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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Harry F. from Ossining, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been an extremely satisfied and gratified patient of Drs. Schloss and Klein for more than 30 years.  While I have lived in Westchester for almost as long, I make the semi-annual trips to Manhattan, gladly.  They and their great staff are always a pleasure, are extremely proficient and have always been and are consummate professionals.  I have highly recommended them and their staff to many friends and colleagues.

Marlene Greenfield (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Schloss and team for more years than I can count. I’ve stayed with them even after they moved to a less convenient location because they are fantastic. Everyone in the office is friendly, efficient and professional. I’ve recommended them to many of my work colleagues and friends. Dr. Schloss was wonderful and now I use Dr. Patel who is equally skilled and delightful. And I always look forward to having my teeth cleaned by Liz, who is the best hygienist.

Christine Baronak (Source: Facebook)


The best dentist in the City. I have been a patient since the beginning of Dr. Schloss’s practice when he took over and I have been hooked since. They are caring not just with your teeth but with the patient. If you are looking for a dentist with all of these qualities then The Manhattan Dentists are for you.

Vicki B. from Beacon, NY (Source: Yelp)


This is the best set of dentists that you can find in NYC!! I’ve been a patient for over fifteen years and have always had the best experiences with everything that I’ve ever needed…this includes bridges and bonding and all sorts of emergenices. Their hygienists are great . The staff is professional, knowledgeable and most of all, always welcoming and understanding. One cannot help but actually ENJOY going to the dentist!! Seriously, I would recommend anyone and everyone ( and pretty much have) to see for themselves what a special office this is.

Helen Chin (Source: Google)


Dr. Schloss and his staff are the best! I’ve been a patient of his for over 30 years and I have referred over a dozen of people to him. I’ve had a fear of dentists from past experiences and I now look forward to my dental visits. He has a delicate touch and manner. My appointments are spot on with time and there is no wasted time sitting around.

James Destin (Source: Google)


One of the most important thing in a business is customer service. From the moment you walk into Schloss & Klein DDS you feel welcome. The office is clean, inviting, relaxing and you are greeted by a friendly staff. In the 20+ years my family and I have been seeing Schloss & Klein, I have never had to wait beyond 5 minutes to be seen. Now I will admit that I hate the dentist and I have given my dental hygienist the name ” Captain Hook”. When she is finished cleaning I know I have received the best job possible. One does not stay with a business such as a dentist over 20+ yrs unless they are please. Hate the trip but love the results every time.

Edward A. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


For five years, they have helped me through many situations from routine cleanings to unexpected emergencies. Everyone at this practice — front desk, hygienists, doctors —  is personable, experienced and efficient. The doctors and hygienists have never tried to pressure me into elective procedures. The office staff makes scheduling hassle free, and they’ve never made a mistake when billing my insurance. If you’re looking for dental care in New York City, I think you’d be happy with this team.

Ric Kallaher (Source: Google)


Twice a year for 20 years! That should provide some indication of how much I think of Schloss & Klein. But, to be clear, this is not simply force of habit because since, for example, I started going I’ve moved 3 hours away. The doctors are the best, the care I’ve been given has been spectacular, and the staff is both wonderful and incredibly efficient. You know you’re in a great environment when there are always smiling faces.

Sam Nidel (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Schloss & Klein for over 15 years, as has most of my family. Every referral I have sent has thanked me for recommending such a wonderful group who takes pride in what they do. They are a family & friend run business and they treat you as such! Would give 10 stars if I could.

David M. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


The same dentist my parents have been going to since I was in H.S.  When I moved back to the city it was a no-brainer.  Their work and professionalism continue to impress however, the following antidote stands out the most.  I was in with my stepmom and when the hygienist seated us in the room she asked her, “How was your and Rob’s [my father] vacation?”  The previous hygienist had left a personal note in the chart about their trip and the other was quick follow-up and engage.  Wow!  These little small client-centric initiatives help me know if they can remember something as small (and seemingly insignificant as this) the quality of their care will be great.  Looking forward to my cleaning on 4/14 – see you guys then!

Lisa D. from Middle Village, NY (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient of Drs. Schloss and Klein, for about 15 years now. I highly recommend the practice, because everyone in it is exceptional, from the dentists to the hygienists, to the office staff. I never have to wait; when I come for my appointment, I’m called in within minutes of arrival. I really appreciate a dental office that is well run, caring, friendly, and top notch in every way.

Diana Geffner-Ventura (Source: Google)


My family and I have been clients of the Schloss & Klein practice for over 20 years, and I can say without hesitation that no other practice compares. They’re the best at what they do, both in dental care and administrative. They are cautious and conservative when recommending treatment, straight-forward, warm and truly care about their patients. The fantastic hygienists and staff are second to none. We always feel in the best of dental health because of Schloss & Klein. This is a no brainer!

