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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Raymond S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was very nervous about my appointment because I was getting a tooth removed but it turned out amazing. The entire staff made me feel very comfortable. My doctor Moftakhar Farshad numbed my mouth really well which I normally have a problem getting numb. This experience by far was my best dentist experience I can think of and I have gotten  a lot of work done at other places. I highly recommend Pacific Dental Care in Beverly Hills

Kyle Lehár (Source: Google)


The experience I have here is outstanding. I’ve been coming here for 2 years and won’t consider another dentist at all. I 100% trust Farshad with all my concerns. They’ve helped me with multiple problems and given me the best solutions. My teeth have never looked whiter. I really mean it. I’ve brought others to this place and they haven’t gone anywhere since. For anyone looking for a new honest dentist and want real results then really look no further and give them a call. You will be happy with the results!

Brian G. from Westlake, Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I think it is a known fact that most people really dislike going to the dentist… so I was pretty anxious going to see Dr. Moftakhar for the first time after 2 years of no checkups or cleanings. When I arrived, I was immediately relieved by the peaceful ambiance of the office. The front desk staff was incredibly helpful, friendly, and personable. They made my *very short* wait time very pleasant. They informed me of the services available and did their best to schedule a follow-up appointment that worked well with my schedule. Dr. Moftakhar was fantastic. He eased my anxiety about going to the dentist, explained what he was doing throughout the process, and gave me thorough advice about how to take care of my teeth in between cleanings. My teeth have never felt cleaner. He was so observant– at one point, he asked “have you been having headaches?” and I was shocked because I was suffering from headaches every day. He checked my jaw and noticed that I have a tight jaw. Dr. Moftakhar helped me get a night-guard and since then I have not been having headaches. He truly believes in a holistic approach for dental and physical health. I have been to plenty of dentists and orthodontists in the LA Area and I have never received such exceptional service.

Chrissy S. from Downey, CA (Source: Yelp)


My father was a patient for many years and my kids have been patients of Dr. Moftakhar’s for about 5 years now. They will not go anywhere else!! They trust him 100% and don’t put up a fight when they have to go to the dentist! Carmen is wonderful! She recommended a much-needed Orthodontist for my oldest daughter and what a transformation!! The entire staff is great and I love how we are treated like human beings and not as a number! Dr.Moftakhar’s office never over books so you have that one on one doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Moftakhar. The office doesn’t look like a heard of cattle walking around the office! I recommend Dr. Moftakhar 100%!

Jeffery House (Source: Google)


I am very afraid of going to dental clinics. I came here a few months ago for an impacted tooth and was treated really well. I expressed my concerns and fears of dental work and my dentist listened and consoled my worries quickly. My problems were solved then. I recently lost a crown and went back to Pacific Dental hoping to find the same dentist that was so kind, and effective. I left feeling great over our meeting and future plans. So far I can only say thank heavens and my father for finding this dental practice for me. If you are afraid of dental work like me or just want quality dental work done then I highly recommend this place.

Rhiana M. from Palmdale, CA (Source: Yelp)


I haven’t gone to a dentist in well over ten years since I left my old dentist. I have trust issues but knew I had to get my teeth cleaned and looked at by a professional. I’m so glad I decided to try Pacific Dental Care! From the moment I came in the place was cleaning and had energy that was very inviting. Everyone I encounter from the receptionist, to the lady doing my xrays, as well as the dentist cleaning my teeth was amazing! Seriously recommend.

Sean S. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have nothing but great experiences with Dr. Moftakhar and the Pacific Dental family. Initially  going in I was feeling a bit embarrassed  with my dental situation  even though i took pretty good care of my teeth it had been a while since I have visited  a dental office . After a few visits  that anxiety  went away and I was looking forward to every appointment because  I knew it was bringing closer  to the insertion of my implant, which was a process worth waiting for. What I like most about Dr. Moftakhar is his calm demeanor and how he reassures that you are comfortable before continuing. He and his right hand girl Letty are always on the same page and she has all the same traits as him aside from the title of Dr. They was very knowledgeable  of all my random questions and nice about answering them. Csrmen is another shining star within this family she does a great job coordinating with your schedule and is always there with a warm welcome  upon arrival.Overall I would reccomend  Pacific  Dental to any friends, family  or random person who’s looking for a reliable dentist. Thanks  Dr.Moftahkar.

