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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:


Clear aligners


Comprehensive orthodontics

Space maintainers

Palatal expanders


Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


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Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

K L. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Excellent results, and a very pleasant experience throughout! Not what I expected for adult braces: I figured it’d be quite UNpleasant. But Dr. Shefferman is a true artist, in that he feels personal pride in getting the best possible results, and he ALWAYS listens to what I as the patient was experiencing and how I wanted the final result to be. The pricing is all up front and comprehensive, and despite a couple detours in my case there were never any add-ons; this just adds to the sense of comfort, confidence, and excellence. The staff is amazing, thoroughly competent while also being thoroughly kind. I never felt rushed, but never had a wait for my appointment (even when I was late, I barely had to wait!). My teeth look great, and my oral health is great too! Can’t recommend Dr. Shefferman and his practice highly enough.

Liz Conforti (Source: Google)


Dr. Shefferman is a very caring orthodontist that takes the extra time needed to make sure his patients are well-informed and taken care of. He does this at every visit and his team is the nicest around. They always greet with a smile and help at every visit. I highly recommend Dr. Shefferman and his team for your orthodontic care!

Larry G Webb (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Shefferman is very professional and knowledgeable, but more importantly has a great demeanor. I appreciate that each and every step of the process was explained to me. His staff is great and has created a friendly warm environment. Thanks for making this process so easy.

Jane L. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I’m nearly finished with my treatment plan with Dr. Shefferman. I opted to do the Invisalign. It was expensive to say the least but the end results have been well worth the time and money. I get so many compliments on my smile and I feel more confident and comfortable with my ‘new’ smile. The staff is courteous and polite without exception. I appreciate they always greet me by name as I come in the door. Dr. Shefferman is very personable and never rushed me through any conversations regarding my treatment plan. He was detailed and truthful about what to expect. I highly recommend Dr. Shefferman and his highly trained and competent staff for any and all orthodontic work.

Lisa Cohen (Source: Google)


I am an adult with ongoing TMJ discomfort. One dentist had recommended getting every single tooth (!) on my bottom jaw capped to adjust my bite to rid me of the issue. When I went to Dr. Shefferman for a second opinion he proposed a much less-invasive approach. Through use of retainers, including a night-guard, in about six months my bite has re-set and I only need to continue with the night-guard. I am hugely grateful to Dr. Shefferman for his wisdom, vision and gentle approach.

Laura O. from Takoma Park, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shefferman was recommended to me by a neighbor, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the Invisalign experience I had. He was always professional and friendly, and I appreciated being given the option to have the Invisalign attachments removed shortly before my wedding, and then replaced when I returned from my honeymoon a couple of weeks later. I would recommend Dr. Shefferman to friends and family without reservation. The office staff welcomed me from very start, and were consistently warm and friendly, as well as efficient, throughout my treatment. I’ve never been one to have qualms about having dental work done, but the smoothness of the whole process of straightening my crowded teeth is a credit to Dr. Shefferman and his team.

Yun J. from Gaithersburg, MD (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shefferman is the best orthodontist in Washington DC. That is for sure. I had great experience with him; it is not only his best technology, caring the patients, but also his amazing innovative. He helped me saved huge amount money! Couple years ago, I planned to implant two teethes for my lower right, and I also would like to have the braces for my lower teethes. Dr. Shefferman made a great plan and told me that he can drag my wisdom tooth to fill the space and I need only one implant. Now I just finished my braces and the wisdom tooth is also dragged in the place. Everything looks perfect! I really appreciate Dr. Shefferman’s creative work!

Julie Yelle (Source: Google)


Dr. Shefferman was recommended to me by a friend as absolutely top-notch. My own experience confirmed that to be the case. I could not have made a better choice. Dr. Shefferman and his team are professional, highly skilled, and particularly sensitive to the needs of adult patients.

