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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Clear aligners



Comprehensive orthodontics

Palatal expansion


Space maintainers

Interceptive orthodontics


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Tata Y. from La Puente, CA (Source: Yelp)


I don’t write many reviews but this place deserves one! I brought my oldest son because my dentist said he should get checked out for braces.  His teeth didn’t look that bad but I started my search for an Orthodontist! OMG this is harder than it sounds! Some orthodontists wanted to do an expander some wanted to do something he could take in and out.  It was so confusing and I didnt know who to beieve. My freind recommended me to see Dr. Shung and so I did. They are located in Irvine and it was further than I would have liked but totally worth it. They had an X-ray machine there so I didn’t have to go anywhere else. He told me all the different treatments and why some recommend somethings andnsome don’t. In the end he told us that it was better to wait until all the permanent teeth came in before we start full treatment. He showed us what was going on and and assured us that it would be okay. Whew…that made me feel better. It’s a clean office, I trust the doctor, the staff is so nice and everything was so smooth. My son really felt comfortable with Dr. Shung and that’s most important.  So I will definitely be bringing my son back and my other kids!! Thanks Simply Orthodontics!

Philip Segar (Source: Google)


I recently had a bad experience with a previous dentist and decided to try Simply Orthodontics and I must say it was a breath of fresh air. I was seen promptly, they all made me feel comfortable and they made sure that I understood what was going on every step of the way. The staff took the time to understand what I needed and also told me with honest opinion what they thought was best for me. I can say without a doubt I’ve found my new primary dentist office. Thank you Min, Dr. Shung, Miriam and Annie for the kindness and care you treated me with today. I appreciate you!

Lisa Hu Chen (Source: Facebook)


Having to wear braces growing up was not a pleasant memory. It was part of my growing pains (literally and figuratively) and I knew my kids would one day be faced with the same fate. Fast forward to 2016 when my first born was entering Phase 2, we decided to switch mid-phase from another ortho to Simply Orthodontics and it was the best decision we ever made. Dr. Shung and his staff absolutely shatter the myth that braces are not cool. They go out of their way, every step of the way, to make it a comfortable and calming experience for the patients and their parents alike. Dr. Shung is knowledgeable, gentle, relaxed and kind, and the customer service from every staff member is beyond stellar and accommodating. In addition to putting their patients first, they are extremely active in the community and simply exist for the betterment of every community member around them. From the time you sign on the dotted line to the time you step out with a perfect smile, Dr. Shung and Simply Orthodontics make the journey unexpectedly enjoyable, pleasantly memorable, and SO super cool.

Albert Y. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Two of my kids just got braces from Dr. Shung and they had a great experience. Dr. Shung and his staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and great with kids. Right away he made them feel at ease and even let them choose their own crazy color combinations to make the whole experience fun and special. Afterwards, he called to check how the kids were doing. He is a very caring and genuine orthodontist. Our kids love him!

Hetty & Jeff Nguyen (Source: Google)


Before I started with orthodontic treatment, I knew I was in good hands! Min and Dr. Shung have always been so kind, helpful and personable from the start. They really make you feel like family here. They have always been super responsive to my questions or appointment requests despite how busy they can get. Everyone in the office is super friendly and kind. I love coming to my appointments and seeing the amazing staff.

Steph H. from Santa Ana, CA (Source: Yelp)


