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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Holistic dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Kyera Keenne (Source: Google)


I am so glad I found these guys. I’m a recording artist so my smile and overall mouth care is important. I had neglected my dental care during covid. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I recently moved to the Clearwater area and was looking for a dentist who used natural procedures. The dentist and hygienist at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry are perfect. So much care. I actually enjoyed getting my teeth cleaned. And this facility is gorgeous! I am so glad I caught myself and got in there before my negligence created bigger problems. I now feel much more comfortable for my upcoming photoshoot and performances.

Celine Surrell-Mazarani (Source: Google)


LOVE this dental practice! I had to have quite a bit of work done as I’d put things off for too long. I saw Dr.Carlson and Dr.Boswell – both were extremely kind and gentle, and both thoroughly explained everything before and after. I appreciated the focus on holistic care and found all of the assistants were equally knowledgeable and personable. The office in fact was so soothing, that I often felt more relaxed when leaving, than I did coming in. Highly recommended!

Abbie P. from Easton, PA (Source: Yelp)


LOVE this office! Fabulous care that I trust 100% (for my entire family!)! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. I have nothing but wonderful, positive things to say about the whole staff & every experience that I’ve had there! Very glad that I made the switch to them a few years ago.

Joceline Height (Source: Google)


I have always absolutely hated going to the dentist…try that for motivation to take care of your teeth. In spite of my best efforts at home, I still have to go to the dentist for cleaning/examinations. I can’t say I look forward to it but I will admit that my experiences at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry has always been good. ..friendly staff, professional service, good and healthy recommendations…now if they would only accept insurance…oh well can’t have everything but I will continue going anyway because of the holistic approach to dentistry at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Cheri Moore (Source: Google)


Respected decision to wait to remove a tooth I had tried to save through 2 root canals despite X-ray showing a concern with an abscess below root. As a new patient I was very surprised and dismayed after spending so much money to save tooth. Thank you for quickly removing tooth when infection told me I could no longer wait (ears hurt, sore throat, flu-like symptoms, gum swollen). Both roots, tissue, and a small piece of bone were very infected. Thank you for getting it all and using Blood Plasma technology to promote healing!!

Sarah Edwards (Source: Google)


My daughter had a bad experience with her pediatric dentist, and was terrified to get dental work done. I can’t even tell you how amazing the doctor and staff were. Not only did they explain each step of the process to her, they also implemented techniques to keep her at ease throughout. Everyone here seems to genuinely love what they do, and I appreciate having more natural options to care for my kiddo. I am so incredibly glad we found this place.

Courtney Offutt (Source: Google)


Best dentist in Clearwater. They are kind, knowledgeable and amazing at what they do. DR. Carlson is incredible. I have regular cleanings as well as had some cavities filled. The experience of getting the cavities filled is different than other places you will visit. It’s better! Not only will they try to do it in a more natural way (without drugs and with your permission of course). But since the procedure is so gentle you do not need to fill your body with harsh chemicals and numbing agents just to have a healthy smile. It is worth every penny! I cannot imagine going anywhere else.

Sonia Marie (Source: Google)


Excellent dentist! I’m happy to have found a holistic practice where I have control over my care. I had a 10 year old root canal that was giving me problems for years and other dentist told me it was fine. After it was removed, there was excessive decay under the crown and an abscess at the root. Very happy with the treatment.

Rhett Jones (Source: Google)


Dr. Carlson and her staff are excellent. My family and I have been patients for over 10 years and are very aware of any allergies or sensitivities someone may have. I’ve had regularly scheduled cleanings, fillings, and, most recently, Invisalign. I am highly confident in referring people to this facility.

Megan Heath (Source: Google)


Dr. Carlson is the best. She is gentle, precise and calming, and she actually cares about providing the best options for the future health of my teeth. She will preserve your teeth whenever possible and avoids referring patients for root canals when she can (which is a nice change from a previous dentist who actually required that I sit through a video explaining why root canals are the best thing in the world, when I never actually needed one). She also does not use silver fillings and understands how these toxins can harm you, so I am always confident that she is providing the highest quality care. Her office staff are friendly, offering blankets during visits, water, vitamin C packets after novocaine use, and even made me a protein shake when I didn’t have time to eat one morning. If you’re looking for a holistic dentist who considers how the health of your teeth and mouth affect the rest of your body, you found her.

Rachelle Roach (Source: Google)


As a holistic nutritionist, I am VERY CAREFUL about who I see as my practitioners! I have been a “patient,” of Dr. Carlson’s for years! From my expert teeth cleanings to the (WONDERFUL), experience of having my filings taken out, they are the best holistic dental team out there!! I highly recommend them! They know there holistic dentistry and more—

Vero Bero (Source: Google)


This is a great office period. They don’t force fluoride or use mercury – things that should be considered archaic but are common practice in dental offices. They support my right to look at my health and choose the course of action that is best for me. My daughter loves going here as well – she gets excited to go actually. They provide top quality care and consider the health of the person as a whole. After all, so many illnesses start in our mouths!

