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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

David K. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


I got 2 of my wisdom teeth removed and I would come back here for the other 2 because the experience was pleasurable. They had me take ibuprofen BEFORE the procedure, so by the time it was over and the anesthetics wore off, the ibuprofen kicked in. They had classical/hymnal piano instrumental music playing throughout the clinic, which is always a plus for me. The person who took the x-rays was good; she got all the shots in 1 try with no overlapping, and she did not trigger my gag reflex. (I worked in the army as a dental assistant, so I know what a challenge this task can be) When Dr. Paul was pulling my teeth, he noticed that I twitched my arm. He stopped immediately and asked if I wanted more anesthetics; I said yes and the rest of the procedure was painless. My whole family comes here for all kinds of procedures, from filling a small cavity to getting a bone graft. I definitely recommend this clinic.

Sandra O. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


Getting braces was something I always planned on but always put off. I decided to come into Mdental in March of 2018 and just pull of the band aid. I am so glad I did because this upcoming year is when I will have my braces removed. The work that Dr. Paul has done is impeccable. Before braces, I was self-conscious of my smile, and things certainly have changed now. I can say (not to get sappy) that I love my smile a lot. The braces are comfortable to wear, and to add they are very resistant because I sometimes eat tough things that I’m not supposed to. I’ve also had fillings done here as well with another dentist and the experience was amazing. I did not feel any pain and the procedure was pretty quick. As for wait times, it does range and sometimes it takes longer and other times you are called in immediately. However, I used to work at a corporate dentist office, in all honesty the amount of time I wait here will never compare to the 3-4 hour wait times that patients wait there. The price is something that I sort of think is a con. I mean of course one doesn’t want to pay too much, but with my previous dental experience, I’ve learned that its better to pay a bit more and have it done not just well but rather perfect.

Erik O. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


M Dental Fullerton is a rare find: Cost effective, Very friendly, and Highly qualified professionals. I went there to have my teeth looked at, which are going to require plenty of work, including implants. They had me take all of my dental imagery, including the panoramic and a few others that I don’t know the names of. First thing they did after is tell me to relax, asked if i wanted a beverage, and played Netflix for me (I chose The Office) while I waited. I think I might find a reason for an appointment just to hang out next time, lol jk. Dr. Kim (USC) provided a very well put, simple enough to get through my thick head, explanation of what I need and showed me on the big screen everything he was talking about. It is crazy how detailed that imagery was, very impressive. Then I was surprised to see they have all of the high tech equipment there, including a scanner that doesn’t require you to use the old fashioned gunky impression. It creates a 3d image of your teeth and can even place in the future implants, really amazing for a techie like myself. I met with Jenny the Office Manager and she spent plenty of time with me (patiently) going over treatment/financial options, benefits, etc. You can tell she works hard at what she does and still puts on a smile for us. Overall (before I publish my first book via this long Yelp review), I highly recommend this place. I spend weeks and months going to different places to see how they compared, yet I still came back. Do yourself a favor, save yourself time and (more) headaches and come to M Dental. If you don’t agree with my sentiments within the first 30 minutes, please tell Yelp never to listen to me again. But seriously, its a well earned 5 stars.

Rachel C. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


The morning of the day I was going on vacation my tooth totally broke in half ( I was removing a tag from a blouse with my teeth. WRONG!).  I had a flight at 1pm and it was 8am when my tooth broke off.  I called my dentist office and told them I had and emergency.  I explained that I had a flight at 1pm at LAX so I needed to leave no later then 11am to the airport.  They were so wonderful!  My Dr. Called me right back and said she would meet me at the office at 9am sharp to fix my tooth.  I was there and my tooth was fixed by 10am!  Thank you so much for being a great office.  It would have been horrible walking through Europe with a missing tooth! What I love about the Dentists at M Dental is that they are perfectionist!  They wont let me leave the office until my teeth are perfect!  The work that they do is never mediocre, everyone in the office has pride in their work, from the front office staff, the hygienist to the Dentist. I highly recommend M Dental!

