Refer-a-friend program


Refer a friend and we will reward you both!


We believe that you shouldn't have to empty your pockets just to straighten your teeth! That's why we made Even28 clear aligner programs simple and affordable. But we haven't stopped there. We want to reward you for referring your friends and family members. Our referral program gives you and your friend $50 for each referral! This is in addition to the thousands which you both save when choosing Even28 over Invisalign® and other overpriced clear aligner systems.


How does the refer-a-friend program work?

It’s actually quite simple: The refer-a-friend program is available to all current and past Even28 patients who are happy with their clear aligner program. There are several refer-a-friend gift certificates in each Even28 aligner box (you can always email our customer service for more if you need them). Enter the name of your friend, family or business associate on to the gift certificate. Tell them to be sure to bring the gift certificate to their Even28 consult and give the gift certificate to their treating Even28 dentist. As soon as your friend or family member starts their aligner program, you will both earn your reward. You can refer up to 10 friends or family members to earn as much as $500 in rewards! Once again, here are the simple steps to follow in order to redeem your gift certificate:

  1. You must already be a current or past Even28 patient
  2. Fill out the refer-a-friend gift certificate with your name and your friend or family member's name
  3. Have your friend or family member present the gift card on their initial consult visit to their Even28 dentist
  4. Once your friend or family member accepts treatment and starts his or her aligner program you will both earn your $50 gift card

Your Even28 dentist will send the gift card to us and we will process it. You and your referral will both be issued a $50 gift certificate which will be mail out to your individual billing addresses. Again, you can earn up to 10 referral gift cards for each new patient which you successfully refer to one of our Even28 dentists. Please allow up to 8 weeks for processioning and delivery of your gift cards.


Who is eligible for the refer-a-friend program?

Active Even28 patients and anyone who has previously completed an Even28 program is eligible for the refer-a-friend gift certificate. As long as you've had clear aligners with one of our participating dentists, you're eligible for the program. Plus, referrals work across the board for all Even28 dentists. You do not have to refer your friend or family member to the same provider which you went to. Of course, it's always a nice gesture to recommend your treating Even28 dentist, but the program applies to any and all participating Even28 providers.

Things you should pay attention to:

There are certain rules which apply to the refer-a-friend program which you should be aware of. Here are some important things to pay attention to:

1. You must fill out your information correctly. Print your name, your friend's name and your address correctly. Otherwise, someone else may receive the gift certificate instead!

2. Your referral must present the gift card on their initial consultation. Late submissions are not accepted. We can't issue either one of you a gift certificate unless we receive your gift card upfront. Therefore, be sure to let your referral know to present the gift card as soon as they present for their initial consultation. We even suggest you send them a friendly text if your friend is the forgetful type!

3. Gift certificates are issued only when your referral accepts Even28 at-home or Even28 at-dentist clear aligner program. They are not issued if your referral does not accept treatment or if they only receive dental accessories and not the full clear aligners program.

4. You can earn up to ten (10) gift certificates for successful referrals. If you're interested in going beyond ten gift certificates, please email us. We will contact you to see if you're a goof fit to become one of our affiliates.