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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Elizabeth M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Both of our teens have completed their treatment with Dr. Sellers and have beautiful smiles. The staff are so encouraging and helpful. Five years ago, I asked Dr. Sellers if he could straighten my teeth using invisalign. I had wanted to have braces for years, but did not want the traditional brackets. All three of us received excellent treatment. Dr. Sellers and his staff are such wonderful people. I recommend this office to everyone.

Pamela Gantt (Source: Google)


Dr. Sellers and his team is the the best of the best…Professional, trustworthy, caring, great bedside manner. They took care of our entire family for several years and we all had spectacular results. We initially started with another orthodontist in town. He wanted to break my daughter’s jaw, but we decided to get a second opinion. Several friends highly recommended Dr. Sellers. After our consultation, Dr. Sellers said he could correct the problem without surgery…And he did! Our daughter now has a beautiful smile! We highly recommend Dr. Sellers and his amazing staff.

Linda Lafond Beaver (Source: Facebook)


Dr Sellers is the greatest. My daughter Mary got her braces off today and has a beautiful smile thanks to Dr Sellers great work. I was a patient of his and I wouldn’t have had anyone else do my daughters braces except Dr Sellers. I forgot to mention his awesome staff, greatest ever!

Jennifer W. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


My son just got his braces off today and he is GORGEOUS!! I can not thank Dr.Sellers and his staff enough for their patience and hard work. Jonah was not an easy case, as he is missing FIVE permanent teeth. I’m not sure many other orthos could have handled the mouth we gave him! And my other son is still there as well! In fact, when I saw the results today, I was so jealous, I decided it was MY turn….and I am going to do INVISILINE with Dr. Sellers! Thank you to his entire staff for their patience with us, and taking such good care of my boys. Whitney, Tracy, Katrina…Victoria! Lisa…Stephanie. Who am I forgetting? Can you tell I’m one HAPPY MOMMA?;)

Blanton Gourley (Source: Google)


I have been in many medical offices, including my own, and this is one of the most positive, professional, and well run offices I’ve ever been in. The staff are friendly. responsive, and positive. From the moment I walk in, I feel like smiling. Dr. Sellers and I have talked on many occasions over the years; he is an incredibly positive and talented doctor, and the office staff, I’m sure, takes cues from him. I had braces as a teen, needed them again decades later, and got a renewed smile back from Dr Sellers and his staff. I can’t thank them enough.
BC Gourley MD

Cole Davies (Source: Google)


I joined Sellers Orthodontics when I was just 11 years old (almost ten years ago), starting in middle school. I had an older sister who had her braces treatment elsewhere, and had a terrible experience. Her appointments were difficult to schedule, and the date when she was scheduled to get her braces off got moved back time and time again. So naturally, I was nervous to go through the process, expecting the same painful experience. Fortunately, my expectations were incredibly wrong. At Sellers Orthodontics, my appointments were always easy to schedule, and every time I went in, I had a terrific experience. The dental technicians that work with you at every visit are incredibly kind, and Dr. Sellers’ industry knowledge and personable demeanor were always incredibly reassuring. When the time came to get my braces off, I was astounded. My teeth were perfectly straight; not only were my teeth straight, but they were placed in a way that optimally fit my facial structure, not to mention I got the braces off about a month earlier than expected. I never could have imagined how great my smile would look before my experience. Furthermore, I always felt that Dr. Sellers genuinely cared about each of his patients. Years after my last appointment, I saw him at a restaurant, and he remembered me by name and asked how I was doing. To anyone planning to get braces for themselves or their children in the Charlotte area, I HIGHLY recommend Sellers Orthodontics. You will have the best experience and the best results, coming from the personal experience of myself and my friends.

Jenn Reeves (Source: Google)


We absolutely love Dr. Sellers and his entire office staff. I have triplets who all required braces, and we would not have trusted all those teeth to any other orthodontist in Charlotte. The whole office team is friendly, efficient, and always worked with me to accommodate our busy schedules. And my kids now have the most beautiful smiles and are much more confident. Thanks to Dr. Sellers and every single person in his office – we are forever grateful!

Patrick Wloch (Source: Google)


My entire family has been under the excellent care of Dr Sellers. He treated me in just five short months using Invisalign with amazing results. I almost can’t believe the results! Our family couldn’t be happier with the professionalism, care and kindness of Dr Sellers and his entire staff. I would recommend Dr Sellers to anyone looking for the best of the best! Dr Sellers has gone out of his way to provide care for our family. A special thank you to Dr Sellers and staff members Michelle and Stephanie. We love Sellers Orthodontics!

kristine wade (Source: Google)


Dr Sellers is absolutely the best! We went to several orthodontists before we decided that Dr Sellers was the one we wanted to treat all four of our children. He is professional, experienced, loves kids, loves creating beautiful smiles, and also believes in one round of braces when a child is ready instead of two phases. Our children get compliments on their teeth all the time, and we could not be more happy with Dr. Sellers, his wonderful staff, and the quality of his work!