Stef Glore (Source: Google)


I had many bad experiences at the dentist when I was a child because I had so many cavities and weak enamel. But when I switched to this office in 2015 I was so happy I did. I have had both Dr Paul and Dr Janet do orthodontic work on my teeth and I enjoyed working with both of them and appreciate how the appearance of my smile has evolved! Also, everytime I go in for a cleaning or routine visit the front office always welcomes me. All the hygienists that I’ve had work on my teeth are all so sweet. I’ve never had a bad experience, they always try to make me feel comfortable everytime and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a healthy, shining smile!

Esther C. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I only have good things to say about M dental and would definitely recommend the holistic experience I had. Customer service: When I called to book a consultation, they were quick to take my dental insurance info and to do the work of contacting my insurance as well as look into my plan. So when I came in, they were ready to go. The text reminders were a simple touch that was great. Financial consultation: Most of my conversations were with Jenny who is the business manager. I was initially weary of the possibility of them overselling procedures but didn’t feel like that. I did have to ask for different options in regards to a change in timeline for the sake of not using too much money at once. Jenny was willing to help me come up with a plan that was suitable for me and my family while keeping me aware of the procedures that needed immediate attention. Dental consultation and work: My experience with Dr. Paul Kim was that he is just here to do what he does best, which is to work on your mouth/teeth. He didn’t talk much other than explain what’s going on orally and was willing to translate everything in plain English when the dental terms became overwhelming. I’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past but he definitely redeemed it! Someone I’d like to highlight: Amy is someone on staff and when I was nervous about my oral surgery, implant and braces, she was a sweet presence that assured me of the steps we were taking. Just appreciated her kindness. Overall, I’d highly recommend M Dental!

Hae Young K. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient here for 6 years now. It’s amazing that Dr. Kim remembered our last conversation I had on the chair. Dr. Kim is very thorough and maticulous on his dental treatment. He takes x-rays after the cavity treatments, crown procedures, and deep cleaning to check if there is any residules left behind. He is very well trained from his background and he also trained his staffs very well. Each of them works professionally with smile and makes them a great team. I already recommended M Dental Group to many of my friends and they all appreciated that they met a great dental practice. My daughter in law is getting Invisalign treatment by Dr. Kim at the moment. We can’t wait to see the beautiful smile when the braces treatement is completed!

Heidi Chang (Source: Google)


After moving to M Dental, I actually look forward to going to the dentist! I got braces here over the summer, but I’m in Boston for school most of the time so Dr. Kim and his staff have been very good with working around my schedule. Every visit has been an extremely pleasant one! I’ve had little to no pain after every visit, and that’s including braces tightening and a wisdom tooth extraction. The facility is clean and well-maintained. Everybody in the office is super friendly and knows what they’re talking about. Plus, they give you a neat travel kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, etc. I always tell my parents and all my friends how much I love my dentist and I really mean it!

Natalie Gomez (Source: Google)


I used to dread going to the dentist so much that I’d only go if I was in pain, but that changed when I started going to M Dental. The dentists there are gentle, ensure your comfort, and don’t waste your time, so I actually go regularly now. Not only are the facilities modern and clean, but everyone there is kind, helpful, and friendly- I even get a happy birthday text every year! I’ve been going there for a few years and they go above and beyond to make sure that my teeth are in excellent condition and that I’m satisfied with the results. I can’t stress enough how wonderful this place is. Check it out, you won’t regret it!

Jen R. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just had an amazing experience at M Dental. I had broken part of my wisdom tooth before the pandemic but many offices were not taking patients. But recently it started to hurt and I noticed a dark spot on it. I was almost 100% sure it was a cavity and I was worried it might be deeper than I thought because of the pain. Luckily M Dental was able to see me right away. It was truly one of the best Dental experiences I’ve ever had. Everyone was so nice and professional. The office is very clean and peaceful. Dr. Kim the senior dentist saw me first and reviewed all my imaging. He was very nice and explained all my options. I ended up choosing a filling instead of an extraction (yes it was a cavity ). But it was all good. Then Dr. Lee another dentist (go teamwork) came and took care of the cavity. He was so fast and didn’t even have to numb me. I literally felt no pain. He was very gentle and explained every step. I could tell that the staff are very happy and communicate very well. Who knew going to the dentist could be such a pleasant experience? I highly recommend M Dental. It was my first appointment and it definitely won’t be my last. I think I’ve finally found my local dentist and I couldn’t be happier.

