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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

CC. C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Parsi and his staff are truly unique. I was in a lot of pain and Dr. Parsi was able to see me right away. After having the usual bad experiences with other dentists over the span of many years, it was not easy to accept that I needed to see an endodontist and I was resigned to the worst.  What a surprise to discover a jewel of an endodontist in Dr. Parsi. But Dr. Parsi is not only a dentist, he is a skilled artist, craftsman and technician (that’s a big microscope). I had a tooth that seemed to be just hanging on, in grave danger of being lost, as well as a brand new crown. Dr. Parsi not only saved my tooth and rebuilt my crown but did it painlessly and with lots of love. What other dentist looks at an xray (his are digital) and says, “Yum”. After two visits I felt like Family! Also, his offices are decorated with a style and class that reflects that of his Staff. Even the people in his building are nice! Thanks Dr. Parsi!

Robert McKay (Source: Google)


I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and quality of care provided by Dr. Alex Parsi and his staff. I went to Dr. Parsi to address an infected root canal my dentist could not resolve. Dr. Parsi immediately took care of the infection and provided an appropriate course of treatment. Dr. Parsi listens to his patients concerns, explains alternative treatment plans, and advises the most appropriate course of action. He is patient and thorough in training new staff to assure they meet the highest standards of patient care.

Ivan Y. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a good experience with Dr. Alex Parsi in January 2010. His office is nice and clean, and his personnel is wellcoming. Lily does especially great effort to make you feel good about the visit. Dr. Alex fixed a root canal for me that another dentist screwed up. After digital X-rays he showed everything to me on a display, and explained what needed to be done. Meanwhile his staff reviewed my insurance and presented to me a print out of my expected co-payment. Good. Additional set of X-rays that the doctor took under different angles, trying to get best possible picture, revealed a 3rd!! root (the dentist who did my root canal originally, missed 2 roots!) The process itself was fast (although I had to come the next day again after additional root was found) and pain free. I wanted the doctor to fix my crown after the roots were done, but he explained to me, that because he is a specialist, insurance will cover less, than what it would if I go to general dentist. Good – this is a way different approach than those people who say they will do everything and they want to do it now, just give them all your money. I can’t come up with any critic… promised but just a couple of times not done follow-ups on my questions are truly minor. This happened only 2 times out of 17 times I called them back. Moreover, the doctor found time to send my information and personally called the general dentist who has to finish the work. I can only wish Dr. Alex and his stuff best of luck, and keep up the good work and honesty, stay as energetic as they are and not rest on yesterday’s achievements like it happens with too many doctors.

Ethan P. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I chose Dr. Parsi because of his many recent good reviews.  I needed my first root canal ever and my regular dentist referred me to another Endodontist who had no reviews.  My root canal on was painless and Dr. Pasi made me feel very comfortable about my first root canal.  When I went back to my regular dentist Dr. Mark Stein a week later for a crown on that tooth he told me that Dr. Parsi did an excellent job on my root canal.  I told my dentist that Dr. Parsi informed me that I needed another root canal on my upper molar tooth #2 which my dentist agreed.  I went back to Dr. Parsi the following week for a second root canal.  This tooth was a very difficult tooth to do a root canal on because it was hard to reach and see being an upper molar tooth.  Once again Dr. Parsi did an excellent job and left the tooth ready for my regular dentist to put a crown on.  My dentist was so impressed with Dr. Parsi’s work on both teeth that he said he was going to start referring all his patients that needed a root canal to Dr. Parsi.

Dania Padilla (Source: Google)


Had terrible tooth ache Fri night. Read reviews and messaged them. Dr got back to me right away and offered to see me sat. Thankfully I was able to wait until Tuesday when he performed a root canal. Messaging them and scheduling was definitely a nice and easy experience. Once at the office i had the same experience. Dr is pleasant professional and definitely knows what he’s doing. Extremely grateful that I found them. The office is nice and location is perfect for those in or near downtown LA. Parking is $12.00 all day which is great for downtown parking.

Julia D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommended. 5+ stars. I’ve been using Yelp to read reviews for years — finally created an account just to write a review for Dr. Alex Parsi. His skill, professionalism and swift approach to treatment saved me from what could have been a serious dental emergency with health-endangering, life-altering consequences. In a single appointment lasting less than two hours, he did what more than half a dozen other “specialists” told me “could never be done.” Grateful I held off on treatment until finding a perfectionist with a background in microsurgery. Don’t go anywhere else for any type of endodontic work. A root canal is NOT a simple dental procedure meant to be performed by the same person who cleans your teeth and fills your cavities. Go to a specialist with the proper tools and training. Go to Dr. Parsi.