Benjamin Ortega (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. Moftakhar by a friend who had been treated by him for many years. At first I was a little hesitant of any dentist in Beverly Hills who are probably used to treating Hollywood stars all the time and I was just a regular person who wanted a better smile. When I met him he couldn’t have been nicer. He explained the procedure very well and the costs associated with it, and his staff was extremely friendly and very accommodating. I have to say I’m so happy with my new smile and it came out amazing. Thank you very much

Nima Clayton (Source: Google)


I can not thank Dr. Moftakhar and his staff enough for making my recent visit to his office a pleasurable one. When I walked in I was greeted by a warm welcome by Carmen and was called to see the Doc before my seat could get warm. As always, when I walked in to see the doc, I was greeted by a warm smile and a welcoming vibe. As always, his office was clean and in tip top shape. One thing I have noticed is that the equipment in the office has changed as the years have elapsed – he’s up to snuff with new technology as it comes out. I can’t stress how much I trust Dr. Moftakhar and his assessments. You can not put a price tag on trust or stellar bedside manor. I have been a loyal client for nearly 20 years!! I wouldn’t dare visit another dentist as I only trust my teeth in the hands of Dr. Moftakhar!!

Molly Ann M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


An Amazing dentist who is gentle and caring for this HUGE dental chicken.  I grew up with a dentist who pulled out teeth without Novocaine and did not go to a dentist for years.  Then I ended up with a root canal and HAD to go.  I called all the dentists in Beverly Hills on a holiday weekend (never fails) and Dr. M was the only one who called me back and let alone opened his office for me (I had never been to him before) and drained my root canal–heaven!!  Almost 18 years later (and I go every 6 months) and I would never stray from him even though I live almost 40 miles from him now–he is worth it!!!  Not only is Dr. M. amazing but so is his entire staff.  They know me and are so friendly and gentle because they know I am a dental chicken!!  Thank you for being so great!!!!

Alma A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


By recommendation from a family friend who has been his patient since childhood.My experience was wonderful! Dr Moftakhar is Very profetional,Committed to gentle compassionate care and trustworthy. Although the office was very busy everytime I had app,but I didn’t have to wait to be seen. I felt very comfortable and welcomed by everyone at the clinic. The clinic was clean and the staff very professional. I am so happy with my procedure.I would recommended this clinic to anyone who is looking for dental work!

Fran G. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Moftakhar is hands down, the best dentist I’ve ever had, and I have been through DOZENS. A dentist of consummate skill, to say nothing of a soothing manner, and a wonderful sense of humor. I will NEVER go to another dentist again. I highly recommend him to everybody and kudos go to his staff, especially the manager Carmen. Efficient, knowledgeable, caring, to say nothing of patient. Dr. Moftakhar could not have a better manager.

L. R. from El Cajon, CA (Source: Yelp)


Had to come here. Some corrective work done on my mouth I’m actually from San Diego and had to travel this far to hit a dentist that could actually do the work I had a crown that didn’t fit properly and I was allergic the ceiling that they use on my crown my entire tooth need a root canal at this point and only the doctor was able to fill it thank you so much for all the great work that you and your staff are doing

Laura C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Late last year, I scheduled an appointment with Pacific Dental Care.  As the day approached, I only became more and more nervous.  Once there, however, I learned just how lovely and comforting doctors and medical assistants can be and should be.   Contrary to what their location might lead you to believe, you get all the perks of Beverly Hills, without the stuffiness or uptightness.  When I left there last Thanksgiving, my nerves had calmed and I was thankful I had found a new dentist.

