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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: 7:45 am to 12:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Irene Blaess, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Linda H. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


Having surgery soon and wanted lash extensions because I couldn’t wear mascara for the procedure.  Just got home from my session with Monica and I don’t think I could be more happy!  Monica is absolutely awesome and meticulous!  I will definitely be gng back for fills as needed and she was right, I am hooked!

RD4021 nabro21 (Source: Google)


I have been a happy patient with Dr Blaess for more than 10 years. She is one of the most attentive and thorough specialists I have ever encountered. Always willing to do what’s right for the patient. Her staff are equally outstanding. As a business owner, I understand the challenges of building a practice and finding the right balance with being compassionate with staff and getting things done. Even after I relocated 5 hours away to Dallas. I have continued to make the long drive just to visit De Zavala Dental and Dr. Blaess. I Highly recommend. Northwoods Dental, Dr. Blaess, her partners and her staff to anyone looking for a reliable and dependable practice where you can be treated fairly and with respect all the time.

Nancy Alonzo-Clifton (Source: Facebook)


I had an appointment today and I always enjoy interacting with staff. My appointment took longer than usual but that is not usually the case. I understand that emergencies happen and sometimes we just have to wait. I’m okay with that because I know when I have an emergency they always ensure that I get seen. I would highly recommend Northwoods Dental Spa. Dr B is wonderful. She does excellent work and always has a very friendly disposition. Dr B has been providing dental care for our family for about 17 years now. Once again thank you to all the staff at Northwoods Dental Spa. You all are great.

Laura S. from Far North Central, San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


In the past 15 years I’ve moved around the country several times and I’ve been to different dentist offices. I would have to say Northwoods Dental Spa has been one of the best experiences if not the best I’ve had with dental care and staff. The staff and doctor were friendly and accommodating. I was a new patient and they made me feel comfortable. I’m thankful for the excellent service that the entire staff at Northwoods Dental Spa provides. I will definitely be going back and highly recommend them. Happy patient!

Laura Montgomery (Source: Google)


The place is AMAZING! It’s been years since I’ve been to the dentist. I was a nervous wreck when I went in, those are like me because of bad experiences in the past. Y’all, this place is to go! The Dr. was absolutely amazing. She made me so comfortable and was straight up with me. She didn’t beat around the bush. The office was so wonderful! They have pay out options for you to pay for it, which no other place has EVER done that for me! If you need a dentist to go to..please give this place to chance. Go see Dr. B, she is amazing, and her staff and office staff they are amazing people!

Katie K. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going here for about 2 years now. I first found this place after having a bad experience at another dentist and a friend recommend I check this place out. I’ve always had a good experience with them. They are kind, helpful, and always make me feel at ease. I had a wisdom tooth come in once and was in extreme pain. I called them and they got me an appointment right away and got my tooth out within 15-30 minutes. They were fast, quick, and efficient. I’ve also had 2 fillings done by them recently and I don’t think I’ve ever had such an awesome experience at the dentist before. I felt so relaxed I almost fell asleep, and that never happens! I would definitely recommend Northwoods Dental Spa, and do to all my family and friends.

Sheila D. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


Mt son had been going to Northwoods dental spa for years and I was avoiding it because I am terrified of the dentist. The receptionist finally convinced me I needed to be seen and it was the best decision. The staff is incredible friendly, and the hygienist not only are knowledgeable but make you comfortable too. I had Ashton and she made me feel at ease, took care of all of my extreme anxieties and best of all was so kind and friendly. I would highly recommend this place!!

Izzie Crooks (Source: Google)


Dr. Blaess has been our family dentist since 2012 and we keep going back to see her because she really is that good. Her medical education and expertise in the field of dentistry are exceptional. Yet, she remains humble, kind, and caring toward her patient’s needs. Her staff are friendly and professional, and the whole team works really hard to meet our dental needs. Thank you for being our dentist.

Khalid Alharthi (Source: Google)


The Dr Zebrowski and Dr Blaess they soft hands. My appointment went smooth after talking with Sam I scheduled my family. The whole team is great. Maria is amazing with patient care. You will not regret your visit here. I can’t say they are one of the best. Actually they are the best ever.

