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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Gretchen M. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


I can’t praise Dr. Davis and Xio enough for the healing they have done for my soul. I just completed another appointment Dr. Davis and Xio. I have had extensive work done here, and the time, attentiveness, and care taken to make sure each and every tooth meets their expectations AND MINE is something I have never experienced before. It is truly in their best interest and mine that I have a perfect smile, but the more importantly, they have given me back the luxury of being able to eat again…to be able to chew my food. I am forever grateful to Dr. Davis,  Xio and the AWESOME staff there. The restoration they have provided me has given me the confidence to SMILE again.

Dana Bell (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Davis is the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. He is an excellent dentist because of his many years of experience and his compassion and attentive gentle care. Perfect Smile goes above and beyond to provide a great experience that is pain and anxiety free. I have complete trust and security in Dr. Davis to handle all of my dental needs in the future and I wouldn’t go anywhere else in Tulsa!

Randy Angel G. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


This was our first visit to Perfect Smile, and we have found our dentist for life. Both my husband and I were able to schedule appointments close in time to each other, and we were treated amazingly from the time we entered the front door. Everyone from front desk to hygienists all work like a well functioning team. Never did we feel not welcome. Angela gave me a tour of entire office on way to exam room. Nothing was hidden- everything was explained and shown. She was awesome in making us feel welcome. You are made to feel like a friend- not “just a patient”. Wonderful experience and care.

Stacy A. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


Love this place! The staff is very nice and friendly. They make sure you are comfortable and well taken care of. I have had very bad experiences throughout my life with dentists and I was skeptical of ever going back to someone again. Im so happy I tried this place that was recommended to me by a friend. I recently had a crown done and throughout the entire procedure they asked me how I was doing. I felt they genuinely care about me and my past history with dentist and have put my dental anxiety at ease. I would recommend Perfect Smile to everyone. They are a great place for the whole family for your dental needs.

Jacki L. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been impressed with this team since first going to get a tooth pulled years ago. Dr Davis was very attentive to my low pain threshold and numbed my mouth accordingly while watching the wrinkles between my eyebrows with every touch of the drill. I also had a root canal done that was totally painless from the time I sat in the chair onward. (Unheard of for me!) The rest of the staff are equally as genuine and concerned. My periodontal disease was treated in less time than I’d ever expected and routine cleanings are done with professional and personal care. I don’t know how prices compare. I have no insurance. But I’d be reluctant to switch. Love the coffee machine (with mugs) and warm cookies too (which seem ironic at a dentist) but I’m NOT complaining. It’s a nice touch.

S N (Source: Google)


What I love: COURTESY of the staff (will give you a blanket and let you choose tv channel); PUNCTUALITY so there is little to no wait for your appointment to start; PROFESSIONLISM: they get the job done and have an amazing inner communication system so everyone is on the same page. I have been going here for years and haven’t been disappointed. BONUS: Retro decor and footage of Tulsa Historical Moments playing on the set in waiting room with open access to coffee, water and cookies….

B H (Source: Google)


The patient care was outstanding! The entire staff was wonderful from the time I walked in , felt welcome and at ease. the technician and the lady that helped me with my treatment plan and billing were both very kind and thorough with their explanation of my care,treatment options, billing, and scheduling. I will never go to any other facility for my dental care!!!!

Jamie T. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


Everyone that I encounter here has a bubbly personality and doesn’t get frustrated when I ask questions. The whole facility is beautiful and makes me feel comfortable. I never have to wait long and they go with me through all of my treatments step my step. They go above and beyond with their service and I couldn’t be happier.