William Huth (Source: Facebook)


Well I needed to have a tooth pulled. Very painful. What in to the office and was Greeted by two nice women at the check in. Waited only ABOUT min. And it was OFF TO X-RAYS MARIA DID my X-rays!! GOODNESS THAT WOMAN IS A PERFECTIONIST. I kid you not !!!! After she would take your X-rays She explained to ON the computer monitor with teeth where located in my Mouth. I feel horrible! For the life of me I can not remember the women who came in with my paper work but She was very SWEET and very reassuring. NOW TO THE BEST PART GETTING MY TOOTH PULLED OUT . Lol THE DR. STEP IN AND INTRODUCED HIMSELF MADE SOME SMALL TALK . Next thing you know he says this OPEN AND GAVE ME MY SHOT 2 OF THEM. BUT HES WAS VERY NICE ABOUT IT. He told me RELAX I DID AND BAMM IT WAS OVER IN LESS THEN TWO MIN IF THAT. I told him there no ways he’s done . He SMILED and yes William it’s over . I thank him for his time and he looked me in the eye and said . Thank you William for choosing us today and it was a pleasure meeting you. The girls up front will tell you what you need to do tonight. So go to this place!!! William Huth

Deven M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


After going to the same dentist for over ten years I left him because his prices were too high and they always wanted to “upgrade” everything.  It left such a bad taste in my mouth I did not go to a dentist for almost 4 years But finally I wanted to start going back so I contact 1-800-DENTIST and found Dr. Moftakhar and Pacific Dental Care.  So glad I did.  Carmen and Jennifer were so kind and calming and the rest of the staff were courteous, thoughtful and knowledgeable.  They were able to take my insurance and did a great cleaning.  I will be doing more with them in the future.

Geo M. from Castaic, CA (Source: Yelp)


Pacific Dental Care is the absolute best, they are the 5 Star Service center for all your dental care needs. I have been going to Pacific Dental Care in Beverly Hills for almost the past 2 decades and they have the most professional and courteous staff on the planet ! Anytime I’ve had problems with my teeth, they have always taken of the situation ASAP! If you are looking for Professional Dental Care with excellent services – Don’t look any further than Pacific Dental Care, the are the best in the business!! Sincerely, *** Geo ***

Pamela Z. from Culver City, CA (Source: Yelp)


I used 1800-Dentist. I dread going to the dentist all my life but after coming to Pacific Dental Care “it’s not so bad”. Dr Moftakhar made me feel comfortable and always made sure I was ok and there was no pain! I was VERY nervous and very caring which made me relax. I am very satisfied with the customer service and helped me get great financing. They explained, answered, and never pressured to get all that was suggested in my treatment plan.

Nancy Harger (Source: Google)


My initial cleaning and examination appointments were awesome. The office is always inviting and comfortable. At Pacific Dental they do a great job explaining what work needs to be done and provide a detailed plan with estimated costs. My follow-up appointments for some dental work were great even though it was the beginning of the year, and extremely busy each person from front desk to the dentists were very attentive to my needs, and made sure I was taken care. I would definitely recommend Pacific Dental to anyone I know. Everyone takes the extra effort in the clinic to make sure you are comfortable and your needs are met. Thank you to all the staff at Pacific Dental.

Valentina D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I made an appointment to get my wisdom teeth out. When I arrived at the office I was greeted with kindness and asked to come in right away. I was extremely nervous about the pain I might endure during the procedure and voiced my concerns. The nurse was so kind and even held my hand while I received the local anesthesia shots. She gave me all kinds of advice to get through the procedure calmly and smoothly. When the dentist came in he was also kind and easy to talk to. He reassured me the procedure would go smoothly and promised me I wouldn’t feel a thing and if I did just to let him know. After an extra shot, he was right I didn’t feel a thing! The procedure was super simple and he did a great job. They made sure to call in all of my medications immediately and sent me home with detailed instructions. After a caring experience at this office, I would definitely come back again.

