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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Seton M. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Having been a client of Dr. Lazare for a decade, this week I made an appointment to see Trudy Manbode, his double degree Dental Hygienist. My gums had been an issue for a couple of years- two implants 2-3 years ago- and grinding at night despite night guards. She diagnosed an infection I had, numbed me up- yes, she is degreed for that-  and removed it with a laser. A couple of Tylenols the first day and after 48 hours I am pain free and greatly relieved to be rid of this chronic problem- and to taught how to combat it beyond brushing and flossing. Hallelujah.

Melanie (Source: Google)


Great experience with this amazing staff. The hygienist Therese was very gentle and made sure I was comfortable throughout my whole visit. Dr. Lazare was very thorough with my exam. He even provided visual aids and explained what was going on step by step. The front desk Elda was super friendly as well. Highly recommend!

Liz Peace (Source: Facebook)


I have been a patient of Dr Lazare’s for about 10 years and he never ceases to amaze me with the latest materials and techniques to ensure you get the very best treatment. I was very impressed with his creative reconstruction of my back molar on my last visit, my tooth looks like it never had a cavity, filling or even the crack that was looking a little suspicious. The office is beautiful, clean, and calming, much like a spa and the staff are always very friendly and make sure you are comfortable. I honestly look forward to going to see Dr Lazare, he is the best at what he does and over the years has become a good friend. Thank you for all you do!

Michael L. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lazare and his dental team are sui generis: supremely professional, highly skilled, and exceedingly kind. Everything about the practice is clearly oriented around the goal of maximizing the wellness of the patients. The beautiful, thoughtfully designed waiting room, for example, is clearly designed to maximize the patients’ tranquility and comfort . Dr. Lazare himself is the rare dentist who, in addition to being super-skilled, is also a kind, warm human being who takes a genuine interest in the well-being of each of his clients. Like Dr. Lazare, Lizelle is as kind and warm as she is skilled in the dental arts. Coming to the office of Dr. Lazare is a remarkably outstanding experience, every time.

Monica Vargas (Source: Google)


Dr. Lazare and his team are beyond outstanding! He is professional, ethical, knowledgeable, empathetic and kind. I’m eternally grateful to him! The only doctor that has never offered to pull my teeth unnecessarily. He has rebuilt and saved the few problematic ones. You will never know what a cleaning should be until you experience it at his office. WOW! Is all I will say. My teeth are perfect and I am happy

Thomas W. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


As a lover of gummy bears and chocolate, I’ve had a mouthful of problems for as long as I can remember. Dr Lazare skillfully replaced my silver fillings with beautiful porcelain ones. What a difference! It’s as if I never had a cavity. The office is completely modern with many entertainment choices that make the experience “fun”! The thoughtful design speaks volumes about Dr lazare’s attention to every detail. He’s truly a caring professional and the only dentist I will visit.

Margery F. from Jericho, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Marc Lazare is honestly the best dentist I’ve ever been to. You barely feel him touching you. I needed a cavity filled and he had given me novacaine and fixed my cavity before I even knew he did anything. He also knew some special natural way to save one of my teeth by building back up the side of my tooth with some crazy thing I had never heard of like biome medic. It was truly incredible and again never a drop of discomfort. I highly recommend him for all general and cosmetic dentistry. Also I was very impressed by the high level of technology he uses during my appointments. He can put all my X-rays and exams right on a screen in front of me instantly. When I get tired of seeing my teeth I just watch a movie!!!

Mimi Bessette (Source: Google)


Now is the time that you read everywhere – practice your gratitude. Nowhere has it seemed more clear to me than when I go to my appointments with Dr. Marc Lazare. From the minute I walk in Ilda and Ariel greet me with such a warm and enthusiastic welcome. Well it just makes my day. Then there’s Dr. Marc Lazare who sets the tone. He’s so calm, relaxed and self- assured. I’m in the middle of getting nine new porcelain veneers. Yesterday was a five hour session. He was so gentle and explained every step of the process so I wouldn’t worry. I asked for more Novocain and he didn’t question me. He just gave me a little more. He aims to please. And thank God with a procedure like this he is a perfectionist. He spends time doing the normal steps and then he takes even more time to finesse. Being a perfectionist myself I certainly appreciate all the care he’s putting into my visits. Mary Chris who is Dr. Lazare’s assistant is also very nice and personable. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Lazare. I recommend him highly to anyone searching for the best dentist in New York City!