Jihoon K. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is the best dental clinic I have been to so far. I have to say that the customer service here is always awesome. Right from the moment you walk in you are treated like family with care and smile. I think this dental office is the cleanest dental office with modern interior with super friendly staff members. I went for a regular check up and wanted to check my crown which I recently felt uncomfortable. Doctor Paul made me to feel extremely relaxed and explained all the details about my situation and how he can help to make it more comfortable with redoing dental crown procedure. I also had deep cleaning from a dental hygienist at the office. This was my second time I met her and she was very friendly and she even remembered me coming back. This time I brought my two kids and Doctor Janet specially took care of them with care and smile so they finished their check ups and cleanings faster than I planned. My wife was very relieved how doctors and staffs helped each other to make my kids go through the check up and dental treatment. Doctor Janet told us that she has three kids and she knew exactly how to handle small kids. I highly recommend this dental office to everyone and want to thank once again to all the staffs and doctors at M Dental Group.

Sharon C. from Rowland Heights, CA (Source: Yelp)


My overall experience with M Dental has been great so far. I was looking for a place to remove my “buttons” from an Invisalign treatment from another dental office that I unfortunately had a hard time committing too. A girl likes to eat, and Invisalign was just a poor choice on my part. I still had a few misaligned teeth that weren’t bad, but still bothered me personally. The doctor went over a few treatment options and his overall opinion with me. Ultimately, he decided I was a great candidate for MTA braces. MTA is an acronym for mini tube appliance. Prior to coming here, I had never heard of such a treatment. But essentially they are a much smaller form of bracket that only align and move the six teeth on the top and bottom. I was deemed a great candidate since my back teeth were already aligned very well, and my other teeth didn’t require any major movement. The overall braces were very comfortable and discreet in nature. I’m almost done with my treatment, and getting the braces put on and adjusted have been a very comfortable experience. I had the braces for a total of 4 months and I am so excited to be getting them off soon. I would definitely recommend anyone to come in for a consultation. The staff are very friendly and accommodating and helped me to figure out a payment plan that fit my budget. I ended up financing my braces through a third party, and it was a breeze as their office staff helped to facilitate and give me my payment plan and options. M Dental is awesome, their office is nice and spacious, and their staff wonderful.

Jun K. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


Since the first day of visiting this dental group, it has been a blessing for me to have a dentist like Dr. Kim. The staffs here are caring patients as they walk into the office. During this Covid-19 time especially, they put their all effort to maintain a safe environment in order to protect patients and their staffs. We were guided to sit 6 ft apart and led to a separate chair when we are treated. Most staffs here are bilingual, so don’t worry about your language barriers. I’m sure you don’t want to have any misunderstanding between you and a doctor. Here, they answer all your questions kindly. Jenny, the manager is very friendly. Before they intervene any treatment, they always explain what they are going to do. I appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Jacob C. from Corona, CA (Source: Yelp)


My son’s been wearing the facemask for his under bite and it’s been only 6 weeks since the treatment has started and I was so surprised how rapid this appliance is working to expand his upper arch. I’ve been taking some photos of progression to give him motivations and it definitely worked! Dr Kim told us that maximum of 8mm has already been expanded and that he doesn’t have to turn the key to expand the arch anymore. If anyone is considering 1st phase of orthodontic treatment for your child, please go to M Dental. Dr. Kim’s consultation was so thorough from the beginning and he’s so knowledgeable in every aspect of dentistry. You ask questions, he has all the answers for you. You won’t regret.

Kennith C. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


Not one to leave reviews as evidenced by this being my first ever. I hate going to dentist. Went to M dental based on a friend’s recommendation and they didnt disappoint. Needed implants and went to different dentists for consultation but left feeling like a walking $$$ since the work would be extensive and expensive. Went to M dental and felt like a person. From the front office staff to Dr. Paul, they actually asked for my input and took the time to explain my situation and options. Difficult implant procedure was successful with no pain and quick recovery. Dr. Paul took meticulous care with my teeth, making me actually relax and not be white knucked during the surgery. Cost was very reasonable and effortless with insurance and billing. Will be switching my family of 5’s future dental needs to M dental.

