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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Tuesday: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Wednesday: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Thursday: 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Ebenise G. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so happy my dad choose this Ortho because it is just perfect. The staff is so nice. Every time I went to my appointment I felt so welcomed and like they were my friends. I was so sad to get my braces off because first of all I loved them and I loved seeing everyone. I really like the flow of things there also, super organized and they have it all figured out. Now a little message from my Dad, Overall Very satisfied with the results and great customer service 🙂

Parastu Barnett (Source: Google)


Dr. Rafati has fixed my teeth, my two younger brothers, my best friends son without jaw surgery, my coworker and I have referred countless people to her…Why? Because she genuinely cares and loves her patients. She is always smiling and happy and greets everyone with tenderness. Loving kindness oozes our of her I swear! I was there today and I was greeted by her staff whom were super friendly, I got excellent service and even got to watch a movie while laying in the chair. Her office provides water, coffee, tea and snacks and I think that is just the icing on the cake. THANK YOU for all you have done for me and my family. LOVE and BLESSINGS.

Judy Diaz (Source: Facebook)


Awsome office, Dr. Rafati is shows her love for her work in each smile. She is professional and very knowledgeable, show compassion and patience.The staff is great. They make you feel like a part of their family.

Martha Z. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Professional environment, friendly staff, open mind about changing appointments, Dr. Rafati is very professional, kind and always approaches Properly making sure her patients receive the right treatment. My daughter just had finished her treatment at Rafati orthodontics, and she never had any problems with her braces, I’m pleased with the results. Her smile is beautiful!

Melissa Hong (Source: Google)


I just started coming here for my braces and the whole office is very well-furnished. All the staff are very helpful and easy to talk to. The way they set up TVs with movies in the ceilings helps the time pass as they work on my teeth. Also the way they organize the appointments is very helpful. Overall Rafati Orthodontics is an amazing place that makes my life easier. Definitely 5 stars.

Mehr S. from Los Gatos, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Rafati is a great orthodontist ,She is very good with her patients. When my two sons completed their orthodontic treatment ,their smiles are worth millions .I recomended a friend ,to take her 6 years old son, who has anxiety over, Dr Rafati has been treated him very well and they are very happy. This office is perfect for all patients

Vanessa S. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was eleven years old when I started coming at Dr Rafati’s and now I am 14 years old with a beautiful smile. Her staff are very nice and make you feel very comfortable. My dad says that Dr Rafati is very professional and great at what she does. The payment plan that they offer helps as well. I will recommend Dr Rafati to anyone including adults who’s goal is a beautiful smile. Thank you Dr Rafati and staff!

Lynna Cho (Source: Google)


I would like to say that if anyone needs braces, I would recommend seeing Dr.Rafati based on my experience. Recently, I got my braces off and I can tell that she definitely knows how to manipulate teeth so that they are straight as a piano. Also, all the staff members were very welcoming and I felt like I could easily carry on a conversation with the technicians while they worked on my braces. What I found that was very chill about their office was that it looked very welcoming and you feel like you are at the beach. It also included TVs on the ceiling so that you have entertainment while you are waiting for your teeth to be done. Overall,i would recommend seeing Dr.Rafati if anyone is in dire need of braces.

Lia (Source: Google)


I went to Doctor Rafati’s Orthondontics for my braces, and currently I’m wearing retainers. I had an open bite, where my top row of teeth and bottom row of teeth did not close together; there was a big gap. After getting braces, the results were shockingly pleasant. Now, my front teeth have come out and they are covering my bottom teeth and the gap is nonexistent. The staff are extremely kind and welcoming, the facility and tools are clean and modern, it is overall such a great place. I highly highly recommend Rafati’s Orthodontics for braces.

Suzanne T. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


My 13-year-old son is between phases now.  For phase 1, Dr. Rafati was able to widen his pallet, make space for adult teeth, hold back his upper jaw to allow the lower jaw to catch up in growth, fix his bite so that he could chew food without having to shift his lower jaw to the side to meet up with the upper one, and save an impacted tooth that was growing horizontally across the roots of two other teeth.  It took four years, but it made a huge impact on the functionality of his mouth.  Dr. Rafati and her staff are always so nice and pleasant.  The office is clean & comfortable.  The kids love watching movies in the waiting room and ceiling at each chair.  Appointments are easy to schedule and flexible.  We will continue with phase 2 at Rafati Orthodontics next year.