Grant Chyz (Source: Google)


Marc is a colleague who I have gotten to know through a mutual interest in Biomimetic Dentistry. When a close friend in NYC was having a serious problem, I called Marc to see if he could help (I am in Seattle). He came in to see my friend when her dentist was closed. He treated her kindly and expertly, helping her at a time of need. This is a skilled dentist with a heart. His patients are lucky to have him. Thanks Marc!

Thomas W. from Woodside, NY (Source: Yelp)


Wow! What a great dentist. From an early age, I’ve been afraid of the dentist. I would go years without seeing one. A very good friend recommended Dr. Lazare because of my phobia. My first visit consisted of a general checkup, x-rays and a thorough cleaning (with numbing gel). What a painless experience! I watched a movie on a TV mounted to the chair which proved to be an excellent distraction. Afterwards, Dr. Lazare compassionately explained to me that I had developed several cavities from years of neglect. I already knew something was wrong because of the occasional pain I experienced after cold drinks. We scheduled another visit to address my multiple cavities. The second visit was just as painless as the first. After three Friend’s reruns, it was over. I’m in love with the entertainment system in his office! It’s been several years and I only see Dr. Lazare for my dental care. I travel overseas for months at a time for business and I always try to schedule an appointment for when I’m in NY. My last trip got extended for over half a year but I refused to see another dentist.

Brandon V. from Hicksville, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr Lazare and his team are super professional and efficient!  His whole staff is great and every subsequent visit has made me lose my fear of going to the dentist.  My 9 year old son does not mind going because he knows it is painless.  I highly recommend that you have your teeth checked and cleaned only here!

Frank (Source: Google)


Dr. Lazare has a state-of-the art dental office for both general and cosmetic dentistry. I have numerous dental issues and I feel I am on the road to improved dental health and a better smile with Dr. Lazare. He recently restored my tooth that was thought to be beyond repair by using his innovative biomimetic procedure. The hygienists are excellent and his staff is efficient and helpful in a low-key and pleasant way. I am happy to have discovered this dental practice. Patricia G.

Coco M. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I need to applaud Dr. Marc Lazare and his staff for taking the dental experience to a new level. It is apparent that everyone at this practice takes pride in their work and are able to deliver stellar patient service. This gives me the comfort and assurance that I am in great hands. I am always greeted by name and with a smile by everyone in the office-these are the little things that make a big difference to me! What I liked most was how interactive my consultation and treatments were. My oral concerns were fully acknowledged, everything was carefully explained to me and I was able to able to get a clear idea of all of my options, my treatment plan, as well as my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Marc Lazare to anyone seeking the best dental care, which is really what we all deserve.

Lana T. from Financial District, NY (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient for several years and this dentist is perfection! He’s also a Dentist to many celebs and had been featured in many articles (not sponsored). I have a huge phobia of dentists (4 years of braces and too many pulled teeth to prep for braces). There was a time I would fly to boca raton to see my precious dentist that I loved while living in Florida. Then I am referred to this dental practice…and I’m amazed. The dental cleanings are thorough and the few fillings I had were well done (not too uncomfortable and cosmetically perfect). He enjoys learning new technologies in the industry which helps me with my phobia. This dentist personally takes the time to talk to you and is not persistent on upselling. He has certain teeth that he wants to put on ‘watch’ but let’s me know that work does not need to be performed. That’s a good dentist one that cares about the patient! The office is clean and modern, he also likes electronics. You can watch shows while your have your teeth cleaned. And the X-rays are digital.

Britt G. from Baltimore, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lazare is simply the best! Although his schedule is packed, he has a way of making you feel like you’re his only patient and spends as much as needed with you. He walks you through all possible approaches, gives his opinion on what’s best, and goes for the least invasive approach. His front office staff is always professional, prompt, and responsive. What dentist calls to check up on you on a Saturday during a holiday weekend? Dr. Lazare does! I’ve never received care this good from any doctor – period. If you want a dentist who really cares about your well-being, this is your guy!

Audrey Matn (Source: Facebook)


