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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Pediatric dental care

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Wednesday: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 3:00 pm (by appointment only)

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

M. S. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


Let me start by saying, I don’t go out of my way to leave reviews, and until now, “I don’t do dental procedures”. I have gone without seeing a dentist for 10 years due to extreme fear/anxiety about dental procedures, and have put off having my bad wisdom teeth removed, cavities filled, and periodontal cleaning amongst other things. I reached out to Salt Lake Dental with the ongoing issues I’ve had, and they quickly diagnosed my problems and got me in the very next day. I decided to go the “IV Sedation” route to have all the work i needed done, and was completely impressed at how easy it made the entire procedure (for those of you, like myself, wondering if sedation is worth it, the answer is YES!) Dr. Carter and his employees are hands down the most welcoming, kind, and reassuring medical professionals i’ve ever had the pleasure of having work done by, and are absolutely FANTASTIC at what they do, for the first time in my life I am actually excited to return to have regular cleanings/checkups. THANK YOU GUYS!!

Robin K. (Source: Google)


Salt Lake Dental is the best dental office I have ever been to. Dr Carter is great and knows what he is doing! I went several years not going to the dentist because of no insurance and a great fear of the dentist. Going to Salt Lake Dental was the best decision they are very friendly, professional clean and most importantly non judgemental! They make you feel comfortable and happy you came. I had implants done and I am amazed at how they turned out! Like I said Dr Carter knows what he is doing and makes you feel so comfortable you almost forget you’re at the dentist. Thank you Dr Carter and your incredible staff for the beautiful new smile and the great service!

Trish Morrison (Source: Facebook)


I absolutely recommend them, Dr Carter and Carolyn are absolutely wonderful. I have horrible teeth and have been to many dentists over the yrs and have never felt as comfortable as I have here, every other dentist office I’ve felt judged and knew they were talking about how bad my teeth are. I have not felt that way for even a second here and am so excited to get my new teeth. from the moment I first stepped into the office I have felt like Dr Carter and Carolyn genuinely care and it’s not just some phoney b.s. they have both been wonderful, they’ve thourougly explained every detail of everything I needed to know from the cost to the process, and have kept me up to date on any changes as well as being available to answer any of my questions and concerns. Best dentist hands down!!

Brittany A. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


My overall experience with Salt Lake Dental has been excellent. Going to the dentist is never the most exciting thing, but I must say Dr.Carter and his team make the visit a stress-free experience! They truly focus on costumer service and care. They took the time to work with me and my new insurance and made sure I was taken care of. I definitely recommend them!

Matthew Schlentz (Source: Google)


Let me start by saying, I don’t go out of my way to leave reviews, and until now, “I don’t do dental procedures”. I have gone without seeing a dentist for 10 years due to extreme fear/anxiety about dental procedures, and have put off having my bad wisdom teeth removed, cavities filled, and periodontal cleaning amongst other things. I reached out to Salt Lake Dental with the ongoing issues I’ve had, and they quickly diagnosed my problems and got me in the very next day. I decided to go the “IV Sedation” route to have all the work i needed done, and was completely impressed at how easy it made the entire procedure (for those of you, like myself, wondering if sedation is worth it, the answer is YES!) Dr. Carter and his employees are hands down the most welcoming, kind, and reassuring medical professionals i’ve ever had the pleasure of having work done by, and are absolutely FANTASTIC at what they do, for the first time in my life I am actually excited to return to have regular cleanings/checkups. THANK YOU GUYS!!

Shawn K. from Draper, UT (Source: Yelp)


I recently visited Dr. Tysen Carter after being referred to him by the University of Utah Dental School. They gave me 2 referrals and Dr. Carter was my first call. I needed an emergency extraction and was trying to find a reasonable price. When I called, Dr. Carter actually answered the phone, staff was busy at the moment and spoke with me at length and I was sittting in his chair 3 hours later. I have had some horrible experiences and dread going to the dentist. Dr. Carter and his whole staff were warm, friendly, professional and I will not hesitate to go back for any future needs. Highly recommended!!