Julie P. from Garden Grove, CA (Source: Yelp)


My whole family’s been to M Dental the past few years. And I must say that this dentist’s office is the cleanest and most professional dental office I’ve been to. Especially during COVID times, I’ve heard of some places with not the best hygiene practices. My family has been very careful going to places, but we felt very safe walking into the office. They are also quick on calling your name once you check in at the front desk. If you’re forgetful of your appointments (like me), you’ll never miss your appointment because they send you a reminder texts few days before your appointment. They definitely have established a very well organized system. The dentists and assistants are very calm, friendly, and professional. I have been getting my Invisalign through M Dental the past year and they’ve always been so patient with all my needs and wants. My dad also has been suffering from sensitive teeth and teeth pains. After he started going to M Dental, he never complained about his teeth. Thank you, M Dental!

Jeff M. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Yes i had an appointment on 09-29-2020. jessica greeted me with reception above all welcomes . she is so very proyfessional with her pleasant smile that makes the begining of the dental visit stress , just go away. it”s so nice to be greetedby jessica,  yeeeaaa!!! then on to jane and my teeth cleaning. well let me tell you she is a hygienist above and beyond with her firm but gental touch . my teeth are so clean and feel great. she is the best .my next visit will be made with a jane request because she has the skill and talent a professional hygienist needs to belong to  m dental group. both jessica and jane are also very beautiful with a graceful personality that makes a dental visit a nice visit.   yeeeaaa !!! Dr. kim comes in with an award winning professional manor and style . his work is very outstanding and i look forward to m dental group for all my future teeth work.

Clara L. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Pros : amazing doctor and staff, the best hygienist Cons : little bit expensive than other dentists on root canal and crown came here for an exam. I had got a crown on my molar tooth and had crazy pain on it. I was told that I need to get a root canal from my dentist, so I wanted to get a second opinion on it. Alicia, the receptionist, was really nice and Heather, the financial assistant or manager, was friendly and helpful. Dr. Paul Kim was also nice. He seemed very knowledgeable. Right after he checked my teeth, he caught all discomforts that I had been having and told me how he’s gonna treat them. It was very impressive. Because all my previous dentists told me that I had to live with that. Overall, it was really great. Usually going to the dentist is not a good experience, but they made me feel really comfortable and well-treated. Especially Jane, the dental hygienist, was THE BEST! I have a retainer, so It always takes a lot of time to get my teeth clean. She was really patient and did amazing job. I  know it might sound like I am exaggerating, but it was the best cleaning I’ve ever got in my life. She even taught me how to take care of my tooth after the cleaning. She deserves five stars! The only down side of this place was the pricing. I got my quote for a root canal and new crown. It seems 1.5-2 times more expensive than other places that I’ve been to. But the exam was 1.5 times cheaper, the service was the best. Anyway, I will definitely go back for the cleaning for sure!

Lauren K (Source: Google)


Dr. Kim is the BEST dentist ever. I have an extreme anxiety about dental treatment but after experiencing M dental Group, I feel a lot more comfortable now. He explains step by step what I’m doing and why I need the treatment and gives all the options possible. I can truly feel how much he cares about his patient. Also, the facility is so beautiful, clean and modern and all staffs are nice and friendly. I have experienced so many dentist but Dr. Kim is the BEST! I’m so glad I met Dr. Kim and he saved my life. I highly recommend M dental group to anyone who needs dental care!

Marci Koltonuk (Source: Google)


M Dental is hands-down the best dental practice I’ve ever been to. I have EXTREME anxiety about the dentist, even just cleanings, and when I moved to the Fullerton area about 3 years ago and was looking for a new dentist, Dr. Paul very patiently answered all of my questions. I’m sure I drove him absolutely nuts, but he was incredibly empathetic as was the entire office staff. I’ve seen them for several cleanings as well as a crown replacement and a deep cleaning, and all of my experiences there have been wonderful. I also find them to be very honest about the dental work you actually need done. Highly recommended.

