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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Audra M. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


Very welcoming office, love staff. Honest dental office, have felt like I was being “sold” in the past for dental work that maybe wasn’t necessary or not an emergency at previous office. I was planning on getting my teeth whitened and dr talked me down to lower option as she said that is all I needed. Love that they are honest and caring and that I can get dental, braces for kids, and periodontal work all done in one location. Audra M

Joseph Templin (Source: Google)


I was in a mountain biking accident and broke both of my front teeth. Hadn’t been to a dentist in a while so didn’t have one established, and was able to get in here really quickly as they had a ton of availability. Dr. Chan took some x-rays, built me a set of crowns that looked about 1000% better and more uniform than my real teeth did, and had them installed a week later. Staff here are incredible and I couldn’t be happier with how quickly and perfectly my front teeth were fixed up.

Kim Garfield (Source: Google)


I can’t thank castle pines dental group enough. I decided to have my three fillings and temporary crown done on the same day since I was off that day. They made sure I was comfortable thru the process which was an hour and made sure my fillings and crown were even with my bite. I highly recommend the staff and Dr.

Rayanna Eckhardt (Source: Google)


Love this place. They have a wonderful friendly staff, who know what they’re doing, and seem to enjoy their job and helping people. They have a lovely sense of humor and are always smiling. My tech remembered me and certain specifics that I told her after 6 months. I’m definitely happy I found this place.

Morgan Hayward (Source: Google)


I have always been nervous going to the dentist. I get really bad anxiety leading up to and during the appointment. As soon as I got to Lone Tree Modern Dental, that anxiety went away. My dental hygienist kept asking how I was doing throughout the appointment, was kind and extremely helpful in understanding what was going on. If you have any anxiety surrounding the dentist, look no further and go see the staff at Lone Tree Modern Dental! I can’t thank them enough!

Anson Worrell (Source: Google)


The service was excellent, prompt, and very helpful. Everyone that worked on my teeth were very kind, smart, caring, and patient focused. The doctor was legit! He communicated well and answered my questions nicely. I understood what he said and how to keep my teeth healthy. The filling I got didn’t hurt at all. He had a very steady hand while using the numbing needle. I had proper amount of numbing.

Genevieve Decker (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Lone Tree Modern! The staff are very friendly and accommodating. I had gone to Gateway Smiles in Aurora, and they tried to tell me I had numerous things wrong with my teeth (I have no hx: of cavities) and I believe they did this just to get more money out of me. Some of the new offices are just trying to make money off clients, which in the long run puts your teeth at risk from unnecessary procedures. I was so relieved when I went to Lone Tree Modern Dental and they were honest and trustworthy (no cavities from the many x-rays they took). I would highly encourage this dental office to everyone.

Una Schade (Source: Google)


I have been here a handful of times now. My first visit was an emergency that required a couple of visits, Dr. Chan and her team took such great care of me I decided to give them a shot for a cleaning. I absolutely hate the dentist if we are being honest.. so much so I do not regularly visit them (at all). They never once made me feel dumb or silly for my last dental visit being so long ago. They listened to my concerns, helped me make a game plan for current needs, are even helping me whiten my teeth for $99, helped me plan for the future, and were even conscientious that not everyone can afford their dental work all at once. Lindsey was my dental hygienist for cleaning, I will 100% ask for her by name for all future cleanings. She made it so pleasant I’m happy to go back again and that is saying a LOT. If you are on the fence about going to the dentist, this place is the place to go.

Meridith Parker (Source: Google)


I was skeptical at my visit for the cleaning because the hygienist wasn’t very nice as she made unnecessary comments but went in for 2 crowns today and I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else. Dr. Chan is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. I have severe dental phobia and she explained everything so that there wouldn’t be any surprises. “You’ll feel a little pressure” and “you’ll feel some vibrations.” I was prepared for everything because of this. I really appreciate the care given by the person assisting as well, I can’t remember his name, but he was very comforting and always asking if I needed a break or something to drink. Thank you so much for a positive dental experience. So many people, like myself, put off dental care because of past experiences and I’m thankful that I was cared for in such a great way. I didn’t feel like “just a patient” today, I felt like I was a priority.

Zachary Crowser (Source: Google)


Best place I’ve been to. And I’ve been to a lot of them.. (frequent flyer). Staff was awesome! They even give you pudding/jello to eat after. Only down side in my opinion is the drive there. If I could give 10 stars I would. I would return to this location multiple times and would recommend this place to all.

Melissa Ramirez (Source: Google)


I give an excellent rating for the job done for every single team member at this dental office. Beyond the fact that this office is beautiful and comforting, the welcome I received when I walked in the door was wonderful. They got me in and going right away without having to wait for anything, and the job done on my teeth was perfect and very professional.

