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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Billy D. from Charleston, SC (Source: Yelp)


As an adult in my late 40’s I was concerned with some crowding that had relapsed due to losing my retainers a couple of years ago from when I wore braces when I was young. I did my research and found out about Dr. Reese McElveen and that Dr. Reese was the first orthodontist in South Carolina to provide SureSmile orthodontic technology. ( Info can be found here: This technology is the cutting edge in orthodontics and this was a major factor in my decision to see him for a free consultation. He is the nicest man and was very through in his evaluation and explaining things and answered all my questions and more importantly was honest and caring. Through him I found out that I have major root resorption from most likely my braces I wore 26 years ago. He being as thorough as he was, and with his state-of-the-art equipment took x-rays and found that I had this issue and he advised me that the risk of losing my teeth that had the resorption was not worth the the risk of braces cause possibly more resorption and/or tooth loss. He explained to me what was root resorption is and possible causes ( Here is more info on root resportion:… ) As a result of he finding and professional opinion, unfortuntaly we togother made the decison to not get the braces. I cannot thank Dr. Reese enough for his honesty, his professionalism and caring and highly recommend him for you and your family’s orthodontic needs. Thank you Dr. Reese!

Dawn Dausman (Source: Google)


Dr Reese has a tremendous attention to detail. He is largely concerned about doing it well the first time, and it shows in how he cares for his patients. We’ve experienced this with our oldest child, with two more to come. We trust him to do just as well with them. Great job Dr Reese. We appreciate you.

Tristan Brigman (Source: Google)


Dr. Reese and his team are AMAZING (and as sweet as can be)! I came in to have my permanent retainer looked at towards the end of their day and they had a retainer made for me by the next morning! Loved their work so much I decided to go ahead and get a new top retainer too and they had it ready same day! Highly recommend.

Aspa C. from Charleston, SC (Source: Yelp)


We’ve been gathering advice and information about various local Orthodontists for several months in anticipation of this big but worthwhile investment in braces. We wanted a smaller office where we could get focused attention from the doctor and staff. We wanted reasonable prices coupled with experience. We wanted clear communication and a calm environment. Reese Orthodontics embodies all of these in one practice. The office interiors are in a done in a pleasing yet minimal coastal style. The space is very open and well lit. There is neither clutter nor disarray. The staff handled my paperwork and questions with kindness and ease. Dr. Reese took a few minutes to speak directly my teenager about his life and interests. This was very thoughtful and helped keep my child engaged during the visit. We’re looking forward to getting this project underway and we are extremely thankful that Dr. Reese and his staff are there to direct us through it!

Anna Chen (Source: Google)


I had braces a few years ago and I so wish I had lived in Charleston at the time so I could’ve done them here. I came to Reese Ortho for a permanent retainer replacement. I called a few offices in town and Reese had the most reasonable price. When I showed up they were so so kind and made me comfortable immediately. They also are taking good COVID precautions which I was happy about. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an orthodontist.

Whitney Lawrence (Source: Google)


My experience was nothing but amazing. From the staff to Dr. Resse. I’m very pleased with everything. Never have I once had a bad visit from the time I inquired about getting braces. My smile is perfect because of them. I highly recommended this orthodontic practice. You will not be disappointed. Dr. Reese you are the best hands down.

Daniel Hughes (Source: Google)


Dr. Reese is the man! I felt silly walking into an orthodontist office full of kids at the age of 32 pursing my 2019 new years resolution. 10 months later I wouldn’t change a thing. He put me at ease reviewing all the treatment options that worked for my schedule and the follow through was everything he promised. Go see him today!

Jimmy Kaiser (Source: Google)


Our experience with Dr. Reese couldn’t have been better! You know he and his team are doing something right when everyone actually enjoys their time at an Orthodontic appointment! Here are some reasons why: – Dr. Reese and the staff are so welcoming and easy going. The office is a fun place to be! – The office looks like something out of a design mag. I also enjoy my time waiting for the appointment to finish in the comfortable office. – The experience is quick. I don’t just mean each appointment (which they are because we never have to wait). I am referring to the entire process. With their “Sure Smile” technology, the process for my daughter cut her time in braces by almost 10 months. Everyone likes that! Overall we have had the best experience with Dr. Reese and my daughter’s great new smile says it all!!!

