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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Ray S. from Logan, UT (Source: Yelp)


Going to the dentist has always been my least favorite activity; that is up until I met Dr. Gleave. Ten years ago during an accident at work, a large metal chain hit me in my mouth, killing two of my top teeth and cracking several others. The teeth continued to get worse and worse, and I gave up hope that I would ever be able to get them fixed. I simply couldn’t afford it as I both my wife and I are going to college and raising three children. Then my wife saw Dr. Gleave on Good Things Utah, and unbeknownst to me, entered me into his Smile Makeover Contest. When she finally told me, I thought there was no way I would ever win, but I did! I couldn’t believe that someone out there was so caring and generous enough to just give me a whole smile makeover. When I finally got to meet Dr. Gleave and his staff, I was blown away by their compassion and concern for me as an individual, and for every other patient I saw them interact with. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of having dental work done. Every other dentist I had been to would give me shot after shot after shot, and I still would not go numb. Dr. Gleave and his staff were incredibly understanding and patient with my anxiety, and when Dr. Gleave gave me shots, I didn’t even feel them, and I immediately went numb. As far as the dental work, I am 100% satisfied with everything. It was a quick and simple process (which says a lot considering how bad my teeth were), and they worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I was totally satisfied. I now have an incredible, natural-looking smile that I am so happy with. I cannot quit smiling! I feel so much more confident when I speak to people now. This has been a truly life changing experience, and I am so grateful for the generosity and love shown by Dr. Gleave and his staff. Thank you Dr. Gleave for such an amazing experience and a beautiful smile!!!!

Brittany Cales (Source: Google)


I love this dentist office! They always take me back within 5 minutes of my arrival. The staff is so kind and friendly and does a great job of making me feel comfortable. Dr. Gleave is the best. His attention-to-detail is wonderful and he always give me honest, helpful feedback on how to best care for my teeth. I can’t say enough good things about this office! They are the best of the best and even though I live 30 minutes away, it is so worth the drive because I always have a great experience whenever I am there!

Ian C. from Portland, OR (Source: Yelp)


I’ve never gotten along with dentists or doctors & their offices. So much so, that I had often missed seeing them when I should. My teeth were in horrible shape, and that made it even harder. I searched for dentists recommended for people with anxiety as a starting point. The recommendation turned up on a forum for people with anxiety, so I feel like more people should know about how great their office and crew have been at making it easy for people with anxiety, and how enjoyable their process is for all their individual patients. You don’t think you could enjoy going to the dentist? Think again! **** CONTACT: Dr. Gleave’s desk staff was so easy to get in touch with for answers to my initial questions over email. Calling and speaking to office staff anywhere is on my list of things to avoid or keep to minimum. When I decided to get an appointment, the call was very fast and easy. They are just too nice. If the call was easy, meeting with the office the first time was completely enjoyable. The office staff are the nicest I have met. They have questions about your interests & personality on the new patient form. That really impressed me. **** LOCATION: Dr. Gleave’s office is right inside the entrance on first floor and is great for families because of their kid corner. I was able to change my baby there and entertain her with their very large fish tank in the waiting area, too. Before my first cleaning appointment, they offered me a few different options that could make my actual dental process calmer. I decided to hold off on any of the special options. These are great for people with any kind of anxiety with their dental needs. **** EXPERT PROCESS: Dr. Gleave won me over for one simple reason. The process goes well beyond what you would expect. They take the time to do photos & educate you about how you are doing & the general plan for your treatment. The hygienist was incredibly kind & skillful, taking the time educate on brushing techniques, which she had identified just from the look of my teeth. I have never learned from my dental process before Dr. Gleave’s office. I finally knew why my teeth had gotten into such bad shape. They have never looked or felt better now. **** PROFESSIONALISM: Dr. Gleave’s team also impressed me for another important reason. I am detail oriented and always take notice of attention to detail. I was completely shocked at the level of attention to detail here. Due to unprofessional behavior a lot of other doctor offices have driven me away in the past. No chance of that here. Everyone is accountable to a professional standard of the customer experience. **** PAYMENT: Dr. Gleave’s desk staff also offered me a referral bonus for having my wife go in and see them for her cleaning, which was worth $50 toward the costs. My insurance isn’t very good, so I was extremely pleased with the payment flexibility available. The service I received was so unique and enjoyable that I feel it is beyond worth the slight costs I have put in. My insurance covered a good amount and I’m happily clearing the balance in installments. They make it so easy, I’d essentially recommend them even for someone without insurance because of the flexibility available. **** SUMMARY: Dr. Gleave’s office is 11 out of 10. They get every single detail exactly right, and further go out of their way to treat you as an individual. They are the kindest & calmest you will find, anywhere. I can’t wait till my next cleaning. They converted me from a dentist avoider into a tooth nut. They also really care about feedback. They have sent me a survey after each of my visits. Switch to them & you’ll never want to go back to being a just a number at some other office

