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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Holly J. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Overall we had a wonderful experience at the dentist!! My kids love coming to get their teeth cleaned!! Brittany is our hygienist and we always request for her!! She always talks to my kids about what she is doing and makes them feel completely comfortable!! She treats them as her own & makes them feel apart of the process!! The girls always get “glitter” on their teeth and my boy gets “Armor ” on his! She is super sweet & always so friendly!! And they love the treasure box!! We love Dr. leaf!! My son had to have a filling done and chose a colored filling. He opted out of the gas and pre- medication. But Dr. green leaf talked him through the whole process and reassured him of what was going on the whole time!! Definitely the Best pediatric office around!!! My kids love y’all’s office!!!

J Q (Source: Google)


Absolutely love, love, love this dentist! My daughter, who is 8 years-old, has been going to Dr. Greenleaf III since she’s had teeth and I have been very satisfied from day one. The new building is very clean, sign in is quick (I love the iPad), the staff are very friendly, and my daughter has fun. She actually looks forward to going to the dentist!

Leeanne Bell Jones (Source: Facebook)


Dr Greenleaf is very nice and makes my daughter feel at-ease even though she is at the dentist. The assistants and staff are very nice and helpful and the hygienists are very gentle and patient and make an unpleasant procedure much more tolerable. We’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes behind being seen fur her appointment but wish they had more appointments avail after school hours or on weekends as well as more appointments at the Snow Road office.

Liz Caudle (Source: Facebook)


My son who has sensory issues, started complaining of tooth pain Wednesday q morning. I called everywhere trying to get in him. I couldn’t find anyone. a friend of mine called Mobile Pediatric Dentistry and they got him in this morning. They did so good with him. this was the best dentist visit we have ever had. everyone was friendly! So glad we found this dentist!!

Elissa Hollins (Source: Facebook)


This is an awesome place. The staff is knowledgeable and supportive of each and every patient they see. My son has autism and we have seen several providers over the years. This is our last stop we have found the perfect dentist Dr. Greenleaf. Thank you for your service and patience . My son turns 9 this Month and Dr. Greenleaf has been his provider for over a year now. I recommend his services to any typical child or or another child with a disability he has an awesome team as he also works with an awesome anesthesiologist. Thank you for all that you do to comfort those who have a fear of dentistry. I definitely recommend his services. Parker loves his teeth his states their all clean now!!!! Thanks Again Elissa

Heather Noelle Barnhill (Source: Facebook)


My three year old son had a lot of major dental work done today! Let’s just face it he has major anxiety when he goes to the dentist! I was totally expecting him to freak out and kick and scream, but it was the complete opposite he was so calm and cooperative and did not shed one tear! The staff, nurses, Dr. Greenleaf and Dr. Watson (Anesthesiologist) was AWESOME! They made my son feel so comfortable and they were so good with him! I 100% recommend them to anyone!!!!

Ty Burchette (Source: Google)


I was excited to know that my son’s dentist was my childhood dentist. He was very good when I was a kid, so I felt absolutely thrilled when I found him again for my son. His attitude towards his patients never changed. He is still energetic and very involved with the parents and children. He also has a great selection of staff. I know my son is in good hands.

Latoha Balams (Source: Google)


The staff was prompt and very friendly Dr. Greenleaf was absolutely amazing! He took his time and explained everything to me that my son needed, he wasn’t just rushing us off the way that most Dentist would. He was very kind, knowledgeable and also patient with my son (he’s afraid of the dentist). We’ve definitely found our new dental home

Ashleigh Barber (Source: Facebook)


My daughter, Kate had her first official dental check up here yesterday and we had a wonderful experience! Dr. Greenleaf and his staff made us feel welcome and comfortable! Candace, the hygienist was so patient and kind! I am so pleased we have found our pediatric dental office that we will use for years to come! Thank you so much!!

Phuc Huynh (Source: Google)


Friendly staff who are attentive and great with kids. Dr. Greenleaf is the best. He is awesome with the kids. He is thorough and provides sound recommendations. I trust his plan of care. The office outsources peds anesthesia, so I feel comfortable having my kids under. Awesome team. Both of my kids come see Dr. Greenleaf.

Amanda Pannell (Source: Google)


Dr. Greenleaf is phenomenal!!! He is wonderful with my special needs child and communicates well with me regarding my child’s treatment. I could not be more pleased with him and his very kind and competent staff and their treatment of my child. Highly recommend him for all of your child’s dental needs.