Judy Mihalik Thomas (Source: Facebook)


Excellent service with professional and friendly staff. Went in with a headache and was offered a warm neck wrap. Can’t get customer service like this everywhere… Also, If you’re looking for a place that is not bombarded with toxins, this is it! Everything is done in the best interest of the client’s health. No mercury here either. Unfortunately, places like this are hard to find. Grateful client!!!

Nanette Manuel (Source: Google)


I have had extensive dental work in my life time starting with a dentist taking one of my permanent molars at age 6. At the age of 10 my mother sent me to a dentist down the street and he filled every tooth with silver fillings. Mom had good dental insurance. Because of that I had to have lots of dental work. My dad died with a full set and my children are in their 40 with no cavities they have my teeth. So with that I have been looking for a good dentist literally for years. I have found that dentist with Natural & Cosmetic Dentistry. They will make you feel like you have been at the spa each visit… Cannot say enough about quality and professional work. Thanks girls! See you soon…

Phillip Bostick (Source: Google)


Dr. Carlson removed the multiple amalgam fillings that resided in my teeth. During my initial consultation, I was made to understand how much care was taken to make sure that would be safe during the entire procedure. During the procedure I felt very protected and comfortable. Dr. Carlson is a dental care professional in whom you can trust to do an excellent job with cleanings and amalgam filling removal. Excellent Care!!!

Holly Sizemore (Source: Google)


Just took my 3 year old daughter in for her first Dentist appt. The office was very clean, and cozy. Office staff was really great with her, and even had Dory playing on the little TV to get her attention. They discussed all of the tools they were going to use with her (just a cleaning), so she wouldn’t be scared. She made it through like a champ! They even had a little treasure box for my picky daughter to choose out of LOL

Meghan McManus (Source: Google)


Amazing! Dr. Carlson always gives excellent care. She is extremely skilled, compassionate, and makes sure her patients are comfortable. The entire office culture is awesome from the front desk to the assistants. They’ve taken effort to see me on short notice when needed, and always made sure I was cared for. For an extraction, Dr Carlson was extremely skillful and I didn’t feel any pain, the recovery time has been very short thanks to using ozone and stem cells. Thank you Natural & Cosmetic Dentistry!

Dave Kinkade (Source: Google)


I was a patient of Dr Carlson’s for a number of years. She’s witty, engaging and quite skillful. The entire staff couldn’t be nicer and they really show care and concern for the patient. Their approach to overall health is both helpful and appreciated.

Dale Hallgren (Source: Google)


Recently, my wife and I have made several visits to Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry to have some fairly extensive dental work done. Dr Carlson and everyone in the office have made us feel comfortable with every aspect of our treatments. Our experience has been great, and we highly recommend them!

Andrew Reilly (Source: Facebook)


I must say that I was not in the best of moods going there or very hopeful having been deceived by the dental industry with mercury for years. It all began with the Dental Assistant Jessica (who, in my opinion, is a credit to the office, Dentistry and humanity as a whole) she had a presence that was so genuine passionate and caring that I literally felt the anxiety and stress dissipate from within me. I can’t say enough about her because it was so real & meaningful. Her friend Heidi was very similar, though I didn’t have as much time with her, they are two bright lights in the world, so if you ever need good holistic caring work done…. it is worth the 1 1/2 drive and I will go there before anywhere.(And I’ve been to a lot of places). Dr Carlson is a credit to her industry and I HIGHLY recommend this place. What started out as skepticism ended up with a fan and advocate for life. Thank you all, and especially Jessica who went above and beyond.

Christina Moore (Source: Facebook)


Excellent! We have been coming to this dental office for over eight years! Eight years ago I was seeking a natural dentist to safely remove my amalgam filling’s. Now with three kids it’s a family affair. We travel an hour and a half and will continue to!

Deb E. Radstrom (Source: Google)


I had my first dental work done at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry on Aug 8. The results had me almost deliriously happy! Dr Carlson took the time to talk with me about my concerns. Then she and her staff took care of a cracking tooth, removed two old metal fillings and filled various cavities. I was so happy that she is a conservative dentist, saving much tooth structure. In fact, once into the process, she determined that I had enough good tooth left that I did not need one crown but got a smaller restoration. That saved that tooth (as well as saving me money). I am much more comfortable retaining as much natural tooth as possible. I did get a temporary crown preparing for a permanent crown on another tooth and was able to pick out the custom color for the permanent. As a result of her excellent work my jaw and neck snapped into place – surprise! I had been uncomfortable but didn’t realize how much and that it was from previous dental work elsewhere. The temporary crown was a bit longer as I had wanted, and a very comfortable bite for me. Tension in my jaw relieved, and that night, I felt my entire spine straighten out down the the very bottom.It was a real revelation to me how dental bite can affect the entire spine! Thank you for your careful thorough work.

