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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Melanie H. from Pittsburgh, PA (Source: Yelp)


As corny as it may sound, Dr. Marty Supowitz gave me my confident smile back. After chipping my two front teeth 10 years ago I had temporary bonding placed. They turned out to be not such a temporary fix as I kept them on until last October. Last Fall I decided to find a Prosthodontist to “fix” my teeth and make me two beautiful porcelain crowns. And that I did, I found Dr. Supowitz in Shadyside, right above J.Crew on Walnut. My entire process (temporary crowns, gum resection surgery, zoom whitening and then my permanent crowns) took about 6 months, partly because of my school schedule and partly because of the timing needed for certain procedures. Dr. Supowitz is so kind, comforting and knowledgable all topped off with a sense of humor. His staff are just as amazing and knowledgeable, making you feel “at home” as soon as you walk through the door. One thing that stands out to me most about Dr.Supowitz practice is he is a total perfectionist and I know he would never let me step outside his office without being 110% proud of his work – which, as a paying customer, makes me feel great!

Jonathan DeVito (Source: Google)


From my initial visit to my very last, Dr. Supowitz and his staff welcomed me with open arms and professional care. I just received my implant crown from Dr. Supowitz and I am beyond grateful for all the hard work he and his staff have provided me. He is meticulous, kind, patient, and a perfectionist. His attention to detail is truly breathtaking and greatly appreciated. Dr. Supowitz reinvented his office to assure the safety of his staff and patients against COVID-19. From the very beginning of my implant crown process I felt confident and comfortable being a patient of Dr. Supowitz. He explained every detail of the process to me thoroughly and answered any questions or concerns I had. Not only is Dr. Supowitz the best at what he does he is also very genuine and someone who you can talk to on a personal level. It’s been one week since I got my implant crown and I have already received numerous compliments about how great it looks. Dr. Supowitz is truly amazing at what he does.

Thomas Anzio (Source: Google)


Dr. Martin Supowitz is a master in his profession. I had the unfortunate experience of accidentally shattering two front teeth and partially fracturing a third tooth. I was in immense pain and unsure of what steps I needed to take in order to correct my missing teeth. Dr. Supowitz generously invited me into his office on very short notice. As a business man, my smile is very important and I was extremely worried about what sort of implications my injury would have on my appearance. Dr. Supowitz explained to me exactly what needed to be done, while reassuring me that one day I would be able to smile with confidence again. It was a one-year long process, but I now have two new implants and a newly bonded third tooth. Supowtiz shaped the implants into identical versions of my old teeth. My smile and confidence have been restored. I am forever grateful for Supowitz’s talent and most importantly, his kindness. He exceeded my expectations by demonstrating dedication, enthusiasm, and precision. Thank you!

Leanna W (Source: Google)


To say that Dr. Supowitz is an amazing dentist is an understatement! Certainly, Dr. Supowitz is such a perfectionist, as am I. He is so dedicated to his patients and his practice. I came to Dr. Supowitz with a very, very complex case. I did not want to smile because of how horrible my restoration looked and was told that “it was the best that they could do”. Needless to say, I have such anxiety about going to the dentist. Dr. Supowitz treated me with such respect and was so caring about my situation. He told me that we would get through this together. For once, I do not dread going to the dentist! As soon as he took my old restoration off, and placed the new temporary on I felt like a completely different person! I actually like smiling again! It is very apparent that he loves what he does and truly cares about his patients! I would highly recommend Dr. Supowitz to anyone who has a very complex case and wants the best treatment out there!

James C (Source: Google)


I transferred to Pittsburgh from Chicago, and by word of mouth, heard about Dr. Marty and his practice on Walnut Street in Shadyside. Upon entering his office, I was impressed by the friendliness of the staff as much as the physical appearance of the office. Although I had to wait about 15 minutes to see the doctor, it was well worth the wait. Wow, is he thorough! At a subsequent visit, he was able to show me the results of other patient treatments he had done, with dental situations similar to mine. I eventually had a lot of dental work done and it looks and feels great, just as I had hoped! Including Dr. Supowitz, I saw a total of three dentists (two prosthodontists, one general dentist) for opinions. I selected Dr. Supowitz based upon my assumption that he would be just as exacting in doing the work as he was in describing and having me understand the work which was proposed. I was right!! I now understand why people refer to him as the best. Thank you Dr. Marty!