Jenn B. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


Today was my first visit and it was great! Everyone was so kind and really wanted to help me in any way possible. I really appreciate that they discussed the costs before doing the procedures so I didn’t have an unexpected large bill! I will definitely be making Dr. Davis and his staff my permanent dentist! The office was very clean and had a comfortable feel. It didn’t have that insufferable ‘clinical’ feel to it. Loved that!” -Jenn (April 12, 2013)

Tiffany Sebastian (Source: Google)


Highly recommended for veneers:) I have wanted to whiten/widen my smile for years. I’ve had composite veneers done in the past, but over time they started to yellow, and the shape wasn’t my “ideal” look. I finally made the decision for porcelain veneers, and Dr. Davis and staff did an amazing job! I am very satisfied with the end-result— shape and shade are just what a wanted, and they were even able to widen my smile:) I felt very cared for the entire process. You can definitely tell that the entire staff values their patients and strive to do the best job possible. My experience was quick with little prep work, and couldn’t be happier

Shae G. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


I love them! The staff is always so friendly and helpful. They truly do everything they can to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re their. Blankets, glasses, gas, etc. Being able to watch the TV’s above the chairs while getting cleanings is a great distraction and makes the experience better than any other dental office I’ve ever been to. Dr. Davis is great with all the patients, he also does my Juvederm lip injections. My husband and 5 yr old daughter go there as well and she loves the girls and getting a prize from the treasure box, they’re so sweet to her. I love this place and would recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Pete Honeywell  (Source: Facebook)


Dr Davis had brown hair and I had hair when I started going to Perfect Smile, mid 1990’s. He has alway taken very good care of me and now my kids. He explains all treatment options and lets the patient make the choice what is best for them. He always has staff that are professional and friendly and make sure you are comfortable. I feel Dr Davis is a very good dentist, he and his staff are very personable and if I ever had any issues they got me right in. If you want the best dental care in Tulsa area then Perfect Smile is it. Thank you Dr Davis and staff for the many years of great care for me and my family.

A M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was visiting family in Oklahoma and had really bad tooth pain. I HATE going to the dentist, but my cousin promised this place would be easy and quick. It was so much different than any other dentist office I’ve ever been to. Dr. Davis was funny and patient and I felt like I knew exactly what was happening each step of the way. Payment was reasonable and easy. I watched Netflix in the dental chair and had a warm cookie when I left. Honestly, it was more fun than most dates I’ve been on.

Christina E Dresser-Henley (Source: Facebook)


Perfect Smile is amazing, the staff is always so courteous and upbeat. I always look forward to coming and getting my teeth cleaned. I also trust the staff implicitly when it comes to fillings or any dental procedures. I have been coming to Dr. Davis’s Perfect Smile for 10 years and I plan to continue to another 10 more years.

Kelsey M McDonald (Source: Facebook)


Absolutely love this dentist and staff. I had to have work done. I have sever anxiety when it comes to dentists and they are by far the best office I have ever been to. Went to another dentist office a few weeks ago and they kicked me out of their office because I had a anxiety attack. They did everything they could to help lower my anxiety and they made an exception even with the COVID-19 going around and allowed my husband to sit in the room at my feet so he could hold my foot. They listened to me and treated me with such kindness and even asked me about my anxiety to get a better understanding of my triggers. They explained to be my first visit what I could expect and they stuck to what they told me would happen and they surprise me by letting my husband stay the whole time instead of just till I was numbed. I highly recommend Dr. Mark Davis and his staff!

D A (Desiree) (Source: Google)


From beginning to end, the experience and assistance at Perfect Smile was indeed perfect! The receptionist was super respectful and pleasant. The dentist assistant was very efficient in taking x-rays and causing no pain in my mouth. The dentist was thorough and helpful in suggesting the best options for dental work. I am very happy and satisfied with their professionalism and service.

Sane (Source: Google)


My first time at perfect smile was today, to have a tooth extraction. The staff is amazing and the atmosphere is like no other. They will make you feel more than comfortable as soon as you enter the building. I plan on returning to perfect smile for all of my future dental needs and procedures. Sam was very thoughtful and helpful the entire time I was there. She is unbelievable at making you feel comfortable during the appointment as well as making sure you have an answer to any question you have. Amazing place with even more amazing employees.

Julie Vaughan (Source: Google)


I usually hate dentists because I’m not into pain. He has taken good care of me for quite a few years now. I trust him. He earned it. He is the best. I don’t have the fear of going anymore like I used to… except for the cost because I don’t have insurance. He is very confident in what he does and it shows. I couldn’t ask for a better dentist!! He can never retire!!