Maggie D. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best dental office everyone  must visit  best customer service beautiful and very clean facility. Dr  Paul and Dr lee best doctors all the staff  so friendly thank you for providing such a great service and great job . My whole family has been to M Dental and started treatment here. They are very professional and kind. I even brought my mother who has some dental problems. They were able to take care of her asap. Also,  my elderly mother speaks only Spanish. However she had no problem since they had Spanish speaking employees. Thank you M Dental!

Michael L. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


My wife ad I have been to M Dental Group for more than 6 years now and we went thru implant surgeries to orthodontic treatment, root canals, you name it. There was not once we regret that we chose this place. Borth Dr. Kims are very knowledgeable and professional at what they are doing and for the most part, they treat you like your family members. My wife and I’ve referred a lot of our friends and family members to Dr. Kims and they were so grateful that they found a great dentist like Dr. Kims. Their service and caring for patients have been ever so consistent and they always make sure that patients feel welcomed and happy at their place. The staff and hygienists are very kind and informative. After surgical procedures, they call to follow up with patients and thru those small things, you can really feel that they care for you. After all the procedures, we now go in for check up and cleanings every 6 months and Dr. Kim and staff still politely greet us with big smiles.  During exam, Dr. Kim thoroughly explain about my current condition and answer all my questions and concerns so that I can be aware of what will happen near future. If you want to experience great service, go to M. You won’t regret.

Timothy N. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


Most thorough examination I ever had for orthodontics and braces! Disclaimer: I didn’t actually decide yet whether to pay for the service of braces. They did an x-ray of several angles for my mouth first using up-to-date technology. When they realized I had two extra teeth under my adult teeth, they did several more x-rays. The orthodontist (Dr. Kim I believe) seemed really knowledgeable and honest. He explained palatal expanders, how exactly they entire process of 2 years will work out, and answered all my questions like removing teeth vs not removing teeth for braces, interproximal reduction, etc. I think he’s the most transparent orthodontist I’ve met out of three. 1 place (Miller Orthodontics) wanted to me to sign the agreement and pay in order to get x-rays.If I hadn’t visited here or the other place, I’d be in big trouble for my two extra teeth. Docking off a star for not being able to answer questions by email. Other orthodontics can do that. After I have done research, I had much more questions because everything he said was new to me. I emailed them, but they said to schedule a meet-up with him. The place is somewhat far, so I wasn’t sure about it, and they also asked me whether I was proceeding with treatment. The saleswoman Jenny Chun was patient, but I’m unable to tell her trustworthiness. I’ve had two other salespeople from other orthodontics slide in a few half-lies, so I think she probably did as well. She said palatal expanders shouldn’t be very painful, but the Internet says it’s very painful for most adults as their jaw has already grown. Her job as a saleswoman I suppose, though. *Side note (giggle): Jenny’s like K-Pop-level pretty, so if you want to gain confidence as a male person while you’re deciding your treatment, come here LOL TIP: If you’re going here to get braces, they’ll give you a $1000 discount if you sign up on the day of the appointment, and $500 in the month of, so be prepared your list of 10+ questions before going here if you want that $1000 discount. You have until the end of the day for it. UPDATE (from 4 stars to 5 stars) 5/17/19 7:24PM: They called and answered all my questions! I’m grateful. I still need more research before starting treatment, but I’m considering this place due to a transparent orthodontist. Just need to confirm that he’s not lying with another orthodontic place.

Steve Oneto (Source: Google)


I have now been a patient of M Dental for about two years, and have nothing but great things to say about the entire operation. From the front office staff to the treatment of Dr. Paul, I am proud to recommend them to anyone looking for caring dental professionals. They always do their best to explain exactly what the process will be. When any work needs to be done, you know exactly the steps involved, and the costs associated with the procedure. I especially am thrilled with the gentle demeanor of Dr. Paul and the soothing way he asks if I’m doing OK during the work he does. I recently had to have a root canal, and I a not the bravest patient in the world, but Dr. Paul would stop, look me in the eye and ask me if I was ok. It was very reassuring. I would also like to mention Rina who runs the front office. She is knowledgeable, kind, polite, and thorough. Thank you M Dental from a self-professed “chicken”.Your review helps others learn about great local businesses. Please don’t review this business if you received a freebie for writing this review, or if you’re connected in any way to the owner or employees.