Kyara Porche (Source: Google)


Recently moved to Charleston and needed to find a new orthodontist, and I absolutely love Reese orthodontist! Their staff are so understanding and easy to get along with, and Dr. Reese is very easy to talk to and puts the patients care first. I had a permanent retainer come loose and the staff worked quickly to schedule my appointment and make sure I was taken care of. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Shelley Keenan (Source: Google)


I decided to get braces at the age of 24! I am now 25 and very satisfied with the results after getting them off today. Dr. Reese and his staff made the experience very enjoyable. I was very concerned about the visibility of braces being an older patient, but lingual braces were a great solution. I was able to have braces on the inside of my teeth on top with regular braces on the bottom. They were barely noticeable. The staff is great and will answer any questions you have concerning your braces throughout the treatment process. Dr. Reese made sure that everything was absolutely the way I wanted my teeth before he would take them off, even if I was a little picky. The overall experience was great and I could not have asked for more knowledgeable group of people to trust with my smile! I highly recommend Dr. Reese and his staff to anyone who is considering braces. Lingual braces were just a bonus!

Laura Tait (Source: Google)


I was incredibly pleased with my services from Dr. Reese (and Ashley). He took the time in the beginning to help me make the choice of which braces to try and made sure I was comfortable with my choice and the process every step of the way. I had clear bottom braces for about six months and my teeth are now straighter than ever. I recommend that everyone, of all ages, go to Reese Orthodontics.

Ellis Simerly (Source: Google)


I have been with Reese Orthodontics for a little more than a year and I can only say good things. Every time I come in I am immediately seated or I have to wait for only a very brief time. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Reese is helpful, informative, and very educational. I would definitely recommend him to any and all.

Melanie Collins (Source: Google)


I chose the absolute perfect orthodontist to perfect my smile. Dr. Reese has a personality that calms you and removes the anxiety that may come with the process. Dr. Reese is a true artist. I am so excited with my new smile. Dr. Reese accomplished the goals I was looking for and I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Reese!!!

Ashley Christopher (Source: Google)


Dr. Reese is a great orthodontist. He is very professional and skilled. I couldn’t be happier with my results…and I am a dentist, if that tells you anything 🙂 Suresmile allowed Dr. Reese to finish my treatment in about half the amount of time it would have taken in conventional orthodontics. His assistant Ashley is also great–always upbeat and knowledgeable. I would recommend Dr. Reese and Reese Orthodontics to anyone and everyone!

Kappe Manuel (Source: Google)


Wow! Only 6 months and I have perfectly straight teeth. At 57, I thought I might be too old for this, but Dr. Reese made it so easy. I chose the SureSmile approach to take advantage of the new technology, and I’m glad I did. It’s precise, (no guessing with tightening the bands each appointment) so it’s that much quicker to get the results I wanted.

Gwen Choi (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough good about Reese Orthodontics! The practice is spotless, the staff are all wonderful to a person and Dr. Reese McElveen is kind, calm and reassuring. I’m on the last leg of my Invisalign treatment and the results have far exceeded my expectations. When my last 7 sets of trays were inadvertently thrown away I called the office in a panic and they were so great. (Replacements will be ordered and I am calm again.) This is the only orthodontist I would ever recommend to anyone, even if you don’t live in the area. The trip would be well worth your time for such excellent care.

Meriah Oxford (Source: Google)


I have had braces twice, both from orthodontists in a different state. I’ve had my braces off for 5 years, and my built-in retainer popped off last week. Dr. Reese was super nice about fixing it. When I walked in, he immediately walked to the front to greet me, and took me to the chair to discuss the options to best fit my needs. He was prepared with all of he necessary products and equipment, meaning I was done and out in such a short amount of time. I was initially dreading having to get this fixed, but he did such a fantastic job! Not to mention, he and the office staff were awesome, and the facility is beautiful. So happy to have found Reese Orthodontics!

Moose is Loose (Source: Google)


On our recent excursion to Kiawah Island, I was eating chips and broke a bracket on my braces. My mom promptly asked Siri where the closest orthodontist office was and Reese 0rthodontics was O.3 miles away. When we arrived we were greeted by a kind and friendly staff that saw us immediately. Dr. Reese McElveen was very kind and told his assistant how to fix my bracket. Their office was clean, nicely decorated, and had a comfortable waiting room. They also had a big jar of candy in the front. At checkout they were even gracious enough to not charge us for the visit. We highly recommend Reese Orthodontics.

Melody Kedzierski (Source: Google)


Their combined use of professionalism, and sincere comforting atmosphere was wonderful. They are very obliging at making appointments, and providing financial information. Their office is beautiful, comfortable, and calming. I was very impressed with their equipment, and how easy the entire experience has been! Highly recommend them to anyone!

John A. from Olney, MD (Source: Yelp)


I couldn’t believe how accomodating Reese Orthodontics was to my family.  We are on a family vacation, and my 14-yr old daughter’s braces had a wire come loose,  causing her pain and discomfort.  We called at 9:30 am this morning, and were given a 2:15 pm appointment the same day.  Dr. Reese was super friendly, saw my daughter, fixed the wire, and sent us on our way.  No charge for the tweak, which we certainly didn’t expect, but did appreciate.  If the practice goes out of their way for complete strangers like us, I can only imagine the good hands the people of Charleston are in for their orthodontic needs.  Thanks again for helping us out in a time of need!