Scott Christensen (Source: Google)


Fantastic service – I came in an hour early on accident and they totally made it work for me. The staff was friendly, especially Judy, the dental hygienist. She was so confident with her skill set. She mentioned that she teaches at a dental hygiene school. That was comforting to hear. Dr. Carter was awesome too. He explained everything to me in great detail so that I completely understood the details of the root canal process. Overall, I could tell that they really wanted the best care for me, and not just my insurance money. Definitely sticking with these guys.

Matthew Johnson (Source: Google)


Was very hesitant to get an implant due to cost and pain. Researched several places and endorsed going with Dr. Carter at Salt Lake Dental and I am glad I did. The office staff is super friendly and easy to work with and Dr Carter was fantastic to work with. He listened and answered all my questions before any of the procedure started so I know exactly what to expect. I didn’t feel any pain while in “the chair”. And they have been great to work with and extremely professional at all follow up appointments. I would recommend Dr Carter and his staff to everyone !

Rebeca Warner (Source: Google)


I woke up with horrible tooth pain and neefed help fast. They had me in and out and we’re so helpful. They were very kind and we’re very cognizant of me being pregnant. Made me feel comfortable when I ha e anxiety with going to the dentist. Edit 7/15/2019 I have done 2 root canals. Both while pregnant. First was emergency and second was because they said I needed it. While granted yes I agree, they were very pushy. As someone who hates going to the dentist this was very uncomfortable for me. It made me feel like they were just trying to get all this work done. I was being pressured into getting a loan or opening a credit card to get all this work done that was way over what my insurance would cover. The financial lady was extremely aggressive in forcing you to pay. Plus what they quoted veres what you actually paid were no where near the same and always more than what you planned. I was Quoted $150 w/my insurance and had to pay $563. That didn’t even include the crown which would have been another $600 or more. My last root canal didn’t go well, they couldn’t get me to stop bleeding and I was in the chair for over 3 hours! It was a nightmare. I swore after that I wouldn’t go back. Now they harass us to schedule an appointment to finish the work for that root canal. Needless to say the tooth is dead now and I am scheduling an appointment to get it pulled with another dentistry. I loved the dentistry staff what the billing people are awful

D. G. from Normal, IL (Source: Yelp)


Just went to Salt Lake Dental for the first time. Really quick and easy experience. The first time patient forms are available online. You can fill them out using Adobe Reader, and that seemed to make everyone really happy that I did so. The whole team was extremely kind, and Dr. Carter provided an extra-level of security by double-checking everything. I can definitely recommend Salt Lake Dental if you’re looking for a caring group of people to help you take care of your teeth.

Yvonne M. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


First of all, I am terrified of dentist, dental appointments and anything that has to do with teeth. However, due to an unbearable toothache, I reached out to SL Dental through their website and they were able to get me in the next day. I talked to someone on the phone about the condition of my teeth and also expressed my hesitancy in coming in due to fear, they were understandable and encouraged me to come in. They asked me what my concerns were over the phone and they recognized my name from the email I sent them. I went in the next day a nervous wreck but Martha and Dr. Carter were amazing. They are warm, comforting, and non judgmental. They were able to address my toothache right then and there and inserted the implants. I have to say that this would be one of my top dental experiences without being fully sedated and I felt like it has also helped me overcome my phobia

Molly Baxter (Source: Google)


Even with COVID-19 going on and everyone stressed out, Salt Lake Dental was one of the most positive experiences I have had in while. They thought of everything to make you at ease if you are nervous about the dentist. I personally already love going to the dentist, but the lengths they took to make you comfortable was just the cherry on top 🙂 You can really tell they love what they do and truly care about your concerns. The staff was very cheerful and kind. They went out of their way to show you what was going on with the health of your teeth/gums and educate you on your options to give you your best smile! They give you their full attention as if your teeth were the most important they have ever worked with. 🙂 I am excited to go back in 6 months!

Sahra Grosser (Source: Google)


*Coming from someone petrified of going to the dentist.* Everyone and everything has really been great. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed, and just had a root canal done. – the office has been checking up on me during this process, as well – I have been taken excellent care of. Dr. Carter has been seriously wonderful about listening to me and my needs. Salt lake dental is a fairly busy place, but I have never felt rushed or felt like they didn’t have enough time to take good care of me. This office also has new, cool equipment, so I felt like I had the best treatment possible. Huge thank you to Dr. Carter and the staff at Salt Lake Dental. I’ll definitely be back for more.

