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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tam M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Chern is an incredible dentist. She is well-trained, competent, and makes my whole visit experience both productive and fun. I routinely go to her office for my dental check-ups (teeth cleaning included), and I am always impressed with how efficiently she works. In addition, I have found the the zero wait-time to be rare in NYC, but Dr. Chern has never made me wait! She has excellent bedside manner, is caring, and I always trust her judgment regarding decisions about my teeth.

Carolyn Carr (Source: Google)


I absolutely hate going to the dentist but Dr. Chern is always very nice and patient and explains everything to me. She always asks if I am in pain and will not hesitate to make your more comfortable. She also chooses excellent assistants so even when getting X-rays or getting prepped it is a good experience.

Susan Ly (Source: Google)


Dr. Chern is extremely attentive, gentle, caring, skilled and thorough. She is very patient oriented so you will never feel rushed during an appointment and during the appointment, she constantly monitors you to make sure there is no discomfort. The office is modern and clean and the staff is welcoming, courteous and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Chern!! Thank you for my pain free dental appointment!

Vicky T. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


This is my third visit and another great experience with Dr. Chern. Who likes going to the dentist? No one. But Dr. Chern… * Makes you feel comfortable, special, and welcome * Get you in and out as quickly as possible * Use modern tools and skills that mitigate the pain * Demonstrate a high level of medical expertise She is also very conveniently located… for me anyway. I’m not afraid to go back because I know they’ll take care of me. Insurance was easy too.

Nena Vavalstjean (Source: Google)


Dr Chern was in Brooklyn and I went to other dentist because her moved to Manhattan made it difficult to travel. After seeing her when she was in Brooklyn there is no one like her bedside manners , honesty and caring approach that I had no problem traveling back to her office now in Manhattan. Her professionalism is a rarity. All professionals should model her.

Michael O. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Inna’s been my dentist for 2 years now and is great. I hated going to the dentist before because of anxiety. She is very friendly and thorough. She doesn’t push unnecessary treatment and her staff is very helpful with scheduling and insurance questions. I work across the street and come over on my lunch and they are always very timely which was very important to me. I highly recommend her and her office.

Sofia C. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been seeing Dr. Inna along with my kids since she practiced in gramercy park. She is very thorough, professional and friendly. Her midtown office is beautiful, very spacious and high tech. They have a great online booking service through which makes making an appt super easy. Stella (office manager ) is super helpful with getting insurance issues answered. I highly recommend her office!!!

Gabriella Kornetska (Source: Google)


Inna Chern is the most personable, nice, and an absolute professional of her field. Dr. Chern takes her time to make sure that everything looks perfect. She’s an amazing doctor! All staff (especially Tiffany) are also very nice and helpful. Great experience! My husband and I love having Dr. Chern as our primary dentist! Highly recommend.

Valentina D. (Source: Zocdoc)


Dr. Chern was INCREDIBLE! I cannot get over how great she was during my entire visit. She makes great conversation which helps put you at ease, and she is very thorough in her explaining of procedures, etc. No rushing of the sort. She was such a pleasure to work with and although I don’t like going to the dentist (LOL), she made it enjoyable! I will definitely be recommending her to anyone I know that is looking for a dentist.

Russ W. from Queens, Queens, NY (Source: Yelp)


Been a patient of Dr. Chern since 2001 and will be until I have no more teeth or I’m dead. Whichever comes first. She’s simply the best. Bedside manner A+, knowing her shit A+, and always makes a pleasant experience out of an always unpleasant dentist experience. This is a no brainer people. Fire your current dentist and run to see her

Meng Tian (Source: Google)


Dr Chern is absolutely wonderful and I’m so happy with my first visit to her office. I was her first patient of the day and arrived 15 mins earlier and she accommodated my schedule by starting with me right away! She is very professional, knowledgeable, personable and patient. Her bedside manner is impeccable and she explained everything very clearly every step along the way. She did both the X ray and cleaning herself which I couldn’t be happier with! I would highly recommend her!

Jennifer Tan (Source: Google)


Best dental experience I’ve ever had. From making my appointment with Tiffany to checking in with Fiona, everything was so smooth before I even sat down. Neal, who took my x-rays was so kind; I loved that he walked me through everything he was doing and prioritized my comfort first. And like the rest of the staff, Dr. Chern, was just as amazing. She was patient, reassuring, and informative throughout my entire appointment, answering questions I had, asking if I needed a break, and constantly made sure I was comfortable. She and her staff stayed later than my scheduled appointment time to ensure I was well taken care of and I really appreciated that. I’ll be coming back for sure – thanks for taking care of me.

Monica Marangon (Source: Google)


I was so anxious for my first visit because I had not seen a dentist in a long time. But as soon as I entered Dr. Chern’s office, I immediately felt welcomed and treated with respect. Dr. Chern is a very gentle, yet, a confident and professional human being. Her staff is very friendly and seems happy to work for Dr. Chern. Dr. Chern’s and her staff explained to me the process of my visit step by step. The office is very clean and elegant. I felt safe and I left smiling.