Sallie Cooper (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr Gleave for several years now and I always have a great experience. I know I get quality care here, and helpful reminders for all appointments. The entire staff just puts my mind at ease. I recommend this office to everyone – you will not be disappointed. Had my regular teeth cleaning at Dr. Gleave’s dental office today and once again it was terrific! Veronica took great care of my teeth and was very careful when I told her about my sensitivity. If you are looking for top notch dentistry, look no further!

Julia Rodriguez (Source: Google)


I emailed the clinic as I was in chronic pain… as soon as I sent is I get a call from the dr!! I explained to him my problem and asked me to come in immediately… he took care of me like no other dr has in the past! He really takes care and cares for his patients  I asked the dr if he can evaluate my sons teeth as they had fallen after a procedure that the last dentist never finished and the dr just took care of son and now he has teeth and a big smile!! Thanks Dr for your great heart and love for your patients your awesome!!

Deborah Bell (Source: Google)


I first heard of Dr. Gleave over a year ago, on a local, noon TV talk show featuring three women that were singing his praises. I wrote down his name and put it on my desk. When I decided to have my sixteen year old veneers replaced because my gums had receded and I really disliked their color and shape, I found his information on my desk, visited his website, and decided to make an appointment for a consultation. I am so glad I did. The results are way beyond my expectations. He was able to reshape my smile, contour my gums, and change my tooth color all with my new veneers. I now have a beautiful smile that only took two weeks! He was very honest with me about what to expect and I knew I was in good hands. All of his staff are amazing, caring and competent. I am so happy! I will recommend him every chance I get – it’s my turn to sing his praises. I wish everyone could see my before and after pics!

Susan Dowdle (Source: Google)


Dr. Gleave did a SUPER FANTASTIC job in creating an upper denture for my former husband. The teeth looked so natural! You know…not big like horse teeth dentures. And oh, what a difference it made on ‘Rays’ self-esteem and self-confidence. He just couldn’t stop smiling! I was so happy for him. Our teeth are meant to last a lifetime. Your smile is also one of the first things people notice about you. With all the wonderful advances in modern dentistry…from simple cleanings to the latest in dental implantation, there’s simply no reason to live with a smile you are unhappy with. Consultations are free, I believe. All you have to do is call his office and ask for Penni. Tell her Susan sent you. You’ll be glad you did. (IMHO) P.S. Dr. Gleave is also available after-hours in the event of a dental emergency…like the pain you feel from an abscessed tooth or doing a face-plant on the kitchen floor

Tiffany Leslie (Source: Google)


So amazing. I have always hated the dentist. I have a fear since bad experiences as a kid. Dr gleave and his nurse were awesome. I went in with severe tooth pain. It was my first time at this office. From the moment I walked in the door until the end I felt cared for and was treated with kindness. Penni the clerk was so friendly and sweet. Dr greave nurse was auper nice and always making sure I was comfortable. Dr Greave was fast and made sure I knew what he was doing. Afterwards he even let me know that instead of white knuckles through my visit they could help calm me down before. He wanted to make sure my visit was pleasant so that I came back to finish work but also so I didn’t leave hating the experience. And when it came to billing they are willing to work with me. I recommend this office to anyone. I will be bringing my whole family there now. Thank you so much for the experience