Mike E. from Oyster Bay, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Steven Schloss has been my dentist for more than 25 years.  He is a great dentist and a great person.  The office staff is awesome, and in all the years I have been at this practice, I have never once been taken in late for my appointment.  Most importantly, Yvonne, my hygienist is the best.  I have heard the stories about her boys throughout the years and look forward to catching up each time I go to the office…  This is a great place.

Arnie N. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Not loving to go to the dentist, I find this practice totally wonderful. They are extremely professional, while being warm and friendly. Their offices are modern and clean. I’ve been using them for nearly a decade, and have only had positive experiences. As well, their hygienists are great! I would never go to another practice.

Michele M. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


This was my first visit after amazing recommendations as well as all the glowing yelp reviews. I am terrified of the dentist and sheepishly admitted it to gabby the dental hygienist. To my happy surprise, gabby made me feel more than comfortable, continuously asking me if I was ok, giving me options on how to proceed with the cleaning. Gentle and efficient. I couldn’t be more pleased. The entire staff was very warm and welcoming and eased my nerves by asking how I was throughout my visit. I will be honest as this was my first visit to the dentist in 6 years  (very bad experience 6 years ago) and my very first yelp review. I would give the staff 10 stars if they were available. My next cleaning is already scheduled!!!

James Destin (Source: Google)


Going to a dentist has to be one of the worst experience anyone can have. My family and I have been a clients/patients of Schloss&Klein for over 15 years and honestly there was only once that I did not like the experience( a temp gave me a cleaning). Overall from the moment you walk in you are greeted with a smile and a feeling of warmth and welcome. My family and I have had the same hygienist for over 15 years and she is the most gentle and affectionate person you would want to do a cleaning. Overall the place is fantastic and a wonderful experience for a dental office.

Beth S. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to this practice for over 20 years.  In that time I have had multiple procedures and have always been treated well by the practice and their staff.  While one never looks forward to going to the dentist their care and attitude help make it better.

David M (Source: Google)


The same dentist my parents have been going to since I was in H.S. When I moved back to the city it was a no-brainer. Their work and professionalism continue to impress however, the following antidote stands out the most. I was in with my stepmom and when the hygienist seated us in the room she asked her, “How was your and Rob’s [my father] vacation?” The previous hygienist had left a personal note in the chart about their trip and the other was quick follow-up and engage. Wow! These little small client-centric initiatives help me know if they can remember something as small (and seemingly insignificant as this) the quality of their care will be great. Looking forward to my cleaning on 4/14 – see you guys then

Jeff Muir (Source: Google)


Have been coming to this practice for a bunch of years now and can’t recommend more highly. From the organized/warm reception and appointment scheduling, to the hygienist I have worked with (Gabby) to the Dentists, this is an exceptional practice. They are a great balance of being on the cutting edge of technology, but still not “branding” themselves in that way to just mark up procedures

Daphne K. from Paramus, NJ (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming to this office for probably about 15 years and I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than five minutes for my cleaning or for an appointment with the doctor. The office is run efficiently and yet with a personal touch. I love that I can make my next six-month cleaning appointment right then and there, and they remind me before that day comes in the way that works best for me (email or phone or both). Even when I realize I’ll have to change an appointment for one reason or another, they make the change easily and quickly. I recommended several colleagues and each of them stayed no matter which dentist in the practice they visited. There, the customer is always right. Once when I had a concern about whether or not something should be covered by insurance because of a technicality, the same day I asked the question, no one argued with me. Dr. Schloss, actually picked up the phone and said “Don’t worry about it. Thank you for your referrals.” I felt valued. I don’t have a lot of problems with my teeth and they are helping me to keep it that way.

Joanna G. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I love this Dental office!! I have been to others and been coming to here for the last 10 Years and they are fantastic!!! In every way! The dentist and the dental hygenist are both absolutley fantastic.Great attitude, great bedside manner, they help you decide what to do to fit into your budget, very caring and very good at their jobs!! THE BEST!!

Hillary Bloom (Source: Google)


I’ve been going here for 25 years as long as I worked in NYC. I no longer work in NYC and take the time to commute here because they DO know how to take care of me and I hate going to the dentist! Both Dr. Schloss’ are great! Love my hygienist, Gaby. All the hygienists are great! If you are looking for a good, quality, compassionate dentist this is the place to go. You won’t be disappointed and tell them i sent you!

G Meyrowitz (Source: Google)


From the time you enter the office and are greeted by the front desk staff to the time you leave to set up your next appointment you are met with kind, pleasant and efficient people. The clinical staff along with the Doctors are professional and from the care that I have received for the past 30 years would never go to another office. Kudos to Dr Klein and Dr. Schloss for leading by example!

