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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday: Closed


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Jiyoung C. (Source: Zocdoc)


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!5 stars across the board!Dr. Antoun is an empathetic, caring, exceptionally competent comprehensive dental, endodontic and prosthodontic provider. The huge advantage of Dr. Antoun’s practice at Sapphire Smiles Dentistry is that preventative care as well as root canals, implants, etc. can be serviced all under one roof! Prior to being fortunate enough to find Dr. Antoun, I had been experiencing chronic tooth pain for an extended period. Other providers simply made referrals to other specialists.Dr. Antoun actually provided the necessary ASAP treatment I required. He recommended the most viable and salient treatment plan to address my specific issues.Another HUGE plus is that every effort was made to make sure I was comfortable and well attended to. I readily took advantage of noise cancelling headphones made available to me as well as watching Netflix over the ingeniously placed ceiling monitor during treatment, This helped me settle in beautifully. I left his office a new person. Thanks to Dr. Antoun and his lovely staff, I am no longer sleep deprived due to the tooth pain keeping me awake. I recommend him to family, colleagues, and friends and anyone who is seeking high quality care from a trustworthy dentist of such a high calibur and level of expertise. Consequently, I am now discomfort and pain free! THANK YOU. Dr. Antoun & staff

CA. S. from Northside, Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr Antoun Is an excellent dentist. I have been seeing him for the past year at another dental office.  His new office in the Heights is a fantastic state of the art facility. He has done several implants and crowns at a reasonable price.I am going to definitely send my family and friends to see him.  Very nice and efficient staff!

Anonymous (Source: Google)


Review 2: (1st review was 5 stars, second review the same!!) I saw Dr. Antoun again today for a necessary last minute root canal after waking up with a throbbing tooth. He quickly diagnosed from the 3D x rays and showed me multiple angles of exactly what was going on. He fit me into the schedule the following day first thing and CAREFULLY and patiently worked at my tooth. I listened to some of my own tunes on their awesome headphones while staring at the screen of beautiful scenery images. You don’t quite understand how awesome this doctor is until he works on your mouth. This holiday season I’m grateful that I have a dentist I can trust. See y’all soon! Thanks again to the entire staff! Review 1: Wow! Wow! Wow! Just when I thought I had found my life-time dentist at Mint, I decided to try out Sapphire Smiles because they are in network and I love to support locally owned small businesses. (Not to mention I had a bad experience with Mint after many great visits.) My experience here at Sapphire was PHENOMENAL. From start to finish I was so impressed with the entire team and doctor. I was explained everything in detail and for once wasn’t confused about the insurance side of things. Not to mention, the doctor pointed out something I had brought to my previous dentists attention that concerned me, which the previous dentist dismissed as “fine”. I’ll be back ASAP for next round of much needed treatment. Thank you, Sapphire. PS, turn on Aurora to get to the parking lot and go up the stairs which leads you straight into the office. (See my pics).

Tiffany S. (Source: Zocdoc)


I was incredibly scared of the dentist. I have embarrassed of my smile for 35 years and never bothered to do it. It has lowered my self esteem and I often distance myself from people because of them and It has also affected my social life. I scheduled a an appointment with Dr. Mina Antoun, and my fears of the dentist has vanished. The office is really what i first noticed. I also noticed the nice furniture. Then I was greeted by the young lady at the front desk. She was very polite, she made filling out the forms very easy. My interaction with her eased my fears a bit. Next, the dentist tch took my pictures. I am extremely embarrassed by my teeth but she assured me I was in great hands. She made sure I was comfortable at all times. She also made me feel “not so bad” about my teeth. Even when i got emotional and my eyes watered.. she simply handed me a tissue and said ” We are going to get you through this”. Then Dr. Antoun joined us and extracted a tooth (Painless!!!). He was very calming and talked me through every step he took, before he took it just to ease my fears. I was in the right hands!! Finally!!! I also got my teeth clean and instantly my mouth felt BETTER!! My fears of the dentist are gone. Even though we didn’t get to all the work my teeth needs. I left with more then i expected…my confidence and the confidence that Dr. Antoun would give me a smile i would be proud of. To top it all off, before i left that sweet young lady at the front desk said she was “Proud of Me” and I was too. THANK YOU SAPHIRE SMILE!!

