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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Myrna Z. from Lake Worth, FL (Source: Yelp)


My family and I love going to Dr. Petrover.  Dr. Petrover is doing Invisalign for my son and I, as well as for my future daughter in law.  My son travels from Jacksonville because he knows that Dr. Petrover will provide the best care for his smile.  We appreciate his expertise, not only is he concerned about how your smile looks he also takes pride in fixing your bite for the long term.  Dr. Petrover is friendly and always spends the time with you to answer any questions that you have.  Definitely rated 5 stars!

Frederick Alo (Source: Google)


Based on my experiences with my Invisalign appointments at Petrover, it’s no doubt that the staff are genuinely kind and caring to any and all customers that go here for appointments. With nice and enthusiastic staff to talk with and great service and up-to-date equipment, Petrover Orthodontics as a whole is a great place to straighten and fix your teeth up if you want to smile happily in the future and beyond. You’ll have no worries as you are kindly guided by credible experts and staff to fix teeth as you’d like, starting with honest plans and offers depending on your preferences and how long the estimated time takes to fix your teeth. While I was offered normal braces for a faster tooth-straightening process and diet limited to softer foods, I was also recommended Invisalign. Having been informed that normal braces would prevent me from eating certain foods as I please, I chose Invisalign to be able to live a lifestyle, eating as much as I usually would without restriction. You even get to enjoy sweet bonuses as a customer, being granted a free tooth whitener for aligners, bands to boost the tooth alignment process, and other items(shades and a t-shirt too). So if you want to smile brightly with pride, head on over to a Petrover Orthodontics near you.

Raquel King (Source: Google)


I was referred to Dr. Petrover from my regular dentist Dr. Dea. I had braces when I was much younger but my teeth have moved and my retainer went missing eons ago! I want to get my smile back to where it once was so I figured it was time to do so. I couldn’t be more impressed with the staff at this office! The very first interaction I had when I called the front desk was friendly and thorough. Everyone was warm and welcoming! Dr. Petrover himself was very sweet and I felt that the finance department did a great job going over everything with me. I am looking forward to the final results of my Invisaline treatment!

Alaina Swichar (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Petrover and his employees are extremely professional and accommodating. From day one I have been able to schedule appointments that are centered around my schedule. I did ruin a pair of Invisalign an they were able to have them ordered and shipped in no time! Though I am glad to be on the final leg of my Invisalign journey, I will be sad not to have the need to come by the office as often!

Mercedes Zulaine Gonzalo Garcia (Source: Zocdoc)


This place is amazing !! The staff is very friendly and they explain things fully. If you have an appointment be ready to walk in at the time of the appointment, there is no waiting time. The Dr. is very pleasant to talk to, he doesn’t rush you out. I really recommend this place, they will work with your special needs.

Kieva Green (Source: Facebook)


My experience with Petrover Orthodontics was perfect. Dr. Petrover and his staff were professional, very knowledgable and friendly. They made me feel at ease through every step of my treatment.

Chris G Londono (Source: Facebook)


Petrover Orthodontics is the best place for getting your smile taken care off. Their offices are very nice and the staff is even better. Doctor petrover and his staff make sure to always have a smile for all their visitors. 100% recommended!!!

Ginifar Lorme (Source: Google)


Petrover Orthodontics has made my journey incredible!!! They have a phenomenal staff that is caring and loving. They listen to your needs and makes you feel special every time you walk into the door. It’s great for kids, teens and adults. Dr. Petrover is amazing and from my smile you can see that I cannot wait to start this new journey!!!! Thank you again, Petrover Orthodontics!!!!

Monica Martinez (Source: Google)


Dr. Petrover truly does his best to give you the perfect smile! My right front tooth was a problem! But every appointment he would make small changes to better my teeth, after 4 years I am very satisfied with the results given the circumstances. I recommend Dr. Petrover to all my friends and family. Super friendly office from start to finish! When I was unable to attend my schedule appointments they simply rescheduled a new one without any attitude or problems. Thank you Dr. Petrover and team!