Tara L. from Littleton, CO (Source: Yelp)


I started going to this location a little over a year ago and I don’t know where the negative reviews are coming from, but I’ve always had a good experience here. Very professional and the dentist and hygienists are great. I always feel safe and my questions and concerns are answered. My teeth always feel so clean afterwards. As a nurse, I will recommend this place to anyone out there seeking a good dental place to go to

Marisa Zamudio (Source: Google)


Always a good experience here!They had hand sanitizer and a thermometer to take your temperature when you came in. Bridget was my hygienist, and she was great! In and out quickly and have that fresh from the dentist tooth feeling. I moved two years ago and had a wonderful dentist in Illinois that I was dreading having to replace… Lone Tree Modern Dental has definitely met my high standards for my dentist!

Jourdan Mcdonald (Source: Google)


Absolutely the best dentist office I have been to in years! I just recently went to a dentist here in Lone Tree that was pretty horrible. I was worried about finding a dentist that fit my needs. This office has seriously made all my doubts go away. They are so friendly and helpful. They really act like you matter and they care. Very affordable and there are absolutely no hidden fees. They do not up sell and shove products in your face. They are there for you and your teeth like a dentist should be. I would highly recommend you give them a try.

Lucy M (Source: Google)


Excellent service from the front desk, amazing hygienist, and the doc. I don’t love the actual sound of my teeth being cleaned but it is always worth it. Lone tree modern dental provides an excellent atmosphere, TV to distract you, and makes it quick and painless to keep your pearly whites in tip top shape. Thank you!!

Harry Morgan (Source: Google)


Our entire family could not be happier with Lone Tree Dentistry! Susan Is the best! I look forward to going to the dentist! Susan keeps my mouth feeling amazing and healthy! The entire process is easy from checking in, the exam, to the cleaning. and then checkout. The front desk staff is very friendly and easy to work with. I would recommend Lone Tree Dentistry to anyone!

Steve Wadle (Source: Google)


Well run endodontics practice. Office management was so friendly and accommodative and helped me get in quickly even during holidays. Endodontist was outstanding. Very efficient and well qualified and capable. I immediately knew I made a good choice. Medical staff was kind and helpful and well trained. Really good experience in all ways. And best of all the root canal was painless and effective. I feel so much better. Great experience.

Trevor Gilstrap (Source: Google)


I’m definitely one of those that hadn’t been to the dentist in FAR too long, and was terrified at the idea of going again. My wife finally forced the issue, and after scouring through multiple online reviews of various offices, finally decided to roll the dice on Lone Tree Modern Dental. They were legit FANTASTIC…even booked out my next appointment in 6 months, and actually plan on attending. Both the dental hygienist and doc were phenomenal. For sure recommend this place to ANYONE who has an aracnaphobic-like fear of going to the dentist.

Numb Bee (Source: Google)


I have been coming to this office for years. They are very professional, show genuine interest in your care, and very courteous. With Covid-19, they are taking all the necessary precautions and even going above what is required for safety. The dentist is also very thorough and very pleased with their services. Highly recommend them.

Sam Vieyra (Source: Google)


My experience here was awesome. The staff was very polite and courteous. They explained all options and treatments and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I walked in without an appointment and they got me right in. The office even stayed open an hour later then scheduled to help assist me. They went above and beyond.

Tom Ellison (Source: Google)


I have been to a number of dentists in the past and unfortunately found a decent amount of them to be sketchy, always trying to overcharge me for unnecessary work or secretly up sell me etc. As bad as it sounds I sort of felt like a little old lady taking my car into the mechanic with a ‘weird noise’ and crossing my fingers in hopes that they didn’t try to screw me over. Anyways, I have been seeing these guys for over a year now without a single problem and am honestly quite happy with their extremely friendly staff, the technology they use, and above all else their honesty and straightforward practices. Very much appreciated and I will definitely be back. Cheers! Tom

Brooke Jackson (Source: Google)


My visit at Castle Pines Dental Group was amazing and Flawless! They made sure to make time for me even though I was calling the same day just to get a cleaning. It’s been so while since I’ve been able to take care of my teeth so i was a little anxious about how my teeth were looking and if I had any issues that I would have to come back and fix. They made the experience fabulous. My high Genesis took the time to explain each x-ray and each photo they took just to explain what was going on in my mouth and how to better care for my teeth. I loved how they were so knowledgeable and explained and express their knowledge so that I could better understand the way my teeth work!