Robert Yanez-Dagon (Source: Facebook)


Such a great staff. The doctor really cares and I feel completely comfortable with him. I had to have am emergency procedure and the staff was outstanding. The doctor understood how fearful I was of pain and did the procedure with no pain or discomfort afterwords.

Bob A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had braces when I was younger and it was a two phased approach. Thing is, after the first phase I never went back to finish the treatment. I was 13- there’s no way I was wearing braces to middle school. Fast forward into adulthood and I wished I would have just stayed with it. I toyed with the idea of Invisalign for a while, at the recommendation of my dentist, but never pulled the plug, because the treatment seemed so long and a bit archaic with the molds and what not.I looked at a few places before coming to PDC, and was so impressed with the practice I signed up for treatment the same day as my consultation. All the technology is top of the line and ensures the most efficient and effective treatment possible. When I was nearing the end of my treatment Dr. Moftakhar advised “your teeth are straight and perfect, but what do you think? What would make them perfect for you?” I told him I was so happy that my bottom teeth were finally straight, but due to the shape of my teeth (they’re a bit wider on the top of the tooth, almost like an upside down triangle), I know there would be small gaps in between the bottom of my teeth and I would love to see them closed. He tossed my last 5 weeks of trays, rescanned my teeth, filed the sides of my bottom teeth, and I ended my treatment closing those gaps. It’s that kind of attention to detail and meticulousness that makes this practice the best. If you’re on the fence- go in for the consultation. Then you can tell them I sent you when you sign up 🙂

Sharmila Gupta (Source: Google)


Dr. Farshad extracted all four of my wisdom teeth and he made it very easy and painless for me!! They talked me through the entire process making me feel really safe and comfortable. The pain medication was really effective. I had no problem eating soft foods after the extraction. The follow up appointment to take the stitches out was very convenient for me. A big thanks to Dr. Moftakhar and his sweet staff!

Arthur Kageyama (Source: Google)


My wife and I are from the East coast, and we were in Los Angeles for treatment at a big-name medical center. During our two week stay, my wife visited Pacific Dental Care for a regular cleaning. They discovered a crack in her veneer and knowing our tight schedule, they fit us in for repair that same day. We were more than surprised by Dr’s act of kindness. Thank you Dr. for taking care of my wife’s urgent dental need!

Tomas Tochtli D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a regular dentist but was unhappy with them so I decided to try a new dentist. I found Pacific Dental Care. Now I was expecting expensive and broad brushed descriptions that I needed a root canal or something. Well I was wrong. I was extremely lucky to take a chance with them and got Dr Moftakhar to work on me. So first they took x-rays and displayed it on the tv and pointed out my issue. It wasnt a filling that fell out but they tooth broke around the filling. They explained that I needed a crown because of the issue with the tooth. Having a visual and them explaining made total sense why I needed a crown. So I was like “ok, lets do it”. But they said “Lets see what your insurance will do”. I was thinking ‘this is went they are going to get me, they pointed out a serious issue and it needed attention fast. They got me’. Well to my surprise, it was incredibly affordable. Then I asked how long it would take. About an hour and 15 minutes. I cant really translate dentist lingo they were zinging at each other, but I could pick up they were both genuinely concerned about me and my tooth. Normally I have “white coat syndrome” and get nervous around doctors (especially with pointy things), however this was very relaxing. I’d give 10 stars if yelp allowed it..

Kyle L. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


What more can I say about all the staff here. Personally I cannot express the gratitude towards them all.
The experience I have here is outstanding. I’ve been coming here for more than 3 years and won’t consider another dentist at all. I 100% trust Farshad with all my concerns. They’ve helped me with multiple problems and given me the best solutions. My teeth have never looked whiter. I really mean it. I’ve brought others to this place and they haven’t gone anywhere since. For anyone looking for a new honest dentist and want real results then really look no further and give them a call. You will be happy with the results!

