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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


TMJ treatment

Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm (by appointment only)

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Randy R. from Westlake Village, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Jeff at Nagel Orthodontics for a little over 3 years. I can’t speak more highly of Dr. Jeff himself, as well as his whole team of employees. Dr. Jeff is a very calm, friendly, patient, person who gives you uninterrupted attention when he is with you. His undivided attention is a key component to you understanding your treatment and getting the absolute best care under his hands. He has a charming bedside manner and is great at explainig your treatment in a way that is very easy to understand. If issues arise while being treated, he is extremely available to address these issues. Even if it’s after hours. His whole team needs to be recognized for their friendly and cheerful attitudes at all times of the day. The front desk has been wonderful throughout the many years accommodating my very demanding schedule, making sure to fit me in at a moments notice because of my job. I truly appreciate this special handling and it doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I would highly recommend treatment from Nagel Orthodontics for adults to children. Although I am 37 years old I have two young kids which will be coming to see Dr. Jeff when the time is right. I have seen the amount of kids he works on throughout the years, and how he handles them, which is always so kindly and professionally. The kids are always aware of what is about to happen and much effort is taken to make them comfortable. Dr. Jeff, You and your whole team, I can’t thank enough for all you have done for me.

Joyce M. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best Orthodontist in Simi Valley! I have 2 daughters both have had braces at 2 different offices in Simi. The older one lost brackets, and had wires come off, and had a painful experience. That was because we didn’t know about Nagel Orthodontics! We do now. 2nd daughter started there because I read a review like this. They are very knowledgeable, thorough, they do a complete job that will not break or come loose. When the teeth move and a wire starts to poke, they get you in immediately. No appointment necessary. (Other daughter had to wait for the roaming ortho to be in). Their staff is friendly and warm. The office is beautiful. My husband lost his job and they were very nice in helping us have a payment plan. They are wonderful and I highly recommend them.

Renee E. from Moorpark, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to dr. Nagel 12 years ago in 2001. I had bad t m j and a very bad bite and daily very painful headaches. It was awfull! He was my 2nd round of ortho so my skepticism was high. First round was 3 yrs of hell. He was very kind and explained that I need to have surgery along with ortho care. So he worked closely with dr fryemiller in u c l a and we did ortho for 2 yrs then dr fryemiller broke my jaw and ralligned it. After another 1.5 yrs the braces came off!!!! I was given a night guard and retainer that I wear nightly. It is now 12 years later and I feel great. I see doc Nagel once a year to check everything and oh yes I have not had a headache in 12 years. Thank you to doc Nagel and his amazing team and very sweet, personable staff. God bless you. Renee.

Doug H. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Google)


All five members of my family have had the pleasure of being under the care of Nagel Orthodontics.  From braces for my 3 girls to Invisalign and retainers it has been nothing but a great experience working with them.  The office always has a positive atmosphere and all the office staff are friendly and do their best to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.  We have referred numerous friends to Nagel Orthodontics because so many people see the great work they did with our daughters (and their beautiful smiles) and just have to know who our orthodontist is!  I recommend without reservation!

Patricia Buffaloe (Source: Google)


My family has been going to Nagel Orthodontics for years. We are just stating our third daughter’s braces. I would not consider going anywhere else for her dental care. Both Dr. Jeff Nagel and Dr. Norman Nagel have always treated my daughters with kindness and consideration. The office staff is very helpful, and always make my family feel welcome.

Mark M. from Thousand Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Nagel provided orthodontics for my sister and I almost 30 years ago.  Head gear, braces, retainers, the whole 9 yards.  Since then, his practice has grown but with a full heart and friendly staff that has continued to service the Conejo Valley.  With the birth of my oldest and in the need for braces, we turned again to Dr. Nagel who corrected the obtrusive teeth and brightened my Daughter’s smile.  Again, now with Dr. Nagel’s son, we have yet again turned to the Nagel’s for direction with my youngest(s) and correspondence on correcting some orthodontic issues and consult.  Multi-generational patronage to a Multi-generational practice which has done this family well.