Kate Schaefer (Source: Google)


It was my first visit to Dr. Inna Chern and I couldn’t be happier with the service. The office is clean, the staff is friendly and Dr. Chern is professional, kind and patient – she made sure to explain everything to me and I never felt pressured to do anything (like x-rays or whitening). I already booked my next appointment. I’m very glad to have found a dentist I enjoy visiting.

Jenny Chan (Source: Google)


Amazing is under statement. Julie is so friendly and courteous in scheduling future appointments and even set up appointment for me for referral. Each time I visit Dr Chern was seamless. Dr. Chern is warm and down to earth, You can tell that she is extremely passionate in what she does and everything related to oral health! Oh, she’s probably the most gentle dentist I have ever met in my life!!!

Tammy Tavdy Michan (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Chern is an incredible dentist. She is well-trained, competent, and makes my whole visit experience both productive and fun. I routinely go to her office for my dental check-ups (teeth cleaning included), and I am always impressed with how efficiently she works. In addition, I have found the the zero wait-time to be rare in NYC, but Dr. Chern has never made me wait! She has excellent bedside manner, is caring, and I always trust her judgment regarding decisions about my teeth. 5 stars

Sylvia Frys (Source: Google)


Dr. Inna Chern was incredibly knowledgeable and caring. It had been some time since I visited the dentist due to my dental anxiety, and she addressed my concerns with excellent bedside manner. Dr. Chern took the time to explain every step in my exam and took all precautions necessary to make my cleaning as painless as possible. She has a unique passion for sleep dentistry, and keeps up to date with the latest technologies and findings in oral health. I think this played a role in her progressive approach to diagnosing the root cause of my gum deterioration, which I am now very excited to address and correct. I would highly recommend this dentist!

Cindy B. (Source: Google)


Dr. Chern was so nice during my visit. She was very informative and explained everything she was doing / looking at throughout the whole appointment. Her knowledge and warmth makes you feel immediately at ease. I should also note that she takes every measure to ensure that sanitation standards are met, providing hand sanitizer, masks, and protective goggles. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Chern to others, and will be returning soon for a follow-up visit.

Ava Bai (Source: Google)


Dr. Chern has the best bedside manner and is both professional and personable. I absolutely hate going to the dentist, but she made the visit comfortable and put my mind at ease from start to finish. She works with TMJ patients and throughout the visit took the time to explain the mechanics as well as providing concrete advice. She patiently allowed me breaks during the visit so I was comfortable at all times. I had plenty of questions, all of which she took the time to answer, tailoring her advice to my specific situation. In addition, her receptionist Tiffany was extremely helpful and her dental assistant was friendly and equally knowledgeable and attentive. I have already recommended her to a few people.

Patrick M. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


It was a great experience! I’ve always dreaded going to the dentist ever since I was a kid. She made the process so easy and made me feel at ease. She explained everything as she was going the examination. After the examination, she recapped everything and gave me some recommendations. I would definitely be going back to her in the future!

David k. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


You know when you find that one dentist that  decide you just need to stick with? For me that’s Dr. Chern. Or just Inna, because that’s just the vibe. I’ve been a patient of hers for years. She knows what she’s doing, she’s honest , attentive and nothing is more important than your comfort when you are in her chair. She spends time with you and makes sure you understand everything. And if you don’t misbehave , she hooks you up with an awesome toothbrush too  . They have an awesome staff,everyone is super friendly  . I moved to Philly a couple years ago, but I still won’t go to another dentist. now I just plan my NY trips around my appointments with Inna. Highly recommend.


Tammy Tavdy (Source: Google)


Dr. Chern is an incredible dentist. She is well-trained, competent, and makes my whole visit experience both productive and fun. I routinely go to her office for my dental check-ups (teeth cleaning included), and I am always impressed with how efficiently she works. In addition, I have found the the zero wait-time to be rare in NYC, but Dr. Chern has never made me wait! She has excellent bedside manner, is caring, and I always trust her judgment regarding decisions about my teeth.

Harrison Fong (Source: Google)


Dr. Inna Chern was amazing, her office is really nice and you feel at ease the moment you sat down on the chair. She made me felt very comfortable and not embarrassed with my teeth conditions. She was patient and thorough with her explanations on the procedures she was going to do, she made sure I have no more questions and ready before she began. During my procedure, she constantly asked if I was okay knowing I had extreme fears about dental work. She was not pushy at all unlike other dentists I have gone to, she only focus on treatments that I need and not pushing unnecessary procedures. You can tell she genuinely cares about her patients, I got a text early this morning from her asking how I was doing after my tooth extraction yesterday! Tiffany from her office was extremely helpful with scheduling my last minute appointment, and all my insurance claims inquiries. I am actually looking forward to my follow up appointment with her next week and discuss future treatment plans I may need. Thank you Dr. Inna!!!

Isaac Kaufman (Source: Google)


I received excellent care and guidance from Dr. Chern, and her assistants and receptionist staff are always very warm and on top of it. I’ve had multiple cleanings which are quick and thorough, but Dr. Chern also guided me through the implant process to finally replace a back tooth that had been missing for years! She did a top notch job on the crown and sent me to a great oral surgeon for the implant procedure. Her bedside manner will put you at ease, and all covid precautions were taken by her and her staff. Highly recommend!