Kim W. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


\Even medical / dental is a business. I was just very lucky / blessed to have stumbled upon this facility, and specifically Dr Blaess. Let alone the fact that they were very punctual and efficient, as well as extremely friendly, from front desk staff to dental assistants, there is a true care for the patient, the reason why people get into healthcare to begin with (lost in MANY facilities). Again, I am so thankful that I happened to find this place. Dr Blaess clearly cared what I wanted as a patient and was very honest, and generous with her time and skill. I have yet to see my final results, but what she has done thus far is beautiful; she has also offered much in the way of long term care and prevention. It was the reviews that initially brought me here. They are all true.

Leah Alviar (Source: Facebook)


First time here yesterday. Hygienists were amazing. Patient and helpful. Explained everything. Even replaced the water used to clean my teeth with warm water to help with my tooth sensitivity. Will be back Monday for a filling. Hope all goes just as well.

Gerald Shackelford (Source: Google)


My entire family have been patients here for over 10 years. There are quite a few dentists closer to our home but we wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. We love the entire office staff (friendly, responsive and helpful), the dental assistants/hygienists are highly trained and experienced using state of the art equipment (my family is assigned to Alex; she’s awesome!), and the dentists are top-notch, very well respected professionals. The facility has that spa-like touch (hence the name), complete with a relaxing view from every dental chair of a huge aquarium stocked with beautiful tropical fish (like Nemo and Dory). Ladies (especially) will enjoy the additional pampering services available. Personally, I appreciate the early morning appointments (7 a.m.) so that my work schedule is minimally impacted. Bottom line, you get 1st rate service all the way. You can’t go wrong by choosing NDS for all your dental needs.

Courtney Houlihan (Source: Facebook)


Dr. B is amazing, super attentive to her patients & genuinely cares about them as individuals. Her staff is great! The hygienists are extremely caring & go the extra mile. I struggle with anxiety & they always make sure I am put at ease & even let me watch movies & use their headphones while I’m in their chair. They make sure I’m not in pain & they actually listen to their patients. Patricia, in the front office, & the other girls (Victoria & Stephanie) are really wonderful, they always remember me & my husband & really seem to care about the people that come in. LOVE this place & these people. Going to the dentist has always been such a struggle for me, so the fact I’m so comfortable here says a lot!

Lucy McArthur (Source: Facebook)


The staff were very polite and caring. Everyone at my office knows i have major dental phobia. Today was the first time i did not use the gas to calm ne down. My guns are super thick and every dentist i have went to i havevtold them to num my gums extra and they dont. Well today i can say the person git it right. Other than a long wait today do to backup everything went well.

Edna Margarita Diaz Garcia (Source: Facebook)


Great Dentists and very caring!! Very clean atmosphere warm and inviting very friendly staff they have a massage chair in the waiting room lots of magazines to read they talked me through the whole process and always asked if I was feeling OK

Narda Ybarra (Source: Google)


I am one of those people who has severe anxiety when it comes to going to the dentist. Nine days ago I lost a crown and went a week ago and got a temporary crown. It was my first time there and the entire staff was really nice. Fast forward to today when I got the brilliant idea to chew a piece of gum… Yes – the temporary crown came out. I walked in and they took me in immediately. I had my permanent crown and was out of the office in about an hour. Again the staff was incredibly nice and no anxiety for me!

Macaire Bourbonnais (Source: Google)


Northwoods Dental Spa is the only place I would go for my check-ups. They are the best! I have had problems with my teeth in the past, but now I’m fortunate enough to just go for check-ups and cleanings. Lily (Hygienist) is always so gentle, and always takes my mind off the thought of sitting in the dentist chair.The office staff is very friendly, too. I really appreciate Dr. Z getting my teeth in shape and helping me keep it that way.

Frank Jones (Source: Google)


The folks who work here are just so incredibly nice (maybe it’s just because I’m a people person, who knows!). You really couldn’t ask for a better experience. I went in for a cleaning, checkup, and to inquire about Invisalign. Every question I had was answered in a professional and through manner. Dr. Verona and everyone at Northwoods Dental Spa have been absolute life savers for my dental health. I genuinely look forward to every visit.

Heidi Duke (Source: Google)


I love this place! They were able to help me in an emergency on the same day. They also were able to help me navigate my insurance in a way that benefit me most! They are very friendly and helpful. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your current dentist or looking for a new one, you won’t regret picking them!

