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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


Dr. Paul Ro, DDS





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Nathan D. from El Paso, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Ro and his team took great care of me. I had a somewhat urgent dental need and they worked with me to find the earliest time available. They were also proactive in contacting me when a new appointment slot became available. The appointment itself was easily one of the best I have had in a dental office, and Dr. Ro and his assistant were amazing with their speed and efficiency in getting the job done. Dr. Ro is also great about explaining things in a clear and concise way, which was much appreciated!

Jameelie Dayoub (Source: Google)


Dr. Ro’s office is very well organized. Hardly a wait always on time. Chris the hygienist is wonderful. I learn something about dental hygiene every time I visit. Dr. Ro’s assistant is really nice. It is so refreshing to find a dentist who wants to do what is needed for your dental health, without pushing extra procedures that aren’t necessary.

Joe Ramirez (Source: Facebook)


I had my first appointment with Dr. Ro, DDS yesterday, and from the minute I stepped in the office, I was 100% satisfied. It only became evident that after the first initial exam, Dr. Ro and staff are highly professional and are there to help you achieve your goals to healthy teeth and to make your visits feel right at home.

Ann G. from Blythe, GA (Source: Yelp)


Positive, perky, GENTLE folks who want to fix your horrible teeth. I’m looking forward to dealing with them for extensive dental work. They will stop accepting Metlife (the current military dental care system) on July 1st unfortunately. Got my terrible, terrible teeth sparkly white with just a cleaning and a polish.

Tovar Printing (Source: Google)


Our daughter said Dr. Ro has the absolute nicest staff and a great modern facility with Netflix overhead to pass the time. I confirmed for myself today. Great place, great staff, great Doctor. Super pleased with my cosmetic fix today. Husband is also very pleased. Modern facility, super polite and totally on time.

Sandra Ramirez (Source: Google)


Everyone in the office is so nice and very efficient! The office has taken every precaution to make me feel safe during the pandemic. And Dr. Ro is such a perfectionist so I always feel great with all of the work I’ve had done from teeth cleanings, to fillings and even wisdom teeth removals. Great staff and great experience ever my time!

Francisco Elias (Source: Google)


From the moment I was greeted, the professional and friendly staff made me feel at ease. Dr. To is very thorough in his treatment, explanation, and treatment options available. By far, hands down, the best experience ever in a dentist’s office. Several visits later, still impressed. Have had extractions, fillings, and cleanings and every visit has been relatively painless. Dr Ro and staff are the very best! Extraction, fillings, root canal, all painless! Dr Ro is definitely a talented and very experienced dentist

Cynthia Araiza Flores (Source: Google)


The staff and Dr. Paul Ro always make me feel welcomed and safe. I’ve always been scared of the dentist due to past horrible experiences but Dr. Roe has been great since day one. I wish there was more dentist like him and staff like his staff. Dr. Roe cares about his patients, he explains and clarifies if you don’t understand, is caring, and does a great job. His staff is exceptional and very professional. If I could give 100 stars I would. Highly recommend

Diana V. Verdugo (Source: Google)


Dr.Ro and everyone on his team has never failed to treat me in a kind and professional manner. They take the time to listen and address your needs, review treatment plans and set financial expectations. Dr.Ro isn’t going to do work that isn’t necessary but will prepare you in case the treatment plan needs modifying. Excellent dentist for anyone with or without insurance, definitely recommend!

Karima Bertorelli (Source: Google)


Love, love, love……. this dentist. Okay, so I’ve had quite a bit of experience with my fair share of dentists. It’s been a difficult journey, but let me tell you that when I say Dr. Paul Ro is the best in town, I mean he is THE BEST in town. I didn’t even feel the needle, he was so gentle. He and his assistant showed compassion, understanding, and really cared to listen to the concerns I had. They made me feel comfortable and at ease. Also, he walks you step by step through the process which I find very helpful to easing my dental anxiety. Plus, they are super clean and take excellent precautions to feeling safe during this Covid pandemic. The whole overall energy of the staff and Dr. Ro is very calming. Going there, you know you are knowledgeable hands. I highly, highly recommend.

Cesar Macias (Source: Google)


I strongly recommend Dr. Ro’s dental office. The staff is helpful & friendly. Know and have peace of mind, that all equipment in office is sanitized, and all staff uses proper equipment for the protection of both the patient & staff. So if you’re ever in the need of a dentist make sure to give them a call. You’ll be satisfied with their services.

Rita Pineira (Source: Google)


I absolutely love Dr. Ro and his team. They are extremely professional and take safety precautions very seriously. The rooms and office areas are clean, organized, and well sanitized. They communicate everything very clearly and provide you with updates as promised. They are the first dental team that will actually reach out to get you in sooner when the opportunity arises. They are also very transparent with their process, plans, and procedures. I recommend their office to anyone looking for excellent service.