Laura Otolski (Source: Google)


Dr. Shefferman was recommended to me by a neighbor, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the Invisalign experience I had. He was always professional and friendly, and I appreciated being given the option to have the Invisalign attachments removed shortly before my wedding, and then replaced when I returned from my honeymoon a couple of weeks later. I would recommend Dr. Shefferman to friends and family without reservation. The office staff welcomed me from very start, and were consistently warm and friendly, as well as efficient, throughout my treatment. I’ve never been one to have qualms about having dental work done, but the smoothness of the whole process of straightening my crowded teeth is a credit to Dr. Shefferman and his team.

Diane F. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I’m not usually one to write reviews, but we are very happy with this ortohdontist. We started at Dr. Sheffermans office years ago with our oldest child and now are working on our 3rd and 4th sets of braces. All our kids very much need(ed) braces. 2 of them are now finished and their teeth and smiles LOOK GREAT!!!!. I think each took about 18 months or so, retaniers, then braces. I have asked around and Dr. Sheffermans braces are competativly prices (mind you braces are not cheap, but necessary). They give a discount if you pay 100% upfront, but give other payment options as well. We are starting on our 3rd daughters braces any day now.. she really needs them, and we are so happy we have someone who does a great job. The office/waitroom is very welcoming with lots to read and toys for younger kids. The folks who work there are very professional and paitent. I very much reccomend Dr. Shefferman

Haijian S. from Albany, CA (Source: Yelp)


I barely wrote reviews but I felt I am compelled to write one this time. Dr. Shefferman is very patient, easy going, and very professional in achieving the results that he promised (he does not over-promise). I hesitated to go there in the beginning because he charges some dollars for the initial consulting, which most others would waive. But I am glad that I did it because I eventually went there and started my treatment. The results were nothing less than what I expected. I went through some challenges (not due to Dr. Shefferman but because of the oral surgeon) during the 2-year process but it all worked out fine.  I also highly recommend Marie as Dr. Shefferman’s assistant. She is super nice and really good at the dental work including replacing the wires and brackets etc.  Now I am bring in my kids there for the initial assessment and future orthodontics because I have trust in them.

Sheena (Source: Google)


Dr. Shefferman and his staff provide amazing orthodontic care. I highly recommend him not just for kids but adults who are considering braces also. I am 31 and braces are one of the best choices I’ve ever made for myself. If you want excellent results for your teeth and friendly service, this is where you want to go.

Vonetta Y. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I transferred my braces treatment to Dr. Shefferman after I moved from NYC last year. I had consultations with a couple of other orthos before deciding to go with Shefferman because the treatment period was shorter, he said my bite was fine (it is–rubberbands seem like the worst things ever), and the location of his office was super easy to get to. He was a little bit more expensive than the others, but it was worth it to me to pay the premium for his expertise. Ten months on the nose, my braces were off and I couldn’t be happier. The staff at Dr. Shefferman’s office is really friendly, too. It was almost a joy to go, except for the fact that braces are painful. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Shefferman and co more!

Dee B. from Lubbock, TX (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shefferman’s office is warm and welcoming! He and his office staff are just as warm and welcoming as well as prompt,courteous and friendly. He is very good with children and patient. He explains everything thoroughly to ease any anxiety that might arise from a dental visit. We were worked in the next day and from out of town and they were incredible. Highly recommend them!

Esther K. from Alexandria, VA (Source: Yelp)


I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shefferman and his team for my Invisalign treatment, and strongly recommend him to anyone needing orthodontic work. He and his team are friendly and welcoming, and always stay on track with their appointments–I was always seated in the examination chair within a few minutes arriving. They are true professionals. I started off with very crooked bottom teeth and am so pleased with the results and my new smile! If Invisalign is something you have thought about but have been unsure about, just go in and get a consultation. Dr. Shefferman will assess your teeth and structure, and let you know if you can get the results you are looking for through Invisalign treatment. I had won a Martha Stewart Weddings contest to receive complimentary Invisalign treatment to help me get my smile picture perfect for my wedding day. If you would like to see my Invisalign story, check this video out:

Lynne Faulkner Nelson (Source: Facebook)


Miracles have been performed with my ancient overbite, TMJ and shifting teeth! Am most appreciative of the professional care and information Dr. Shefferman and his kind staff shared at every appointment. Thank you, thank you!