Lucas B. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


I don’t even know where to start! From the first inquiring call I made to scheduling my next apt in a couple weeks I have been blown away at their level of knowledge and care and genuine customer care they offer! Long story short, I went to another dentist because a friend recommended them only to enjoy the checkin and people in the front desk and quickly realize it was a front and a facade. The dentist in the back was rude and didn’t want to fully numb me to complete a root canal and after 4 times numbing she gave up and threw the tools down and told me to go to another specialist for the root canal just to come back for some excessive cleaning. Basically it was just not a good experience at all!!! I called into NorthWoods Dental Spa and spoke with Maria who is a an absolute doll! She walked me through all the steps and what I need and they need to get things rolling and has me into the office the next day at 10am! I show up and they are SO overly welcoming and got me back talking to Dr Blasse and fell in love with this dentist office! She walked in and knew exactly what to say and to ask about how the pain comes across. I had troubles being numbed enough for a root canal but she pulled out all the tricks of the trade and by the time I knew it, the root canal was done!!! No pain, no discomfort no nothing! Then she explained what all was needing to happen in the next appointment and introduced me to the hygienist, I can’t remember her name , came in and just took this to the next level! She explained what she was doing, why she was doing it and got the deepest cleaning to the point where I can FEEL MY TEETH CLEAN! Then walked me through her tips and tricks for a better clean, of which I have never heard but am most definitely using from now on, and passed me on to the front desk where the process was seamless! I literally wanted to hug every person in the office because I went from wanting to cry because of such a horrid experience to finding my new life long dentist! Thank you so much NorthWoods Dental Spa! You blow every experience out of the water! I actually look forward to going back for my appointments!

Kristin T. from Seguin, TX (Source: Yelp)


So I’ve been here twice now. Once for X-rays and an exam and then today for my first extraction- who needs wisdom teeth anyway?! They entire staff here is so friendly and sweet. They really make you feel super comfortable and they explain everything to you in detail. No awkward, sitting in silence scared outta your mind here!! So…. I was terrified to get my tooth pulled. Btw, your wisdom teeth are HUGE. Like, giant ass teeth!! I had no idea until after words when I asked to see it. (I’ll spare y’all a pic this time) l would have never known it was that big by how little I felt when it was being pulled. It was like a lot of pressure and then ya-da… Done!! If you’ve had a c section you know what pressure I’m talking about. It’s exactly like that but in your mouth. Birthing a baby tooth lol I was mostly scared about the shots to numb me but that was nothing too. They said it may sting a lil with that first kind of shot that they give you but it didn’t sting or burn or anything at all. Maybe they just tell you that just in case? Lol Can’t wait to to go back in a few days to get my eyelashes done!!

Blacican Spice RW (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Blase treated me for a dental emergency. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by their friendly staff. Dr. Blas was professional and compassionate about the pain I was in. She kept asking if I’m okay, she said if you feel any pain let me know because I don’t want to cause you more pain. Her patience and compassion was appreciated by regular dentist isn’t as attentive. I definitely recommend Northwoods Dental Spa, Dr. Blase and her staff are Amazing. This is my new dentist, grateful for the recommendation.

Manjusha Tom (Source: Google)


I am so glad I found this dental group. Had a temporary filling done by Alamo springs dental and had complication. my pain was so bad I couldn’t sleep and went back to them and they said i need to see a specialist. tried a few they gave me had no luck finally my friend recommended this doctor to me. thank god they gave me an appointment on the same day and from the front desk till checkout they made me feel at home and ensured that i was comfortable. they did everything to make sure i was going to be pain free. that same night i was able to sleep without pain. thank you so much they are the best.

David Harris (Source: Google)


The staff was very friendly and helpful! My teeth weren’t in great shape but they never talked down to me or made me feel bad about it. They only offered solutions and gave me several courses of action so I could determine what would suit me best. I’m very glad I went to Northwoods Dental Spa today to get the news (and solutions!) I got.

Heather B. from San Antonio, TX (Source: Yelp)


I only went here to use my Amazon voucher for a one hr Swedish massage by Monica and OMG!!! Ammmazing! I don’t know if it was the fact I was so stressed and exhausted or she is just that fantastic but I am blown away! Monica gave def one of my top five massages ever. Maybe top three… but I will TOTALLY be back to find out! Very clean office, right next to HEB *strip mall* facing 1604 access road. All dental chairs seemed to be busy and at the beginning of my massage the suction the dentist was using was a little annoying- either it stopped or Monica was that good I didn’t even notice….I believe the latter Can’t say enough good things other than Monica just got herself one new regular!!! Please give her a try, she is attentive, pays attention to whatever areas you need and can go as hard or soft as you want!

