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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Argelis P. from Orlando, FL (Source: Yelp)


I have to say being a patient for this dentist office has been great in all aspects! Awesome great service and they are very attentive in making sure you get the right treatment step by step. I’ve been to prior dentist back home in NJ and I was nervous about visiting new place, but this one proved I shouldn’t be. Never had any pain throughout any procedure and Dr.Sara Nikfar is the best!! Truly awesome work! Kudos to whole staff!

Ricardo Beauchamp (Source: Google)


I’ve never been the biggest fan of going to the dentist because of some, less than ideal, experiences I had had in the past. My visit to Nikfar Family Dental completely changed my opinion though. The staff are all incredibly nice, sweet, and made me feel like family from the moment I walked in. The hygienist that cleaned my teeth took her time and was gentle, even explaining what she was doing and warning me when there was a possibility of discomfort. When the time came to have my wisdom teeth removed Dr. Sara Nikfar did an incredible job and was in and out in what felt like minutes despite not seeming to be in a rush. She took the time to explain what I would feel and to warn her if I felt anything different. When I showed up to work the next day with zero pain, my coworkers couldn’t believe I had had two wisdom teeth removed the day before. I recommend Nikfar Family Dental to everyone I hear complain about tooth pain or are fed up with their current dentists

Peyton Wallace (Source: Google)


My family and I have been patients at Oral Hygiene Dental for years and we wouldn’t think of going elsewhere. They make the entire process very easy and work with us on any big events. They explain everything in detail prior to any work being completed and make sure you understand every step. I have also been very happy with the referrals they have made when my daughter needed braces and I needed an oral surgeon. You won’t be disappointed with Oral Hygiene Dental.

Jennifer Harris (Source: Google)


I called Oral Hygiene Dental for a dental emergency. They got me right in (an hour or so later). Everyone there was pleasant and helpful. Everyone. They examined, explained, presented options and let me make the decision. I have had a few other appointments since (routine cleaning & major work) and every experience has been the same. Every appointment I have been greeted with a smile. I am now a full time patient.

Rachel Heller (Source: Google)


Was referred by a friend. I HATE the dentist and truly dread going. I had my first appointment/X-ray and cleaning and was very pleased with my experience. From start to finish I wasn’t just a patient I was family. The front desk was nice and the hygienist cleaned my teeth without causing me any discomfort. Dr.Sara took her time with me and I never felt rushed ( I had some questions for her). She explained my options and was never pushy with treatment. Extremely nice and the office was clean.

C Snyder (Source: Google)


We were on vacation when my daughters bottom retainer popped off. Not what we wanted to have happen, however the staff here are so friendly and helpful. They got us in right away and I could not have been more pleased. I highly recommend! Thank you for your friendly and attentive service 🙂 Christine Red Wing, MN

Bob Americana (Source: Google)


I have bad teeth. partial genetics,partial neglect. I have been a walk-in to this office 2 times in the last year. both times the staff is professional and service is prompt. i do not know if $325 for an emergency extraction is high cost or not, but Sara Nikars’ care and concern for creating no pain makes the price well worth it to me. if you live around the florida mall, you should give this dental clinic a try.

Jim Speck (Source: Google)


I have been a patient for 3 years. I have seen the same hygienist, Janet, for my cleanings during that time. Dr. Sara Nikfar recently replaced several fillings, which has greatly improved my smile. Sara, Janet, Yubi, and the rest of the staff are an absolute joy to deal with. They are completely charming, and make you feel like family – not a patient. They have reversed years of fearing the dentist; now I look forward to it. Thank you and Happy Holidays to the staff at Nikfar Family Dental!

Nikk Brown (Source: Google)


As a person who has a fear of the dentist. This office is top notch, not only is the staff friendly, they are also extremely knowledgeable. They shared the information throughly and are helping me get my smile back on the right track after many years of putting it off. The office in very clean and the experience was painless. Would suggest to anyone who may not be so keen on going to the dentist!

Argelis Plasencia (Source: Google)


I have to say being a patient for this dentist office has been great in all aspects! Awesome great service and they are very attentive in making sure you get the right treatment step by step. I’ve been to prior dentist back home in NJ and I was nervous about visiting new place, but this one proved I shouldn’t be. Never had any pain throughout any procedure and Dr.Sara Nikfar is the best!! Truly awesome work! Kudos to whole staff!

Elizabeth Vasquez (Source: Google)


I love this office! The staff is amazing, friendly and thorough in explaining all of the process concerning your visit. From what you pay out of pocket to what you will feel when they are working on your teeth. Front desk girls make you feel like you’re at home, very comfortable. Another plus is they only make suggestions that you need done for your teeth. They overall strive for the best interest of the health of your teeth. They play great music when your in the chair and they work with you in terms of getting an appointment. I’m so glad I found this office. You should definitely book an appointment. My dentist Sara Nikfar is awesome, caring and will make you feel comfortable especially for anyone afraid of going to the dentist I highly recommend her and this office.

Sasha Dae (Source: Google)


Went in today for an extremely painful abcessed tooth. Dr. Sara was amazing and very informative. I hate going to the dentist but Dr. Sara made me feel so comfortable and the staff exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to seeing them again and for my children to visit. Thank you so much Dr. Sara and staff!