Nathan Lee (Source: Google)


I had an excellent experience with M Dental! M Dental feels like home! I haven’t been to the dentist in 3 years and have generally always had a bad experience, but M Dental evidently puts patient care as their number one priority. The front office, staff, and doctors are all very professional and tender to the patient’s needs and comfort. I love that M Dental does away from the stereotypical dental office appearance – dull, boring, and nerve-wrecking. It feels like you’re walking into an inviting, warm coffee shop to meet a friend. M Dental definitely puts the M in Modern. I love coming here and I always look forward to my next visits. You should definitely consider coming here for your next check up, I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed. Have a great day!

Kristy W. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m from LA and it was worth the drive to come to M Dental to get my wisdom tooth extracted.  From the beginning process to the end, I was treated with kindness and care. The appointment process with M Dental group was easy via call. Finding the elevator was a bit tricky since it’s kinda hidden. Upon arrival, the place was clean and they enforced covid 19 protocols/ safety measures. They took my temperature and had me fill out a questionnaire regarding the virus.  I took the x-ray scan and Dr. Kim came in to check it out. I originally wanted to only take out one wisdom tooth, but he suggested I take out both my left side wisdom tooth and explained to me why. There was a separate room for payment consultation: the lady who attended me was very nice and the payment process was quick and simple. When it was time for wisdom tooth extraction, I was nervous as heck, but the staff there made me feel comfy and constantly asked if I was okay. Honestly, the extraction process went so fast, I didn’t even believe it was over already. Dr.Kim also check if you were okay every now and then. I highly recommend some earphones or something, the noise of the tools will make you feel anxious at some point. I’m happy with the overall process and didn’t feel any pain! I will definitely come back for other dental needs.

Sung C. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Transitioning from a different dentist/orthodontist while moving, M Dental was where I finished off the last year of my braces during high school. First, the location is great! Theres a designated parking garage for the business center and always full of open spots. The inside of the dentist is very modern. Looks just like the pictures. Very well kept and clean. They also have a coffee machine (Keurig)/tea/ water and other drinks in the refrigerator. Both Dr Paul and Janet Kim were very welcoming and professional. They always explained every part of the procedure. I recently took out one of my wisdom teeth, which Dr Paul Kim took out with a blink of an eye. Didnt even hurt after the anesthesia wore off. They also provided me with a document explaining more of whats going to happen in the future and signed me up for a checkup within a week. Another thing is their notifications! Very very useful. Not only do they give you a card with your date/time but they give a notification through email/text. It gives you a confirmation then and also a week before the appointment. Would highly recommend as my experience throughout the past 4-5 years have not changed at all!

Maryam H. from Buena Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


My first visit to M Dental was to finish work from a previous dentist. You see, I am a terrible patient. I will not come in unless I am in pain or a tooth or crown breaks or falls out. It’s not that they are overly pricey, it’s that I would just rather spend the money on things other than my teeth! That being said, one of the things I appreciate about M Dental is that I am never made to feel ashamed about not coming in on a regular basis. The Dr.’s Kim and their staff always treat me with dignity and respect. Further, nothing is ever done without a full explanation and every option is presented with no sense of shame felt if you choose to put off a maintenance or procedure that is recommended. The office is clean, beautiful, and modern. They also offer a staggering array of cosmetic services. I recommend M Dental to everyone searching for quality dental services!

