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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Dav Y. from Cupertino, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Robert Chen’s orthodontic practice comes highly recommended within the Cupertino community. Dr. Chen’s treatment approach is conservative, but also effective. He doesn’t aggressively push for unnecessary appliances that hinder proper oral hygiene. His extensive research and training from UCSF enable him to utilize the latest technology and techniques to achieve esthetic and stable results, within a minimal amount of treatment time. Dr. Chen’s staff are great with whom to work. Matty, the financial coordinator, is very knowledgeable in all facets of dental insurance billing. He is so pleasant and easy with whom to speak. Michelle is a consistent RDA who takes pride in delivering exceptional patient care with the wire adjustments, impressions, and articulately explaining home care instructions for new appliances. She is very gentle with the patients, and keeps them comfortable. Kassandra is so professional and friendly at the front desk. She greets everyone with a warm smile, and stays calm no matter how many people are waiting or how many phone calls are coming in. She makes sure to answer our scheduling questions thoroughly. This is a top notch team who work seamlessly together.

Charlie Chu (Source: Google)


I am over 40 years old and had to go through some serious oral procedures a few years ago. My oral surgeon recommended me to go through orthodontic procedure since my remaining teeth are uneven due to overcrowding. I was recommended to Dr Chen by another orthodontist due to the complexity of my case. The outcome is spectacular! I am extremely happy with the result. Adults, don’t be shy to go through orthodontic procedure. You will not regret it. + Services from Dr Chen and staff are very courteous, they remember you by name. + Dr Chen is always contactable. I had a few after office hours emergencies and he was always there to help me every time.

Kelly O. from Cupertino, CA (Source: Yelp)


Wow. Dr. Chen is awesome. He always makes time to talk to me if I have concerns about my kids treatment. He also provides his cell number to all his patients. Really? Who does that in this day and age? Once we had an emergency because my daughter’s screws came off. Dr. Chen basically opened up his office early on Saturday morning just to fix the problem. This is my 4th orthodontic experience. Our first 3 were with another orthodontist. Dr. Chen is so superb in comparison. Yes, he doesn’t work on your teeth the entire time. But, that’s the way orthodontics is nowadays. But, he will ALWAYS check to make sure things are done right. He is very obsessed with orthodontics and probably relaxes at night by studying different cases. He was the only orthodontist we visited (out of 4) that pointed out a problem with my kid’s profile. And, he was able to fix it. All the other orthodontists we visited just do the basics of straightening teeth. He is straight-forward and extremely knowledgable. I’m so happy I took the chance to switch orthodontists.

Victor Nguyen (Source: Google)


Dr. Robert Chen is such an experience,wonderful, caring, enthusiastic orthodontist. The office also uses latest technologies to achieve the utmost result for the patients. My case was a very difficult case which required jaw surgery to close the open bite , but with his experience and expertise he can close my bite without surgery. I am very happy with the experience at the office for both staffs and Doctor. Highly recommend Dr. Chen for your orthodontic treatment.

Saran R. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Today is my last doctor visit at Dr. Chen’s office. After a 12 months Invisalign treatment, I finally have a nice beautiful smile and am very happy with the result. My bite has been fixed! I started my Invisalign program in February 2011. My experience with Dr. Chen and his staff members has been excellent. Dr. Chen is an Invisalign specialist. He’s knowledgeable and very delicate especially during the computer programming phase. I believe this is instrumental in getting the right teeth alignment. The staff at the office is very nice and friendly. There are two offices (Cupertino and Sunnyvale), which give the patients more flexibility and convenience in terms of office visits. The facilities are clean and well-kept (although the Cupertino one is newer and better-lit). Grace who handles the quoting and claims is very knowledgeable about the insurance claim process. She’s very responsive in responding to my emails and makes sure I have all the documents I needed to submit for my FSA claim. Thank you to Dr. Chen and all the staff at New Age Braces once again!

R J. from Palo Alto, CA (Source: Yelp)


Both my children are under Dr.Chen’s care. We are happy so far. The staff is friendly. Dr.Chen takes time to explain all your queries. My teen has invisalign and from day one he was motivated and encouraged to use it right so he has effective results and he does it. There is definitely something about Dr.Chen that my children want to follow daily routine. The ex-pander tightening,keeping the braces clean,flossing between the braces etc…. Know to call if you cannot make for an appt for any reason. Overall,will continue with Dr.Chen and will recommend to others.