I was referred to Dr. Lazare by my girlfriend, let me just say WOW! My entire experience was seamless, from coordinating an appointment with his super friendly staff, to the absolutely beautiful state-of-the-art office, the visit was perfection! I came in and was greeted by a bubbly smiling face who was more than accommodating, she offered me coffee, tea or cucumber water which was a nice touch. I was escorted to the balcony as I was early for my appointment and clearly very nervous and in need of some air! The fresh air and beautiful view really did the trick while I anxiously waited for the doctor. I had my teeth cleaned with Susan, who was such a doll! She was very gentle and thorough, she really made me feel comfortable (she put on the kind of music I like to help me relax before she started) After my cleaning I had an exam with Dr. Lazare who was very knowledgeable, he gave me a lot of info about veneers and we discussed Invisalign to correct minor crookedness of my front teeth. I like that he was not pushy at all, he just gave me the facts and his expert opinion and let me decide which option sounded best. Dr. Lazare used a special camera to show me inside my mouth and explain what he was recommending and why, which was extremely helpful as i am a visual person. Afterwards I sat down with his assistant, she went over fees for each option. Dr. Lazare’s recommendation turned out to be the less expensive option, which was reassuring, I felt like he had my best interests at hand not just money, what a breath of fresh air, no pun intended. She explained the Invisalign process and I have already started the process. His assistant was so helpful, she pre-scheduled my first month of appointments to make sure I had the time to stay compliant. The entire office was wonderful, I can’t wait for my next dentist visit, I never thought I’d say that!

J B. from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Never thought I’d say I liked a dentist but Dr Lazare is the absolute best. Couldn’t recommend him more. He is a perfectionist, super knowledgeable, communicative, and always available. And he’s passionate about dentistry? I can’t say I understand how anyone could be, like, really *into* teeth, but this man is. He cares deeply, genuinely, about your smile and dental health; i’m puzzled by it, but convinced of his authentic devotion to his field. And don’t you want a dentist who loves what he does and always wants to improve? Because of this, my smile looks better than I ever imagined it could (Invisalign!). Also: His hygienists, especially Susan, are amazing, his office is a tight ship, and they work really hard to make your experience as good/comfortable as possible. And most important: When my kid had a dental emergency and I didn’t know what to do, I called Dr Lazare on a weekend, in a panic, and he spent days guiding me and checking in, and connecting me with surgeons, and he really helped our family through it. Forever grateful.

SeanRivaPhotography (Source: Google)


This is simply the very best dentist in the world. If you care about your teeth and your overall health you have to go to Dr. Marc Lazare. He has state of the art video and photographic equipment that documents your mouth over time and shows any softening of enamel, which he then repairs with fillers/ resins that are matched to the color and shape of your teeth. You wont be able to find any filling without an X-ray. Go and experience quality service and care that doesn’t exist anymore.

Jim A (Source: Google)


My first time appointment with the doctor, and all I can say is, I wish I had a doctor like this from the start. I was there for a cleaning, which I have not had in over a year due to COVID, and was preparing for the worst. I did not feel a thing! Very impressed with his staff, and thorough evaluation. Never thought I would ever say this, but I’m looking forward to going back.

Arcim B. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


4 Words: Cool, Pain Free, Dentist. 4 years, 7 fillings, and two root canals under his care and we’re still on speaking terms; ditto his well chosen staff. He has performed great-looking, quality work in my mouth and improved on aged work that had needed replacing. I get in, listen to tunes or watch something, get a little nitrous, and he gets the work done. I even started snoring during a filling replacement last year. I have found a home at last.

R F. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lazare is such a splendid dentist & I was so comfortable that I fell asleep for a moment while he was fixing my cavity! Asleep. I thought of making that my entire review, but that wouldn’t do justice to the absolutely fantastic experience I had being a patient at his office for the first time. Go here! Go today, even if you don’t need your teeth cleaned yet! Make up a tooth emergency! Also, please know, if you have any special health requirements, you can trust everyone in this office to be both incredibly respectful and *effective* about your needs, which I have found to be rarer than you’d think in the medical world. Dr. Lazare and his staff were so respectful of my severe anaphylactic latex allergy. Dr. Lazare does such perfect lovely careful work!! He is also so personable and kind. I left having not felt pain once during the procedure and with my bite back to normal because of his truly meticulous, decisive restoration of it, all while you listen to beautiful music you get to select. Before today I’d always felt pain and always had to go back for endless adjustments at other dentists once the numbing agents wore off. Dr. Lazare also makes the unique effort to use photographs to walk you through the work he is doing, which I found engaging and beneficial. Dr. Lazare’s staff is so kind and capable and courteous and funny! When they learned far enough in advance that the day’s schedule would be delayed by a small margin, they thoughtfully rang my cell – I got to spend the time difference working on something I needed to do, not sitting in a waiting room

Sara Papousek McCormick (Source: Facebook)


Going to the dentist is never something I look forward to, finally I found a dentist who is kind, thoughtful, and I always understand what has been done. The office is beautiful and his staff is so nice and helpful. Thanks Dr. Lazare!