Sarah C. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


I wanted to do a deep cleaning and get a second estimate for future braces so I visited M Dental Group since my aunt, uncle, cousin, and mother are clients here. They always said nice things about this dentistry and since my family is a reliable source, I came to give this dentist a try (to be honest, I avoided the dentist for a couple years because I was traumatized from a previous one). First Day: When I walked in, I was greeted by two ladies with huge smiles (this was early, when they opened at 9 a.m)! Elisha took my photo as I completed a new client form; she was helpful and very detailed when explaining certain parts of the form to me. Next, I was called to the X-ray area where Olga took multiple x-rays of my teeth and jaw area. She was gentle and described everything she was going to do before she started. I was then led to a room where dental hygienist Jane cleaned my teeth. I was a bit nervous but she was extremely nice and helped me to calm down. She talked to me the entire time letting me know what was going to be done and how. I do not know how she held everything and made it work efficiently (spraying water, suction, scalers, etc.,) all by herself..with just two hands! She’s truly skilled and the best hygienist I have ever met. She was SO thorough and quick, yet my teeth felt super clean when she was done. After the cleaning, other employees took numerous photos of my teeth from every single angle. I later realized that this was to be blown up on a big screen so that the doctor can use them as a reference when explaining the braces process. Lastly, Dr. Paul Kim came to discuss my over bite. He was bilingual (Korean and English) and showed me much more than I could possibly imagine during a consultation. He used my pictures, x-rays, and orthodontic teeth model to visibly show me how and what was to be done. I can tell that he speaks from experience and knowledge, he is a wise man and I trust all of his recommendations! Before I left, I met with the business manager Jenny. We discussed pricing, timeline, and scheduling. She was very accommodating and helpful. I made the decision to get braces the very next week because I not only trust the employees here, but know for sure that I am in good hands. Second day: I was terrified of getting my top and bottom wisdom teeth extracted. I was worse than a toddler and prayed to God from the lobby room to the chair. I even asked Dr. Lee (extraction doctor) to pray with me! I am SO thankful for him because he was kind enough to help me calm down and even gave me sunglasses to cover my eyes from the bright light (so caring)! The numbing shots barely hurt and before each injection, Dr. Lee advised where and when he would be placing it. Moments later, he said that he would be “dancing” with my teeth. In less than three minutes, both teeth were out! Yes there was slight pressure, but absolutely NO pain. I had my hands shaking in a fist the entire time for no reason because it really did not hurt. I got my top brace brackets put on and it was a breeze. Maggie gave me a goody bag filled with at home instructions on how to care for teeth removal and braces. It was informative and helpful. A few days later, Erin from the front desk texted me asking how I was feeling from the teeth removal. I was touched because she answered all my questions and showed genuine care! I recommend M Dental to anyone and everyone who needs dental work. Whether it is teeth cleaning, extraction, root canals, braces, or implants, I know this dentistry excels because my friends and family who are clients here are 100% satisfied. Thank you to all the staff members and doctors.

Eunice L. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today I took my kids to M dental for a regular check up and cleaning. Ever since my oldest was 3 years old, my kids were never afraid of going to dentist. That says a lot because most kids are horrified of going to the dentist. Now that my kids are 7 and 5 years old, they are having some wiggly tooth and having some cavities however because of their gentle care for children, it has not been stressful for me to bring kids to the dentist. Who would not cry when they are just locally numbed, not being sedated and pulled 3 teeth? That’s how well they treat the kids here. It’s pretty amazing!! For the most part, the quality of their service is beyond what you can expect. Dr. Kim, Dr. Lee and their hygenist are awesome and staff members are so polite and professional. I heard that soon, their pediatric will be open in January. I’ve already referred so many family members and friends to m dental group and not one person said they had a bad experience. I love my dentist!!

Kenny O. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend, the BEST DENTIST I ever had. I had root canal 2x and I kept coming back even if I leave 25 miles away it’s a worth to drive. Never I felt any pain the entire process. He has this “DENTAL VIBE” that you will not feel the pain with the needle when giving numbing agent and believe me when I say… I was so relaxed and even fall sleep during the procedure. He is very skillful, gentle and caring. The crew are friendly they treat you like a family. The place is easy to find, high tech, clean and parking is very convenient.

