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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Sedation dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Marie L. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr Matt since he bought the practice and was a patient of the previous owner. I am retired and no longer work downtown and still make the journey to see him. He is genuinely a really nice guy. He is very conservative and doesn’t try to do a sales job on you. Over the years he has done a lot of work on my “aging “teeth and I never had an issue. His super sweet office manager Kathy has been there forever and has taken great care of me. the rest of the staff are friendly and professional. They know their stuff.

Ferris S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


After 57 years and a family history of bad teeth, I know what a good dentist is all about. Dr. Keyser exceeds all expectations. A great person who makes the whole dentist office experience wonderful.Over the past 8 years Dr. Keyser has done extensive work on my teeth, and all of the work has been terrific. I am kicking myself for not leaving my last dentist earlier. Be prepared for a very relaxed and pleasurable experience.

Jennifer B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am new to SF and the best thing I found in this city is Dr. Keyser. He had to redo most of the crowns I had done by my previous dentist and the work he did was excellent and painless! He has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and is very gentle. All his staff were very professional and made my many visits extremely pleasant. I have no insurance and his prices for crowns/root canals were very reasonable. I would highly recommend his office to everyone I know. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Dominique G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Keyser’s office for 3 years now. Moved into the city and was recommended by my coworkers (half the office goes to Keyser for dental work). I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them. His staff is always kind, relatable and honest. Up until this year I had only needed bi-annual cleanings, but this year I cracked a tooth and I was able to get squeezed in the next day to start the process of getting a crown. They explained the process very clearly 2 months prior as they mention it might be a needed fix in the future for worn down fillings I had. They gave me the estimate beforehand and I was able to make payments on the final bill. The experience of getting the crown was super smooth and they tried their best to make it as painfree as possible. Highly recommend Dr. Keyser and his team.

Ricquel N. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Keyser has been my dentist for 18 years! From root canals, bleeching to chipped teeth, bleeding gums; he has been there through the good, bad and the ugly. Recently I tripped and fell smack on my face near my home due to all the construction and uneven pavement, steel plates and asphalt all over everywhere. I smacked my front tooth and the one next to it on the ground =( . I was in horrible tooth pain with a giant fat lip that scabbed for weeks and still am in some pain. I called the next day and was in the office right away to be looked at.  Since the injury; I have been in twice…he did an x-ray to see is anything was happening above the tooth in the bone area, a cold test to see if the tooth is dying and to check for infection.  At first he thought a root canal could be needed but are holding off to see how things heal and if the tooth changes color. I still can’t bite with my front tooth which has been frustrating. I will need to get chips repaired and of course because Dr. Keyser is so awesome at what he does; I only trust him for any issues. His office staff is amazing. I wouldn’t think to see anyone else unless he retired! I recommend him for any work that you need done.

Lucas P. from Humboldt, CA (Source: Yelp)


“Oh no – the dentist! Ahhhhh!!!!!” That used to be my reaction whenever 6 months would go by and I’d have the inevitable cleaning reminder come up. After awhile, I ended up so anti-dentist that I totally blew off all dentistry for 5 years before freaking myself out about a sore tooth and convincing myself that I ate too much candy and probably had 1,000 cavities. To assuage my fears, I Yelped dentists in the neighborhood, stumbled upon Dr. Keyser, and decided to give it a go… That was over a year ago and I’ve now been to see Dr. Keyser 5 times since. Every time I’ve seen him, I’ve left happier than I came into the office (yes, that’s the opposite reaction I’d had with every other dentist in my life before him). He’s charismatic, gentle, and most importantly, he’s extremely knowledgeable about what he’s doing in your mouth. Fortunately my 1,000 cavities only turned out to be one small one (and then another small one this year, oops), but both times he’s filled them I was comfortable the entire time and that’s a product of his fine craft. Dr. Keyser is great, and the staff and hygienists are wonderful as well. I’m planning on not brushing for the next few months so I’ll have more reason to go in and pay them additional visits ;-). If you’re looking for a dentist in the city, I cannot recommend Dr. Keyser highly enough!