Lisette Rodriguez (Source: Google)


This was my first time at this location so I was a little nervous because I was going for my wisdom teeth removal and then not knowing any of the people working there…just gave me a bit of anxiety. Fortunately, the staff was very welcoming and friendly! The lady who helped me get my X-rays taken and who monitored me while I was getting sedated was very professional and made me feel comfortable. She was always checking to ask if I was okay and I liked that. When the doctor came in, he was also really friendly and he worked very efficiently. The wisdom teeth extraction process took less than an hour, maybe about 30 min or so. I was very glad that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! I’m home now and I do feel some mild pain but it is normal. If I need any other teeth surgeries done, I will definitely be coming back to this location!

Vera Chenski (Source: Google)


I LOVE MY DENTIST!!!! If you looking for a great Dentist and a staff that provides excellent service. Northwoods Dental Spa is the place to go. Dr.Irene Blaess is a professional she has set high standards for a dental work. The quality of service is unmatched with any other Dental office that I have visited over the years. I appreciate all the help and look forward for my next visit! Thank you so much again! I would give 5+stars if I would have this option.

Anna Olivas DeAnda (Source: Facebook)


Everyone there is very caring to my whole family. Dr. Blaess has started braces on my son and he’s excited about that. Ashton is very thorough when cleaning our teeth. She made me comfortable and found exactly what works for my sensitivity when cleaning my teeth. Ashton took the time and that says a lot about her and the whole staff. Wonderful place!

Sandra and Aaron De Leon (Source: Google)


Northwoods Dental Spa is an AMAZING dental office providing the upmost quality care! We are all going through difficult and uncertain times but these individuals as a team and family still took their time to help people in pain and suffering. I am very thankful that I found this office and will definitely recommend them to friends and family!

Heather Maria Negrón (Source: Facebook)


I really love this place. Dr Blaess is usually my dentist, and she is wonderful. I have also had Dr. Land. She is also great. Their dental hygienists are the best. They are very, very friendly and helpful. They provide patient education without trying to guilt trip you and scold you (bad childhood experience elsewhere haha). They also are reasonable in price. I never feel like they are trying to push excessive dental work on me. They are honest and do only what is necessary. I would highly recommend them to everyone.

Gabbie Sosa Havins (Source: Facebook)


Reception area: Dori movie. massage chair. Complimentary keurig beverage with a variety of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and water bottles. Little to no wait time. X-rays: digital, fast, no re-takes, and most importantly no pain. Assistant and hygienist are very knowledgeable and friendly! Doctor is gentle and efficient. Xrays, exam, cleaning, all in one short visit- In and out in no time. Definitely a pleasant experience! Returning and referring pts to this office!

Rick (Source: Google)


Returned to Northwoods for extensive dental work because for years they’ve shown the absolutely highest level of care. I’ve never felt pain with anything from cavities to crowns. Bottom line, they are true professionals in every area from dental work to easy scheduling to well maintained, pleasant office environment. Recommend without reservation.

Angie Meche (Source: Facebook)


Over 10 years ago I had a cracked tooth and my own dentist wouldn’t see me. (They’d already seen all their dental hmo patients for the month.) after calling around, dr Zebrowski told me to come in. He took amazing care of me and is the only dental practice I will go to. He hires fantastic staff and is really a great guy.

J M (Source: Google)


My first visit to this clinic was amazing, I’ve finally found a dentist I feel comfortable with. Her staff is as caring and professional as she is. She made me feel comfortable and was very compassionate, she explained every detail of the exam with our rushing through the process. I will recommend this dental clinic to all my family and friends.

Candace Rael (Source: Google)


First off it was quite and peaceful. I was greeted when I walked in by the front desk staff. They took my temp and got me in pretty quick. I originally had came here for just a second opinion on braces and I left having this place be my permanent dentist/orthodontist. I had just had my teeth cleaned and 6 month check up at another office (last that 2 weeks ago) and was told no cavities. Well this office caught a small one that if you went to fast you wouldn’t have noticed it at all. Not to mention they go step by step and let you know what they are doing/going to do. I’m glad my Boss told me about this place because otherwise I wouldn’t have known about it. Talk about a hidden gem!! I loved the Dr because she was straight forward and got down to the nitty gritty. I dont like to beat around the Bush so that was great in my opinion!! If your new in town or just looking for a new office to take care of your oral health I most definitely recomend this place! Stop waisting your time and make an appointment here already!! Oh, did I mention they were way cheaper than the other offices that I went too!? No, well now I did! Any place that saves me money and does a damn good job as well is keeping my business.