786 9th Avenue NYC 10019 (Source: Google)


I’ve been going to these wonderful dentist for years. I’ve also recommended and sent about a dozen people to them. They all thanked me and said it was so hard finding a dental office with fantastic staff, smiling upon entry who greet you with your name. The hygienist and doctors are top notch and very friendly. I just love this place and fortunate I found them! Oh, their office space is real nice! Five stars for the office!

Joan S. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Like many patients it seems, I have been coming to this practice for more than 20 years.  Throughout that time the care has been consistently excellent – rather amazing in a way.  I don’t want this review to sound ‘planted’ because it is not.  I have just always had great care and attentiveness.  No issues related to the work, but in one case something had to be redone – this was handled quickly, correctly and without any additional cost.  I recommend this practice to any of my friends and colleagues looking for great dental care.

F. C. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Almost nobody likes going to the dentist but it’s a necessity–and since we all should go this is THE the best place you can go. I’ve been seeing Dr. Schloss and his staff for about 15 or so years and during that time, they’ve always been very courteous, personable, and very efficient. One of the worst things about going to the dentist is the waiting time because it gives you a chance to become more fearful of what’s to come but this place isn’t like that at all. Everybody I’ve ever told about this place is very impressed with the fact that appointments start within minutes after arrival so there is no time to sit in the waiting room becoming nervous. I’ve had my twice annual cleanings, old fillings from other dentists removed and replaced with new ones, veneers and other types of dental work done, so I have plenty of experience with this office. It really doesn’t get any better than this… and I’m picky, particularly about who takes care of my health.

Stephen A. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I think they are one of the best dentists that I have come across. Always professional and always on time. As the son of a dentist I am extremely aware of what a good dental practice should look and act like, they do! Granted they don’t make me dinner like my Dad did but they do everything else one could expect. Six stars would be my vote if I could give it to them

Charles W. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Absolutely everything this is important when you’re selecting a dentist to care for your teeth is exceeded by the Schloss/Klein DDS office. From the kindness and efficiency of the staff, the skill of the assistance, the superior professionalism, kindness and care given by Drs Schloss and Klein are very rare. I’ve personally been seen by Drs Klein and David Schloss and both are equally outstanding in every way. I can not recommend this office more highly. If you appreciate a true class act and extraordinary care, then go to this dental office.

Jeffrey Singer (Source: Google)


I have been a patient of Dr. Schloss since he opened his office. He is wonderful dentist with soft, painless hands and a great chair-side manner. I highly recommend him as well as the other dentists and hygienists in the office. They even take insurance 🙂 You will not be disappointed.

Chatur Advani (Source: Google)


I have received excellent care from Dr. Schloss since 1990. Dr. Schloss and his assistants are very kind, caring, efficient, patient and very knowledgeable! The Best! The Office Staff is always welcoming, friendly, pleasant and enthusiastic. You will feel very happy and well cared for every time you visit the office. Try it…you will surely love it

Rachel C. from Philadelphia, PA (Source: Yelp)


This dental practice is amazing – I see Dr. David Schloss and he is great. I go to this practice for both routine cleanings and also professional whitening services, and they do a great job on cosmetic dentistry as well as the normal cleanings. David and his team have always been extremely welcoming and helpful in answering any questions or concerns I may have. I have recommended this practice to many of my friends and they all also feel the same as I do – none of us dread going to the dentist anymore!

Jennifer C. from NY, NY (Source: Yelp)


While I’ve never met Dr. Schloss himself because I always do the weekend appointments – YES, this office has Saturday appointments every other weekend, amazing – I’ve had a great experience with his practice for the last 5 years. Their appointments are booked 6 months in advance so while it may at times seem difficult to nab a last minute appointment, they often have cancellations so you can get on their waiting lists. Also, I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes in their waiting room, which I really appreciate 🙂

Eleni Grossomanidou (Source: Google)


This dentist office offers excellent services. You never have to wait more than five minutes, the staff is very helpful, organized and kind, the dental hygienists are very thorough and the dentists offer professional care with reasonable fees. I love that the schedule the entire family the same time! I highly recommend them!

Marlene “city and country” Greenfield (Source: Google)


I have been going to Dr. Schloss for about 15 years. He is wonderful and a terrific dentist. In fact, the entire office is just fantastic. They are professional yet compassionate. If you have an emergency they will make sure to squeeze you in. I have recommended them to many of my colleagues at work and they all have been just as pleased. I’m sad that they have moved from their prior location, but I’m willing to follow them wherever they go…they are that good.

John W. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been taken care of by this office for over 20 years and have never had anything other than overwhelmingly positive experiences.  Front of office, cleanings, emergencies, all aspects of the business handled in a courteous, timely, friendly and professional manner.