Marisa S. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


We have been going to Dr.Nagels for a year now and we absolutely love it! Every visit is met with a smile and sincere greeting along with a short wait. We chose this orthodontic (after three separate consults in town) because the doctor made eye contact and spoke directly to my daughter. She’s the patient it was important that she feels comfortable with the entire office staff. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for an orthodontic!

Elaine H. (Source: Google)


The doctor gave his consultation/review of my upcoming treatment plan. He took as much time as needed to explain and answer all my questions without making me feel rushed or foolish about some of my fears. I really appreciated that. My earlier appt. went the same way, so I am confident that during the next couple years I will also be give the same care. Thanks!

Patti Destocki (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough about how happy and impressed I’ve been with our experience at Dr. Nagel’s office. They are as kind and professional as I could ever hope for and my daughter’s progress is going as well (or better) than I had expected. I’ve used other orthodontists over the years for my other children, and I can honestly say they didn’t hold a candle to this office. I highly recommend both doctors and the amazing staff!

Amy Y. from Thousand Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


I got 4 teeth extracted last week at Dr. Nakano’s office.  Getting an IV general anesthesia was bit scary at first.  After the oral surgery, the wire got moved and the end was sticking out and poking my mouth.  So, Nagel Orthodontics was able to schedule me in right away to fix the wire problem.  Dr. Jeff and Joanne fixed the wires.  Everyone at the office are very friendly and nice.  If tightening of the wires didn’t hurt so much, I would have given them a perfect 10!

Leah A. from Oak Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


It came time for my teenagers to get braces. Nagel Orthodontics was recommended by a friend and it was the best referral I ever got! It’s a father and son practice and both are professional, personable and kind. Can’t rave enough about these doctors! We’ve been treated mostly by Dr. Nagel Junior who is fondly known as Dr. Jeff and he is a wonderful doctor who obviously enjoys his work. The entire staff is awesome but I have to specifically mention Kayla who we absolutely love! She is patient, sweet and has a great sense of humor. Both my kids do not dread their visits and look forward to their future straight teeth and even more beautiful smiles! 5 stars all the way!

Victor Dyck (Source: Google)


My granddaughter, Kailey Brown, came to live with me when she was 9. (5 years ago). It was obvious that she would need orthondics, but not immediately. After a few years I started to ask around (friends/family)(my son recommended the Nagel group). We “interviewed” several orthodontists and decided on Nagel Orthodontics. And I could not have made a better choice. From complete confidence in their expertise and technical ability, they have proven to be the best doctor/dentist office I have ever been in – always completely friendly and courteous (Doctors and staff), helpful, flexible to our time issues, on time (usually early) and ready to do whatever it took to take care of the patient. It was really clear that the top priority was to provide excellent care to the patient, and that all other issues were of secondary importance. Thank-you to Nagel Orthodontics for making this an easy and painless (no pun intended) journey.

Jasmindar D. from Corinth, TX (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Norman Nagel and Dr. Jeff Nagel for quite some time now.  When I first went to see him, I had so may issues with my teeth.  Dr. Nagel helped me straighten my teeth where other orthodontists couldn’t.  I cannot say enough nice things about him.  He is kind, gentle, honest and very caring.  He listens to you and gives very sound advice.  I highly recommend him!

Gail Smith (Source: Google)


I have seen Dr. Nagel in Thousand Oaks for TMJ after having headaches for years. Before this time, I had seen many specialists including neurologists and two TMJ specialists to find out what was causing my problems. Finally my dentist suggested Dr. Nagel. Wow! What a life-saver he was! He got to the bottom of the problem. I am now pain free. Through his analysis of the problem and his technique and the positioning of just the right kind of mouth guard (the others I had made the problem worse!) I am now pain free. I must add that the staff is terrific. So if you are interest in braces or other matters like TMJ or anything bothering you with your teeth, see Dr. Nagel first. You will be glad you did. Gail in Westlake Village

Lauri F. from Thousand Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Quinn had a loose wire which of course he didn’t tell me about until the weekend.  We swung by the office Monday morning without an appointment and they had is fixed in a jiff!! Always know we can count on them taking us in last minute and with such quick turnaround.  All 3 of my kids have gone here.  Couldn’t be happier!

