Setting Up Even28 Your Online Store

Creating a successful Even28 Online Store requires some work. Every dental practice is unique in its own way and patient’s needs, demographics, income level, insurance reliance, and expectations, vary from practice to practice.  There are a few key elements to setting up a successful online store. Let’s take a closer look to see how you can set up your online store to best suit your needs as well as you patient’s needs:

Add a few hot deals

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A hot deal is any deal that is priced significantly below what it should cost. We compare your prices to UCR fees (usual, customary, and reasonable) to see which one of your items qualifies as a hot deal. Hot deals come with a logo next to them to help patients recognize that they are indeed a fantastic deal. Here are a few ways you can list a hot deal on your Even28 Online Store:

  • If your neighboring dentists are offering a new patient exam for $99 then offer yours for $59 or even $49
  • If dentists in your area are charging $3,500 to $4,500 for Invisalign® then you should charge $2,500 to make your Invisalign® a hot deal
  • Offer your anterior root canal for $450 or $400 when other dentists in your area are charging $700

The point of offering hot deals is to make a few items stand out on your online store. It’s best to focus on your strengths and offer hot deals on items that best define you and your practice. For example:

Cosmetic dentists

Make your Zoom! or KöR teeth whitening a hot deal. You can also make your porcelain veneer and bonding, or better yet, your smile makeover a hot deal.

Implant dentists

Make your tooth extraction or flipper denture a hot deal. You can make your actual dental implant or all-on-four or overdenture a hot deal.

Orthodontists and GPs with focus on ortho

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Make your retainer or mouthguard a hot deal. You can offer Invisalign® for cheap (and cap the number of clear aligners) or offer Even28 at-home™ to make it a hot deal.

We recommend that you list 3 to 4 hot deals on your online store. It’s best if your hot deals correspond to the areas which you focus on the most. Hot deals are available to both Basic and Premium providers. Our team determines which deals qualify as a hot deal. We would be glad to help you come up with a few strategic hot deal items to strengthen your Even28 Online Store. Contact us at to learn more about hot deals and how they can help you grow your online store.

Optimize your online store

Setting up a successful online store is like playing a game of chest. You need to pay close attention to which items you list and which ones you don’t. You also need to price your items very strategically in order to make your store looking appealing. Sometimes it’s best to leave out more expensive treatments and only list less expensive ones. Other times it’s best to include more expensive treatments and leave out the less costly ones. Here are a few examples of how strategy can come into play when setting up your online store:

Cosmetic dentists

Imagine your looking for more porcelain veneers and your fee is $1,000 per veneer. Say you want to start offering a smile makeover package that comes with 8 porcelain veneers. It might be to your advantage to list the smile makeover deal for $7,000 instead of $8,000. The savings of $1,000 makes your smile makeover stand out and might qualify it as a hot deal. Another way to go about this is to throw in a discounted tooth whitening deal with your porcelain veneer. Say your normal fee for Zoom! tooth whitening is $399 and your porcelain veneer fee is $1,000. You can make a package that includes one porcelain veneer plus Zoom! tooth whitening for $1,199. This offers a savings of $200 when purchased together and makes your combination deal stand out.

Implant dentists

If you’re an expert with dental implants, then you might want to offer tooth extractions on the cheap to attract more implant patients. Extracting a tooth for $150 (excluding wisdom teeth) might not seem like a good idea to most dentists. However, if you’re in a nice area where patients always pay for bone grafts and receive dental implants, then offering an inexpensive tooth extraction is a great way of attracting plenty of dental implant patients to your practice.

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Orthodontists and GPS with focus on ortho

Say your looking for more Invisalign® patients. Your competitors are offering Invisalign® for $4,000 to $5,000 and you want your Invisalign ® deal to stand out. You can list your Invisalign® for $3,000 but cap the number of clear aligners to 10 or 12. You now have a good chance of making your Invisalign® deal a hot deal and makes it stand out in the crowd. Another option is to offer retainers at a great price but leave out your braces and clear aligner fees. A retainer deal for $95 will draw plenty of attention to your online store where many of these patients actually need full ortho treatment. Offering an inexpensive retainer deal is a great way of bringing these patients into your practice where you can sell them Invisalign® or braces.

We usually don’t optimize stores until we have some data on the store’s performance. First, you must set up your online store and enlist a few items. After a few months, assuming your profile is generating enough traffic, we can analyze your online store. We will see which items have received the most clicks and which ones were ignored. We will then make suggestions as to which items should have their prices slashed, which ones should have their prices raised, which items should be removed, and which ones you should keep as they are, and so forth. Contact us today at to learn more about Even28 Online Stores and how to optimize your online store.