Adam D. from Tustin, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went to see Dr. Parsi for a root canal. The price was high, but that is to be expected for this type of procedure. The office is very nice and comfortable. They offer you reading material and your choice of music, and the seating is comfortable. They go out of their way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible, so far as you can be when getting a root canal! Dr. Parsi is very skilled, and knows exactly what he is doing. He performed far beyond my expectations, and the entire procedure was fairly painless. Even after, without medication, there was never any pain. The doctor even called me personally following the service to be sure that I was doing well with the tooth. The entire procedure was professional and satisfactory. The only real issue I had was with one of the receptionists/assistants. There were three assistants present at the office, and two of them were kind, helpful, and professional. However, the third was borderline rude, unhelpful to an extreme, and actually hit me in the head with the x-ray machine. Other than that one assistant, my experience here was near perfect. However, since she was not the doctor performing the procedure, and the office itself was satisfactory, I award Dr. Parsi five stars. Definitely recommended.

Sayuri H. from Pasadena, CA (Source: Yelp)


***TAKE IT FROM A GRATEFUL PATIENT…SEE DR. PARSI FIRST!!!*** Dr. Parsi is different in his approach and he is absolutely WONDERFUL. Had I followed my dentist’s recommendation to see Dr. Parsi FIRST, I would saved over $3,000, avoided a year of agonizing pain, and avoided traumatic bullying that I experienced from the endodontist that my husband wanted me to try (husband has since apologized and is now a Dr. Parsi fan, too.) WONDERFUL DR. PARSI… With patience, kindness, and highly skilled expertise, Dr. Parsi successfully saved my hard-to-save, butchered-by-a-previous-endodontist, been-through-two-root-canals–already-this-is-its very-last-chance #19 molar. He also did it for a very affordable fee. Several months of conscientious follow up visits and X-rays were included in the quoted price–no paperwork, no caveats, no additional fees. His office was like a second home while my tooth underwent a treatment protocol that was thorough, holistic, professional, and that SAVED MY TOOTH! My first endodontist was big on self importance and arrogant condescension, but he did not use a microscope for his work. His assistant was visibly stressed to the max, and he made me feel that I was a problematic, bad patient for asking reasonable questions about my treatment options, and even for requesting additional anaesthetic during surgery when the first dose wore off unusually quickly (he told me that I was mistaken, that the anaesthetic could not have worn off so quickly. Never work with someone who pooh-poohs honest patient feedback!). One year of horrific pain, two root canals on the same tooth by the same butcher, and $2,000 of out of pocket expenses later due to maxed out insurance, I convinced my husband that I wanted to see Dr. Parsi even if it meant using our credit card to finance one last ditch attempt to save the tooth. What a blessed difference!!! Dr. Parsi took his time discussing my situation with me –I did not feel the least bit of pressure to commit to working with him, and I felt utterly respected in taking my time to make a decision about trying his way of doing things. Burned by my previous ordeal, this time I went home and did additional research to augment the education that Dr. Parsi had provided me, before returning with a decision to begin treatment. Dr. Parsi taught me that there are huge differences in philosophy when it comes to saving teeth. Most U.S.-trained endodontists have shockingly low expectations of what can be done. He explained why my particular tooth in question was so important to save compared to other teeth, confirming what my dentist had been telling me, after all. He taught to read my own x-rays so that I could see what the problems were for myself (the other fellow had created a terrible mess and of course wouldn’t take the time to show it to me–I suspect he didn’t care to stop and evaluate/realize what he’d done. “Too busy” is not a good sign in a doctor.). Dr. Parsi took genuine pleasure in spending the time to explain what his goals would be for treatment: repairing the physical damage from the first two root canals; delicately removing a possible piece of broken instrument left behind –or chemically dissolving it if it was organic matter; addressing the festering infection in the overlooked fifth root (the one that the first endodontist didn’t notice because he didn’t use a microscope); and ultimately trying to save the tooth. He explained the reasons for everything he would do, made sure I coordinated with my primary dentist on putting in a permanent filling only at the correct time, and was very available for follow-up questions. He was realistic and pragmatic about discussing “Plan B” and “Plan C” if the tooth couldn’t be saved. Every question that I asked was rewarded with genuine answers from a doctor who takes pride in learning constantly and in doing things a better way. I am grateful and impressed that Dr. Parsi’s method requires monthly follow up X-rays. It has been really neat to watch my jaw bone growing back before my very eyes with each successive set of x-rays. Dr. Parsi really cares about the outcome–he LIKES accountability and finding out whether he is actually succeeding with a tooth or not! He and his staff have a genuine enthusiasm for making patients’ lives better. I recommend them wholeheartedly…even pleadingly… just in case you are in danger of running into the opposite extreme, as I did with my first endodontist, because I didn’t know better then. Assure yourself the best possible experience–GO TO DR. PARSI!