Fay W. from Charleston, SC (Source: Yelp)


While I am not a patient I can truthfully say I wish I was. Last week I went in for a second opinion on my current orthodontic situation and the way Dr. Reese and his staff treated me was BEYOND amazing. From the second I walked in I was greeted with kindness and felt valued even though I wasn’t a patient there. I was walked back to a private room and given the time to ask questions and voice my concerns and was actually listened to. When Dr. Reese came in for my consultation his personality right away put me at ease. He didn’t rush me and took the time to check into my concern and give me his honest, professional opinion. I will not name the current office I go to for my braces but its a completely different feeling from Dr. Reeses office and truth be told if I could do it all again I would 100% choose here for my orthodontic treatment. You don’t feel like your in a cattle call or like your are just a number here, you feel like a truly valued patient. Choose Dr. Reese and his office, I promise you won’t regret it!

Richardine Singleton-Brown (Source: Google)


First and foremost -anyone who writes a bad review about Dr. Reese and his staff is, QUITE FRANKLY, not a good judge of character. NEVER once has this team ever been negative to any of their patients. They have a consistent pattern to provide the ABSOLUTE best customer service day in and day out. That’s why I am confident in the fact that Reese Ortho treats everyone with respect. I love going there because they are a family and treat any one who walks through their doors the same. I don’t expect Dr. Reese to tell me what I want to hear. My expectations are such that whether the news is “good, bad or ugly” I get the truth. PERIOD! TRANSPARENCY HAS ALWAYS BEEN A REQUIREMENT OF MINE. If he can’t fix an issue-he will tell you. I expect nothing less from him. HIS WORK IS OF QUALITY! Kudos to his staff and all that they do for myself and my family. So before you write a bad review about my ORTHODONTIST-KNOW THIS – YOU ARE MESSING WITH THEIR LIVELIHOOD!, #badreviewsareaJOKE! #REESESHENANIGANS

Fay Wright (Source: Google)


While I am not a patient I can truthfully say I wish I was. Last week I went in for a second opinion on my current orthodontic situation and the way Dr. Reese and his staff treated me was BEYOND amazing. From the second I walked in I was greeted with kindness and felt valued even though I wasn’t a patient there. I was walked back to a private room and given the time to ask questions and voice my concerns and was actually listened to. When Dr. Reese came in for my consultation his personality right away put me at ease. He didn’t rush me and took the time to check into my concern and give me his honest, professional opinion. I will not name the current office I go to for my braces but its a completely different feeling from Dr. Reeses office and truth be told if I could do it all again I would 100% choose here for my orthodontic treatment. You don’t feel like your in a cattle call or like your are just a number here, you feel like a truly valued patient. Choose Dr. Reese and his office, I promise you won’t regret it!

Stacey Doty (Source: Google)


Dr. Reese and his team were nothing short of amazing. I have never had any procedures done through them, but had a dental emergency and they squeezed me in the same morning and got me in/out in record time. Their facility is so clean and welcoming, and everyone during my time there was incredibly friendly. I will surely go back for any orthodontic needs in the future!

Katie Byrd (Source: Google)


If I could give more starts I totally would! Both Dr Reese and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They go out of their way to make each visit an enjoyable experience and I am thoroughly pleased with my results after having my top braces removed today! The office is open, inviting and friendly and in a convenient location. As an adult orthodontic patient I had no issues working my tight schedule around visits. I have been and will continue to recommend this office to people in the future for their entire families orthodontic needs.

Jennifer Krueger (Source: Google)


As an adult, I was nervous about getting braces. Dr Reese was very informative regarding expectations, goals, cost and time estimates. He took the time to explain my options and was extremely knowledgeable about what would work best for me. After deciding to get traditional braces with ceramic (white) on the top, his expertise shined through over the course of my treatment. All of the staff were super friendly and accommodating to my overnight work schedule. I now have the smile I’ve desired since high school. I am thoroughly pleased with my results and felt super confident during my engagement/wedding professional photo sessions! Thank you, Reese orthodontics!

