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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Tuesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Charlena C. from Natrona Heights, PA (Source: Yelp)


I have moved around a bit.  So, I have seen various dentists.  Dr. Hawranko is the best of the best.  Dr. Hawranko puts you at ease.  She also uses advanced technology to thoroughly assess any problem areas. In my case, she found that unseen within an old root canal tooth severe rotting.  The rotting was progressing toward the jaw.  Her skills are exceptional.  Dr. Hawranko works on your teeth with such skill that you relax and trust her expertise.  And her knowledge about teeth, gums and health is enlightening and thoroughly up to date.  Her staff is friendly and very competent.  Michael Mann, office manager is always helpful and very proficient and professional.

Darcy Mautino (Source: Google)


I’ve been going here for about the last 5 years. It’s such a nice office and every single person has always been so kind and welcoming. I actually look forward to my twice annual cleaning! No one is ever pushy (for example, they recommended I get an electric toothbrush, and they let me know I could purchase it from them, but could also get one from another store to save money!) and when I did do an in-office teeth whitening treatment, they had a whitening tray for my teeth made at no cost to me! Truly an office of really great people! I wish all of my doctors offices were like this one!

Byrd Haven Harper (Source: Facebook)


I love that I can ask how much things are and they KNOW exactly how much will be due. I’ve never had that before, and that improves my ability to properly budget other things in my life. I’ll be house buying and I told my family that I refuse to get new dentist because they’re always so amazing. they answer every email, text, and phone call. I love it here.

Shay B. from Pittsburgh, PA (Source: Yelp)


From the moment you walk in the door it is clear the impeccable service is their number goal. Everyone in the office is so welcoming and comforting, from the offering of water at the moment you arrive,  to the level of questions the hygienist ask to ensure you are comfortable. Michael Mann, the business manger was exceptionally notable for gathering additional information on certain cosmetic procedures! I’m very happy to have found this new dentist office !

Julie Struss (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough nice things about this place. The entire staff is kind and compassionate. They were able to squeeze me in for my severe tooth pain and fixed a months long issue that my last dentist had left. I will never go to another dentistry office until they close up shop or I die. Seriously, they are the only dentistry practice that has made me feel comfortable and listened to in my life.

Dustin Butoryak (Source: Google)


Visiting the dentist has always made me QUITE nervous. Despite my fears and nervous fidgeting, the Dentists at Shadyside Place treated me with extreme kindness and unparalleled expertise. They have made me re-evaluate my relationship with the dentist’s office, I cannot speak highly enough of them!

Stephen Weisbrod (Source: Google)


I have been going to see Dr. Bobbie and Dr. Megan for about a year now. I don’t typically review businesses, but I think everyone should give credit where it is due. The level of care the entire staff provides always exceeds my expectations, and everyone always does their best to make you feel at home. The entire staff is always personable, the office is always very clean, and it is well designed (something a lot of dentist and doctors’ offices lack). The pricing is fair, and the management staff always goes above and beyond to make sure they are doing everything they can for you as a customer. The level of the dental work that each doctor has performed has been exceptional. 5/5 on all counts. I am a very satisfied patient.

Rachel Beck (Source: Google)


I just got home from my first visit here and I’m so impressed. The staff was so kind, conversational and welcoming. The level of customer service, care and compassion were so incredible. They were super thorough with everything from the pricing to future visits to what they were doing in the moment. I cannot say enough good things about this business; very highly recommend to anyone looking for a great dentist.

Nabhi Christian Ministries (Source: Google)


DR. Bobbie Hawranko lives up to her reputation as one of the best dentists in the City of Pittsburgh. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to receive a positive dental “experience” with an exceptional dentist. The office is always very clean coupled by a friendly and professional staff. For me, that sets the atmosphere. Dr. Bobbie has strong interpersonal skills, is polite, meticulous and passionate about her craft. She is “called” to the dentistry profession and is endowed with a prominent gift of teaching. Dr. Bobbie actively listens, is patient and is always freely sharing important knowledge on how to maintain and/or improve my health and care in a very clear manner. As a patient who suffers from Systematic Lupus Erythematosus, this means the world to me. I still remember my first appointment with Dr. Bobbie 7 years ago. I lost my smile and was afraid of losing my teeth at age 59. She inspired me with hope. I gained my smile back along with new knowledge on how to care for my teeth that no other dentist had ever shared with me before. I could tell right away that my prayers for a good dentist had been answered. In approximately 7 years of being under Dr. Bobbie’s care, I have never once had a bad experience. I always look forward to my next dental appointments. If anyone is looking for a great dentist, make an appointment with Dr. Bobbie. I guarantee you; I write this review with truth and firm conviction that you too will have an awesome experience with this amazing dentist.