Basic, Consult & Complete Store


In order to simplify things, we’ve broken down our online stores into 3 types. Each online store has a different setup, goal, and purpose:

  1. Basic store
  2. Consult store
  3. Complete store

Basic store focuses on bringing in new patients by selling basic treatments like exam & cleaning, teeth whitening services, and custom dental devices. Consult store offers the same items as a basic store in addition to consuls for various dental treatments like Invisalign®, implants, etc. Lastly, complete store lists all sorts of various dental treatments such as filling, crowns, root canals, and so forth. Let’s take a closer look to see how each type of store works:

Basic Even28 Online Store


The goal of a basic store is to attract more new patients to your practice. Therefore, you want to list items that patients look for when searching for a new dentist. Here’s a list of items you should consider listing on your basic Even28 Online Store:

  • Exam, X-rays & regular cleaning: There’s no better way of generating new patients than selling checkups and cleanings online. Offer a new patient package that includes an exam, X-rays, and regular dental cleaning at a price that makes patients move.
  • Teeth whitening services: If you’re looking for more cosmetic dentistry patients then you should definitely list one or more teeth whitening services on your online store. You can list anything from a chair-side professional teeth whitening, to take-home custom trays, to just whitening products such as bleaching gel refills, whitening toothpastes, or peroxide mouthwashes.
  • Custom dental devices: Selling custom dental devices is another excellent way of attracting new patients to your practice. Patients can already buy most of these custom devices directly online from laboratories, so why not offer them on your online store to make them new patients of your practice?

There are a few custom dental devices which you should consider listing on your online store. Here’s a list of some of the most popular custom dental devices:

  • Custom nightguard: Many patients with worn-down teeth or headaches search the internet for a nightguard. Selling custom nightguards online attracts new patients who need extensive dental work, many of whom have great dental insurance as well.
  • Retainers, athletic mouthguards & clear aligner assessment kit: Are you looking to attract more ortho patients to your practice? Then consider listing these items on your online store. Many patients confuse retainers with braces or clear aligners. Offering retainers on your online store can help bring these patients into your dental office where you can sell them ortho treatment. The same goes for athletic mouthguards. Many teenagers and younger adults who need braces or clear aligners shop for a mouthguard online. We also offer a clear aligner assessment kit which you can list on your online store. This item is an exceptional item, in the sense that there is no profit when you sell a clear aligner assessment kit. Instead, you will receive the patient’s dental impressions and contact information which you can use to subsequently sell them on your orthodontic treatments. So, if you’re looking for more ortho patients,  then talk to your representative about listing these items on your Even28 Online Store.
  • Flipper dentures: If you’re looking for more dentures or dental implant patients then consider listing flipper dentures on your online store. Offering a flipper denture online helps attract patients with missing teeth so you can sell them on a more permanent treatment option. A flipper denture, am ss explained clearly to the patient in the items fine prints, is a temporary prosthesis designed to replace one, two, or three missing teeth. Patients who purchase a flipper denture from your online store oftentimes go on to buy a more permanent flexi-denture or dental implants from your practice.
  • Sleep apnea devices: If you treat sleep apnea patients in your practice then you should highly consider listing a sleep apnea device on your online store. One option is to list your least expensive OSA device online and then sell upgrades after the patient comes to your office. Better yet, many medical insurances cover sleep apnea devices so you can use this offer to attract new patients and then bill their medical insurance for more expensive OSA devices. Either way, listing a sleep apnea device on your Even28 Online Store is a great way of attracting more obstructive sleep apnea patients to your practice.

As you can see, the goal of setting up a basic Even28 Online Store is to attract more new patients to your practice. A basic store is ideal for practitioners whose primary interest is attracting more new patients. Talk to your representative to see if a basic store is the right fit for your practice. Your representative will help you come up with a list of items and prices that work for you and your patients. If needed, you can always add or delete treatments or alter prices to optimize your store. Contact us at to set up a basic Even28 Online Store today or click here to fill out our online application today.

Consult Even28 Online Store


A consult store is a basic store with the addition of a few consults. The purpose of a consult store is to attract patients looking for specific dental procedures. Here’s a list of some popular consults you should consider listing on your consult Even28 Online Store:

  • Consult for orthodontics, braces and/or Invisalign®/ clear aligners
  • Consult for silver fillings/ white fillings/ bonding
  • Consult for PFM crowns/ ceramic crowns, inlays & onlays
  • Consult for cosmetic dentistry and/or porcelain veneers/Lumineers®
  • Consult for root canal therapy
  • Consult for tooth extraction and/or wisdom tooth removal
  • Consult for dentures
  • Consult for dental implants, overdentures, all-on-four dental implants
  • Consult for additional dental treatments including sleep apnea device, Botox®, TMJ therapy, sleep dentistry (sedation), pediatric consult, etc.

The goal of selling a consult on your online store is to get in front of patients shopping for specific dental treatments without having to disclose your actual prices. Imagine a patient is looking for ortho treatment on the internet. Most patients start off their search on Google by researching the following search terms:

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  • cost of braces near me
  • how much do braces cost?
  • average price for braces
  • price of clear aligners
  • Invisalign cost near me

As you can see, most searches on Google have something to do with the prices of most treatments. When you list a consult with a specific price, you get matched to these search terms. Otherwise you won’t! Offering consults helps you get in front of patients who are actively shopping for these treatments. By listing your consult fees, you attract patients looking for prices without having to disclose your actual treatment price.

