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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 7:30 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

William H. from Williamsburg, VA (Source: Yelp)


What a fantastic experience we had at Solid Bite! My husband(a dentist with over 55 years experience) and I recently completed our dental care with Dr Lee Sheldon, Dr Matt Sheldon and Dr Furtado and their wonderful hygienists and dental assistants and office staff. The staff was so professional, knowledgeable and very friendly and welcoming. The office stays up-to-date with the newest equipment and technology. From a dentist’s perspective, the quality of care was outstanding. The crowns were well contoured and the margins and occlusion were perfect. We would highly recommend this office for your dental needs!

Lizz Braselton (Source: Google)


Wonderful experience…I had never had xrays done so fast and painless as how Jill skilled…but also so nice, fun and caring. Dr. Sheldon took so much time with me explaining and giving me options to make decisions on my dental care. Dr. Sheldon was funny and goofy…everyone in the office made me feel welcome. I look forward to future visits for my dental journey.

Celeste Ratteray (Source: Facebook)


When you’re faced with having to go to the dentist. Your heart starts to race, your brow starts to sweat and sheer panic sets in. But let me reassure everyone go to Dr. Matt Sheldon. What a wonderful personable staff: to be in his care and along with his personable staff: Stephanie, Katie, Tasha and Jennifer. I am giving all of you a five-star. I left your office with the biggest smile and such wonderful memories. This dental experience was awesome. I received Special Care, great price and same day service. I was even offered tea and water. And even asked me while waiting for the dentist in the room what music would I like to listen to. It doesn’t get better than this. Thank you everyone for making me feel so special. Mrs. Celeste Ratteray-Jones

Lee K. from Grant Vlkria, FL (Source: Yelp)


I have been going to Dr. Sheldon for over 10 years for my periodontal work.  He and his staff are the very best in Brevard county – this is why he has won the Florida Today award so many years in a row.  He and his staff are very caring and friendly and if something doesn’t need fixing – he won’t do it (example – root canal).  I recommend him highly!

Misty _ (Source: Google)


I’m having surgery at the end of this week. I’ve never had any procedures done on my mouth, I was super nervous at my first consult, and they made me feel a lot better! The staff has been so nice, and they have helped me get answers to any question I have had thus far! I know I will be in good hands! Thank you to everyone one at the office for making me feel comfortable!! Y’all are the real MVPs. I’m most nervous about recovery, but they prepared me as much as possible! I trust they will get my gums healthy again!

Cory J. from Melbourne, FL (Source: Yelp)


Many healthy and balanced people dislike seeing the dentist. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder, and an allergy to the sun and/or intense light (like a dental procedure lamp) and to say that going to the dentist is my least favorite thing to do is saying something. Due to an auto-immune disease and lack of proper dental hygiene I was in need of a full upper denture or implant. Despite the cost difference (which was competitive with other implant offices), I chose implants because of the much greater quality of life and appearance associated with implants and because of Dr. Sheldon. Dr. Sheldon went out of his way to be as gentle as super-humanly possible, was reassuring and highly personable, and made sure that every square inch of my face and neck were securely covered during extractions, fillings, and the implant surgery regardless of who was doing the work. During the other visits (there are many associated with implant prep and followup) they didn’t even use the overhead light, opting to use a head mounted light instead. Dr. Sheldon, Dr. Matt Sheldon, and Dr. Furtado (who have all participated in my treatment) and their entire office are so friendly it honestly feels out of place in today’s society. They are all so incredibly caring and responsive to the needs of their patients that I have had no fear of going to my appointments. Even the 1st appointment wasn’t as bad as with previous dentists because Dr. Sheldon spoke to me over the phone about my fears and concerns and his demeanor was such that I truly was less stressed for that 1st appointment. Their work is impeccable, they are friendlier than an evangelical mid-western church on Easter, and well…they’re just awesome. I can not recommend the dentists and staff of Solid Bite enough. On a scale of 1-10 they are a 15.

Christy B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


Customer Service Review of Danielle: 5-Stars! I was calling from out of state to help my niece with a dental emergency. Unfortunately their office doesn’t do root canals so she couldn’t get help with that but Danielle was SO kind & patient and tried her best to find a solution ultimately helping with a couple of referrals. Based on her care, knowledge and patience if I was local I would definitely be going to this office.