Melanie — (Source: Google)


As corny as it may sound, Dr. Marty Supowitz gave me my confident smile back. After chipping my two front teeth 10 years ago I had temporary bonding placed. They turned out to be not such a temporary fix as I kept them on until last October. Last Fall I decided to find a Prosthodontist to “fix” my teeth and make me two beautiful porcelain crowns. And that I did, I found Dr. Supowitz in Shadyside, right above J.Crew on Walnut. My entire process (temporary crowns, gum resection surgery, zoom whitening and then my permanent crowns) took about 6 months, partly because of my school schedule and partly because of the timing needed for certain procedures. The overall shape and look of the temporary crowns were great. Dr. Supowitz is so kind, comforting and knowledgable all topped off with a sense of humor. His staff are just as amazing and knowledgeable, making you feel “at home” as soon as you walk through the door. One thing that stands out to me most about Dr.Supowitz practice is he is a total perfectionist and I know he would never let me step outside his office without being 110% proud of his work – which, as a paying customer, makes me feel great!

Steve B (Source: Google)


Dr. Supowitz is truly great at what he does! I had an implant that was placed in a different state and I had been told that it would be very difficult, if not impossible to have a crown put on it. I am not a fan of dentist’s so when Dr. Supowitz successfully hand made a crown for me that fit I was so thankful. It saved me having to start this lengthy implant process all over again, which is what I was told would likely have to happen by a previous dentist. It has been about 2 years and I have had no complications. If you want great quality work and someone to give you the best possible outcome go to Dr. Supowitz. He is simply the best at what he does!

Kendall Hannan (Source: Google)


My first appointment with Dr. Supowitz was in November of 2013. My parent’s dentist in Indianapolis recommended him to me. I came to him after being tossed around to different dentists/periodontists in the Pittsburgh area, all of which had given up on my problems and any solutions to solve them. In August of 2013 I had a crown lengthening procedure done by a periodontist in the Pittsburgh area. Not only did that not go well, but the temporary crowns that had been created to hold me over until my gums healed were atrocious. It had been three months since my gum lengthening procedure and my gums were no where near healed. This is when I decided to see Dr. Supowitz. Even though he had nothing to do with my gum or crown procedures before November, he took me on and made me feel very confident that we would find a solution, regardless of how long it took. He crafted beautiful temporary crowns and also performed another gum procedure. Both of these things spurred more gum healing than I had seen in three months. I just got my final crowns put in, and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Supowitz takes pride in his work, and more than likely has higher standards than most of the patients that he sees. He was the only professional that didn’t shy away from the challenge that my gums presented, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. My crowns are a perfect match to the rest of my teeth, and I’m so proud to show them off now! Thank you Dr. Supowitz!

David Kennedy (Source: Google)


I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Supowitz while attending Dental School in Pittsburgh. One of my front teeth had been knocked out a few years before dental school and being a dentist myself, I needed my front teeth to look natural and real. While my implant was healing, Dr. Supowitz made one of the best temporary crowns I have ever seen. His attention to detail and esthetics is unlike anything I have ever been exposed to in all of my years of learning dentistry (both in dental school and outside of school) By the time I received my final crowns and implant crown, they looked so real in both color and contour, none of my dental school colleagues could tell which teeth had been worked on! I would be lying to you if I told you that every Dentist or Prosthodontist could do the same work as Dr. Supowitz. His advanced training, artistry, and vast experience in the world of dentistry makes him one of the best dentists in the nation. The only standards that Dr. Supowitz uses for his patients treatment are his own, which far exceed the standards of care in the profession of dentistry. I have moved from Pittsburgh for my residency but would not hesitate to fly back to Pittsburgh for any further dental treatment. Once you have the best, its hard to accept anything less!

Dal K (Source: Google)


I have been to a LOT of dentists over the years. Now I just go to one. Not only is Dr. Marty Supowitz the most talented dentist in Western PA, his staff is the most friendly, professional and kind group you will see anywhere. For example, one of the dental hygienists, April, is amazingly gentle while cleaning my teeth. It is totally comfortable. No pain. But the job she does is the best you can imagine. Perfect. If you have ever had someone marginal clean your teeth, you’ll know what I mean. April is, simply stated, an Angel! It is truly rare to find someone so sweet, who is also very talented. If you want the cheapest, most marginal dentist you can find, don’t go here… If you want the best dental experience, at a fair price, who does the best job and stands behind the work they do 100%. Go see Marty Supowitz and April! I will never go anywhere else. And neither will you. Really.