Teresa Mott (Source: Google)


I was not the best at taking care of my mouth, as a matter of fact, teeth were falling out, and i had gum disease. I couldn’t stand going to the dentist. I was taken care of here. She fixed my front teeth as well as handled my infected root canals. Before I never smiled. I didn’t like to show my teeth. I felt ugly. After many calming visits and a very easy step by step plan, I can say I love my smile. I love my teeth and I feel more confident speaking to people. Thank You Dr. Carlson.

Nelson Cacciatore (Source: Facebook)


Very courteous and knowledgeable staff. Extremely gentle�� and patient during treatment making for optimal healing! I’m so thankful for getting toxic metal out of my mouth �� I love not being afraid of the dentist now�

Ryan (Source: Google)


I had a wonderful experience they are caring, sensitive, mindful of how I feel, want to make me comfortable Ms. Sharon at desk is great I drive 1 hour and 15 minutes one way they are worth every minute and every mile. All the staff is like family Dr. Carlson even text me to see if I was ok after my first visit I will tell everyone about them and they believe in coming from holistic side and that’s where I come from my mouth is key to help the rest of my body THANK YOU DR. CARLSON AND STAFF you deserve a 10 STAR!!!!!!!!!!!

Fabiola Reyes-Kimball (Source: Google)


Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry replaced my silver amalgam filling with a white filling, they were very gentle during the whole procedure. At the beginning of my appointment I was very nervous but with they helped me feel calm through out the entire appointment. Now I am amalgam free!! Thanks!!!! You are the best 🙂

Anonymous (Source: Google)


I discovered this practice while researching root canal alternatives. My now former dentist said I needed a root canal. Turns out I didn’t. To make a long story short, this group saved my tooth! Fast forward… I got my teeth cleaned today . 4 months since my first visit. So professional! Pain-free! Super group of people….and their competitively priced! . If you don’t at least give them a try, you’re cheating your dental health. This practice exists to save teeth not remove them. This is the exact opposite of your typical factory dental practice also known as a drill – fill – Bill money machine! Can’t say enough good! They are truly first class!

Dave Walters (Source: Google)


This was the first time I had been to Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry. It was the first time in a very long time I had been to a dentist – I don’t like going. I told the staff my story and that I didn’t like going to the dentist and they were sympathetic and did what they could to ease the discomfort. They took the time to see what was going on and provided options for continuing treatment. If you’re looking for a dentist, you should consider Natural and Cosmetic Denistry!

Michael Niemis (Source: Facebook)


After my first cleaning, I felt like I just stepped out of the dark ages with my previous dentist. Modern equipment and the latest in dental technologies is what a good dentist should have, and here they have it!!! April is the best dental technician I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Courtney Hamid (Source: Facebook)


Looking for a fantastic/ skilled dentist? This is the place. Dr. Carlson is one of the best dentists I have ever encountered. She knows her stuff and will never put you through anything that isnt completely necessary. The staff are welcoming and pleasant as well. I fully, whole heartedly recommend this office. OH, last but not least–On the extra plus side, they do everything natural they possibly can. I even had a cavity filled without novocaine (by choice, not by pressure. Dont worry they have it numbing agents). Long story short Dr. Carlson is so on her game that it wasn’t needed in my case and filled my tooth flawlessly. As you can see I am over the moon about this office. Thank you Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry!

Kyle Davis (Source: Google)


I had an awesome experience! For the past year I’ve had constant pain after having a crown put in, not to mention I felt like I was butchered by the dentist office that did the crown, they put me in so much pain it gave me anxiety even thinking about going back. So when my crown came off instead of going back I tried Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry. Not only where they all great and amazing people I ended up having a panic attack right before they were going to start. They were so kind helping me with breathing exercises and just their overall compassion and empathy for me in that situation was incredible. I can’t thank all of you enough for everything you did for me. Biggest bonus of all I’m not in pain for the first time in a year! It always feels great to be taken care of as a person first then a patient, they definitely did both. Thank you!!


Holistic dentist in Clearwater, Dr. Beata A. Carlson is a 1995 graduate of the University of Maryland at Baltimore and is also a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, The American Academy of General Dentistry and The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Her approach to dentistry starts with a Natural or Holistic (promoting health and wellness instead of only the treatment of disease) approach to enhance your physical health and eliminate any compromise to the immune system. Also your mouth and teeth are the gateway to your health; and her goal is to have your teeth look their best, feel good and last a lifetime. That is why she focuses on nutrition and education for your personal dental and overall health. Teeth are interconnected to all organs and glands in your body; they can harbor infections without symptoms and erode the body’s immune response. That is also why she offers biocompatible materials to restore your teeth to their natural state, as well as a variety of services and products. She is also proud to provide mercury-free dentistry to her patients.