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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tayler R. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


I have a severe needle phobia and dental anxiety. In the past, many dentists I’ve seen have gotten very annoyed with me as a result. Some have even refused to treat me. However, Dr. Taj and his team have the patience of an angel! I went in for three extractions. Although I was sedated, my phobia still got the better of me and I had a panic attack. They helped me work through it and knew exactly how to treat me, despite my phobias. This is the first dentist office that has made me feel safe and secure. I have been avoiding the dentist for many years because of my phobias, but I will definitely be seeing this office regularly and finally fixing my teeth. For the first time in my life I’m actually looking forward to my next visit!

Renee Blackburn (Source: Google)


Staff was super awesome from the time I arrived. Dr was very informative and patient with questions. My greatest concern was the financial portion as most dental insurances cover very little when it comes to major oral health issues. Too my surprise, it’s amazingly affordable! The last place I consulted with wanted $18,000 for my oral corrections without implants. Here less than$7,000 including implants! I thank God I found Modern Family Dental Care.

Sharon Smith (Source: Google)


Dr. Haynes is AWESOME!!! I had 3 wisdom teeth and 2 fillings done 12/3/15. I was so NERVOUS that I was shaking, but he was very patient as well as his assistant Maxine. They allowed me to calm down so he could get started. I can’t believe now how easy they made the process. Today, I have followed their instructions and my recovery is great!! My husband was with me and he said, as he watched the process, “Dr. Haynes is good, that is who will do my dental work”. The office staff is very pleasant and exemplify EXCELLENT customer service. They welcome you and make you feel comfortable!! The office is very clean including the bathrooms and waiting area. If you are looking for a GREAT dental office and want an AWESOME experience, please give Modern Family Dental a call.

Janet C. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


MFDC uses the latest technology to illustrate dental care. I love seeing what they are doing as we go through the process. All the techs are great about explaining the process. Taj is awesome at orchestrating the office and keeping in touch via social media. Glad that after only a year I am on a great track with my teeth and feeling completely supported by my dentist.

Judy Gramig (Source: Google)


Modern Family Dentist is the best dentist office I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been going for about seven years now and went in today for a routine cleaning. First of all it’s very clean and they practice safety protocols regarding that dreaded Covid-19; such as limiting the number of people inside waiting room, hand sanitizer on the counter and distancing. Susan is my dental hygienist and she is very friendly and gentle with my sensitive gums while still doing a thorough job at cleaning. She is sensitive to your needs and makes you feel comfortable. Dr Haynes did my four implants several years ago and I am so happy with with them and that I am able to eat foods that I couldn’t enjoy before. They are the best around!

LaToya E. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. T. Haynes and his staff are the best! This is the best encounter I have had this far since moving to Charlotte, NC with a Dentist. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. I felt as though each employee knew their role, and I felt comfortable in the chair while being treated. I hope to have Dr. Haynes as my primary dentist for a way! I received follow up phone calls from staff regarding my care. Even when there was discrepancies with my dental insurance they never denied treatment. They actually offered me realistic, rational and fair options to pay for services. Not even for the services I needed NOW, but also in the future for preventative. My experience was great!!!

Michael C. from Concord, NC (Source: Yelp)


i do not like dentist offices at all…..until i came to this one. the staff is very friendly and the waiting area is awesome !!!!! its like being at home. i can get on the internet or play on the wii game console. i bring my 10 year old daughter here for dental work and she never has any complaints !!! awesome place with an awesome and friendly staff !!!!!!!!

Jessica Carey (Source: Google)


We had a great first experience at Modern Family Dental! My son was nervous about having his space maintainer removed but Dr. Haynes kept him very comfortable, and checked with him regularly as he was removing it to make sure he was doing OK. He was very personable, and made us feel very comfortable! The receptionists were super friendly and patient, and worked quickly to get us in for our appt. The paperwork was all available for me to complete online when we made the appointment, and I thought that was super convenient! The hygienist/assistant was very friendly and put my son at ease, and communicated very well throughout our entire visit. We are happy to have found a great new dentist so quickly!

Jackie Eckert (Source: Google)


I had my first root canal here and Taj was amazing. I have tendency of passing out when getting blood drawn, IVs, piercings and shots. Taj did an amazing job administering my shots and I felt almost nothing! That definitely lowered my anxiety and appointment was amazing! I go back for my crown and 1st cleaning, 1st week in January 🙂

Silas Parker (Source: Google)


Dr. Taj Haynes and his staff are simply amazing! My gums were in not the best shape, but with Dr. Haynes’ recommended treatment plan and the encouragement and support of his staff, the difference in a year is amazing!! I cant say enough good things about them. Big time kudos to Modern Family Dental Care!!

