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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:30 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

K. L. from Washington D.C., DC (Source: Yelp)


Another specialist in dentistry gave me a short list of general dentist’s names, and Eric Markowitz was the second or third on the list. The referring dentist pointed to “Dr. Eric’s” name and said he thought I’d like him. He was right. More importantly: after rotating through several other dentists over a fifteen year period, I finally found one who (a) is highly competent (b) provides patients ALL the info they need to make a decision. Other dentists mostly told me whatever would make me agree to the treatment they recommended – which was tailored to the size of my wallet. Dr. Eric (to differentiate him from “Dr. Sid”, his father) doesn’t compromise and doesn’t mince words. If you can’t afford to do it the RIGHT way, he will suggest alternative approaches, but he makes sure you know the risks before proceeding. Because of this, I’m sure a lot of people would say, “He’s too expensive.” Well, there are no “bargains” in dentistry. Dentistry IS health care … or would be if insurance companies weren’t the ones defining health care in our country at the moment. Mistakes or bad decisions can’t be easily – or sometimes, AT ALL – replaced, redone, or repaired. So, yeah, I too LOVE Eric Markowitz – and everyone in the practice. It truly is a family business, with his son spending time in the office just like Dr. Eric did when he was growing up. Other dentists I’ve gone to seem to have very high staff turnover, but not here. On top of all this, he’s super-conscious of patient comfort. I have a friend with a deep, deep phobia about dentists. I have tried to get her to see Dr. Eric for years, since I believe he is one of the few dentists she could learn to trust.

Juanita Flores (Source: Google)


I absolutely love the dental services and professionalism found at at Markowitz Dental. I usually have lots of anxiety issues around dentistry, but I am completely at ease at this practice. I’ve had routine cleaning, bone grafting and transplants completed at Markowitz Dental, and have been completely satisfied. I would say they are exceptional.

Thomas Klein (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Markowitz has a broad range of skills, including implants. Also instructs patients on dental hygiene, helping one reduce need for treatment. Add to this, he has a friendly sympathetic manner. Dr. McGrory is wonderful too.

Chris J. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had my share of good and bad dentists back in Ohio. I moved to DC in 2009 and I had a couple bad starts with two DMV dentists. Voicing my frustration, one of my coworkers recommended Dr. Markowitz, and I decided I’d give him a shot. Dr. Markowitz mapped out a plan of action for the all of the work I needed. At first, there were the usual fillings and crowns which were pretty straight forward. For years, I’d avoided having rear implants placed, but eventually we tackled those as well. I was shocked when I barely felt a thing having an implant placed. This year when I finally replaced two front crowns, Dr. Markowitz sent them back to the lab to get the color perfect. I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but it obvious to me that he puts quality first. Anytime he has been concerned that I might have pain after a procedure, he follows up via a phone call or text message the same day. All of his staff is super friendly as well. His jokes and music playlist make the trip to the dentist office a little less stressful as well. I’ve never once experienced any kind of high pressure sales tactics here either. Five years later (we spaced things out due to insurance constraints), I’ve almost forgotten the horrible experiences I’ve had previously with other dentist. I can’t recommend Mr. Markowitz enough. My teeth and smile are the best shape they’ve ever been.

Aimee Houghton (Source: Google)


I have been going to Markowitz Dental for close to 20 years. First to Dr. Sidney Markowitz for a couple of years and now to his son Eric. I’ve had extreme dental phobia all my life and Dr. Eric Markowitz has gone to heroic lengths to make me comfortable. Every procedure I’ve ever had has been top notch. I now no longer reside in the D.C. area but still come here for all my dental work.

Kelsey L. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Markowitz and Dr. McGorry were both incredible! The front office staff, dental hygienists and assistants were all professional, helpful and kind. Dr. Markowitz and his team were patient when given all of my questions and accommodating when explaining my options for treatment. I appreciate the group and look forward to my next appointment!

Eric G. from Ocean City, MD (Source: Yelp)


I visited Dr Markowitz for a second opinion and was very glad I did. His office staff was very pleasant and his diagnosis saved me money for another procedure recommended by another dentist. He is the first dentist I have ever been to that was smart enough to suspend Televisions from his ceiling to give his patients something to watch during their procedure. Bravo ! 5 BIG STARS !!!