Heather (Source: Google)


Dr. Keith Sellers is hands down the best orthodontist in Charlotte! Our family has never received better customer service. Staff are always happy to greet you and every appointment we have had was timely and efficient. We have never been kept waiting. Dr, Sellers takes a personal interest in each of his patients. I truly cannot say enough good things about he and his staff. Thank you for a great experience!

Cara Hunter (Source: Google)


Dr Sellers was great! even if you’ve already visited your “local” orthodontist, go for a second opinion! Treatment plan offered by Dr. Sellers was slightly more expensive but shorter (by about 12 months!) and much less invasive. We are thrilled with our experience there and will certainly go back with other children as needed.

Pam B. (Source: Google)


January of 2019, I walked in with the worst under/cross bite imaginable. I had no hope after being sent to surgery time and time again. Dr. Sellers said he can fix the problem, and sure enough, October 2020, my bite has been corrected, and now I can also say, I’m walking around with a sellers smile. I’m very thankful I was able to dodge a very unaffordable procedure. Hes the ortho to go to, especially for the toughest of cases. If he can fix me, he can most definitely fix you. Thank you so so much for taking me on, and always being so kind. Stephanie, the front desk, and the rest of the staff have all been amazing as well.

Katherine Brooks (Source: Google)


Two different orthodontists told me that 4 of my daughter’s teeth would have to be extracted before the braces. They both said her mouth was too small for her teeth, despite the fact that she had the right number to teeth. Thats when a friend referred me to Sellers Orthodontics. Dr. Sellers showed us how her face would look as a mature adult if those teeth were removed. Her profile would have flattened! It was frightening! Dr. Sellers assured us that he could straighten and properly align her teeth, jaw and bite without a single extraction! Her braces came off earlier this year and we could not be more pleased with the results! Her smile is absolutely beautiful!! On top of that, everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful. You always feel welcome and valued and rarely have to wait! Appointments usually run right on time!

Don Demas (Source: Google)


I am an orthodontist in Connecticut. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day with Dr Sellers and his team. I was amazed at their expertise reflected in their creating beautiful smiles especially in difficult cases!! I could feel the positive energy among all the staff whose customer service is beyond words! If you are looking for an orthodontist in the Charlotte area look no further!!! Sellers Orthodontics is the place to go!!

Grace Davis (Source: Google)


My case was one of the most difficult that Dr. Sellers and his team have ever had, and I always felt welcome, and everybody was always very nice and supportive of me even though I had such a tough case. A big thank you to Dr. Sellers and his team for making my smile what I have always wanted it to be!!!

Kelly Mattei (Source: Google)


Dr. Sellers and his staff are the best in the business. They are all very kind and truly care about the patients. The office runs like a well-oiled machine, so we have never had a wait. My daughter loves going to the orthodontist! ***I originally posted this review five years ago, and since then, my daughter has lost her retainer twice, but the staff at Dr. Sellers’s office has gotten us in quickly both times to make new ones. They make new ones from new molds each time, which I love, because it keeps up with any new or emerging teeth. Thank you to Dr. Sellers and staff! Y’all truly are the best in the business!***

Kelly Stevens (Source: Google)


My daughter has a unique case, and she didn’t think her teeth would ever look good. After her first visit, the change in my daughter’s attitude was amazing! This was the most hopeful and happy I’ve seen her in years!! So thankful for Dr. Sellers’ expertise and knowledge in handling difficult cases like hers. He and his staff are incredible!!

Equanda Burney (Source: Google)


Everyone is also so welcoming from the moment you step through the door. Returning after their reopening from the Covid-19 closures was a bit unnerving. However, the phenomenal staff helped remove all my anxieties within the first minute I was there. They have new practices in place that helped me feel safe and secure. I love Dr. Sellers and the entire team! Very professional and always courteous.

Lori Coste (Source: Google)


My family and I highly recommend Dr. Sellers. He has done a wonderful job with my daughter’s smile! The whole experience was top notch and his office and staff are great. Dr. Sellers also corrected my teeth with Invisalign and next will be putting braces on my son. I’m looking forward to seeing a bright smile on my son too!