Natalie H. from Danville, CA (Source: Yelp)


This team is top notch; I’ve been coming here over 10 years now (wow!) and they are literally always on time, which seems shocking for a San Francisco practice. Every technician I’ve had is friendly and efficient, and Dr Keyser is laid back while still efficient and knowledgeable. I did end up paying 100% out of pocket for a nighttime retainer, but I blame my insurance. The last time I went I did get billed for a few of the newer x-rays (first time ever), so it’s definitely best to double check beforehand, with them and your insurance. Neither was friendly or forgiving about it after the fact. I no longer work in SF, but do plan to continue coming here.

Rebecca D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Keyser for over 10 years and I wouldn’t trust anyone more with my teeth!  He’s the best. Top of the line technology- I’ve worked with many hygienists in the office and have always received a perfect and friendly cleaning. Dr. Keyser is personable and professional. I appreciate that he always has my best interest in mind. Takes care of my teeth but never tries to ‘up-sell’ or recommend services not needed just to earn a buck (I’ve heard of other dentists that do this and it’s awful). Warm and friendly staff makes my visit to the dentist a pure pleaser each time.

Thank you!

Ashley C. from Carmichael, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best dentist ever. My old boss recommended this place and I am so happy I went. Dr. Keyser is honest and informative about your teeth. For years I had these white spots on my teeth (not very noticeable but bugged me) and different dentists said it was cavities and other stains that they couldn’t remove unless I paid a lot of money for- those dentists I didn’t trust. After visiting Dr. K, during the first visit he said it was cement from braces that I had (when I was 13 years old) he quickly cleaned it up and never charged me. He is honest. I then encouraged my husband (who avoids dentists like a plague) to visit Dr. K and he now goes every 6 months. Our 50 year old neighbor who probably hasn’t been to a dentist is decades because he never trusted them, now goes to all the time. My husband and I just moved from SF to SAC and will forever go to Dr. K in the city. Its worth driving 2 hours there and back to be seen by Dr. K and his office. The front desk receptionist, shannon is also incredible! She is so friendly, she remembers people, and she even investigates what costs you may owe (with your insurance) if you move forward with procedures. If you are not seeing Dr. K as your dentist I feel sorry for your teeth.

Augustina K. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Keyser since 2008.  As always, he is courteous and friendly, has a great sense of humor. I also appreciate his sincerity and honesty. Overall, he is a very good dentist. A few years ago, during a routine check he discovered that I needed a rather complicated root canal for one of my teeth, as it was part of a very old bridge set.  He explained that he would be able to do an “okay” job if I wanted him to do the root canal, but he would strongly suggest and recommend me to go to an endodontist colleague of his who could do a much better job instead. The only thing was that it would cost a little bit more with the insurance if I go that route so he left it for me to decide.  I was very surprised by such honesty and professional ethic!  And sure enough, the endodontist he recommended did a great job – my complicated root canal procedure went just as smoothly as it could be expected, no flaw, and no pain afterwards.  At the end, his recommendation actually ended up saving me time, less pain and hassle.  I truly appreciate such honesty from my dentist, who’s more concern about his patient’s well being than his own ego!  Our previous dentist was too ego centric, so arrogant he treated his staff as if they were his domestic helpers or something.  He messed up with my husband’s dental care, he was super expensive, gave too much attitude and we finally had it. That’s when we switched to Dr. Keyser (we found him through Yelp) — a huge difference in our experience, and we’ve been very happy with his care. I’ve been assisted by a few of his hygienists for dental cleaning in the past and I can say that almost everyone did a great job. In my last routine cleaning this week, Caitlin (I think that’s her name) did an amazing job and was very thorough in cleaning my teeth.  My teeth are very porous and I do a lot of green juicing for my diet and I also drink a lot of green tea, so over time my teeth developed stains that are pretty difficult to remove no matter how long I flossed and brushed my teeth with my Sonicare – and I am very diligent and serious when it comes to my dental hygiene. I raised my concerns to Caitlin before she started with my routine cleaning and she told me she’d pull every trick to ensure she could get to those stains.  Sure enough, my teeth felt and looked VERY clean after she finished – no stain left! Thank you, Caitlin (and I apologize in case I didn’t spell your name right). Also, Shannon at the front desk is always very professional and friendly and I appreciate how she usually very good at sending email reminders prior to my appointments and very accommodating when scheduling my future appointments. Kathy, who handles the accounting was also very helpful in the past with explaining some questions I had regarding confusing charges from the insurance company. Overall, we only have good experience when dealing with Dr. Keyser’s office and his staff.   I highly recommend Dr. Keyser and his team to anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