Conejo J. from Thousand Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Decided to get braces as an adult and was referred to Dr. Nagel years ago. My braces have been off for over a year and I come back periodically to have my retainers checked. I actually look forward to coming back as both doctors and the entire staff are so pleasant to deal with that I actually kind of miss going there! I always felt comfortable with their knowledge, both doctors and the staff. And results were great. Definitely recommend them!

Aaliyah H. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


If there was ever a day for me to write a review, the day I got my braces off warrants one. I feel like I should give you a little background… I went into the office when I was 21 years old. I finally had the money to be able to afford braces as an adult, the braces that I have needed since I was 10 years old. As you can imagine, with an insecurity of having horrible teeth for pretty much your whole life, you really want things to be perfect no matter what. I feel like during the whole time that I went to Nagel orthodontics, I asked for my teeth to be extraordinary. Even though I have an odd amount of teeth on my upper row, Dr. Jeff tried everything he could to be extraordinary. He figured out a way to fix my midline (which wasn’t anyone’s fault, but mine for having an uneven amount of teeth) and that meant the world to me. I have never been shown so much patience from any other place I have been before. Not only that,  but Dr. Jeff showed me grace when I constantly was worried about the way that my teeth looked and talked me off the “ledge” every time and made me feel sooo much better (it’s crazy what overthinking can do to you). Now almost 3 years later, after worrying about my smile – MY TEETH ARE PERFECT. Not only is Dr. Jeff amazing, but his team is amazing as well. In particular, the RDA, Kayla was the most amazing worker I have dealt with being at Nagel orthodontics. When I first started to come to this orthodontic office, I was really nervous about everything and she truly made me feel comfortable. From being the one that convinced me to get rainbow on my braces, to the day she took my braces off she was always the one that was by my side and supported me throughout the whole thing.I am so grateful and happy with my smile, and I owe Nagel orthodontics everything for it. What I’m trying to say, in such a long way of saying it, I highly suggest going to Nagel orthodontics because they don’t treat you just like a patient, they treat you like family. I have no doubt in my heart that you will love your experience just as much as I did.

Heather Romano (Source: Google)


We now have both kids with Drs. Nagel. They both give the best care and I highly recommend them. Even though they are constantly busy, we are almost always seen at our appointment time and given personal attention as if no one else is around. There are ton of choices in Conejo Valley and we even researched some, but know we made the right choice for our family!

Jasmindar Deo (Source: Google)


I was a patient of Dr. Norman Nagel and Dr. Jeff Nagel for quite some time. When I first went to see him, I had so may issues with my teeth. Dr. Nagel helped me straighten my teeth where other orthodontists couldn’t. I cannot say enough nice things about him. He is kind, gentle, honest and very caring. He listens to you and gives very sound advice. I highly recommend Dr. Nagel. Although I am no longer living in California, I still keep in touch with him whenever I have any questions. And I have to say that Dr.Nagel always responds to my emails and helps me out with all my questions. He is always there for his patients.

Diana C. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


I just had oral surgery so my tooth could come out.  During my appointment the chain attached to the hardware needed to be attached to my braces. It seemed like it was something that needed to be done very precisely. Kayla? hooked the chain into my braces and changed my wire and was so proud of her perfect work that she had her colleague look at what should did and was very proud of herself for doing such a great job.  She took the time to explain why the rubber bands might come off and assured us not to worry if that happened.  The energy is always positive the moment you walk in the the door, typically starting with a big smile and hello from Nicole, followed by the same great energy from the doctors and everyone working on the patients. Every visit is a good one and everyone working there is awesome!  This is the best orthodontic group in Simi. Dr. Nagel did my mom’s braces over 30 years ago and she still goes back for retainer adjustments and has a beautiful smile. Now my brother and I go there and look forward to every visit!