Mari Miller (Source: Google)


They Really take care of ME as well as my dental needs. I had some pretty terrible dental experiences as a child that left me fearful. With Dr Davis and his wonderful staff I am very much at ease and I couldn’t recommend them more. I have trusted them with making my teeth beautiful as well as healthy for a number of years now. Thank you!! (Also-Very ‘covid conscious’ they do all the usual stuff like masks, and waiting in your car for your room to be ready since they said they fog/spray your treatment room before you come in)

Gretchen M. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


I can’t praise Dr. Davis and Xio enough for the healing they have done for my soul. I just completed another appointment Dr. Davis and Xio. I have had extensive work done here, and the time, attentiveness, and care taken to make sure each and every tooth meets their expectations AND MINE is something I have never experienced before. It is truly in their best interest and mine that I have a perfect smile, but the more importantly, they have given me back the luxury of being able to eat again…to be able to chew my food. I am forever grateful to Dr. Davis,  Xio and the AWESOME staff there. The restoration they have provided me has given me the confidence to SMILE again.

Gretchen M. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


I can’t praise Dr. Davis and Xio enough for the healing they have done for my soul. I just completed another appointment Dr. Davis and Xio. I have had extensive work done here, and the time, attentiveness, and care taken to make sure each and every tooth meets their expectations AND MINE is something I have never experienced before. It is truly in their best interest and mine that I have a perfect smile, but the more importantly, they have given me back the luxury of being able to eat again…to be able to chew my food. I am forever grateful to Dr. Davis, Xio and the AWESOME staff there. The restoration they have provided me has given me the confidence to SMILE again.

Regina Trulove (Source: Facebook)


people wheren’t judgmental. Very gentle, and caring staff. Helpful to give you what you want back. I had a beautiful smile. I been fighting lung Cancer. I believe this is a # 1 Dr. and Staff. I know there gonna help me to have a wonderful smile.

Joseph Willcoxson (Source: Google)


Everyone was extra careful with hygiene and masks which is important to me in this ordeal we are going through. Before my visit I filled forms online and then when I arrived, they texted me outside in my car when it was time for me to go in, and escorted me directly to my treatment room. Dr. Davis and the staff did their usual thorough and professional job. He’s been my dentist for 20+ years and I always recommend him if asked about a dentist.

Dave S. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


I am 35 years old and the last time I was at the dentist was for an emergency extraction in 2009. I have always had a certain fear associated with dentists. So, it took a lot for me to even set the appointment. I was greeted by Jessica who took me on a tour of the facility, made sure I was super comfortable, and gave me a lot of peace of mind. She walked me through everything I should expect during my initial visit. She took x-rays and pictures of my teeth and handed me off to Dr. Merrill. Dr. Merrill was exceptional in her explanation and examination of my teeth. She could probably tell I had some anxiety, but even with a metal hook in her hand she never made me feel any discomfort. She never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed for neglecting my dental health, and she gave me the confidence I need to move forward with some procedures that I would have normally avoided out of fear. I ended up leaving the office with a very good understanding of what needs to be done, and I will definitely be trusting Dr. Merrill and Perfect Smile to help me take the next steps.

 Donna C. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


Very friendly staff. I never have to wait long. Once I arrive for my appointment it is usually within a few minutes and I am brought back to the office. I don’t have to sit in a chair forever before they come in to start. The office personnel was very professional and the technicians explained everything as we went through each step. My only complaint is they always try to sell another service. But, all in all I would recommend.

Kristi W. from Broken Arrow, OK (Source: Yelp)


This was an exceptional dental experience. Upon arrival they welcomed me with a small gift bag for new patients. Along with magnet, cup, etc. they included a welcome letter & information re their practice. They never pressed me to add additional services to what I scheduled. In fact, he advised I not spend money on one cosmetic procedure I scheduled b/c in my case the benefit would not justify price. The welcome letter explained the many services they offer. Some of which I wasn’t aware were offered by dentists like the program for patients w/ no dental insurance (didn’t have time to discuss it so can’t review but will look into it). Also, they offer free consultation re device designed to treat chronic snorers like my husband. They make molds of teeth & jaw to develop individualized device ensuring air flow which prevents snoring in most cases. Again, I can’t review this service but my husband has agreed to go to consultation & we can learn more. Letter, also, mentioned things like Smile Club (which, again, I didn’t have time for details re program) but noticed upon leaving they have fun perk of parking @ door in parking spot labeled “Smile Club Member.” Also, they conduct regular drawings for patients to win prizes, gift certificates, restaurant dinners out. They included me in drawing b/c I confirmed my appointment in advance. There were a number of ways patients could be included. Just a fun touch. They offer a lot of other comfort care items like warm blankets for those patients who want one. I felt they made an effort to make visiting the dentist a comfortable & even kinda fun experience. I will definitely be back & recommend his practice to others as well.