Nekea Hall (Source: Google)


They are professional, friendly and patient! The hygienists there are really patient, kind and get the job done seemingwith ease. My son has no fear when going because they take the fear out of gking to the dentist! Their insurance coordinator is awesome and lets you know just what is needed of you and helps you plan accordingly! Dr. Greenleaf is just an awesome Dr. and really looks out for the needs of his patients!

Courtney Crist Cavin (Source: Facebook)


We went for the first time yesterday with my 2 year old. They were so nice and made her feel comfortable. Her hygienist Brittney was wonderful and very sweet to Blakeley. Dr Greenleaf was down to earth and easy to talk to. As a first time mother, I was very nervous but completely enjoyed our experience and eased my nerves by their love of kids and fun atmosphere.

Jessica Crowley (Source: Google)


First Dentist Visit! My daughter was scared so she brought her unicorn in with her and by the end of the appointment she was bouncing around not concerned at all. They did such a great job at making her first dental appointment a fun experience. Her favorite part was getting to pick which character was on her toothbrush and the awesome poppy sticker!!!!

Heather Ladnier (Source: Google)


MPD AND DR. GREENLEAF ARE A GOD SEND! Our old pediatric dentist was so horrible that I refused to take my son back after the first visit. I was so full of anxiety that 2 years passed before I got the courage to look for another dentist. My son has Autism, and often, new situations are not joyful. When I called, they got him in within a month. When we got in to see Dr.Greenleaf, I was so pleased to see a very nice, colorful, kid friendly office! They are technically savvy, as all of the paperwork is done on tablets! And there is a camera in every office so the doctor can see what is going on in the other rooms! This gave me a huge relief, because, this is as transparent as it comes! The kids have a really nice waiting room in the back where they have game systems and various other toys to help the kids pass time! The staff was amazing. IMMEDIATELY, I was invited and encouraged to go to the exam room with him. I told them my son had autism, and every tech/hygienist took extra time with him to explain the process and answer his questions. She asked him if there was anything they could do to make his appointment pleasant. The kids also get gifts out of their underwater themed treasure chest. Dr.Greenleaf was extremely personable and professional. We have been back like clockwork since! My son LOVES this practice! I refer people here all of the time, because it is hard to find people who love kids as much as the staff at Mobile Pediatric Dentisty!

Holly Johnson (Source: Google)


Overall we had a wonderful experience at the dentist!! My kids love coming to get their teeth cleaned!! Brittany is our hygienist and we always request for her!! She always talks to my kids about what she is doing and makes them feel completely comfortable!! She treats them as her own & makes them feel apart of the process!! The girls always get “glitter” on their teeth and my boy gets “Armor ” on his! She is super sweet & always so friendly!! And they love the treasure box!! We love Dr. leaf!! My son had to have a filling done and chose a colored filling. He opted out of the gas and pre- medication. But Dr. green leaf talked him through the whole process and reassured him of what was going on the whole time!! Definitely the Best pediatric office around!!! My kids love y’all’s office!!!

Nicole Passos (Source: Facebook)


Mobile Pediatric Dentistry provided amazing dental care to both of my daughters! The girls look forward to having their teeth clean and coming in for check ups. We have had two dental procedures that required anesthesia in their office over the past few months. With each procedure Dr. Greenleaf and his staff made it a pleasant experience for them. Dr. Greenleaf also took time with both of my daughters and provided them amazing dental care. I highly recommend Mobile Pediatric Dentistry!

Brooke Cowley Montalvo (Source: Facebook)


My daughter had dental work done using IV sedation because of her severe gag reflex. I along with my daughter were very nervous going into it but everyone was so sweet and professional and made it a very positive experience! I Would definitely recommend Dr Greenleaf and the PDAA team for any dental work that is needed for your children!

Courtney Humphrey (Source: Google)


Very timely and professional. The facilities are always clean. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Green leaf himself is quite personable and walks you through what he sees physically, on x-rays, as well as ensures that both parens and children (of age) understand what’s expected between visits to ensure the best oral health!

Ally Greer (Source: Facebook)


We started seeing Dr. Greenleaf when my oldest daughter, who is 6 now, was a 1.5. Since she was so young at the time it was important to me that I was allowed to go back with her, which they allowed. We now have 4 children (3 are old enough to go to the dentist) and they all love Dr. Greenleaf and his staff. Recently, my almost three year old got his teeth cleaned with the “big” tooth brush. Angela was so sweet to my son. She made sure to let him feel the “tickle brush” on his finger before she put it in his mouth. Angela let him feel the straw before she put it in his mouth…she was perfect. I could really tell that she cared about him and making sure he wasn’t scared! Dr. Greenleaf is always so kind to my kids when he looks then over. My kids LOVE Dr. Greenleaf!

