Clear Aligner Assessment Kit – Oceansight Dental & Implants

$75.00 $39.00

Purchase this deal for one clear aligner assessment kit which includes:

  • Our comprehensive at-home impression kit
  • Advice on how to best straighten your teeth, including guidance as to whether you qualify for at-home aligners, dentist-delivered clear aligners, or braces
  • 3-D animation of your projected tooth movement (upon request, for clear aligners only)

Use our convenient at-home clear aligner assessment kit and decide how to best straighten your smile. Simply take your impressions, send them back to us in a pre-paid envelope, and wait for your results. Your dentist will examine your impressions and let you know whether your qualify for clear aligners or braces. We’ll also let you know if dentist-delivered clear aligners or at-home aligner programs are a better option for you (and explain why). No dentist visit required.


“Looking to straightening your teeth but not sure where to start? Our clear aligner assessment kit can help you figure it out. Essentially, there are 3 methods to straighten your smile, which are:

  1. Braces: The metal and wire system
  2. Dentist-delivered clear aligners: Like Invisalign®, Even28 at-dentist™, etc.
  3. At-home clear aligners: Like Smile Direct Club™, Candid Co™, Byte™, Even28 at-home™, etc.

Our do-it-yourself clear aligner assessment kit helps you decide which option(s) you qualify for. Buy our clear aligner assessment kit and we will ship it out directly to your home. Simply take your impressions, return them to us in a prepaid packaged, and wait for your results. We’ll let you know your orthodontic status and recommend which treatments are best to fix your smile. This way, you know exactly what it takes to straighten your smile without ever setting foot into a dentist office. Then, whenever you’re ready, call your dentist or orthodontist to start straightening your smile knowing exactly what your options are.”

Fine Print: Discount offer valid only with online purchase. Must take your own impressions and mail them back to our laboratory. If you fail to take accurate impressions, you have two options: (1) purchase a new kit and try again or (2) visit your local dentist, from whom you purchased your kit, and have them take your impressions or scan your teeth for you. You can request a refund at any time prior to your clear aligner assessment kit being shipped. There are no refund requests once your kit has been shipped out.


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