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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Paul H. from El Cajon, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Marshall and her staff are awesome. I come from a family of dentists, my late father and brother were general dentists so I understand how important great service is. Dr. Marshall did my son’s braces and we are very pleased with the outcome. She has made the process simple and she has explained the process and time frames so we knew what to expect. Being that I am familiar with ortho and even worked in an ortho’s office in my youth I know how important good communication is in this industry. Dr. Marshall and her staff made the uncomfortable experience of getting braces very comfortable for my son, to the point where he was excited for his next visit. I recommend Dr. Marshall to anyone who is looking to have a great experience at the ortho office and who wants perfect teeth, because she delivered! Thank you Dr, Marshall you and your staff were fantastic, Cole loves his straight teeth!!

Lora Brown (Source: Google)


As a retirement gift to myself, I decided to have my teeth straightened. My regular dentist recommended Dr. Marshall. Dr. Marshall, and her superior and friendly staff, are consummate professionals who care deeply about their patients. When the personalized treatment plan that Dr. Marshall had designed for me was not progressing on schedule, she sent me not once, but twice, to get my teeth digitally scanned, and then had Invisalgn make new trays with new specifications. She adjusted my personal treatment plan as necessary and was diligent in making sure that my teeth were moving correctly and maintaining a correct alignment. Many of my friends have also had their teeth straightened and have mentioned that they did not receive the same personalized treatment or service that I did. Twelve months later, I now have a beautiful smile. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall and her staff. You will be more than pleased with the process and outcome!

Mohammed K. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


As a dentist who had the pleasure of being a patient at Dr. Marshall office, I believe that  a great orthodontist is the one who treats patients as a family, does not compromise quality for time and excepts nothing than perfection, and if I want to name one orthodontist who has all these characteristics and more she will be Dr. Marshall. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall for you if you are looking for an orthodontist who strives for excellence and delivers the best quality of treatment for affordable price.

Juice G. from Spring Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am very pleased with my daughter’s teeth. Dr. Marshall did an amazing job with her. Dr. Marshall took her time to make sure we were one hundred percent happy with my daughter’s smile. Dr. Marshall is a very detail person who I highly recommend to other patients. My husband and I are very happy with my daughter’s smile. Also, the staff at Dr. Marshall’s office was more than helpful in accommodating my daughter’s schedule. Breanna now has a very wonderful smile.

Eddie Del Callejo (Source: Google)


Extremely happy with Dr Marshall. Her and her staff have been great throughout the past 2+ years that my son has been coming here for all his orthodontic care. Very professional and welcoming. They make you feel like part of the family and take their time explaining everything and anything you may have a concern or question on. Highly recommend!!

Samantha (Source: Google)


Two and a half years was an amazing orthodontic experience that I had and it passed with a blink of an eye!! Dr. Marshall is very smart and Understanding ! She has a great team. All professionals who work very hard to make your experience a great one. The office is very clean and organized. All the tools and x-ray machines and the Materials and products that they use are up-to-date.! They even have kids area for you Child to play while you’re waiting. The location is perfect. Parking lot area is big.I definitely recommend them!!!

David Michaelis (Source: Google)


For the past 2 years I’ve been seeing dr Marshall and I couldn’t be happier with her professionalism, technique and information. I had a tough case and she gave me realistic outcomes, her and her office communicated with my dentist which made the whole process easy.. I’m definitely taking my kids someday to see her if we need any ortho treatments.

Mohammed Kadhem (Source: Google)


As a dentist who had the pleasure of being a patient at Dr. Marshall office, I believe that a great orthodontist is the one who treats patients as a family, does not compromise quality for time and excepts nothing than perfection, and if I want to name one orthodontist who has all these characteristics and more she will be Dr. Marshall. I highly recommend Dr. Marshall for you if you are looking for an orthodontist who strives for excellence and delivers the best quality of treatment for affordable price.

Eduardo Del Callejo (Source: Facebook)


Would absolutely reccomend Dr Marshall for all your orthodontic needs. My son just got his braces off and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The great attention and friendly atmosphere at Dr Marshall’s over these past 2 years or so has been great. Not for nothing but who can say it’s fun going to the doctor let alone an Orthodontist, but I will definitely say YES. Great experience and great work. Thanks Dr Marshall

Elaine Hofmann (Source: Google)


I began orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hammack at the Avocado Blvd office. When I was about 2/3 of the way through Dr. Hammack retired and Dr. Marshall took over his practice. I was not an easy patient, being 64 years old and needing 2 implants along with orthodontic correction. My process was being coordinated between my regular dentist, the periodontist doing the implants, and Dr. Marshall as my orthodontist. Dr. Marshall fell into this process very easily. She was very particular about the orthodontic work. She is a perfectionist which is an asset when dealing with your smile and alignment. Everyone in her office is proficient at their work. Dr. Marshall has modernized the office to have a pano X ray machine so that this does not have to be done off-site. She has a gentle personality and manner but I have heard her be firm with the younger patients who are lax in hygiene or not wearing their retainers. I am now finished with my orthodontic program and am extremely happy with the results. I recommend Dr. Marshall for orthodontics for any age group.