Eric Robinson (Source: Google)


From the moment I walked into Dr. Reese’s office to my last visit on Wednesday of this week, I was treated like family. Dr. Reese and his staff are not only professional but they are personal. Dr. Reese and his staff tailored my orthodontic needs to what was best for what I needed done. This has been an amazing experience and I recommend Dr. Reese and his staff. They are kind, funny, and have made this anxious experience a pleasant one. Thanks for the past 18 months!! –Eric

Matthew Teal (Source: Google)


I could only say great things about my experience getting braces at Reese’s Orthodontist. It started back when I had my teeth cleaning in Spartanburg, SC where I am from. I asked my dentist Dr. Keels, in the upstate area on what I could do about fixing a minor space between my teeth. Dr. Keels knew I went to school in Charleston so he highly recommended me to go to Reese’s Orthodontist in Charleston. He had nothing but great things to say about Dr. Reese. When getting back to Charleston for my senior year at The Citadel, I contacted Reese’s Orthodontics and spoke with Ashley and she immediately got me an appointment for a free consultation. From there we scheduled me to have my braces put on. Everything went great, I went in for my monthly check up to make sure everything was looking good. They were very helpful with getting me dates and times that fit best in my schedule and if something came up they were a great help to getting it rescheduled. About 6 months later I got them off, and I couldn’t be happier with how they look, I can’t stop smiling! I would highly recommend my family, friends, and whomever is possibly thinking about getting braces to go with Reese’s Orthodontics. I have nothing but great things too say about my experience. Thank you Dr. Reese!

Katie Aiken (Source: Google)


Big thanks to Dr. Reese and staff for straightening my smile in record time! They were very friendly and professional throughout the entire process .Being in my late 20s, I was skeptical to get braces for the second time; however I am so glad I made the decision and the results are amazing. Thanks again for the great experience and awesome smile!

Emily W (Source: Google)


I never had braces as a kid but as I got older I became more interested in straightening my teeth. After I started dental school I made the decision to get braces and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Reese was perfect. He explained everything he was doing and was such a joy to come see. Having braces as an adult was very tolerable and quite entertaining at times. I am beyond pleased with the results and glad Dr. Reese was able to help me!

Adam Airington (Source: Google)


I am a 38 year old nurse. Today I ended my journey with orthodontics. At the beginning, I was a little hesitant, being an adult with braces. I knew that it would be a good investment in my health. I knew straight teeth will improve my self esteem. Fast forward to now, my teeth look amazing! I never thought they could look so good! My gap and cross bite are now gone and my teeth are perfectly straight! Thanks to Dr. Reese McElveen and the staff at Reese Orthodontics for making this happen for me! I highly recommend his services to any adult who may be unhappy with his/her smile!!!

Wendy Iaconeta (Source: Google)


Just finished my treatment with Reese Orthodontics . Could not have asked for more. This was my third time in braces and the results were exceptional. Dr. Reese really listened to all my concerns and wishes and made them come true. The office is beautifully decorated and super cozy so you feel like you are at your own home. Ashley can not do enough for you. There are not enough GOLD STARS for this office. I recommend to anyone including my friends and family. Thank You Dr. Reese!!!!!

Mark Ables (Source: Google)


Honesty is one of my core values, so when someone calls himself the surfing orthodontist, I wanted to know if he really walks the walk. And let me tell you, Dr. Reese totally shreds the gnar! Dr. Reese was easy to locate in the line-up thanks to his strict sunblock regiment and I was blown away by the way he carved up the waves like it was Thanksgiving. Having won our confidence, we chose Reese Orthodontics to help restore our daughter’s teeth to their full potential. We’ve been blown away by the courtesy of the entire staff and the professionalism shown by the whole team. It’s a good thing too, because based on the way the chicklets are lining up in our other kid’s mouths we’re in this for the long haul. Thank you Reese Orthodontics!

Nikou Manouchehri (Source: Google)


I had the best treatment on my teeth w Dr Reese. He re did my bottom teeth with no charge. The staff are so nice and professional. Dr Reese is passionate about his work and the results are the best. The price are so fair and worth every penny:) I will recommend him to every body if I can. He uses the highest robotic technology which creat unbileavale results. I am very happy with mine Thank you Dr Reese and the staff 🙂

Mallory Muckenfuss (Source: Google)


\Being an adult in braces is never a “fun” thing to be, however if you want an excellent orthodontist and a great experience then Dr.Reese is the Orthodontist for you. Working in dentistry I have seen many different orthodontists for consults, but I never felt comfortable starting treatment and actually GETTING the braces until I met Dr.Reese. To begin with, his team is full of fun loving clinicians and he is very knowledgable and experienced in orthodontics. The office is beautiful and the communication is on point. Dr.Reese gave me many different options for my teeth including “clear braces” “metal braces” and so on, we discussed AT LENGTH the pros and cons to all the options and the realistic expectations for my final outcome. I was impressed. After leaving his office I was not pressured to schedule treatment, or hounded on the phone like many other orthodontists have done. After a few months I decided I was ready to get braces and we began treatment, everything went smooth and they were more then patient and caring when I would get anxious about what was going on. Well.. now they are off and they look beautiful and I couldn’t be happier to have worked with such an awesome team and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest them to any of my friends, family, or patients.