Marilyn H. from Tulsa, OK (Source: Yelp)


I just had my 6-month cleaning & digital X-rays today at The Perfect Smile. Everyone there is friendly and knowledgeable, from the front desk person, to the dental hygienist, to the dentist, Dr. Mark Miller, to the checkout person! The Perfect Smile is a great dental office – I actually enjoy going to the dentist, now! And they have free chocolate chip cookies and coffee, too!

Kanisha Townsend (Source: Google)


Very very nice. The employees was great and sweet. The dentist was awesome. I really like the atmosphere here. I had no worries and was comfortable. They answered all my questions I had. I didn’t have a long wait before I called back. Which is always good. I really enjoyed my dentist visit!

Dustin Wise (Source: Google)


What else can I say? I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist! Perfect Smile is the most perfect dental clinic that I’ve gone to. I have been a patient for over ten years now, and could not imagine going elsewhere. From all of my painful preventive procedures, they have all ended on a positive through their fantastic care and commitment to their patients.

Katherine G. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I cannot recommend Dr. Davis enough! One weekend, I slipped, fell, and significantly chipped my front tooth. This was clearly a urgent cosmetic emergency for me. I thought with it happening on a Friday night no doctor would be able to take me till the following week. I called his office and explained my situation. He came in the office on a Saturday just to fix my tooth. He was so kind and professional and my tooth looked good as new. This is the kind of compassion that we need in our health care professionals but is so hard to find.

Deborah Eldridge (Source: Facebook)


I called the dentist office at 8:05 and explained I had a toothache and was leaving town on a road trip the next morning. They worked me in at 9:00 that same morning. Pulled 2 teeth and sent me on my way. There was very little pain and I’ve made another appointment when I come back. Very pleased and would absolutely recommend Dr Mark Davis

Jim Davidson (Source: Facebook)


They got me in very quickly. My front vernier came off they got it replaced and charged a very fair price to do it. Very pleasant staff. Great experience. Loved the atmosphere. Jim Davidson

Ashton Collins (Source: Google)


I love this place. the ladies at the front desk area are always super nice and gentle. all around good vibes in here. i have anxiety for dentistry but every person i come into contact with during my appointments help settle me in and make me feel okay and in good hands. they’re all very nice and caring and super sweet. i love them because they really do care about their patients!! i cant remember who does my deep periodontal cleaning but she is really good at what she does and i can tell she gets super focused on getting the job done right which makes the anxiety go away. highly recommend!!

Joe Sauceda (Source: Google)


This is the best dentist office I have ever been to hands down. They have the nicest, friendliest and most caring staff of any business I have ever come across. From the moment I stepped in the door until I walked out I was treated better than I would have ever expected. Every aspect of my visit was perfect. Xio, their clinical team leader took care of me throughout the entire procedure. She made sure I was comfortable and relaxed before she began working. She explained everything to me in detail and made sure I understood everything she was telling me so I wasn’t confused about anything. She did an outstanding job helping Doctor Davis with the crown procedure. The whole process was quick and pain free. If you are needing any dental work done you should do yourself a favor and choose Perfect Smile Tulsa. They are the best you could possibly come by without any doubt whatsoever! As long as I live here in the area I will continue to give them all my business!

Janet Wesley (Source: Facebook)


The staff was very polite and knowledgeable. When I was younger I had a traumatic experience at a dental appointment. I get very anxious and nervous about seeing a dentist. The staff and Dr. Davis made me feel very comfy and made me at ease. I didn’t realize dental work was so expensive. I will have to budget for it. I miss my smile. I hope to regain it back.