Parker Kelley (Source: Google)


I visited for the first time recently and had a very good experience overall. Very professional in keeping both patient and hygienists safe during these uncertain times. A tv is mounted overhead to keep you entertained rather than solely focused on them while they’re working. Dr. Markowitz was very personable and enjoyable to talk to. I will definitely be coming here for my cleanings or any other dental issues.

Elias Grace (Source: Google)


Went to Dr. Markowitz’s dental practice for a 2nd opinion today and was super impressed by how honest and ethical Dr. Markowitz was in his assessment. He gave me great advice about how to proceed with two crowns in progress. Instead of pushing his services on me, he took the time to explain all the pros and cons of different treatment options. Very patient, personable, and down to earth. Overall it was a really wonderful and rare experience to have in a dental office. Would definitely visit again!

Elena P. from Arlington, VA (Source: Yelp)


I am SO HAPPY to be the first to review Dr. Markowtiz’s office because I’m his No. 1 patient-fan and referrer. No joke. My relationship with the Markowtiz office goes back almost 4 years now. Since then, I’ve referred over 5 people and they have all went and sent me VERY HAPPY thank-you(s) afterwards. How can I not stop blabbing about how great he and his office is? Let’s start at the top: I hate dentists. The thought of needles in my mouth, pain in my cheek and scratching on my pearly-whites makes me CRINGE. I hated dentists so much that I went to my pediatric dentist until I was 22. On my last visit to the great child-dentist, Dr. Schwartz, I didn’t fit into the exam chair. I was too tall and my feet dangled a good 15 inches off the end. At the time, my embarassment was minimal but when I moved to DC, made my appointment for a check-up in NY and thought about driving 4 hours to sit in a dentist chair that was too small for my body, I knew it was time to change. I can’t remember how I came across Dr. Eric Markowtiz, but I’ll never forget my first appointment. When Dr. Eric came into my room he introduced himself and I said, “Nice to meet you. No offense to you or anything, but I really HATE dentists and I’m petrified to be here.” In response, he thought for a moment, said, “I’ll be right back” and he left the room for about a minute. When he came back he had a piece of paper in his hand and he said, “Read this.” I can’t remember it word for word, but it was a joke about dentists. It was funny too. When I finished I handed it to him and said, “That’s nice. Now what?” He said, “Well, do you feel a little better?” I responded, “I feel okay. I’m not any happier to be here. Sorry.” And he said, “Not a problem. I just want to point out that for 30 seconds you weren’t thinking about it.” I chuckled and said, “Good point. Proceed.” … The interesting note is that at the time, Dr. Eric was not a part of my dental plan. After my first visit, where I learned I needed several fillings, I went to another dentist (you know, ‘in-network’, ‘out of network’; stupid networks!) who actually wind up ruining my teeth so badly that I went back to Dr. Eric, crying, and said, “Please fix them.” I paid full price out of pocket at the time and it was worth every penny. (The other Dentist Doom basically drilled so much in my tooth – for a teeny, tiny cavity – that I needed to get a cap put on my tooth. That drama was such a nightmare – I had to go back to DOOM twice for fixing and by the time a third time for fixing rolled around, that is when I went back to Dr. Eric … I’m still paying the price for the damage DOOM did because since then, I also had to get Invisaligns when my teeth shifted because of the cap!). Anyway, since then, I’ve moved to a job where Dr. Eric is now ‘in’ my network and I couldn’t be happier. His office staff is awesome too: Erika, Carol, Caroline, Melissa … I know them all by name because it’s like seeing an old friend whenever I go. At one point in time, during one of my check-ups, I was complaining to Dr. Eric about how hard it is to date in DC and he told me he was considering a mixer for his patients. Apparantly he held one a few years previously and at least one successful marriage was a bi-product. I thought it was an AWESOME idea (and hilarious!). They’re very considerate, kind and professional and I recommend them whole-heartedly. In fact, if you should happen to go, Can you tell them that Elena sent you?? PS – The office is so awesome – I get a Christmas card every year and I believe last year they even sent me a birthday card! – So nice! PPS – I just went yesterday for a filling and didn’t even feel the needle go in. And while I love Dr. Eric, not much has changed re: my fear of needles. I told him that I didn’t sleep at all the night before. His response?: “Me neither. I was drinking martinis until 4 am then I passed out.” – He’s always good for a laugh.