It’s important for us to mention the significance of creating beautiful photo galleries here. Consult stores rely heavily on their photo galleries to sell treatments. In other words, you need to compensate for the lack of exact pricing by creating an appealing profile to complement your online store. This means adding plenty of photos and high-quality reviews and creating procedure-specific pages (for Premium members only). Say for instance that you want to attract more porcelain veneer patients without disclosing the actual price of your porcelain veneers. Start by listing a reasonable price for a “porcelain veneer consult” on your online store. Make sure the consult is appealing where it includes basic stuff like X-rays or maybe a virtual teeth mockup, etc. Then, add tons of before and after photos of your porcelain veneer treatment to your Practice Profile Page. If you are a Premium/Premium-Plus provider, then create a Porcelain Veneer Page as well. Now, patients who are searching for porcelain veneers online, get to see your treatment photos along with the price of your porcelain veneer consult. By creating an attractive Even28 Profile, you can sell porcelain veneers without having to disclose the price of your porcelain veneers. Many patients will end up choosing you over your neighboring dentist, who may have listed a lower price, but doesn’t have the wonderful photo galleries that you have created on your Even28 Profile. Contact us at to learn more about setting up a consult store for your dental practice or click here to fill out our online application.

Complete Even28 Online Store


A complete store is one that offers actual dental services for sale online. You can list all sorts of treatments on your store including fillings, crowns, braces, dentures, even dental implants! Once you get over your shyness of listing your prices online, you will realize that there is no better way to attract patients to your practice than to list clear prices of your actual services. Take control of your destiny by listing your own prices on your online store instead of having dental insurances dictate what you’re allowed to charge your patients. Here’s a list of some popular dental services you should consider when creating a complete Even28 Online Store:

  • Price of braces and/or Invisalign®/ clear aligners
  • Price of silver and/or white fillings and bonding
  • Price of PFM crowns/ceramic crowns, inlays & onlays
  • Price of porcelain veneers/Lumineers®
  • Price of anterior, bicuspid and/or molar root canal therapy
  • Price of tooth extraction and/or wisdom tooth removal
  • Price of dentures
  • Price of dental implants, overdentures, all-on-four dental implants
  • Price of other treatments including sleep apnea device, Botox®, TMJ therapy, sleep dentistry (sedation), etc.

Complete Even28 Online Stores are the most effective type of stores. Listing your actual treatment prices online may sound a bit intimidating at first. Luckily, we all know that there are plenty of ways for dentists to generate additional income once the patients come to your practice. Here are a few examples of how you can use your complete store to attract more patients without while managing to keep your profit margins:

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  • Selling braces and clear aligners: You can add retainers, specialized X-rays, and other orthodontic accessories as add-ons. You can even cap the number of clear aligners and charge for additional ones.
  • Selling fillings: Consider listing silver fillings online and then upgrade patients to white fillings for an additional upgrade fee. You can also offer generic white fillings on your online store and then upgrade patients to inlays and onlays whenever they are required.
  • Selling crowns: List your PFM fees online and then try to upgrade patients to ceramic crowns or brand name crowns like Lava, BruxZir, eMax, etc. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for patients who need to pay for a buildup, post, or crown lengthening procedure in addition to their crown.
  • Selling porcelain veneers/Lumineers©: Upgrade patients to higher-quality (multi-layered) veneers or offer a brand name porcelain veneers (using a high-end laboratory). Offer a smile makeover with 6 porcelain veneers at a bargain price, then add a 7th or 8th porcelain veneer at your standard price whenever required.
  • Root canal therapy: List your anterior root canal price online and then charge additional for bicuspid and molar root canals. Charge patients for unlisted procedures such as specific medications, blocked canals, temporary filling, etc.
  • Tooth extraction and/or wisdom tooth removal: Offer bone grafts to those patients who need one as well as sedation (gas, etc.) to those who ask for it.
  • Dentures: Offer upgraded denture material (flexi-dentures, etc.), upgraded teeth, as well as other possible upgrade options.
  • Dental implants: Offer patients upgraded crowns (ceramic, screw-retained), upgraded abutments (custom or ceramic), or upgraded posts (ceramic implant posts if you do these types of implants).

As you can see, listing your actual prices online is not as difficult as it seems. There are almost always a few additional upgrade options that you can sell to your patients. Plus, most patients have 28 teeth, so there will be more work for you to do aside from the patient’s chief complaint. However, you should be prepared to offer the baseline treatment when patients refuse to purchase additional upgrades. We reserve the right to pull times or close your online store if we receive too many complaints.

Work with your representative to see which items to list on your online store and what prices to start off with. Your representative will work with you to optimize your online store over time to achieve the best possible results. Contact us today to set up your Even28 Online Store. Setting up your Even28 Online Store is free and you only pay a small commission (10-20%) on each item sold. Email us at to learn more,  or click here to fill out our online application today. Don’t waste another minute thinking what your Even28 Online Store would look like and email us today!

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