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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Mihang P. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dean and his team are absolutely the best providers of dental services around. If you need any specialists for root canals,etc..they have great people they work with and refer you to who are just as good as they are. Amy is fantastic for cleanings: my husband told her he had surgery and she made sure he had antibiotics which was exactly what our cardiologist told us afterwards. Don’t take chances with other dentists who just perfunctorily clean your teeth….infections in your teeth lead to dangerous blood infections….NOT WORTH TAKING THE CHANCE. Go with the best!

Kailey Fabiano (Source: Google)


I have had dental issues my whole life. I needed bone grafts, tissue grafts, braces 2 times, and implants. My smile finally makes me happy after all these years. Dr Dean was amazing. He fit me in quickly for a consult, my appointments always ran on time, and I always knew what to expect. THANK YOU DR. DEAN AND TEAM!

Lanee975 (Source: Google)


Dr Dean Vafiadis & his team created 2 beautiful new veneers to replace old veneers that popped off. i can’t applaud enough the artistry, great service, kindness & flexability to fit me in their schedule. I didn’t know that it was possible to make my teeth look soo real. Thank you Dr Dean & New York Smile.

Monique G. from Queens, Queens, NY (Source: Yelp)


A Happy Fellow! As it happens Dr Dean saved my husband huge amount of concern when he was about to get (from and other place) a questionable set of implants he did not need. Way back when, Dr Dean was highly recommended to me – he is responsible for my entire smile ever since – The Best. The bonus walking in this “Michelin” rated office is the package you get: Amy gives the most wonderful thorough, yet gentle prophylaxis/cleaning there is. Gabriella is a gem at the desk along with the staff. My husband feels so grateful and at peace. Thank You!

Emily Bookman (Source: Google)


I was looking for a new dentist in the city last year and multiple colleagues recommended Dr. Dean’s office. I’ve gone for two cleanings, for a night guard and to fill a cavity. Every time I go to Dr. Dean’s office I’ve had a very positive experience with him and all his staff. The receptionists, dental hygienists and dentists are all great. I highly recommend if you are looking for a new dentist and his office is right near the 5th Ave/53rd Street subway stop!

Victoria P. from Fort Lauderdale, FL (Source: Yelp)


This was hands-down the best dental cleaning experience of my life. It was thorough, yet speedy and seamless. My hygienist was so welcoming and warm with great hospitality. Dr. Dean was professional, quick and so informative. If you’re afraid to go to the dentist or anxious about your annual cleaning, then this would be the perfect place to go. He’s so kind and everyone working there is also so nice. I’m a neat freak, and the place was completely spotless and clean. They’re so understanding and work with you. I’m so glad they were able to squeeze me in. I finally found a dentist I feel comfortable with. My teeth look and feel like a million bucks.

Alma H. from Wethersfield, CT (Source: Yelp)


The doctors here are amazing they really brightened my smile. For years I have been going to a few dentist but no one really understood my vision for what I wanted. Yes I had some challenges with my smile. When I came to NY Smile and I met with Dr. Dean he listened to me, showed me what was possible and was really caring. Once I agreed to move forward with the care he was gentle and has wonderful hands. It wasn’t free of course but Dr. D is brilliant and created an amazing smile. The $$$ I paid was worth it. I did not like the parking situation but that’s the city for you. Where in NYC can you park lol My smile I love now so yes I use it more and that makes me happy 🙂 I couldn’t be happier with my smile!! Gracias!!

Mary Chan (Source: Google)


I travel from CT to see Dr. Dean and his team because they are that good. I have been a patient for over 20 years and have not been able to find a comparable team. Dr. Dean does amazing work and has magical hands. Amy, the hygenist, is thorough and has a warm personality. The whole office is professional and provide a great experience.

Tiny Tina (Source: Google)


I recently became New Patient at New York Smile Institute and had to have some unexpected fillings taken care of. I was so happy that they had an entire team there and that I would not have to make ANOTHER appointment to come back. The hygienist was amazing (even though I am on the sensitive side) – She was great! The doctor that I saw also took care of my fillings in just under an hour…. and I did not even need anesthesia! Thanks so much to the entire team for welcoming me in such a warm way, and for taking care of me so promptly. See you in 6 months!

