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Pearly Whites Family Dentistry
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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Sedation dentistry

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Sleep apnea therapy

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Jamar D. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


From the first time I stepped into this office I knew I was at the right place. The office is kind , friendly and makes your visit as comfortable as possible. I never enjoyed going to the dentist until I went here. Dr. Nguyen is one of a kind !  She is very informative when it comes to letting you know about the procedures that are being done. And on top of all that , SHE CARES . When a dentist shows you that they care about your smile it means the world to a patient . Thank you to everyone at Pearly Whites !

Hans L. from Daly City, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is as good as it gets, look no further for a Dentist. I’m very impressed by Dr. Cat Nyguyen, she goes out of her way. I had a situation and she immediately took care of it out of her own time. She loves her job and it really shows. She goes out of her way, most people will not including myself. Service is very important to me and she provides outstanding customer service. She’s constantly trying to improve her business. My only regret is that I wish I lived in Las Vegas so I could only go to Pearly Whites regularly.

Nate S. from Westside, Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


What a great experience going to the dentist from the warm welcome at reception to the personalized sign in my room welcoming me. Dr Nguyen is so nice and Donna did a great job cleaning my teeth. I had to get some filings and the process was explained and was able to get it done right then. I 100% recommended this family dentist, everyone cares and is professional.

Xochilt Lucy R. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Love Pearly Whites Dentistry. The service and staff are amazing from the moment you walk in the door until the moment you leave. Everyone always has a smile on their face and are happy to help. Plus they make you feel comfortable with hand wax dips and warm neck wraps and a cookie on your way out. Dr. Nguyen and her staff explain everything very well to you. I recommend pearly whites dentistry to everyone! Keep up the great work!

Jade Anderson (Source: Google)


I would like to thank my daughter for referring me to Pearly Whites. I have been a patient for over a year now and everyone here is so friendly and kind. I needed an implant for an upper tooth and a partial for the bottom. I appreciated how the doctor discussed the options and explained what each involved. I can now smile confidently (no more missing front tooth) and can enjoy eating again (thanks to a very comfortably fitting partial). Thank you so much to Dr. Nguyen and her wonderful caring staff. You are all amazing!

Rae P. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Pearly Whites not only they are nice; they are also very professional Dr. Nguyen and her staffs are nice and friendly. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. This Place will treat you like family. Dr. Nguyen will make feel calm and will explain what is best for you in able to have a great smile and straight teeth. They also take credit care for those people who do not have dental insurance. The office is very neat and clean. Each every one of them is hard workers and you could tell they enjoy their job. I love the energy no matter how tired they are from a long day; they still make you feel great walking out of the office. Thank you Pearly Whites Crew.

Karen J. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr Cat is the best! I was having some restorative work done when I had to move to Portland OR. I had a temporary caps and bridge but I got ill and couldn’t travel back to Vegas for a long time. It was doubtful that she could cement the permanent caps after that amount of time but she managed to do it and they look great. Thank you so much from a difficult patient!! Dr. Cat is amazing and her staff is excellent!! I don’t ever want another dentist!!

Eric Polis (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to Pearly Whites for many years. The whole office is super friendly and professional. Dr Nguyen always inspires me with a lot of competence and knowledge. The office is not really convenient for me but I continue to go because of all the good experiences (and I’ll travel for good medical and dental care).

Mark Franke (Source: Google)


All around great experience, and the best/most thorough cleaning I’ve had in many years. While taking great care of me they simultaneously filled a cavity for my young daughter, miraculously without a peep from her (I went in expecting tears and a scene)….more than anything I’m grateful they were able to keep her comfortable throughout. Lastly, I work in healthcare myself and know how challenging it is to safely care for patients right now. The office was spotless, screening was thorough, and the staff were careful and safe throughout. A++.

Ken K. from North Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Two months ago I took a chance on Dr. Nguyen at Pearly Whites after reading many reviews here on Yelp and several other review sites. I needed some extensive work done and previous dentists had mostly made things worse it seemed. Right away I noticed that the doctor and her staff are all experts at their jobs and work great together as a team. Everyone made sure I was doing OK during the many, many hours spent in the chair keeping me as comfortable as one can be under those circumstances. The attention to detail and pride in work is stunning – never hesitated to put in whatever effort was needed to make everything perfect. It’s one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you Yelpers and thank you Pearly Whites for my new smile!

