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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 1:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Ellen A. from Wichita, KS (Source: Yelp)


I can actually say that I enjoy going to my dentist. Dr. Nordhus & his staff are so kind & friendly. I always feel good after I’m there. Dr Nordhus is outstanding. I totally trust in him & know that he will give me my options with honestly & expertise. He performs outstanding dentistry.

Donna Massey (Source: Google)


I went to Dr. Nordhus in 2005 & had a tooth rebuilt . He did an excellent job. Time passed and I needed more dental work done, but couldn’t remember his name so at that time I went to a different dentist. After that, I really researched and found Dr Nordhus again. So thankful to have him and his staff for my dental needs. So kind , caring, and up to date on new techniques. They take time to explain any questions you may have.. I never feel like they are rushing to get to their next patient. Their office is welcoming. I’ll admit I’m uncomfortable going to dentists, but I’m comfortable going to Dr Nordhus. Would highly recommend him and his staff.

Helen Montroy (Source: Facebook)


Great personnel…..kindly, compassionate, and Reassuring! For someone who has an extreme fear of even the word “dentist”, the experience was “not so bad”. I can’t say it’s anything I want to do again soon and/ or often, but my next appointment will not be quite so scary. Thanks to all!

Dleigh Fillmore (Source: Facebook)


Just started going to see Dr Nordhus and I have to say that I’m so very pleased with my decision to go there. I love the Dr and his staff! They are amazing! Very caring, kind, understanding, and sensitive to your feelings. They are the most absolute best dentist office I have ever been to and will continue to go there. Thank you so much guys for taking care of me!!!

Joshua Harvey (Source: Google)


Really great experience here. They’re fast, efficient, friendly, knowledgable, and precise. They answered all my questions (and I had a lot), they got me in and out quickly, communicated everything clearly and effectively, and in general made the unpleasant task of going to the dentist a bit less frustrating. I’d definitely see them again.

Cathy Curley (Source: Google)


Currently without dental insurance due to a lay-off, and had a broken tooth in need of attention. They were very forthcoming with prices for dental work over the phone. Also offer a membership plan to help reduce cost, which is great! Once I arrived to the office they were extremely pleasant, I was taken straight back to a room without wait time ( a nice surprise) Both the dentist and his assistant were very detailed, professional, and comforting. They were time efficient and thorough. The dentist, himself, even called me the next day to check on me and my work wasn’t even very extensive. Would highly recommend and look forward to regaining a beautiful smile under their care.

Brooke MacNicol (Source: Facebook)


I called Nordhus dentistry hoping they could fit me in for some dental work before i moved out of state in 2 weeks. They worked to fit me in and on my first visit knocked everything out quickly. I love that they have the laser so they don’t have to numb you as well. It was fast, easy and painless which is the best way to visit the dentist. Would recommend to all my friends and family.

Hannah Ybarra (Source: Google)


They are always so personal and remembered me even when I hadn’t been back in almost 4 years. Did a very thorough job on my exam and cleaning. They were also great and worked with me even after a misunderstanding about my dental insurance and found out after my xrays, exam and cleaning that nothing was covered in network with them.

Annie Barratti (Source: Google)


Dr. Nordhus and all of his hygienists/staff are super heroes. You are treated with kindness and respect. They all have the gentlest touch yet are able to work so quickly and accurately it is amazing. Even someone afraid of dentists, like me, can relax knowing you are in GREAT hands. No more putting off dental work due to fear.

Donna Kay Booth (Source: Facebook)


I had a great Dental visit today at Nordhus Dentistry! “Look Mom, no cavities.” Michele & Dr. Nordhus took great care to check my mouth thoroughly. I also had a minute to visit with Natalie, Julie & Ashley. Thanks Team for your attention to the details.