Alex Kleinman (Source: Google)


If you are looking for a candid, reliable review, this is it. Dr. Chen has an impressive pedigree. I am not sure I am sold on the whole “engineer=good Dr.” marketing thing, but I guess it may perhaps be logical with moving teeth. At first, I was timid to sign his contract because it had endless litigiously worded, strict clauses. He has reservations to take me on as a patient because I asked lots and lots of legal questions and strongly questioned the price (which is absolutely relatively high even for this market). We were both frustrated with each other, it even got heated, but eventually (I think to both our surprise) all of the back and fourth somehow came to fruition as a patient/doctor relationship. I had some serious reservations about doing Invisalign with him but I can attest to the fact that so far, my treatment has gone very well. Dr. Chen is very professional as a doctor. His staff are friendly but when it boils down to it, the logical thing to look for in any health professional is specifically: do they get black-and-white RESULTS. Almost my entire priority is to have great teeth above all else while working with an honest professional. This has proven so far to be exactly what I was looking for. I am not done with treatment yet, but so far Dr. Chen been completely honorable in everything he said he would do. Most importantly, the results have been excellent. If you are really concerned with anything else (albeit a significant price), you need to re-prioritize. Most people would have backed out based on my initial interaction with him, but I can genuinely say that I am glad I went with Chen.

Israel Y. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Chen treated my siblings and I, and we all had great results, and we are all really happy with their service. After your consultation, you’ll have monthly appointments. The staff will send you a reminder of your appointment via e-mail or phone as your appointment approaches. The facility itself is beautiful and professional, and the staff is very kind and welcoming. I never had to wait long in the lobby before I was called in. Dr. Chen is really kind and professional, and he is always really good at addressing any of your questions or concerns. I got to know the staff pretty well, and they were always really fun and easy to talk to about anything, really. Dr. Chen’s wife is also gave me great advice on school haha. I am really happy with my results, and I wouldn’t recommend any other orthodontist!

Drew P. from Miami Beach, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Robert Chen and his staff are always very nice, attentive, courteous, and professional.  3 of my four children are or have been patients of Dr. Chen’s over the past 10 years.  The fourth child is still too young to see an orthodontist, but if and when she does need to see one, we will make a bee-line to Dr. Chen’s.  He even has given out his cell phone number in the case of an emergency.  I don’t know how many doctors are willing to do that and most want you to go through an answering service after hours.  I am very satisfied with the care my children have received and am very please with the results.

Serena Johns (Source: Google)


I have only been into the office for a consultation, but I am amazed at the service that I have received so far. Dr. Chen is a very knowledgeable doctor and has a great team working under him. Matthew and Cassandra in the office are super nice and made me feel comfortable about this big decision to get braces.

Leanna N. from West Menlo Park, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Chen’s office is well equipped at handling orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. Dr. Chen is very experienced with the latest trends and research in teeth alignment. He uses high quality and innovative materials to achieve lasting results, in an efficient amount of time. He has a strong understanding of engineering and biomechanics, which are key to orthodontic tooth movement. His staff are equally nice. Matthew understands the nuances of dental insurances perfectly. He is great at explaining the patient portion, and looks up our benefits for us. Many other offices ask us to call ourselves, but Matthew takes the guess work out for the patients. We like Michelle, his long-time RDA. She is always friendly and responsible to each patient. Michelle works well with Dr. Chen, and she can anticipate what he needs for each patient. She is skilled with wire changes, and it’s great that she never leaves a “pokey” wire out, when placing a new wire. Michelle always keeps the patient comfortable during orthodontic procedures. Kassandra is our favorite front office receptionist. She’s consistently friendly, and accommodates our scheduling needs. She makes calling their office with scheduling issues a breeze. Dr. Chen and his loyal team are one of the best in the Cupertino area. They combine high level proficiency with a personal touch.

Jaehee Y. from Cupertino, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Chen and his office members offer the most top notch and comprehensive orthodontic care that one can find in Silicon Valley. He is extremely thorough with his evaluations and answers all questions clearly during the consultation. It’s reassuring to know that Dr. Chen is realistic and honest about the treatment plan, without being overly aggressive. He patiently discusses any concerns that we have, and expertly caters each treatment methodology to fit the patients’ individual needs the best. Dr. Chen is certainly not a “cookie cutter” type of orthodontist, who uses the same approach and appliances for every patient. He takes the time to develop the most efficient treatment method for each patient, with excellent results each time. We are also very pleased with his Grade A+ staff. We’d like to give special accolade to Matty, Dr. Chen’s financial coordinator extraordinaire. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all facets of dental insurance. His billing accuracy is impeccable. What makes Matty particularly stand out though is his warmth and charisma. He takes a personal interest in every patient, and even remembers our favorite hobbies, movies, and so forth. His exceptional customer service also sets this orthodontic office apart from all others. Thank you, Matty, for taking the guess work out of insurance billing, and for making each of our visits so personable and absolutely delightful. Michelle, the experienced RDA is fantastic too. She has been a loyal and consistent staff member there for years. She keeps our kids so comfortable for all of the wire changes and follow up appointments. Michelle is gentle and knowledgeable. We are so happy every time we get to see Michelle. Kassandra is an amazing front staff. She is friendly and answers all of our scheduling questions perfectly. Her customer service is the best. We highly recommend Dr. Robert Chen’s orthodontic office for kids and adults alike. The results are consistent, and the bite transformations are amazing.