Christian Z. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


I love M-Dental’s dentists and staff! I’ve been going here for a couple years now, and they’re amazing. I love how they reach out to you to remind you about appointments, and even work our rescheduling via text. Their front desk, and consultations do a great job in making everything clear of what procedures will be like and their price points. I’ve had to take care of cavities, root canals, and wisdom teeth here and those appointments I loved! I can’t get over how much their procedures are really painless! They definitely make sure you’re taking care of, and are VERY professional. I’ve been going to the dentist since I was about 6 years old until I finally got my braces off when I became of freshman year in high school, and I can say this is the BEST dentist I’ve ever been to! Oh and I almost forgot to mention that their due diligence to make sure everything is sanitary, and taking clients temperature before entering the office is appreciated.

E C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Just WOW – my spouse, a very young 65, started having issues with his teeth crowding and it was becoming uncomfortable. To say we spent days assessing our options is an understatement – we live in Chino Hills and could not find a decent orthodontist in all of the IE. After scouring a million reviews, we realized all signs pointed to M Dental. We are blessed to have found such a professional, trustworthy, and competent group of experts. The front desk is incredibly helpful, Jenny in finance is incredibly knowledgeable but not pushy and did everything to keep us on budget. We decided on clear braces instead of aligners and we’re so glad we did – Jenny made it all fast and easy and explained everything to us up front. All of the dental assistants are highly qualified and friendly, and Dr. Kim is a dedicated perfectionist. At first we were concerned it was a “dental mill” – quickly turning patients in and out, over and over – we were SO wrong. We quickly realized the M Dental team is highly efficient, provides fast, efficient check ups, and Dr. Kim won’t accept anything but happy, satisfied patients with amazing smiles. The entire team is incredibly impressive. I have never asked, but it seems like they only see adult patients at the Fullerton office – which we REALLY appreciate – I believe they have “Kids Only” offices in Anaheim? No elitist Orange County mom’s and their bratty kids here to contend with…at least not when we are there. It’s worth the drive and every penny to have a calming, neutral, nicely appointed office without kiddie cut outs and bright colors everywhere. (Just one thing – those upholstered chairs in the waiting room should be retired and replaced with more virus friendly options – vinyl, plastic, poly –  something that can be wiped down…they have definitely served their purpose.;) A few times we have had to follow up after an adjustment, and they have ALWAYS worked us into the schedule – even with the virus raging, they have maintained a clean, safe, professional environment and kept the process as seamless as possible. 8 months after both his top and bottom braces were placed, his smile has been transformed much faster than anticipated and his smile already looks amazing – we can’t wait to see the final reveal when they come off later this year! No matter where you live in SoCal, M Dental is worth the drive – I can’t imagine finding a more knowlegeable, professional and efficient one stop office for all of your dental needs – thank you to everyone!

Michelle Choi (Source: Google)


I’ve been with M Dental since 2017 and after five fillings, two wisdom tooth extractions, and more than ten cleaning/check ups, I’ve only been pleased with painless, organized, courteous, communicative, and professional service. At my first appointment, I did paperwork with reception, x-rays with a technician, check up with the dentist, cleaning with a hygienist, and financing with an employee, and the process across the board was smooth, and ever since then, I haven’t had any billing or waiting issues, haven’t been in discomfort and had my concerns quickly addressed, and I never dread a visit. I really appreciate being able to reliably take care of dental work with as much ease as I do here and I trust I’ll be in good hands going forward.

Erica G. from Fullerton, CA (Source: Yelp)


So I avoid the dentist as long as I can lol and the last time I went to one was probably 2-3 years ago. Well I started feeling some pain and decided after 3 days I would call the dental office first thing in the morning and schedule an appointment. Well during dinner, I heard and felt a loud crack- there went half my tooth. In the morning I called and they could not take me so I looked on yelp and found M dental. They took me in right away and have been so kind, caring and thoughtful through-out the entire process of an extraction and root canal. Since I came in on an emergency I hadn’t eaten yet and they brought me an apple juice and Pringle’s! They call to check on me, they are considerate of my time and schedule and the dentist here are thorough, gentle, and professional. I am really glad my former dentist couldn’t take me in because I have been so impressed and pleased with M Dental. They all know my name and are so welcoming and after this 3rd visit, I felt confident writing a great review for them. It is well deserved and I highly recommend if you are looking for a new dentist! Thank you everyone at M Dental!!.