Stephanie E. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend Pearly Whites! Dr. Nguyen and her staff are terrific. I always feel relaxed as soon as I walk through the door. The staff is very helpful and kind. The office is modern but there is a zen-like quality to the decor. Dr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable about the latest techniques and options. Once I had a dental emergency after hours. Dr. Nguyen agreed to meet me at the office within an hour, even though it meant that she would need to find someone to watch her child. I have been a patient for many years. If you are looking for a new dentist, please give Pearly Whites a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Daniel E. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I went to Pearly whites and had a great experience. I haven’t been to the dentist many times in my life, so I was very apprehensive going in. But from the time I walked in the door my worries were put at ease. Friendly staff got me registered quickly. Dr. Nguyen was nice and informative. She was able to diagnose my problem and began treatment without wasting any time. Dr. Nguyen treats you like you matter and not like you’re just a number.  Donna the dental hygienist was very kind, personable and made sure I was not in pain throughout the deep cleaning procedure. I strongly recommend Dr. Nguyen and her staff. They  go above and beyond, their passion, professionalism and courtesy exudes from beginning to end of your visit.

Derek C. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I finally found a great dentist! Dr. Nguyen and her staff are absolutely wonderful. I have disliked going to the dentist since I can remember, and from the moment I walked in, I immediately felt comfortable. The staff is welcoming and Dr. Nguyen was personable and didn’t waste time. It was my first visit with her and she replaced my missing filling the same day! I was shocked at how quickly she was able to get it fixed, rather then poke around my mouth and ask me to return in the future to fix the filling. She seemed very caring and did not come off as if she was just trying to get more money out of me. I will definitely be returning on a regular basis with Dr. Nguyen.

Amey E. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


A dental visit really can’t get much better than Pearly Whites dental, as far as I’m concerned. The office does not feel like a dentist’s, it feels more like a spa. They have a holistic approach to the practice, which includes truly friendly customer service, an aesthetically pleasing office and thoughtful environmental practices. (Like washable/ reusable hand towels in the bathroom.) When it’s time for a checkup, instead of feeling stressed about having to leave work early, I feel pleased at getting to chat with the staff and relax in their hands. I’m serious! What sold me more than anything in my love of this dentist was Dr. Nguyen’s thorough knowledge of how pregnancy and breastfeeding affect dental health. As these were issues I was facing, I felt lucky to have landed with a dentist who was knowledgeable, open and caring.  The office staff has been fantastically accommodating when I needed a flexible payment plan for deductibles. I found Pearly Whites through another person’s yelp review. After a few visits, I’m happy to add my own positive experiences to the list of good reviews.

Robert M. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I use to dread going to the dentist. I knew i had to see one, I read other reviews from all over but i found Dr. Nguyen at Pearly Whites. I walked in for the first time and i was greeted  and taken care of right away. I really liked how she took the time to answer all of my questions and explained to me in detail what is going on.She would bring the image up on the LCD and show me. She and her staff have become more of an extension of family to me, i no longer dread going im excited. I know if there is any problems i can depend on her and her staff. She and her staff have turned me around in all my problems its not over but we are making a lot of progress. I recommend her to anyone looking for the best dentist in Vegas. I should have found her a long time ago…

Mary R. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


so this office deserves the 5 stars. Long story short dr. cat fixed my front teeth. she put 4 veneers on my front teeth to close up my gap and fixed the chipped teeth that I had in a bike accident in Germany. I have received compliments on my smile that I had never had before and they look really natural, which was important to me. I really like the work she did and she wasnt invasive. I had been quoted more from another dentist that would have done 6 crowns instead and alot more money. Also I really like her staff. everyone was very nice. thank you!

Amanda B. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I’ve lived most of my life in San Diego, CA and had the same dentist from the age of 10 to 27. I have been looking for another great dentist for quite some time. Thanks to my boyfriend for referring me to Dr. Nguyen, I finally have a great dentist in Las Vegas.  Dr. Nguyen is a perfectionist and I love that because a great smile is priceless! She is gentle, caring and takes the time to explain everything. She makes me feel comfortable to ask questions and doesn’t make me feel like I’m wasting her time. That is very refreshing. I am someone that probably goes to the dentist an average of 5 times a year so it’s important that I have someone that I can trust and enjoy going to see. Yes, I enjoy going to the dentist because my teeth are very important to me and I’ve had to have a ton of work done throughout my life due to bad genes. I would highly recommend Dr. Nguyen and her staff to my friends and family. I will definitely be a patient of Dr. Nguyen’s as long as I live in Las Vegas!

