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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Yh J. from Manhattan, New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I just completed my treatment with Dr.Hung and I cannot be more pleased about my results. My main concern was crooked front teeth, which Dr.Hung perfectly solved. My Invisalign process took 14 months which was exactly what I was told. I consulted with more than 5 orthodontist before I visited Dr.Hung, but non of them convinced me to go for braces. When I walked into Dr.Hung’s office I didn’t expect too much but after consulting with him three times, I realized that I finally found the right person. In each visit, I made a list of my concerns which I researched from internet and asked those to Dr.Hung. He was very considerate and walked me through by explaining points by points. I could feel that he really cared about me and I was under a good hand which made me trust him. One of the things that I appreciate about Dr.Hung is that he is always honest and gives me the realistic point of view which I think better than blindly being positive. Before I started the treatment, I asked him how likely will I get a black triangle, he said it seems I may have one between my bottom teeth because that part was so crooked. I admit that is something I have to bear in mind. Now I am done with my treatment, I hardly notice it because I already knew I may have one, and actually it is so tiny and does not look bad at all. Anyways I liked there is nothing to be surprised at the end. During the treatment, all I had to do is followed Dr.Hung’s excellent lead. He took over all the hard works and made everything so easy for me. Also during the process, I regularly visited my dentist for general checkups, and he said not only my overall dental hygiene is much better(of course, I brushed so often!) but also Dr.Hung was doing a fantastic job. I felt proud and sincerely agreed. I feel very fortunate that I met Dr.Hung and I whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone would consider having Invisalign.

C. S. (Source: Google)


Just adding to the fantastic reviews here. I got my Invisalign in 2014. Dr. Hung is so good at what he does plus he is so patient with me, as I tend to get quite stressed related to dental work of any kind. Anyway, recently in 2021 I’m in need of dental work on my wisdom teeth and I called Dr. Hung for his opinion. He called me back within 24 hours, my old X-rays in front of him and all. He was really supportive and gave me my options after not seeing him in years, being a client so many years ago. I feel like patients can trust him. He’s seen it all, says it like it is, in a supportive way. Over the years I’ve recommended his practice to friends in the NY area.

Maggie B. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hung and his entire staff are simply the best. An enthusiastic communicator, Dr. Hung, explains everything you need to know in order to make the best decision for yourself. I find the less than positive reviews here highly puzzling, as they are very far from my, and my husband’s experience. Sure, wearing plastic in your mouth for a few months may not be on high on your bucket list, but it’s a highly effective way of correcting the alignment of your teeth while doing away with unsightly braces. I am thrilled with my results. I had an upper front tooth that was turning and protruding and it made me want to hide my smile. Now I smile all the way and wish the same for others. Maggie B.

JY S. from Bayside, NY (Source: Yelp)


My decision to have my orthodontic treatment with Dr. Hung was one of the best decisions I made. I had a very happy result from treatment with him. I went to Dr. Hung for a second opinion and to fix the issues resulting from treatment with a prior orthodontist for over a year, who rearranged my teeth in an awkward way, extended the treatment endlessly without a clear timeline, and tried various radical procedures along the way. Finally, I stopped treatment with her when she surprised me that she is about to extract 4 of my teeth.. I had to find a good orthodontist to complete my treatment. When I went to Dr. Hung for a consultation, I noticed the difference in his approach right away. He took the time to understand my situation and my concerns, and laid out a clear treatment plan with a rough time line, and explained what results I could expect to achieve when the treatment is finished. He approached my treatment very conservatively and completed it in about a year, and without extracting any teeth. Now my teeth are nicely aligned, and I have much better bites. Most importantly, my smile is more symmetrical but my facial impression is largely the same. I was very impressed by Dr. Hung’s expertise, because by making small but correct adjustments, he helped me achieve the results I wanted in a short time. Because of his knowledge and experience, Dr. Hung was able to correct my teeth problems in a very efficient way. I highly recommend Dr. Hung to anyone who is considering orthodontic treatment.

Heidi Boghosian (Source: Google)


Consummate professionals! I love Dr. Hung’s enthusiasm, perfectionism and willingness to answer all questions. The year-long process was a pleasure and achieved excellent results. I returned a couple of years later after I had some dental work done and he cut a hole in my Vivera retainer to accommodate the slight change. I know that if I call the office, I’ll be seen immediately and will receive top-notch service. Highly recommend!