Katrina Gonzales (Source: Google)


The whole staff as Salt Lake Dental is great and they do incredible work! I knew that I had a lot of dental work that needed to be done so I went to Salt Lake Dental for a cleaning and evaluation. The cleaning was great and I got very good feedback from Dr. Carter on what work needed to be done. I didn’t have the money upfront to pay for all the work however they were able to help me obtain financing so that I could get my teeth fixed and stop being in pain. I had to go back for multiple procedures and each time the staff was very attentive and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Carter and his staff for something as simple as a cleaning to root canals or implants (all of which I have had done at his office). After the fabulous service I received my boyfriend decided to get braces with their Six Month Smile program. He is halfway through the process and loves the results so far. Overall they are amazing at what they do!

Melani B. from Sandy, UT (Source: Yelp)


My husband and I both have gone in for a combination of check ups, fillings, and even a little cosmetic work (an old filling replaced to make the tooth whiter). The doctor was very thorough, friendly, and took the time to answer all of our questions. He even called us that night and then the following day to check in on us and see if we had any questions. The dental hygienists are also friendly and knowledgeable. All of the office staff members are friendly, know our names, and even remember and refer to past conversations. We are very happy with this dental office!

Ashley J. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


Went in to get 2 fillings done, that was the fastest Dental appointment I have ever been to… Seriously… So I was thinking… There is no way this is gonna be even, my bite is gonna be off and it is just gonna be rough and terrible… WRONG! I didn’t have to go back in for any adjustments or over/under bite… They do the job fast, and right the FIRST TIME! I love this place. Also, they had chapstick in this container on the way out… all three flavors are amazing… I enjoy using them, I keep at least one in my scrub pocket at work so my lips are never dry! haha!

Antha Vigil (Source: Google)


I hadn’t been to the dentist in over ten years and I was scared my teeth were rotting out of my face. I was ashamed and scared, but everyone was so fantastic. Great receptionists, hygienists, dentists. It’s a very comfortable, safe environment and they gave me the courage to take care of my teeth & change my oral habits. I had no idea how great of an experience I was going to have, and I’m grateful it fell into my lap.

Steve Hales (Source: Google)


Had my first experience today with Salt Lake Dental. I chose this location, even though it’s on the opposite side of the valley from where I live, due to the high ratings and excellent reviews online. The reviews did not let me down. Might I say… I’m extremely satisfied and impressed with the level of service. Noor and Kahlea were the two who took me through the whole visit and they were fantastic. The facility is immaculately clean, the staff is wonderful, and I’ve never had so many pictures taken of my teeth! I’m a stickler when it comes to my teeth and I’m very picky, so lots of pictures and care is an absolute bonus and a treat. I feel they care… and that goes a long ways. I will continue to return to Salt Lake Dental and I will refer them to anyone who’s looking for a dental office. Keep up the good work! I’ll be back in May!

Krista M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


The team at Salt Lake Dental is nothing but friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable, and helpful! I’ve been going there for the last year and a bit for an implant placement. They’ve always been super informative about details of my procedures and options, and willing to wrestle with insurance! They’re also scheduling wizards with my odd schedule. Thank you Salt Lake Dental!!

Amy M. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


If you are plagued with cold sores/fever blisters on your lips Dr. Carter treated mine while I was in for a cleaning. They are highly likely to NEVER come back and I am beyond grateful, I didn’t even know there was a treatment for them beyond taking medication every day during a breakout. I stumbled upon this place because of a coupon I received in the mail since we just moved to SLC. The cleaning was gentle, the staff is very friendly, I’ve never enjoyed going to the dentist but the staff here makes it a great experience. Im sending our family here now. They make you feel really cared for.