Lizeth Ortiz (Source: Google)


Definitely would recommend to friends and family and already have! The best treatment from the staff and Dr.Parsi himself. Very flexible with my treatment costs. Explains things with detail he’s friendly and professional. He inspires trust which is a huge plus for me. I have gone to many dentists before with horrible experiences. But Dr. Parsi made me feel comfortable right away. I got the best treatment! if I could give more stars I would. Simply the best I’ve been too!! I put my teeth in their hands anytime.

Laurie H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Alex Parsi is now one of my top ten go to doctors of all time! I recently had two emergency root canals, two infections (lucky me) and Needed some very specialized surgery. No one I know wants to get this type of work done, but most of us will eventually need a root canal. So, on that note let me tell you about my visits…The office environment is relaxing..the staff is understanding, warm and proficient. Dr. Parsi works with all the latest medical equipment, lasers and techniques. How do I know this? I have a rare disease that has taken a me on a journey through doctors of all specialties, hospitals, labs, surgeries…you name it. So when I recommend someone….they’re damn good! Onto Dr. Parsi….I was in so much pain by the time I saw him, I thought my head was going to explode…and was desperate to get out of the pain. Dr. Parsi immediately had me in a chair, numbed up and xrayed in a matter of minutes. Being the chicken I am, I wanted to use the gas and just float out of the pain and the prospect of getting a root canal with my infection. Well, I needn’t worry and I didn’t need the gas. (smile). I was in and out of there quickly and with no pain! Dr. Parsi said I might be in pain later that night after the novocane wore off….and when it did later that night..No pain I felt fantastic! Just a little sore at the injection site…a little pin prick. Now unfortunately I needed to visit again due to another tooth and get work done because of my existing illness. During this whole time Dr. Parsi explained every step, asked me how I was doing during the procedure and also followed up with phone calls to my home after to make sure I was doing ok. What makes him special besides his amazing skills? Dr. Parsi genuinely cares about you, the patient. We can all come across good Doctors, but when you find the ones that keep up with the latest and the greatest, shows true compassion and keeps you informed with no surprises…you’ve hit Gold! If you are in dire need due to pain…they will get you in ASAP…they get it! I highly recommend Dr. Parsi and his staff to anyone needing root canals or specialized work. (smile)

Spencer T. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


OK, let’s get real… no one in their right mind looks forward to a trip to see their dentist… especially one that specializes in ROOT CANALS! And many of us, including me have had serious phobias about dental treatment. Having said that, you can imagine the anxiety that washed over me when I discovered I would need two root canals to fix problems attributed to another dentist’s treatment. Although it had been many years since the first “procedures gone wrong” I could still remember it as if it were last week. But I knew I needed to take care of it very soon or things could go from bad to worse. So I made an appointment to meet Dr Parsi and discuss my dental needs and treatment plan. Personable and confident, he laid out the pros and cons of each treatment choice and then I scheduled an appointment for my root canal a week later. But as I left, the familiar feeling of dread I used to get never really took hold of me… and it didn’t return even as I sat in the chair during the actual procedure. In fact the pain I had anticipated was less than that of finding a parking spot that day. Another thing that impressed me was the high tech microscope used during the procedure. I’ve had 7 previous root canals from 3 other dentists and have yet to see one in any of their offices. Now I know why those other root canals went bad and why they now have to be corrected. I wish I had met Dr Parsi years ago. I know I would not be going through this again. His office called the next day to check on me. I felt almost embarrassed that I had nothing to report. No swelling. No pain. Just a little tenderness when I chewed. I would recommend Dr Parsi to anyone with a routine or even advanced case, as I believe he knows what he’s doing and knows how to communicate with his patients. I’ll be seeing him a few more times to complete the rest of my dental procedures. I also believe I won’t be going back years later to “fix” any of his work.

Samuel Morreale (Source: Google)


I could not be more pleased with the implant that Dr. Parsi put in a year ago. I had to recently go in because I had not been cleaning it property. He was more than helpful in removing my crown and cleaning around the implant. Now I’m pain free and he didn’t charge me anything for the visit. I would defiantly see him again.