Tina Stacey (Source: Facebook)


I was unsure of what to expect as this was a new dentist for me. Upon arriving Ashley made me feel at ease. I was not expecting everyone to be so friendly, and kind. I felt right at home. The minute I sat in the chair Natalie was excellent in helping me, so kind and compassionate. Julie cleaned my teeth and was so sweet, and did a great job. Angel has been a gem being so gentle, kind in explaining my procedures. Dr Nordhus was beyond helpful, kind, gentle, informative, knowledgeable and just a great rounded professional. I HIGHLY recommend this dentist office!!!

Richard Ake (Source: Google)


Dr. Byron Nordhus and his team are excellent communicators. They routinely tell you what they are doing and why. Often, Dr. Nordhus calls personally to follow-up with me a day or two after dental work. They appear to have up-to-date dental equipment. Their schedule seems to have some padding in it allowing them to provide friendly, personal service; they don’t rush to complete your procedure and start the next one. Of course, this level of service costs more to provide, and their prices do seem to be slightly higher than my previous dentist. Overall very pleased.

Diane Fillmore (Source: Facebook)


I love Dr Nordhus and his staff. They are so caring and so pleased with everything they do. Dr has the best bed side manner I have ever seen in a dentist. Very gentle. I have lots of anxiety and they always make me feel relaxed when I go. I would recommend them to every single person I know.

Leona Bean (Source: Google)


I am new to Wichita and was looking for a Dentist, I looked online and found the one with the best and most reviews. That’s how I chose this Dentist. I was comfortable with them right away. They did an excellent job on cleaning and suggestions that I could do to improve my smile. I love this place..

Jill Marie (Source: Facebook)


Nordhus Dentistry is, by far, the absolute best at what they do! Everyone on their staff is very personable and does a wonderful job explaining procedures and setting expectations. I have a child that ALWAYS had a great deal of anxiety about dental appointments … but not at Nordhus! Not only have they come alongside him to give him support through teeth removal, x-rays and cleanings, but Dr. Nordhus has personally called us the next day to see how we’re doing after our visit. THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE! In my son’s own words … “I like them. They’re really nice.” Music to a mama’s ears! I came to them after a very painful and horrific experience with another dentist who claimed I needed to have several fillings. During my initial consult with Nordhus, they confirmed I only needed 1 filling. They have leading-industry technology at their fingertips so they can make sure you’re given the very best care & aren’t looking to pad their pockets. They always wear a great smile when you greet them, and they make sure you’re wearing one too when you walk out.

Jolene Bryan (Source: Facebook)


So very kind and compassionate. Our son has special needs and a special case. They got him right in and did more for us in a hour than anyone else had up until that point. We will definitely be going back. Highly recommend.

Dennis-Cheryl Gleaton (Source: Facebook)


Passing through on the way to Colorado and had a filling that broke and needed to be replaced. Called Dr. Nordhus’ office and they saw me the same day! Dr. Nordhus and his staff were caring and professional. Beautiful office, too!

Judy Klein (Source: Google)


Another year as a patient at Nordhus and still always giving them A+++ for service and caring attitude. Thanks once again for being a stellar dental provider!!!! 2019 Can’t believe I was singing on my way into the dentist office. Great experience for a person with lots of dentistry and stressful situations with it in my past. Nordhus has a wonderful program!! Caring staff, knowledgeable, superior service.

Anita Burkam (Source: Google)


I had an extremely positive experience at Nordhus Dentistry. Due to an opening in their schedule I was able to be seen *and treated* right away. Everyone there was as kind and attentive as could be. Doctor Nordhus gave me his complete attention for as long as it took for me to be treated, and his work was EXCELLENT. He fixed fillings in both my front teeth and they look and feel GREAT. I moved to town less than two weeks ago and I can’t believe I just lucked into this wonderful dentist. I picked Nordhus Dentistry in part because of their excellent ratings on Google, and they more than lived up to their ratings.