Andre G. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr Klein, Dr Dean and their whole team are the most caring professionals dentists I have been to anywhere. I went there yesterday for the first time and everything was perfect. From the classy office in a great building on 5th avenue, to the very friendly receptionists, the the doctors and the hygienists. Everything was perfect. You can tell this people know what they are doing! Like most people I’m not always super keen on having my mouth probed but I felt completely at ease. Highly recommended!

Staz T. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


This is one of the few places that I know they leave you better than what they found you. Waiting in the waiting room and seeing models and actors go in and out, I realize I was now only in good hands but rather best in the business. Dr. Dean Vafiadis  truly cares about what he does. Kind, a tentative and professional.  I love my three implants  and I’m grateful that I can enjoy food again.  Thank you for giving me a reason to smile!

Cleo33 Z (Source: Google)


I have been a patient at New York Smile Institute for over fifteen years and I cannot see myself going anywhere else. Amy is my dental hygienist and she is friendly and very professional. I have crowns and implants done by Dr. Dean that feel as natural as my own teeth. I have the highest respect for his work. Can’t say enough good words about this place.

Helene Taylor (Source: Facebook)


I am a patient who came from a past traumatic and expensive dental procedure (including caps and veneers) that left my teeth far too white and unhealthy. I spent 3 months interviewing new dentists for what would be the most critical and potentially most expensive procedures I would ever have and the stakes were high. Enter New York Smile Institute. Out of the four New York City doctors I interviewed this office had the best staff who followed me through the entire procedure (Including one who eventually retired to Florida and yet STILL contacted me months later to congratulate me on the procedures being completed!). Their customer service goes beyond the office, if there’s any questions they will be happy to answer via e-mail or phone and when you arrive they know all the details required from your insurance, finances and personal preferences to have me feel like I was important. Now for the procedures! It’s hard not to cry when I share this as Dr. Dean Vafiadis has the deserved confidence of a master craftsman. Minimal pain, minimal time in the chair AND he was working with an unusual case of redoing another dentists shoddy job plus my bite and other jaw issues came in to play – he designed teeth and veneers to counter these issues that not only improved my smile but my bite. My chronic lock jaw disappeared. The muscles in my face softened. The color of my teeth? He had me visit a lab and have a great, long conversation looking at options I didn’t even know were possible as Dr. Dean wanted to make certain after my first negative experience in my past where my teeth were almost a blue white didn’t happen again. The lab helped me decide on a soft natural tooth color, shapes that were slightly youthful at the tip of each tooth and a translucency that was incredibly natural. As a side note – I had to replace a tooth far after the final procedure (baby tooth needed an implant) and I was incredibly anxious on the color and size so close to the front of my mouth and new teeth, however, with the skills, new technologies and being on the cusp of dental advancements in this office and being a study institute Dr. Dean was able to create a new process that was painless, healing rapid and my new permanent tooth looks no different than the rest (thanks to the lab again doing a job of perfection color-wise). I couldn’t tell which tooth it was, that is how well matched the color was! When I smile people don’t say, “wow, your teeth are so white!” they say, “your face lights up when you smile”. This was a life changing experience with what I can only imagine must be the best in the business because people think I have amazing original teeth, but the secret it out! They are all veneers! In fact, while doing my last procedure I had a few fellow dentists come in to admire my mouth and Dr. Dean’s craftsmanship. What does that say? If you are anxious about how to begin these were the best people to help curb that as they guide you through the entire process and really listen to you. If you are worried about cost, remember your mouth is a forever investment that you see everyday for health and cosmetic reasons. Don’t be like me and be forced to do it twice because my first dentist was economical and convenient and not a specialist. Go with the best the first time round. I had to pay for these teeth twice and my regret will always be that I didn’t do my homework the first time and realize you get what you pay for. The talent in this office is exceptional. I want to thank New York Smile Institute for giving me my confidence and my smile back.