Bryan B. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Can’t praise Dr. Keyser and crew enough. I’ve been going here for 2 years now and have been very satisfied with my own personal care. What really sets Dr. Keyser and crew ahead of everyone else is how they treated my Mom when she had a dental emergency while visiting from Ireland. My Mom cracked a tooth at the start of her vacation and needed to get it checked out. Dr. Keyser got her an appointment immediately, took an x-ray and confirmed everything would be fine until she returned home. The total cost of this amazing service was ZERO. How amazing is that? Dr. Keyser appreciated that my Mom was just visiting (didn’t have US insurance) and did the work pro bono. I can’t thank you and your crew enough Dr. Keyser. I’m actually looking forward to my next dentist appointment (never thought I’d say that).

Nicole P. from Vancouver, Canada (Source: Yelp)


Dr Keyser is awesome.  I am from Canada, have no insurance, and have had an aching in my tooth for a few weeks.  I called the office, got in the next day at 10:00am.  I was worried as I was a little late and I had read on Yelp that staff is rude and unkind when you are late.  That was not the case with me.  I showed up, I filled out the forms, I was worried about certain procedures because I can only send certain claims back home to be reimbursed and Dr. Keyser and his team were very receptive to that. Turns out I need some work done and the doctor himself told me to wait until I go home as it will be cheaper and no further damage will happen.  He could have lied, he could have told me I needed the work done.  I told him to do whatever he had to in order to make my tooth stop hurting.   How can you not appreciate honesty and a dentist who will only do certain procedures so you can be reimbursed later on?  If I were to live in San Francisco Dr. K and his team would have my business. Thanks for the honesty and the help this morning.

Felicia H. from Billings, MT (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Dr. Keyser for about 3 years now and he’s FANTASTIC! His front desk ladies are always welcoming and friendly; they make sure to give you a call 24 hours before your visit. They also send you an email and text message if you want those reminders as well. My favorite hygienist is hands down, JEREMY! He’s gentle but aggressive at removing build up. He talks to you about proper preventative care, the best floss to use and how to use it correctly. I thought I knew how to floss, apparently not. I can really feel and see a difference now that Jeremy has shown me the way. (He’s applying to dental school so wish him luck!) Anyhow, I feel like I’m in really good hands when I come here and I always leave with a healthy, happy chompers. Highly recommended! Oh and Dr. Keyser has gorgeous eyes.  It’s a good distraction when he’s probing in your mouth 🙂 But simmer down ladies, he’s engaged and expecting a lil munchkin so we’ve all lost that race.

Imelda J. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


OH MY GOSH I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE DR. KEYSER!!!! I found him via Yelp and I’m so happy with him.  I’m so glad I get to go to the dentist every 6 months.  Wee!! His hygienist Jeremy is awesome.  He makes conversation with me while he cleans and he cracks me the hell up.  It sucks though that I can’t talk very well and mostly just make funny noises or flap my arms and hands in response to his funny commentary.  Hahaha! They have Pandora’s website rolling to keep you entertained musically on the computer screens above the chairs.  I think it’s awesome.   Dr. Keyser comes in at the end to check and see how things are and ask if you have any questions or concerns.  They show you how to properly brush (apparently I’ve been doing it wrong!!) and floss so you have happy, healthy teeth. When I first went,  Jeremy was looking at my teeth and asked about this growth that was on the back of one of my front teeth.  He was surprised and asked about it because he’d never seen it.  OMG I’M A FREAK!!!!  Then Dr. Keyser looked at my tooth and said “OMG!!!!!!  What’s that???”  Ok, no he didn’t say that, but said he’d looked at a lot of teeth over the years and never seen a growth like mine.  Anyway, it wasn’t a concern to them unless it bothered me, so it’s no biggie. I’m glad they didn’t call in other patients and the rest of the staff to look at my tooth to point and laugh … The cool thing they have now is they can text your phone when your appointment is close.  How cool is that getting a reminder??  Awesome!! Anyway, I can’t wait till May for my next appointment!!  If you’re looking for a dentist, totally check out Dr. Keyser!!  It also doesn’t hurt that he and Jeremy are SO VERY HELLA HOTS!!  Sheesh, smack me please for saying that.

Jake B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I never thought I’d utter the phrase “I love my dentist!”, but that’s me uttering. I do. I’ve always had a fairly healthy mouth, apart from the words that come out of it, but I’ve still had some very bad luck with dentists. But for the past three years, I’ve very much enjoyed my visits to Dr. Keyser’s office.   He’s a great guy, and his staff is great too. Jeremy usually ends up doing my cleanings, and it takes longer than it probably should, just because I laugh so much – and that’s without the gas. The dude just cracks me up. Apart from how personable everyone is, they are also very professional, and really know their stuff. From Jeremy’s evangelizing of proper flossing (with WOVEN floss!!!), to Dr. Keyser’s chair-side manner and ability to make a wisdom tooth extraction sound like a fun thing to do, to their very user-friendly online scheduling system, I have a hard time believing that I actually enjoy going to the dentist!

Adam J. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Keyser is booked months in advance, and getting an appointment for a cleaning is insane. (Though when I cracked a tooth, they said, come on down right now.) And I’ll grant that some people might give him an extra star because he’s easy on the eyes and always has a good Vegas story. But strictly talking teeth, he and Jeremy are the greatest. I talked to Jeremy during my cleaning, and he casually mentioned that he was fascinated by Wilhelm Röntgen, the 19th century inventor of the x-ray. Come on, that’s someone who cares about teeth! Dr. Keyser replaced two crowns another SF dentist had done (they lasted 5 years due to poor fit) and I asked him about which nerves he was numbing with the Lidocaine, and as he worked, he gave me a fascinating lecture about anesthetics, how crown margins function, how different labs in SF make crowns differently, the chemicals that go into making different color matchings, everything. He’s been my dentist for 2 years, and I feel he does excellent work, he is fascinated by his profession and that he truly likes his patients. An old professor of mine once named the five centuries he’d rather live in, if only he could take a dentist with him. Trust me, when it comes to time travel, Dr. Keyser is that dentist.

Katie W. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Keyser is awesome! I recently moved to the Bay Area from NYC and needed to get a dentist. It must be a West Coast attitude or something, because when I tried to get an appointment with the first dentist I picked she was booked until late May/early June. On the hunt for a new dentist, I read the reviews here on Yelp and called to get an appointment. All I had to do was mention I was in pain and they managed to get me in for the next day. I ended up needing a root canal and was scheduled for two days later. I’ve always been extremely dentist-phobic, but Dr. Keyser and his staff were awesome. The office is really relaxing and he explained everything to me before he started. Truly a kind, caring dentist who is good at what he does. I can’t wait to go back and get my crown–and that says something!

Tala D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I wanted to update my review and let you all know that I still love Dr. Keyser and his staff after 7 years of going there. These are the only people you want working on your grill. Don’t let the negative reviews fool you. People who have had bad experiences here probably arrive with a chip on their shoulder. I have NEVER had problems with the staff. I just had my Invisalign consultation and I am pretty excited that I will be getting some straight teeth… plus an excuse to come back more often to visit these guys is always welcome. If they tell you they don’t have an available appointment right away and you need one, be sure to be upfront with why you want to get in there sooner. If you are having pain or an urgent issue, they will be able to accommodate you more easily. If you just need a cleaning and they don’t have a slot available soon enough, ask to be put on a cancellation waiting list.

Jesse Glines (Source: Google)


Definitely believe the 5 star reviews. I was traveling from out of state for work when I had a filling fall out. Called 4 different offices that all told me I was out of luck for the day except for this one. They went out of their way to squeeze me in and do their best. I was in and out in 20 minutes and a great experience with the staff and dentist. Hands down one of the best experiences I’ve had at any dentist. With them knowing I was just in town for 2 days and wouldn’t be a regular client they took fantastic care of me. I’m sure they take the same approach with their local clients as well.