Craig W. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I visited Dr. Shefferman for a consultation and was absolutely blown away with the quality of the service from his staff, and most importantly, from Dr. Shefferman himself.  He took a tremendous amount of time to review all aspects of my oral health, explain the issues, explain his approach to my proposed orthodontic treatment, and explain in clear, simple, and specific terms how his approach could remediate my specific oral health related issues.  Anyone considering orthodontic treatment, especially as an adult with specific orthodontic health concerns, should visit Dr. Shefferman!

Avner Skolnik (Source: Google)


Dr. Shefferman practically “raised” our kids giving them beautiful smiles. We started working with him from the time our children were at middle school all thorough high-school. We live in Bethesda, and we felt that the trips to DC were worthwhile based the professionalism of the DR. and the results we got. One important thing to mention that at times Dr. Shefferman recommended that we delay treatment start dates or chose methods that brought less money to his practice even though we were ready to start those treatments based on other recommendation. To us it was clear that his soul is in the practice, that he truly cared and it wasn’t about the money – how rare and refreshing! The results: Two kids with beautiful smiles and happy parents with some extra cash lefty for college tuition… Thank you!

Suzanne Penna (Source: Google)


What a wonderful experience! I was visiting family in DC, and my 10-year old daughter lost a tooth, but it was stuck on the wire in her braces. I found Dr. Shefferman’s office online., They saw us same day, on a holiday, when they weren’t officially seeing patients- even though she wasn’t a patient of his. He and his staff were so kind to my very worried daughter and did an excellent job. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Terri H. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I am almost finished with my treatments for Invisalign with Dr. Shefferman. I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Shefferman is personable and knowledgeable. Throughout the course of my treatment I never doubted that I was in the hands of a very competent and caring orthodontist. The staff work well together and are very professional as well. It’s easy to schedule appointments and Dr. Shefferman is punctual to see you at your appointment time.  I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Shefferman to family and friends. Two thumbs up to Dr. Shefferman and staff!

Julia Zhu (Source: Google)


Dr. Shefferman is an excellent orthodontist. He’s very detail oriented and was good at explaining things and answering all my questions. He also has board certification which I found out is not something that all orthodontists have. Wonderful staff as well. I’m very happy with his work and would definitely recommend!

George Pintarch (Source: Facebook)


On a school field trip to DC from Hershey Pa, and my daughters braces broke and we’re digging into her cheek. I quick googled orthodontists near me and Shefferman Orthodontics came up. I called and explained the situation to them and they told me to bring my daughter in ASAP. We showed up and Dr. Shefferman and his staff was more than accommodating and super friendly. They fixed my daughters braces and got us on our way. It wasn’t just the great customer service but it was also how they made us feel welcomed. The office setting was awesome, even the train on the wall that went through the walls from room to room. If your ever in the area and are in need of a very professional Orthodontist and staff look this place up. Thanks again Dr, Shefferman and staff!

Zauresh Kezheneva (Source: Google)


In short, excellent and efficient service and I am very grateful for the flexibility to accommodate a patient from a different practice! I’ve just had an emergency with my braces and my regular ortho’s office is closed for the whole week. After a few calls to different practices in the area, I got an appointment with Shefferman Orthodontics within the next hour. They promptly fixed the wire in the brace, without much of the paperwork hassle and free of charge!

John De Carlo (Source: Google)


My orthodontic treatment at Dr. Shefferman’s office was great! Very welcoming, friendly and attentive staff plus Dr. Sheff always informs you of different options regarding any treatment before, during and after visits. I’m the type of patient who asks a million questions and I can confidently say that Dr. Sheff takes the extra time out of his schedule to answer them to the fullest. It makes all the difference when you know you can trust your doc!

