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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:45 am to 4:45 pm

Wednesday: 7:45 am to 4:45 pm

Thursday: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Mariana S. from Federal Way, WA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Lyons is an incredible professional who is creative, focused, kind and patient. Our journey together has not been easy due to my highly sensitive teeth and long lasting trauma from past dental work. She has always been respectful to my needs and concerns even in my most challenging moments. I truly appreciate her patience and not giving up on me. I want to express my deepest gratitude to her and her carrying and extremely professional staff. You all deserve more than 5 starts! Thank you.

Carolyn Rohrs (Source: Google)


Friendly staff. Reassuring doctor, who takes the time to explain all the options and really speak to the patient (my son). The staff work hard to make the entire process fun, in a professional manner. There are several great orthodontists to choose from in our area and we are very happy with Dr. Lyons -and especially happy to support a woman-owned business

Cheska Jasek (Source: Google)


My daughter’s family loves this place. * Appointments: The person who helped us initially get appointments was friendly and helpful and was able to see both of the kids at one time which helped the schedule a lot. * Service: When we arrived at the office, the staff was friendly and helpful and we were taken back to the doctor in a short amount of time. * Equipment: The office has all of the latest in technology in terms of orthodontic equipment. * Quality: Elizabeth Lyons is very detail-oriented and thorough. We wanted someone like this to ensure the children’s teeth and mouths were as healthy as possible. * Prizes: The kids loved all of the incentives that are offered. It might actually get them to brush their teeth better which would be fantastic!

Cari McIalwain (Source: Facebook)


Both of my children’s mouths were “straightened out” by Dr. Lyons and her team! As we wrap up almost 5 years with them…. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this group! Dr. Lyons keeps her staff happy, everyone is friendly and welcoming. They have been encouraging, kind, helpful and supportive. Thank you for your outstanding customer service, your top shelf service and your smiles. I will always recommend this team! We will miss you folks- thanks for the straight smiles and years of friendship!

Wendy Hassan (Source: Google)


My three children have all been treated by Dr. Lyons, and at long last, I am sitting in the chair! Our experience over the years has been fantastic, and I couldn’t recommend North Seattle Orthodontics more highly. Dr. Lyons is great at engaging kids, and her whole staff work hard to make the experience as efficient, painless and even fun as they can! They have contests that you can do while you’re waiting; a calendar that you can contribute drawings to; even a kid’s playroom in the waiting area. During their treatments, my kids actually looked forward to their appointments. And if you have a kid who is not particularly excited to have braces, this is a big plus. And once it’s all over, their beautiful smiles are perfect!.

Tameka Mccoy (Source: Google)


One of the best experiences ever! And I work in dentistry so I can be super critical and tough to impress and my daughter the patient knows what to expect as well. Every thing was so easy from scheduling to treatment planning. Nancy was awesome and personable as always and Heather was efficient and didn’t make it awkward. Dr. Lyons and her team go out of their way to make every experience great!

Araceli Gopar (Source: Google)


Thank you for listening to my concerns and answering all my questions! I recommend to come here for first, second, third, etc… opinion because you might miss out on good information. Before coming here I was told that I didn’t qualify for Invisalign and I had to get extractions because of my crowding and overbite; however, they told me that the I did qualify for Invisalign and it was best for my case to not get extractions.

Dereje Negassa (Source: Google)


Dr. Lyons is fabulous. She is the best you could hope to find for your orthodontic needs. I am so grateful to have had my daughter treated by Dr. Lyons and her staff here at North Seattle Orthodontics. The care and guidance that they offer is excellent and the office is welcoming and warm. They are skilled, knowledgeable, and caring professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Lyons and her staff without reservation.

Karen Barnes (Source: Google)


My 9 year old daughter has been seeing Dr. Lyons for over the past year. She is happy to come to appointments and eager to follow the requests and guidance from staff. As her Mom (and past braces patient of Dr. Lyons) I am continually very happy with the education, outcome and care in treatment this office offers. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking orthodontics.