Laura Oconnell (Source: Google)


Pleasant staff, excellent workmanship, explains things Thoroughly, doesn’t upsell but tells you the facts So you can make your own decision. The price is higher than most dentists I’ve talked to But worth the extra money in My opinion. The money you pay extra will save you from having problems down the road which ends up saving your money so it’s more than just a wash. They get my vote for best dentist in the area!

Maria Simons (Source: Google)


Since the first time I called the office I was treated with care, patience and friendliness. They answered all my concerns and they explained all the process until my appointment date. I received my package via email and through my mailbox. Days after I received a call from Dr. Sheldon which I was surprised but still expecting it. I have never received a call from my dentist before. He was so easy to talk to and very sweet. At my arrival to the office the staff was very friendly and helpful. I was attended in less then 15 minutes for the testing. Joy did my comprehensive test of x-ray and ct- scan which was amazing experience. She was wonderful to talk to about my concerns and very caring and knowledgeable. My best two hours spent in a dentist office, learning and hearing all the options to improve my dental health. Dr Sheldon was amazing, I felt the care, the knowledge and years of experience he have. I felt very comfortable. I want thank the staff and Dr Sheldon for they’re care and there time. Thank you.

Gisela Kelly (Source: Google)


Today was my first visit/consultation, for someone that is terrified of anything to do with a dentist, I was very at ease and actually quite happy with my visit. The staff is amazing, I had the pleasure of dealing with Jill and she was friendly and very knowledgeable. She is the perfect person to deal with patients. Then I found Joy, literally, she’s very easy going, easy to talk to and very gentle as she proceeded to do all the x-rays. Explained everything and took the time to listen to my somewhat nervous talk. Last but not least was Dr Lee Sheldon, what a wonderful. Took the time to talk to me and actually listened to me, and have me great advice for a matter to do with my husband. I can’t remember the last time I was so happy to have visited a doctor’s office specially a dentist. I give you all a 10 out of 10.

John David (Source: Google)


It certainly is refreshing and unexpected to find a dentist that so obviously enjoys what he is doing. Not only is Lee, Dr. Sheldon, a very personable individual the whole staff I’ve meet is also. They made my initial visit a pleasant one I feel that they will take good care of my dental journey back to a healthy mouth and smile! I give them a whole heartily a 5 star rating.

Karen Morris (Source: Google)


If you’re afraid of the dentist then this is the place to go. I’m beyond terrified just to walk in a dentists office Here you are greeted when you walk in and everyone is super nice I can’t remember anyone’s names Bc of the fear but let me tell ya you are put at ease almost immediately. The lady who took my X-rays I can’t thank her enough for being so kind and the dr I met with OMG. He’s kind funny jokes with you. I’ve never ever felt so comfortable at a dentist office. So if you need a dentist or have fear like I do I’m telling you this is the place to go to. For me I’ve waited so long that I can’t afford to have my work done but that’s something I have to live with. So don’t be me get in their and get your teeth fixed and get your smile back You won’t regret it

Russ Moutsatsos (Source: Google)


I am a 56 year old man and have hated the dentist since…forever. Feared might be a better word. I had some bad experiences with some dentists in the past. With multiple teeth missing, a missing crown and a newly cracked tooth, it was time to finally do something about it. I looked at reviews and called around to check on implants. From my first phone call to Dr. Sheldons office, I knew this was the place. They put me at ease and really made me feel welcomed. It was a long process with lots of appointments and procedures. Every doctor, assistant, hygienist and office person working for Dr. Sheldon was amazing! Whoever manages these people is really amazing. I can’t believe that I have a mouthful of teeth and after about twenty years of suffering, I can eat whatever I want…and most of all, and this is HUGE, because of their knowledge, kindness and patience, I am no longer afraid of the dentist. Well, not this dentist. I already have a cleaning scheduled and will be returning every six months with no butterflies in my stomach. I can’t say enough kind words about the entire staff. Just a huge THANK YOU!

P.J. Hommick (Source: Google)


I needed several steps through this process of fixing my smile and from the very beginning its been exceptional. Every single person from the surgeons to reception has been excellent. They go above and beyond to make sure your 100% satisfied. A wonderful facility and wonderful people. You will never want to go anywhere else. Period.