Mark Kanger (Source: Google)


As the result of an auto accident, many of my teeth were damaged and my mouth needed major reconstruction. I’m a resident of Denver, CO and did several consultations with different dentists throughout Denver. Their quotes consisted of extracting ALL of my teeth and replacing them with total dentures. Their price tag was astronomical, impractical, and unattainable!!! Fortunately a family member in Kansas recommended a consultation with Dr Nordhus. After my initial consultation with Dr Nordhus I was advised there was a way I could keep all of my front teeth and replace several of my molars with dental implants. This procedure was a fraction of the costs other dentists in Denver had quoted. You can tell so much about a professional practice by observing things like organization, the attitude of the employees, cleanliness of the office, time you have to sit in the waiting room, efforts they make make for your comfort, etc…I can assure you, whatever barometer you want to use to assess this practice you’re expections will be exceeded! Team Nordhus is always smiling, upbeat, and obviously happy to be working in this practice. I never waited for my appointment; I walked in the front door and went directly to the chair. Although my procedures were long, my anxiety was dramatically reduced with some sedation. As for the results, I couldn’t be more happy. Dr Nordhus saved my front teeth and basically resculpted them by hand. Currently I’m waiting for my crowns to come in for my molars and implants and I’m so looking forward to having a new mouth. I’m not saying these were easy procedures, I literally spent hours in the dental chair. I was impressed with the intricate work and focus of Dr Nordhus and his staff throughout my procedures. Their concentration and focus never wained despite the demands of my procedures. Most impressive was the fact Dr Nordhus cared enough to personally call me the next day to check on my welfare. I’ve never had a dentist care so much about his patients. From the second you walk into his office you’re going to experience a caring and professional atmosphere. In essence I obtained superior dental care beyond my expectations. Other dentists never considered saving my front teeth whereas Dr Nordhus artistically rebuilt them from scratch. My implants were relatively painless and I was made comfortable throughout my procedures. Even better, my entire mouth has been reconstructed at a fraction of the costs compared to other multiple consultations I obtained.

Jesseca S. from Wichita, KS (Source: Yelp)


I was originally supposed to go to Wichita Family Dental then I found out they wanted a $250 x-ray done. So at the last minute with pain shooting up my face I had to find somewhere else to go. I needed a extraction for a fully erupted wisdom tooth. Little did I know that would be complicated enough without the short notice. This place got me in quickly. Once there the dental tech was a beautiful lady named Angel. She was very gentle and respectful. She knew right off what needed to be done and lost no time getting everything ready for the dentist. The dentist was AMAZING! Wow did he know what he was doing. This tooth had me taking 20 ibuprofens a day. So I was in a lot of pain. I didn’t feel anything when he took my tooth out. Angel had to tell me it was all done. Omg that was the best dental experience ever in my life! And their x-rays are $40.

Erin DeGroot (Source: Facebook)


I came in for a consultation and it was the most pleasant, gentle dentist visit I’ve ever had. They really seem to truly care about what they do and will work to ease your anxieties at a level I’ve never seen anywhere else—anything you need to make your time there better, they’ll do it. I was very impressed with their thoughtfulness and commitment to truly personalized care.

Stephanie Kessler-Caywood (Source: Facebook)


Friendly, gentle with your cleaning and basically everything else! They ease your anxiety when you’re having work done, and price is always disclosed to you, and definitely check out their insurance they offer! Once I moved back from Kansas City I didn’t want to go to any other place! They do wonderful work, from cleanings to veneers to bridges to everything! They made my smile perfect! My mom even made the switch to them as well ☺️ They’re all so wonderful!

Richard Gramza (Source: Google)


Friendly, professional, warm and inviting office. The practice seems to be very high tech, but it has a small town feel about it. The staff seems to genuinely care about your well-being. Not only are these guys very good at what they do, they seem to really enjoy their work. Oh, and Dr. Nordhus is GREAT!

Nathan Kohls (Source: Google)


First time visiting a dentist in nearly 20 years and had a great experience. Great staff who make you feel comfortable. Appreciate their honesty on the relative importance/urgency of what follow up procedures might need to be done. Did not try and convince me that I needed to do a bunch of additional work. Also provided up-front pricing of what those options would cost. 5 stars, will visit again.