Alexandra L. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Rafati and her staff are absolutely amazing. They’re all very friendly and and Dr. Rafati was really good at giving me the best treatment for my teeth possible. She really seemed to want to get to know me as a person as well as a patient. I got my braces off in January, and I’m so so happy with the results. I wouldn’t choose anything but Rafati Orthodontics. It’s truly the best

Billy Nguyen (Source: Google)


I’m never one to rate these types of things, but i felt as if their great work of orthopedic dentistry needs to be heard. What separates this orthodontics to the other five places that i’ve been to is that Dr. Rafati and the whole entire staff are very kind and loving! Every time i come in, there’s always a warm welcome. This place definitely makes you feel like family. While the process of having braces was no fun, Dr. Rafati and the staff brings less of a burden in having them. Their kind presence and loving attitude towards their job makes you feel trusted in the ways they go around fixing your teeth. I had braces for about 2 years and now my teeth looks amazing. I would definitely recommend to bring your child or even yourself to this orthodontics. Definitely the best place in the San Jose area and they will try and help anyone. This place definitely deserves 5 stars. 🙂

Linda M. from Carlsbad, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Rafati and her staff are by far the best in my experience. I have an older daughter that went through braces and it wasn’t close to this. My daughter had a lot going on as far as her needs to correct her teeth. They were so helpful and kind every step of the way. We chose her even though we live in Scotts Valley, she was worth the drive. Would highly recommend her.

Yasmin H. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Wow. The moment I stepped into Dr. Rafati’s orthodontics office, I knew this was going to be a great experience. Not only were the welcoming staff and the tropical atmosphere the highlights of my very first time there (it was pretty cool, I felt like I was in Hawaii or something), but also the orthodontist Dr. Rafati herself. She was so sweet, funny, and caring that I felt like I was talking to a friend. Before I came to Rafati Orthodontics, I was kind of hesitant to get braces–after all, I was a high school student at the time. But the process was so quick (only about a year and a half) and rewarding that I am so glad I came here. Because of Dr. Rafati, I feel so much more confident about myself and have gotten a lot of compliments on my smile. Now I can’t stop smiling.

Nhi H. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Rafati is very kind and overall a great orthodontist. Through the two years I have been here I have not been treated with anything less than kindness and care to make my teeth look beautiful and straight. All the ladies in the office are so kind and careful- they apologize to me as they worked on me and would ask me afterwards if anything was poking. I genuinely don’t remember when they ever were unkind or unwelcoming. They also play fun movies during your appointment which you can watch while they work on you! Plus the reception office has hot chocolate :)!! I recently just got my braces off and they were so fun about it! I was surprised with a bag and they all gathered around with maracas which I think is so kind and fun of them. I really recommend them- they’ll do their best to get the teeth you want and give you top notch quality.

Gee Jee (Source: Facebook)


Having orthodontic work is a real pain, especially when you’re just a kid. Dr. Rafati and staff has made this tedious process a far more tolerable one for my daughter. She doesn’t mind at all coming here, and my youngest actually enjoys tagging along, which is probably a good thing, since her dentist has told me she’ll also be needing orthodontic work in the future. I especially love chatting with Judy who is an absolute professional and real warm person. Stephanie was awesome too. Also, I love how the office is so modern and clean. They always play really good Disney/Pixar movies for the kids.

Nazanin T. from Saratoga, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Rafati put all 3 of my boys at ease. They all had braces put on at different times, and they never argued about going to their orthodontist appointment.  Not only does her cheerful, calm attitude put you at ease, but I calmed down as soon as I entered her office.  She prepared us for all the expenses  and expectations every step of the way, so we were never caught off guard.  I highly recommend Dr Rafati to people of all ages.

Shallaka Jain (Source: Google)


I have just had my son finish his 2.5 year treatment with Doctor Rafati, and we could not be happier! My son’s teeth turned out great, and they are nice and straight. Her office was very nice and clean, and it was quite comfortable. The staff were all friendly and nice, and they were all very involved in making sure my son had great teeth. Doctor Rafati was friendly and patient, and worked with us and around our schedule to help us. I love Doctor Rafati.