Cindy A. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I recently went into Sapphire Smiles after following Dr.Antoun on Instagram for some time and really impressed with his work. It took me some time to book an appointment because of my dentist fears, but once I found out he was opening a location near me, I knew I had to go in. My situation is complicated and I have extreme dentist fears, but Dr.Antoun and his wonderful staff made me feel absolutely comfortable and satisfied with the outcome. He has all the modern equipment to get everything done in one visit, and his office is absolutely beautiful. After numerous disappointing appointments with other dentist, this was the first time I left the dentist very happy. I left feeling like there was hope to fix my smile, someone actually had a solution(numerous options at that)for the first time ever. Dr.Antoun is incredible at what he does. I am very thankful and can’t wait for the outcome.

Tiffaney Meyer (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Antoun for a couple years, when he told me he was opening his new practice I immediately knew I had to follow him. Sapphire Smiles is a beautiful well equipped office. I need extensive dental work done and I stuck with Dr. Antoun because he is very educated, he is honest about his work and what he can provide, he provides alternatives options as well. Dr. Antoun genuinely cares about his patients and makes you feel comfortable. His pricing is reasonable and he explains everything to you and breaks it down by price. There are never any hidden fees or surprise bills. Dr. Antoun has an excellent team at Sapphire, today was my first day visiting the new office. I had work on 3 implants with minimal pain. I didn’t have any wait time and all his equipment is top of the line. I am so happy I found a reliable dentist I can trust to finish all my dental work. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR. Antoun for all your dental needs.

Marcia T. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


So first let me say I have been avoiding taking out my wisdom tooth for years!!!! I am a big baby when it comes to pain. Especially in my mouth!!! My dentist Dr. M. Antoun put me at ease immediately and made my experience very comfortable. I opted for the laughing gas because I wanted everything under the sun to take so I don’t feel a thing. And what do you know a few minutes after I was sedated the tooth was out!!! He explained everything that was going on and also gave me headphones as I watched Pets II (I told you I’m a big baby…lol). After taking out my tooth I felted good enough to drive home with no side effects. They gave me some instructions so I will definitely be back for my next appointment. If I had known it was that pleasant I would have done it years ago! Now I will be a regular customer! Keep in mind this is during Covid-19 and they took all the safety precautions so if your in pain don’t wait!!!! Give them a call and make an appointment!!!

Kennedy M. from Northside, Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


One of my wisdom teeth were hurting really badly and my usual dentist office was closed due to COVID-19 so I looked at Yelp for reviews and came across Sapphire Smiles. I saw glowing reviews and decided to give them a chance and it was the best thing I could have done! Dr. Antoun and his staff were very professional and welcoming. I felt right at home. He removed my wisdom tooth within a few days of me coming because I had an infection that he wanted to go down before surgery to ensure he did his best work on me. The surgery was very painless, super fast, and I recovered within 4 days. I also received a discount on my grand total due to COVID-19 which was very generous of them. I am extremely happy I decided to go with Sapphire Smiles and I would recommend everyone to come here!

Paul Hutcherson (Source: Google)


Who knew? If you are like me, you really don’t like going to the dentist and I really needed some work done. After going to three different dentist trying to find one who could do my work at one location, I came across Sapphier Smiles. This was my fourth office. Happy to say what a great experience. I still need more work but already what’s been done in one office, the other dentists wanted to send me to an endodontist and to oral surgery. I watched a movie, had stereo head sets on, was comfortable, and before I knew it the work was done. I will be finishing my work here and do recommend this office. Everything I need at one location.

Victoria Chang (Source: Google)


I was very impressed with this place. The office is very well designed and looks very trendy. Everything looked clean and the office staff was very nice and professional. What stood out to me was Dr. Antoun though. He was very nice and pleasant. He took time to explain his recommendations and why and he did the majority of the cleaning himself! This very different than the previous dental office I went to where the dental assistants did all of the cleanings and the dentist would only come in at the end for a minute or two. The dental assistants would do a good job but I felt like the only thing I was there for was a cleaning and no one really cared about the health of my teeth. My childhood dentist would do all my cleanings herself entirely and would spend time talking to me about how to care for my teeth and I missed having that. Dr. Antoun was able to make me feel cared about again. I also appreciated how personalized Dr. Antoun’s approach felt. He is seriously a really nice guy and takes his practice and patients very seriously. I can tell he cares a lot. To add a cherry on top, they’re open Saturdays and it’s just down the street from my house!