Thomas Gallo (Source: Google)


Friendly Reception always makes the first impression To me. The Location right off of Park Avenue 14th floor balcony is really cool view of the city clean modern all things needed for a perfect visit. Dr. Lazar asked me if I wanted to watch a movie if I want to listen to music before he got to work so he put in my favorite Led Zeppelin and I had an awesome experience thanks again To the whole team at the Dr. Lazare office keep up the great work!

Marc S. from North Branch, NY (Source: Yelp)


Ok, this is follow up review to initial consult: My 15yo daughters teeth look… Amazing! It’s been a long haul since her bicycle accident when she smashed her front teeth a number of years ago. Now, with the final procedure, she’s learning how to smile again with lips open. HAPPILY!! Dr. Lazare and staff made certain Emmas teeth looked and felt completely to her liking before leaving the office! A fantastic experience. It’s not every day you run into people who are BOTH kind and talented! Thank you again, Dr. Lazare and you’re superb staff.

Mark W. from Glen Head, NY (Source: Yelp)


Great dentist, terrific staff, amazing experience!  Realizing that most folks consider their dentist appointments with dread — Dr. Lazare and his staff go the extra mile to create a comfortable, relaxed and stress-free process.  The office decor is relaxing and the technology is state of the art.  I’ve always been taken on time and never left the office later than expected.  And best of all, Dr. Lazare approaches patients with a thoughtful, caring, thorough approach yet a very light touch.  Highly recommend!

Carmen D. from Johnston, RI (Source: Yelp)


I love coming here to see my favorite dentist, Dr. Marc Lazare!  He is attentive, genuine, with a great bedside manners.  His amazing staff, Faten, Susan, & Gretchen are all accommodating and friendly as well.  Come to Park East Dental Studio if you want white glove service all around.  #uppereastside #bestdentist #drmarclazare #stateoftheartequipments #bestofthebest #topnycdentist #comefixyourgrills  #pearlywhitesmile

Nina V. from Malverne, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Lazare for years. He is the only dentist that will leave a lasting impression at every visit. You tell him your problem, he then examines your teeth thoroughly and he solves ANY problem with his “magic hands.” He not only attends to the problem at hand but he is a dentist who cares. He makes sure he tells you what caused the toothache and how he fixed it. His staff, especially Liezl who is my go-to dental hygienist, is the best. Liezl can clean your teeth so well and gives outstanding advice on how to keep your teeth healthy. I give 5 stars to Dr. Lazare and his staff!!!

Natalie V. from Valley Stream, NY (Source: Yelp)


I first met Dr. Lazare in 2007.  At that time, I needed a filling.  He was very professional, explained clearly what i needed.  He did an impeccable job.  He has very light and soft hands.  I was very comfortble that i even fell asleep.  I did not feel  a thing (did not feel that he injected the anesthesia already).  I always look forward to each and every visit.  Shoutout to Liezl, (dental hygienist) who does the best cleaning ever.  Makes me feel i have new set of teeth after every cleaning.  She is very professional but at the same time makes one feel she is a friend (she greets you with ur first name and always with a smile in her face).  She also makes sure all goes well at every visit.  The whole office is very clean and well kept. The rest of the staff are very accomodating and very nice.  Highly recommended. I always tell my friends that Dr. Lazare is the best dentist.

Alla Shibanova (Source: Google)


Dr. Marc Lazare is an excellent and incredible dentist. I’m a new patient in his office, and I’ve already done so many procedures like : having hygienic cleaning, getting a few new crowns, and even fixing a broken tooth. Dr. Marc Lazare listens to his patients and does not recommend unnecessary dental procedures, like many other dental providers can do. I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Marc Lazare and his staff! They are professional, yet personable and really care about my health and happiness. Usually in my procedures I’m relaxed and sleeping while he works very gently. The atmosphere there is amazing with waterfalls on the wall and meditation music playing. The front desk girls and assistants are always nice , friendly, smiling, and helpful, which gives you a feeling of warmth and being comfortable. Dr. Marc Lazare and his team are the best I have seen and I will continue to go there. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Eileen Bosco (Source: Google)


From the moment you enter the office and are greeted by the people working the desk, you know you are in good hands. The staff is professional and knowledgeable, the facilities are state of the art and Dr. Lazare immediately puts you at ease. If you are someone like me who becomes anxious when you walk through the door of a dental office you will recognize this as the highest praise possible.

