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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm

Friday: Closed

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Elaine N. from Illinois (Source: Yelp)


I started with this office with the previous dentist, who then retired and Dr. Woodbury took over the practice.  That was over 20 years ago, and in all that time I never once had a bad experience in this office.  Got so comfortable that I actually fell asleep in the chair waiting for the novocaine to take effect one time!  I had crowns done while sitting cross-legged in the chair.  My point being this is such a relaxed, welcoming environment staffed with caring, compassionate people that any fears you may have had about dentists will dissolve.  Katie is absolutely the BEST hygienist ever, I’ve never had a billing problem, location is convenient and they will validate your parking ticket.  Had to move out of state and am missing them more & more, wish I could’ve taken them with me.  Support you local small business which includes independent dentists!

Linda M. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have had a difficult time finding a dentist that I felt comfortable with and did good work since I moved here from New York City.  I have gone to at least 5 different dentists in the past twenty years, and was never comfortable or pleased with the work, service or environment of the office. Dr. Woodbury’s office is wonderful.  It has a warm feeling, warm and welcoming staff, nice offices with comfortable temperature, nice music and good views of the city.  Katie was wonderfully helpful and kind,and Dr. Woodbury is the most gentle, skilled dentist I’ve been to in over twenty years.  He completely puts you at ease and instead of feeling tense and anxious, he actually makes you feel more relaxed than when you arrived.  I highly recommend him.

Demi T. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I went to Dr. Woodbury for 5 years before I moved (and it was hard to say goodbye). Dr. Woodbury is gentle, caring and thorough when he works on your teeth.  I always felt as though I was listened to and also educated about how to take care of my teeth.  In addition, I never felt like I was being taken advantage of, as he suggested instead of filling in a small hole that could develop in to a cavity, he gave me tips as to how to deal with it so it did not turn in to a cavity (which it didn’t)! The office staff is also extremely friendly, they remembered facts about my personal life, and also talked to me about their so I felt every time i went in there like a family. Thank you for five amazing years of healthy beautiful teeth! Fingers crossed I find a place like this in Chicago.

Leah J. from Santa Monica, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Woodbury and his staff are just amazing 🙂 I love coming here knowing it will be a positive experience and I’ll leave with super clean teeth! The front office women are very good about checking insurance too so there is no confusion on whether or not you’re in network and if you’ll have an out of pocket. Just very transparent and honest, lovely office!

M. D. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Have you ever felt happy leaving the dentist office? Well, I hadn’t either until I had my appointment this morning. I have had some traumatic experiences with my teeth/mouth and when I attempted to find a dentist to help me, I was only mistreated and made to feel ashamed by other dentists. My experience with Sherri (the hygienist) and Dr. Woodbury (the dentist) were nothing short of fantastic. What lovely caring people! Sherri was extremely professional, honest and caring. Dr. Woodbury has a very gentle touch and a kind disposition that makes you feel at ease. I have a terrible HMO dental insurance and Dr. Woodbury is not in network but I also have a Health Savings Account and a Flexible Spending account. I will gladly pay for their services using my HSA and FSA because you can’t put a price on quality and kindness. Having said that, their prices were very reasonable. I’m happy to say that I hope to be a lifelong patient and I trust my care to Dr. Woodbury and Sherri.

Robert Johansen (Source: Healthgrades)


Dr Woodbury and his staff have been treating me for 10 years and I am happy to say he’s the best dentist I’ve ever had. He’s professional and friendly. He gives you an honest evaluation of your dental health and let’s you what needs to be addressed, if anything, and its priority. I’ve never felt any upselling pressure at all. His hygienists,assistants and receptionist are all great. I trust Dr Woodbury and I highly recommend him.

Judith M. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Amazing dentist and dental hygienist! I’ve been coming here for years and absolutely love the thorough cleaning and fantastic service!  I can never imagine going somewhere else. I’ve had some awful dentists where they try to say I had cavities (when I didn’t) or try overcharging and you will not get that here. Love the staff here & you should come here if you can…trust me you will be so thankful you did!