Kimberly T. from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I was thinking about writing a review sooner but haven’t got the chance. I haven’t had long term treatment from Dr Hung but here’s what I can say. I got my bottom retainer from Dr Hung. From my experience, he is an extremely trustworthy orthodontist. Not the kind of orthodontist you would find to be uncomfortable with. I didn’t have a great treatment from an old orthodontist so I came to Dr Hung instead (recommended by my friend’s parents). Him and his assistants actually look at my teeth, which I’m thankful for. I was being treated with braces from my old orthodontist and I took them off. I was recommended to wait for a day for it to recover. It was Monday when I took it off. And I already made a deal to see them on Wednesday but then I was asked to be seen on Tuesday instead. So much sooner, since I just got my braces off and my teeth could be at risk of shifting back. I loved how proactive they were rather than just shutting me out because they didn’t have time. I have had bad experiences with orthodontists whereas they didn’t care much for the patient, and I was never disappointed coming here to Dr Hung and his staffs. Also, the office is so beautiful and the staffs were all a team. They were very friendly and professional. No long waiting times either. Very caring to the patient. He’s not those type of doctors who just care about the money. He does care about what he is doing. I remember after leaving his office, I put a smile on my face. Didn’t regret coming here at all. I loved it! If you actually want to be listened to, definitely come here.

Sarah G. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I don’t often write reviews on Yelp, but Dr. Hung has been so fantastic I felt I had to take the time to sing his praises. He is very patient and thorough, and has a great eye. I had been an in a bad situation with Invisalign when I went to him and he set things right for me. I am very grateful for his great work, his kind manner, and his generosity. Thanks, Dr. Hung!

Nick Miceli (Source: Google)


Couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It’s been a year since I completed my treatment and I’m so pleased with how Dr. Hung handled my case. He took the time to explain his reasoning, hand-crafted his invisalign plan based on my goals and specific case, and made me feel in control throughout. I intend to bring the rest of my family to Dr. Hung as they need treatments too.

Eva Afriyie (Source: Google)


Dr Hung is AMAZING!!! Invisaligns have become extremely popular with so many options. Majority of people will choose a cheaper option but honestly it’s not the best option (speaking from experience). Dr hung is an orthodontist so he is more knowledgeable. My Fiancé and I started out Invisalign process with him in 2015 and he transformed our smiles to perfection! I regret not purchasing the retainers at the end of my session; over the years my teeth shifted (which I was impressed to find out not much!). I went through 17 trays (in 6 months) and after 5years of not wearing anything I was able to fit into tray 13. That’s how good he is, he’s the real deal!!! It also proved to me that I made a great choice choosing him.

Jason T. from Queens, NY (Source: Yelp)


I went to Dr. Hung for a look at my open bite, and the entire experience was excellent. Firstly, I called the office in the morning and amazingly had an appointment scheduled for the same day in the afternoon. Getting to the office is convenient (it’s in midtown Manhattan), and the office is super sleek and clean. One of Dr. Hung’s assistants took x-ray pictures of my jaw, and Dr. Hung immediately noticed my problem and asked me how I thought my smile was perceived. He took the time to listen to my concerns, then he talked about multiple treatment options. I especially liked that he discouraged me from undergoing jaw surgery for my problem, saying that the risks FAR outweigh the rewards (I could “expire” from anesthesia!), and that maybe I should consider getting a new retainer or tooth guard instead, among other options. Yep – I am definitely not undergoing surgery, thanks Dr. Hung! Afterwards, he gave me a few business cards for each of the mentioned treatment options. Overall, very informative and positive.