Nicole M. from Canoga Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am very skeptical of orthodontist and dentist as I’m sure everyone is. After having pretty bad experiences with some of them I reluctantly decided I needed to see one due to my teeth grinding and needed a mouth guard. I, like so many others, had braces as a teen and didn’t wear my retainer. So my bottom teeth had shifted. I knew I needed Invisalign and started the process with Dr. Nagel and his son. First, Nicole who works in the office is so excellent. She handles all the billing and payments. I have never had someone who was so patient and just basically knew how to do their job as well as she does. She gave me an estimate and remarkably the total amount I paid was so close to the estimate she first gave me. I also switched dental insurances half way through my treatment and Nicole helped me with that process. Second, the office doesn’t require you to pay the full amount before starting treatment. So that means no care credit. You pay them directly with NO interest. Honestly, that blew me away. No one, especially dental offices do that. Third, after I switched dental insurance I had finished paying off my balance. Amount 3 months later I got a check for $600 from them because my new insurance paid more than what my old insurance did. Not only did I not know that but I didn’t have to fight them tooth and nail for it. They simply reimbursed me. Fourth, the doctors are just awesome and really know their shift. After my first set of trays they wanted me to do a whole other set to really get my teeth in order. I was so anxious that I would have to pay all over again but it was covered completely. Fifth, I completed my second treatment but need to get my two front teeth capped because of my grinding issues and couldn’t get it down because I was pregnant. So instead of making me permanent retainers, they made me temporary retainers until I can get my dental work complete and get molded for my permanent ones, at no additional cost. I could go on and on because this place honestly is the tits.

Dina J. from Thousand Oaks, CA (Source: Yelp)


Love the staff, love the doctors, and love their process and office. I went to Dr. Nagel for my 6 year old daughter. Her dentist said that if I don’t take her soon she may need surgery when she gets older. I chose Dr. Nagel because one of my friends has the best looking teeth and had a similiar situation as my daugher. Small jaw, big teeth. I asked her where she went, we are older and I thought for sure her ortho must retired, but she said he still has a practice (Dr. Norman Nagel). I figured she is a walking billboard for him so I called him. Their staff is so kind and patient. I love their check in process and their leniency with payments and that they have a Keurig with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate options 🙂 My kids love that too. It’s the little things in life that bring the most joy.  My daughter’s results were amazing and there wasn’t a need for surgery. I took my two boys there as well, they fixed my teeth, and I recommended family and friends as well. Everyone shared the same positive experienced as we did. I am complemented on my teeth often and it is all thanks to Dr. Norman and Dr. Jeff Nagel. I don’t know why it took me years to finally write this review, but it is well deserved. The doctors a nice and kind people and you can tell by how happy their staff is

Susan Chase (Source: Google)


Dr. Nagel and his staff helped my family for years. All 3 of our children need orthodontics work and loved going to see Dr Nagel and Dr. Jeff. It is not just a visit to the office but like visiting family and always fun, even if a little painful at times. I am so grateful to the Dr.s and the staff for all their hard work and caring nature. I would highly recommend their services to everyone, young or old alike.

Susan Petralia (Source: Google)


Both of my kids have been patients of Nagel Orthodontics. I honestly cannot say enough about how wonderful our experiences have been. Besides the fact that their teeth are GORGEOUS now (and we’re only half-way through our daughter’s treatment), every aspect of the process is simple – from discussing cost and insurance prior to beginning treatment to yearly follow up visits after treatment is completed. Every single staff member is kind, welcoming, helpful, and patient. They even have amazing coverage by other orthodontists when their office is closed. I constantly recommend Nagel Orthodontics to everyone I know.