Dianne K. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Was searching for a dentist near work and from all the rave reviews I decided to give Woodbury’s office a try. SO HAPPY I DID!! From the call to make the appointment to the day of the appointment, everyone was ah-mazing!! They were even able to get me in the very next day even though I was a new patient! Lisa was the sweetest and so patient while helping me figure out who I was insured through! (I gave her health and didn’t have my dental card on me.) Thank you so much, Lisa! I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes in the waiting room…I was taken right back and started on x-rays. I even had to finish filling out my paper work at the end of my appointment because they started on my right away. The entire time I was getting x-rays and cleaning done, Sherry had me laughing the whole time! She’s a hoot, so knowledgeable and made my first visit very pleasant and painless! 🙂 Paul Woodbury was extremely friendly, sincere and made you feel relaxed. ALSO, every time I’ve ever gone to a new dentist they send me home with a list of items that will require attention/some procedure BUT I went home with just a couple things I need to get done (which were the things I went there for). This was the biggest plus in my book! I will absolutely recommend this place to anyone and everyone!

Dez C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I couldn’t have asked for a better trip to the dentist. Man, I never thought I’d put all of those words together… I’ve had awful luck with dental professionals. They either over charge, have poor bedside manner, or are too rough. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr Woodbury and his lovely staff are the exact opposite of any dental experiences I’ve had. Thank god! Katie did my initial exam and made sure to make me feel right at home. I dread the “you really should be flossing more” speech, but she spared me, and offered a simple solution to that dreaded task. I then met Dr Woodbury who is very approachable and down to earth. They managed to squeeze me in for a filling after my exam, where I met another, equally friendly Katie. She was friendly and funny, I was giggling all morning! I was pleased with the work they did, as well as the total cost. If you’re overdue for a trip to the dentist, quit putting it off and visit Dr Woodbury’s office. They make it quick and painless!

Maria M. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


After moving to this area, I started looking up local dentists to switch to. My sister recommended this one since she has been going here for a while and she loved it. As soon as I sat down, I could see that they had great relationships with their clients. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming! I love my hygienist, Katie! She was extremely friendly and kind. She even recommended places to eat since I’m fairly new to the area (one of which I did already try and absolutely loved). Dr. Woodbury was just as friendly! It felt more like walking into a family business and I loved it! Thank you guys and I’m glad to have chosen them!

Marco E. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I haven’t been to the dentist in several years, and was dreading the visit; however, this was by far the best dentist appointment I have had in my 24 years of existence. The ENTIRE staff was professional, yet extremely kind. I look forward to continuing my dental care at this facility for many years to come. Thank you! 😀

Stephanie L. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Woodbury is our regular family dentist and you know you’ve got a keeper when your children exclaim with glee when we’re going to see “Dr. Berry” as they call him. We were referred to Dr. Woodbury when my husband met his wife and I am so glad that we were.  Our 5 year old has unfortunately needed a few cavities filled that were done over two appointments.  Dr. Woodbury was so gentle and the experience was so good that B. was still excited to go again for the second appointment.  And, our girls just absolutely LOVE his dental assistants.  They love Katie (squared) so much that they can’t wait to tell her all about what they’ve been doing over the past six months.  I also love that Dr. Woodbury does not upsell.  He is conservative in his care and will not push you into care you don’t want/need.  That is so incredibly important to me!  Thanks Dr. Woodbury!  See you in six months!

Joe O. from Paradise Valley, AZ (Source: Yelp)


You can search high and low, near and far, and you will never find a dentist as amazing as Dr. Woodbury. His skills are world class and his team is fantastic. Katie, the hygienists, is first class. I have been a patient and a loyal fan of the office for years. I have recommended them to countless friends, family member and co-workers, all with equally impressive opinions of Dr. Woodbury and staff. If your looking for a great dentist, check them-out!