Michael V. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had an emergency a few months ago and was recommend to go to Pacific Dental Care in Beverly Hills. I was greeted by the receptionist Carmen who was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Moftakhar is an excellent dentist in my opinion! Very friendly, caring dentist along with his staff, I just found myself a new dentist. Thank You all!!

Eric F. from Whittier, CA (Source: Yelp)


Highly recommend Dr. Farshad. Easy to make an appointment and is reasonably priced for non-insurance. I like that the office doesn’t try and push unnecessary procedures on you. Once there they work on you quickly. Not like other dentists that have you waiting what seems like forever to see dentist then more time sitting in the chair. Great service, great price, highly recommended!

Adrian Packett (Source: Google)


Hi, I’m from England and when I was a kid had all my teeth drilled and filled with black fillings, my wisdom teeth were agony and my mouth was a serious mess, I went to see various specialists in LA and no one wanted to touch me. I went to ‘Dr Fred’ as I fondly call him and he worked through all of my teeth one by one with crowns and root canals, every tooth was a problem but each tooth went like clockwork and he was amazing. That was 10 years ago and I never had a problem once, my teeth looked great and I have been able to eat and smile with confidence. I had a problem this week and they took me in and I had the last 2 of my bad teeth crowned. I now have a full set of white teeth and I could not recommend Dr fred any higher, He’s a very smooth operator highly skilled and a gentleman with it, Carmen in the office is lovely and always on top of things, Lette his lady assistant has been there as long as Dr fred and she’s wonderfull. The pricing is not cheap but it’s no more than any other dentist in LA. Dr Moftakhaer puts the special in specialist and if you have serious tooth problems is the man to see. I’m a very happy patient. cheers Adrian.

Andy S. from Beverly Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


I love this guy! dentists and mechanics WERE my 2 biggest fears til I met Doc M. I haven’t been the best brusher or flosser and my teeth were in bad shape…most gentle anesthetic shot giver ever! and then is caring and gentle and has a good sense of things – good feel. Great work with INTEGRITY – yes! OMG! a dentist with integrity!!!! raise the flag, I found one! 😀 Btw, everyone terrified me about the experience of having wisdom teeth pulled but it wasn’t bad at all – had em all pulled in one day and was fine a few days later with minimal discomfort with the meds. Thanks Doc

Guilda N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Moftakhar has been my dentist for the last 10 years.  By far, he is the best I have ever worked with; I have been to many dentists in different states and countries I should add.  He has done some major dental work for me.  He has replaced my upper jaw crowns and poor fillings, corrected other dentist’s sub-standard 5-unit bridgework, which lasted me for 10 years.  I am almost done with reconstruction of my lower jaw teeth opening my bite and my implants.  He is very skillful, knowledgeable and updated in his field.   His office is equipped with top of the line tools and machines. He is very gentle from injections to complicated dental work, so much that I don’t have to take any painkillers even after major works. He explains the procedure and tells you what to expect. His dental assistants are good at what they do; they are very gentle and courteous. I am very comfortable with the way Dr. Moftakhar shares information regarding my dental health.  He discuses the problem (without exaggeration!), offers the solutions and options and the time frame best to get the work done. In my opinion and experience, Dr. Moftakhar and his staff is vey professional in handling patients and the work.  Carmen is knowledgeable and very helpful with insurance information and coverage.  Jennifer is as sweet and friendly as it can be.  They are very accommodating with appointments.  I have been very happy with all of them and recommended Dr. Moftakhar and Pacific Dental Care to friends and colleagues.  