Lauren Layton (Source: Google)


I will never not gush about the amazing staff and practices at Pearly Whites! They truly care about the health and education/knowledge of every single patient- I feel so confident and safe knowing I’m in their care. And every time I’m there I feel so valued and appreciated not just as a client, but as an individual! It feels like I’m going to see an office full of my close friends every single visit. Thank you for the amazing service and for taking such great care of me today and always, and thank you all for the fun, tight-knit community y’all work so hard to build!! 🙂

T. A. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


If you’re reading through Yelp reviews wondering which dentist to choose from, stop right there, this is the one! I was referred by my colleague to check this place out and reassured that I would have a very pleasant experience here. Wow, just WOW. They couldn’t have been more right. First off, the office itself is clean, comfortable, modern, eco-friendly, and just overall zen (really good Chi in there). Not only is the clinic up-to-date with the latest in dental advances and technology but Dr. Nguyen and her staff are simply amazing. From the receptionists, dental assistants, hygienists, and the exceptional dentist herself — all of whom were very personable. They definitely put together an all-star staff to reassure anyone that this was the right choice. What I loved most about Dr. Nguyen was her work ethic and attention to detail. It is evident that she is a master of her craft, with her thorough examination skills and ability to explain every little detail in a manner that is easy to comprehend instead of trying to decode all the dental jargon you typically come across during these types of visits. She is clearly a perfectionist and that is something that I value most, ESPECIALLY when it comes to my teeth. Most (if not all) the dentists I’ve had in the past weren’t as attentive as she was and would often downplay my concerns as if they weren’t a big deal with very little explanation. This was typically the case as most dentists seemed to be in a rush to see other clients. Not her. She genuinely took her time to address all my concerns, going above and beyond to exceed my expectations! Finding an office this good is like finding a needle in a haystack! Hands down the best dental clinic you’ll find in all of Vegas for sure! Keep up the outstanding work Pearly Whites, I’ll definitely be back. Thanks again!

Danny K. from The Strip, Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Cat Nguyen extracted a back tooth of mine with nothing but novocain about 24 hours ago. She so much wanted to save the tooth for me that she asked a colleague from another state for a second opinion. A dentist committed on this level for the sake of a patients best interest is very impressive! Because of my paranoia from past dental experiences, I made a request to be knocked out which was not advised for my situation. The extraction was quick, painless. The job was so clean and thorough. The amenities offered through Pearly Whites Family Dentistry exemplify and compliment the dental service. To see my name on the wall in front of my chair welcoming me, cold bottles of water in the waiting area, quality movies showing on a viewing screen, genuine smiles and a team/family feeling of an entire office staff that gets along with each other, a warm herbal wrap around my neck for comfort during the procedure… a completely clean environment everywhere that all helped the process. This is a dental practice to be trusted. I respect a no nonsense business that is considerate, thoughtful, compassionate and professional with their work. The cancellation policies are fair. The practice is responsive to all concerns. Now… I am a fan of Pearly Whites Family Dentistry. A “happy camper” here!

Ann E. L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


First appointment for my husband today.  He has Parkinsons and other health issues and I was very timid about taking him to a dentist.  There are so many dentists on the east side of town and sometimes you can’t believe all the reviews.  However; I was very impressed with Dr. N and she was very helpful in discussing my husband’s dental care with me.  And the office staff; well, I literally adore them all. So very courteous, helpful, and just plain likable from the front office to the dental assistants.  So thank you all.  I truly was dreading this visit for my husband and you all just made it better.   Ann E. Lowery

Johnny G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Pearly Whites provided an OVER AND BEYOND experience. All of the staff is polite and professional. They thoroughly explain what needed to be done. Dr. Nguyen is encouraging. She has a “let me show you to succeed” persona. I had my teeth cleaned today. The warm eucalyptus neck pillow was AMAZING. It helped keep me relaxed. Definitely a great place!

Skylar Chan (Source: Google)


I’ve been coming to this office for years now and consistently receive great care! The front desk workers are always welcoming and friendly, and the waiting area is very cozy. There’s always water and treats available, but you never have to wait very long. The dental hygienists take the time to explain everything they’re doing and are very thorough with their cleaning. During these pandemic times they are taking precautions to keep everyone safe. They ask a series of questions, take temperatures, and require masks until you get to your own cubicle. I really love how the entire staff makes you feel comfortable going to the dentist!

Rolos (Source: Google)


My experience with Pearly Whites is always a pleasant one. They are very personable and remember the names of every one of their patients. The staff is always so vibrant, friendly and professional. The staff are perfectionist. If it doesn’t seem right they will make sure it is right before you leave their office. I would have to say that the staff’s concern for their patients is genuine. They are not about robbing the patient and their insurance companies. Their motto should be “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Overall I am very satisfied with the services I have received over the years at Pearly Whites. I would definitely recommend this dental office.