Roy K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Dr. Hung by my wife after he made her a new retainer. Not only were my teeth WAY crooked (never had braces as a kid) but I was also having orthognathic surgery (i.e. major jaw surgery) that would require braces both before and after. Needless to say, I saw Dr. Hung alot and got pretty much every orthodontic device invented for teeth in my mouth at one point or another during my journey with him. This included Invisalign twice (before and after surgery), clear braces, thin metal wires, thick metal wires, really thick metal wires with huge metal hooks, and tons of rubber bands. My jaw was wired completely shut for 2 months after the surgery. In any case, Dr. Hung shepherded me through it all. He is an academic and does a great job of explaining EXACTLY what he is trying to do…he is an artist (as opposed to a mechanic). To be clear, I’d wager that Joseph Hung knows more about Invisalign, it’s limitations as well as its possibilities than anyone. The office itself is spic and span, run very efficiently, and he recently expanded his practice. The front desk staff has changed a bit through the 2-3 years that I have known them but no matter who it is, they are always on point and flexible. You will get email and phone reminders of all of your appointments and they always greeted me by name. Since the office is in Rockefeller Center you have to go through security to get upstairs which was never an issue. Because of the location, most of the patients seem to be older than a typical orthodontic practice, i.e. working professionals. Only advice with regards to Invisalign is to 1) take Advil during the first week to take the edge off as your body gets used to them, and 2) don’t try to go too fast. I pushed Dr. Hung to accelerate my treatment and ended up with a devitalized tooth, which is a known risk with any sort of orthodontia (especially in an older patient like me). If you search around, you’ll prob be able to find cheaper orthodontists to go to, especially if you factor in the separate cost of the retainer that you go home with at the end. But, that being said, Dr. Hung is an artist and I have referred family and friends to him and will continue to do so. If you want the best then don’t hesitate!

Matthew Cafritz (Source: Google)


Many experts told me my case was not doable with Invisalign. Dr Hung had my teeth straight in all of one year. He is super attentive to all your needs, enthusiastic about your progress and his staff is always super accommodating when you need to schedule an appointment for any reason. Cannot recommend his practice enough!

Kristin M. from Sunnyside, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about Dr. Hung and his entire staff. They are courteous, professional, and great at what they do. Dr. Hung was recommended to me by a friend, and I had a fantastic experience working with him. I had invisalign for about a year, and am thrilled with the results. Would highly recommend him for invisalign!

Julia M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was shopping around for an orthodontist (yes, I’m a retainer-wearing dropout as well) and the second I walked into Dr. H’s office I knew he was the real deal. He is clearly an expert in the field and also is incredibly friendly and endearing. His education and credentials are about as extensive as it gets, and his office is pristine. Great office staff, easy scheduling, and an abundance of appointment reminder calls/emails. I am just about done with my invisalign treatment and it’s been pretty painless as far as convenience goes. My teeth are getting close to perfect and I really don’t feel like I had to sacrifice much in order to get there. One thing to know about Dr. H (and I think this is a good thing) is that he is INTENSE about invisalign compliance. He makes it very clear at the beginning (in a very polite way) that if you aren’t going to wear your invisalign for the required amount of time each day, then he doesn’t want to waste your time and his by starting the treatment together. I think this is a huge plus, but if you’re someone that isn’t going to stick to the treatment, I would assume the relationship with him might get a little tense. He’s a little more expensive than some of the other orthos I was looking at, but it’s definitely worth the extra money to have someone that REALLY knows what they are doing working on your teeth

Gotham Closet (Source: Google)


I started treatment with a different orthodontist in Manhattan in 2003, which I didn’t complete because my family moved overseas. When we moved back to New York, I really wanted to give orthodontics another go. I was recommended to Dr. Hung through my periodontist during an appointment for a loose tooth. The perio suggested a dual course in treatment with Dr. Hung, since I suffered from occlusal issues. After two appointments with Dr. Hung, we had taken records for Invisalign to correct my bite issues with clear braces. At the advice of my dad, who is also a doctor, I consulted other specialists for opinions and treatment cost for Invisalign. Dr. Hung wasn’t the least expensive, but not the highest cost. I dreaded starting treatment because I had a lot of meetings coming up, but Dr. Hung wasn’t pushy and told me to take my time. He provided a lot of good info that explained my situation and gave me sense of understanding to help decide on moving forward. Three months later, I finally scheduled an appointment, and it was nice that the office staff remembered my previous visits. When I got my first set of aligners, I was expecting the total length of treatment to be 22 months. He was spot on with timeline. I would go into the office for appointments, and I always allowed a little extra time since Dr. Hung takes his time to completely answer questions you didn’t know you had! I became very passionate about my treatment after the first year and had a new confidence in my smile. By the time treatment was complete, I was beyond satisfied with the changes to my bite and smile. I can’t thank Dr. Hung enough for everything he has done for my smile. We fixed all of my loose teeth and bite problems that were damaging my teeth and confidence for years.

Nick Miceli (Source: Google)


Dr. Hung is a fantastic orthodontist. Be prepared for a high-charisma, easy to understand specialist with wonderful “bedside manner”. Given terrible experiences with orthodontics as a child, I was so relieved when Dr. Hung explained every step and took time to lay out his plan for me. I’ve just finished my 40 week invisilign experience and it was worth every dollar. He hand-tailors the invisilign plans instead of letting the machine generate them, and this causes far smoother results. Just be sure to follow his instructions!