Julie Smith (Source: Facebook)


What a wonderful experience! From the minute you walk in the door you are like family! Dr Nordhus and his team are kind, compassionate and caring. Professional care with a family like atmosphere, just what I was looking for!

Carol Ann Miller (Source: Facebook)


Dr. was able to see me on short notice for a dental emergency which required extraction of a broken off tooth. Dr. worked me into their schedule for extraction the next day. Staff is caring and understanding, answering questions for as long as it takes. The atmosphere is calm and soothing, rather than rushed and frantic. Staff is humble rather than arrogant. I did not feel the charges were excessive, but reasonable, although i do not belong to their plan. Their furniture is comfortable and supportive and washable. I was impressed. Dr. was willing to listen to my suggestions on dental devices and consider same. I would not hesitate to recommend this practitioner to others. My only criticism is I was disappointed that they were not open on Fridays. Otherwise, was impressed with their service and helpfulness, dedication and cleanliness.

Willow Designs (Source: Google)


I absolutely love this dentist office. This by far is the best office I have ever been to for my teeth. Everyone is so nice and very helpful the minute you walk through the door. They are professional in their demeanor and so gentle when they work on your teeth. They take their time in answering any questions you have before you leave. They go above and beyond in helping you. Mr Nordhus is so kind and along with his staff. There is not one thing I would change about this office. I highly recommend you check them out. You will not be disappointed.

Cooks Corner (Source: Google)


Dr. Nordhus was great! I went in for a (free!) consultation and he very honestly told me he thought with the issues I have I would be better seeing a different dentist. He got me a referral and answered all my questions. Staff were very friendly and the atmosphere was very clean and professional. Definitely would recommend him to a friend.

Brice Gilbert (Source: Facebook)


I worked primary with Natalie as this was a consultation visit for either dentures or implants. She was knowledgeable as well as kind. We looked at several options, I never felt she was trying to sell or push me to a specific item. I did meet Dr. Nordhus, and that also was a positive encounter. I will definitely get my dental work done with Dr. Nordhus and staff!

Scott Goodwin (Source: Google)


I can best describe experience as coming to a business that treats you like family. The staff is simply amazing!! They truly care about you, the individual, not just a client. The technology they use is phenomenal and the results aren’t taken to another room, you get to see what they see and everything is explained in such a professional way. They are extraordinary. If you need a great dentistry, then this really is your only choice!! Scott G.

Denise Wharry (Source: Facebook)


I had my 1st visit at Nordhus Dentistry on Monday an I had a warming great experience. Everyone is super nice an being a person with high dentist anxiety they made me feel at ease an comfortable, which is important. I am returning for all my dentistry needs and would highly recommend Nordhus Dentistry to my family and friends. Great place, thanks to you all for a super 1st visit.

Ruth Green (Source: Google)


Dr. Nordhus and his team are the very best in all matters concerning my age related dental health issues. Everyone is very caring and thorough in discussing my treatment plan as a team. All options are explained which helps me make the very best decisions for my care. Everyone is so thoughtful and kind, especially Dr. Nordhus who takes the time to follow up on his patients by doing his own personal phone calls. I have been Dr. Nordus’s patient for over 15 years.

Kathy York (Source: Google)


Many THANKS to Dr. Nordhus and his staff for the caring, capable treatment I received during my last visit to your office! ALL of my concerns about this particularly long and extensive visit were addressed before and during the actual procedure, ie, positioning in the chair (back issues), staying numb enough throughout the entire procedure, and taking a bathroom break… to name a few. This compassionate attention to a patient’s needs speaks highly of their effort and experience at making each visit as positive and productive as possible. Thanks again for a GREAT visit!

Valvend Worley (Source: Google)


I felt they were very thorough for the first visit and even gave me a $160 discount for my full mouth x-ray. I learn a lot about my dental situation and now have a comprehensive plan to address my dental concerns as I get the funds to pay the work that needs to be done. I can address immediate concerns now and I got a great referral to a very experienced periodontist for my other areas that need addressed.