M. G. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


Love my new dentist!!! This was my second visit. Went for deep cleaning yesterday. Everyone is friendly & respectful without coming across as fake. Also you don’t get the feeling that they want to push unnecessary dental work on you. Office is clean, attractive & modern instead of sterile and depressing. They offer free water, health bars, coffee and lip balm. The hygienist is absolutely awesome! I did not even feel the anesthesia shots. Very friendly and did not get tired of my many questions. Same with Doctor Gutierrez on my first visit. Very friendly and patiently answered even dumb questions. Deep cleaning wasn’t painful or really unpleasant. Very thorough in contrast to an office I had visited before. Prices are not bad and they work with you. All in all, I have only good things to say!!! Highly recommended!!! It is so hard to find a decent dentist in Las Vegas. Go there!!!

Laura T. from Austin, TX (Source: Yelp)


Wonderful service! I hadn’t had a cleaning in almost a year  and was wondering if I needed to do bleaching and the dentist gave me such a good cleaning that I didn’t need to get them bleached! She gave me her honest opinion and told me a bleaching would be unnecessary in my case. So, instead of charging me extra she gave me her honest opinion. Amazing staff and beautiful office. Would recommend to anyone!

Shaevonie M. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


First I want to say that I am one who hates going to the dentist with a passion. Unfortunately I began to experience discomfort with my teeth. So I was forced to find a dentist asap. In the past I have had horrible dental experiences which is why I’ve had this fear for so many years. Anyhow, I decided to search for a dentist who had great reviews on yelp. That’s when I stumbled upon Pearly Whites. So many people were raving about Dr. Nguyen and her staff. So I decided to be brave and check them out. I am soooo glad that I did. All I have to say is that if u are looking for a complete dental team that u can trust, then this is the place to go. Dr. Nguyen and her staff are extremely friendly, warm and welcoming. Best of all, they are talented at what they do.

Elizabeth C. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to this dentist by a friend of mine who works for the same company. The staff was very professional and courteous and once you had the opportunity to speak with them for a moment they were hilarious. The office is misleading from the outside, but once you step through that door, the atmosphere is clean and friendly. The Doctor herself was professional, knowledgeable, kind, and caring. I literally just had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and a deep cleaning done all while sedated. This office is great and the people running it are pretty damned awesome.

Sergio R. (Source: Google)


The staff was very kind and professional! I really recommend this place. I really had a fear of going to a dentist and I regret not coming here sooner. In one visit I had one wisdom tooth taken out, a deep cleaning session for my gum disease, and leveled out my molars practically pain free! Trust me, if I get a simple stomach-ache or head-ache I feel like I can’t be productive at all. But after going to this place I felt a little numb, but I felt fine. Just make sure to do a little homework before going in. What exactly are you going in for? What and where hurts? Go online and look up videos or forums for whatever your reason for a visit because it can get a little confusing, at least in my case, since this my first visit to the dentist in years. I had to learn what pills to take to dull the pain and swelling and when to take them. Just something to note. If I had one minor complaint I’d say is their price. Id say their prices are about the same as other dentist places that is to say, expect it to be a little expensive especially if you’re insurance isn’t amazing. Then again the service was fantastic, I felt like the staff was totally supportive, and I did have a lot of stuff needed to be cleaned and taken care of. I mean any dentist place is kinda pricy now a days and considering it’s your health, hey, I say it’s worth it. I plan to keep coming back to Pearly Whites for my dental needs 🙂

Maraea Yates (Source: Google)


Very professional staff and courteous front office staff. Very clean facility, and staff adhere to the protocols prescribed for dealing with the coronavirus threat. I felt very comfortable having my teeth cleaning done at this clinic. Dr. Nguyen is a very caring dentist and I have no hesitation in recommending her practice if you are looking for a dentist.

Weiwei R. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I went to Pearly Whites to get deep teeth cleaning, and it was a wonderful experience. The staff was super nice and friendly, Anna was very helpful in setting up the appointment, and the doctors were very professional and efficient at what they did. I got out there in no time, and with little to no pain. I also love their office design and layout! Will definitely go back again for future appointments!

T. L. from Las Vegas, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have been searching for a dentist for the past 2 years without any luck.  My previous dentist messed up my tooth to where I can’t even bite down on it.  I was referred to Dr. Nguyen by a friend and Dr. Nguyen was able to fix another dentist’s messing work in one short visit.  Dr. Nguyen is very knowledgeable and professional.  Her staff is very friendly and her office is immaculate.  Plus, I like that she uses new technology and equipment.  Dr. Nguyen is awesome!