Tracy Hall (Source: Facebook)


The entire staff at North Seattle Orthodontics are professional and kind. They have answered every questions we have had, and been more than patient! My son is always recognized when he walks in, and we’re made to feel like family. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs orthodontia!

Terry Coe (Source: Facebook)


The entire staff is absolutely the most friendly and kind folks anyone can ask for. We have been clients here for over 10 years between my two children. They make us feel very special each and every time we come to an appointment. On the phone, they are most helpful, and even cheerful – in spit the fact I may be calling to say I am running late, or need to change an appointment time. The Text reminders are super helpful. Dr. Lyons has worked with our family, and our unique circumstances, and worked hand in hand with our dentist, and oral surgeons, etc. My son has Special Needs and she has gone out of her way to provide the services tailored to our needs. We can’t thank you all enough!

Mariana Sampaio (Source: Google)


I want to thank Dr. Lyons and her team for the kindness and understanding while working with me. We have had challenging times due to past traumas of mine and beyond highly sensitive teeth. Yet, they have have so patient and have gone above and beyond to help me cope and endure the treatment that was so important to me. I drive all the way from Tacoma to be have treatment with her and her wonderful team. Again, thank you all for your patience and kindness.

Chrissy Weis (Source: Facebook)


My experience so far has consisted of a consultation regarding Inivisaline, the appointment to take the pictures needed to order the Invisaline, and the appointment at which I received the necessary fixtures on my teeth and my first few sets of plates (if that is the right word). I’ve been beyond pleased by my experiences so far. Appointments are punctual, everyone in the staff is nice and friendly, and everything is explained well. I look forward to continue working with them – as an adult getting braces, I appreciate having such an easy experience so far!

Audrey Lee (Source: Google)


Dr. Lyons takes care of her patients! As the teeth in my daughter’s mouth straightened out, the wire moved and poked out the back a few millimeters. This was enough to be extremely irritating to my daughter, but not technically an emergency. I left a message on Dr. Lyon’s help line after hours on a Friday night and she called back immediately. She offered to meet us at 9AM the very next morning at the office to personally clip the end of the wire off. It means everything to me as a parent that Dr. Lyons was willing to come in on a Saturday for something that wasn’t technically an emergency. She has demonstrated her willingness to go every extra mile to make sure her patients get the best possible care and treats each patient as if he/she is her only one. Dr. Lyons and her friendly and skilled team of technicians have transformed both of my kids’ mess of gnarly teeth into gleaming smiles. I am over the moon with the results. Dr. Lyons is awesome!

Jessica Kilpatrick (Source: Facebook)


Very professional!! Helped me get my teeth exactly how I wanted them. Quick to reply and persistent with their appointments. Everyone in the office and on the phone are extremely nice and very helpful. I enjoyed my time going to them for Invisalign. Thank you so much!!

Laurra Mcgregor (Source: Google)


This was an excellent experience! I came in having a rough morning, and the front office staff was absolutely marvelous to me. 🙂 Everything was first rate. I really appreciated how Amy talked to and listened to my kids, each one individually. She asked how they felt about braces, and really listened to their comments. They were completely at ease and happy to be there. Dr. Lyons also had a genuine interest in my kids and who they were as people, not just patients. We are extremely happy!!!

Michael Powell (Source: Facebook)


Have had both of my children in braces from Dr Lyons and it was a great experience for both. probably even better for me – it is convenient to get to, office works like clockwork getting kids in and out, and payment and costs were EXACTLY as outlined in the initial consult.

Kate P. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I took my son to 7 highly recommended orthodontists, and am so thrilled we found Dr. Lyons! She is top notch, superhuman smart, generous, and thorough. It was such a relief to find her, and we’re happy to put up with the traffic hassles of coming from beyond the other side of town. I just wish she were a doctor of all kinds (internal med., derm, obgyn, etc.) so I could feel just as confident getting the best info/care in all areas. I will put up with a lot to have a competent doctor (arrogance, big ego, etc.), but no need, and her staff is also wonderful, making billing & communications efficient and pleasant. Thank you!! (Please don’t retire or move for another 5 years.