Sully S. from Denver, CO (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Doctor Keyser for over ten years.  While that doesn’t sound like anything different than most doctor/patient relationships- I have done so from Boston, Atlanta, LA, and expect to again from Colorado.  The reason is simple, he and his team are first rate, they know me, they share knowledge allowing me to take the best care of my teeth and health possible.  Whenever I walk in there, I feel like I am in complete knowledge of what is being done, how it affects my overall health, and when any work is done, all of my options are explained fully and thoroughly.  I don’t think I could see myself making a change, and as long as I can get there on a plane- I have the best dentist on the planet.  Try out this practice- From Dr, Keyser,

Thuy E. from South San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Keyser was very patient with me.  I had a root canal performed on my tooth.  I am what dentists call a high anxiety patient.  As soon as he lowered my chair I started crying.. yes a grown adult.. mid twenties crying.  He reassured me everything was going to be okay, and I couldn’t help to think “Yeah, heard that before.”  But for the first time in my life… he was telling the truth.  A dentist I could trust and believe!   I’ve heard horror stories with root canals, and I had nightmares a couple of nights leading to my appt.  But after the procedure was complete, I was making jokes and laughing.  I am now so confident in Dr. Keyser that I’m going to him for the OTHER root canal I need, and I’m also referring my husband whom is another dental skeptic.   Thanks Dr. Keyser for making me a believer.  The passion you have for your patients is amazing.

Jake A. from Lafayette, CA (Source: Yelp)


I recently had Dr. Keyser straighten my teeth with Invisalign and he and his team did a terrific job. Dr. Keyser and his staff are very good at explaining your options for a dental issue and describing the pros and cons of each choice. I have been going to Dr. Keyser for over 15 years and he and his team have been continually excellent. In addition to being a great dentist, the location is key as it is right downtown and easy to walk to. I highly recommend Dr. Keyser.

Kaje Y. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a massive toothache over the weekend and come monday morning, I needed to see somebody close to work (in SF). I called up this office and they had an opening in the same day. I walked a few blocks north of market and found this building. There is a lobby desk, but just go straight to the elevators and I think it’s floor 10. At the end of one of the hallways, it’ll open up to this office. I filled out my forms and was attended to shortly. The dental assistant was very amicable and friendly. Dr. Keyser swung by and evaluated my situation, and said that I would need to come back for a filling. They set me up to come back in a week to get it done It was quick, and for the most part painless. Dr. Keyser was super professional, but at the same time shows genuine interest in my dental health and me as a person. He explains everything without the jargon, so that anybody can understand it. I would highly recommend Dr. Keyser and I’ll be back!

Reed S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


After a traumatic life change, I ended up with new (& crappy) insurance. I have always been fastidious with the care of my teeth. In fact, I’m just about finished with my Invisalign treatment (prior insurance paid). It came as a surprise that once my insurance changed, my previous dentist of many, many years, washed his hands of me & referred me to specialists for work he had promised to do. This is where Dr, Keyser comes in. It had been some time since my previous cleaning (see above) & found Dr. Keyser on Yelp. I’ve always trusted Yelp, & know which reviews to weed out. With that in mind, I made my first appointment. My insurance doesn’t pay for X-rays & I frankly don’t have the cash to pay for them right now. I just wanted a cleaning. Dr. Keyser was willing to allow the cleaning without X-rays. I’m not sure if this is common practice, but it was incredibly appreciated. He was also able to diagnose pain I had been having in one of my molars as a crack.  Something my previous dentist should’ve diagnosed 2 years ago. When I had decent insurance. This doesn’t begin to explain why I like this doctor so much. You see, the specialist that previous dentist referred me to, in turn referred me to another specialist (all cosmetic work). This is in addition to the cracked molar. Costs were piling up & I was beginning to panic. Dr Keyser sat me down, helped me set priorities, & basically knew I was dropped a bomb of information/costs in a single visit at the specialist’s visit. While I’m still confused as to how to move forward with everything costing so much, I am SO grateful that I found a doctor who cares about their patients & not solely on the cash that flows into their practice. I had a moment of disdain for the dental community, but Dr Keyser helped me put things into perspective & showed me there truly are good people/doctors out there.