Emig P. from Nevada (Source: Yelp)


I am new-ish to town and have had the best experience with Pearly Whites. I had been lagging on finding a dentist after I moved to LV– what a daunting decision– but upon the recommendation of two different neighbors, I made the appointment for a routine checkup and cleaning, and to ask about other things. My experience was stellar. Pros: many! –Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. Good with returning calls and assisting with questions. –The Doctor and staff all took the time to explain options to me to help me decide –Billing/invoicing was laid out very clearly: what my insurance covered, what I owed, how many visits there would be for various work and what the cost would be each visit. They took the time to explain it to me. –I never felt that the Doctor or staff was rushing me to get to the next patient. –They all took very great care with COVID-19 preparations to ensure staff and patient safety. –I am beginning Invisalign through the office and the cost was reasonable. (Compared to a previous dentist in another state, who quoted a lot more and pressured me without showing options, discussing the procedure much, or answering questions.) –I never felt that the Doctor or staff were pressuring me to do any work that I didn’t want to do. (The aforementioned previous dentist was all about shame-induced pressure for pricey cosmetic procedures.) –Shout out for a local and female-owned business that employs WOC. –And you can tell that the staff is genuinely happy to work there, which speaks volumes. Cons: I’m struggling to come up with any because there aren’t any that I’ve found. Here’s me totally grasping at straws to find a con: –Be aware that because they are so great, they book up for cleanings a couple of months out. –If your kid wants to select from the treasure chest after the appointment, the loot is contained in a large tooth shaped container. Anyone adamantly wanting an actual chest will be disappointed. I love the office and staff so much I want to just drop in and say hi if I drive by. Maybe send them a holiday card. My teeth love them too.

Victor Mesa (Source: Google)


This is the best dental office I have ever frequented. I have been going here for about 3 or 4 years now. The family loves this place. All of the staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Super clean office spaces. And everyone is always smiling and in a good mood. There are patient perks as well but you need to become a patient to know more. I’m not giving away all the goods that easy.

Dana B. from Henderson, NV (Source: Yelp)


I have visited Dr. Nguyen’s office several times and have found her staff knowledgeable, helpful and happy!  Dr. Nguyen’s office has state of the art equipment and is conveniently located on Eastern Ave.  Dr. Nguyen’s passion for dentistry and helping  her patients is very obvious to me as I have watched her work.  Her favorite saying is “Be true to your teeth or they’ll be false to you”!!!


Our caring dentist and dental team understand your time is valuable, and we want to serve you in a timely manner. You will not feel rushed or that the staff does not have enough time for your scheduled appointment or time to answer all of your questions. We will always give you the personalized, one-on-one care and attention you deserve your from dentist. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, our dental office exudes tranquility and airiness. From the time you step into the door to the time you leave, you will feel genuine appreciation from everyone involved in your care that day. We schedule patients so that there will be minimal to no wait time for you, either in the reception area or in the clinical chair. I was a California girl up until becoming a dentist. I attended University of California, Riverside for my dual degrees in biology and psychology, and University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dentistry for my dental school education. The southern California traffic just became too much. I like smaller towns and Las Vegas was the perfect big city with a small-town feel. So, I packed all my possessions into a very small car, drove to Las Vegas in the summer of the year when Summerlin lake front homes were flooded and have called this city home ever since. With several years of experience under my belt, in 2006, I purchased an existing dental office from a great doctor who was retiring and transformed it into the modern and tranquil Pearly Whites. On top of continuously honing my skills on general dental techniques and diagnoses like crowns, bridges, dentures, fillings, root canal therapy, and extractions, I further increased my skillsets to include implant placement and restorations, anterior cosmetics restorations, orthodontics using clear aligners like Invisalign, treating TMJ issues, sedation for the fearful and sleep apnea to allow me to treat the whole person with complex full mouth multi-disciplinary restorations. Some patients present with a variety of concerns, and being able to see the whole picture, to draw that blue print for a perfectly healthy mouth and teeth, then to sequence treatments to achieve long lasting results while also working within their finances is what energizes me. I just love people, and I love dentistry. In the middle of all that, I met and married my husband Huy, a physician with Nevada Hospitalist Group. We are busy raising a daughter and a son, two rescue dogs, doing charity work, and exploring all of the natural wonders Nevada has to offer. I am an avid reader. I love visiting foreign countries though I wish Scotty can beam me up and drop me there. I can do without the actual travelling part. I also love dancing and singing. Recently, to relieve stress, I’ve taken up singing and recording, making one of my childhood dreams come true. Come see me, and you might also be entertained while getting your dental work done.