Heather L. from Simi Valley, CA (Source: Yelp)


So very helpful! Such quick and kind service while being very thorough. Nicole in the front always has the answers to my questions and is so helpful. Dr. Jeff took his time and checked my teeth thoroughly and my bite to make sure everything was moving properly. He also checks to make sure my aligners are smooth in the back so they don’t cut my mouth. This office has been amazing with my treatment, knowledge, and kindness. I always walk out feeling so positive about my teeth and the final outcome.

Pam Price (Source: Google)


My kids had braces here years ago and they turned out great! I have had TMJ issues for years and was finally fed up with the pain! I had several forms of treatment, including splints and wearing braces a 2nd time when I was 35. I was desperate and quite frankly, was skeptical that anything would really help. It was recommended to me that I see Dr. Norman Nagel. Going through the evaluation and working through wearing a splint full-time, I am actually getting positive results after only 2 months. Dr. Nagel and his staff is so positive and helpful, and I actually look forward to what lies ahead in my TMJ treatment.

John N. from Newbury Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


Over the past 8 years I have sent my three daughters to have their teeth corrected by Norm and Jeff Nagel.  I can not say enough good things about what they have done for my girls.  They all have a million dollar smile.  The staff have all been very professional in how they have approached us as clients.  Norm and Jeff Nagel are the Best in Ventura County as far as I am concerned.  I highly recommend them!!!

Janette Morra (Source: Google)


We were originally referred to Dr. Norm Nagel as a last ditch effort to solve our daughter’s 5 year ordeal with jaw joint degeneration and extreme chronic jaw pain. If this didn’t work, she would have to have major facial/jaw surgery. I so appreciated Dr. Nagel’s approach, honesty, and genuine concern for our daughter. He thoroughly explained options and potential outcomes, and bottom line told us what he would do if it were his own daughter. We had seen numerous specialists with poor results, and ultimately, Dr. Nagel resolved her pain over the last 3 years. His staff was helpful, flexible and always made room in his schedule to accommodate her college schedule (she was in college 1.5 hours away). I couldn’t recommend Dr. Norm Nagel, Dr. Jeff Nagel and their staff more highly.

Aidan Camargo (Source: Google)


We are new to Nagel, and my daughter got her new Expander today! The staff made her feel comfortable and and safe. They provided us with great information on what to expect and how to care for them, plus they provided her with a handy little cleaning kit. Thank you for the great service and the welcoming committee when we walk through the door.

Julie Cleary (Source: Google)


All 3 of my sons had braces with Dr.Nagel. We were very satisfied with the whole process. Both Dr.Nagels are great! Very gentle and professional. They worked with us on payment and we’re always available if something came up. The office staff is fantastic and the front desk staff are incredible. Easy to work with and always willing to help. We love Dr. Nagel’s office and highly recommend this orthodontist!

Manoli F. from Camarillo, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been coming to Dr. Norman Nagel for TMJ issues since Oct 2017. For a good 12 years, I have had clicking in my jaw that turned into loud pops and eventually pain and discomfort. Both doctors and dental surgeons told me there was nothing I could really do for it. I went to Dr. Nagel and my jaw began feeling better immediately after beginning treatment. I really thought I would be miserable for the rest of my life. I plan on getting braces through him as well. He explained everything in detail and is a pleasure to speak with. Dr. Nagel and his lovely office staff are outstanding in every way. Would recommend to anyone looking for a good ortho

Amanda Chinchilla (Source: Google)


I was there last week all i can say they work as a team amazing staff all of them are really professional friendly Nicole she is a sweetheart when i got there they had everything ready for me Dr. Norman and Dr. Jeff took care of me when i got to their office in Thousand Oaks with a serious problem with a previous dentist if you are looking foe Friendly, Honest, Professional orthodontics go to Dr. Nagel’s office they have 2 locations Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks you will make the right choice call them i regreted i didn’t do my search before and went with other dentist but no question with Dr. Jeff if you had a really bad experience like me before with other doctor .Dr Jeff will take care of you without judging or trying to take advanage of the situation like others doctors will do i love them really good experince call them today.