Catholic BigSistersBigBrothers (Source: Google)


Everybody at the Smile Institute is very friendly and helpful, especially Gabriella. I have been a patient of Dr. Dean’s for over 15 years and I believe he is a genius at making, and remaking, crooked, ugly teeth into a beautiful smile as he has done for me. He stays up on all the latest technology and then applies his own magic. He takes great pride in his work and is more than willing to explain in detail what he is doing to your teeth and why. This, along with his sense of humor and straight forward personality, I greatly appreciate. Tom Webber

Sameet Durg (Source: Google)


Go see Dr. Armen! He is a magician and was able to fix a tooth of mine that was bothering me for years! His patience and thoroughness make me comfortable every time I visit. Additionally, Dr. Dean is class personified – A veteran who can diagnose any issue within seconds. I cant say enough about this practice as it is the best I have visited in NYC.

Robert Garofalo, DDS (Source: Google)


Dr. Dean is TOP NOTCH!! I was his student at NYU Dental School- his extensive knowledge and passion for Dentistry and Patient Care has been a wonderful inspiration to me and many of his students— just a like a celebrity or sports figure….. we all wanted to be like Dr. Dean!! Even now as a Dental Professional, he has been my Mentor and friend for over 20+ years and I still look to him for guidance well into my career. Dr. Dean is not only a GREAT Dentist, he is a GREAT human being! Highly recommend!

Robert H. from Hauppauge, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dean is just superb in every way as is his entire staff. From the moment you walk in you are greeted and treated in the most warm and professional manner. You can see the entire team is on the same page of delivering world class care in a warm comfortable environment. As you get to know them you can see why. They truly are all talented, respect each other, and like each other. Dr Dean has built an extraordinary team around his considerable ability as a dentist. My case was extremely complicated and challenging and he personally was there with a smile, assurance and delivered.

Marisa P. from Valhalla, NY (Source: Yelp)


My family and have been patients of Dr. Dean for more than 20 years.  There is no dentist I trust more than him to ensure the best possible services for my entire family.  He explains everything thoroughly and uses the most advanced state of the are equipment.  The hygienists, Amy and Giordana are also amazing. I highly recommend him!!

Evan Whitson (Source: Google)


I’ve been blessed with the professional services of Dr.Dean Vafiadis for almost 20 years now. When it comes to dentistry , professionalism and humanity in general, there is no one better! Today I was also fortunate to receive services from Dr. Lea Planzos, Dr. Kenneth Young and his amazing assistant Indira. Thank you Dr. Dean, Gabriella and the New York Smile Institute Team for meeting all of my dental needs. You all are truly the best at what you do!!!

Brenda Farmiloe (Source: Google)


The New York Smile Institute is the best Dentist practice I have been to in a very long time. The office is clean and comfortably furnished and the staff are friendly and attentive. Their services are great – I have been there twice now and both times the hygienists did a fantastic job on my teeth. The Dentists there are using state of the art photographic technology as well as x-rays and have solutions that are practical and sensible. I avoided having a root canal that my previous dentist recommended, as she couldn’t figure out what was causing the pain in my back molar – never going back to her again. The NY Smile Institute took the time to listen to me and addressed the problem – which was my molar grinding on another tooth! Easy fix – right then and there. I love them! Can’t say enough great things about this practice!

Marisa Pennini (Source: Google)


My family and have been patients of Dr. Dean for more than 20 years. There is no dentist I trust more than him to ensure the best possible services for my entire family. He explains everything thoroughly and uses the most advanced state of the are equipment. The hygienists, Amy and Giordana are also amazing. I highly recommend him!!