Patricia Colescott (Source: Google)


You have cared for both of my daughters (Laurel and Sydney) through their second round of braces. The whole process was very professional and respectful of the girls. As a working parent I felt thankful that the girls could come to apts for check-ups on their own and I was kept in the loop. I think it is so important to treat teenagers this way to help them build independence and positive relationships with the medical community. I also feel that their compliance was better because it was their responsibility and not mine. We are so happy with their outcomes. Thank you from our whole family.

Nicole H. (Source: Google)


Our family has been cared for by Dr. Lyons and her team for the last decade and I can honestly say it has been the best experience. Her office is beautiful with state of the art treatment plans, and it has been very easy to schedule appointments which accommodate our very busy schedules. Dr. Lyons has been there for us during some very complicated acute emergencies. She literally saved my front teeth after I had a bad fall from a running accident, knowing exactly how to talk me through the shock of what had happened while splinting them such that they healed perfectly. She also was able to immediately help us diagnose and coordinate specialty care for my daughter who was having migraines and jaw pain. After seeing my children’s beautiful smiles, I myself have decided to start invisalign this month. I have been to the office a few time during COVID and am very impressed by the office and their protocols. I highly recommend Dr. Lyons!

Patricia B. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


I love Dr. Elizabeth. She is kind and thoughtful as well as creative in her approach to orthodontics. She is my provider of choice for a variety of reasons, which include a wonderful group of support people, a lovely environment and an amazing understanding of the impact that poor bite issues have on the body. I trust that she applies herself to the task at hand with meticulous attention.

Laurie Blau-Marshall (Source: Google)


We love North Seattle Orthodontics! Everyone there is so, so kind and helpful. Each person we have seen is friendly and knowledgeable and even people working nearby are friendly during our appointments. My daughter is autistic and it makes me happy to see her so comfortable in their environment and I so appreciate the extra efforts they make to ensure she feels that comfortable. They never, ever try to continue a process that she has a problem with and they are quick to offer alternatives. All in all, I’d give our experience at North Seattle Orthodontics an A+!

Marianne Gardner (Source: Facebook)


Dr. L and the staff at NSO have been wonderful!! After doing a lot of research we decided that we would not want our kids to go anywhere else. Our kids have quite a few things that need corrected with orthodontics and Dr L has laid out a clear plan that makes sense. Our kids also love going to each office visit, which always makes life easier!!

Ling Zhang (Source: Google)


Every time we come in, the staff members are really helpful and patience with all our questions. They explain the concepts well, discuss the plan with solid supporting evidence with me. The video made my daughter understand much better regarding what to expect and reduced fear and resistance. Overall office environment is very clean and FUN.

Suzanne Stauss (Source: Google)


North Seattle Orthodontics is the BEST! My daughter had a lot of work that needed to be done and was super nervous about it. From our very first visit, everyone in the office has been friendly and kind and enthusiastic. Dr. Lyons takes time with her patients and explains everything thoroughly. We were dreading orthodontic work, but the whole process has been so quick and (relatively) painless. My daughter looks forward to her orthodontist appointments now and I’m confident that she’s receiving the very best, individualized treatment. I would recommend them to anyone!!!

Shelby Davidson (Source: Facebook)


Hands down the best! Both my kids go here and we have had wonderful care! My son has anxiety with medical appointments from previous surgeries and they have always been so understanding and careful with him and his feelings! We just love Dr Lyons

Edwards Briana (Source: Facebook)