Patrick F. from Hawthorne, CA (Source: Yelp)


So about two weekends ago, my tooth starts hurting. I figure with a little patience all pain will eventually fade away. Foolish, I know. So after a few days of pain, I decide to call my dentist. Just my luck, she’s out of town and on the machine, they refer me to this Dr. Parsi. Don’t know the guy but don’t have many other options so I figure I am going whether I like it or not. His secretary is a very no nonsense lady who is also sweet as can be and sets up an appointment for a couple hours later. I see the doctor, he runs some X-Rays, does a simple test that confirms my worst fear- I need a root canal. I could go on and on but I fear you will just stop reading so what you need to know is this: 1. The doctor is incredible. I had a root canal done and didn’t feel any pain, contrary to the jokes I had heard before “rather have a baby than a root canal, etc…” 2. His staff is professional. 3. He also happens to be a really down to earth, kind guy. After the emergency procedure to pull the nerve and stop the pain, I was amazed when later that night, about 8:30 PM I got a call from who else but Dr. Parsi, wanting to make sure I was doing OK. I hope you never need a root canal, but should you ever need a procedure like that I can not recommend anyone better than Dr. Parsi. The guy is legit.

Vicky M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went in with sever pain do to the fact that my tooth was infected and my primary dentist was helping me treat it, unfortunately I needed a specialist because my primary dentist couldn’t find the 4th root to my tooth. He referred me to Dr. Parsi. The day of my consultation i began treatment. Before being treated i was educated on the procedure and asked multiple questions, Dr. Parsi answered all of my concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Parsi for a surgical treatment. I went in with pain came out numbed but the next day I didn’t feel much pain, a few days after the pain was gone. Im very happy with the results. Thank You Dr. Parsi!

Yolanda V. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Parsi works with such professional expertise and is able to detect which tooth is bothering a patient by doing some tests beforehand.   Also, in my expeience with Dr.Parsi, I found him to be very people friendly and he made me feel very comfortable during my root canal treatment.  He explained all of the details as he was doing the surgery, which made me feel at ease. After the dental procedure, I only had a slight headache and slight soreness from the needle injection. I highly recommnd Dr Parsi because “he knows the business” and is very highly educated in this field. Two thumbs up for Dr Parsi!!!

Rosario G. from Alhambra, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Parsi’s office by my dentist for an emergency root canal. On my way to Dr. Parsi’s Office I was a bit nervous. Once I arrived and was explained the procedure I better understood what to expect. Dr. Parsi’s office was very welcoming, and Dr. Parsi and his staff remained very positive, reassuring and detailed throughout my visit/procedure. Dr. Parsi’s staff was very accommodating and professional. My 11 year old daughter was with me on the day of my root canal. Dr. Parsi’s staff provided a movie for her to watch while mommy was having her root canal. That was a big relief for me to know my daughter was comfortable while I was having my procedure. The pain I experienced after my root canal was minimal. The next day I ate warm oatmeal for breakfast and was drinking cold water throughout the day, (something I haven’t been able to do for a while) without feeling pain or discomfort. I am very glad I went to have my root canal done with Dr. Parsi. Aside from being very handsome, polite and having a great sense of humor, Dr. Parsi has a great “bed side manor” as well. Dr. Prasi is Dr. 90210 of the endodontist field of dentistry! Overall, it was a positive experience and I would recommend Dr. Parsi to anyone looking for an endodontist. If I ever need another root canal I know exactly where I am headed, to see Dr. Prasi.

Lisa G. from North Hollywood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Dr. Parsi. I had a root canal a few years ago that became infected, and I was in desperate need of a second one. My dental insurance sent me to someone sketchy, who told me I was probably going to lose my tooth! Naturally, I decided to seek a second opinion. Dr. Parsi not only expressed confidence that he could save my tooth; he was able to quickly and accurately assess and explain what was wrong with my old root canal treatment. My previous endodontist had missed an entire canal, and a serious infection had developed. Dr. Parsi not only found the missing canal and cleaned it out, he did a very thorough job. Also, in order to give my tooth the best chance of healing, he is doing the procedure in two parts. He uses a microscope so he can see every detail, and it is obvious he prides himself on a job well done. Even though my insurance company did not cover my visit to his office, and even though it was an expensive procedure, it was worth every penny. Doctors that don’t care about you as an individual patient, and rush procedures to make more money (fighting poor reimbursement from insurance companies), end up costing you more money, more pain and more loss in the long run. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. If you want the job done right, go to Dr. Parsi. I know that my tooth has the best chance of surviving because I did.