Catherine Hill (Source: Google)


Dr. Markowitz is a brilliant dentist and a perfectionist – which is a great thing in a dentist! He is also up for challenging cases – like me. About 15 years ago, and I have been going to him ever since – along with my husband, sister, brother and their spouses. With teeth that crack easily and some bone loss, creating a strong attractive bridge was not an easly task, and “Dr. Eric” did it. Now I get compliments on my smile. Mr. Eric recently came in on a vacation day to fix a problem that I was having with my bridge and worked for nearly two hours to get it exactly right. I left with a smile that he should be proud of!

Michael Murphy (Source: Google)


I have always dreaded trips to the dentists due to a childhood experience with a dental hack. However, upon a suggestion from a good friend who is also a client of Dr Eric I had a wonderful experience during my first visit to repair a broken tooth. Dr Eric and his staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and get the job done without quickly and painless. I will back soon to put a plan in place for work to be done in the near future. Great job Markowitx Dental!

Jim Yenckel (Source: Google)


I have been going to Markowitz Dental since 1973, first to Dr. Sid Markowitz and then to his son Dr. Eric Markowitz. I have complete faith in their ability to keep my teeth and gums healthy, to treat any dental problems that occur and to do so painlessly and in a most friendly and welcoming atmosphere. On occasion both have gone out of their way to accommodate me in an emergency. I began with the practice before I was married, but my wife Sandy soon joined me in seeking care at Markowitz Dental. I have always highly recommended Dr. Markowitz, first father and then son, to anyone asking for the name of a local dentist.

Edward Campbell (Source: Google)


Dr. Eric Markowitz has assembled a wonderful team of professionals. And equally important, down to a person they all care about me — the patient. I am adorable and funny and I’m certain that helps. Dr. Markowitz takes excellent care of me and my teeth. He is ever the professional and genuinely cares about his work and his patients. Brianna is a super and makes my every 3- month cleaning painless. Erika is the best receptionist ever. Lynn always ably assist Markowitz. I have recommended numerous folks and they all love the practice.

Lydia Baugh (Source: Google)


This is the best dental office I have ever experienced. They are professional, caring and friendly. Dr. Eric Markowitz is a class act, and an ultimate professional, just an all-around genius. You will not be disappointed, because he will ensure that you walk out of there with an absolutely perfect smile. Highly recommended!

Tehmina Nawab (Source: Google)


Dr Eric Markowitz changed my life :). He gave me a beautiful smile and I am now much healthier and less prone to viruses as a whole, due to excellent oral hygiene. Also transformed my dental care routine for the best. I am much more confident and healthier than I was before I picked up the phone and called Markowitz Dental. Happy and satisfied customer. I will highly recommend them to anyone including my friends and family.

LCardim (Source: Google)


I have been a patient for 12 years and I have only gotten the best treatment. They provide high quality care with the latest technology. And the staff is knowledgeable and professional! I love Erica! Another big plus is the office’s convenient location with parking garage in the same building. I highly recommend Dr Markowitz’s dental clinic!

Judy Page (Source: Google)


I have seen Dr. Markowitz for veneers, crowns, and regular check-ups. His work is outstanding, and I appreciate his professional and friendly manner. I also think Brianna has done an excellent job when I have seen her for cleanings. All of the staff members have been wonderful. I highly recommend Dr. Markowitz and his team!

Kester Joseph (Source: Google)


Dr Markowitz is a very caring, dedicated professional and excellent dentist with an unbelievably great personality. The staff is friendly and the office atmosphere is very calming. I have had extractions and implants completed with ease and Dr Markowitz always follows up with an evening phone call to check on my condition. This is very reassuring and further demonstrates his commitment to your well-being.

Alison G. from Alexandria, VA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t even know where to begin with how great this place is. Dr. Eric is an artist. I came here to have my veneers replaced at the end of their lifecycle, and I was very nervous about the entire process. He put me completely at ease and was very patient with all my questions (and I had a lot). When you get veneers, there’s a two-week period where you have temporary teeth in, and I was especially nervous about that (would they look fake? would they pop off? etc.). He somehow made absolutely perfect temporaries that looked exactly like my real teeth and stayed in place the whole time. My final veneers are in now, and they’re beautiful. Truly, he’s an artist, and you can tell he cares about the tiniest details. Also, the entire office staff is incredibly nice — they actually remembered me from the work I’d had done there 13 years before. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for cosmetic dentistry (or regular dentistry, for that matter).