Holly H. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shefferman is a fantastic Orthodontist. He is extremely personable, attentive and reasonably priced. His service was outstanding. We switched to him mid treatment, because we were not happy with our other provider. My son loved him, and was more compliant because Dr. Shefferman explained things well. We ended up finishing treatment ahead of time, and my son could not be happier. The office staff was kind and helpful, and they were easy to work with. I highly recommend this practice!

Marisa C. from Pittsburgh, PA (Source: Yelp)


I was stuck in DC when my bracket broke and I needed it removed.  I called three different places before I called Dr. Shefferman’s office.  The other offices refused to see me.  I’m very grateful that Dr. Shefferman’s took the time out of his busy day to attend to me.  They were able to see me immediately and were able to remove the bracket without a problem.  The staff was extremely friendly and everyone was really helpful.  I’m glad I found them and called as I wasn’t going to head home for a few days yet. Thanks to everyone in the office.  I would recommend them to everyone.

Jamie A. from Fayetteville, AR (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shefferman was recommended to us for our then 8 yr old son’s ongoing orthodontic care on our return to the DC area from Europe. We are sure glad that we chose him. He and his staff were professional, pleasant to deal with, and the value was exceptional. As Arlington residents, we were initially leery of driving into the district and were keen to see someone in Virginia….thinking that it would be cheaper and more convenient. Boy, were we wrong! After checking around NoVA and DC, we became convinced that Dr. Shefferman was the right choice. Over the past 24 months, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Our son had a severe jet bite that was corrected and his mouth looks fantastic!! The prices are highly competitive and the results speak for themselves. Dr. Shefferman is dedicated to his patients and our son really liked him. You know, in the end, it’s the little things that make the difference, and Dr. Shefferman and staff always made us feel at home and were accommodating to us and our busy schedules. The most pleasant transaction/business decision in all of our dealings in the DC area!!

Mackenzie C. from Fairfax, VA (Source: Yelp)


I just left my second visit with Dr. Shefferman.  He and his office staff perfectly run that fine line between professional and warm-hearted.  Dr. Shefferman has one of the best bed-side manners that I have experienced with an orthodontist, and the child inside of me enjoys the choo-choo train that runs along the ceiling of the office.  All of this makes a generally uncomfortable experience otherwise enjoyable.  And his prices seem fair (my only experience is ortho cost in the midwest and he is comparable with that area).   I highly recommend him if you are in need of an orthodontist.

Mike Cash (Source: Google)


Dear Dr. Shefferman and Staff: I am just writing to thank you all for your attentiveness to my orthodontic needs over the past couple years. Dr. Shefferman, your attention to detail and thoroughness were exactly what I was looking for. I came to your office hoping to solve a difficult problem with my bite and you were able to make life much better for me by getting my teeth to touch in the back and I don’t think I’ve ever received such attentive care from another doctor. Also, the office staff is super-friendly and helpful. I have zero complaints and give you all my highest possible rating.

Brian Banks (Source: Google)


I was extremely happy with the entire experience with Dr. Shefferman and all the staff. My situation was complex, and took a longer than usual amount of time, as Dr. Shefferman worked to pull impacted teeth that were unexposed in the roof of my mouth. This allowed me to preserve my real teeth and give me a result that I love. The doctor always provided timelines for progress and adjustments, helping me to understand the process. I will bring my children to Dr. Shefferman when the time comes and they need braces (assuming they have my dental genetics). I would recommend Dr. Shefferman to anyone. His practice seems to be a mix of adult (like myself) and child orthodontics. His location probably has an adult bias, as it is in the city and convenient for appointments during the workday. The dental technicians, Marie, Leslie, Kaylee are very friendly and highly competent. IT is clear that Dr Shefferman spends time working with the technicians to ensure that they are learning and delivering the best service. While I’m happy to have my braces off, I will miss my monthly visits with the Shefferman “family.”