Hope G. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I never imagined saying this, but orthodonture was an absolute pleasure. Dr. Hung and his team are at the very top of their field and made the entire process easy, convenient and, ultimately, totally rewarding. Dr. Hung is passionate about what he does and getting great results, but also realistic and transparent about the expected outcome. I can’t imagine an orthodontist more skilled in the art of Invisalign — and it truly is an art — or more generous with his time and knowledge. I am BEYOND thrilled with my new smile. And I wish there were more than 5 stars to express my gratitude to Dr. Hung and glowing, run-don’t-walk recommendation of Rock Center Orthodontics!

Amy G. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I cannot understand some of the previous reviews. Dr. Hung and his staff, including Michelle, are just amazing. I had braces as a teenager and have had awful problems with my mouth as a adult. I had full periodontal work in my twenties. My mouth was unhealthy and unsightly.Finally, at age 62 I decided to do something about it. My periodontist put together a terrific team and my first venture was orthodontics. He recommended Dr. Hung. When I asked Dr. Hung if I was too old to make changes in my mouth he assured me that that would not be a problem. And he was right. I followed his instructions religiously and wore my retainers the recommended hours per day. The results were unreal. I have no more open gaps in my teeth. A turned tooth is now straight. I am still overwhelmed by the results. Everyone in his office is gentle and kind and receptive. If I needed to speak to Dr. Hung directly he either got on the phone or called me back.If I needed to see him the office made it happen. After I finished with him I went on to the other issues in my mouth and now I can smile and not be embarrassed and my mouth is helathy. I have even told Dr. Hung that he is welcome to have potential patients call me. My experience was totally top-notch and I would do it all over again with him. I’m just glad that I don’t have to. Have no hesitation about him or his practice. I spent enough time with this that I know what I am talking about.

Ella V. from Sewell, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I normally don’t write reviews, or participate with survey’s, but I felt compelled to share my amazing experiences with everyone here since somehow Dr. hung is getting few strangely bad reviews on here. I was recommended to this office by one of my closest friends who was also doing her invisalign braces here. I just started my treatment less than 4 months ago, and I already can see the huge difference on my upper teeth, I was very surprised and extremely happy to see the result came out that. quick. Yes, Dr. Hung likes to google the images of other similar cases to show and explain to you what happened to your teeth which i actually found it great because it is easier for me to understand my situation better instead of using all those fancy dentistry vocabulary to confuse me. Dr. Hung is very professional and knowledgeable and he is def one of the top orthodontists you can go for. The office is very clean, the staff are very friendly and helpful. Anyway, I just can’t wait to see my new smile!!

Bbw Management (Source: Google)


Dr Hung and his team have been AMAZING in guiding me through the process of straightening my teeth and creating a new look for me… It’s as though the clock has gone back in Time when I look at the changes that have occurred from straightening my teeth…my upper lip has filled out, and the small lines above my lips have have substantially reduced… no surgery or fillers!! I’m thrilled with my new look!!
Thank You Dr Hung!!

Hope Greenberg (Source: Google)


I never imagined saying this, but orthodonture was an absolute pleasure. Dr. Hung and his team are at the very top of their field and made the entire process easy, convenient and, ultimately, totally rewarding. Dr. Hung is passionate about what he does and getting great results, but also realistic and transparent about the expected outcome. I can’t imagine an orthodontist more skilled in the art of Invisalign — and it truly is an art — or more generous with his time and knowledge. I am BEYOND thrilled with my new smile. And I wish there were more than 5 stars to express my gratitude to Dr. Hung and glowing, run-don’t-walk recommendation of Rock Center Orthodontics!

Benjamin M. from Scottsdale, AZ (Source: Yelp)


Just wrapped up my Invisalign treatment with Dr. Hung and my teeth look great!  I definitely recommend him for your treatment if you’re considering Invisalign.  He’s high energy and super positive – I’m actually disappointed that I won’t be making any more monthly visits.  He makes the movements conservative so the discomfort from tray to tray is minimal and the option to pay over time makes it all manageable from a financial perspective.  Support staff is super friendly and their tech is top notch.  Check them out!