Robert Johansen (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr Woodbury for over 10 years. The vast majority of my visits have been for cleanings (his hygienists and staff are great too), but I have had a filling or 2 replaced and am in the process of getting a crown from him. He is totally professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and doesn’t pressure you with upselling like many dentists do. I no longer live in Phoenix (I’m in Prescott Valley now), but I come down to the Valley to see Dr Woodbury because I trust him to do an excellent job. I just looked at the other reviews on here and find it shameful that one disgruntled customer is trying to skew his ratings. This kind of behavior says more about the reviewer than Dr Woodbury. I am a very discerning patient and I assure you that his standard of care is the highest.

Brittany L. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Woodbury as long as I can remember! The Staff there is so nice and always happy to help! Katie is my hygienist and I absolutely LOVE her! I will not let anyone else clean my teeth. I have had to have several teeth removed when I was younger so I could get braces and have had two fillings. Dr. Woodbury is very gentle and efficient, ensuring I was in no pain and the procedures were done properly. I recommend Dr. Woodbury and his staff to all of my friends and family members. In fact, a majority of my family goes to his practice. If you are looking for a friendly staff and a great dentist this is the place to go!

Monica G. from Peoria, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Woodbury was recommended to be by a friend when I broke my tooth.  Dr. Woodbury and his staff are awesome, they made me feel right at home and very comfortable with the procedure.  Katie told me that the shot would not hurt and I was skeptical but she was right, there was no pain.  The service is outstanding and all of the staff are very friendly.  I would highly recommend them for all of your dental needs.

Paula L. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


There are several dentists in my network, but none have the positive reviews like Paul D. Woodbury. This is a small, tight-knit dental office which I like. The office manager/ receptionist Lisa greeted me with a smile and firm handshake….nice touch. My hygienist was Sherry who is outstanding at her job. She explained everything she did which is not unusual, but she was interesting too. I’ve never requested a hygienist before, but I made sure to book my next cleaning with her in 6 months.

Jeff E. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I haven’t seen Paul in years…..which makes me sad. He was my childhood dentist, from my first tooth all the way into my sophomore year in College. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the dentist and years, and my health coverage doesn’t reach his network. I recently went to another dentist, and it paled in comparison to the experience I had with him. To be honest, I felt like dollar signs were hovering over me at all times. Thankfully I found he is within Cigna’s PPO network, and next year I will quickly add him as my primary dentist when we get to choose plans. I don’t care about charges, etc. He is the best. I never was scared to see him, and you never saw any staff turnover. Best example could be that my original Dental Assistant was with me from the first cleaning until the last, and I believe she is actually still there. His offices are cleaner than clean, you always get top quality service, and while I was there I never once second guessed their advice or service. Mind you, all this is coming from my experience as a child at this office, by far the toughest demographic to comfort. I can’t wait to go back and say hi to the staff, they were all pretty much family to me. They always would ask for an update on my life and genuinely cared about me and my teeth, not dollar figures sitting in a chair. This is an awesome practice to take your entire family to, their service will stand the test of time. Message me if you want more detail. Other things quickly to point out is that their equipment is top notch and services they assist with are ever-reaching. But, once again, message me if you have extra Q’s.

J. M. from Avondale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Woodbury since December of 2015.  I have had two cleanings and a filling.etc.  I am so grateful to have found a good dentist who operates in integrity.  This week I had a tooth ache and went to have it checked out.  I was prepared to have to pay in addition to my insurance.  But to my surprise, I was told the tooth was just a bit aggregated from me chewing ice and that the pain should subside.   Well it did just that!!!  I am truly thankful that Dr Woodbury didn’t take advantage of the situation and perform an unnecessary filling.  Truly thankful!  He and his staff are super pleasant!  And I always leave with a smile.   I would definitely  recommend!!!

