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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Michael C. from New Britain, CT (Source: Yelp)


I absolutely love this dentist office! Dr. Gonzalez and his wonderful team have always gone above and beyond in their services for me. It was just over a year since I had last been to a dentist, needless to say I was a apprehensive. Dr. Gonzalez and his staff made me feel completely comfortable and thoroughly explained everything to me.  I have now been a patient for a little over two years and highly recommend Dr. Gonzalez to everyone I know. Best dentist I ever had!

April G (Source: Google)


Dr. Gonzalez and is staff are amazing. Before coming to this office i had such a fear of the dentist. My anxiety level was high. They eased my fears and moved at my pace. I would highly recommend this office to everyone. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. This place is truly a God send. Please do yourself a favor and check them out.

Iris Ruiz (Source: Facebook)


Oscar Gonzalez has been my dentist for almost 30 years! He has great competent staff who ensure my teeth and gums are in good health. I’ll be departing Connecticut next year but will be returning to get my cleanings and any dental work with Dr Gonzalez and his team…. you are the best!

Scott Watson (Source: Google)


I’ve been seeing Dr Gonzalez and his staff ever since I moved to West Hartford a few years ago and my overall experience has been the best of any dentist as I’ve moved across the country. I’m impressed that his office always seems to have newer tools. This past visit most of my cleaning was done with a new tool that avoided most of the plaque scraping that I’ve been familiar with for years. I especially appreciate the low-radiation digital x-rays. A monitor is setup so I can see the results right away. I try very hard to take care of my oral health, but Dr Gonzalez and Paul and anyone who has seen me in the chair always find some wisdom to impart. I’ve learned details about gum depth and water flossing and specific brushing techniques. I enjoy asking questions and they know their stuff. I feel empowered to keep myself healthy for the long haul. Every time I visit, the entire staff appears to be having a good day. I really think they like working there and with each other. That seems pretty unique to me. The office is embedded in my neighborhood and given the conversations I have in reception, with my hygienist, and with Dr Gonzalez, I feel like I’m visiting with my neighbors. That feels especially good during this pandemic because I know they’re experiencing the exact same local pressures as I am. I appreciate how his office is always decorated for the season. I enjoy the artwork in the waiting room. Even if I move to another town in CT someday I know I’ll be coming back to Dr Gonzalez for a long time to come.

Diomedes Germosen (Source: Google)


Came in for a cleaning with Paul the dental hygienist and could not be happier with his service!! He made me very comfortable and was thorough with his work and explanations as to what he was doing and how to take better care of my teeth. I cannot thank them enough. 10/10.

Brooke Gengras (Source: Google)


I was recommended to Dr. Gonzalez by my brother. We all live out in Simsbury but the standard of care here is so high it makes the drive SO worth it. I am a dentist chicken, and then on top of that there’s Covid to think about. He and his team have thought of EVERYTHING to make the patients comfortable. Have you ever had a dentist ask if you’d like a blanket?? Me neither! I couldn’t say enough good things. Also, his front of house staff are the most polite, gracious and kind team I’ve ever encountered. And the hygienists are interesting, knowledgeable and friendly! I’ve never felt more at ease with every aspect of my dental care. I’m very grateful.

Kiara Waller (Source: Google)


Always a great experience at Dr. Gonzalez and the team is always polite and extremely informative through the entire process. Had my first visit following the re-opening after COVID and I felt completely safe and comfortable. Paul completed my cleaning and was amazing! And very knowledgeable and explained even some of the changes I was not aware were done making this an even better experience! Thank you all!

Caroline Cavanaugh (Source: Google)


The best dental experience I could’ve hoped for. I needed extensive work done and they’ve been with me every step of the way. Monica is great and was beyond helpful in assisting me come up with an affordable plan. Dr. Gonzalez’s knowledge and commitment to making me feel comfortable means a lot! Thankful for the rest of this awesome staff as well. Thank you to all for making my dental journey a breeze.

Madeline Pena (Source: Google)


Doctor Gonzalez is the best place for any and all your dentistry work; it’s the best! The staff is very accommodating, friendly, informative, the best overall. They provide quality service; I went in for the Invisalign Program and so far my teeth look amazing, and they have transitioned into my only dentist office. If your looking for a dentist, this place is it! Thanks to everyone who works at the office!

Myra Aldarondo (Source: Google)


Dr. Gonzalez and his team are very knowledgeable and provide excellent dental care. Dr. Gonzalez always listens attentively to my concerns and offers options where I can make purposeful decisions in regard to my dental health. From implants to veneers, my smile is perfect!! Thank you Dr. Gonzalez!!!

Andreal Dunn (Source: Facebook)


The staff is very professional and always make you feel important. Dr. Gonzalez is the best and cares about his patients. I always look forward to my appt because I know I will be getting the best care.