Studio Pong (Source: Google)


I honestly recommend Dr. Marshall.We are coming here for my son’s issue.They are always kind, take much time explaining, and let us feel free to ask about any concerns.Now my son’s issues have been fixed and he looks pretty good. I greatly appreciate them.
Both the teacher and the staff were able to respond carefully in Japanese, so I was able to visit the hospital with peace of mind. Thank you very much.

Tim Mitchell (Source: Google)


Choosing Dr. Marshall as my orthodontist was definitely the right decision. She is thorough and detailed even down to the final weeks. Celeste, Hanna, Vanessa and the other wonderful ladies at the office were friendly and very helpful. They all made you feel like family. Braces are pain in the___. But Dr. Marshall and her team made the experience fun. Thanks Dr. Marshall and team. You’re all awesome.

Anonymous from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am HONORED to be the first one leaving a review for Dr. Marshall. Seriously, how come she doesn’t have top notch reviews yet?! If you’re skeptical bc the lacking number of reviews, please, keep reading. Funny…I actually came to Dr. Marshall as a last resort and out of desperation. There’s no way I’d go to a place with no reviews to work on my teeth! Right…? I worked extremely hard to be able to afford braces as an adult because my parents never believed in them. Crazy, I know. I cried of happiness when I got them on and I cried of happiness when I got them off. I also cried why I realized my retainer cracked 5 years later. I called at least TWENTY-FIVE orthodontists all over San Diego… I even went to Tijuana to find someone who would take me in on the same day to make moldings for a new retainer. Every single day that passed (about 5 so far) my teeth were drastically shifting. I was getting so nervous because no one was able to see me on the same day except for one…and well, that’s a story for next time. Here we are, Saturday morning and I still haven’t gotten a new retainer… Out of desperation and seeing that Dr. Marshall was the only one open on this particular Saturday, I called. The receptionist was extremely friendly and quickly asked what time I can arrive by. They were able to squeeze me in! But the most amazing thing happened while I was there…although they were closing, Dr. Marshall never once made me feel like I was a burden to her or showed any sign of annoyance what-so-ever. She sat down, patiently listened to me rant and took notes. She was the first doctor to ever examine my jaw because I mentioned jaw pain with her. I was not a previous patient. I was upfront about what I wanted and it didn’t include becoming an ongoing patient. Yet, knowing all this, Dr. Marshall never looked at me as someone who was wasting her time. She was so incredibly honest about what she can offer me and gave insight I never even thought of. She mentioned that if I was getting a mouth guard to assist in the jaw tension I have, that I don’t need to purchase an actual retainer bc the guard serves as both. That, alone, saves me at least $250. Something I just genuinely never thought through. Not only that, but Dr. Marshall doesn’t make mouth guards so she had no incentive to give me this option. She discussed my options with me, but understood that I had already coughed up so much money for braces before. She gave me reasonable alternatives and listened the entire time I talked. Aside from the retainer, I had a small chip on the front tooth from my glass water bottle. I had gone to my dentist before and he made it look worse =(. Dr. Marshall worked on that tooth the same day. Her steadiness, patience and articulation gave me back my smile that I hadn’t had in over a year bc of that chip. It’s something really small…but she never belittled me or made me feel crazy for wanting that fixed. Instead, she stopped every few minutes to make sure I approved of her work. Despite it being in the most tricky spot and knowing that any slightly wrong move can greatly alter the appearance of my teeth in general, Dr. Marshall ended up making me feel like that chip never even existed. Her staff left, but she patiently stayed to answer all of my questions. Once I receive my mouth guard from my dentist, I am coming back to Dr. Marshall to hopefully get my permanent retainer taken out and replace it with a removable one instead. Thank you Dr. Marshall…for proving that not all orthodontists in San Diego are all just about money and getting you in and out. Thank you for never selling me something and staying on track to the reason I came in in the first place. So glad I stumbled upon this gem.

Erica S. from El Cajon, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went here to get a retainer because I lost mine. I got an appointment very quickly and had a temporary retainer the same day! Dr. Marshall and her staff were very nice and professional. I would definitely recommend!

Bobbie Kess (Source: Google)


Since going to a dentist has not been one of my favorite things to do, when I needed an orthodontist, I did my research. I sought a practice that had a history of not only being professional and knowledgeable, but also friendly and accommodating. Dr. Marshall and her staff exceeded my expectations. Dr. Marshall is a perfectionist and is excellent in what she does. Up front, she discussed different viable options and made sound recommendations. The cost involved and the payment options were reasonable. Her marvelous staff provided a positive warm environment and “bent over backwards” to make my total experience a pleasant one. I can sincerely, without reservation, recommend Marshall Orthodontics to my family, friends and the public.