Evelyn Marie Segovia (Source: Facebook)


My tooth broke during COVID-19, and many dentists couldn’t see me for days. This office opened up for me and a couple of other emergencies and maintained social distancing the entire time. I did not cross paths with any other patient, although they were in the office. This was very important to me, as I was nervous about going in during this pandemic in the first place. Incredibly clean and beautiful office with a truly caring dentist and staff! Smooth process with little wait time for crown delivery & the color matched my teeth perfectly! Issues were found that could affect me in the future, and while I cannot afford to get them all done right now I will go step by step to get it done! Additionally, options to make my smile more beautiful were offered which I truly appreciated

Ruth M. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I am extremely thankful to Dr. Mina for being such a great dentist. He took his time with me and gave me the truth about how bad my teeth were and what it will take to fix them. If you ever want to find a dentist that knows what he’s doing and is NOT demeaning and really feels for what you are going through, then this is the place to go. I was so nervous on the way down there, but when I left I felt so good about his plan. Thank you Dr. Mina, you are awesome!!!!! I’m so looking forward to getting my smile back. And by the way, the office is super clean and they disinfect regularly. I felt very safe.  All his employees are the bomb too!!

Robin P. from Katy, TX (Source: Yelp)


10/10 so happy I found this place! Loved the atmosphere/music they had on (we all love a doctors office that doesn’t play elevator music the entire time ) The staff are so friendly and attentive, always making sure I was okay or if I needed anything. I went in for a cleaning & they did very well with educating me on different options to improve my smile. Another pro: their technology is very up to date, very impressed with their digital x-ray machine that took 2D/3D scans of the exterior of my teeth and they took more scans to check the interior as well. Overall, would recommend!

Kathy Morales (Source: Google)


Dr. Antoun and his Team are amazing. I came in today with a horrible toothache on top of being 27 weeks pregnant. Doctor gave me all of my options, treated me like I was part of his family, and got me out of pain. Oh yeah and did I mention that his office looks like your walking into a 5 star spa??? Go check him out, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Melissa Manley (Source: Google)


Dr. Antoun is really awesome! Since my husband and I were new patients he gave us a little tour of the office which was fabulous. The office is new with all high end dentistry appliances and even have TVs in the ceiling! Pretty spectacular. He has great bed side banner and will do his best to make you feel comfortable. Really enjoyed my first cleaning as a new patient and will be back for sure.

Kennedy Mann (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Antoun removed my wisdom teeth about two weeks ago and he did an amazing job! I’m extremely happy I decided to go with him and his team at Sapphire Smiles. They were very inviting and made me feel right at home. The location was also very easy to find and the office was beautiful.

Laura C. Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Kairos brought me to this day spa for teeth!  After a personal training session downstairs, I noticed a shiny sign that drew me up to sapphire.  As a woman who loves to wear shiny rocks, I walked in for a cleaning.  The staff is ah – mah – zing, so sweet and caring.  Usually, I end up at the dentist with a lot of anxiety around how hard they are going to poke and prod me with their sharp pointy sticks, but yesterday, I felt like I went to the spa.  Dr. Mina was extremely gentle and actually did the cleaning himself!  Who does that???  Dr. Mina does!!!  Go here now and get yo’self some tooth love!

Sunita George (Source: Google)


Great experience, beautiful office, and wonderful dentist and staff! From the ease of online booking to the beautiful interiors to the incredibly kind staff and dentist, Dr. Antoun, I had a fantastic experience at Sapphire Smiles. They were professional, warm, and made the entire experience easy and comfortable. This is definitely my new dentist’s office and will be recommending to fam and friends!