 (Source: Yelp)


Racheal Baughman (Source: Google)


This office is absolutely amazing. I have the worst anxiety from a past dentist office experience and every appointment I always end up crying and shaking. But the service that is offered at this office is just amazing. The receptionist, Penni, has always made me feel welcomed and cared for. Doctor Gleave understands my fears and treats me and listens to me and calms my nerves. I’ve never felt more cared for at an office. I am forever grateful for finding this office and going in. It’s the best!

Vanessa Tate (Source: Google)


I absolutely adore Dr. Gleave and his staff. I’m getting pretty close to retirement age, and decided to get a significant amount of work done on my teeth. Dr. Gleave spent plenty of time with me working out a do-able plan. Both financially and what made the most sense. His staff also worked with me to make sure that the Dr. was doing what I wanted. Dr. Gleave is an excellent dentist and his staff is just as professional as he is. I would go back to them every week if it were necessary. Fortunately Dr Gleave is such a good dentist, that it is not necessary. I would recommend Dr. Gleave to everyone.

M Md (Source: Google)


Dr Gleave is the BEST dentist I know. When I first came to Dr Gleave my mouth was in a Bad way. I had a missing molar in the back because I had so many root canals and eventually lost the tooth because it developed a cyst. The dentist that removed the tooth didn’t do the job right and my jaw had sunk down. And the tooth next to it was also in trouble. Dr Gleave knew how to handle the situation. He removed the back molar that had devoloped another cyst and started to rebuild my jaw. We were patient in the process but successful. My Jaw is now rebuilt and I love my new implants. It is so nice to have teeth again back there. Since coming to Dr Gleave I have had healthy and happy teeth. And my husband also has had a very good experience with him. He is literally a Miracle worker. The Staff that works there are always so nice and they treat us like family. My husband and I both agree that Dr Gleave is worth the drive from Brigham City. He is the Only dentist we recommend and is the only dentist we trust. Thank You Dr Gleave and Staff

Brittany C. from Bountiful, Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


I had an amazing experience in Dr. Gleave’s office! I have felt insecure about my smile for quite some time because of the trauma I have had to it over the years and I finally got my husband on board to do something about it. I didn’t know Dr. Gleave previously and spent hours researching him and other dentists in the slc area and narrowed it down to him and another office. I made my first appointment and was so impressed with the punctuality, professionalism, and kindness of the entire staff, that I cancelled my other appointment. The whole process of getting veneers took about a month and each phase was carefully thought out and planned with precision. I have teeth that naturally flare out and dr. Gleave told me from the beginning that that was a concern that he had. He took many pictures so I could examine it from all angles and I even met with the ceramist and found a way to perfect my smile and make it even better than I had imagined! Everyone in that office was so kind and I never waited for more than 5 minutes-I have never seen that kind of punctuality, and I too, used to work in a doctor’s office. I had a lot of anxiety going into the whole process because once you start, there is no going back, so dr. Gleave provided laughing gas so I could calm my nerves. I had time to examine the temporaries and take note on what I did and didn’t like and was able to discuss that with dr. Gleave. We looked through pamphlets and compared it with the model of my teeth and found a way to get the exact smile that I had always wanted. I also wanted very white teeth and dr. Gleave warned me about going too bright so we found a shade that wasn’t quite as bright as the “Regis Philban” look and I couldn’t be happier! I get compliments on my smile all the time and in fact, the other day I was walking out of the gym and was stopped by a Fox News 13 recruit who asked if I would like to do a TV commercial! I had such a wonderful experience with dr. Gleave and I am so happy with the end result! My experience was amazing and I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone!