Jada W. from Suitland, MD (Source: Yelp)


I am writing to express my immense gratification for the amazing orthodontic work you performed on my smile starting in 2012 and continuing to this very day four years later. I came to see you after a Google search for “best orthodontist in Washington, DC” – you were the first and only orthodontist that I visited for a consultation. I was convinced immediately that you could handle my orthodontic issues by your informational consultation and the benevolent staff of Shefferman Orthodontics (I absolutely love Marie – she is the best!). I came to you at the ripe age of 35 with a pronounced diastema (a space or gap between two teeth) located between my front upper teeth and smaller ones between my lower teeth. I never liked having a gap between my front two teeth; it has always been a cause of embarrassment and dismay for me even though I have always been told that I was attractive and that the gap “fit me”. I choose to be fitted with metal braces that had clear brackets on the front upper and lower teeth although you gave me the option to choose Invisalign if I wanted a less noticeable solution. To address my fears about my gap opening back up after removal of my braces, you also decided to install a permanent retainer behind my upper front teeth. The 22 months that I was treated were a breeze! I had very little discomfort, reassuring visits and affordable payment options. I actually kind of miss my braces sometimes. I am also very satisfied with the aftercare you provided me (included in the price of the orthodontic treatment) – I have made consistent 6 month visits since December of 2014 and you have only recently released me once you were confident that my smile was stable. I am a changed woman – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new smile! I honestly feel as though now I am who I was meant to be and my smile looks how it was meant to look. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who wants a perfected smile to trust Dr. Shefferman and his staff!

Gelsey B. from Washington, DC (Source: Yelp)


I just finished my orthodontics treatment with Dr. Shefferman and I definitely recommend him to other patients. I wore Invisalign for 14 months and I’m so happy with the results! Dr. Shefferman was very honest in terms of expectations (length of treatment, effects on my overbite, etc.). I feel like I entered the treatment having a good amount of information and proper/realistic expectations. Dr. Shfferman is very nice, pleasant, knowledgeable, and a true professional. His team is amazing! They are friendly and very caring. Finding appointment times that work with my work schedule was not hard and they were very accommodating with my busy travel schedule. Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my treatment and with the service provided by Dr. Shefferman and his team. Worth every penny!

Karen George (Source: Facebook)


Dr. Shefferman is a rare find doctor who truly cares about his patients like they were his own family member. He is an honest and compassionate doctor who has always communicated well with my team of doctors throughout the years of my countless TMJ surgeries. Dr. Shefferman’s witty personality and fun office atmosphere puts his patients at ease. His staff also deserves a 5 star rating since they all work together as a team to ensure each patient has the best possible experience. Even though I look forward to the day my ortho treatment ends, I must say it will also be a little sad to not see Dr. Shefferman and his amazing staff every month.

Max Shteinman (Source: Google)


What a true professional. We were on a trip in DC when a string from my daughter braces came of and hurt inside of her cheek. Dr. Shefferman and his staff welcomed us without appointment and fixed the problem in no time, allowing us to continue the trip. Thank you Dr. Shefferman!

Liz C. from Washington D.C., DC (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shefferman and Team are always really great– attentive, caring, friendly, and fun! I never thought visiting the Orthodontist could become a fun and friendly visit every 6 weeks. I always appreciate the care that Dr. Shefferman and Team puts into every visit. I think the price is fair for such a clean and professional environment with what I believe is the best orthodontic tools. I also really appreciate the goodies bag after I got my braces removed! That was really cute. And they always have fun games for kids– raffles, trivia, etc. with really nice prizes. I highly recommend this office if you are in DC and in need of orthodontic remedies. The only con I can think of is the occasional wait, but it’s never terrible, and they are always so apologetic about it!