Sasha Fierce (Source: Google)


This place is awesome, my friend referred me there a few years ago because they did a wonderful job for him and I’ve been going there since then. The staffs are very friendly and professional, starting from the front desk to see the doctor. Indeed I love Oral Hygiene Dental, this place is just amazing and I think that’s the best dentist place in Orlando. It’s convenient, and great prices.

Kris Tatum (Source: Google)


My family has been going Oral Hygiene for 6 years. We love the friendly staff, great environment and fair pricing. We just took our 5 year old for his first visit and unfortunately he had a number of cavities. We were very stressed but they put us at ease and our son came through with flying colors. We highly recommend!

Lidabel Ovalle Mateo (Source: Google)


I’ve visited them a few times and they are really good. They have a pretty good costumer service and treat you really nice. Dr. Sarah was really nice and had me well informed about my procedures. They also call you and email you days before your appointment, which something that is nice to have if you have a crazy schedule.

Angelica Eriksson (Source: Google)


We were on a trip from Sweden to Orlando when the right side of my jaw started hurting really bad, after 6 sleepless nights I finally contacted Oral Hygiene Dental to schedule a emergency appointment, they let me come in immediately. When there, they found the issue under 1 minute and told me the different options of getting rid the extreme pain I was in. Doctor Sarah helped me throughout a quick surgery that relieves the pain until I get home. Sadly the infection had gotten too far to do the full surgery at once, which I was informed about before the surgery. Sarah also thoroughly informed what I need to do when I get back to Sweden and handed me all the information my dentist back home needs to complete the surgery. Sarah also helped me getting rid of the dentist-scare I had from earlier visits in Sweden, such a relief!! The girls at the front desk where very well informed and helped me by answering all of my silly questions. Thank you Sarah, thank you nurse and thank you Ladies at the front desk for the help! You really helped me, my vacation is no longer a living nightmare with no sleep and no food because of severe pain.

Teddy Merek (Source: Google)


I went here because I was in such horrific pain I couldn’t sleep, eat, or even talk… The doctor could see how much pain I was in even just sitting in the waiting room holding my mouth because I didn’t know what to do to stop the pain. Long story short my Insurance didn’t cover the full cost and I didn’t have the remainder of funds to go ahead with the procedure so I intended on leaving so I walked out and my girlfriend wanted to ask some questions and they got to talking about how much pain I was truly in… well I thank Dr Sara and staff with more gratitude than I could even explain for Insisting that I stay and let them do the procedure at no cost because they couldn’t stand to see me leave In the pain I was in and me potentially in the near future end up In the hospital due to a terrible infection… Thank u all at Oral Hygiene Dental for saving me from days of pain and suffering and potentially an unwanted hospital stay and possibly even worse outcomes!! Five stars all day!!!!!

Emma Amme (Source: Google)


Dr. Sara was excellent! I was in excruciating pain and came in as an emergency walk in. I had a root canal and a temporary crown placed until the crown is ready in two weeks, but my whole experience at this office was A1!!!! Everyone in the office were amazing! I’m so happy that I’m not in pain anymore. Thanks a ton! – Gabriel G.

Sophia B (Source: Google)


Nicole & Jenny & Sarah are so sweet, expecially Nicole and Wubi they are so supportive I started coming here when I was at the addiction center down the street and we make the drive of an hour because it’s worth it I love it here and it’s like a family they go above and beyond for their clients thank u!!

Dennie Whittemore (Source: Google)


I started going there several years ago I needed major dental work the whole staff was very professional and comforting to my needs. The doctor walked me through the whole process made me feel comfortable it was an ongoing procedure had several visits till this day several years later each and every person there has tried their best to help me get through the Procedures needed along with trying to help with cost of the insurance or other financial options. This is a professional staff very friendly very clean environment everyone works well together they stick to the time frame as much as possible and help you and your time of need I highly recommend this also my children and my family use this facility they are eight number one act gonna check them out thanks

Nick Simon (Source: Google)


Prior to my visit to Oral Hygiene Dental, I haven’t been to the dentist in years. Some previous bad experiences, left me pretty fearful of the dentist. But let me tell you, Dr. Sara and her staff was the complete opposite of any experience I have had. She was so friendly and made me feel welcome from when I entered the office. After years of neglect, I was expecting that I would need a lot of work, and Dr. Sara was able to thoroughly explain everything I needed, and gave me a plan for how we would complete it. It really helped me from feeling overwhelmed. I got my cleaning and a couple fillings done that first visit, and I will def return to continue my treatment with Dr. Sara. Highly recommend!

Alicia Argueta (Source: Google)


woke up with the worst toothache ever imaginable, as if it wasn’t enough! I was having trouble finding a dentist that would take me with no insurance, being denied and turned down by over priced dentists, I was blessed when I called oral hygiene and spoke with one of the kindest receptionist I’ve ever spoken with, she put my mind at ease with pricing and not having insurance, when I arrived and I was seen, I was greeted with open arms, the dental assistant Nicole calmed my nerves, as no one likes to go to the dentist, she made feel very comfortable with the procedure I was about to have, Dr. Sara Nikfar was informative, she was caring and comfortably put me at ease, the procedure I had she made it fast and easy, she made sure It was not painful at all, I highly recommend oral hygiene! My husband and I have been living in Orlando for about a year now and we are definitely going to make oral hygiene our dental home! Thank you to everyone that was so attentive and understanding to my tooth pain.