Alexandra Baca (Source: Facebook)


The staff at Eastside Dental Care are so professional, friendly and all around helpful. When you walk into the office you are instantly welcomed and wait times are always minimal. Dr. Ro is a wonderful dentist. He explains all of the patient’s options without any sort of bias. Him and his assistant work well together, they are gentle, extremely attentive, thorough and completely interested in 100% patient satisfaction. I would gladly recommend Dr. Ro to my friends and relatives.

Sandra Moraza (Source: Facebook)


Nobody likes dentist visits, including me. But Dr. RO and his entire staff make the experience so pleasant. I’m glad I found this place. Dr. Ro is very compassionate and extremely professional. I’ve never felt so comfortable on a dental visit. Thank you! Keep up the exceptional customer service. The premises are very clean. This will be my dentist from now on. I will definitely tell all my friends and family about this place!

Nicole Ramirez (Source: Facebook)


They were so awesome and professional. I went in because my wisdom tooth was coming out and really hurting and Dr. Ro assessed and recommended extraction. I was in and out in under an hour. The anesthetic worked very well, he worked fast, they were very reassuring as I was extremely nervous. And they checked benefits and let u know about any costs before completing anything. Highly recommend!

Xochitl Rodriguez (Source: Facebook)


Absolute best dental experience I’ve ever had. After years of looking for care for some pretty chronic issues, Dr. Ro is the first dentist to make a plan to figure out what’s really going on. Customer service was amazing and the experience was the first comfortable and thoughtful one I’ve had! I absolutely recommend Eastside Dental!

Edgar Velazquez (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Ro and his staff are hands down the best reason to come to this dentistry. They are a super friendly bunch of people and make me feel welcome every time I visit. If you are a nervous about a procedure they are super understanding and put you right at ease. I just had a tooth extraction and a filling done yesterday. I am in absolutely NO pain today and I can finally, for the first time in a long time, drink drink and enjoy an ice cold beverage without even a hint of discomfort. I look forward to the rest of my visits. Thank you very much for giving me my smile back everyone!! Big shout out to my dental hygienist Chris. He doesn’t get pleasure out of giving people pain, like other dental hygienist I’ve been to in the past.

Kaja Tollett (Source: Google)


Dr. Ro and his staff are awesome! He is very thorough and listens to your concerns and explains everything he recommends. Does everything from fillings, root canals, crowns, to wisdom teeth extractions. Also, I’ve been seen at my scheduled appointment time every time which I appreciate. All of the staff is very courteous. Great dentist with a great team!

Jake Garcia (Source: Google)


I would recommend DDS Paul Ro and his professional friendly staff to everybody. Pleasant atmosphere, clean and welcoming. The Dentist and his hygienists are first rate, knowledgeable and professional. They are very thorough and explain everything as they go. If you need a dentist or already have a dentist but want a better one stop at Paul Ro, DDS, you will be in great hands!!!

Shawn P. from El Paso, TX (Source: Yelp)


Seriously could not ask for a better dentist’s office. Dr. Ro is amazing, and so is the rest of the staff. Good or bad news (because who goes to the dentist expecting ALL good news), everyone was truly genuine and I appreciated that the most. The work done on my teeth was top class, and the advice given to keep them that way was comprehensive and effective. If you’re like me and apprehensive about getting work done on your teeth, this is the dentist for you. From cleanings to crowns, the get it done like true professionals.

Jessica M. from Bedford, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Ro is the best dentist I’ve ever had!! There is zero exaggeration in my claim of his abilities, I’m terrified of the dentist and I struggle to numb completely prior to work being done. If you are like me he’s exactly what you need to have a great visit! He takes his time to explain exactly what is ailing you, how he would like to fix it and what can be expected financially, during procedure and  potential discomfort going forward in healing. In my particular case I feel like he truly tried to put me at ease, he tried the best to eliminate my discomfort and to overall make my visit as good as possible. He 100% succeeded so when i came for a follow up visit I wasn’t nervous like usual but instead comfortable to worked on in his capable hands. He’s also one to follow up after heavier work to check the healing process and touch base. He’s truly great like I said the best of the 5 dentists I’ve had in my entire life.