Michael R. from Broward County, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dental emergency at 11:00 p.m.! Quick text to Dr. Eric Markowitz, with a response not much later saying he will work me in the next day. Dr. Markowitz and his team worked me in for two appointments within a week to fix the emergency (a broken veneer with the tooth behind breaking is a true emergency when a business trip is scheduled within a week). When talking through the options, Dr. Markowitz offered several options, with each varying in price and chance of matching existing veneers. Let me tell you, the temps he put on my teeth were so good, NO ONE knew that I had suffered a dental calamity. (Oh, since the broken veneer was on one of the front teeth, opted to have new veneers on both front teeth for a better chance of match.) When the veneers were delivered, and once Dr. Markowitz (with Lynn’s trusty and professional assistance), the teeth are as good as new. BTW, never, never allow a piece of ice in a frozen water bottle slam into a veneer. They are tough, but not designed for a sharp strike from a pointed object. You will end up looking like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. Just sayin. Once again Team Markowitz demonstrated why my dental health is trusted only to them. P.S., tunes in the office are great…no elevator music there!

Lisa Gaffney (Source: Facebook)


I m a recent patient of Dr. Markowitz. I find his work to be great. He has a great bedside manner. I am very pleased. However, while most of his staff is very kind and professional….I find the receptionist Erica to have drifted outside the line of professionalism when addressing me. Her tone has never been friendly and even borderline offensive to me. She is brash…some of my appointments I feel she mixed up and I appeared to have been the blame. Today when I called to cancel my appointment….I found her to be dismissive. I am not a young person….and would prefer to be addressed appropriately to my age…..especially when a very young person is speaking to me. Not to mention the fact that I am a patient there. I decided today was the last day she is going to speak to me with an attitude. I will not let one person’s behavior deter me from continuing to go to Markowitz Dental. They do excellent work there and I highly recommend them!

Anthony Brisson (Source: Google)


I have been going to Markowitz Dental since I moved to DC 5 years ago. Hands down, the best dentistry team! Personable, friendly, very professional, and they truly invest in you as a person, not just a transaction. I’ve had everything from a yearly cleanings, a filling replaced, teeth whitening and now Invisalign! You’re in good hands with Markowitz Dental Team!

Vinny nnez (Source: Google)


I am a new patient one year. I am up there in years so I was not that good in taking care of my teeth and I had some serious problems with them. Dr. Eric and the entire staff are fantastic and I never use the word fantastic ,I have not yet had any discomfort during and after each procedure so I am very happy with my experiences with Dr.Eric and the staff .

Robert J. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr Eric AND his staff are absolutely awesome. The professionalism, attention to detail, patient friendly atmosphere, kindness and most importantly the perfect dental work is second to none. The work I have had done is the best of any dentist I have ever gone to in my 54 years. And I have had a lot of dental work. I have been stopped on the street and asked about my dental work. Dr Eric is that good!

Lorena R. from Miami Beach, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr.Markowitzs and his staff were beyond amazing, so nice and helpful. I went and had 20 veneers done, I couldn’t be any happier with the results, they are perfect. I have a busy schedule and they were able to work around my time. I drive over an hour to get to his office and it was well worth it. Best dentist ever, everyone compliments me on my perfect smile. I love my new teeth! Definitely recommend him to everyone

Ashley D. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Markowitz Dental through a rave review from a friend and I have not been disappointed! My dental hygienist, Melissa, is the best ever. She seriously inspired me to do a 180 on my dental hygiene habits and I am so grateful to her for that! She makes me not dread getting my teeth cleaned anymore and somehow manages to make me laugh even when my mouth is full of scary dental tools. What really blew me away though is that today Dr. Eric Markowitz removed my top 2 wisdom teeth in what I can only describe as the most painless dental procedure I have ever experienced. I was in and out of the chair in less than 30 minutes with just local anesthesia–for a fraction of what the procedure would have cost me with an oral surgeon. It’s only been a few hours and I am feeling almost normal with just a couple high-strength ibuprofen in my system. Icing on the cake: Dr. Markowitz just called while I was typing these very words to check in on me post-op. I cannot recommend highly enough!

James G. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Markowitz Dental for almost 15 years. Dr. Eric is awesome, and I love that the office is clean and modern and has all the latest technology. A lot of places have to send out for their crowns and you have to come back in when the permanent crown comes back in a week or so later. Markowitz dental has a really cool cerec system where they can digital scan and mill the crown right in the office. It’s all done in a couple of hours and the fit is perfect. Really cool stuff. Plus the staff are always super friendly and professional. Can’t recommend this place highly enough.

Max Green (Source: Google)


Yes, a dental appontment really can be a great experience! The best customer service makes each and every customer feel like he/she is the only customer and Markowitz Dental achieves this consistently. The Markowitz Dental team is welcoming friendly, professional, patient, and attentive. The office is very well maintained. The scheduling of appointments is thoughtful and accurate – – I don’t remember ever having to spend any significant amount of time in the waiting room. Dr. Markowitz and the other dentists in the office are wonderful – – I’ve greatly appreciated the evening check-in after a major procedure… Yes, he actually calls to see how you’re doing – – which is awesome! CHEERS to the Markowitz Dental team on a job well done again and again and again and CHEERS to their continued success!

Ronnie Jersky (Source: Google)


Very professional office . I needed an emergency visit and Dr Markowitz accommodated me instantly. His office has always been Covid safe and clean , even pre-pandemic. The front office staff is most accommodating . Louise is the very best hygienist in the tri-metropolitan area of Wash, DC.

Kate F. from Fort Lauderdale, FL (Source: Yelp)


Like most I’m not a big fan of the dentist but Dr. Markowitz and his staff are awesome, especially my hygienist Melissa. Anyone that can make your teeth being cleaned quick and pain free deserves 5 stars! She rocks! The office is clean and high tech (love the flat screens while you’re in the chair). Dr. Markowitz explains what procedures thoroughly without making you feel pressured or nervous. If you’re like me and not a fan of the dentist, run don’t walk to Dr. Markowitz!

Sofi J. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I love love love Dr. Markowitz. My boss recommended him because I told him that I have an irrational fear of dentists. When I explained that to Melissa, my hygienist, she gave me a hug and took me by the hand and treated me with so much love and respect, it was like coming home! I’ve had bad experiences with feeling that dentists were pressuring me or making up cavities to try to get me to pay for more expensive procedures but at Markowitz Dental I felt the opposite. The cleaning was a breeze, professional and I had to keep my mouth from moving as I was laughing at Melissa’s hilarious antidotes. Don’t go anywhere else, seriously, this is the dentist for you.

Kristine Fargotstein Hackman (Source: Facebook)


I have been going to Dr. Eric Markowitz for over 7 years and am a huge fan of not only him, but also the entire office staff! They are professional and welcoming, but also put their patients first as demonstrated this week by Dr. Eric and a hygienist offering to see me at 6:30 am for an emergency dental appointment so I could be seen ASAP. I trust his judgment and treatment options completely as he provides all available options and then helped me decide which option was best for my personal situation. Also, the staff worked with me and my insurance provider to ensure the most cost efficient method of handling my complex dental work. I could not be happier with the treatment I have received from Dr. Eric and the gang at Markowitz Dental these past several years. Also – he has an amazing talent at making the injection shots of Novocaine almost painless so if anyone is afraid of shots, that’s definitely one thing not to worry about here!

Jordana Cole (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to dr. Markowitz for almost 20 years, and continue to despite the fact that I live and work nowhere near Washington DC. The care he and the rest of the team provide is unmatched and I always feel like I’m catching up with friends when visiting the office. I started going to dr. Markowitz when I needed a custom crown on my front tooth – which given its prominence, was a bit nerve-wracking. Nothing would stop sr. Markowitz from getting that crown exactly right so that it impeccably matched my teeth. I often forget it’s there, and that same level of care has extended even to simple cleanings.

L S. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I wasn’t referred to Dr. Markowitz by the earlier reviewer, but her assessment is absolutely right–Dr. Markowitz’s office is fantastic! I was referred by a friend, and have referred two other people myself. I was nervous before my first visit because I hadn’t been to a dentist in two years, and knew that I had at least one cavity. But they didn’t make me feel bad, and the fillings were the least painful fillings that I’ve ever had. They even called me the following day to make sure that everything was ok. Don’t be fooled by their website either–it promotes them as “cosmetic dentists”, but they’re just regular dentists, and they’ve never tried to sell me anything. They were also very honest about my options, and explained the types of fillings that they could do, and the benefits and disadvantages of each approach. Visits to the dentist are never fun, but this office is great!