Josey Josey (Source: Google)


First of all Petrover Orthodontics sent me to the Beyoncé concert in a Limo let me just throw that out there !!!! But overall I love everyone there , everyone is so sweet and nice the experience was amazing from the time I started my journey with braces till up to the end and I’m soooooo impressed I love the results !!! Dr.Petrover really did his thing !!!!!

Taylor Campbell (Source: Google)


Awesome place. We were here on vacation when my son broke a wire on his braces. He’s one appointment away from getting his braces off and his orthodontist wanted to us to try and get it fixed. Dr. Petrover’s office not only agreed to see my son, he was given a same day appointment to fix the problem. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating to us. And there was no charge for the services. Couldn’t ask for a better experience! Thank you so much!!!!! You saved the day.

Trisica Brown (Source: Google)


They are the best!! They not only have me confidence and a smile I never had but they care. They worked around my schedule while staying on top of my new smile. I’ve consulted many orthodontists in years past but this was the first time I want being sold. I grew up even most of my adulthood with crowded teeth, never smiled and low confidence. Now, i can’t stop smiling and it’s all because of Petrover. For once in my life I can finally say that a smile isn’t worth a million dollars but it’s priceless

Angelina Arias (Source: Yelp)


I have been with Dr Petrover and his staff for over 10 years and if there was a 10 star i would def have rated them with a 10. I love Dr.Petrover hes great at what he does and so easy to talk to. Got my braces off today and im so happy with the outcome thanks to petrover orthodontics and there fabulous staff, whom are always on top of everything.

Millye Menelas (Source: Google)


I love ❤️ love ❤️ Dr. Petrover and his staff. Everyone’s friendly, kind, loving, amazing and they are passionate about what they do. At every appointment, I was greater with a friendly welcome smile. They are always running on time, I never had to wait in the waiting room for long; the most maybe 5 minutes. I can honestly say I had a great experience at Dr. Petrover’s and would recommend him to everyone!

Amanda Barrera (Source: Google)


Seriously, the best!!! From the time my son and I were greeted at the front door for temperature checks to the time we walked out, we were treated so well. Literally EVERYONE was so pleasant, friendly and kind. Dr. Petrover is not your average. He reviewed our x-rays and explained everything to us in detail. Not once did I feel rushed. Katie was always so sweet and amazing. I am recommending this place to everyone I know. My son Stephen and I are so excited about getting scheduled for our braces!!!

Stephanie P. from Boca Raton, FL (Source: Yelp)


Petrover Orthodontics is the most welcoming doctors’ office around! You never wait around to be seen, and I am so excited to be able to show off my beautiful smile! Dr. Petrover really cares about each patient and always has a great sense of humor! My classmates he’s treated also love their results, and we recommend Petrover Orthodontics to everyone!

Rivka C. from South of Market, San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Petrover and his team are the real deal. This is my first Yelp review but in this world of fake professionals I had to spread the word about Dr Petrover. I come from England and am used to a high level of customer service and excellent experience and what you see is what you get. Our entire experience from the initial phone call to when my daughter’s braces were removed was a complete pleasure. The staff were highly professional even when I had to cancel appointments at the last moment and I got the impression from Dr Petrover’s concern over my daughter’s teeth that he spent his nights worrying over her back molar not being perfectly aligned !!! I am telling all my friends to run ( not walk!) to Dr Petrover.

Parker Ruiz (Source: Google)


Dr. Petrover and his team are true professionals. I just finished my Invisalign treatment and am very happy with the results. Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, the office staff adopted a procedure of temperature checks, hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing to keep the office as clean and safe as possible. I am very happy with the results of the treatment, my teeth are straight! Also they are very diligent with double and triple checking on you after the primary treatment to make sure your teeth aren’t shifting. Would definitely recommend Petrover Orthodontics for anyone looking into Invisalign!

Sara Rossman Tobias (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Petrover and his staff are wonderful. We give this place two thumbs up! They are honest people and so giving and caring. Keep up the amazing work. My daughter’s teeth are spectacular after 1 year. Thank you.