Dana Lockhart (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Modern Family Dental Care since arriving in Charlotte over 5 years ago. Everyone at the practice treats me as a valued patient and all are pleasant and welcoming. I feel that my dental care needs are receiving thorough and professional attention. Dr. Haynes and the members of his team are knowledgeable and up to date on standards and methods of dental treatment. Although going to the dentist cannot be described as a favorite thing to do, whenever I come away from a visit to Modern Family Dental Care I know that my mouth is better off for the time I spent in the chair.

Kheniylah Hill (Source: Google)


I had my wisdom teeth removal today, I got all four teeth removed and I can honestly say the procedure went fantastic! I did not feel any pain whatsoever and I barely felt any pressure. Dr. TJ Haynes performed my procedure and Ashley helped him throughout the entire process. I loved how they both made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire ordeal and told me the necessary information I needed to know. I recommend anyone who is looking for a dentist who cares about their patients, great customer service, and a great experience. Thank you Modern Family Dental for all your hard work!!!!

Doug Greenberg (Source: Google)


Usually I try to avoid the dentist office unless it’s an emergency or a scheduled cleaning. Prior negative experiences have left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Yesterday I had a cleaning and consultation with Dr. Taj and his hygienist Sarah that was by far the best experience I’ve had in the dentist chair. They created a custom plan that matched my goals, timeframe and budget. Sarah was AMAZING, she made sure I was comfortable, informed me of every step along the way, and gave me tips and advice that have worked for her. If any friends or family mention needing dental work I would absolutely recommend Modern Dental.

Michael Schmidt (Source: Google)


I am not a fan of going to the dentist, as I’m sure most of you aren’t either. However the staff at modern family are amazing. Extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr Haynes is a godsend! I have had to do some major dental work recently because I have not been able to regularly visit a dentist due to the outrageous cost without dental insurance. Dr Haynes and his team have been great. I have had a few fillings and a crown done in the past couple of months and it is amazing how great my mouth looks and feels. They truly are artists! As for the cost they are about on par with most other dental offices but where they shine is helping with payment arrangements! I did not think I would be able to afford the work I needed but they were willing to work with me and i now pay more per month for my water bill than I do for all the work I just got done! I would highly recommend this practice, and both of their locations, as I have been to both and they are both amazing. If you are after great work, affordable prices, and a pain free experience with a caring professional dentist, Dr Haynes is your man!!!! If you see this, thank you again Dr Haynes!!!

Roni Jones (Source: Google)


Always a great experience with Dr. Haynes and his outstanding team at Modern Family Dentistry. I’ve been a happy patient for several years; since the practice opened in the Concord Mills area. I have recommended this amazing dentist repeatedly and my friends have been satisfied too. Dr. Haynes is like a family friend. He truly cares about his patients.

Chris Harris (Source: Google)


My recent visit to Modern was a very great experience. I went for a dental cleaning. In addition to my cleaning, I also got a very detailed review of my overall dental treatment and care plan from the dental assistant and the dentist as well. Fantastic visit and I have been very hesitant about dental visits in the past. But since I have been a client of Modern, I have had a great experience and that makes all the difference in the world. Thanks Modern for raising tthere customer experience bar for me.

Lianne M. from Concord, NC (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never had dental problems, which is why I found myself without a dentist when I recently starting having some jaw pain. I’m not proud of the fact that I’d let seven years go by without seeing a dentist, but never having had any dental issues it was easy to just let that time go by…. One of my New Year’s resolutions this year, however, was to get back to seeing a dentist on a regular basis, and the recent jaw pain forced the issue. I ran into a problem, however– it’s very hard to find a dentist who is taking new patients, much less one who is covered by my dental insurance. The first ones I called couldn’t give me an appointment for a month, or more, and I wasn’t willing to wait that long since I was in pain. Dr. Haynes did come up as a covered provider, so I checked out the website. I was impressed by what I saw there, and when I saw that the practice recently opened I was hoping that I could get an appointment quickly. I called and was very glad to find out that they could see me within a week, plus the office is very conveniently located for me– I work in the University area and the office is across Speedway Blvd from Concord Mills. When I went in for my appointment, the office staff was very friendly and welcoming. The offices are lovely– comfortable and nicely decorated. Patients can access the internet in the waiting area, and there is also PlayStation available– I *would* say for the kids, but the only person I saw playing was definitely an adult! The truest test for me, though, was that two cavities were found during my checkup…. my first cavities, ever, and I’m well over 40. When I went back to have them filled, I was able to make a late appointment so I didn’t have to take any time off work. Dr. Haynes and his staff were patient and professional and made sure I was comfortable. I can’t say getting those fillings was a fun experience, but it was as pleasant as something like that could be. I really feel like I lucked out finding Dr. Haynes the way I did. I look forward to going back for regular checkups (no more years-long lapses!) and will also readily refer friends and family here.

Kaywana Galloway (Source: Google)


If I could get everyone to change their dentist and switch to Modern Family Dental Care, I would. I became a patient about 5 years ago and when my company switched insurance providers, I had to find another dentist. When the switched back last year, I returned home back to Modern Family Dental Care. The staff is amazing and Dr. Taj is pretty dope! I received implants about 3 months ago and from the numbing to the implants, I had no pain!!! Big thanks to the entire team!!!!

Douglas Buckwell (Source: Google)


I had a tooth that was causing me pain during the night. I got on the internet in the middle of the and found Modern Dentist. They had me in the office first thing the next morning and relieve my pain by extracting my tooth. The whole procedure was painless. The whole office was very professional and I’m thankful to be pain free. I will be returning to have an implant done. Thank You Modern Dentist

Sheila H. from Concord, NC (Source: Yelp)


This team is incredible and easy to to work with.  While we have been patients since this practice opened, I am so happy to report that the good personal relationships that go along with serving people has not diminished, as they have grown.   From regular, planned visits to emergency visits, the staff listens and accommodates your needs—with a SMILE.

Elaine P. from Statesville, NC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Haynes is by far the best and most gentle dentist I have ever been to. I have an extreme fear of dentists an did not know what to do when I needed extractions. Dr. Haynes advertised mini implants so I made an appointment o see what they were all about. After the initial consultation I thought this was right for me. On my many visits for fittings the office staff was always welcoming and informative. When the big day came I was extremely nervous. After taking the perscribed pill for my anxiety I had 5 teeth pulled and 4 mini implants placed. The dr was very kind and patient and I suffered no discomfort or pain what so ever. This will be my dentist forever.

Rosa Myers (Source: Google)


As Always! I encountered a Wonderful experience at my Dentist appointment today! My Dental Hygienist Ashley is the Greatest! My Dentist Dr. Haynes has such Wonderful Chair Side Manners, he’s Simply The Best Dentist I have ever had. I thank each of them for the Continuous Pleasant Visit since my very first appointment with them February 23, 2012. My views of how I feel about my dentist office has changed. What is so disappointing about this matter, to this day, my dentist haven’t tried to reach out to me yet to find out why I haven’t been there this year. Sadly, earlier this year I tried to reach out to him and explain myself through the messenger, and some pr person of Dr. Haynes responded stating I needed to speak to someone else in their office regarding the matter, but not Dr. Haynes. Really! It has come to that! & when I first started we had a relationship like family! I was allowed to convey any of my problems or concerns, but now I cannot. I am very sad and disappointed that it has come to this because I really liked Dr. Haynes as my dentist.

Tracy Mello (Source: Google)


First appointment went great! I was apprehensive because I was needing to get a tooth crowned – something I have put off for 4 years, It was time. I had a great cleaning – very knowledgeable and answered my questions. I was offered two different things that could be added to my treatment if I wanted them. They were not pushing about it … it was totally up to me. We talked about the tooth I was in need of getting fixed. Again the explained. Quoted my a price. They did let me know they could do it today. They answered my questions and I told them I was nervous about the Novacaine. They assured me I would not feel it. I don’t know how he did that but I did not feel a thing. The cleaning and the first part of crown was successful. I go back in a couple weeks to get the permanent one on. Everyone was very nice.

Justin Nichols (Source: Google)


My visit today was amazing! As always. It had been a while since I went in, though no fault of theirs because they have defiantly reached out in the past. The Doc actually still remembered me, everyone was super nice, knowledgeable, and professional. My procedure was explained to me in detail as well as all follow ups. Much respect to Modern Family Dental Care.

Janice D. from Asheville, NC (Source: Yelp)


Yes, highly recommended. Trustworthy, honest, gentle, the best dental care I have received in my lifetime. I have always hated and procrastinated going to the dentist in fear of pain and judgment due to dental problems..Until now..I am beyond pleased with the personal one on one great care I received from Dr. Haynes and staff at Modern Family Dental Care.The office staff are kind, professional and honest. They are open about costs and insurance payments upfront. The estimate is printed out and given to me..There is nothing hidden. If insurance pays more than estimate and I over pay, I am given the credit back. They worked with me so I can pay what my insurance doesn’t. The method of payment and payment options accommodate my budget.The dental care I received at Modern Family Dental Care overall was professional and educational, actually beyond my expectations. Because of Dr. Haynes recommended treatments and regular cleanings by the best ever hygienist, I am able save my teeth. I feel lucky to be a patient of Dr. Haynes and his staff. I do not hesitate in recommending the quality dental care Modern Family Dental Care provides. I sincerely feel Dr. Haynes and staff care about me and my health.

