“Perks” aka “Dental Deals”
(Consumer Page)

What are perks?

We know that going to the dentist is not on the list of your favorite things to do. With that in mind, do you know what makes going to the dentist a bit more enjoyable? Getting a little gift, or as we like to call it a perk, aka dental deals. Think of perks as that gift your mom used to bribe you with to see the dentist when you were a kid! The only difference is that your dentist offers you these “perks” instead. Now, let’s take a look at how perks work and how you can claim your free perk from your dentist:

How do I claim my perk?


Perks are only available to new patients when you book your appointment online (sorry, phone calls don't qualify). Find a dentist that you like and browse through their Even28 Profile to see if they offer any perks. Fill out the appointment request form, choose the perk that you like the best, and you're good to go! Dentists who offer perks can list up to 5 different dental deals. Pick the one that you like the best. Also, be sure to remind your dentist about your perk at the beginning of your appointment. Popular dentists can sometimes get busy and forget, so politely remind them about the perk that they had promised you. If you run into any issues redeeming your perk, please contact us directly at admin@even28.com and we will assist you with claiming your perk.

Examples of perks/ dental deals:

Free stuff

A toothbrush and dental floss won’t change your life, but it doesn't hurt to receive a nice little gift after being tortured by your dentist or hygienist! Most dentists offer little hygiene gifts to help you improve your oral health. These perks usually include toothbrushes, toothpastes, dental floss, and mouthwashes. Some dentists even offer teeth whitening products like bleaching gel refills or whitening pens as perks.

Steep discounts

Some perks include discounted goodies in exchange for booking your appointment online. Look for discounts on items such as teeth whitening (take-home or in-office), nightguards, athletic mouthguards, and other basic dental devices and services.

Buy one, get one (BOGO)

Buy one get one usually applies to more expensive treatments like braces, Invisalign®, crown, and dental implants. Here are some examples of common BOGO deals you might want to take advantage of:

  • Free teeth whitening when you complete your Invisalign® or braces (or you may receive a free retainer instead) 
  • Free take-home teeth whitening with dental crowns or dental implants
  • Free in-office teeth whitening with smile makeover (4 or 6 porcelain veneers)

Buy one, get one at a steep discount

Some dentists don't offer free treatments as a bundle, instead, they offer discounts when you buy two items together. For example, let’s say you want Invisalign® which costs $3,500 and you want Zoom whitening which costs $450 each. Your dentist may offer a perk like “receive 50% off in-office teeth whitening when you complete your Invisalign® treatment with us”. When you claim this perk you get 50% off of your Zoom teeth whitening when you complete your Invisalign® treatment. This brings down your total cost from $3,725 to $3,950 and saves you $225.

Ready to claim your dental deal?

All you have to do to claim your dental deal is find a dentist who offers perks on their Even28 Profile. Then simply select a perk that you like and book your appointment online. You will receive your perk at the time of your appointment. To find a great dentist near you, click on the link below to use our dentist Search Engine. Browse through dentist profiles, view their treatment photos, read their reviews, and book your appointment conveniently online while choosing the perk that best meets your needs: