Partnership Opportunities:
Dentistry Websites, Clear Aligner Manufacturers & Dental Products

As you know, Even28 is building“the” dentist Search Engine. Our job as a search engine is to promote dentists and make it easier for patients and dentists to communicate with one another. As a search engine, it’s very important that our platform can easily integrate with other dental-related websites and products. For example, we can integrate Groupon deals directly with Even28 Online Stores to facilitate sales of dental services online. Similarly, we integrate Zocdoc appointment widgets with our dentists’ profiles to allow for convenient online appointment booking through our partner site Zocdoc. There are countless opportunities for dental-related companies to engage in a mutually beneficial partnership with Even28. Continue reading to learn more about how we can help you grow your brand through our partnership opportunities:

Dental practice websites

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Dental practice websites have one simple job and that is to drive patients to dentists using the world wide web. Considering that most patients rely on Google to start their search for a nearby dentist, your website’s SEO is the essence of your website. As we continue to grow and dominate Google’s search results, more and more patients will rely on Even28 to find a local dentist. This presents a unique opportunity for dental practice developers to partner up with Even28. A partnership opportunity with Even28 can help you generate more appointments to secure your clients on a long-term basis. Here are a few ways we can help:

Link directly to our online booking form

Once you become a partner website, we integrate our online booking form directly with your practice website. This means that all new patient online bookings will now go through your website and you get credit for them.

Create custom ad campaigns

Want to create a custom ad campaign for your dentists? Sure, you can set up a Google or Facebook ad campaign for them, but we both know how ineffective and inefficient these ad campaigns can be. Most dentists try them out for several months and end up not renewing their campaigns due to unsatisfactory results. Instead, you can have us promote your dentists for you. We set up a custom ad campaign and promote your dentist’s Even28 profile. More importantly, we promote them on our top-ten dentist lists and top-ten Invisalign® provider lists. We guarantee a better ROI on Even28 as compared to any other form of digital advertisement. Your doctor will receive more appointments, and we do all the work for you in exchange for a fair commission.

These are just a few of the ways we can help promote your dentists and get them more patients. Contact us today at to explore possible partnership opportunities.

Specialty dental websites

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We also offer plenty of different opportunities for utility websites that assist dentists with their day-to-day operations. Examples include websites and Apps that offer convenient online appointment booking, websites used for texting patients, and those that offer teledentistry services. Regardless of the purpose of your website, you need dentists to generate patients using your software for them to continue renewing their membership. This is where Even28 can help you. As an exclusive Zocdoc partner, we know exactly what it takes to generate patients for your network of dentists. We can integrate your site across our platform, with our dentist’s profiles and top-ten lists, and generate patients for your dentists. If you are an appointment booking software, we can integrate your widget with our dentist profiles as well as on our top-ten lists. If you offer teledentistry services, we can similarly integrate your video chat with our Even28 profiles and corresponding top-ten lists. To learn more, contact us at and see how we can work together to get your network of dentists more patients.

Clear aligner manufacturers

We’re always looking to partner up with quality dental labs to help them promote their clear aligner system. Whether you are a local lab, a national distributor, or a teledentistry supplier, we can help you sell more clear aligners. Here are a few ways we can help your brand dominate competitors:

Promotion across our top-ten clear aligner/Invisalign® lists

We can promote your product on our popular top-ten clear aligner/Invisalign®  provider lists (which is different than the standard top-ten dentist lists). We are in the process of generating several hundred top-ten clear aligner lists to cover the entire U.S. As our top-ten clear aligner lists begin to dominate Google, more and more patients will rely on these top-ten lists to choose a dentist, or teledentistry company, to straighten their teeth. Become a partner with us and watch your brand dominate your competitors.

Your company profile page

When you advertise your product on Even28, we create a Company Profile Page for you. Your company profile page is where all of your ads end up on. There are countless things you can do to promote your brand using your company profile page. You can create a clear aligner quiz and send test-takers a voucher afterward. You can create photo galleries to show your before and after cases. In fact, if you have sufficient photos, you can divide up your photo galleries based on different malocclusions to attract patients suffering from vaiorus orthodontic considitons. You can post your top reviews to this page and you can create a contact form or add a phone number to generate inquires directly from your Even28 Company Profile Page.

Sell your products from your Even28 Online Store

Companies, just like dentists, can sell their products directly online from their Even28 Online Store. This means you can setup a store, and sell your clear aligner assessment kit or yoru actual clear aligners directly from your Even28 Online Store! We can sell the times on your behalf or send the traffic directly to your product detail pages.

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Email us today at to learn more about unique partnership opportunities available for clear aligner manufacturers.

Dental products and devices

Many dental products, especially high-end ones, rely on name recognition to sell their products. This is especially true of the following products:

  • Teeth whitening products
  • Braces and clear aligner systems
  • Lasers
  • CAD/CAM devices
  • Dental implant manufacturers

We’re always looking to partner up with quality dental manufactures to promote their products. There are countless opportunities to promote your products across Even28’s network of dentist profiles. Say that you are a teeth whitening manufacturer. Here are a few ways we can help you promote your product:

Company profile page

Create your free company profile page to showcase your product to patients and dentists alike. You can post reviews, before and after photos, quizzes, even contact forms for patients or dentists to contact you regarding your whitening products.

Top-ten dentist lists

We can create top-ten teeth whitening dentist lists in regions that interest you. We will highlight dental providers that offer your product, assign them badges, and showcase your brand specifically. We can even add a mini-search function to help patients find dentists who offer your specific teeth whitening system.

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Sell directly to patients

We can sell your teeth whitening brand directly online. You can do this from your Even28 company profile page (which we will set up for you) or from your network of provider dentist’s Even28 Online Stores!

We can provide similar opportunities for almost all dental products that rely on name recognition to sell to patients or dentists. Fill out the form below or email us today at to learn more about Even28 can help you grow your brand:


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