Jaetarius Smith (Source: Google)


This was second time visiting MFDC at their location in Concord and it was just as great as my first experience. My hygienist and dentist were very knowledgeable and helpful (sorry, I can’t remember their names at the moment, but everyone’s great). Trust me, you’ll love the inviting atmosphere, their professionalism, and genuine concern for your oral health. The team sends out friendly reminders about your appointments well in advance, they recommend useful products and services that will benefit you in the long-run, and allow you to watch Netflix while you’re receiving care! Need I say more?! Visit their website to become a MFDC member and take advantage of their Exclusive Platinum Savings program.

Blake Cantine (Source: Google)


I had a great experience here. Need a lot of work done and they made it affordable and was able to do it the same day. The staff was awesome. Although i can’t remember the dentist name, i felt he was genuine about his concern for the pain i had been in and was ready to get it fixed for me right away. I’ll be coming there from now on.

Jaetarius Smith (Source: Google)


My experience with Modern Family Dental Care was wonderful! Dr. Taj and his staff make it their mission to make you feel at home. They employ transparency and (“modern”) technology to ensure that you’re informed and on pace to achieve your dental/oral heath goals. This makes for an experience like no other! MFDC emphasizes you, as well as the “why” behind your visit and will provide you with the appropriate resources and care that you need. If you’re new to the Charlotte-Concord-Harrisburg area or just searching for elite dentistry, I highly recommend Modern Family Dental Care. They won’t disappoint.

Jeniffer Loney (Source: Google)


Dr. Taj and the staff at Modern Family Dental Care, have been my dental provider of choice for sometime now. They are very professional and thoughtful. In this age of COVID19, where one might be hesitant to take care of one’s dental health, I am confident to say you can trust the safety and care to this team. Dr. Taj has the skilful art of numbing me up, without my feeling the needle, he’s good, trust me when I say that, as I’m a super sensitive patient. I’d highly recommend this practice, if you are looking to receive thoughtful and caring responses, to your dental needs. Kudos to my hygienist, she’s awesome. A thankful client.

Leah Fields (Source: Google)


I was recommended Modern Family Dental by a colleague and I was not disappointed. I typically do NOT like the dentist…at all. But the staff at MFD are super great! I had my first appt with Susan who is a GEM. She was so sweet and chill and I loved how she talked me through basically everything she was doing. Dr. Haynes is SO nice and he makes you feel like he’s known you forever. I recently had my second appt (fillings…ugh). Chelsea was the sweetest and she offered to hold my hand through the injections bit of it (which I totally took her up on) and she and Dr. Haynes made me feel more relaxed during that procedure than I’ve ever been. I won’t say I can’t wait to go back (because who actually wants to be at the dentist like that haha) but it’s definitely the best dentist I’ve ever been to!

Cj T. from Pineville, NC (Source: Yelp)


I’m reading these bad reviews and I’m kinda in awe at some of them. My experience start to finish was not bad! I had not been to the dentist in a long time and the health of my teeth were not in tip top shape. After a through exam the Dr. and I discussed my treatment plan. Then I met with Nikki, she had my financials all drawn up and ready for me to look over. She explained what my insurance did/did not cover. She offered a payment plan on my remaining balance that I could work with. My deep cleaning was done a few weeks later. I was given a kit to aid in the care and maintenance of my gums. Later I went back for fillings. Easy! Dr. Haynes is professional and does not waist time. He is a skilled Dentist. **** Now, don’t be mad if he does not have the bed side manner that you want! The man is busy!! The day I was there the office was booming!! To me that means something….He’s a good dentist! ALSO, know your insurance! Call ahead and get the deets before you go off on the person trying to help you meet your dental needs. Just because you have insurance does not mean ALL your work is FREE**** In closing thank you Dr. Haynes, Nikki, Melissa, Jennifer (and my hygienist – I forgot her name) for making me feel comfortable and well cared for!!

Allison W (Source: Google)


We have always had great experiences here! They see myself and my husband as well as my 2 year old (starting when she was 1). They are very patient with her and do a fantastic job. Anytime we’ve had issues or cavities they are very upfront and transparent about what they’re doing and how much everything will cost.

Clarissa Deal (Source: Google)


I had a good experience getting an implant in. I was pretty nervous about it, but Dr. Haynes made me feel better about it and checked on me throughout the surgery to make sure I was doing ok. I had minimal pain in the recovery process, and the office is very easy to work with and efficient.

Kevin Hanson (Source: Google)


I’m in the military & this was my first time seeing a civilian dentist in over 8 years. All staff members I interacted with were extremely polite & professional. Dr. Hayes was able to remedy an issue with my back molars that had been bothering me for years, he explained everything he was going to do before doing it & made the procedure seem effortless, highly recommend!

Katina Miller (Source: Google)


This was one of my best dental visits ever. I had to get two teeth pulled and I felt nothing, no needle pinch in my gums or the tooth being pulled. Dr. Taj Haynes is the best dentist I have been too in a long time and I have had some really bad experiences. He and his assistants are very friendly and make you feel comfortable.