Shruti D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m not sure it makes sense updating a 5 star review, but I really wanted to come back here and talk about my experience in 2017. I have been seeing Dr. Keyser since 2015 but it was for lighter procedures or routine checks. But in March and April of 2017, I went in for fillings (yes, fillings is not light procedure for me since it involves receiving an injection!). I must say, the part I was terrified of is behind me, a thing of the past! I was especially dreading the injections but Dr Keyser was a magician through the process… Light hands, a positive attitude and a smiling face went a long way in reassuring my fears and making the experience a winner… Dr. Keyser has my vote for as long as I live in the Bay area.

Miffy Y. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


A dentist office that cares, wow. I thought the dentist I had before I moved was good and Dr. Keyser tops him. I had made an appointment about a month or two in advanced because I just needed the basic cleaning/examination. The office called the day before to remind me of my appointment and to request I call back to confirm. When I walked in the next day I was promptly helped by a staff member. I was told over the phone to come in about 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork since it was going to be my first time. No biggie, I always come in early. After paperwork I sat down with Jeremy, who asked about some medical history (there’s a reason, you’ll discover why). He then took some quick and painless x-rays and cleaned my teeth. The whole time he was teaching me all these things I never knew, such as how plaque forms, the proper brushing and flossing methods, etc. I think I’ll be taking Dental Hygiene 101 by Jeremy for a long time. He even recommended a special type of floss. After all that Dr. Keyser came in and did a quick check and signed me off for excellent teeth. Some people complain that you only see the actual dentist for 5-10 minutes, but that is how I’ve experienced it my whole life so I don’t see the issue. He and Jeremy were cracking a couple of jokes too. After that I got my next appointment set and issues with my insurance were cleared up. Good to go.

Esme W. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve had a rough go of it, dentally. I’ve had just about every type of dental device there is – bionators, head gear, retainers, braces…TWICE (and one of those times was during senior pictures!!!). Yes, adolescence was tough. Throw some frizzy hair and some B.U.M Equipment into the mix and just IMAGINE my school pictures… Thanks to my last set of braces, I have permanent jaw damage and will have to wear a gigantic retainer, fully equipped with cranks and wires and yucky bite plates, each night for pretty much the rest of my life. Sexy, I know. Its creator,my childhood orthodontist, has since retired and nobody makes devices like it anymore. And of course, just my luck, this archaic, stupid, ugly piece of plastic has broken several times over the course of its existence. Consequently, I’ve had a SLEW of dentists “ooh” and “ah” and scratch their heads at it, and me, then back at it. And each time, I shrug my shoulders, roll my eyes and say “Yes, I’m a freakshow, I know…yada yada”. They pass it around the office and snicker and say “I’ve never seen ANYthing like THIS before”. THAT’S the worst thing I can hear after enduring years and years of crooked teeth, just itching to return to their previous form without said piece of plastic. “So, I guess you can’t fix it then, right?” Enter Dr. Keyser.  Yes, he scratched his head and studied the “thing” like it was a 300-million-year-old fossil. But that was it. He didn’t look at me like I just took a dog poo out of my pocket, like so many had in the past. He accepted my challenge with patience, professionalism…and, of course, a little humor. I’ve seen Dr. Keyser a total of 4 times this year, and each time I am more comfortable with him and his staff. He even said he would research other dentists who will be able to make a new “thing” for me when mine breaks…or “accidentally” gets thrown out a window. I can confidently recommend him to all my less challenged friends (Yeah, must be nice to JUST have cavities and crowns, HUH!), and I wouldn’t trust anyone else in the city with my teeth OR “the thing”. I can feel the emotional scars healing already. Thanks Dr. Keyser.

