Premium Even28 Company Profile Page

Every company is entitled to a complimentary Basic company profile page. For a set monthly payment, you can upgrade your profile to a Premium company profile page. Premium company profile offers a ton of additional useful features to help you reach more dentists and/or patients using your Even28 company profile page. Here are a few additional useful features of creating a Premium company profile page:


Unlimited photos

Given how visual dentistry is, photos are a great tool to promote most dental companies. Products like clear aligners, dental implants, teeth whitening products, etc. rely heavily on photos to showcase their product. Other companies can also use their photo galleries to showcase their products or services to patients or dentists. This includes laser manufactures, CAD/CAM producers, local dental labs, and many other dental-related companies.

A basic company profile allows you to list up to 100 photos on your company profile. If you need to post additional photos, you need to upgrade to a premium company profile. Premium company profiles can list as many photos as they'd like to their profile. The first 100 photos will be posted to the main profile page. Additional photos are stored on other pages that are linked to your main profile page.

Categorize your photo galleries


If you have lots of photos, it makes sense to categorize them. We can do this for you once you upgrade to a premium company profile. Here are a few ways you can categorize your photos to better appeal to patients and/or dentists:

  • Clear aligners: Categorize your photos based on different malocclusions such as overbite, open bite, gap teeth, crowding, etc.
  • Dental implants: Categorize your photos based on different implant treatments such as individual implants, overdentures, full mouth dental implants, etc.
  • Teeth whitening: Divide up your photos based on yellow teeth, white spots, tetracycline stains, etc.
  • Lasers: Showcase your laser for treatments such as soft tissue removal, frenectomy, deep cleaning, etc.
  • Dental laboratories: Post photos of your crowns, dentures, and other dental prostheses for dentists to view your work

Unlimited reviews

Posting reviews to your profile is another excellent way of conveying a sense of confidence to customers. Regardless of whether you're targeting patients or dentists, customers want to see what others think of you. Basic profiles can post up to 35 of their top reviews to their profile. When you upgrade to a premium company profile, you can post as many reviews as you'd like to your company profile page. Your first 35 reviews will be posted to the main company profile page and further reviews will be posted to additional pages linked to your main profile.

Create an online Store


Want to use your profile to sell products or services? You can easily do this by setting up an online store. We organize and categorize your store, making it easy for customers to shop for what they need. Then, we simply send customers to your product landing page or sell the product and pay you directly, whichever you prefer. You can use your online store to sell products or services to dentists or patients. You can also use it to offer a sample product if you do not wish to disclose your actual prices (ideal for dental laboratories).

Run a promotion

You can use your premium profile to run a promotion as well. Want to offer a discount code to patients? Offer an introductory price to attract new dentists? You can now set up your own promotions and attract more customers directly from your company profile page.

Add a quiz, trivia & other engaging content


Want to generate more leads? A great way to do this is to set up an engaging trivia or quiz on your company profile:

  • Design a clear aligner quiz to see if patients qualify for treatment with clear aligners
  • Set up a dental implant quiz to see how likely patients are to qualify for dental implants
  • Design a quiz to see how satisfied dentists are with an existing product to try and lure them towards your product

Use quizzes and trivia to gather email addresses and generate leads for your product or service. You'll receive all quiz responses, along with the customer's email address, every time someone fills out your online quiz.

Promote your company profile

The final benefit of setting up a premium company profile is the ability to promote your page. As the dentist search engine, we know our dentists better than anyone else. This means we can offer marketing opportunities that are unique to a search engine in ways that only work on a search engine. This includes:

  • Promoting your profile on Google for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it
  • Promoting your profile on our top-ten dentist lists or customized top-ten lists in a way that only a dentist search engine can
  • Integrating your product or service directly with our dentist profile

Ready to get started? Contact us at to learn more about opportunities to promote your product on Even28. We will pitch you a no-obligation marketing proposal on a month-to-month basis. We guarantee the best ROI within the dental industry. Contact us today to see how we can help you grow your dental-related product or service today!