Kristin Zito (Source: Google)


We all know how hard it is to find a good dentist….I lucked out!!!! After a tooth infection over the weekend, I was in a rush to find a dentist close to where I work. When I called Salt Lake Dental that Monday morning, they got me in immediately! Dr. Carter helped take care of the infection and we scheduled the followup care that I needed. When my insurance company denied my claim and wouldn’t pay for my root canal, they worked with me to make it as easy for me to pay for on my own as they could. Dr. Carter even called me that night to check up on me and see how the pain was! Over the past month, I have been in to Salt Lake Dental 4 times to get everything taken care of and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I even got the spa treatment during my cleaning today! I would recommend Salt Lake Dental to anybody!

Susie E. from South Salt Lake, UT (Source: Yelp)


Clean and plenty of parking! I am really hoping that my new insurance is accepted here because finding a dentist that my husband feels okay with is such a pain. He’s honestly terrified of doctors, dentist, anything that might give him a needle in any part of his being. The receptionist can be queen sass but in a good way. We honestly love everyone there. In my husbands case you can kick back, relax, get gased and watch Netflix on their plasma TVs while they make your teeth beautiful. They also tell you the best deals and make sure you’re getting quality work. I highly recommend. Get a free chapstick while you’re there!

Kiana Wong (Source: Google)


This office is great! I had a dental emergency a few weeks back and they accepted my insurance and got me in super quick! Within the hour. I just had a filling replaced today, and I’m normally super anxious when visiting the dentist, but the staff has been super nice and flexible. They made sure I was comfortable the entire procedure and were very quick. I would recommend this office and Dr. Carter to anyone who is hesitant to visit a dentist since childhood.

Alyson Lelandais (Source: Google)


Wonderful experience! Found this place from a google search because my gums were hurting and I couldn’t eat. I was able to be seen within 30 minutes of calling! Imaging done right away and then the first part of a root canal. Not even two hours from calling to inquire to walking out the door. The TV wasn’t working properly so the dental assistant let me use her cell phone to listen to music (with their amazing Bose headphones). Dr. Carter was so friendly, professional and nonjudgmental (my teeth are a mess). Made an appointment for my husband for a check up too. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist in SLC. Oh and the root canal was painless!

Russell J. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


I really don’t write reviews but with this place I couldn’t resist (side note: no incentive to write this review other than the fact that this is a great team that deserves to get the word out). I had to replace a crown and found Salt Lake Dental online. I’m always hesitant about switching dentists, but feel I really lucked out with this place. The staff gives grade A customer service, very friendly, and go above and beyond to ensure you pay a fair price. Dr. Carter re-cemented my crown at next-to-no cost (other dentists tried to redo the whole thing, cost between $1,000-$2,000) It wasn’t an easy fix.. he really did me a favor.. I’ve already gone back for a cleaning and will absolutely continue to give this place business. 100% recommend!

Rachel Heath (Source: Google)


Finding a great dentist is hard. I like to be referred by someone I trust. But I’m new to Salt Lake so when I needed a dentist I didn’t know anybody to ask for a referral. I’m also very busy, often working 7 days a week. So I put off getting a cleaning…for two years. Yikes! I got a flyer in the mail a few weeks ago and saw that this office is open evenings and weekends! I just had my first appointment – a Saturday morning cleaning and exam. Every person I interacted with was friendly and professional. The office is very clean and comfortable.The equipment is state of the art. The hygienist was gentle but thorough and explained everything to me clearly. The Dr has a great bedside manner and actually spoke to me instead of about me as so many dentists seem to do. I’m so thrilled to have found a great dentist near my home with such convenient hours!

Whitney G. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been going to Salt Lake Dental since moving to SLC over a year ago, and I couldn’t recommend them more. They have evening appointments so I can fit it into my schedule and head over after work. I never have to wait when I have an appointment. They even got me in earlier than my time slot today. I like that everyone is thorough, knowledgeable and helpful with tips on how I can keep up my dental health at home. They truly care for their patients.

Jodi Fisher (Source: Google)


Thank you so much to the wonderful staff and Dr. Carter for the wonderful care given to me today. Definitely the best staff I’ve ever seen in all of the medical industry! (Not just Dentistry) It was an emergency need and they got me in 1 hr and 15 min after calling them. And I was a new patient! They are so kind and considerate of my fears and treated me so well. I’ve never had dental issues before so I didn’t know what to expect. After a new crown and a lot of my fears where subsided, this is now my Dentist for life! To all my family who live farther north, it is well worth the drive to come here for dental work! Thank you Salt Lake Dental!!!!