Louis Michaels (Source: Google)


The care provided by Dr. Supowitz far exceeds anything I could have imagined. The true concern of he and his staff really make a difference. I now have a smile that makes me smile! His attention to detail is “over the top”. During the period of time I was having my dental work done, I was able to smile without hesitation because even his temporaries look incredible. I now understand why others refer to him as “the best”. Even my wife approves!

Maggie Saunders (Source: Google)


Dr. Marty and his staff are all so kind, warm, and welcoming. My case was definitely difficult to work with but the results that Marty achieved were everything I hoped for and more! He truly cares about his patients and has their best interest at heart. I am very thankful that I listened to the many professionals that recommended him and his work. Thank you Dr. Supowitz and Chloe for everything, I cannot thank you enough.

Susan Harris Smith (Source: Google)


I have nothing but superlatives to describe the professional, thoughtful, and kind care I have received from Dr. Supowitz and his entire office staff. I know that I receive nothing but the most attentive and careful attention and, also, that he would be available for any emergency. I cannot recommend him too highly.

Sara P. from Pittsburgh, PA (Source: Yelp)


I recently switched to Dr. Supowitz for my dental care. The experience has been great! From cleanings, check-ups and whitening, he really knows what he is doing. He and his staff also are warm and caring. I highly recommend this practice. Not sure why Yelp robots haven’t posted my review. But I am a legitimately happy customer who started seeing Dr. Supowitz as my dentist in 2015. -scp

Gabe S. from West Village, Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


The good doctor is AMAZING!! He is always pleasant, smiling and filled with positive energy. The man has jokes for days (and isn’t afraid of using them). Dr. Supowitz will make you feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure and will deliver a precise, high quality and permanent product. On top of his infectious personality, Dr. Supowitz does amazing work. He is, if I may venture to draw the comparison, as much of an artist as a doctor. Dr. Supowitz performed an act of wizadry on one of my front teeth and crafted a veneer fit for a king. I have to point out the fact that I have a front tooth and proceed with a gaping smile for someone 2 inches from my face to detect the difference. My fans haven’t noticed a difference! He is a perfectionist that will make your smile worth smiling about. I can’t recommend him any more highly than I have, but I will say that his office space is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Gorgeous floors, amazing art, large windows and flawless overhead lighting contribute to the overall office ambiance. Go ahead, give him a try, I promise you will have an amazing experience. Dr. Supowitz is a fantastic person and doctor and I highly recommend him.

Dave Kennedy (Source: Facebook)


I would highly recommend Dr. Marty to anyone living in the Pittsburgh area. He treats all of his patients as if they were his own family. As a fellow dentist, I have always trusted his dental recommendations for my own mouth. After moving back to Wisconsin, I have yet to find a dentist with his eye for detail and drive for perfection. If you want the highest quality work and best looking results, Dr. Supowitz is the man!

Chani Shusterman (Source: Google)


Excellent, professional craftsmanship and fine attention to detail. I recently needed extensive dental work and a friend recommended Dr. M. Supowitz. He is patient and answered all of my many questions throughout the multi-step process. Dr. Supowitz’s work and artistic perfection results in a natural, healthy, and happy smile that looks and feels great. Highly recommend.

Michelle Bradley (Source: Google)


I have 14 dental implants that I had placed at 18 years old in Knoxville, Tennessee. They were a huge investment but improved my quality of life immeasurably. After 15 years and many moves, my family and I landed in Pittsburgh, and I found Dr. Marty Supowitz to care for my implants. After bringing up my concerns about my receding gums, Dr. Marty suggested I meet with his daughter, Dr. Ally Supowitz, a periodontist. From the initial consultation, I felt completely at ease with Dr. Ally. She explained the options to improve my function gum and aesthetic and was transparent about the overall cost. She was well versed in all the options and recent research in gum surgery. During the procedure appointment, Dr. Ally’s concern with my comfort was apparent. She kept an eye on my vital signs and could sense when I needed a break to take some breaths or rest my mouth. The evening after the procedure, Dr. Ally personally called me to ask how I was feeling. She encouraged me to call or text her with any questions or concerns. I could tell Dr. Ally was invested in me as a person and patient. The end result of my gum surgery was spectacular! Dr. Ally followed up with my progress at regular interval visits and genuinely wanted to know my satisfaction with the results. Going into the gum surgery, I was apprehensive due to previous experiences with a gum graft. However, once starting my care with Dr. Ally, I was instantly more comfortable and knew that she would care for me as if I were her own family member. The coordination of care between Drs Supowitz was incredible. I no longer worry about my implants’ future with a this dream team duo on my side!