Krystal Booker (Source: Google)


Both of my kids are patients of Dr. Greenleaf’s. My daughter is 2 and my son is 4. They both love their dental experiences at Mobile Pediatric Dentistry. My daughter wanted it to be her turn in the dental chair the entire time we were there for both of their appointments because she loved it that much! Friendly staff and Doctor! Great experience for the kids and the parents (No long waiting periods in the office with curious toddlers, and the kids LOVE their sticker prizes!)

Ashley Elder (Source: Google)


My daughter absolutely loves this dentist. Everyone is super friendly and happy. Angela cleaned my daughters teeth and she was very professional and explained to her what she was going to do and even showed her so that she could see so that there would be no surprises. And this dentist office lets the parent back with the child to make your baby comfortable. I love this place as much as my daughter does. I would recommend to anyone and everyone!

Chris Mclean (Source: Google)


My young son has anxiety and is usually fearful of the dentist. YOU CANNOT ASK FOR BETTER PEOPLE than those at Mobile Pediatric Dentistry!!! They help calm him and ensures him he’s ok. The love they show us all as a family is wonderfully! My son has been with them since he was 2ish…hes 7 now and we will use them as long as we can!!!

Katie Bower Wiggins (Source: Facebook)


Brought my 2 year old in to serve Dr. Greenleaf for a second opinion and as long as he is a dentist my son will see him! He is so personable and an amazing doctor! You can tell he loves children. Special thanks for Carley and Mallory for keeping this mama calm and very informed that day he had to be sedated for a procedure. Amazing group of people!

Lisa Cutler-Martineau (Source: Facebook)


We are new to Mobile, so this was our first visit to Mobile Pediatric Dentistry. My four year old son started complaining about his mouth hurting. I called the office and they got me in the same day. Martha was his hygienist. She made him feel comfortable and talked him through everything. I was shocked at how well it went…I was expecting crying and screaming, but she was so good with him! When Dr. Greenleaf came in, he went over what he found…several cavities.� he spent at least 30 minutes talking with me while one of the techs kept my son occupied in the game room. I kept thinking about the other people waiting for him, but he acted like I was the only person there! I know that means longer wait times for others, but it means a lot when a Dr. takes time to explain everything and answer your questions. I would definitely recommend MPD!

Ashley Thornton (Source: Google)


MPD is absolutely the best when it comes to the health and care of my two son’s dental well being. Dr. Greenleaf is professional, yet fun and down to Earth with his patients. The staff is very caring and patient with my kids as well. My kids actually like going to the dentist because MPD makes it a fun, enjoyable experience for them. I highly recommend this pediatric dental office.

Vicky B. (Source: Google)


On the way to the dentist this morning, my baby said i like my dentist mom.. I said really, what you like she stated, i like getting my teeth brush with my chocolate tooth paste, and i like Dr. Greenleaf he’s nice to me.. She also stated she love getting her toys before covid 19 now she gets stickers and her olaf tooth brush kit lol… When she told me all of those things i had to give them all 5 stars. They are all sweet and nice to me and my baby . When she feel safe i feel safe. They do very good with every baby I see come in. I will be returning back to them and i would recommend them to anybody…

Sarah Wilder (Source: Google)


Wonderful dentist. My son was really scared of the dentist, so scared that we had already been to one dentist and had to walk out because he wouldn’t stop screaming. When we went here they were amazing with him showed him what they were doing. They don’t discuss treatment in front of the child which I love. He did so good last time that we no longer have to use sedation to fix a cavity! I would recommend them to everyone

Amy Charest (Source: Google)


My 6 year old has enjoyed each visit to see Dr. Greenleaf. She had some cavities that needed to be repaired. Every trip has been good and they put me on a care plan so it wasn’t all at once (the work or the $) which helped my schedule & budget. The ONLY thing I really wish they would do is accept payments online through the patient portal. I hate writing checks and I’m so busy at work during the week that I forget to call to make a payment when my final bill arrives! They use tablets in the office to get all your personal information…. I don’t know why they haven’t added online payments as an option! They really should do that!!

N Cooperr (Source: Google)


Ive been coming to Dr.Greenleaf almost since i was born. Im 17 and am fixing to graduate high school in less than 2 months. When i left Dr.Greenleafs today he congratulated me and then gave me a book (Oh, the places youll go by Dr.Seuss) and he even wrote in it and congratulated me. He has by far been my favorite dentist and i have never not wanted to go or was ever scared. He is amazing with kids and he has been the best since day 1 for me. Thank you Dr.Greenleaf.