Barbara Claudio (Source: Google)


At Dr. Gonzalez ‘s office you are welcomed with friendly office staff as well as highly trained dentists and assistants. I have been a client for almost thirteen years. I love how they make you feel like family and offer great services. My husband and children are also clients and I highly recommend any family looking for outstanding dental health services to this family dental office. Whether you need a regular 6 month cleaning or any other dental treatment done, Oscar’s is the place to go!

Vanessa Sofia (Source: Facebook)


Front desk staff was very welcoming and caring, Dr. Gonzalez went above and beyond at making sure I was comfortable and also made sure that I had a good understanding of the procedure. I am very satisfied with the care I received and I feel confident with the decision I made to switch to Dr.Gonzalez to be my dentist.

Brettnee Paintedbyb Nelson (Source: Facebook)


Dr Gonzalez and the staff here is absolutely amazing! So friendly, great appointment follow-ups, and very knowledgeable. Any questions you have they will walk you through step by step so you understand everything. You get such a warm welcome as soon as you walk in the door. I highly recommend this dental office!

Sonia I. Ayala (Source: Facebook)


I love Dr Gonzalez office. The office is always very welcoming. My child suffers from anxiety and they always walk him through his visit and make him feel at ease and comfortable. I recommend Dr Gonzalez office to everyone.

Migs Angel (Source: Facebook)


This was a wonderful experience! The staff and the doctor were the most professional treatment. The initial evaluation east the most thorough ever. I am well on my way to have a more healthy and beautiful smile. You will be in the best of care with the doctor and the amazing staff!

Rogelio Bobis (Source: Google)


Dr. Oscar Gonzalez and their staff is very friendly and helpful. I absolutely enjoy going to this dentist after many years not going to one. They are very informative of any dental procedures they are performing and make me feel at ease coming there. I absolutely recommend Dr Gonzalez and the staff because they are always smiling and are very welcoming. I assure you they will never disappoint and commend their professionalism and connection with their patients.

Michael Chiloyan (Source: Google)


Dr. Gonzalez is by far the best dentist I’ve ever been to! The staff are extremely helpful, polite, courteous and friendly. It had been 2 years since I had been a dentist, so I was a little apprehensive going into this. Dr. Gonzalez treated me as an individual, not just a number (which I’ve experienced in the past with other dentists). From scheduling my initial appointment, learning about the benefits of my new dental insurance, the entire process seamless. I highly recommend Dr. Oscar Gonzalez to anyone looking for a new dentist.

Nilda Luz Fernandez (Source: Google)


The Gonzalez and his dental team are great! Everyone is very attentive to the needs of the dental patients. Dr. Gonzalez is very professional, knowledgeable, caring and has the most gentle hands. The practice is squeaky clean and fully equipped with the most up to date dental instruments and equipment.

Erin C. from Bloomfield, CT (Source: Yelp)


After having avoided the dentist like the plague (and I’m probably not the only one), I happened to see a commercial for Dr. Gonzalez and figured I had nothing to lose (but some plaque and tartar build up) by making a phone call. I told everyone on staff (who would listen) how apprehensive I was about dentists as a result of past dental experiences. I could not believe the sensitivity and compassion these folks had and I was sold. Despite the procedures I had done which weren’t necessarily “comfortable”, I wholly recommend Dr. Gonzalez and his team of wonderful hygienists, receptionists, and other critical staff. While my oral hygiene is never up to par with their expectations LOL, they’re not judgmental or abrasive. Very comforting for a dentist-phobe such as myself!

Mariliz Tirado (Source: Google)


Great Dentist and amazing staff! My entire family has been coming to Dr. Oscar Gonzalez for a couple of years now and I wouldn’t change it at all. My family and I are pleased with their services and the caring staff. All your questions and concerns are addressed. I recommend anyone to come see them, they will not want to go anywhere else.

Steve Whitney (Source: Facebook)


They are very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating. They actually care about your health. They’ve fixed all the problems with my teeth that my last dentist created. I would never go anywhere else. Every time I go there they make sure I am totally comfortable. They explain everything to you in detail and make sure you understand your oral health and plan for the future. Mr Gonzalez is the best. I am a customer for life.

Armando Jimenez (Source: Google)


Here are another five stars for this review, since I am unable to add more – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! This was my first time visiting Dr. Gonzalez and his office, but they have turned me into a life-long patient. The experience was absolutely exceptional from start to finish. My initial conversation with Jackie to ask about their services was great. Jackie was pleasant, genuine, and made sure to answer all of my questions and went above and beyond to provide details that were important to my inquiry. The follow-up for scheduling my visit (within the week) by Monica was seamless. I knew where I needed to be, what I needed to bring, and who to contact if there were any issues or changes. The day of my appointment, Jackie called me in advance to (1) check and see if I had any issues arriving to the office, (2) confirming if the scheduled appointment was still good for me, (3) let me know how to properly enter the building in a safe manner. The building was absolutely spotless (parking lot included) and smelled fresh. I felt comfortable walking in and was greeted by Jackie and Linda who knew my name and smiled. They both asked me how my day was going and if there was anything I needed at the moment. Linda confirmed my information, asked me if I had any questions, and helped me with signing off on my paperwork. It was smoother than slicing melted butter!

