked so many times to make sure I was good! He even gave me more before it needed it to make sure it didn’t start to hurt! It was my front, middle teeth, and he capped them SO perfect! The capper? He filed my bottom teeth a bit to straighten the look! All the extra work and not one attitude and he didn’t charge me extra! All in all I have to say they are amazing. Every single person in the office that day made me feel like I mattered, and they cared. I’ll be going back, especially since they also take CareCredit! If you aren’t thrilled with your dentist you owe it to yourself to go. You can thank me later.

Kody Livreri (Source: Facebook)


I had the same dentist for 20 years and was reluctant to try new offices. After trying 4 different dental offices, with varying degrees of satisfaction, I finally landed at Lone Mountain Family Dental. I’m impressed with the knowledge of both the staff and dentist as well their kindness and openness. The primary dentist’s wife is an orthodontist which allows for advance issues to accessed quickly. This is also true for the speed of the office visit. I didn’t need to set up a consultation and multiple appointments. No wasted time! One last thing I appreciated was informing me of the cost of services before they are performed. This may be the first time I used dentist and great in the same sentence. I’ll be here for next 20 years!

Deborah DeJesus (Source: Google)


Wish there were more stars to give to Dr. Etman. He is the most patient and gentle person. Of course, just like many, I become anxious for any dental visit but the staff and Dr. Etman were so friendly and put my nerves at ease. I did not have to wait for my appointment as I was seen on time. Reasonable prices. I recommend if you are from the area, stop by and make him your primary dentist. He’s the best!!!!

Brittany S. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I came here after being disappointed with my former dental office. After reading all of the positive reviews, and the fact this office has been a family-owned community staple for 20 years, I decided to make the change. I came today for a cleaning and some issues I had with pain and everything from check-in, to cleaning, to meeting with Dr. Etman, was nothing short of amazing. My visit with Dr. Etman wasn’t very long considering my case didn’t require it, but he was a joy to work with. Told me what I needed to do, and bam. Done. No fluff, no “selling”, no nasty attitudes. I’m happy to be apart of this practice now and am happy to spread the word for others to bring their business here!


It's our Passion to make you smile! Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients. We strive to accommodate even the most apprehensive of patients by rendering a comfortable and friendly environment. We welcome you to join our dental family and it's our passion to make you smile! Dr. Etman and his staff strive to continue excellence of dental care provided by Dr. Barry Kennedy. Dr. Etman graduated from New York University of Dentistry, where he feel in love with dentistry and learned to value his work, as well as the patient he treated. Dr. Etman is consistently trying to improve his skills and keep up to date on the latest techniques and procedures. He provides a comforting and inviting atmosphere to all of his patients. We offer a wide scope of treatment from fillings, crown & bridge, root canals to implant placement and restorations. We hope you visit us at Lone Mountain Family Dental, where we provide a all-encompassing, special brand of dentistry to you. The office was established in 1994 by Dr. Kennedy. Dr Etman is the second owner. Dr. Etman graduated from New York University College of Dentistry. It was there that he fell in love with dentistry and learned to value his work, as well as the patients he treated. From there, he completed his hospital residency at St. Luke’s Roosevelt in Midtown Manhattan. At that program, he continued to perfect his craft while treating medically compromised patients and trauma victims. His journey has brought him to Las Vegas where he has built his reputation and gained respect and admiration from his peers. While treating patients at two highly successful dental practices in Las Vegas, Dr. Etman has worked tirelessly to build upon his successes. He as taken Continuing Education classes in everything from root canals to implant placement, in order to enhance his skill set and remain current in the ever changing field of dentistry. Now he has embarked on a new journey of ownership and looks forward to continued success in providing exemplary patient care to his Lone Mountain Family.