Monica Esquibel (Source: Facebook)


Professional & caring, took the time to work out an extensive treatment plan and fought HARD with my insurance to get them to pay their fair share. Fixed some not great to downright poor work other dentists had done. Offered twilight sedation and made the placing of 4 crowns at once so much easier than the one crown I’d had years before! No pain or sensitivity two days after they were placed. My best feature is back to beautiful!

Krystal Hull (Source: Google)


I had a severe tooth ache on New Year’s Day. I call and they answered. Now I am deathly afraid of the dentist but the pain was worse. They got me in that afternoon, and needless to say, he was the most gentle dentist I have ever had. He talked well with me and explained all the options. He took care of the problem and I seceduled my follow up. I will continue to use Dr Gleaves, for all my dental needs. And also for an emergency visit on a holiday, he did not gouge me the pricing was honest and fair. As for Penny his assistant what jewel there, she know her stuff and cares for all who come in. Thanks again and will recommend you with out reservation

Ayla Kutz (Source: Google)


Amazing practice! They are all so sweet and caring. Dr. Gleave is very detailed when explaining everything he is going to do. He does an amazing job. I had veneers done and they look so natural. The lab he uses is very detailed orientated. Penny is absolutely adorable and kind. Checked on me with follow up calls. They make sure you’re comfortable and know what is going on. If I had a problem they fixed it fast and did not complain. I would highly recommend Dr. Gleave.

Tiia Steiner (Source: Google)


Rod Gleave, Penni and their team have been absolutely amazing! I’ve accidentally stumbled into their office on two different occasions when I was experiencing an overwhelmingly amount of pain…. Not only did they relieve me of all the pain… One thing led to another and now we are in the process of creating a brand new smile for myself and I couldn’t be more grateful or more excited! Their office is very calming and everyone that works there is very kind and goes out of their way to make you feel special! I’m so glad I wandered in…. accidents truly do happen for a reason!

Benjamin Wolfenbarger (Source: Google)


Dr. Gleave is awesome! Him and his staff were very impressive when I came to them for an emergency root canal last Sunday. Price was very reasonable for needing the staff to take call at 8am on the weekend. I was in extreme pain and they were very quick to get me in the seat and numbed up. I’ve had dentists in the past make me wait 20 min in the lobby and 10 in the chair before they even entered my room, let alone another 10 before they even stuck a needle in me. This attentiveness to my comfort is what will bring me back to them. I also wanted to mention that I had some work done about a year and a half ago while in California that went bad. I spent thousands of dollars on this tooth just to have the first dentist I saw since returning to Utah tell me “sorry, your just gonna need to redo the work”. Well Dr. Gleave managed to save and restore the work that had failed which saved me money but I’m sure made him less. It’s very hard to find a dentist that is truly looking out for your health and your pocketbook. I think I may have found that diamond in the rough.

Taiden Martinez (Source: Google)


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gleave. They got me in with super short notice due to some sever tooth pain. They got me in the next day to assess what was going on, asked if I wanted to take care of it right then and there! I had to work, but wanted to get it taken care of ASAP, they got me in the next morning for a root canal. Very painless (of Course besides the initial shot to get numb) provided Netflix with headphone to watch while getting the work done. I will be back to Dr. Gleave and his team, even the assistants were amazing. I had a bad experience at another dentist, and was reluctant to go to another dentist to get a root canal, I was going to go see an Endo. I’m 100% satisfied with my choice and will be using this dentist office from now on. Thank you so much for relieving my tooth pain, and a successful root canal!

Carrie D. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


As a child I had horrible experiences at the dentist and eventually stopped going. Upon moving back to Utah, I decided to take better of my teeth and to see a dentist regularly. Enter Dr. Gleave. We were referred by a family member and from the start, we were treated with so much kindness and respect. The entire office staff is friendly and great to work with. They go out of their way to make kids feel comfortable. Because of the experiences I had as a child, I was worried that my children would be afraid to go to the dentist. Thankfully, that is not the case. My kids look forward to their cleanings so much that one of my sons made a count down chain. He may have been more excited to get the toy from the treasure box then to actually get his teeth cleaned, but I’ll take it. I would recommend this office to anyone that is looking for a dentist that is friendly, professional, and extremely talented. We love them!