Madeleine Gray (Source: Google)


I had a bad experience at another DTLA dentist and found Dr Parsi through ZocDoc, wanting a second opinion on a tooth needing a root canal, and I am so glad I switched to him. He and his team are wonderful, they are professional, the care is great, and they have spent so much time and care working on my teeth. I ended up getting some cosmetic dentistry done and had several front teeth crowned in addition to a root canal, and an implant put in, but I am really happy with the results. I have been going for care through the Covid times and the office seems very clean and safe. I would recommend this practice to anyone needing a good dentist near DTLA.

Vanessa G. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Parsi, Lily and the rest of the staff are absolutely wonderful. Who walks out of dental office smiling from ear to ear. I found myself doing so after Dr. Parsi finished my root canal 2 days ago. I walked into Dr. Parsi’s office for the first time back in November 2009. I was in so much pain i could barely speak. I was already frustrated because I had recently had a horrible experience with another office regarding the same dental emergency. For that matter, when I walked into Dr. Parsi’s office I was almost begging to just have him yank my tooth out! I was in a significant amount of pain. After being greeted by the very kind and most professional Lily, I was seated and asked what kind of music I enjoy listening to. I had NEVER received this type of service at a dental office. I was examined and Dr. Parsi explained to me in such a manner that i would understand that I was in need of a root canal, Yikes!, and that I was much too young to have my tooth pulled which could be salvaged either way. My situation was a bit complicated as the decay had gone beyond the root which would make my case a little more than your usual root canal. Furthermore, my insurance would not cover the entire procedure. I was ready to throw my hands up and cry when Lily reassured me that everything would be okay and that they would never let me leave their office in pain. I explained that i was not prepared to pay the overage for my root canal as I was on disability/maternity leave after giving birth just a few weeks before. Lily explained my situation to Dr. Parsi who was kind enough to work out a very easy payment plan for me and worked his magic by starting my root canal on the SAME DAY so that i would no longer feel the pain I was feeling. I could not believe it! They were also very understanding when i had to postpone the second part of my root canal more than once. What a God sent Dr. Parsi and Lily have been to me. I was able to enjoy my newborn son over the holidays without the severe pain I had endured for so long. Dr. Parsi was so great and gentle that I didn’t even have to fill the rx he gave me for pain. This office is absolutely the best of the best. From the front office to the back. Thank You a million times Dr. Parsi, Lily and staff for your 5 star service. I will definitely recommend you to all my loved ones and friends. I wouldn’t want them in any other office but yours! Eternally Grateful, Vanessa

Shoushan B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was originally referred to Dr Parsi by my previous dentist for a root canal procedure. Few months ago I changed my dentist and needed yet another root canal procedure done on another tooth, and I chose to go to Dr Parsi again instead of taking a referral to another endodontist from my current dentist. I am not an easy patient to deal with by any means – I get very nervious and absolutely dread going to the dentists, yet alone have a root canal procedure done. But Dr Parsi’s calm, confident, yet caring demeanor put me at ease immediately. He explains what he’s doing step by step and does an amazing job at minimizing any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. Dr Parsi’s work is exceptional – very detailed, precise and immaculate. He did a phenomenal job on both of my teeth and I will be going back to him for dental implant. His staff is outstanding as well, who did everything they could to make me feel comfortable. The insurance coordinator – Lily, is highly professional and a very delightful person. She had all the paperwork ready upon my arrival, went through the details of the procedure, my insurance, the breakdown of the cost, and so on. And last, but not the least – few hours after both of my root canal procedures the doctor called to check on me, and to make sure I am ok. That made me feel like he truly cares about his patients and their well being. I highly recommend him!

Sweets B. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Parsi is amazing I seriously don’t know how to thank him! I came here a few weeks ago with slight discomfort on my lower right molars. And of course after googling so many different things online I thought I would need a root canal or worse have my tooth pulled! He was quick to see me. Also keep in mind I called last minute for a same day appointment. His front office was very sweet and professional she made me feel at ease and welcome. Upon doing an exam on the teeth that were problematic Dr. Parsi let me know root canal was not the way to go at least for now he answered all my questions concerns and was very understanding of my anxiety and dental fear. Wow what an honest person, seriously he saved me so much money and stress. Will be coming back in about a few weeks for observation. Thank you Dr. Parsi for being kind and honest. If you are in doubt whether you need root canal he is your go to Doctor!