Emma B. (Source: Google)


My daughter has just finished her orthodontic treatment with Dr. Sima Rafati and we could not be more pleased both with the process and the result! The doctor is knowledgeable, experienced, and caring. The office is state of the art: clean, inviting, and child friendly with TV screens above the treatment chairs. The staff is very friendly, helping and polite. We had wonderful 4 year treatment experience with them which flew by as one day! The doctor is very patient and understanding with her patients, making sure the treatment is fully complete before she lets you go. My daughter was not cooperative with wearing her rubber bands, hence her treatment took a bit longer than it was anticipated. Dr. Sima Rafati was very patient with us all along, never rushing us or kicking out of the treatment. My son has just started his treatment and we are looking forward to another 4 or so years with this orthodontic practice. I consider us lucky to have found this practice. I would highly recommend Sima Rafati to everyone with orthodontic needs. You can always come to a complimentary consultation just to take a look at the office, meet the doctor, and to find out about your treatment options. Thank you, Dr. Rafati and your wonderful personnel for everything you did for us!

Beatrice L. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am extremely satisfied with the work of Dr. Rafati. She took care of the teeth of my two kids in a very professional and efficient way. She is very knowledgeable, nice with the patient and takes the time to explain what she is doing and answer question. Her team is top notch as well, and her office modern and clean. She offers appointments morning and afternoon, which means my kids almost never had to miss school going to their orthodontic appointment! I highly recommend her.

Linda P. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Both of my kids have seen Dr. Rafati for about 2 years now. We have been very happy with the services. Dr. Rafati has a very easy style that translates well to the children. And she has been a good partner to me as a parent to help reinforce things (like, “I can see that you could brush a bit better in this area”). The front office is very thorough and nothing falls thru the cracks. I would recommend Dr. Rafati and her team.

Paras Barnett (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Rafati has fixed my teeth, my two younger brothers, my best friends son without jaw surgery, my coworker and I have referred countless people to her…Why? Because she genuinely cares and loves her patients. She is always smiling and happy and greets everyone with tenderness. Loving kindness oozes our of her I swear! I was there today and I was greeted by her staff whom were super friendly, I got excellent service and even got to watch a movie while laying in the chair. Her office provides water, coffee, tea and snacks and I think that is just the icing on the cake. THANK YOU for all you have done for me and my family. LOVE and BLESSINGS.

Serena T. from San Diego, CA (Source: Google)


If you’re looking for an orthodontist, Dr. Rafati is the one! She is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. She treats all her patients with a lot of respect and I always felt comfortable around not only her but also her entire staff. Everyone is extremely welcoming and takes great care of you. I highly recommend!

Stephanie Iles (Source: Google)


I love the service we got in this office. Not only is the staff courteous and kind, but the work done on my son’s teeth looks amazing. Our Appointments were always on time and we loved the online reminders to be there. The environment is very clean, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this office to my friends.

Guadalupe B. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so glad I got my braces here. This place is the best. These ladies are the best, they are very professional, friendly and kind. They take care of you no matter what your age is. They are very attentive and they know what they are doing. The Doctor is also very polite, and she makes sure you get the resulst you want. They are always on time, and they will be done at the right time as well. If you are planning to get braces, this is absolutely the right place.

Myrna S. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m 16 years old and i was treated in this office for almost 3 years now, finally I had my braces removed a month ago. I love my smile and the way my teeth look right now all thanks to this practice. Dr. Rafati is an awesome orthodontic she’s very nice and always gentle and explains the procedures she’s doing on my teeth clearly. I like the dental assistants they know what they’re doing, are patient and gentle to my gums and teeth. The day I had my teeth removed the whole staff dressed in hula skirts and Hawaiian theme hair flowers and garlands. they had music on and danced for me to congratulate me, this was a pleasant surprise and my mom took many pictures of the celebration. I never felt like it was a hassle or a burden to go to my appointments because I really like the way they treat me here in the office and although the orthodontic treatment was painful sometime when they tighten my bands and change my wires I will always remember the good part of this adventure. I have a great smile thanks to you Dr. Rafati and her awesome team. Thank you! Myrna S.

C P. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Everyone is so nice, warm and attentive to your needs. I had the invisalign treatment and everything went really smoothly and perfectly. Dr. Rafati take time to talk to me and get to know me. She remembers what I did for my last holidays! or what was my concern about the trays I had to change. I really was positively surprised by the whole team and care. The staff is really kind. They are flexible and easy to understand! Carina and Taraneh at the front desk are so helpful and friendly. They always try to do their best to accommodate you with an appointment or a bill you would need. One of my tooth was going back from where it came once the treatment ended and Dr Rafati was really attentive to that and it cost me nothing to have new consultations. Besides, I’ve been to several orthodontists before coming at Dr Rafati’s office and it appears to be the cheapest for the same treatment. I highly recommend Dr Rafati and her nice and professional team. I am very happy with the results and I know if I have any questions or problems, I can get back to them at anytime (even after the end of the treatment) and find someone who will help me out. The overall experience was really positive for me.