Veronica S. from Sunnyvale, CA (Source: Yelp)


Yaaaay! Dr. Chen is uber cool! (and his staff, of course). There was this one time (at Band Camp), a few days before Christmas (when I did nothing but chow and chow….and chow), the edge of my wires slipped out the end bracket and was making me very uncomfortable from all the poking it did to my inner cheek. I call the office and voila! I was asked to come in – and was given 2 choices of times to come – the same day. I had anticipated from them to tell me something like “Uh, sorry, we’re trying to finish every single child before the Holiday” or “Eh, just bear with it until after the fireworks in 2011.” During that day that this even occured, my family and I had planned a lunch out at En. My appointment with Dr. Chen was right after lunch and I was a little worried that I’d arrive at the office with plenty of seaweeds or fresh fish meat stuck in betweenmy brackets. Lunch finished early and I decide to just drive to Cupertino already. I arrive at Dr. Chen’s office 15 minutes early. Dr. Chen comes out of the clinic and greets me. He starts to talk to me about what happened with my wires and immediately asks me to come in to be seen! So he explains to me that the wire he used for my lower brackets the last time were actually super thin and that it can easily bend when I eat (GUILTY as charged) and slip out of the bracket. He tells me that they’ll replace it with a slightly thicker wire. I was in and out of the office before my actual schedule! Whew! Although I live in Sunnyvale, I do not mind driving to Cupertino for some of my appointments. The staff is friendly and pleasant. Dr. Chen is very tact and professional. This office is not one of those offices I’d not look forward to going back. This clinic is located in a little retail strip along Stevens Creek and De Anza – Town Center Lane. There’s a froyo shop next door and martial arts clinic. It may be a little bit of a challenge to find the office if it’s your first time so plan to come here early, so you don’t miss your appointment in case you get lost. Parking is plenty at a lot. Thank you, Dr. Chen. See you next year! Oh and my teeth are straighter now, more than ever. Can’t wait to get them off and flash better smiles!

Ratna Jalisatgi (Source: Google)


Both my children were under Dr. Chen’s care. Teenager had his in visalign and we are very much pleased with the results. Younger one had expander,braces..1st phase. The expander is out. Overall, our experience with the staff and Dr.Chen was amazing and I highly recommend Dr.Chen.

Eva C. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Before I got braces, I visited a few other doctors to get a consult. After visiting Dr. Chen, it was clear to me that I wanted him as my orthodontist. He had a friendly staff that greeted me every time I walked into the office. I was always a bit afraid of doctor’s offices but I could not have felt more comfortable here. Dr. Chen was patient and paid close attention to all the small details. He explained to me thoroughly of what will be the process of getting braces so I will know what kind of a result I would get. As those monthly check-ups came around, Dr. Chen never failed to give me the attention I needed. He would notice those small fine points that I’m sure other doctors would not have noticed. I remember there was this one time where he switched out my wire a few times just so he can make it perfect. There is no doubt he is fully dedicated to satisfy his patients. I’m a swimmer so my schedule is really busy. The only time I have is usually in the morning. When we were scheduling an appointment to put on my braces for the first time, Dr. Chen was willing to come early in the morning before my school started. He is the only doctor I know who would go out of their normal schedule to do this. Not to mention, all their tools and machines are state of the art and brand new. Many would think getting braces is a painful process, and at times it is. But with a wonderful doctor and staff, your experience will be that much better. I know I made a right decision to go to Dr. Chen and I hope everyone else does too.

Didi D. from Santa Rosa, CA (Source: Yelp)


Best orthodontist ever,  The price is a little high, yet you paid for what you get.   He is genuinely care for your teeth.  He answers all of your question anytime in the day and even the silly question through email he is still answer for you.  His staff are also great.  I have one kid is done with braces and her teeth look flawless, can’t wait for the second kid to be done.