Marisa Jensen (Source: Facebook)


Far and away the best dental experience of my life. I was in UT for my family reunion when I had some awful pain in my mouth. I have had a lot of dental trauma and have all but given up on finding a dentist who doesn’t just ignore what I feel or office that did so much to accommodate me and quickly got me in. I went in at 11pm and received an emergency root canal. Dr.Gleave was quick, and knowledgeable. His 1st priority was making sure I wasn’t in pain. I wasn’t an existing patient or instate. When I came back we were able to fix my tooth enough to get through my trip. He followed up with me a few times and was very friendly. The office is very nice and seems to cater to those with trauma, fear, anxiety and patient wellness. I am going to see about coming back to do some more of my dental work. Thank you again Dr.Gleave and staff!! MJ

Paige Hernandez (Source: Google)


I highly recommend Rod Gleave DMD! I am someone that is terrified of the dentist, but after coming here I no longer have that fear. From the very first phone call to schedule an emergency visit for a broken tooth, Pennie the receptionist made sure I was in good hands. I was even able to get in that day, when I arrived at the office Pennie was very welcoming even offered my family drinks while they were waiting. Rod the dentist was amazing he cover all the opinions I had in repairing the tooth to make sure I was out of pain, there was no pressure in the decision he only wanted what was best for me, he also explained the pros and cons of the choices so I saw the long term picture. The dental assistant was even so sweet to offer me a extra soft blanket Incase I was cold. There is no other dentist that I will go to now, this is the place you want to go if you want to be in good hands.

Irvin Inzurriaga (Source: Google)


Great experience so far. Called in to make an appointment and got to visit the office the same day. I spoke to Dr. Gleave and he really took the time to listen to all my concerns. Will get my wisdom teeth pulled first then hopefully other work. Will you keep posted on this. UPDATE: Just got my wisdom teeth pulled the procedure went really fast and had almost no pain. I like that I had plenty of time for the anesthesia to take full effect. When the doctor actually pulled the wisdom teeth it was done in what felt like a minute or less. Really fast and almost no pain. I should have done this sooner. I paid out of pocket but they offer payment plans. I would feel comfortable recommending the office to anyone who needs dental work done or needs a second opinion. Ps. When I was in the payments office I noticed that the dentist has about a dozen certifications and diplomas on the wall

Barbara Lance (Source: Google)


My adult daughter has just relocated to Utah, and got a horrible toothache after she’d been here a week. I called Dr. Gleave’s office and told them our problem. They had Jamie in before the day was through. The doctor was kind, professional, & painless. 5.15.19 I did have a problem, i hope it’s small & easily corrected. I’ll post again after i find out. My daughter called me yesterday and said she’d received a bill. The statement says i still owe $50. When i paid $197 for her visit, i was told everything was covered in that amount. I’ll let you know the outcome! 5.16.19 And the problem was immediately corrected!!! The staff here are AMAZING!!! I think the incorrect statement must have been computer generated, but staff said the balance was $0 and had been the entire time. Just one more reason to use this office

Sharon S. from Laramie, WY (Source: Yelp)


For 30 years all I wanted was to smile – my wedding photos, family photos – just a smile…something I saw people do everyday and how they just took it for granted, I was so envious. In and out of dentists office always hearing different things of what they could do for me, or how I should have my jaw busted open and metal plates put in etc. I gave up on the possibility of having that dream come true. That is when I came across Dr. Gleave in Utah. I drove 6 hours to meet him after we exchanged emails and I remember crying as I sat at my consultation sharing my story with him. He assured me everything would be okay and that he could help me without all the pain, stress, anxiety and “ugliness”. Fast forward to now – I am smiling from ear to ear because of Dr. Gleave and his amazing work and I entered a pageant with the confidence I obtained and won photogenic! Can you believe it!!! I encourage you as you read this review to call him – tell yourself “I AM WORTH THIS!” and make the appointment – the staff is kind, thoughtful and very concerned with your experience – you will not regret it! Thank you Dr. Gleave from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me and giving me a new life – I cannot thank you enough. Blessings!