Thomas H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


My names Thomas and I just had a root canl done by Dr. Parsi. I read the review on Yelp before i went and didn’t want to go after reading a bad review about how horrible he was. My girlfriend made me go anyway but I’m really glad she did. I don’t like the dentist and i have heard that root canals hurt. Im glad I went to Dr Parsi becasue I didnt even feel it and now I dont have anymore pain. The office feels like a spa or something I listened to music and even got a hot towel. The girls who work there were really nice. Dr. Parsi talked to me the whole time so I wasn’t nervous and he was real gentle so I didnt even feel it at all. I dont know what happened to the other guy who wrote so badly about Dr. Parsi but it could not have been Dr. Parsi he was talking about!. He even gave me a number to call him at anytime I needed something. Sounds to me like the other guy doesnt like dentists or has a wild imagination. I would reccomend Dr. Parsi  to anyone needing a root canal. i already told my brother about him.

K M (Source: Google)


I had been suffering from a broken tooth for months while my dentist sent me from one place to the other. Finally I couldnt take it anymore and looked up Emergency Tooth Extractions and thats how I came to find this one. I called and was greeted by the Dr, i asked if they performed the service and if they took my insurance and thankfully they did! I was able to make an appointment for the next morning. I showed up and was greeted by the assistant, filled out my paperwork and then she called my insurance to confirm, the Dr. Came out and saw the pain I was in and took me back right away and had her start prepping my while he got ready. They were both fantastic, explained to me Everything before they did anything. I was shivering because of the nerves and they gave me a blanket. All in all it was a great experience after the hell I had been dealing with for months from my old dentist. I will be back and I for sure recommend them.

Marcelle A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


i don’t have anything to compare to, because this was my first root canal, but dr. parsi and his staff are great! compared to the horror stories i’ve heard from friends & family about root canals, i was really nervous but in so much pain that i had to bite the bullet. obviously, i didn’t love the experience, but it was great (compared to what i expected). why it was great: – made a same day appointment – seen immediately – didn’t have to wait long before i was seen at all (usually dental appts always seem to be backed up, making my stay longer) – dr. parsi was clear about explaining what was going on and what needed to get done – dr. parsi offered as many options as possible which made me comfortable and less anxious – dr. parsi’s personality made everything a lot easier- very easy to talk to – his staff was great, quick and friendly – i wasn’t in as much pain as i expected post-appointment, i’m attributing this to the fact that dr. parsi did a great job and got the job done (i’ve heard horrible stories of dr’s that don’t do the job completely so that patients have to come back and back again, obviously charging insurances and out of pocket payments over and over). definitely recommend dr. parsi! ps: i had zero issues with my insurance. and dr. parsi’s staff was up front with costs. no surprises at the end.

Rhonda L. from Porter Ranch, CA (Source: Yelp)


Amazing, kind, patient, caring and concerned professionals!!! Without writing a novel I am not able explain every detail of excellence but everyone in this office and Dr. Parsi helped me through all of my concerns without dismissing anything I questioned. From the first phone call to the operation they always were caring and professional. I had various things happen to me which forced me to reschedule numerous appointments, and every time they gave me the kind consideration I needed without judging my situation. They helped me work through processing insurance due to a a major car accident. Dr. Parsi addressed my sensitivity to anesthetics without forcing me to use an IV. They were like family as we worked through my issues. I had to stop various times to take a break during the procedure and he was patient and precise with his directions. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Pars! True angels are work here.
Thank you a million times!

Eric P. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Im very greatful for Dr Alex Parsi. This Dr likes what he does and cares for people. I had a very bad tooth infection with excruciating pain. It was arround 3pm and My lovely wife was making calls to get me an emergency appointment for a rootcanal. Everyone said they couldn’t take me but when my wife called Dr Parsi offices they gave me an appointment and at 4:25pm he was working on my bad tooth. Ive always heard from other people’s experiences that getting a root canal was very very painful but Dr Parsi took my pain away and I was surprised of how fast he worked. He explained everything to me, answered all my questions he and his office were very accommodating. I am very happy that Dr Parsi was the one to do the root canal  this is the best dentist/endodontist. Anyone that needs a root canal go to Dr Parsi.