Larry M. from Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


When I first moved to Charlotte and met Dr Keith Sellers almost 10 years ago, I knew he was a fine gentleman. Now that he has finished treating both my boys I know him to be an extraordinary orthodontist with an uncompromising commitment to be the finest doctor and to create the most beautiful and healthy smiles for each and every one of his patients. I know. I am a dentist with over 30 years of experience working closely with many talented orthodontists and supervising the orthodontic care of hundreds of my own patients. There is no doctor I know who uses technology better or cares more or roots harder for all his patients of all ages than Dr Keith Sellers. Each case is special and some cases are especially difficult and I have seen Dr Keith applying all his knowledge, experience and artistry to create results that even I did not think possible. Dr Keith Sellers is a 5 STAR ++ orthodontist!!

Shannon D. from Sheffield Park, Charlotte, NC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sellers is a master of his craft!!! He cares about his patients and makes customized smiles based on each individual patient. No COOKIE CUTTER orthodontists here. Top notch facilities, staff, latest technology and best orthodontist in Charlotte, NC. Skilled professional and avid facilitator and teacher in his profession. Go somewhere else and you will totally regret it.

Gabriela Rodriguez (Source: Facebook)


I am extremely happy with my experience at Dr Sellers Orthodontics! The whole staff is professional and so welcoming! Dr Sellers is the best! He was able to treat me without having to go through oral surgery (two other doctors I consulted with wanted to take out teeth and recommended palate surgery). Dr Sellers got me a new smile with no need of surgery, the results are amazing! I trust him so much that I am now taking my daughter to get her braces done. Also, the infrastructure and technology they use at the clinic is one of the most advanced in the industry.

Amy McNulty (Source: Google)


We were referred to Dr. Sellers by our dentist and several friends. We had all three of my children in braces at the same time. Dr. Sellers office made it extremely easy and convenient to schedule appointments. Everyone that works there is so courteous and helpful. The kids have always enjoyed going to the orthodontist. Thank you for making it a wonderful experience every time we walk in the door!

Meghan Preslar (Source: Google)


Dr. Sellars’s practice is bar none AMAZING! I would never take my children anywhere else! The staff are caring, highly knowledgeable, and helpful! This practice makes getting braces a fun and enjoyable experience! If something breaks after hours, Dr. Sellars and his team will work you in to get the problem resolved! I wish I had been able to get braces there when I was a child!

Margie Brown (Source: Google)


When I first met with Dr. Sellers, I was distraught, in need of extensive corrective treatment, after a disastrous outcome with my previous orthodontist. After Dr. Sellers examined my teeth and completed a full set of x-rays, he and I met in his office, to view the x-rays together, while he explained my various options for corrective action. Dr. Sellers thoroughly discussed the pros and cons of the various options, while patiently answering all of my questions, and we decided together which option would be the best approach for me. Dr. Sellers and his staff provided me with extraordinary care and support throughout my treatment, especially Whitney, whose special assistance on several occasions meant the world to me. Now, as I am reaching the conclusion of my Invisalign journey, I could not be happier with the outcome. Dr. Sellers’s expertise is extraordinary and my teeth look gorgeous!!!

Sam Settle (Source: Google)


Our family is very happy with the care and service we have received from Sellers Orthodontics. We had both of our daughters get treatment and the staff was always accommodating and put a nice personal touch on every time we would visit. Our youngest daughter had a sever underbite. Another orthodontics recommended reverse head gear for 15 hours a day for 6-12 months. We could tell a difference in just three months with Dr. Sellers using braces. Scheduling appointments is an easy process and the office staff is very inviting. We highly recommend Sellers Orthodontics.

Sally D'Alessandro (Source: Google)


Several years ago, Dr. Sellers gave me a new smile with Invisalign. What a 60th birthday present! I love what he did! Prior to choosing Dr. Sellers, I had several other consults. After meeting him, the decision was easy. I was so impressed with the detailed explanation and reasoning he gave me for my proposed treatment plan, his state of the art imaging equipment, and his spotlessly clean office. Dr. Sellers is a wonderful orthodontist, a great business man, and thoughtful person. Despite having to have trays in my mouth, it really was a very positive experience and I am so very grateful for the results and all of the excellent care that I received! Thanks to you all!

S DD (Source: Google)


Dr. Sellers is a master of his craft!!! He cares about his patients and makes customized smiles based on each individual patient. No COOKIE CUTTER orthodontists here. Top notch facilities, staff, latest technology and best orthodontist in Charlotte NC. Skilled professional and avid facilitator and teacher in his profession. Go somewhere else and you will totally regret it.

Madison Causby (Source: Google)


I honestly couldn’t rave about Dr. Sellers and his team enough! I had a super complicated case with an impacted canine tooth that my Dr is greensboro recommend Dr. Sellers to me to handle my complex situation. This has been the quickest and best experience with an orthodontist I have ever had (even during the middle of a pandemic). The team there is so kind and answer every question I have in depth with so much care! Stephanie is one of my favorites she always comes to greet me even when I’m not under her care at the time, Carrie is amazing too! They are all just so personable and wonderful! I have had 10/10 care and experience I fully recommend!