Angeliki M. from Little Neck, NY (Source: Yelp)


This is the absolute best dental office that I have ever been to. Everyone there is always very friendly and profesional and the place is spotless and perfectly clean always. Dr. Dean is a perfectionist and very caring and gentle so he makes you feel comfortable. He also knows exactly how to perfect your smile. Amy is an amazing hygenist! She is so thorough, gentle , friendly, proffesional- truly the best! When I go to her for a cleaning I almost feel like I am going to a spa service because my teeth feel so clean after. I wouldnt go anywhere else

S D. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


My family has been going to NY Smile Institute for many years now. The office is very chic and clean. The girls at the desk always have ready smiles and seem to truly enjoy working there. They are very efficient and friendly. The hygienist- Amy, is quite professional and knowledgeable and we always know our teeth are well taken care of. Even our children like going for their cleanings! Now that’s saying a lot! We have had the pleasure of being seen by Dr. Dean, Dr. Lambrakos and on occasion, Dr. Albano. I have never felt rushed or placated and am very happy with their work as a whole – from my veneers to crowns to cavities. Their assistants are always pleasant and efficient. I would highly recommend this team to anyone looking for great dentists! Thank you NY Smile Institute for our happy teeth and smiles!

Neil K. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


This place was very experienced. The staff, Pam and Lucy made me feel real comfortable, I know it was going to be expensive m but it was all worth it… Dr Dean made me fell real special and he told me that I would be finished in 2 visits with my smile makeover…I can’t believe I can take that photo without being self concius any more. Thanks .. you guys are the SMILE kings!!, Sarah M

Emmy D. from Miami, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr dean Vafiadis and staff are warm, professional and explain everything before doing any work I highly recommend them for all dental procedures – bridges, implants and veneers and this is someone who has major dental phobia and extensive dental work. You are coming to the right dental office.

Ismene Karvounis (Source: Google)


My experience with the NY smile institute has always been positive. From the office manager to the dental hygienist, dental assistants,to the dentists. If you are looking for top rate doctors who truly know how to make your smile shine, make an appointment. They will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and you will leave the office confident that your smile is picture perfect!

Dolores Bianchi (Source: Google)


My experience today at Smile Institute was wonderful. The staff was so experienced, professional and very informative. Gabriella was very helpful and gave me a detailed explanation for all my questions. She was very clear and thorough. Dr Dean is simply the best. He just shines with professionalism and all his knowledge is certainly so obvious. He calmed me of all my fears.

Sara M. from Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr Dean and his team of talented/caring people is unmatched. I have gone many places for cosmetic dental work and none of them come close to the results I got at The New York Smile Institute. I don’t even write yelp reviews but had to jump on my girlfriends yelp account to sing their praise. Seriously, I tell everyone I know that needs work to go here. It was such a relief when I saw the results of the bonding job they did on my two front teeth, they looked the best they ever had since I chipped em in half in grade school. I was so overwhelmed by their work and knowing I had finally found a place I can go to get seamless dental work done. Amazing, truly amazing. Go here! -Rob B.

Sara Perrone (Source: Google)


Nobody loves getting dental work done. This office goes above and beyond in the way they treat patients like gold. I witnessed this immediately- from the few minutes I observed the way other patients were being treated while I was in the waiting room. You don’t see consistently outstanding reviews with any business, but New York Smile Institute deserves every one of them. Dr. Dean was recommended to me by several colleagues. I couldn’t be happier with my cosmetic results and the way I was treated by every single person in this office. Dr. Dean is a skilled, patient, meticulous and top notch dentist.

Debra Brokman (Source: Facebook)


From the moment I enter the office I am treated with kindness and professionalism. Dr. Dean is simply “The Best”… If anyone wants a new, beautiful smile…where you can walk into a room with confidence…Dr Dean and his team are the ones for the job.Dentistry and the newest technology: New York Smile Institute.Give yourself a gift of beauty and the best dental care.

WVeneer NY (Source: Google)


Working for Dr Dean for 4 years making beautiful smiles. He drives everyone crazy here but he has brought me and my team to a different level in all of our careers! He is a true perfectionist and never settles until his patients are happy. We are so grateful to be affiliated with his office and his Full Mouth Rehabilitation Program at NYU (FMR). Thank you Dr. Dean for making everybody smile big!

Michaela McKee (Source: Google)


I have had nothing but the best experience with Dr. Dean and his team. Everyone is so kind and professional. I have complicated teeth, and I’ve had Dentists give up on me in the past. I had a very problematic tooth that Dr. Dean never stopped working on until it was perfect. I feel very lucky to have finally found him and his practice and couldn’t recommend them more!