Basic Couples Discount Dental Plan

$478.00 $229.00

Purchase this deal for one couples basic discount dental plan offered by Oceansight Dental & Implants. This voucher covers a couple (2 members). The voucher is good for the following:

  1. 2 annual checkup & cleaning per member: The basic couples discount plan covers two regular dental cleanings each year for each member. This includes your exam and X-rays as well as the cleaning itself.
  2. 15 to 20% off most basic dental treatments: The basic couples discount dental plan offers 15 to 20% discount on most basic dental procedures including fillings, crowns and root canals.
  3. Discounts on dental devices and clear aligners: Save 15 to 20% on dental devices such as night guards, whitening trays and athletic guards. Save an additional 15 to 20% on most clear aligner treatments. Receive a free set of retainers with your Even28 at-home clear aligner purchase (must qualify for treatment).

What you need to know about our discount dental plan:

  • Download your dental discount plan brochure by clicking here
  • Voucher covers two person
  • Discount dental plan is not insurance. It’s actually better than most insurances! There are no deductibles, no claim forms, no approvals and no insurance non-sense.
  • This discount dental plan is only good at Oceansight Dental & Implants, the office of Dr. Ali John Jazayeri. The office is located at 106 S Ola Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672.
  • Vouchers are non-transferable and must be used only by one person.
  • Please purchase your discount dental plan online. We only honor this deal if purchased directly from our Even28 discount dental store. Prices are higher if purchased from our office.
  • Once you’ve purchased your discount dental plan you have one year from date of purchase to schedule your initial dental appointment.
  • Your discount dental plan is good for one year from the date of your first visit (not date of purchase).
  • Refunds are only available prior to using your voucher. Once used, there are no refund options.

Once you’ve purchased the discount dental plan right for you, please call us at (949) 481-2540 or email us at to schedule your appointment. Be sure to mention that you’ve purchased our basic discount dental plan when scheduling your appointment.


A word from your doctor about discount dental plans: “There’s nothing wrong with having great dental insurance. However,  there are very few great dental insurances out there! Most dental insurances are so-so. With many dental insurances you end up spending more for your premium, copays and deductibles than you actually save. So what can one do? Well, consider buying a discount dental plan directly from your dentist. Discount dental plans are an excellent substitute to these so-so and bad dental insurances. You’ll get better service, spend less money and enjoy amazing savings. Plus, you keep your dentist happy by paying him or her directly instead of paying the insurance company.”


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