Greg Wigent (Source: Google)


Dr Sellers and his team has kindly & expertly treated two of our daughters over the last 4 years. We have always been greeted and taken care of by his friendly staff. Our girls now have straight teeth and beautiful smiles, thanks to Dr Sellers and his team. We have been blessed by all of you. Thank you!!

Charlotte Websolutions (Source: Google)


I am extremely happy with my experience at Dr Sellers Orthodontics! The whole staff is professional and so welcoming! Dr Sellers is the best! He was able to treat me without having to go through oral surgery (two other doctors I consulted with wanted to take out teeth and recommended palate surgery). Dr Sellers got me a new smile with no need of surgery, the results are amazing! I trust him so much that I am now taking my daughter to get her braces done. Also, the infrastructure and technology they use at the clinic is one of the most advanced in the industry. (By Gabriela Sanders).

Sandra Keffer (Source: Google)


What a wonderful experience! Dr Sellers and his team fitted me with Invisalign and one year later, my teeth that have been crooked for 52 years, are now straight! It’s amazing and my smile agrees. The entire experience from consultation to getting my retainers was an easy no hassle situation. If you are considering braces this is the place to go!

Lisa Brienza (Source: Google)


Dear Dr. Sellers, I am writing to you today to share my personal “smile” journey, with the hopes that other patients making decisions in your office can learn a little bit from my own trials and tribulations. I was a child with a big, toothy grin and a narrow palate. Nice teeth by most people’s standards, with a pearly white sheen, but a bit of overcrowding up top and a great deal of overcrowding on the bottom row. I visited an orthodontist briefly in my teen years (the early 1980’s). The orthodontist reviewed my narrow palate with my parents, and discussed surgical options to widen my smile. My parents decided to hold off. I did not receive orthodontic treatment again until I was a young woman in my 20’s. Fast forward to the later 1990’s, I am now a working professional in Charlotte. I contacted an orthodontist close to my office for an assessment. The orthodontist recommended extracting four premolars to alleviate the overcrowding, and add braces to straighten the teeth. I received treatment for two years before the braces were removed. The moments leading up to the “big reveal” were filled with anticipation— I felt like a kid on Christmas morning ! When the braces were removed and I saw my teeth, I was satisfied, and yet I sort of fell flat. My teeth were indeed straight. But something was not quite right. My top lip was retracted back so far it was hard to even see anything beyond a thin line. And all of my teeth inverted slightly inward at an angle. My narrow palate somehow seemed even more narrow. Before long, I realized that my profile had also been negatively changed by this treatment. In the years that followed, I often found myself studying other people’s smiles, paying particular notice to smiles that stood out as exceedingly attractive. Through observation, I have learned that there are MANY components to a great smile – and although straight teeth are important, there are other factors that are equally important. If you sacrifice other important smile factors for straight teeth, you end up with a less-than-desirable result. And that’s where I ended up. I felt like I could have had a “Perfect 10,” but instead ended up somewhere around a “6” on the smile attractiveness scale. Last year, when it was time for my son to have orthodontic treatment to improve his smile, I knew I had to find a provider that would not perform tooth extraction. This is where you came in, Dr. Sellers. His braces came off this summer. I cannot say enough about how PLEASED AS PUNCH I am about my son’s result. He has a beautiful, broad “movie star” smile. I honestly just can’t stop admiring his teeth and feeling like “I WANT THAT SMILE!” And that is ultimately what led me to your care. I know that we are only just beginning with my treatment to widen my smile, but I am super excited about what the future holds. If I had only one piece of advice to give prospective patients of orthodontics, it would be this: Orthodontics is not the “straight teeth” business— its the “stunning smile” business. And there is a difference — so choose thoughtfully the course that will lead you to that exceptional smile. Sincerely, 
Lisa Brienza, an avid fan of Dr. Sellers Orthodontics !

Carla Hudgins (Source: Google)


So I just love this place. My permanent retainer broke last week and the team made an appointment for me immediately. Not only was the experience easy to remove the retainer but easy to be replaced as well. The ladies here will make you feel so inviting special and cared for. Not to mention the massaging chairs while you wait. Can’t say enough about this practice and Dr Sellers as a whole. I recommend anyone needing an great orthodontist. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Amber Wloch (Source: Google)


Dr. Sellers and his staff are the best! Super professional, friendly and caring. Appointments are easy to schedule and always on time. Dr. Sellers promised and delivered a perfect smile for my husband and son. My daughter is still in treatment, but I know hers will be just as amazing. Dr. Sellers fixed my husband’s teeth in five short months using Invisalign. His results are incredible. If you want the best, go see Dr. Sellers.