Rackeela Gordon (Source: Facebook)


My smile just got a whole lot brighter thanks to Dr. Petrover and his amazing staff. I was in treatment for 11months and had a wonderful experience, Dr. Petrover treatment plan was exactly what I needed to close my space, straighten my teeth & correct my smile arch. I would 100% recommend Petrover Orthodontics to anyone wanting to perfect their smile.

Hillary Rockoff Krawatsky (Source: Facebook)


This office has an amazing staff that is both friendly and knowledgeable. The office has two very convenient locations, in Boynton Beach and Wellington. Dr. Petrover is a perfectionist and made sure our son’s smile was picture-perfect! Thank you Dr. Petrover and Petrover Orthodontics for our son’s fantastic smile!

Brey (Source: Google)


My overall experience with my braces treatments at Petrover Orthodontics was very good. Each visit was greeted by their friendly and professional staff that make sure your appointments are organized and that your comfortable. Dr. Petrover is wonderful, very approachable and skilled in his profession. I love my smile and highly recommend for children and adults looking to transform their grins in the best way.

Vast Universe (Source: Google)


They are an extremely friendly staff and never once felt uncomfortable during any of my visits in the 2 years I had braces with them. Dr. Petrover himself was very laid back and professional. The results for my treatment for very satisfactory as well. Overall would recommend to anyone, only con which isnt exclusive to their office is the premium for braces isnt cheap but I guess it goes with the territory.

Flucindia Supreme (Source: Google)


I loved everything from when I first started considering getting my treatment done here to the end. The ladies in the office are so nice and friendly. The music was always great, I never had to wait long. They give WARM COOKIES out daily. It doesn’t get any better than that. My actual treatment was AMAZING. Everything is explained to you before and after something is done. Dr. Petrover is very informative whether it’s dental related or not. Now that my treatment is done, I am so happy with the results and will always refer people to them. Thank you all so much for a better, confident smile ❤️

Brittany Lemire (Source: Google)



can’t thank Petrover Orthodontics enough for my new smile. Dr. Petrover and his amazing staff were so nice and helpful from my initial consultation to a year and a half later. Dr. Petrover truly cares for his patients and doesn’t try and convince or sell you something you don’t need. He is truly amazing at what he does and has great staff to back him up. I am so much more confident with my new smile and I am so happy I invested in myself. There’s no other orthodontist I would recommend more. Thank you Dr. Petrover and staff!

Aman Cribens (Source: Google)


My name is Austin Wehmeyer, and I would like to share how amazing Petrover orthodontics was for me. I went in, open bite, crooked teeth beyond my control, and no hopes for my smile. Then I came out with a straight smile and a bite to be proud about. There is not a more precise and innovative orthodontics office to date. Dr. Petrover and his team utilized multiple technologies to take pictures and x-ray my teeth to engineer the perfect smile. I couldn’t be more happy. Additionally, Dr. Petrover had an amazing team full of really, professional, nice people who were willing to help me in any way they could to craft my smile. Scheduling was easy and effective. They had a lot of complimentary items including, but not limited to, cookies. There’s no way you could go anywhere else. The first orthodontist I looked at before Petrover was rough and impractical. She wanted to fill my mouth with metal. Dr. Petrover and his team were gentle and efficient with there care. 1000/10 stars. I’m serious these guys go above and beyond for there patient’s. It would be crazy to go anything other than Petrover!

SYE M (Source: Google)


Dr. Petrover and his team are incredible, my son always received quality care while in braces, they were always courteous and professional, especially Suanny working chairside in the back or in the front office she always went out of her way as well to make our experience there so welcoming. My son was always seen on time and I appreciate their flexibility with scheduling. I would highly recommend Dr Petrover !

Stephanie P (Source: Google)


Petrover Orthodontics has a warm and inviting atmosphere, great staff, and you never sit around waiting! I love my smile thanks to Dr. Petrover, and he truly cared about making my smile perfect and my experience amazing. He is the most personable, kindhearted doctor I have ever met! I often recommend him to my friends.