Alyssa Watkins (Source: Google)


I had invisalign done here at Marshall Orthodontics and the process was so seamless. I came in for a consultation and we mapped out the time frame, the appointments and the price. The whole process lasted 4 months and they were flexible with my schedule and changing appointment times for me. It was very helpful especially because I recently moved away from San Diego but they were always accommodating to make sure I was able to get into every appointment. Following the treatment I got a permanent retainer and my teeth will now be forever straight! It was a very pleasant and easy experience and I would definitely recommend my friends and family to come here for all of their orthodontic needs. Definitely very happy with my experience and results!

Melissa Hough (Source: Google)


I would love to say that I was writing a review for my son’s orthodontist but unfortunately I am not. I am however, writing a review for an orthodontist who went above and beyond with last minute quality care for a patient in need. My son is eight years old and has partial braces on his bottom teeth. A bracket had been mounted on a loose baby tooth and the end wire was not secure behind a bracket. Last Friday, the wire was poking into his lower lip, one bracket was loose, and the baby tooth was on the verge of falling out. There was no emergency number for his orthodontist, so I left a message, and still have not heard back over 24 hours later. Frantically, I looked up orthodontists who were open on Fridays past noon, as this was the soonest I could step away from work. In my search, I came across Marshall Orthodontist in La Mesa. The woman at the front desk, if I recall correctly, I think her name was Victoria, was extremely helpful and said she would see what they could do to help. She called back within minutes stating that although it was Dr. Yo Imai-Marshall’s day off, she would be able to come in and see my son at 2 p.m. that day despite him not being her patient. Dr. Yo Imai-Marshall was gentle, compassionate, caring, respectful, and explained to both my son and I everything she was doing. She put my son at ease and relieved his pain and for that, I am extraordinarily grateful. As we were walking out of her office, my son asked if she could be his orthodontist. We chose our current orthodontist based on location and convenience. With the experience we had with Dr. Yo Imai-Marshall’s act of kindness and obvious knowledge and skill, we will no doubt be coming to Marshall Orthodontics for Phase 2. If you are searching for a phenomenal orthodontist who genuinely cares for her patients, you need look no further than Marshall Orthodontist in La Mesa. Thank you Dr. Yo Imai-Marshall! You truly are the best!

Akiyo Yoshizumi (Source: Google)


The BEST Orthodontist I have ever been to! Dr. Imai-Marshall takes quite the amount of pride in her work, and it really shows in the way she interacts with her patients. Dr. Imai-Marshall is not only a knowledgeable professional, but she is extremely kind and is always there to answer any questions you may have. I got my invisalign treatment for my lower teeth because of aging from her and couldn’t be happier. My teeth are slowly but very steadily becoming perfect without useless stress. It’s all thanks to her. I had orthodontic work before by a doctor who had good reputation. Compare to him, it was quite a better experience with her. If anyone is considering orthodontic work, look no further. Make the call and see Dr. Imai-Marshall!


Marshall Orthodontics is a quality-oriented private orthodontic practice of San Diego orthodontist, Dr. Yo Imai-Marshall. We are a small warm family practice with a homey feel. Because we are a small practice, we get to know each and every one of our patients (and the rest of the brood!), as they become part of our orthodontic family. We enjoy being a part of our patients' lives! We provide orthodontic services for children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Dr. Marshall is the sole orthodontist and owner of Marshall Orthodontics. As a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, she is highly trained and most qualified to serve all of your orthodontic needs, whether it be straightening your teeth, correcting your bite, restoring a beautiful smile, or any combination of the above. Dr. Marshall is analytical, detail oriented, and dedicated to clinical excellence. She works with various orthodontic appliances, such as metal braces, ceramic braces (white braces), Invisalign, and retainers. In addition, due to her extensive training, she is able to do complex orthodontic cases involving TADs (temporary anchorage devices) and orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery). Dr. Michael Hammack practiced orthodontics in this exact same location for 30+ years, before he retired. Dr. Marshall took over his practice, when Dr. Hammack retired, and renamed the practice to Marshall Orthodontics. We still take care of many patients, who were treated by Dr. Hammack, for their current orthodontic needs (such as replacement retainers). I chose to become a dentist because I wanted to help others by improving their health and I wanted to provide the best treatment for my patients without being told how to treat patients by a big hospital or an insurance company interested in their bottom line. After graduating from UCSD, I went to UCLA School of Dentistry to obtain my D.D.S., and went to University of Colorado to become an orthodontist. I love being an orthodontist! The best part of my work is being able to contribute to my patient's happiness in life by helping to attain a beautiful smile to match the inner beauty that each and every patient possesses. I consider myself to have high ethical standards and integrity. Everyday, I try hard, give it my all, without compromising on integrity, and strive to be a good person. It is ingrained in me to always try my best. Thus, you can count on me that I will do the best that I can to provide the best possible orthodontic care for you or your child.