Kymber Taufer (Source: Google)


This company is great, I had to have some emergency work done my regular dentist couldn’t fit in and I found them. They work great with your insurance, even if they’re not in your network. The customer service is great, the people are great and the office is welcoming. The only reason I chose to go back to my regular dentist was that the U of U offers better benefits since I am an employee of the U. If I ever need anything else outside that regular scope I will definitely return here and I can not recommend them enough!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


My whole experience, start to finish was above and beyond. My very first impression I thought when walking through the front door was “wow, this place is sweet.” Everything was clean and new. The front office staff was kind, smiling, and helped me with all the paperwork. The experience got even better when I met the Doctor, assistants and hygienist. They were immediately friendly, patient and despite being really busy made me feel at home. I’ve been to several dental offices over the years but this is the ONLY one I would recommend. The overall care is second to none. Also they can accommodate almost anyones schedule, they’re open Fri and Sat which are the only days I could come in.

Casey L. from Salt Lake City, UT (Source: Yelp)


This place is amazing and the people are professional, kind, and they do everything they can to give you a good experience. I have a horrible phobia of the dentist and have always hated my teeth being touched ever since I was little. As embarrassing as it is, I am still terrified as an adult. These people did not judge me, they kept me calm, they made sure I didn’t feel any pain and completed a root canal that I had to have. That was one of my biggest fears was being told I would have to have one of those and I was so terrified I cried and was shaking. I honestly cannot say enough how incredible these people are. I have never had this positive an experience at the dentist in my life. This dental team is the best I have ever seen. I appreciate them so much and will continue to come here for every needed appointment in the future.

Giselle M. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Like most of us,I dreaded going into the dentist but was having complications I could no longer ignore. The gals in the front were very sweet, responsive and accommodating towards my schedule and when I could come in. Finally when I had my first visit for a deep clean i felt very comfortable and welcomed by the staff! Dr. Carter then examined me and I needed a root canal which is terrifying to hear but he was very calming and reassuring. The staff is amazing and they work efficiently and hard! Despite busy times they always make time for their patients! My teeth have never felt better!

Rita D'Angelo (Source: Google)


I found Salt Lake Dental from of a flyer I received in the mail so initially I thought I would give it a try especially, because I would receive a $50.00 gift card as a new patient. I arrived at the office, signed in and waited about 10 minutes. The staff was welcoming, friendly and Dr. Carter specifically came out to introduce himself as I waited to be called. I enjoyed my visit very much and I understand that sounds odd for a dental visit, however I received the very best care from the hygienist Brittney who was attentive, gentle, knowledgeable and passionate about her work! Dr. Carter reviewed the pictures of my teeth, pointed out the areas that required work and thoroughly explained why the work was necessary. The receptionist reviewed the bill, carefully explained the charges and booked all future appointments. I highly recommend this dental office! They are gems!

Marqueza (Source: Google)


I have very extreme trauma and fear of needles which has always made dental visits that involve numbing and drilling impossible. No matter how kind the dentist is, I’ve always struggled because I just can’t get past my anxiety. Getting sedation at Salt Lake Dental was such a good decision, I barely remember the procedure and I woke up happy and calm. I would recommend sedation to anyone who struggles with anxiety/medical trauma/PTSD of any kind! Thank you!

Janice Margret (Source: Google)


BEST DENTIST AROUND! He had my sons wisdom teeth out in 5 seconds!! Dr Carter was so good and personable I decided to try schedule a cleaning. During the cleaning the dental assistant was so knowledgeable she took pictures of my problematic teeth. The dentist came in and discussed the options. Dr Carter was so friendly he treated my son and I like family. I had a crown done that felt so perfect when I left that I thought it was the permeant. I returned two weeks later and placed the permanent with Dr Carter explaining each step. His staff had my insurance verified and what my cost would be. Thanks for making my teeth feel so wonderful and taking care of my sons wisdom teeth so fast. Go here you won’t be disappointed!!


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