Judi Rosen (Source: Google)


I do not even have the right words to express gratitude enough to Dr. Supowitz. I have been a patient of his since 1997 and his skill and compassion have remained like a comforting friend (if one can say that about dental work). My teeth needed an extensive amount of work to make them functional, and he went to great lengths to help me through what was a very involved process. Dr. Supowitz is a treasure!

Demi Kolke (Source: Google)


I found out about Dr. Supowitz’s practice on the Internet based on his high ratings for aesthetic work. I had a tooth on the top, right in the front, that needed to have some work done. I was very anxious because my past experiences led to the tooth simply being filled and then breaking again months later. Dr. Supowitz took the time to explain to me all of the possibilities, and I decided to do a crown. He was able to work with my schedule to make the procedure happen in a timely manner. In addition to this, he matched the crown so perfectly to my other teeth that I was beyond pleased. When it was just a slight shade off, he went back to work and made it so that it seamlessly fit in with the look of my smile. I would recommend Dr. Supowitz to anyone, especially those that need to have highly visible work done as he takes his time to make sure that he is doing the best job possible so that his patients are fully satisfied and look and feel great.

hase Canter (Source: Google)


I am a recent college graduate who moved to the Pittsburgh area. I had an accident 4 years ago resulting in the loss of a front tooth. While still under my parents’ support and family dentist, numerous measures were taken in an attempt to fix my smile. This included crowns to save what was left of my tooth, Maryland bridges, and even a retainer with a fake tooth on it. After finally deciding on an implant, I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Dr. Marty by my hometown prosthodontist. And I can’t thank him enough. I was very impressed by his practice even prior to any procedures. His office is spot-less. Secondly, I don’t know anything about dental equipment, but whatever he uses is certainly up-to-date, if not brand new. Dr. Marty is a perfectionist, but he does not drag out the process for long periods of time. From start to finish, I had several appointments within a little over a month. He will block off 2 and 3 hours for a single appointment to ensure that the procedure is completed as timely as possible from start to finish. Additionally, Dr. Marty is honest and up-front about everything. Being a recent college graduate, this was especially comforting, as I was not used to doing things on my own. Prior to completion of ANY work, I was made fully aware of procedure options and the estimated cost for each avenue. He even detailed the degree to which other teeth would be altered, relative to each procedure option. I was not shocked when I was billed for my procedures. What Dr. Marty initially estimated was almost exactly what I was billed.

Jake Skelly (Source: Google)


Incredible. I’m still numb writing this review but I had to make sure I showed my gratitude for the Doctor’s Divinci-like dental artistry. I went in to Dr. Supowitz in the hopes of having a chipped piece of my tooth bound back on. Instead, the Dr. rebuilt tooth almost entirely, and the results are stunning. I highly recommend both the Doctors talents and his affable disposition to anyone who is need of only the best dental care.

Paulina Rosenstein (Source: Google)


Dr. Supowitz is the best. He is brilliant at what he does both technically and artistically. After moving to New York city, while at a teaching hospital, dentists were impressed with the work Dr. Supowitz had done in Pittsburgh. Not very surprisingly, these dentists did not match Dr. Supowitz’s quality. Even more so, Dr. S. really cares about the best possible outcome for his patients and not just about “this” job. I have moved through more than half a dozen states and have not found anybody of Dr. Sapowitz caliber. That is why, I will be going from NY city to Pittsburgh for my dental work. Thank you, Dr. Supowitz!

 Christina Gasbarro (Source: Google)


Dr. Supowitz is truly amazing!!! After I clumsily fell on my face a broke one of my front teeth (after years of braces I loved my smile…) I had no clue what needed to be done and was in tears. Being new to the area and not having a dentist yet, no one was available for guidance. We called Dr. Supowitz at 9 pm to find out what I needed to do-yes, he answered! He calmed me down and saw me the following morning. He was wonderful from the start letting me know my options and pricing. From the temporary composite to the temp crown to the final crown Dr. Supowitz was a perfectionist! No one could tell that I had broken half of my front tooth at any point along the way. Not sure what would have happened to my smile without him