Dawnmarie M. from Valley Stream, NY (Source: Yelp)


Going to the dentist can be stressful, but Dr. Lazare and his staff have mastered making your visit to the dentist relaxing, and dare I say it…enjoyable! He has all kinds of entertainment to keep you relaxed and happy. You can have your favorite tunes on, catch up on some shows you’ve been meaning to watch or even see a movie while the experts take care of your pearly (or soon to be pearly) whites. The office is beautifully designed to create a serene environment. And this is just the beginning… Dr. Lazare is a master of dentistry! He is always on top of the latest techniques and technology to offer his patients only the best of care. His genuinely kind nature also puts you right at ease. Usually Liezel does my cleanings and she super sweet is fantastic! I highly recommend Dr. Lazare whether you are looking for general dentistry or cosmetic work.

Megan C. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Impressive // Detail Oriented Comfortable // Safe Worried about a tooth? Do you have previous work that is failing? Have pain? Do you need a root canal?? Dr. Lazare saved my teeth!! Grateful for his dedication to the advancement of “restorative” Biomimetic Dentistry. For the Kids: I wish Dr. Lazare was my dentist when I was a kid!! I have been terrified of dentists for decades. I was the kid who hid under furniture and threatened to disown my family for taking me to the dentist. If only I had met Dr. Lazare. He is patient kind, he makes balloon animals! No really ask him. Tell him I told you to and that you found this review he will make you something special and smile. He LOVES helping kids, and so do his kids. Such a wonderful family. Lets just say… At Dr. Lazare’s office I felt NO PAIN or anxiety every time I have come into his office and he has given me more than a handful of shots! How I found Dr. Lazare: When I met Dr. Lazare through family friends years ago he told me about biomimetic dentistry and how many teeth that are removed and replaced can be saved! I never forgot our conversation and the level of detail as to which he described cases. If you ever wanted to meet a Dental nerd this is your guy. Fast forward many years down the road when previous work failed and the word extraction/root canal and crown came up. The work in my opinion needed to be redone. I remembered my conversation with Dr Lazare and in spite of covid he fit me into their packed schedule. I could not be more grateful for Dr. Lazare and his staff. If I had waited 6 more months one of the molars that he saved would have needed a root canal and a crown. President Lazare: Congratulations Mark on being elected President of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. #SavingTeeth2021 #PreventExctractions More information about Marc:… Covid times: When I arrived to the office staff were wearing masks, and appropriate measures were taken for social distancing. It seemed as though they staggered patients there was no one else in the waiting room at the time that I came. Procedures that I had: Comprehensive exam, X-rays, Biomimetic reconstruction for two teeth, Invisalign, and a temporary for a crown. As you can see in the photos Dr. Lazare uses a red dye to mark the decay and then works patiently to remove the decay and then rebuild the tooth. To say I am thrilled with his dedication to his craft and meticulous care would be putting it mildly. Staff: All staff seems to genuinely care for their patients. The woman who was assisting him during this process though a hygienist, was a dentist in her home country. Service with a smile knowing that miracles and magic are created here. Thank you everyone! So grateful. The Scene: Upbeat, Happy, Magic Destination Rating: 10 Date Rating: N/A Hob Nob Potential: N/A Strong Suggestion: Come here if someone else tells you that you may need a root canal. Preventative is SOOOO much better!

Coco Milan (Source: Facebook)


I need to applaud Dr. Marc Lazare and his staff for taking the dental experience to a new level. It is apparent that everyone at this practice takes pride in their work and are able to deliver stellar patient service. This gives me the comfort and assurance that I am in great hands. I am always greeted by name and with a smile by everyone in the office-these are the little things that make a big difference to me! What I liked most was how interactive my consultation and treatments were. My oral concerns were fully acknowledged, everything was carefully explained to me and I was able to able to get a clear idea of all of my options, my treatment plan, as well as my progress. I highly recommend Dr. Marc Lazare to anyone seeking the best dental care, which is really what we all deserve.

Tyler Ganus (Source: Google)


I am so grateful for Dr. Lazare!! Incredibly advanced technology, a relaxing office space, and his polite and respectful manner are just a few things that helped make my experience in his office the best dentist experience ever. He bonded 4 of my teeth in one day beautifully – I have a whole new smile! Nobody better in the world than Dr. Lazare. Not to mention, I flew all the way from LA just for him, so I think that says it all by itself 🙂

Alyssa R. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


The best dentist! In addition to Dr. Marc Lazare’s skilled and expert work, the location is convenient and the the office is beautiful. The staff were so helpful in booking my appointments and so pleasant in person! He also has a lot of extended hours which makes it easy to get an appointment around someone’s work schedule. Dr. Lazare can do it all! From general dentistry issues to cosmetic issues. He also practices biomimetic dentistry. Highly recommend for any service! My teeth were so white after a whitening visit! You won’t be disappointment.