Erin N. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Chern was very professional and also, what I loved, very understanding of the financial issues associated with cosmetic dentistry.  She is attentive and professional, but does not try to push you into unnecessary costly work like I’ve had other dentists do.  The office staff were also very helpful and courteous.  All around excellent experience.

Sunny M. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Inna Chern since 2014, and I love her! She is very warm, friendly and knowledgeable. She always take her time, and never rushes me. It is also very easy to make or reschedule appointments, which is a plus! She will work with you on your dental concerns, and never push any unnecessary procedures or surgeries. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist.

Li G. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Chern is awesome! She’s very welcoming and personable – she clearly wants to establish a connection and you don’t feel like just another patient going through. She’s thorough and explains everything she’s doing, the results of X-rays etc. and gives you options. She never pressures you to doing anything as she understands financial issues. Cannot recommend her enough!!!

Ivana Di Stefano (Source: Google)


Dr. Inna Chern is is very kind and sweet. She makes me feel so comfortable. I have always been afraid of dentists, however, Dr. Chern is so friendly that I feel like I’m having a conversation with a friend, not realizing that I’m in a dentist office. She is very knowledgeable and always solves whatever issue that I am having. She is fantastic in ever way! I am so happy to have found her.

Joyce P. (Source: Zocdoc)


I don’t know where to start! Dr. Inna Chern was AMAZING! I told her today, I didn’t do my second cleaning for the year, because I couldn’t find anyone and I’m very picky with all of my doctors! She takes the time and listens to her patient, she doesn’t rush, and she is very personable! My favorite part of my whole appointment was when she suggested other specialists to go to (because that can be the cause of some of my teeth issues, such as an ENT and my PCP). My cleaning was terrific; not only was she gentle, but she went through everything and was able to put me at ease. Let’s face it going to the “dentist” I think for everyone can be scary. I know as old as I am going to the dentist gives me anxiety. Dr. Inna Chern made me comfortable and is on top of her game! I am looking forward to continuing with having her as my PCD!

Devon Galloway (Source: Google)


For the record, I do not write many Google Reviews. Now that I think of it, I think this may be my first one. Regardless, Dr. Chern is deserving because she is an outstanding person and dentist. What makes Dr. Chern great is not only her very nice personality, but also her skill at teaching you everything that is going on with your teeth. True professionals are good at explaining technical concepts to everyday people, and Dr. Chern is great at that. I feel like I learn something new about teeth every visit, which is a good thing. The office is a great environment, and the staff is very pleasant and accommodating. Everyone interacts with you as if you are family. Moreover, Dr. Chern is great at what she does. Today, she provided grade A dental work very quickly. So quickly (and painlessly) that I was able to head back to work with ease. I am truly grateful to have found this office, and Dr. Chern (and her staff) have my highest endorsement!

Deborah Fidele (Source: Google)


Dr. Chern is absolutely the best and nicest dentist I’ve ever been to.. and I’ve been to a lot lol. She is very knowledgeable, informative and genuinely cares about the health of my teeth. Most dentists are all about the money and recommend unnecessary procedures but she’s not like that. I just wish I found her sooner! Her staff is very polite and the office is clean. I can’t say enough good things about this office. Go see her!

Beth Sobol (Source: Google)


I was having a major dental emergency and was sent to Dr. Chern by a friend. I was panicked and emotional. Dr. Chern saw me immediately, calmed my nerves and did an amazing job presenting both a short term solution to my situation while helping me start mapping out a more permanent one. I am so grateful to have met her and look forward to having her as my new dental caregiver. She rocks!

Brenda Hull-Catapano (Source: Facebook)


Dr Chern’s quality of work has always been above standard. She goes out of her way to make sure you understand what she will be doing and always makes sure you are comfortable before any work is done. She makes these high anxiety appointments easier to get through. I highly Recommend her!! 5 stars

Igor Chernomorskiy (Source: Google)


I’ve been Dr. Chern’s patient for over a decade. She is fantastic: great person, better dentist, very personable, and consistently informative. Her office is very modern, and I never have to wait more than a couple of minutes for her to see me. She is never in a rush, and I always get excellent customer service from everyone around. Inna and her staff put me at ease, and it is important when someone is cleaning or – worse – drilling your teeth.

Vilde Johansen (Source: Google)


Dr. Inna Chern was wonderful. I was one of those cases were I’ve been putting off going to the doctor for five years, and then I finally got it together and went. It was super smooth and nice handling from her. No judgement, and answered all my questions. The office also helped me understand how my insurance works, as I am from Norway and American insurance is so Alien to me. Thank you!


Dr. Chern received her dental degree from Stony Brook University of Dentistry in 2003. She continued her post graduate education and completed a general practice residency at Long Island College Hospital in 2004. She began practicing in two prestigious midtown offices as an associate. In 2005, she was appointed to become an attending at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center and Albert Einstein School of Medicine. She lectures and supervises residents in the fields of cosmetic and fixed prosthetics. She currently shares her time between private practice and teaching. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her 12 year old daughter, is an avid runner having completed several marathons and practices yoga.