Brad Reed (Source: Google)


As someone who experiences anxiety attacks every time I need to see the dentist this was an incredibly pleasant visit. The dentist thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. The dental assistant that was with me for most of visit was incredibly knowledgable, skilled and polite. The procedure went well and I’m recovering quickly. I was very pleased with my visit and will be returning whenever I need to see a dentist.

Corey Allison (Source: Google)


Well organized and friendly staff. Operating very well under the restrictions of COVID. Hygienists are great, super friendly, and have an abundance of knowledge. Docs are equally as friendly and knowledgable. Overall they treat you like family, and it makes for a very casual, low stress, trip to see the dentist.

Pa Yong Xiong (Source: Google)


I loved my experience at The Lone Tree Modern Dental office! I was there for a regular checkup and soon after had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. The staff was very on top of things and I was promptly tended to. Everyone was very knowledgeable, professional and made sure I didn’t leave with any questions. What really makes the office is how friendly and caring the staff is, they have an awesome team and I highly recommend them!

Marguerite Haider (Source: Google)


Great experiences at this office. They have the new world of Covid safety nailed down and take patients health and safety very seriously. Dr Chan is amazing and all hygienists are wonderful. I switched to this office after having unpleasant experiences at a different dental office in Denver and Dr Chan and her crew have given me reassurance and confidence and I will not be going to any office except lone tree modern dental moving forward.

Jonathan Tyra (Source: Google)


The staff here has always taken great care of my family and I. From routine cleanings to veneers, they know how to get it done right the first time. Every dentist I have met was very compassionate and understanding. I have been a customer for 2 years now and will come here as long as I live here.

Sharon Goldberg (Source: Google)


The office is well designed, contemporary and most important, clean. The staff is attentive, accommodating and very professional. Although, I would have preferred to have the paperwork ahead of time, electronically. It was apparent that the questionnaire was thorough. My cleaning, X-rays and exam were not rushed and honest. There was no trying to up sell. I highly recommend this office.

Derek Emsbach (Source: Google)


I always feel like a kid again when I have to go to the Dentist. It’s such a vulnerable feeling! I was relieved when I was taken care of from the very beginning. I called initially to get some feedback on types of dental insurance since I was about to get some. They were super nice and helpful and by the end of the conversation I felt more educated and I had an exam scheduled! For my visit I was seeing the hygienist Shari. She was so sweet and made me feel comfortable. We knocked out x-rays and did the exam of my gums. I was impressed with her knowledge and could tell she was an important person there. The staff is knowledgeable and help each other out. I’m looking forward to going back which is something I never thought I’d say about the dentist!

Allison P (Source: Google)


Everyone I have worked with here has been amazing and attentive. I went many years before returning to a dentist. And Lone Tree Modern dental is exactly the place I was hoping to find. I am very happy with my experience and care here, and truly recommend them to anyone looking for caring hygienists and dentists.

Lakeshia S. from Joplin, MO (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to this clinic since I moved to Colorado two years ago and I love them. They are so professional and the doctor that worked on my teeth even called me the next day to check in and make sure I was ok. I love businesses that do that. They really treat you with respect and care. I definitely would suggest them to others. Thanks Lone Tree Modern Dental and Orthodontics! You really make life bearable with your professionalism and care.

Danielle Ufer (Source: Google)


The team at Castle Pines Dental Group was excellent. After a long hiatus from dental care, I wasn’t quite sure how my routine cleaning and exam would go. Each person I interacted with was very kind, extremely concerned with my experience and comfort throughout the process, and performed excellent work. I will definitely be going back.

Deahna Visscher (Source: Google)


This practice is awesome! They get you in on time and treat you with respect and care. The one time I had to wait 5-10 they gave me a $5 Starbucks card and apologized for the delay. That is unheard of! They also got me in quickly on a Sunday afternoon and took great care of me when I injured my tooth mountain biking. I love the doctors and staff here.

Jan D'Angelo (Source: Google)


New to the practice and picked based on reviews, location, services provided and website. First visit check in was easy and there was no delay in meeting my hygienist. I’m no novice in a dental office and I can tell you that Angelina did a superb job. For the exam, Dr.Chan did a proper diagnosis and the options laid out were very reasonable. I’m an instant fan. If Lone Tree Modern Dentistry was in the HVAC business, they’d also be installing my new furnace! 5 Star!!!

Benjamin Kragt (Source: Google)


I have been going here for about 3 years now and have always had a good experience (as good as a dental appointment can be at least). Both doctors have been good during their brief drop ins each appointment. I’ve had Julie as my hygienist for a while until today. She is awesome and so was my hygienist today, Angelina. Would recommend!