Setting Up Your Discount Dental Plan Page

If you are a dentist then you must offer at least one in-house discount dental plan program. Costco, AAA, Sam’s Club, Amazon, and just about any other big company offer some sort of a discount membership program. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t offer your very own discount plan! In-house discount dental plans are great. They can be customized to your liking. Some dentists may choose to offer only one discount dental plan program, while others may offer a variety of different membership programs. Some may offer smaller discounts of 5-10% while others choose to offer steeper discounts of 20-25%. Either way, you have full control over the discounts which you offer. This way, you can develop a discount plan that meets both your practice’s needs as well as your patient’s best interest.

Who needs a discount dental plan?

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Believe it or not, one-third of Americans do not have any dental insurance. Of those who do have coverage, only 45% are satisfied with their primary dental insurance plan. This means that there are more than 200 million people who are looking for a better way to save on their dental care every single day! Offering your own discount dental plan can appeal to these countless patients. Here are just some examples of patients who end up searching online for ways to save on their dental care:

  • Entrepreneurs, self-employed patients, freelancers, and independent contractors
  • Retirees without dental insurance
  • Patients who are looking for a better return on investment and less restrictive coverage than which is offered through their employer

Offering your own discount dental plans opens an entirely new door of opportunities. Patients who avoid going to the dentist can now start fixing their mouths by purchasing a discount dental plan directly from you. It’s truly a win-win situation!

What’s the difference between a discount dental plan and insurance?


A discount dental plan is an agreement between the patient and practice that offers the patient a discount for services in exchange for an annual fee. Offering your own in-house discount dental plan has plenty of benefits for dentists and patients alike. Dentists can set their own discounts, earn a new patient for every sale, and get paid directly for each plan that they sell. Patients get their cleaning and checkups covered for a whole year and experience additional savings to make their dental treatment more attainable. With discount dental plans there are no claims submitted, no pre-approvals, no denials, and no endless paperwork. Please note that discount dental plans must be fair and transparent. There are certain regulations that all discount dental plans must abide by, for instance:

  • Dentists must note that discounts are available for cash-paying patients and they can not be combined with dental insurance
  • Discounts must be realistic
  • Discounts must be clear and they can not be misleading
  • You must honor the actual discounts
  • Your discount dental plan must not create any unnecessary financial risks for your patients

Offering Discount Dental Plans on your Even28 Online Store


There are a few ways to sell your discount dental plans. One option is to send out brochures, display pamphlets in your office, and promote your discount plans internally. Another option is to put your discount dental plans online to get them in front of internet users. You can do this by listing your discount dental plans on your practice website. Of course, this requires a lot of work and is usually not very effective either. A better alternative is to sell your discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store. Selling discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store is simple and effective. We do all the work for you and you get to keep the entire proceeds. Plus, we automatically reach out to patients to renew their membership year-after-year. Let us take care of promoting your discount dental plans and focus on delivering the best dental care possible to your patients. Please note that discount dental plans are only available to Premium Profile members, including Premium, Premium-Plus, and Promoted Accounts. Basic Profile members do not get to list discount dental plans on their online store and they must upgrade their profile.

Different discount dental plan options

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As mentioned above, you are in full control of your discount dental plans. This means that you can set up your discount dental plans any which way you want. You can stick with one discount dental plan or offer an array of different discount plans. We recommend that you offer several different discount dental plans to meet different patient’s needs. Here are a few great discount plan options to consider offering on your Even28 Online Store:

Basic Discount Dental Plan

A basic discount dental plan should include 2 cleanings and exams per year in addition to a small discount on other dental services. Patients who buy the basic plan get their 6-month checkups and cleanings covered, and they also enjoy additional discounts on other basic dental services. The recommended discounts for a basic plan is usually between 5 to 15% off of most dental procedures. You can offer additional discounts on treatments you’d like to highlight as your strengths, such as Invisalign® or porcelain veneers. A basic discount dental plan, like all other discount plans, is good for one calendar year from the date of your patient’s first visit (not the date of purchase).

Premium Discount Dental Plan

Offering a premium discount dental plan is a great way to offer additional discounts to those in need of more extensive dental work. Similar to a basic plan, a premium plan should include 2 dental cleanings and exams per year. However, a premium plan will offer additional discounts on dental services, typically 15 to 25% off of most dental procedures, in exchange for a higher annual premium.

Senior Discount Dental Plan

Offering a senior discount dental plan is a great way of attracting retirees and senior citizens without dental insurance. Senior plans cost more, however, they offer more benefits and steeper discounts. We recommended that your senior discount plan covers 3 dental cleanings a year instead of two, given that most seniors require dental cleanings every 4 months. Additionally, consider extending steeper discounts on treatments such as dentures, implants, and periodontal treatments to help seniors afford quality dental care.

Discount Dental Plan for couples

It’s a good idea to offer additional discounts to those who want to buy a pair of discount plans for their loved ones. We recommend that you offer an additional discount of 5 to 10% to those who buy a pair of discount dental plans for themselves as well as their spouse or loved ones.

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Discount Dental Plans for children

Offering a discount dental plan for children is a great way of attracting moms, dads, and kids to your practice. If you offer pediatric dental care as well as adult care, we highly recommend that you consider offering discount dental plans for children. These discount plans cost slightly less than adult plans. They cover 2 annual checks and cleanings along with additional discounts of on dental care for kids and teenagers.

How do you sell discount dental plans on Even28?

There are a few ways to go about creating your own discount dental plans. One option is to create your own discount dental plan(s), submit them to us, and have us list them online upon approval. If you don’t feel like creating your own discount plans, we can do it for you. Our team will use your Even28 Online Store fees as a reference point and they will automatically generate one or more discount dental plans to fit your practice. Of course, you must approve these discount plans before we list them online. Feel free to make any changes to your discount dental plans to make them work best for you and your patients.

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Ready to offer your own discount dental plans?


Offering your own discount dental plans online is a great way of attracting new patients to your practice. Sure, you can wait for these patients to buy a discount dental plan from a third-party where you don’t see a dime… or you can sell your own discount dental plans online and take control of your own destiny. Here are some other benefits of selling your own discount dental plans directly through your Even28 Online Store:

  • Create customized discount plans that meet your needs as well as that of your patients
  • Earn a new patient with each sale
  • Draw more cash patients to your practice
  • Attract seniors and retirees without dental insurance
  • Customize discount plans to attract the whole family by adding spouses and children
  • Allow patients to research and purchase your discount dental plans directly online
  • Keep the entire proceeds to yourself (minus processing fees)

Ready to start offering your own discount dental plans on your Even28 Online Store? Contact us today at to get started today. Your representative will help you set up one or more discount dental plans, list them online, and start attracting more patients to your practice today.

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