Mindy B. from Manhasset, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hung, AKA Dr. Joe, is an incredibly talented and smart doctor, and he is officially my family’s orthodontist. About 10 years ago, I was a patient of Dr. Hung’s. I had braces when I was a teenager, but I only wore my retainer for a couple of years as was recommended back then. I never wore it again after I didn’t have to. Over the decades, my front teeth started protruding again, and my bottom teeth were crooked and overlapping causing food to be trapped in my teeth. A co-worker recommended Dr. Hung to me. My overall experience with Dr. Hung was EXCELLENT. It was nothing like my experience with my old orthodontist as a teen. I remember as a teen, I just dreaded going to the orthodontist. I sat in one of the many chairs that were separated by these low dividers. My doctor back then would come say something funny, look at my gaping mouth and tell his assistant to tighten up my teeth, maybe cut a metal wire, and then wander over to the next chair and say something similar to what he had just said to me. I would be in pain for the next few days. My old doctor’s assistant would essentially do most of the work. And that was my interaction with my old orthodontist as a teen. With Dr. Hung, my experience was the complete opposite. I had my own room, and Dr. Hung literally did everything and educated me at every appointment about what he was doing and how my progress was. He also got to know me as a person, and I got to know him as well. He loves dogs and is a really caring, generous, human being. The first appointment was about an hour and a half long or more. I thought it was going to be about an hour. However, I had so many questions and was so interested in Invisalign and how it worked, he took the time to explain everything to me. I later spoke with either Jacqueline or Michelle about pricing, insurance, FSA, and payment plans. Dr. Hung and his staff were so incredibly thorough and patient with all my questions. After the first appointment, the amount of time for each visit was shorter, varying from 15 minutes to 40 minutes depending upon what I had to have done for that phase of treatment. My visits were about once every 8 to 10 weeks which fit into my schedule perfectly. I worked at 49th and Park so it was so convenient to go to his office during my lunch hour. My treatment was about 15 months in total, and then I went afterwards for occasional retainer checks and reorders. I was really thrilled with my teeth afterwards and still am. My oldest son and middle son are now also Dr Hung’s patients. They call him Dr. Joe or the Good Doc. They both really like Dr. Joe. He’s listened to me talk about my boys since they were little kids. In some ways when you see a doctor who is as caring and wonderful as Dr Hung over such a long period of time, a feeling of complete trust develops. I know my boys are in good hands. Dr. Hung can totally relate to the younger ones. He loves music and has such an appreciation for all kinds of music and sports. It made my kids really see him as a cool super smart doctor. My oldest son is almost at the end of his 4-year treatment. His teeth were a mess when he started. Teeth too big, small jaw, nowhere for teeth to grow in. My middle son had a more typical case…about 2 years long. Both were great patients in the beginning of their treatments…really compliant with the requirements. But as the months went on and their teeth started to look great, I saw that they started to slack. You can not fool Dr. Hung. He knows. He knows when a patient hasn’t been compliant with wearing their aligners. Beware that not being compliant with wearing the Invisalign trays only prolongs one’s treatment. I had to be more on top of my boys wearing their Invisalign trays. Luckily, Dr. Hung has a way with teens that helps them understand what is happening to their teeth if they don’t wear their aligners and got them back on track. My boys will be completing their treatment about the same time which should be this summer. I’m going to miss going into the office to hang out with Dr. Hung and the RockCenter Ortho crew once it’s over. We live in Long Island so the trek into the city during the school breaks was always a fun day for our family. I have another son coming up the orthodontic pipeline…so I know it will be just a “see you later.” Regarding the price of the treatments – It was very reasonable and fair. I expected the pricing to be higher, especially for a Harvard-trained Rockefeller Center doctor. To my surprise, it wasn’t at all. In fact, when I compare it to the price of other people I know who have had Invisalign, Dr. Hung’s treatments are on the lower end. After FSA and insurance benefits, it was so very affordable. To Dr. Hung and his team – YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! I recommend you to everyone I know who is interested.

Elaine O. from Astoria, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hung is awesome. I’m only halfway through invisalign and my teeth already look the best they have ever been in my life. The doctor is so professional and knowledgable, and on top of that has an approachable, easy going personality. I’ve never felt like I have been in such great hands in a dentist’s chair as I do here (obviously he’s an orthodontist, not a dentist, but you get the idea). When my invisalign aggravated an issue with my gums, he squeezed me in for an appointment right away, and called a periodontist on the floor over for a second opinion. I would recommend anyone and everyone planning orthodontic work to visit Dr. Hung.