Helen Hunter (Source: Google)


Fantastic experience! My husband (a dentist with over 55 years experience) and I just completed our dental care at Solid Bite. Everyone we came in contact with was super friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. From a dentist’s perspective, the quality of care was outstanding! The crowns were well contoured and margins and occlusion were perfect. We highly recommend this dental practice!

Kylie Salmela (Source: Facebook)


Absolutely love this place. I can tell for a fact the staff and Dr. Sheldon love what they do. They’re honest, truthful, and you don’t find ethics in a place now a days but you can here. They make you feel comfortable before proceeding any kind of treatment or dental work. They seem so educated and knowledgable about what they are doing, and they never fail to let you know what they are going to do with you and walk you through every step. It’s affordable, and Dr. Sheldon was truly and passionately involved with what he was doing.

Christine LaRiccia (Source: Google)


DR. Sheldon and his Staff are very knowledgeable and professional. During my first visit I received X-Rays and CT Scan of my Teeth. During those procedures Radiologist Laura clearly explained each step of the process. Once complete she escorted me to a private examination room where she not only posted my diagnosed results on an overhead screen but also explained what my diagnostic studies indicated. Once Laura was completed, Dr. Sheldon entered the room, introduced himself, reviewed both X-Ray and CT Scan results, examined my mouth, further described my radiologic X-Rays/CT Scan results and answered any questions I asked. I highly recommend Dr. Sheldon and his Staff!

Allen E (Source: Google)


Since I’ve had 2 prior dental implants from a periodontist in another state, I knew the current pain I was experiencing was probably due to an infected tooth. I googled periodontist in Melbourne, FL and Dr. Sheldon’s practice showed up. After reading the great reviews, I called the number listed and a very professional and kind person (Jennifer) answered and said she didn’t have any immediate appointments, but she would call me soonest and see if she could find something quickly. Within 15 minutes, she called me back with an appointment in two days. Needless to say, I was very thankful. Jennifer sent me an email and I was able to fill out and submit all the necessary forms online which streamlined the process. Fast forward two days to my evaluation. It was early in the morning (7 am) , which I happen to prefer. I quickly discovered that this office is highly courteous and efficient. I thought that maybe one or two staff members would be there that early, but it seemed like the entire staff was already working. Joy, who has 20 years experience taking X-rays and educating patients, took a wide range of films and displayed my whole mouth on a giant screen. I felt at ease talking to her knowing she was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and helpful. I could tell she really cares about the patient. Shortly thereafter Dr. Sheldon did a thorough periodontal examination and showed and explained everything to me. Because of the detail of the CT scan, I could clearly see the problem he was talking about. He carefully explained all my options and gave me the choice to select what I thought the best option would be for me. I was extremely impressed with the knowledge, skill, and personable nature of Dr. Sheldon. We arrived at a decision and then Joy escorted me to another room to explain the cost and the details of what would happen next. Joy made sure to answer all my questions and made the whole process easy and pleasant. I also thought the cost of the procedure was reasonable because I had another estimate to compare it to. Next the person in charge of dental surgery, Courtenay, came in and explained what would happen on the day of surgery and all the things I would need to do before and after. She was able to schedule my surgery within 2 days which was a tremendous relief. I was amazed at all of the detailed things that they have thought of to make the surgery successful. Dr. Sheldon’s office is at the fore-front of innovation and technology. Courtenay is another tremendous professional that I felt really cares about me and my treatment plan. I am confident that I will get the best implant surgery and after-care possible thanks to all the time, effort, and care that Dr. Sheldon’s team devotes to their patients.

Selene Pennington (Source: Google)


What a great experience all around! Staff was very friendly and welcoming, and Jill was a complete pleasure with an awesome personality! Dr. Sheldon was very attentive and quite witty! I will definitely be making them my go too for all my dental needs. Your office and staff are very caring and will tell all my friends! Your office ROCKS! Selene Pennington

Frank C. from Palm Shores, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Matthew Sheldon is the best dentist that I ever had work on my teeth. He is very professional and discusses every facet of the work to be performed. Dr. Sheldon has a great personality and makes me, as a patient, relax and feel much more comfortable throughout the entire procedure. My dental appointment was for 3 hours to get as much work done as possible in one visit. While I was skeptical about doing so much all at once, it worked out very well. Rather than break up the dental work to be performed into 2 to 3 visits, I got it all done painlessly in one sitting which included the installation of the temporary crowns. I have the permanent crowns installed now and everything went smoothly and they fit perfectly. Great job. Also, I had a thorough teeth cleaning at the office. I would say this was the most thorough teeth cleaning I ever had (and I have them regularly at 6 month intervals). Dr. Matt Sheldon is a perfectionist and does great work. All that and a great personality too. If you have any apprehensions about going to the dentist, you will soon lose any reservations once you meet Dr. Matthew Sheldon. Dr. Frank C.