E. L. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I recently completed upper and lower teeth veneers with Dr. Gleave. The results are amazing, and the expertise, care, and counseling that should accompany such an investment were solidly delivered by Dr. Gleave and his kind and expert staff. I moved to Utah from NYC, am an investment banker (sorry!), and I did extensive research about porcelain veneers, and who the best SLC area dental pros were for this procedure to find Dr. Gleave. He also has access to one of the top porcelain technicians in the country and that is a key variable, too, in getting highest quality veneers and look you want. One final note: Porcelain veneers are expensive, but this is a lifelong investment, so you don’t want to cut corners. Go with a pro, and I highly recommend Dr. Gleave. Divide the cost of the procedure by the years of the rest of your life, and you’ll find you pay more per year for your pet, or your cell phone, or even your coffee compared to this procedure’s amortized cost — one which truly changes the quality of your life

Michelle C. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


I have never experienced in a dentist office that has paid so much attention to detail or spent so much time making me and my family feel great about our office visit. Dr. Gleave is meticulous at making sure your smile is perfect! I never have to second guess the quality of work because Dr. Gleave does all of the worrying for you. My visits are always comfortable and painless. The staff is exceptional and my smile is the best it’s been all my life. Recently I brought my daughter in to see Heather for her first hygiene visit at their office. Typically my daughter is terrified of medical professionals but Heather was amazing! She took plenty of time with us to make sure we were comfortable and explained what she was doing throughout the process. We have never had a more enjoyable trip the the dentist office and feel so great that our family has found our dentist for life! Thanks Dr. Gleave & Staff. PS- My daughter also thinks Deanna at the front desk is very pretty!

Verena Takai-Valu (Source: Google)


Staff is very nice& helpful. I had an appointment the day before (Saturday) and had nothing done, my toothache ws soo bad I needed it fixed ASAP. I found Dr Gleave online and thought I wouldn’t be able to see him until the New Year. I requested assistance on the web page and within an hour someone had called me and set me up w/ a 11AM appointment the next morning (Sunday). I ws soo excited to get rid of the pain. The appointment ws simple and straight forward. He gave me two options and I opted for a root canal. He went in and made sure to get rid of the pain temporarily. I am honestly soo happy that it ws quick and efficient. I sit here happy w/ no pain I cn nap w/o having to take a bunch of painkillers to help me sleep well. Thank you Penni for making the start process easy/breezy, thank you Dr Gleave for fixing my problem. Definitely will recommend him 100%.

Timothy Fowers (Source: Google)


I came to this location because they were on a online list of doctors I found that were affordable. I came here because they actually charged less for a crown than my regular dentist (young family dental). Also, at young family they told me I had maxed out my insurance deductible but Dr. Gleave found out I didn’t! They saved me like 600 bucks! Dr. Gleave was awesome as well, very professional and friendly. He will listen to you and give you options! My other dentist had a poor bedside manner, but nor Dr. Gleave. I highly reccomend this place.

Maddison P. from Kaysville, UT (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Gleave is amazing. He really cared about me and taking care of my problem teeth. I have had problems with my teeth for 13 years and he knew what to do to fix it when other dentist didn’t. After going to Dr. Gleve I felt confident that this was the last time I needed to worry about my teeth. Dr. Gleave has taken the time to fix my teeth correctly. He pays such attention to detail and does such a good job. I recommend him to my friends and family.