Monica Reed (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Farshad pulled three of my wisdom teeth yesterday and he made it REALLY EASY AND PAINLESS!!! They talked me through the entire process making me feel really safe and comfortable!! I went left the office went shopping, and picked up my prescriptions. As soon as I get the anesthetics wearing offer and a small tinge of pain I took the Motrin. It kicked in immediately!!! I vacuumed my home, did a little cleaning, and made dinner for myself and my boyfriend. I only ate pasta as it was soft! WHAT A SURPRISINGLY COMFORTABLE GREAT EXPERIENCE! I feel completely fine going back in 10 days to get my stitches out and an additional three teeth removed!! THAT YOU DR. MOFTAKHAR AND YOUR ENTIRE FRIENDLY, KIND STAFF! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Sally S. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Moftakhar’s for approximately 5 years. When in the office you are warmly greeted by Carmen or Jennifer. The office is clean, well organized and a generally pleasant environment (clean). He is an exceptional and caring dentist with a calming manner. For me, the calm manner was of the utmost importance!!! As for Dr Moftakhar, I feel safe when he is working on me. He is thorough as well as a good communicator as to what he is going to do and what is to be expected. If he recommends a procedure, I trust the recommendation and the direction we are going. Additionally, I sent my husband to the doctor for treatment. He is equally happy with the care and advice he receives with Dr Moftakhar. We are lucky to have found such a professional and skilled dentist. I will stick with him until my teeth fall out…. and then I will need more teeth!!!! Ha ha.

Efrain D. from La Habra, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been coming to Pacific Dental for more than 15 years. I never liked going to the dentist until Dr. Mofkatar treated me. He does very good work and goes out of his way to make it painless. You can’t go wrong with the treatment you will receive from either Dr. Mofkatar or Dr. Balikyan. Both of these doctors will tell you exactly what’s wrong and give you options. Today I got 6 of my front teeth repaired that were damaged in an auto accident. Both doctors worked on me and did a fantastic job. I can’t say enough good things. My “new” teeth look completely natural and feel great. Carmen and her staff are professional and take care of their patients. These people care about you and show it. There is no shortage of dentists out there. I drive 30 miles one way for treatment. Good treatment is hard to find and I will be coming here for all of my future needs. Thanks

Guilda N. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Moftakhar for 9 years now. He is an excellent dentist who combines efficiency with genuine care and extreme kindness. My first visit and treatment involved construction of a complicated 5-unit bridge. That work went extremely well. I can chew comfortably on that side and have had no problem with the bridge. I have the bad and uncontrollable habit of grinding my teeth. My upper front teeth were worn out and cracked on the back. Dr. Moftakhar did a marvel of work with the crowns, pain and hassle free. That was 5 years ago. I am very happy with his work and his team and highly recommend him.


At Pacific Dental Care, we feel strongly about our patient's feelings and their comfort level. Their trust is our ultimate goal. We always manage to make dentistry affordable and pleasant for our patients. Our advanced and sophisticated technology allow us to perform with a higher quality of care. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality in all dental procedures to ensure our clients' complete satisfaction. Using state-of-the-art dental technology, we help patients improve their smiles every day, and we want to do the same for you. We specialize in Cosmetic and Implant restorative dentistry. Farshad Moftakhar is a cosmetic dentistry specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field. Prior to receiving his DDS Degree from the University of Pacific in 1990, he earned his B.S. in Biology from UCLA in 1987. Since that time, Dr. Moftakhar received his Certification of Dental Implant Surgery in 1992 and has established and maintained cosmetic dental practices in Beverly Hills for over two decades. He is also a memeber of the Beverly Hills Academy of Dentistry. Dr. Moftakhar has a broad range of specialties, including veneers and porcelain jackets, full mouth reconstruction, implant dentistry, and Invisalign. Complementing these areas of expertise, he also has garnered over 19 years of experience in Implant Placements over the course of his career. Keeping with his commitment to the dental profession, Dr. Moftakhar remains an active volunteer for and advocate of Operation Smile, in addition to dedicating his time to the Children’s Hospital, Big Sunday, and the Southern California Special Olympics. When outside the office, Dr. Moftakhar enjoys racquetball, skiing, swimming, and spending time with his wife and three children.