Brian B. from Oakland, CA (Source: Yelp)


today was my first appointment and was not that extensive but i was very impressed. i’d cracked a tooth about 9 months ago and had a another dentist put a temp filling in it. i got distracted and never went back to get it properly fixed. yesterday, while eating a gummi bear, i remembered that i needed to get the temporary filling taken care of when it cracked off into the gummi in my mouth. of COURSE, i went to yelp, posted a thread and some suggestions came back. i called yesterday at 5 pm, they squeezed me in today at 11. he patched me up well enough to go on a biz trip that i’m leaving on tomorrow. he was friendly, put me at ease, worked confidently and didn’t try to ‘upsell’ me to a whole new head (i hate that. get to know me first). very impressive. i think he’ll win the brian b dental sweepstakes.

Ben P. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Probably my only complaint is that it takes about 6 months to get an appointment for a cleaning.  But that’s akin to complaining because Gary Danko can’t give you a last-minute reservation. I went here because (1) it’s very convenient to work, (2) they will take my insurance, and (3) another guy in my office goes there and highly recommended him.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I was in the chair right about on time, the hygienist was pleasant and only stabbed me in the gums about 4 or 5 times. Dr. Keyser deserves extra credit because he didn’t immediately start drooling when he surveyed my mouth.  See, I’ve led an…interesting life.  And most of the mileage has gone straight to my face.  And a lot of that has gone directly to the mouth.  And teeth.  Early teenaged motorcycle accident?  3 broken teeth.  All in front.  And while my family wasn’t exactly broke, “cosmetic dentistry” was out of the question.  The teeth were capped, and we all moved on.  Hey, I wasn’t pretty in the first place. Softball to the face 3 years ago?  2 broken teeth, 2 more dead teeth, 5 root canals.  And a partridge in a pear tree. I know I need to fix some of this stuff.  And, to Dr. Keyser’s credit, when I started talking to him about what we might do, he was decent enough not to start cackling like an evil viscount who has lured another unsuspecting victim to his lair.  I have visions of porcelain crowns and veneers dancing through my head.  I foresee putting future generations of Keysers through college. And all because, to steal a line from Jack Dempsey, “I forgot to duck.”

Stacy T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m totally obsessed with my dental hygienist – not in a creepy facebook stalking show up at your house unannounced with flowers and muffins, single white female kind of way, but rather the much more acceptable – I could gaze longingly into your impossibly deep pools of azure since that’s all I can see while in the prone position as you hover over me wielding sharp pick-like objects and clad in a surgical mask kinda way. Ok, on second thought – that is certifiably creepy and has nothing to do with a bonified review . I don’t want to make it seem like Dr. Keyser is chopped liver or anything – he’s amazing. Its so refreshing to be able to experience this level of dental care in a relaxing, pleasant, and convenient downtown location. Plus, if you are a golfer you are in for a special treat. This man is in the know about all the best courses in the greater U.S of A! Let’s just say I am obsessed with my oral hygiene and Dr. Keyser and his staff have helped me keep my chompers in pristine condition for over 2 years. A++ (p.s – Jeremy if you are reading this – call me…just kidding…cuz that would just make our bi-annual meetings awkward right?)

Sascha O. from Novato, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best Dentist EVAR.  And best Hygienist (Jeremy) EVAR. I absolutely LOVE and am grateful that Dr. Keyser WILL NOT try to sell you unnecessary treatments.  I have referred my husband to Dr. Keyser after learning that his old dentist told him to by a $600+ nightguard when he told them that he was concerned that his gums were receding a bit.  Night guard for receding gums.  Really.  Their reasoning was that some people clench and grind at night and that cuts blood circulation to the teeth/gums, causing the gums to recede.   I was totally not convinced, as I am often awake at night when my husband sleeps and he is NOT a teeth grinder.  I had him go to Dr. Keyser for a second opinion, and just as I thought, he told him that a night guard was totally not necessary.  He said that many dentists try to sell their patients night guards because it is easy money to make.  Go figure. So, with his honest opinion, he gained my husband’s business as well and my husband has been going to Dr. Keyser ever since.  I have also recommended Dr. Keyser to his co-worker as well. Oh and talk about good… his hygienist, Jeremy will rewrite your book on what a teeth cleaning appointment is supposed to be like.  His teeth cleaning is like MMA for your teeth.  He will get every little gunk off of your teeth and your teeth will feel so clean afterward you almost feel like you can breath better.   Unfortunately, I cannot quite say the same thing with their female hygienist though… she is still good, but not kick-ass like Jeremy.  I am always crossing fingers that I will get Jeremy for my next teeth cleaning appointment : )