John B. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


Quick review about my experience with Dr. Gleave and his staff. I first went to Dr. Gleave back in 2010 for a consultation when I was thinking about getting veneers. My upper teeth were slightly crooked and I had broken a tooth when I was a teenager. The resulting repair was simple bonding which had discolored over time. Dr. Gleave checked things out and recommended that I have the teeth straightened prior to veneers because that would result in less tooth preparation when placing the veneers. If he was all about making a quick buck, he very easily could have told me to just get the veneers immediately and take a risk with excessive enamel loss. Says a lot about his concern for his patients in my opinion. Kudos Dr. Gleave. Fast forward and after two years of invisalign, I was ready for the veneers. The actual veneering process was straight forward, relatively painless, and a seamless adjustment on my part. I had them placed at the end of April and have had no complaints about function or appearance. In addition, Dr. Gleave and his staff are the folks that I use for my general dentistry needs (cleanings, fillings) as well. His staff are friendly and always professional. I would have no problem recommending their services to friends or family members.

Gina Maccioli (Source: Facebook)


I have a fear of the dentist that goes beyond the normal fear most have. Stark terror is a more apt description. I had ignored the pain of a rotten molar hoping the pain would magically disappear for weeks. Finally, on a Sunday afternoon, the pain got so bad I couldn’t ignore it. Penni helped me get settled when I got there and some how, some way, she helped me feel more at ease right away. She was so kind and so understanding of how afraid I was. Dr. Gleave was equally as kind and caring. Please don’t put yourself thru what I did. I can assure anyone out there that you will be so happy you went in if you’re in pain. Had I known it would have been like this I would never have waited. If you’re suffering and either afraid or scared it will cost a fortune because it’s an emergency visit, please don’t be. I cannot recommend them enough and I’m so grateful for the care I received today. Thank you so much!

Jennyahansen (Source: Google)


Dr. GLEAVE is by far the best Dentist I have found in Utah. I feel completely comfortable and safe when he works on my teeth. I get anxious easily, so feeling calm and comfortable means so much. He cares about his patients and has fit me into his schedule if I have any type of pain or discomfort. You can tell and feel that he is genuine and ethical In his work. The quality of his work is impeccable as well. He is like an artist when it comes to making your teeth look perfect. It is truly amazing to find professionals that are still very professional! Being in the service industry, I can see and appreciate the professionalism, compassion, and friendly staff as well as the patience and calming energy that Dr. Gleave has as well

J Tilley (Source: Google)


I’ve had a long history of trying to improve my smile after trauma from two accidents and two years of adult braces. I needed a break from people working on my mouth and kept telling myself that I should be content with the repairs that were done by three other dentists, until 18 YEARS LATER I had seen enough of Dr Gleave’s “before and after” photos to get up the nerve to ask for a consultation. Dr Gleave listened to my history and suggested that we start by making a model of my mouth and do the repairs on the model, so that I could see the potential finished product without having to commit to anything. The model convinced me that my smile could be more than just improved, it could be beautiful. Dr Gleave removed the 40 year old crown that had metal showing at the edges next to the gumline and that did not match the color of my natural teeth. The old crown had also been made a little extra wide in an attempt to close the gap I had between the two front teeth. Dr Gleave showed me that by putting a thin porcelain veneer on the neighboring teeth, we could distribute the space of that gap over 4 teeth making them all a normal matching size. After a lifetime of my mind racing every time a camera was brought out… “should I smile big and happy or should I keep my lips closed?”… I am so happy with my new smile. Break out the cameras and cell phones. I’m ready to smile for real now. (Pardon my kitchen lighting, just believe me that the color matches all around. Next on my list: photography lessons.) The brighter photo is AFTER; the old dimmer photo shows BEFORE

Stephanie M. from Sandy, UT (Source: Yelp)


Exceptional. Truly the fitting word for the experience I have had with Dr. Gleave. He made my smile beautiful once more and his and his staff’s professionalism, attention to detail and penchant for punctuality and perfection is unmatched. The office even sent beautiful bouquet of flowers after I became a patient. I did extensive research and made several consultation appointments before selecting Dr. Gleave and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I recommend him to my friends and family. If you are looking for the best, Dr. Gleave is it