Yolanda Almodovar (Source: Google)


Had excruciating pain on two molars and after visiting four different dental office on the same day and getting the run around, Or requesting for me to see the oral surgeon….I was able to find the best dentist (my opinion) through google named, Dr. Nikfar which I called and she took me in within one hr of me calling and as a new patient. The front lady named Uby was very pleasant and helpful including the other lady. I was very afraid that they weren’t able to extract my molars, but Dr. Nikfar was successful in taking both of them out on the same day and put me at ease cause it’s been several years I haven’t seen the dentist. She was very thoughtful and made sure I wasn’t in pain. Everyone was very professional and polite and not giving any attitude (unlike the other dental offices) especially when you are dealing with so much pain and can’t even speak well….I will definitely continue to come here for my other work that still needs to be done even, if it takes me 2 hrs. to go back home. I will definitely recommend this dental office to everyone including my family and friends!!

Desiree Pena (Source: Google)


Let me start by saying that it is not easy to find a good dentist in my area, which is why I was so happy when I found this office. The entire staff is kind and friendly. They maintain a professional attitude but they also make you feel valued. I needed a few things done to my teeth and they outlined a schedule and plan for me that fits my availability, which is a must when working a full time job. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is interested.

Glululu V (Source: Google)


Great staff! From the first call you are welcome by a friendly voice, they were able to accommodate me the same day. When i arrived i filled out some information since I was a first time patient then i had a consultation with both of the Dr’s there, they explained to me what work i need done, the first step was a deep cleaning with Janet, very professional, and always checking on me making sure i was doing ok, didn’t feel anything while she was doing the deep cleaning! I will definitely go back to continue my treatment and i will certainly recommend them to my friends and family!

Jennifer Martin (Source: Google)


This was my second visit to the office and again they were very fast and accommodating to my schedule. Also there was some insurance issues moving over from my previous dentist and they worked with me and made it very simple to switch over to a new dental practice! Thank you to the entire staff!

Naomi De Leon (Source: Google)


I came in with excruciating pain and the staff was very pleasant, helpful & understanding. They had compassion which is very hard to come by anywhere these days and took the time to explain and answer questions instead of being short with u and sending u off confused. I would definitely recommend them and go back! Thank you very much oral hygiene dental may God bless you all!

Bella Innocent (Source: Google)


Dr. Sara is officially the best dentist I’ve ever been to! Ive been to different dentist offices where it felt like they were rough and butchering my gums. Dr. Sara is patient and takes her time. I’ve never left her office with any discomfort, even after having a wisdom tooth removed. I’d recommend her to anyone

Matt Seepersad (Source: Google)


If I could give 10 stars, I would. Doc. Sara is nothing but awesome and helpful, her staff is A++. They dont mess around though, don’t miss your appointment or reschedule too late. I hated going to the dentist for years, until I came here, now i just go without anxiety or stress. Clean, friendly, fast.

Donte Isaac (Source: Google)


I definitely had a great experience at this dentist office. There prices were very reasonable, they actually were almost 400 dollars cheaper for my procedure than my previous dentist. They are always very kind and sweet. They play the best music while your getting your procedure done which is very relaxing.

Brittany Johnson (Source: Google)


Well I have been searching for a dentist that would pull out my tooth without costing and arm and a leg all morning and my sister found OHD and I liked the estimate that they offered me it was the most reasonable I found. So my sister got me a appointment the same day. I appreciate their willingness to help me get this tooth out. They’re so kind and helpful.

Arkady (Source: Google)


Oral Hygiene Dental staff are wonderful…doctor explains everything in terms that everyone can understand and his commitment to patient education is completely evident. He truly cares for his job and his patients…once you meet him and his staff, I am 100% confident that you will not have to go find another dental office.

Stella Alvarez (Source: Google)


Thank you to all the girls from Oral Hygiene for taking my daughter in when no pediatric dentist around would . The process was quick and you guys made my baby feel comfortable and positive about her procedure . Wonderful job from taking my emergency appointment in to an easy going procedure for my 8 year old to feel comfortable. I will be recommending everyone to go here , you guys were wonderful.

Shameek Dancil (Source: Google)


Almost no wait time, if there is you’ll get seen very very soon, Friendly staff very smart about what procedure you’ll be undergoing that day. They took care of me when i was price gouged by Sage dental and greenberg dental will always come here for my dental needs. very nice place . I recommend any and everyone to go give them a try you wont be sorry! There needs to be more places like this in the orlando area.

Ashley Astacio (Source: Google)


I came into Oral Hygiene center after not visiting a dentist for a while, and i had an amazing experience the staff were very friendly, the dentist was very professional and nice, he also seemed very educated and gave me great tips on keeping my teeth clean. Overall i would definitely reccomend this place to anyone and everyone.