Brian O. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Nothing but impressed!  Staff is warm friendly and no nonsense.  They even said I have nice teeth.  It’s been years since a dentist has said that.  In the past it’s always up sell up sell.  Not here, we did a perio cleaning and they were upfront and gave me lots of information.  Loved it, I walked out feeling that both the office staff has my best health interest at heart and that they want to get to know me as a person.  Loved the location!

Danny W. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


1) I never write reviews. 2) Never thought my first would be a review of a dentist office.  Dr. Woodbury and his team are fantastic.  I have always had major dentist fears and my experience with this group has turned it on end.   As weird as it sounds, I actually look forward to my appointments.   They do a great job of taking the tension out of the experience.   It feels like you are in a judgement free zone. I recommend Dr Woodbury and his team to everyone.

Bob J. from San Diego, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Woodbury and his staff are 100% professional.   Everyone in the office from the receptionist to the hygienists to Dr Woodbury are super friendly and super competent.   This is not a big operation with a bunch of anonymous actors…it’s just Dr Woodbury, a couple of hygienists and the receptionist. Dr Woodbury gives you an honest evaluation of your dental health…ie: work that needs to be done vs work that should be done to work that will need to be done in the future.  There’s no pushing to get work done.   I went without dental care for many years because I couldn’t find a dentist that I felt was honest,  competent, and friendly.   I read reviews of Dr Woodbury on several sites and decided to give him a try…and I’m 100% happy with my choice.  You will be too.

Adrian L. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I’ve dreaded going to the dentist because they always try to up sell me. You don’t expect a dentist office to try to sell you something but they do, but not Paul Woodbury. He checked out my teeth after the hygeniest cleaned them, said everything looked good and see you in 6 months!

Paul R. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I have extremely sensitive teeth.  Or at least, I thought I did until Dr. Woodbury. Somehow he is able to work on them (even on my upper front teeth) without me feeling ANYTHING. His staff is great as well.  I have yet to have anything less than phenomenal encounters with all of them. I’ve been there 3 times now, and as of yet I haven’t had to wait in the waiting room more than 5 minutes. Definitely a keeper!

Jaime G. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


I had difficulty finding a good dentist in central Phoenix until I found Dr. Woodbury. Despite having changed insurance plans a few times, I have not had to give up Dr. Woodbury as he accepts a good range of insurance plans. The entire office staff is really friendly and Dr. Woodbury has a very gentle touch – he even managed to make my husband not mind going to the dentist which is quite a feat! The office is always running on time as well which is big plus when you’re fitting in dental visits around a work schedule.

Christi Riley (Source: Google)


The best! My husband and I have been going to Dr. Paul Woodbury for over 15 years. The entire team is friendly and professional. I would highly recommend them! Dr. Woodbury is so gentle that he takes the fear out of dental care. Katie the hygienist is amazing! She is dedicated to giving you the best care and is always on time.

Jane S. from Phoenix, AZ (Source: Yelp)


The best dentist ever! Dr. Paul woodbury is unreal. I just moved and I needed a cleaning. I found him and will never leave. They don’t make you fill out extra or anything. I love the staff too! They ask how my day is and everything like family on my first visit. They even have a treasure box for my kids! It is so clean and organized! I love Dr. Paul!!!


Dr. Paul Woodbury is a dentist and is available for exams and consultations at Westwind Integrated Health. His practice is conveniently located in Phoenix, AZ. He tries his best to make sure that patient visits are comfortable and enjoyable. He recognizes that dentistry is about building lasting relationships and educating patients. Dr. Woodbury went to dental school at Oregon Health & Science University. He earned a doctorate in dental medicine during his time at the institute. He received training in performing cleanings, fillings, root canals, gum surgeries, and other dental procedures. Dr. Woodbury understands the importance of helping people overcome their fear of coming to the dentist. He tries to find innovative ways of helping his patients realize the importance of oral health.