Ev L. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hung is the best Orthodontist I’ve seen. He fixed my teeth straight and decent even I was told it couldn’t be done with Invisalign. Dr. Hung is super fun, patient, knowledgeable and always willing to communicate with his patients. Besides, his staffs are excellent as well. You can find his staffs are well educated about what they are doing. I really hate going some general dentists and the staff know nothing and the dentists have to guide them steps by steps. I am so glad and feel secured and relaxed knowing none of other staff will do any harm to me since I had bad dental visit experience! Lol I read some other reviews here and was surprised about other reviews about Dr. Hung. Seriously, I think those gave low ratings must have had some misunderstanding while communicating with Dr. Hung. Anyway, highly recommended if you are looking for a trustworthy, caring, and brilliant orthodontist in NYC.

Amy Goldman (Source: Google)


Dr. Hung and his staff are very professional and very personable. I had terrible teeth placement in spite of having had braces as a teen. I am not a young person who was very concerned and embarrassed by my teeth and therefore my smile. Dr. Hung led me through the process of slowly and accurately correcting my bite. The change was amazing, My smile is back and, perhaps more importantly, my mouth is so much healthier. And the few subsequent times I have seen Dr. Hung for some small adjustments he was available and made the experience fabulous. I absolutely could not be happier, He is my orthodontic guru and hero!

Viktoria Gabor (Source: Google)


Did a great job straightening my teeth- I had to go back after I lost my retainer (from high school) and my teeth moved. I actually choose to go with metal braces because I find them to be wayyy faster and less of a hassle than Invisalign. And I was done in a few months! He was very knowledgable and thorough and I’d def recommend him to anyone!

Amy Goldman (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Joseph Hung, who was somewhat cut out in this picture, is amazing. Even after having braces as a teenager, my teeth did not meet and were crooked and just generally unattractive and not functioning to capacity. At my ripe “old” age I asked if he could help and he said yes! And did he ever!! My “before” and “after” pictures are amazing. My teeth are straight, much better-looking, and, most importantly, my bite is now correct. This eased the pressure on my back teeth. I love the Invisalign because only another Invisalign wearer can notice them. And the process was consistent and reliable. I needed a lot of movement so the process took time but was SO worth it. He is a caring, professional technician and his staff is also great. He is my orthodontic hero. I have also told him that if anyone new needs to talk to a very satisfied patient I am it!

Jessica Langley (Source: Google)


Most of my family and I went to RockCenter Orthodontics and saw Dr. Joseph Hung who turned into a quarterback and advocate for our dental care. I remember my first or second appointment with Dr. Hung, which was a long awaited process, since I was reluctant to get braces and never knew about Invisalign. He told me that he might need to finish the last couple months of treatment with fixed braces, but said that the chances were slim and proved to be right. He put me in touch with all of the right specialists to make sure my underlying oral health was in check for treatment and was integral in making sure that I received only the treatment that I actually needed to keep my cost down. The office itself is transitional in appearance – I think they’ve updated a bit since I was a patient there, because I had to go back for a retainer check in 2015. They actually made new clear aligners, since I suffer from bruxism (grinding) due to demanding work, but Dr. Hung has also performed occlusal adjustments that helped a lot. The staff are generally very professional, but it’s a busy office and I can tell that Dr. Hung expects a lot out of his assistants. He expected a lot out of me, too, because he essentially made me promise to wear my aligners 22 hours a day, every day until the treatment was complete. He would always remind me to keep my retainers clean to avoid unnecessary plaque. Due to how busy the office is, you can sometimes have to wait for your appointment, but that’s because the orthodontist gives you his undivided attention. He makes sure you are fully aware of the status of your treatment progress and what will happen next. I would go to my dentist who would say where did you learn all of those fancy dental terms, I would laugh that Dr. Hung gave me both the technical and layman’s terms. He is also very funny and makes you laugh. Would I go back to him again? Maybe to say “hello” and show him that I’m still wearing my Vivera retainer! Thank you for reminding me, Dr. Hung. Dr. Hung is a consummate professional in his speciality, so I make my friends who need orthodontics fly to see him, even if they don’t live in NYC. He corrected all of my bite impacting the function in how I use my teeth, but he also turned me from a 5 (*laughing) into at least a 9.5! My facial structure improved dramatically from a cosmetic point of view.