Scott N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Your endodontist, a “double-dentist” — they achieve doctoral of dentistry and then go back to build this amazing specialty… a 2nd doctorate — is doing this very great work of SAVING YOUR TEETH. It’s a tough procedure, root canal, and I’ll bet emotionally challenging for more patients than this EXCELLENT endodontist, Dr. Parsi, will ever admit to. This is the sort of doctor you should only see once, or twice… If you take care of your teeth. Please listen to what it all means, and PLEASE follow ALL the Doctor’s instructions. That is the ONLY way you’ll get satisfaction. This Doctor Parsi LECTURES on the subject… I picked that up in the office. He and his staff took me under pressure to accommodate my tight time-frame and helped greatly with some other very important details. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This weird procedure, root canal, I think one of the miracles of man… Doctor Alex Parsi, and his great staff, Diane, Cynthia, Priscilla, (and 1 other I think, I so sorry) I know are way, way underappreciated. Great work. Great work. Beautiful office, beautiful building… what a view. On fancy Wilshire Boulevard. Thank you much.

Luke Minardi (Source: Google)


I recently had a crown and some fillings done by Dr Parsi. Each procedure was quick, friendly, and painless. I am highly satisfied with each visit, especially the final product. I have had root canals done by Dr Parsi in the past and am still very satisfied with his work. Everyone who works there is friendly and quick to answer any questions. I would recommend his practice to anyone.

Gee H. from Alexandria, VA (Source: Yelp)


My review for Dr. Parsi is long overdue. I came here in 2010 for two root canals. One was a “complicated” case – I had previously gone to dentist who performed a botched root canal and the tooth got infected. I was advised to have that tooth taken care of by a specialist, so I did some research on Yelp and found Dr. Parsi. The other root canal was a simple case. Dr. Parsi was nice, patient, and professional and his office was clean. He was also skilled and gentle so that the most painful part of going to the dentist IMO – getting the anesthetic injection – didn’t hurt much. That was a pleasant surprise, as previous dentists I’d been to (including the one who had botched the root canal I am fixing) would inject me with such haste and force that it literally felt like a deep stab in the gums. I thought that was standard but as it turns out that was just the type of shoddy treatment you get from dentists you find through your student health insurance network. After the root canal, Dr. Parsi told me to hold off on putting a crown on the tooth to make sure it heals properly before I spend the money on the crown. I took the advice a little too far and waited a couple of years… I finally went back to my general dentist recently and got some X-rays. The dentist told me the tooth has healed up nicely when comparing it to the previous X-rays. Dr. Parsi did a good job on my root canals, both the simple and complicated one. I held off writing a review for a while so I can have time to evaluate the final results, and after two years the teeth Dr. Parsi operated on are still in good shape. All in all, I’m happy to report that Dr. Parsi deserves the high Yelp ratings that brought me to him.

Glenn L. from Hidden Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Had an emergency situation with a gum infection that my dentist totally ignored. and couldn’t recommend me to someone in my plan. I found Dr. Alex Parsi on Los Angeles Edodontics who #1, saw me on very short notice, #2, told me in plain english, what I needed to be done, had his staff go over cost breakdowns with my insurance. Knowing my fear of dentists, he had me pick up for ativans from the pharmacy where I got very relaxed before the treatment startted. He was quick, gentle’ professional and  HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR PARSI for al root canal, implant stuff, and any specialy dentistry..Best dentist I have ever been to and I hate most of them.

Michael M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I for one hate the dentist, only because I’ve had to go throughout my life but Dr Parsi has made my trips very pleasant. I’m not one to continually go to the dentist so the fact that I have gone to him on more than one occasion should truly speak volumes about the quality of service he provides. I really appreciate the fact that he explains my options and takes the time to find out the cause of my pain. Initially I had to have a retreatment of an old root canal, and Dr. Parsi made me aware of the difficulty of the procedure and at all times made me feel comfortable. So much so, that I went back to him to have another root canal done. Dr Parsi is truly patient with his assistants and I can appreciate the fact that he teaches them while maintaining his focus on the treatment he was providing to me. The secretary is very sweet and kind, as she is able to remember who I am and makes inquiries about my family, thus providing for me a caring and warm atmosphere. On another note, I like the high tech quality of his office, I don’t ask to listen to music but having the option available is pleasant. That goes hand in hand with the equipment used to complete root canals, as his use of a microscope during procedures is very impressive, as no other dentist has used that when I have received service. All in all, I would highly recommend Dr. Parsi to anyone.