Donovan Ayon (Source: Google)


I have been going to this office for almost two years now and I am very pleased with the care that I have received. I appreciate that they focus on comprehensive care instead of dismissing symptoms or waiting months to treat something that they know will be a problem, without proper treatment. I met the owner, Dr. Bobbie, on my first visit and she gave me a tour of different parts of the office before I left! Though this wasn’t part of my direct treatment, it speaks to the level of service and hospitality they want to provide for their patients. The same sentiment lives with the other doctors, hygienists, and staff members at this location.

Angela Olshansky (Source: Google)


I had a great experience! I hadn’t been to the dentist in 3 years or so, and decided it was time for a check up/ cleaning, and they were as gentle as they could be while cleaning. The dentist and assistant were both very knowledgeable and helpful. I’ll definitely be going back in 6 months for my next cleaning. 🙂

Kia Johns (Source: Google)


They are absolutely amazing. I broke a front tooth at night which let me tell you was beyond painful. Called them in the morning and they had me on the schedule the same day and provided me with a nice quick temporary fix. The office staff was so nice and friendly. The office was super nice, clean and and just a very good atmosphere in general. I would highly recommend them.

Gina Marie (Source: Google)


I’ve lived in quite a few cities in the US, and The Dentists at Shadyside Place is easily one of the most professional and personable dental offices I’ve ever visited. My husband and I selected this office because we wanted medical professionals who would be understanding of our lifestyle (natural and vegan), and we are delighted with the level of service we’ve received.

Austin Rusert (Source: Google)


This dental office is by far one of the best I’ve been to. I felt very welcome as soon as I walked in the door – the staff is both helpful, friendly, and experienced. The office is clean and appointed well. The massage chairs are a nice touch and made my visit much more comfortable. They are also very punctual. I felt very well taken care of and each team member always asked if there was anything else I needed to make my visit better. I highly recommend you consider switching to this office!

Wally G (Source: Google)


I have had very good experiences at both the Shadyside and Mercy locations. Today I got some fillings at the Shadyside location and it was so easy and painless! There are giant windows in the room I had my work done and it was very nice looking at the clouds rather than a popcorn ceiling. The dentists and dental assistants are very friendly and are really good at checking in to make sure you are comfortable. I had a great time today at the dentist!

Dwight G. from Gibsonia, PA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Bobbie Lee Hawranko has been caring for my families dental needs for many years. If there were 6 stars i would give them to her. Caring compassionate skilled dentistry from an amazing individual. You can depend on the most modern dentistry techniques performed by a experienced skilled practitioner. Dwight David Guthrie Gibsonia Pa

Noelle C. from Altamonte Springs, FL (Source: Yelp)


Everything is fabulous. From the office, decor, and most of all the staff–fabulous. For those afraid of going to the dentist, fear not. Not only is the visual atmosphere like that of a spa, but the staff is so reassuring and kind. On call 24/7 solely because they treat you as they would want to be treated. Highly recommended.

Lauren Frank (Source: Facebook)


I had never been to an inviting dental office before, but this is it! Shadyside Place is a beautiful office with such friendly and caring staff. All parts of the dental staff is well informed and actually takes the time to explain what is going on with you, putting the patient in control of their experience! (Not to mention the bottled water while you wait, the back massage chairs, and the neon light tooth sign that make this office more like a swanky experience!) Highly recommend!

Daniel Huettner (Source: Google)


This practice sets the bar. I’ve been going here for 4 years since I moved to PGH and am impressed every time. Extremely friendly, accommodating, and helpful. They are professional and practice above standard of care dentistry. You can tell they really care about their patients and personalize each visit. For example, they refitted my night guard for no additional and took the time made sure it really worked properly, which was game changer. Their office is fresh, modern, and vibrant – which honestly is a rare find on a dental office. I’ve referred numerous friends and colleagues here and they all have felt the same – v impressed. Keep up the good work!