Kamila Burgos (Source: Google)


With COVID, Oscar Gonzalez’s office is state of the art. They have a disinfectant machine that cleans the air as you are there. The dental hygienist wear a mask and a face shield. I needed a deep cleaning and Paul was great. He explained the whole process from beginning to end. He answered any questions I had about the process. My parents have been going here for over 10 years and I am a new patient. They truly care about their patients and their safety.

Ashley Kendrigan (Source: Google)


What a wonderful place!!!! Dr. Gonzalez is a caring dentist who wants his patients to have a wonderful experience. The women at the front office are always kind, courteous and flexible. I came here having a hard time with dentists and I always feel at ease. I suggest everyone visit here who is looking for a great experience.

Dianne Fowler (Source: Google)


Staff is very warm and friendly! They take every safety precaution to keep patients safe. Dr. Gonzalez takes his time with patients, and I have been very happy with the work he has done. I just finished Invisalign treatment with Dr. Gonzalez, and I couldn’t be happier with my results!!

Ashley Farland (Source: Google)


This place is amazing I went through 3 dentist before finding this dentist. My daughter was very scared when we came here and everyone at the office made sure that she was well taken care of. I have to say Mr. Gonzalez is very gentle and explains what he is doing and makes sure the patient feels comfortable as well. I will suggest him over and over to all my friends and family. You definitely will feel great about coming here

Shawn Rychling (Source: Google)


I have been seeing Dr. Gonzalez for about six years, during which time my teeth have needed some major work. At my first visit he found that I needed two crowns and a root canal, and a wisdom tooth pulled as well as many replacement fillings for old ones that were close to falling out. I had been in some discomfort, even pain, for a little while, but Dr. Gonzalez took care of it all, not only with his professional dentistry, but also a fabulous “bedside manner.” Both he and his staff are patient and create a relaxing atmosphere so the work proceeds at the patient’s pace. Their application of novocain has been perfect for me after having a few poor experiences with it with other dentists. You don’t have to worry about any discomfort in the chair at Dr Gonzalez’s office. After the first year and all the initial major work, my general oral health improved greatly through regular checkups and the excellent work of their hygienists who educate you on keeping your teeth healthy. Most recently, I had another crown to fix a tooth that had broken off due to a very old filling. Once again that process went very smoothly. I also learned that now, a crown is made through a digital process. Much better than the old molding process. Also, if you are worried about cost, Dr. Gonzalez has excellent staff that can navigate insurance issues and payment plans for you. So there is no need to let any problems with your teeth go. I recommend Dr. Gonzalez highly!

K Ali (Source: Google)


Dr. Gonzalez and his staff are the best in the world, in the past I’ve had many problems with different dentists, Dr Gonzalez is the only dentist that has earned my trust if you are looking for a dentist that welcomes is patience with open arms and a staff that does not only treat you as a patient but as family every time I go there for a procedure, I feel relaxed I know that I’m getting the best, I also bring my son there and my son love to go to the dentist he gets excited they’re also are great with kids if I can give 10 Stars I would thank Dr Gonzalez and staff for providing the best dental care I’ve ever received.

Misael Rodriguez (Source: Facebook)


The service is unlike anywhere else! Always a happy, positive environment and extremely welcoming!! I would happily recommend everyone to come visit them. Thanks for your amazing service!!

Dana Switajewski Chalupka (Source: Facebook)


I have been coming here for many years Dr. Gonzales he is amazing. With my husbands crazy schedule he works with you to make sure you get in for a time that works you. There office staff is also caring and so helpful to your needs.

Luz Rivera (Source: Facebook)


I was always afraid to smile until I met Dr Gonzalez , not only he gave me my smile back , he gave me the confidence I lost , now I can smile to the world with no worries of people starring at my teeth and for that I thank you � Dr. Gonzalez.

Leo-Omar Mitchell (Source: Google)


I am a new dad and i have two boys and they go to different dentist. I have visited this facility ( Dr Gonzalez ) 3 times so far and by far a much better experience for my son Elijah than his brother. The experience to me affords an easier transition so that Elijah can maintain healthy habitual techniques for taking care of his teeth and gums. I love the fact that he gets excited with the warm inviting atmosphere the staff presents. I recommend them with great confidence

JoAnna K. DeJesus (Source: Facebook)


Recently became a new patient along with my fiance. The staff is extremely polite, helpful & knowledgeable! They are very accommodating with appointments & do their best to make you comfortable during your procedures. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of dental care!

Nilsa Jimenez-Devers (Source: Google)


First, Dr. Gonzalez and his staff have great bedside manners. They take the time to make the patient feel comfortable in the office. Usually is very difficult for me to make medical appointments during the week but they were super accommodating. His knowledge and capabilities to perform different dental procedures are exceptional. Best dentist I have had so far