Stephanie (Source: Google)


I went into this office not knowing anything other than I was interested in information on a better smile. However the end results of my visit was amazing! I was greeted by wonderful friendly staff members and from there the Amazing Dr. himself. He most definitely gave me different options that fit my budget and made me comfortable on the decisions that I made to move forward with the process. I am very excited to say that we have come up with a plan to better my smile and give me the confidence that I want. Don’t be afraid to go after the smile that you want. Grateful for the honesty and I reccomend this Dental Office! Thank you.

Kris W. (Source: Zocdoc)


Wow. What a diamond in the rough. I decided that after years of visiting big name chain dentists I would treat myself to to a dentist that made my experience special. With the generic chain dentistry you feel like you’re being processed—mass produced—moving as expediently as possible along the assembly line, with doctors having too little time to give each patient deep consideration and attention. This was not the case at Sapphire Smiles. Not by a long shot. The appointment setting was quick and easy. I arrived and was seen immediately. The first thing I noticed was that the office is pristine, bright, and modern. The office staff are helpful and remarkably friendly. Every one of them I interacted with. The second thing I noticed is how high tech and ultra modern all equipment is. It is state of the art. I’m still in awe from this one. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. This level of tech really helps the diagnoses stage and even post-procedure validation. The third thing I noticed was the level of communication and attention given by the doctor. He went out of his way to narrate what was happening as well as to give an account of the reasoning behind various steps. He’s a great communicator, and very friendly. I would highly recommend this dentist to all who read this review as well as to all my friends and family.

Norberta L. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Antoun did an amazing job on my teeth, I really liked the office, his work ethic, his staff is also lovely. I’m very nervous when it comes to dental work and the Doctor really made me comfortable and feel at home. It’s a state of the art facility and everyone is so welcoming and truly makes you feel at home. The pride themselves in patient care and truly give the best patient care, they’re attentive, caring, and definitely made sure I was well taken care of and eased my nerves. This is only the beginning of my dental journey here and I will definitely be a forever patient!

Isabel Santos (Source: Google)


Ok so I hadn’t been to the dentist in a hot minute so I did a lot of google searching for a dentist and just so happened to find this one and I have absolutely no regrets! Not only was the office absolutely beautiful to the point where I was surprised it was a dentists office, but all the staff were so nice and friendly and extremely welcoming! Dr. Antoun is very friendly and very informative in regards to a clients personal dentistry needs and I didn’t have to wonder what work was going to be done on my teeth. I have a few sensitive teeth and when I felt any sort of discomfort he very politely asked what was hurting and immediately adjusted what he was doing or how he was doing it to make sure I was still comfortable. I would absolutely recommend this dentist to anyone and everyone!

Mariana Perino (Source: Facebook)


This was by far the best experience I’ve ever had at a dentist!! The place is beautiful, the whole staff is so friendly and Dr. Antoun is AMAZING!!! He walked me through the whole process. I’m so happy hahah. My whole experience was pleasant and I can’t wait for my next dental cleaning in 6 months.

Linda (Source: Google)


Beautiful clean office, very attentive and friendly staff, incredible doctor! The dentist is very receptive to concerns and questions. His assistant Michelle is warm and welcoming (all of the opposites of any dental office I’ve been to). Emily is always ready to greet you with a bubbly personality! I feel very welcomed, cared for, and attended to EVERY single time! If you’re going any where else, you’re missing out!

Marwa D. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend the office!! I’ve known Dr. Antoun for so many years. He is very attentive, knowledgeable and extremely thorough in his examinations. He does his best to save your teeth and restore your mouth to 100% health. He takes his time during consultations and answers all questions. He is friendly, courteous and truly cares for his patients. The office provides excellent services, and all his staff are friendly, and always greet you with a smile!

Conner Campbell (Source: Google)


HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Dr. Antoun’s reputation as a highly trained dentist from one of the top dental institutions in the world (New York University) is why I chose Sapphire Smiles to become my new dental home. He can address all of your dental concerns under one roof in his comfortable, state of the art clinic. I look forward to being a patient here for many years to come.

Marwa Eldomiaty (Source: Google)


I highly recommend the office!! I’ve known Dr. Antoun for so many years. He is very attentive, knowledgeable and extremely thorough in his examinations. He does his best to save your teeth and restore your mouth to 100% health. He takes his time during consultations and answers all questions. He is friendly, courteous and truly cares for his patients. The office provides excellent services, and all his staff are friendly, and always greet you with a smile!