PJ. B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Two years later and I’m still enjoying great service at Dr. Keyser’s office. Still highly recommended. I can’t say enough good things about my experiences with Dr. Keyser and his staff. Everyone is professional, upbeat and friendly. The quality of the dental work is superb, and when I faced two different options in treatment, Dr. Keyser pointed toward a less expensive alternative and I have no regrets with the results. I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to dental work, and I feel like I’m well cared for at Dr. Keyser’s.  Finally, like other reviewers here, I found Dr. Keyser very friendly to the pocketbook and accommodating when I had a problem with my insurance. Absolutely first rate. Wish I could give him six stars.

Brian A. from Oakland, CA (Source: Yelp)


Ha, perusing these reviews is hilarious.  I guess I should have figured that I’m not the *only* person Jeremy has convinced to order a particular kind of floss online, but it’s funny nonetheless to see other people remark on this particular passion of his. Also, based on the comments left by many women, I’m starting to wonder if dentists and hygienists are the new firemen. It’s a weird component of aging to find yourself roughly the same age as your dentist.  But it’s also pretty awesome — I can actually have chats with Jeremy and Matthew that aren’t patronizing.  They do a great job and I honestly don’t dread my dentist appointments any longer.

Carrie A. from Bellevue, WA (Source: Yelp)


I just got back from my second appointment with Matthew Keyser and I know I have found a dentist I’ll stick with. After 27 years of perfect teeth I had to have  2 sealants (no no no, NOT fillings, sealants. I can assure you they are very different) so technically I still have a perfect record and can (and will) continue to brag this to my family 😉 Anyway the whole experience was so much more enjoyable having such a professional and personable dentist. He gave me really good advice, was really funny and he is also very honest and won’t try and tell you things you need doing just to try and make a buck. grrrrrrrrrrr. I am so f***ed off.  27 years of beautiful hole free teeth, and within a year of living in the states I have f***ing cavities… Or maybe it’s just that you have better dentistry…

Joseph C. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is a review from an MD doctor, board certified in Internal Medicine, specializing in gastroenterology.  I thought Dr. Keyser was really really excellent.   I had been extremely busy with my medical training and neglected a couple of teeth that had previous root canals that I never got crowned.  I knew I had done a bad thing and was EXTREMELY nervous about them.  I spent forever searching and calling 1-800-DENTIST to try and find the right person.  I finally settled on Dr. Keyser who seemed to have the most stellar reviews on  I got worried because one of the teeth had had a filling fall out ages ago and the decay had likely gone all the way through the tooth.   When I called their office, from the start, they were extremely professional and sounded very concerned but not patronizing.  NOT ONCE did I get the sense that they felt “I did this to myself” which is what I was concerned about, but they seemed only concerned with helping me.  They got me in right away for my emergency (within 3 days of me calling).  Dr. Keyser was very very professional, and smiled the whole time yet was compassionate.  It turns out that he told me he could likely save one of my teeth and would crown it, but the other one where the filling had fallen out would need to be extracted and I would need an implant.  He explained why this was the case very logically, and it made perfect sense (this coming from a fellow medical professional). He made an expeditious referral for me to an oral surgeon, Dr. David Ehsan (whom I’ve also reviewed and is stellar–the best oral surgeon in SF in my opinion).  Dr. Ehsan saw me in the next 30 minutes that day, and empathized with my busy schedule as a medical professional in training.  He was able to extract the tooth that same day.  I am due to have the implant in a couple of months and Dr. Keyser is going to crown the other tooth not extracted in two weeks. I am very very happy that I chose Dr. Keyser.  Take it from another fellow medical professional–Dr. Keyser is the bomb.


Dr. Matthew C. Keyser is a dentist catering to the community of San Francisco, CA, where he runs his own practice. He helps patients understand their condition and choose an appropriate treatment plan. Dr. Keyser earned his dental degree from the University of the Pacific. He looks forward to working with his patients to help provide preventative care education and practice healthy oral hygiene. He does his best to make sure that patient visits are comfortable and enjoyable.