Frankie Embrescia (Source: Google)


The staff and team at The Dentists at Shadyside Place have always provided me and my husband with such amazing care. I needed an emergency root canal and after texting the emergency number, they were able to fit me in within the hour. They are always flexible and willing to work with whatever we have going on. We are so thankful that we found them!

Kenneth Hickey (Source: Google)


Honestly, this was one of my best dental experiences. Laura is one of the best dental hygienist ever! Took her time explaining the x-ray results, cleaning treatment, and things I could do at home to keep a healthy smile. Everyone in the office was kind from the receptionist to the office manager Michael. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Dwight Guthrie (Source: Google)


The absolute finest dentist in the entire state of Pennsylvania is Dr. Bobbi Hawranko. I had multiple dentist because of the mess in my mouth! throughout my life ,until I found this one.. I have been blessed to have been her patient for many years now. Professional ,pleasant. skilled, This modern doctor knows her stuff! You will love her ! and so will your teeth!

Randy Lewis (Source: Google)


We met Dr. Bobbi a few years ago. She has absolutely changed my and my husbands lives. After a life time of bad dental care from other dentist we brought our mess to her. I was told by another well known dental establishment you need to have all of your teeth pulled. My heart sank. I never wanted to go to another Dentist. Dr. Bobbi was recommended to us by my sister. The first time I met her she was very compassionate and she did not judge. I said to her do I have to have all my teeth pulled ? Her replied amazed me. She said absolutely not . She reconstructed my teeth and keep in mind these are my natural teeth just with a makeover. They are beautiful the smile I had in my youth . And my husbands teeth are a true miracle. I wish I could share before and after photos to prove to you what I am saying is true. Please believe me if you have lost all hope or if you just want a compassionate wonderful caring Dentist go see Dr. Bobbi Hawranko. Kathleen Lewis Pittsburgh, PA

William Cumberledge (Source: Google)


I have been with “Dr. Bobbie” since her days with North Pointe Dental Associates…the small office! This goes back well over twenty years. We found her because she was the only dentist at the time who could get my wife’s mouth numb. I’m reading a lot of reviews that are upset about the wait times. I understand. A person’s time is their most valuable resource. However, you’re waiting because she is in high demand. She’s world renowned for her environmental approach and advancements in dentistry. Her knowledge is immeasurable and her skill unmatched. I had a root canal yesterday, the second time she’s performed the procedure on me. Both times I barely felt a thing. I waited a long time to be seen as this was an emergency call, but I gladly would have waited all day to see her. I’m not hurting nearly as bad as I was a couple days ago. But these statements do not even begin to do her justice. For as extraordinary as she may be as a dentist, she is even more outstanding as a person. I have never met a health care professional with the same bedside/chairside manner as Dr. Hawranko. She has taken care of my family for two decades. She has seen my older two children grow up. She has always taken a personal interest in our lives. I’ve read some reviews concerning rude, arrogant doctors there. I’ll admit in the last 4 years I’ve encountered one or two. Funny thing is, they’re no longer with the practice. And I challenge anyone who would say this about Dr. Bobbie. It is one thing to find a highly skilled, knowledgeable doctor. It’s another to find a doctor with a calm, warm, caring demeanor. It is all the more special when you have the good fortune to find both traits in the same human being. The woman is an absolute treasure. If you need something, carve out the time and go see her. She’s worth the wait.

Tessa Zindren (Source: Google)


I’ve been going here for about 3 years now and I would highly recommend the Dentists at Shadyside Place. I had a tooth infection a few weeks ago and they brought me in for a check-up quickly. I had a root canal the same week and haven’t had a problem since. I appreciate how concerned they were about my issue and how pleasant everyone working there is.

Joel Holc (Source: Google)


I just want to say thank you and to let you know how thankful I am that you are part of my life journey, you are extremely kind person big heart and loving , I am so blessed that I am in the receiving end of that energy, hopefully God willing one day I would be able to repay you, Thank you for taking care of my physical well-being(letting me have healthy teeth and grams and great smile) And willing to support me through my journey on the eggeShell effect project Thank you Very much Much love Joel