Selena Mirmehrabi (Source: Google)


I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, fillings and deep cleaning with Dr. Antoun. He was very patient with me in answering all of my questions, concerns throughout the procedure. The dental assistant was amazing. Getting my teeth extracted was a huge source of anxiety for me. She helped me feel much more at ease. I am extremely thankful for that. I would definitely recommend this office for anyone looking for high-quality dental care in a warm, friendly setting.

Anonymous (Source: Google)


It’s quite unusual to have a dentist office where one can say that the experience was all around wonderful. Most places I have gone to excel and one or two things but fail maybe because of the staff or the location is not very good or the dentist are just simply not up to par. In the case of Sapphire smiles it’s easy to give them a perfect score on all aspects of my visit. First of all the location is beautiful, greatly decorated with extra amenities like coffee, water and drinks for patients, and comfortable, beautifully decorated lobby not to mention the super friendly staff that greets you and makes you feel like you are their only patient. On top of all this Dr. Antoun is as pleasant and professional as a great dentist can be. He takes his time, is thorough and kind. The bottom line is that if you are looking for a great family dentistry with great staff and a great location, do yourself and you family a favor definitely consider Sapphire smiles.

Cissy C. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


My tooth broke during COVID-19, and many dentists couldn’t see me for days. This office opened up for me and a couple of other emergencies and maintained social distancing the entire time. I did not cross paths with any other patient, although they were in the office. This was very important to me, as I was nervous about going in during this pandemic in the first place. Incredibly clean and beautiful office with a truly caring dentist and staff! Smooth process with little wait time for crown delivery & the color matched my teeth perfectly! Issues were found that could affect me in the future, and while I cannot afford to get them all done right now I will go step by step to get it done! Additionally, options to make my smile more beautiful were offered which I truly appreciated!!

Meena R. Nageeb (Source: Google)


I would highly recommend Sapphire Smiles to anyone. Dr Antoun and his team are professional and friendly, and the clinic is very clean and equipped with state of the art technology. As soon as I arrived for my appointment, Emily assisted me with registering and signing a few forms on the iPad provided to me. Within minutes, Michelle escorted me to the x-ray area, were she took multiple x-rays of my teeth. Everyone was wearing masks and using hand sanitizers, and were very knowledgeable and patient walking me through all the steps and answering all my questions. After we were done taking the x-rays, I was escorted to one of the rooms where i met with Dr Antoun. He showed me the x-rays and took the time to thoroughly explain his diagnoses and we discussed what he will be doing on my visit. Soon thereafter, I was provided wireless headphones, and after choosing a movie on Netflix to be shown on the TV mounted on the ceiling, Dr Antoun and his assistant started working on my teeth. Throughout the procedure, he would check if I am in any pain or require any further anesthesia. After he was done, we talked a little more about what I should be doing to take care of my teeth, and what to expect on my next appointment. My visit to Sapphire Smiles exceeded all my expectations, it was pleasant, painless, and professional. The prices are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone for all their dental needs.

Tabitha Mullins (Source: Facebook)


Hi, I’m Tabitha and I would love to share my personal experience! So I went to a dentist before Sapphire Smiles and they told me that I had to get an extraction for my impacted canine tooth also had to extract my very back molar by my wisdom tooth because cavities destroyed it. I was completely uncomfortable with the idea of being put to sleep, I don’t like the idea of being controlled by a substance I guess you could say. My boyfriend couldn’t be in the room and also there were so many complications because I had to go between two dentists and they weren’t contacting me back and would always have to call them to try to figure out when I can get scheduled again to get my extractions. I finally gave them up and looked up on Zocdoc and found Dr. Mina with Sapphire Smiles and read reviews and saw that he had great ratings. I came here the first day and he literally said we can do EVERYTHING the same exact day with my boyfriend in the room, no extra unnecessary extractions were needed and I was just so shocked that he said this with confidence and kindness and I liked how I didn’t have to sit there and struggle to contact him back. I got my primary tooth extracted that day, it was easy up until my wisdom teeth. I came back a few more days later (not even a week, wow!) and I was so, so nervous I was crying haha!! And thought I could handle it without laughing gas and then he took an extra 5 minutes just to set it up for me, how very kind!! So with the laughing gas it actually helped a lot, I was listening to music the whole time and Dr. Mina made me feel so comfortable that it was almost easy for me to go through the procedure and now I am one step closer to having the beautiful smile I have always wanted. I want to thank Dr. Mina and I also want to thank the whole entire staff!! The whole staff was so beautiful, such friendly nice people and I am excited to come back to make sure my healing process went well!