Jerome D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I must say that I am extremely happy with the service rendered to by Dr. Parsi. He listens to his patients which I deem is very important. I was quite hesitant to have a root canal done since I believe that leaving a tooth inside your mouth which no longer receives nutrients could be potentially dangerous. Having said that, I did my own research and found out that if a tooth is properly treated this aftermath, can be, avoided. After doing me research, I then made research and narrowed a list of potential dentists/endodontists to treat my tooth. After having them all shortlisted, I contacted them all one by one through email. In all fairness, all of them have responded. But what made Dr. Parsi stand out is that he personally gave me a phone call the day after and discussed the situation in brief. This was VERY important to me. For this was true care. Working in the healthcare field myself, I know how it is to render care. So i decided to go to him, and without any shadow of the doubt, he is exemplary in the practice that he does. He did not only educate, he also listened to what I have to say, to researches that I have done and how I wanted my care and treatment to be. I felt autonomy with him and that separated him from the rest who just impose what they want. Truly, Dr. Parsi is a dedicated dental professional and I would not hesitate to go back to him should the need once again arise. The staff are also nice and friendly. They even called me the day when I was suppose to call and scheduled me to see the doctor. In addition to all those nice characters, his clinic is also highly advanced, he uses microscopes and other advanced technology.

Erica Gomez (Source: Google)


I’ve never had a good experience going to a dentist until I came here! Everyone is very professional and very polite! I don’t want to go anywhere else! Thank you so much for your caring, understanding, showing genuine sympathy & taking care of me so quickly! I was so afraid and didn’t know what to expect but you made all of that go away with 1 experience.: D Thank you so much!!! Erica M. Gomez

Maria F. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


When your tooth hurts, who do you call? “Tooth busters”  – Just joking. Tooth ache can be an unforgiving pain, which happened to me when started to experience the sensitivity of heat and cold. Several weeks and agonizing pain later my regular dentist examined this issue and the conclusion, was “Root Canal” . Kindly reminded me regarding bone loss, infection etc… and the worst, he does not perform such a procedure, but recommended me an Endodontic Specialist in Downtown LA. My Husband rushed me to his office, and the usual preparation procedures after small talked with him regarding that we hope this is not going to be just another passing over to other doctor issue. After calling me in and preparing for examination, I felt the need of my Husband presence and ask if he can join my company to comfort me. The Nurse surprising me with a simple “of curse” huh do I felt relieved. The juicy part of my comment is coming now. A young middle age handsome doctor approached me, and just to see him the vision eased my tension. He was smiling, apologizing for the delay and introduced hem self, which was returned mutually. He cared about my problem and pain, not bothering him my Husband as my company, and respected this need of mine, explained particularly to both of us and showing computer images both exray and 3D CAT of the problematic tooth. Talking about risks, issues needs to be cared about and solutions. I was nervous and scared. My Husband was holding my hand and comforted me with his notice about the Doctor’s Professional Knowledge, thus the disciplined atmosphere where the whole office staff worked as an oily mechanism. This was the last time I felt Pain… During the procedure, which my Husband was present all the time, the doctor demonstrated his Professionalism thus curiosity regarding my pain and comfort and most of all his generous Humanity, which is lacking today’s life between Doctor and Patient. He vent out of his way to make me comfortable, understand what hi is doing and why it is necessary, thus what is not. His office staff demonstrated to us how business should be done in very friendly way, including courtesy calls, small chats, payment options, insurance possibilities and all this was virtually prepared by the time the doctor finished my visits including follow ups. And all this time the doctor was very understanding, particular, and made me feel that I’m in the hands of a knowledgeable Endodontic, whom also is a great Human being with his staff. His name is Alex A. Parsi D.D.S. In case of anybody is in need for Professional, Knowledgeable care, Dr. Parsi is a solution and recommend Him for anybody anytime. God bless you Dr. Parsi  to being what and who you are… Maria/Laszlo

Marianne Desrochers (Source: Google)


Dr. Parsi and his staff are incredible. I have had a few root canals, and this one was the best. Root canals are not fun, but this one was relatively painless (only a little pain because mine was particularly bad). They all treated me wonderfully and I would go back to them immediately if I had to in the future!


Dr. Alex Parsi is a native of Los Angeles. He received a B.A. and D.D.S. from the University of California, Los Angeles before earning his Hospital Dentistry and General Practice Residency certification from the prestigious and world-renowned Cedar Sinai Medical Center. He then attended the highly exclusive Albert Einstein Medical Center (AEMC) for further specialization and certification in endodontics. It was at AEMC that Dr. Parsi received his expertise and training in the subspecialty of microsurgery. He is a board eligible member of the American Association of Endodontist and maintains membership with the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association and the Los Angeles Dental Society. Dr. Parsi has lectured to a multitude of dental clinicians and is active in developing new and innovative techniques and instruments for the dental field. He has served on many committees for the advancement of dentistry. Dr. Parsi has been given several honors by many institutions throughout his prolific career. He speaks several languages among which are Spanish and Farsi.