Bill B. from Canaveral As, FL (Source: Yelp)


70 year old who had neglected my teeth for years until I had to do something. I visited several dentists including my new general dentist who recommended implants and one who wanted to pull all remaining teeth and put in dentures. I opted for implants. I visited Dr Sheldon as he was close to me, had a $79 evaluation but he was not a preferred provider in my insurance plan. He gave me several options including one to avoid a sinus lift that all the other evaluations recommended.  I chose Dr Sheldon based on this option. They had all the technology and made me feel comfortable with this decision.  5 implants later which were extremely painless by the way I now have a functional smile. Bear in mind they are about 50% more expensive than all the other dentists I saw but I am extremely happy with the results. Not sure they were diligent with filing with my insurance company though. Matt Sheldon was a joy to work with and Dr Furtado who actually did the implants was exceptional even calling me at home after the surgery which I haver never encountered before. Great team who I highly recommend but pricey.

Cheryl Clermont (Source: Facebook)


If you could take pen to paper and design the perfect dental office experience for yourself, I think it would be close to what you would find at Dr. Sheldon’s office. The most important thing to me was to find a knowledgeable and experienced dentist who could help me to feel relaxed during any procedure and make it pain free. This office has it covered. On top of that, I have never waited in the office waiting room any longer than 7 minutes at the most. That was an unexpected bonus! Every staff member is warm and welcoming and makes you feel right at home. I am so happy here and I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else. Just take advantage of his $79.00 introductory offer and get a glimpse of the magic they provide. You won’t be disappointed.

Debbie Johnson (Source: Google)


I haven’t had a procedure yet, but thus far everyone has been incredibly friendly, thorough and informative. I was completely at ease very quickly, even though I’ve never been anything but extremely nervous at the dentist. Everyone happily gives you all the time you need, not only for the examination, but to be sure you understand everything, including all of your treatment options. I will be recommending them to anyone interested!

Katreeva Slacke (Source: Google)


I was totally impressed! The staff is great and Jill(who did all my x rays and CT scans) She was a most personable person. She talks to you the whole time and makes you feel comfortable. Now Dr Lee Sheldon,,,wow, he is so down to earth(whatever that means) He spends the time to go through EVERYTHING. Calls you by name the entire time and also makes you feel very very comfortable.

Joanna C. from Melbourne, FL (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Sheldon was wonderful with me. He makes you feel so comfortable and he is so experienced. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. As a matter of fact before I moved here I went to a periodontis and did not like him a bit so I never let him work on my mouth and I’m so glad now that  I didn’t. I’ve had the best now forget the rest!!

Trish D. from Melbourne, FL (Source: Yelp)


I just came back from one of the most complete dental examinations I have ever had! The staff is amazing and Dr Sheldon really puts you at ease. I highly recommend this office for your dental needs. They had an amazing $79 offer for new patients which included so many bite xrays as well as a ct scan. They are one of only 100 places in the country that can do a form of non surgical periodontal treatment which prevents a lot of the complications that can arise and which seems much less traumatic than cutting your mouth up to clean below the gum! They do everything dental other than root canals as they believe in specialists to produce the best possible outcome!

Alan G. from Waterbury, CT (Source: Yelp)


I had a cavity form under an old filling, and on that morning I felt fine, but by nightfall I was in horrific pain. I didn’t sleep at all that night. At about three in the morning I looked up reviews for local dentists and found Dr. Sheldon’s offices, which had awesome reviews. I went in to the office at seven in the morning with no appointment and no insurance. I didn’t even call- I just showed up in pain. Dr. Matt who works for the facility had me doing much better in no time at all. Every member of the practice was very friendly and helpful. I had questions a few days after being worked on and Dr. Matt gave me a free unscheduled additional follow up appointment with x-rays to put my mind at ease and show me what was going on. I would recommend this facility to anyone. In my opinion- If a business can operate smoothly when an unexpected client shows up, and still perform at a stellar capacity, that’s a strong team. A+++++ Thanks, guys

Edwin R. Cortes (Source: Facebook)


Last year, I visited Dr Sheldon’s office because I needed an implant of my lower front teeth. I knew Dr . Sheldon professionally, because I used to service his dictation system many years ago, and always thought, if I need dental work, I will visit Dr. Sheldon. I was not disappointed, the care, and attention to detail was outstanding. I think, I was very lucky, because I was treated by all 3 doctors, and all were outstanding. The office, and attending personnel are very friendly, and always will great you with an smile. If I have any further work needed, I know that the office of Dr Sheldon will be the one I will visit.