Vanessa Solis-Cortez (Source: Facebook)


Best dental experience I’ve had. Dr. Ro has a plan for my dental procedures, didn’t rush me from one procedure to the next. I was able to schedule baes on what worked best for me. The staff is friendly and professional, they know me by name which is always a plus! I recommend him to anyone who asks for a Dentist recommendation.

kathleen decker (Source: Google)


Amazing! The team is smart and competent, each person skilled at making patients feel comfortable, informed, and at ease — ALL staff. Each time I go, there is new technology incorporated into services, and all utilized so skillfully. Dr. Ro always takes time with me to go over my chart and what/why future services are recommended, without any rush. He translates technical dental info being understandable, I always leave feeling informed about my care. Appointments are scheduled in a way that is punctual and respectful of everyone’s time. They work thoughtfully with patients’ schedules, knowing work/other considerations can pose major barriers to accessing good healthcare. Overall, Dr. Paul Ro’s office is 1000% outstanding.

3rd Shifters (Source: Google)


DDL. Ro and the crew are your A team when it comes to taking care of your dental needs. From the follow ups to the attention to detail and dental plan. I had two visits and all my worries and concerns were taken care of. Finally, the hospitality and professionalism sets you at ease and makes a dentist visit a positive experience. Thank you kindly to DDl. Ro and his team. I highly recommend.

Rogelio Ortega (Source: Google)


Drill noises, scraping feeling, things i dreaded going through in my first ever tooth cleaning proceedure. But… none if this happened, I mean hardly felt it. They were gentle on my teeth yet hard on stains and plaque. My teeth haven’t looked this clean in decades. THANK YOU !!!! Dr. RO if there was Grammy Award for the least feared dentist office and personnel…. I would nominate your office and vote for you. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

Steve Corral (Source: Google)


I had a slight irritation that started over the weekend. I called first thing Monday morning to request an appointment and was asked if I could make it in by 9:30am. That was amazing and the efficiency in which I was in and out helped keep my time away from work to about 30 minutes! Great job to the Paul Ro team. Always so warm and welcoming

Jorge Mendoza (Source: Google)


I had a filling fall out last week and looked around for an available dentist to fix my tooth. Dr. Ro’s excellent Google rating across a large sample size drew me to his practice. Because it was an emergency, I was able to set up the appointment rather quickly (regular check-ups are booked until February at the time of writing). Upon entry, I filled out paperwork that was partially completed from the information I provided over the phone and sat down. Only a few moments later, I was seen–no extensive waiting time in the lobby. In short order, I had the problem area examined and fixed. Dr. Ro was transparent on the procedure and cost up front, and actually found that there was decay below the filling; he cleared it up and filled it. I highly recommend his practice. Book an appointment as soon as you can.

Heather Gonzalez (Source: Facebook)


The Staff at Eastside dental care has always been so kind and professional. Always so caring and gentle with their patients! The long drive for a visit is definitely worth it. I Would definitely recommend this office to anyone wanting excellent dental services, along with excellent staff experience! -Heather Bumgardner

Kevin M Taggart (Source: Google)


I’ve had the good fortune of being a patient of Dr. Ro’s in El Paso for a year and have had extensive work done. He has done root canals, crowns, fix broken teeth and has accommodated me into the schedule when I’ve had an emergency. I trust his work and his advice completely. His work has been outstanding as has his patient care.

Susan Sullivan (Source: Google)


I’ve been to many other dental offices here in El Paso, and no one comes close to Dr Ro and his staff. My search was over after my first visit and me and my family have been coming to Dr. Ro’s office for the last few years now. I get my notifications for my upcoming appointments, as soon as I walk-in I’m greeted by the friendly staff and never had to wait for more than 5 mins at the most for my appointment and that’s usually because I’m saying hi lol. All the maintenance and denal work my family and I have had to receive has been nothing but the best. I highly recommend Dr. Paul Ro. Thank you and your staff for all you do! Susan Sullivan

Robn Crys (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Ro and his staff are amazing! Their customer service and dental skills were way above our expectations. The care is very personalized and they make it known that they have your best interest in mind. Definitely guarantee this dental office!

Ray Valenzuela (Source: Facebook)


The Best dental care with a Superior dentist and an excellent support staff. You need to experience Dr. Paul Ro. No rushing, just excellent care. Everything is explained and you are given options. Highly recommended!

Julie Silva (Source: Facebook)


Dr Ro and his staff are the best in town. I am in the medical field and have trusted them with my care and families care for the past 10 years. Professional, kind, and efficient. They are respectful of your time and follow through with communication and my needs. Feeling very thankful.

Lindsey (Source: Google)


I was super hesitant to go to the dentist since it’s been many years that I’ve gone but Dr. Ro is the best and all of his staff is super friendly, patient, knowledgeable and understanding. I look forward to my next visits and would definitely recommend him to my friends, family and anyone who reads this! I’d give 10 stars if I could!

Jessica Lopez Gonzalez (Source: Facebook)


The office staff is always friendly and welcoming! Appointments are always running on time and the office is helpful to remind you of upcoming appointments with phone calls and texts! They really do a fantastic job and i would recommend to anyone looking for great dental work, this is the place to go.