Jennie C. from Glendale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Nagel by two different coworkers, after I asked around about InvisAlign. Not having the best dental care history, I was concerned about getting good service and consistency… and fearful of pain. Dr. Nagel came on very HIGH recommendations from everyone I asked. After being his patient now for just about a year, I can see why. He’s amazing! Knowledgeable, friendly, thorough and experienced. He definitely knows his stuff! And he’s great at answering all my questions, and putting me at ease. He has tons of staff and they’ve all been at least good to great… some stellar assistants that really stand out… but definitely no one I can complain about. I’ve been VERY happy with all the service I’ve received. When I did complain once, about waiting longer then normal for one of my regular visits, Dr. Nagel and the staff were very apologetic and have been very conscientious to not let it happen again. The billing staff were very professional and thorough… making sure I knew exactly what my insurance would (and would not) cover. When there was a discrepancy, they grabbed the phone and called the insurance company on the spot!, ensuring that I had no surprise fees. They are VERY professional in their business dealings. They were also gracious enough to postpone my December payment until after the new year, so that I can apply it all to my FlexPay account through work, without having to make an additional payment out of pocket. The results of my InvisAlign have been amazing… and the experience of an amazing Orthodontist has made the whole experience that much better! I’m very pleased =)

Kim Schwartz Keep (Source: Google)


Next week is braces’ day for my daughter. Everyone at Dr. Nagel’s office is very friendly. The staff have been very helpful in answering our many questions, as this is a whole new process for us. It’s been such a pleasant experience when we go to see Dr. Jeff. This place really is a great fit for us, and thank you for making us feel welcomed!

Faith G. from Encino, CA (Source: Yelp)


I started with Orthodontics late in life. My parents couldn’t afford braces for all three of us, so the one who needed them the most got them. Finally I decided it was time to do something about my teeth and bite since I suffered from chronic TMJ. Both the Dr.’s are gentle and kind, and go out of their way to explain everything, every step of the way. I started with braces, then Invisalign and now have a retainer. There was no additional charge for the additional procedures, just the one contract price which I really appreciate. I didn’t need to worry that I couldn’t afford the additional treatment. I always look forward to my appointments at Nagel Orthodontics. We have gotten to know each other over the years, We have shared books, family stories, and even bagels and coffee when the office won a radio contest. I recommend the Drs. Nagel to anyone in need of Orthodontics, young, in between, and a little older, like me.


Nagel Orthodontics, providing exceptional patient care to our community for over 30 years. Located in Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks, CA, providing you the highest quality orthodontics and TMJ care. Dr. Jeffrey N. Nagel graduated with his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry (UOP) in San Francisco, California. It was here he earned the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Award for Exceptional Interest in the Development of the Oro-Facial Complex, the AAO Foundation honor of A Case for the Future in the Vanguard Society, the Certificate of Excellence in Research for his study of cleft lip and palate, the Group Practice Award for outstanding patient care, compassion, and inspiration, and the Community Service Award. Following dental school, Dr. Jeff moved back to southern California where he began his postgraduate studies at UCLA, completing his orthodontic training and his Master of Science degree in Oral Biology. At UCLA, Dr. Jeff had the opportunity of treating complex craniofacial surgical patients, children, teenagers, and adults. In addition, Dr. Jeff is certified in Clear Aligner Therapy, offering the option of Invisalign to those patients that seek a clear alternative to braces. Today, Dr. Jeff works alongside his father, Dr. Norman Nagel, in both the Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks offices. Dr. Jeff grew up in the Conejo Valley playing AYSO soccer, surfing along the Ventura County coastline, and graduating from Thousand Oaks High School. His academics also include bachelor’s degrees in both biology and environmental studies from Sonoma State University, California and a master’s degree in geography from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Dr. Jeff continues to further his dental and orthodontic knowledge with continuing education courses and seminars. Away from the office, courses and community involvement, Dr. Jeff fulfills his love and time with his wonderful family. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your treatment needs – because a smile is forever!