Today I received a text from Dr. Lyons checking in on how my 7yo son was adjusting to his new palatal ex pander. Not an automated text, not a follow up call from a staff member, a personal text from the Orthodontist. As someone who’s worked in dentistry for 7 years, I truly appreciate the level of care and attention Dr. Lyons has provided. Wow! My son has been struggling for the past several months with being incredibly sensitive, and really amplifying the slightest of discomforts or inconveniences to him. We were dreading an ongoing battle of nightly turns and proper oral hygiene; we never thought that he’d be able to calmly adapt to a new fixed appliance. He was resistant the first couple nights but after the second time he tried to avoid the turn, I basically said that it was ok, that I’d let the office know that he chose not to do it, and that he wouldn’t get his stamps. (Their reward system.) Boy, he quickly changed his tune! Now he reminds us that we need to turn the key, no complaints, no whining, no pain, he’s practically eager. He makes a routine of laying down and taking several prep breaths, then we turn the key and he says “Okay! Easy peasy!” I’ve started to wonder if it was even working because he hasn’t complained since the second turn. I’m so impressed with the caliber of staff Dr. Lyons has teamed together. They’ve done such a wonderful job creating an environment that motivates and comforts the patient, and as the parent, I’m incredibly impressed with every step of the way. The lobby is designed for kids, and not in an obnoxious juvenile way; it’s warm and inviting for all ages. Know what’s awesome as a parent? Being able to bring the siblings; they’ll be totally fine playing in the fort-like kids only room. The billing team was efficient and knowledgeable, and able to adapt to new info on the fly. Nancy, the patient care coordinator, has been so helpful in walking us through this process from translating terminology to scheduling a series of brief but rapid appointments, to welcoming us in such a way that makes me feel like I’m not viewed as just an account number, but a supportive mom of an awesome kid. Each clinical team member has been competent, friendly, and attentive, but not doting or babying of my son, just empathetic and supportive. Moressia and Heather kindly approached him as an intelligent person who’s capable of making his own decisions, presented expectations/needs, listened not only to what he’s saying, but how he’s saying it and what his body language is communicating. Then they guided him to meet those expectations and applauded his success when he met them. I watched how he was starting to freak out (so very common lately) at both the impression, and the fitting of the appliance appts, and I could see how Moressia and Heather read some of his cues and were able to intercept with support and empathy, using little tricks of the trade, before he could escalate into what lately would have become a full blown meltdown of tears and screams. That’s some serious skill right there! It was so much more than managing a tricky patient, it was finesse, confidence, higher level thinking, mastery of technique and speed, patience, and cool-headedness. His own school teacher struggles with reading his cues, and Moressia and Heather picked it up in about 90 seconds. And then to follow up with a personal text, using my son’s name, from a number that doesn’t say it’s an practice number, but implies that it’s actually coming from the orthodontist? How many healthcare providers do that?! I don’t know many that do, and it sure says a ton about they kind of care she’s providing. I really am incredibly impressed with North Seattle Orthodontics. I’m so grateful that they’re providing SO MUCH more than just straightening teeth. These touches shape how people view/approach dentistry, and I truly believe that they’re changing the narrative of “going to the dentist”, and that’s a beautifully powerful thing.

Mary Grace Mckernan (Source: Google)


It’s always a pleasure to go to this office. I’ve never had to wait and all of the information is ready upon your visit. Everything is digital and there’s no wait time for anything. My teeth moved quickly and I was and am happy with the results. I was always asked how things were going and if I had any questions about my invisalign. Dr Lyons is thorough and always available to answer questions or help if there’s an issue.

Melanie Murphy (Source: Google)


I can’t even begin to thank this office enough!! Dr Lyons is the best!! She has a wonderful staff as well, especially Amy, Nancy, and Crystal. They are so kind and helpful. My son is 12 and just began phase 2 with Dr. Lyons. He absolutely loves this office. They’re so accommodating and so willing to work out any problems that come up during this process. The atmosphere in the office is so professional and welcoming! My son and I actually look forward to his appointments! They are so friendly and we are so grateful for them!