This is a bitter sweet moment. This is an amazing office! I recommend all my friends and coworkers here. Let me explain to you my journey to straight teeth. I was 26 and getting adult braces! Don’t be scared about what age you start braces at! Everyone has their different journeys through life! I finally had my own insurance through my company and they offered great orthodontic treatment. I was yelping around actually scrolled passed Simply Orthodontics. Thinking “pft no way this place get full 5 star ratings from everyone.” Thank u, next. Still not sure where to go…I asked a long time friend. She recommended Simply Orthodontics. Alright fine! She convinced me! “Just make an appointment for a free consultation it won’t hurt just to see what they have to say.” Called into the office. Made an appointment. The day finally came. I met Min who took pictures of my face and teeth. Asked what I would prefer Invisalign or brackets? Ceramic Brackets, please. I went for this option because my life style (laziness and snacking a lot) wouldn’t work out with keeping up with Invisalign. Then I met Dr. Shung, super down to earth guy, reviewed my pictures. Told me it would be a 4-6 month process!! Only 4-6 months as an adult getting braces?! Sign me right up! Min gave me a quote that I could not say no to! Right when I walked out of the office I called another friend told her this is the place for her! She hurried and made her appointment as well! She commutes from Northern California and I commuted from Lake Elsinore!! That is how awesome this place was that I did not mind the drive! We waited for my insurance to communicate with Simply Orthodontics office. There was some confusion, but they were very patient with me. Next thing you know March 13, 2018 came by and got those brackets on. They have the most high tech stuff you don’t even do that mold impression ! That was a plus for me. First week: ouch. You will be very very sore. Very. As time went on you will get used to it. They were very good at accommodating my schedule and always sent emails and text messages as a reminder. Through out the weeks and months. Every appointment I like to ask them what they are going to be doing next. How is what they were doing going to help? I just liked to learn how it all worked. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! They are there to help you! I had a complicated front right tooth where I kept pointing out issues. My journey actually stretched out longer then expected. Total 9 months I had braces on. I really did not mind at all. Whatever they needed to do to make them straight and beautiful! Going to the Ortho is totally different from going to the dentist. I enjoyed my visits at the Ortho everyone there is amazing. They really make you feel welcomed. Dr. Shung really appreciate his patients too! Follow their Instagram for give aways! It’s been 3 days since I got my braces removed and I am so happy with my results! I basically have a whole new smile! Here are some tips: Buy a waterpik (Costco has great deals!) Carry wax everywhere you go. Leave one at home. At work. One in your backpack. Your purse. Same goes with floss!! Ortho dental floss is a MUST  (Platypus you can find on Amazon) If you must wear elastics ask for extra bags of them. I went through them like candy because I kept changing them out after eating or snapping them from yawning so much. Lol. I also changed them out when I feel like they don’t have the tension when you first put them on. Start liking oatmeal. If you go with ceramic brackets I recommend getting the light blue or smoke bands for your braces. They don’t stain as much and you can barley tell you got them on!

Kristie W. from Diamond Bar, CA (Source: Yelp)


We were referred by our dentist, Dr. Paul Tsai in Orange and we have been coming here since 2019.  Dr. Shung’s team are well trained! One person have to mention here is Joanna Fernandes.  I have had my insurance coverage questions and confusion but Joanna was extremely supportive and helpful to answer my questions.  She took time to understand the issues and provide possible outcomes of the option I chose.  That helped me a great deal when making a large spend on my son’s braces.  Joanna is detailed, resourceful and responsive although she works remotely.  The first time I worked with her on my coverage issue, I thought she worked in the office!  That tells you the effeciency and respect she treasts every customer.  Looking at the result of my son’s teeth and Dr. Shung’s professional team, I even think about getting my own Invisalign later!

Richelle Belen (Source: Google)


Great experience! I worked with Dr. Shung and his team for 9 months for straighter teeth using invisalign as I relapsed from my previous ortho treatment (Braces) some 20 + years ago. I found Dr. Shung and his team from a referral from my primary dentist who highly recommended him because of her own child’s experience with him. Dr. Shung and his team are super professional and welcoming. They are thorough and I love their appointment system/ process. The office space is open and nicely lit. I love their vibe and I will miss my time with these folks!

Louise Lloyd (Source: Google)


I cannot say enough good things about Simply Orthodontics, we have been going to their office since 2016 for my daughter and then myself. We have always been so welcomed into the office like a part of the family! They are professional, friendly, approachable and so so knowledgeable! The results speak for themselves – my daughter finished her treatment faster than originally predicted, and her smile is out of this world now! I have just finished my Invisalign treatment which was originally predicted to be 18 months and I’ve finished in 12! It was the best decision I could have made three years ago when I made that first consultation! Thank You Simply Orthodontics!

Angela C. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


There is a reason why they are 5 star rated with so many reviews!  Trustworthy, punctual, professional, competent, and kind are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind. Located in a corner of the Woodbury Plaza on Irvine Blvd/Sand Canyon, and near the Trader Joe’s.  This is the most beautiful dental/ortho office I have ever been to!  Everything is modern, clean, and sleek looking.  I love everything they did with the place.  In the waiting lounge, there are complimentary healthy (aka teeth-friendly) snacks (granola bars, etc), ice cold drinks (La Croix, Perrier, water), and even free chapstick for you to take! The process from booking an appointment through getting seen was super seamless and easy.  The front desk is friendly, personable, and accommodating.  They tried really hard to work around my busy schedule and fit us in for an appointment. I came to Dr. Shung to get my daughter’s crossbite checked out.  I was seen right on time, with no wait at all.  Dr. Shung made my almost 6 year old daughter feel at ease immediately, and proceeded to take some pictures and X-Rays of her mouth.  He showed me a video of what can be done to correct this, and it doesn’t seem all that complicated (*relief*).  She is still a little too young to get the crossbite fixed.  We are going to have to wait until her 6-7 year old molars grow in, but we’ll definitely be coming back for all our orthodontic needs.  I feel very confident putting my daughter in Dr. Shung and his staff’s capable, competent hands