James D.  from Chase Oaks - Apartments, Plano, TX (Source: Yelp)


Just moved to town and needed a new dentist to address multiple ongoing concerns as well as a complicated dental history. Dr Antoun was very attentive and had a plan for my smile right off the bat. His office is clean, modern, and relaxing with TVs on the ceiling to watch with Beats headphones, while laying in your exam chair. If you are looking for a dentist in Houston and don’t go see him, you’re missing out.

Ebony S. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I am so, so, so happy that I found Sapphire Smiles! Seriously. My insurance company, BlueCross BlueShield provided me with a list of dentist in my area. Full transparency: With everything going on in the world (civil unrest), I am all for supporting businesses that are owned by POC (people of color). Since I recently moved to HTX from L.A. , I was a new patient seeking to be seen (same or next day appt.) on very short notice. However, the receptionist, Emily, was able to schedule me given a cancellation. Talk about #Winning! From the moment I walked in, everything from the energetic vibes, interior design and the smiles I were greeted with confirmed that I had made the right decision. Once Carrie, the Dental Assistant, called me back, we had a very causal yet educational conversation about my “teeth goals”. She made me feel very comfortable, and answered all my questions thoroughly. Last, but certainly not least, once Dr. Antoun arrived in the exam room (swiftly after Carrie finished my X-rays), he greeted me, and asked how I found them. I mentioned the above -mentioned process on how & why I was seeking treatment from someone who is brown. Just like he, I, and some of the other staff. Very diverse staff. Any who, I digress. All in all, Dr. Antoun provided me with THE MOST gentle yet thorough cleaning and scaling. I am really looking forward to starting my new dental journey with the Sapphire Smiles team. There’s lots of work to do, and tbh, I wouldn’t choose anyone else to handle one of my best assets: my smile! 🙂

Kayla L. from Houston, TX (Source: Yelp)


I can not say enough great things about Dr. Antoun and his staff. -The office is gorgeous and has hi tech equipment -He is thorough, patient and explains things that even my previous dentists (who I thought were the best I’d ever find) had not been able to explain before -He is incredibly patient and you can tell he is passionate about what he does. I’ve never had such a great experience at a dentist than with Dr. Antoun. I have had multiple visits now to start getting my teeth into shape and have been impressed each time with the thoroughness, professionalism and overall ease of the experience AND the price. I could go on and on. PLEASE go see this guy. I no longer fear the dentist, because I’ve found Dr. Antoun. From one small business owner to another, thank you!! PS, turn on ARORA st. heading east to see the parking lot behind the office. Take the stairs up to Dr. Antoun.


Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Dr. Antoun has always been fascinated with art and science. Dentistry provided the perfect career that would allow him to combine both of these interests. Dr. Antoun studied dentistry in Cairo and practiced in the field for three years before moving to America with his wife, Mary. While living in New York, Dr. Antoun received his second dental degree from New York University where he also gained valuable experience by serving as a teaching assistant. He graduated at the top of his class academically and clinically and became a member of the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Dental Society. He was also enrolled in an Honors Clinical Concentration Program in Aesthetic Dentistry, and received the Arthur Charles Hull and Samuel & Hannah Holzman Award for demonstrating the greatest proficiency in endodontics in his class. Dr Antoun is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Texas Dental Association (TDA), and Greater Houston Dental Society (GHDS). After graduating from NYU, Dr. Antoun and his wife moved to Texas where they quickly established roots and became involved in their community. Dr. Antoun was promoted from an associate dentist to a lead dental director, with the responsibility of overseeing three other offices. In his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer and spending quality time with Mary and their two small children. Dr. Antoun is proud to offer superior, individualized dental care in Houston Heights.