Nancy Schuman (Source: Google)


Dr. Lyons and her staff were excellent She provided a detailed examination and explanation of my situation. Ashely was excellent in her explanations as well. My situation is complex and she will research it to find the best options for me. I felt very comfortable with the experience. I appreciated Dr. Lyon’s honest straight forward approach. I left the office with a treatment plan that included several options based on my needs, the cost of the treatment and my questions answered.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


They were very friendly and informative in every visit. I was out of state for about a year during my treatment, yet they stayed in touch and was quick in re-scheduling me and answering any concerns I had while I was away. I am very bad at handling pain, but they were gentle and looked out on how I was doing during the treatment every time I visited to have my chain tightened. Overall, my teeth are looking great and I am very happy about the result. This result came from a very stress-free process.

Dane Doerflinger (Source: Google)


This a review of the Customer Appreciation Event they put on at the Majestic Bay Theatre in Ballard – It was really nice to have a relaxed atmosphere and the theater to ourselves. Nice touch to have some breakfast food. Having the Mad Hatter visit was great. A small detail that would help, because of the paid parking, is to let folks know that the entire event might take up to 3hrs, assuming a 2hr movie. Again, thank you for hosting this fun event.

Cat Scarlatella (Source: Facebook)


Love Dr. Lyons, practice, and the amazing staff at North Seattle Orthodontics. Always professional, courteous, and helpful. Its definitely a welcoming office and patients leave happy with a beautiful smile on their face. Highly recommend having orthodontic treatment at North Seattle Orthodontics. 10-stars all the way!!

Suzanne Lecher (Source: Google)


This review covers my entire journey with Dr. Lyons and her staff. During my two year treatment plan I was continually impressed with how well run the practice is. Each staff member is friendly and competent and Dr. Lyons is exceptional. She really listens and does her best to accommodate. I would recommend North Seattle Orthodontics.

Sandy S. from Seattle, WA (Source: Yelp)


My youngest is now a year out of treatment and looking back I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Lyons and her awesome staff. They are consistently kind, professional and thoughtful about the most effective treatment which has the least impact on kids’ health. They were very understanding and supportive of my preference to minimize the X-rays due to my concerns about radiation. My children are young adults now and they both have beautiful smiles. I smile myself every time I drive by their office, and remember their care with gratitude.


The team at North Seattle Orthodontics is excited to help you get the smile you have always wanted so we would love to see you for a complimentary consultation. Dr. Elizabeth Lyons provides a full spectrum of orthodontic services for patients of all ages including: Phase I treatment with braces for younger children, traditional and clear braces for adolescents and adults, treatment in conjunction with jaw surgery or limited correction for restorative care, Invisalign® treatment for Adults and InvisalignTeen® for adolescents. We utilize the latest in computer technology and offer the iTero system for digital models instead of impressions and AcceleDent and Propel for accelerated treatment. We look forward to partnering with you and your dentist for the best dental care. Dr. Elizabeth Lyons is dedicated to partnering with her patients to provide exceptional orthodontic care. With over 20 years of experience, she has created thousands of beautiful smiles in Shoreline and greater Seattle. Dr. Lyons completed a degree in physics from SUNY Geneseo and a degree in biomechanical engineering from Columbia University in New York. She received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery Degree from Stony Brook University, where she graduated at the top of the class, earning the James Horn Award for Pediatric Dentistry and the American Association of Orthodontists Student Award. She completed her Masters of Science in Dentistry and certification in Orthodontics at the University of Washington (Go Huskies!). A Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Lyons stays on the cutting-edge of her profession by maintaining memberships in the American Dental Association, the American Association of Orthodontists, the Washington State Society of Orthodontists, and the Washington and King County Dental Associations. She is a past director on the University of Washington Orthodontic Alumni Association, past chair of the Seattle King County Dental Society Communications Committee and Ambassador to new dentists for SKCDS. Dr. Lyons is active in both local and national study clubs to stay current with new developments in orthodontics. When not in the office, Dr. Lyons enjoys spending her time with her husband, two children and their dog. She loves reading, skiing and cooking. She stays involved with the local community, volunteering at her church and kid’s schools, and sponsoring youth sports teams and local school events.