Kim C. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Rafati and team are wonderful. I have referred them to several friends. They take the time and effort to communicate the steps needed to achieve the smile that works for the patient. They are very understanding and flexible with schedules and situations that come up. They really go up and beyond the regular routine to make the experience a positive one to remember.

Ramin Naimi (Source: Google)


The second you walk into Sima Rafati D.D.S, M.S. Orthodontics, you not only know you will get your teeth in shape, but you feel you will have fun. Usually when someone tells you’re getting braces, you get scared. (Yes braces hurt and you can’t change that) When I was told I was going to this place, it made my day. My sister is three years older than me, and her Orthodontist used to be in the same place that I go to today, so I knew it was going to be amazing. This is because of the environment and staff. In any Orthodontics, you never want a staff that carelessly twists and yanks wires. You want a staff that walks you to your seat, asks you how your day was, and gently tightens your wires. Then they change the color of your braces (to your choice), and asks if you’ve been wearing your gear. It gives you the feeling that they’re not going yank your teeth out without notice. The environment makes you feel that you are on vacation-literally! The digital “windows” give you the tropical and happy feeling you deserve. If you have a little one who is getting bored, there is a flat screen TV that plays you favorite G-rated movies. Right below the TV is a snack bar that includes tea, coffee, different fruits, and hot chocolate. All in all, Sima Rafati’s Orthodontics is guaranteed to give an exceptional cozy feeling that makes you glad you came.

Christine Smith (Source: Facebook)


Everyone here is so knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions we have. My daughter started with expander and now has braces and now my son is starting the same process. We will be seeing a lot of eachother over the next couple of years but I don’t mind. Kim especially has been great with working out payments for all this!

Martin S. from Los Gatos, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Rafati is one of the most caring, nice and professional orthodontist in San Jose and Santa Clara area of Northern California. She is very good with children. My two sons and my wife have been under her care and we are very happy with the professional work she has done. Their smiles are worth a million. If you are looking for an excellent orthodontist for your family, Dr. Rafati is highly recommended. We appreciate her very much!

Tanya Z. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


I’m so glad for having chosen Dr. Rafati for my son. For 4 years Dr. Rafati has been sensitive to my son’s needs and concerns throughout his treatment. Her staff are always courteous, helpful and generally lovely. The assistants in the back are absolutely awesome. I saw so many of them and not a single one was someone I wouldn’t want working on my son’s teeth. The office is well-run and well-coordinated. My son never ever had to wait for his appointment. I think what’s most important is that Dr. Rafati works to surpass the standard in her field. She is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable.. What I am compelled to share, is the unique experience with Dr. Rafati. The amazing way about her and the way she displays her patience, and also how she relates the information and what to expect. Having braces is not the world’s most pleasant experience, and my son can think of a lot of other things he’d rather do than have his teeth worked on, but Dr. Rafati and her assistants make the process as positive as it could be. I felt like they worked with my son rather than just on him. Dr. Rafati’s honesty and professionalism and willingness to explain everything is beyond what is generally offered by her peers, that is why I recommend her to anyone and everyone. Today my son received his retainer.. That will probably be the last time I see Dr. Rafati and the staff. I think my son and I actually going to miss them. Thank you Doctor Rafati for your care and fantastic service. My son loves his new smile!

Celina McLeish (Source: Facebook)


I love this place been coming here for years with my boys , the staff and Dr Rafadi are so nice and always there to try and help with appointments plus they even have saturday open . They have patment plans since dental work isnt cheap .I would highly recommend this orthodontist id give 10 plus stars if i could

Phuong Nguyen (Source: Google)


Dr. Rafati is very helpful. We moved from Portland in the middle of treatment and Dr. Rafati was willing to take over the treatment with minimal costs. She is very professional. She takes time to discuss treatment with us and as a result we are able to complete treatment in record time with quality outcome. We are very happy to refer her to our friends and family.

Lorene K. from San Jose, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sima Rafati is a very compassionate professional pediatric orthodontist. My daughter Kate truely loves coming to see Dr. Rafati. We were referred to Dr. Rafati from another pediatric dentist Dr. Shawn Taheri who is also a wonderful dentist. Dr. Rafati has a very well run dental practice. Her staff is well trained and very professional and friendly. Dr. Rafati’s dental practice has a fabulous website to answer all your questions and review her extensive services. I would highly recommend any family to experience Dr. Rafati’s services for their children.