Rebekah Westerman (Source: Google)


Jenn, Amanda and Dr. Sheldon are all so nice. As a young adult who hasn’t been to a dentist since high-school due to fear as well as affordability, I felt more than comfortable after I left my consult and even more so after my cleaning this week. They didn’t harp on me about my lip piercing, and we had a good laugh about how my one cup of coffee a day is NOTHING to worry over, and it was AFFORDABLE. I’m actually excited to go back in 6 months for my next cleaning as well as following all of my dentist’s suggestions, including the flossing. 10/10, I’ll never go anywhere else.

Linnea O (Source: Google)


First time visiting the office, everyone was incredibly friendly, thorough in their explanations, straight up with how they could help and what their limits were with regards to my care. I was very impressed by no one trying to “over sell” or convince me that I “needed” something different and wildly expensive! Thank you to Dr Sheldon & Joy for being honest, straightforward and compassionate!

David Rosseau (Source: Google)


I am a new patient and all I can say is what a warm caring family of people who practice dentistry like I’ve never experienced before.i recently had some oral surgery performed and it was done with the utmost consideration of my well being.All went smoothly and I expect the rest of my procedures to follow suit. Over this past weekend I got a very nice surprise gesture : I was sent flowers from their office wishing me a speedy recovery! This was a first in all my years of going to dentists and it just shows how unique and kind they are.You cannot go wrong having Dr Sheldon and his family be your dentists. They are awesome!!

David P. (Source: Google)


My initial consult was great considering the prospect of having a full mouth implant surgery. They have excellent facilities for initial scanning and planning. Office staff was very friendly and accommodating. They helped put me at ease. I like the idea that most, if not all, of the work is done in one location by the experts and a case manager oversees the entire process with you. I’m in the very beginning of this process so more to come.

Kelly Baylor (Source: Google)


Best Dental Experience! For many years I was very anxious to go in for even a cleaning due to bad experiences when I was younger. I am now excited to go! The entire staff is happy, sweet and very welcoming. Kudos to Amanda! She broke my fear and I highly recommend this office. If you have any hesitation or nerves definitely give them a call, they will walk you through everything and there are no surprises.

Julie Cook (Source: Google)


I can not praise Dr. Sheldon and his staff enough for making me feel very comfortable. Dr. Sheldon and his staff have alot of compassion and empathy for their patients and it shows. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a million dollar smile to rest at ease that Dr. Sheldon and his staff is where you need to go to achieve just that. I must add when I went in to see Dr. Sheldon I was distraught and unhappy but with his excellent bedside manner and his staffs empathy towards my feelings I knew I had found Brevard Counties best Dentist. I can’t express enough your smile is your first impression and with that said if you’re looking for a million dollar smile Dr.Sheldon and his office is where you need to go. Thankyou Dr. Sheldon and his team of professionals for making me feel I have made the right choice and for showing just how much you care.

Melanie Edson (Source: Google)


I interviewed three different doctors before committing my dental needs to Dr Sheldon‘s office. I am very happy that I met him. His knowledge and expertise is superior to any of the other offices that I went to. He gave me an initial comprehensive exam using state of the art equipment and was able to show me what I would look like after having dental implants placed in my mouth. He explained everything that was going to happen to me during the procedure of the implants in terms that I would understand. Dr Sheldon, Dr. Matt and Dr. Furtado are all amazing. They have a great personality and a gentle touch. This is extremely important to me because I have had such bad and traumatizing experiences in the past with other dentists. All staff members are knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. I feel safe going to this office for my dental needs in such uncertain times of COVID 19. I felt protected by the measures that they took to adhere and comply with CDC guidelines. I was able to check in from my car and stay there until it was my turn to come in. I highly recommend this office for all your dental needs.