Amy L. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


My sister and I joined Dr. Shung’s services during August of 2015. Upon looking at several orthodontists, we believed that Dr. Shung offered the best service and the best treatment. Dr. Shung is extremely patient and attentive to us and answered our concerns since it was the first time we received treatment. He has a great staff and his skills exceeded my expectations. If you choose Dr. Shung and Simply Orthodontics, you won’t regret it. 🙂

Amy Chin (Source: Google)


Min, Dr. Shung and staff are amazingly friendly and helpful! They seem to genuinely care about their patients and are always eager to help out in our community. My son is eager for his appointments and motivated to take care of his teeth. We are often amazed to see the Simply Orthodontics staff volunteering in our school. Min is especially accommodating and understanding when unexpected visits are required. She always respond to my emails quickly and schedules our visits immediately to minimize pain and discomfort for my son. She was also diligent when my husband kept forgetting to schedule a follow-up appointment. We highly recommend them and appreciate their thoughtfulness, friendliness, professionalism, and expertise!

Laura L. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


We Love Simply Orthodontics! Do not look anywhere else…..go here for any orthodontic needs. We had a few other consultations but  after meeting Dr. Shung, Min, and the rest of his staff at our consultation- it was a no brainer. Everything was easy and smooth from our first visit. The staff are so nice and make you feel welcome and comfortable. Their office is state of the art and my daughter loves going for her visits. We trust Dr. Shung and his philosophy and are confident our daughter is getting the best treatment in OC

E H. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this practice.  My daughter had the most horrible bite in the world due to 3 years of intense thumb sucking as a baby/toddler.  She begged to get braces, and after a year, her bite and teeth look absolutely fabulous.  Couldn’t be happier with the results. In terms of service, theirs is unmatched.  The staff are just the kindest people in the world and you can tell they LOVE going to work every day.  Min deserves a special shout-out for making everyone feel like family, and Dr. Shung goes absolutely above and beyond.  This office is also extremely invested in the community.  Whatever is happening at our local school, Simply Orthodontics is investing and sponsoring it. Finally, the office setting is extremely comfortable and pleasing, and the payment plans (at least with our insurance) made the entire process quite affordable, as everything was spread out over reasonable monthly payments over the course of a year. So happy to recommend this practice!

Miros A. from Tustin, CA (Source: Yelp)


I took my son for a complimentary consultation yesterday everyone there was very helpful attentive and very friendly. The front desk the technicians the coordinator and the orthodontist we’re very friendly. When talking to the coordinator it was a great experience they are very thorough explaining everything to me letting me know how it’s going to work Financial Services they offer my son was really taken care of that day. I decided to go back today and my son has braces now this is a really good place I found here in Yelp I totally recommend this place. go ahead get a free consultation give them a call and you’ll see by your selves. Overall great experience!!

Christi M. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Came here for a consult for both of my boys today. I can honestly say this was by far the best experience I have ever had with any doctor. What a breath of fresh air meeting a Dr who is conservative with his treatment plan. He asked we return in 3 months for a second consult before we move forward with treatment (consults are free by the way…. even the second one) and when my kids walked out they asked if we can come back here everyday! Bravo Simply Orthodontics bravo!

Ginita Y. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


I LOVE my results! The other quotes I got not only were more then twice as long for my braces ( i.e 2 years and I got mine off in less then 6 months) but also twice the price. My mom actually found Dr. Shung. Go mom!! He was my last quote and I can’t believe how quickly I got them off! I went with the traditional metal braces. If I am going to have braces I might as well get the fun colors to go with it and NOT have to worry about putting the invis-align retainers back on! I paid everything down in full and got a discount for paying in full! All the follow up apts were included in my cost and the two sets of retainers to keep my teeth straight as well! Dr. Shung is also very down to earth, funny and personable! I’d recommend him to anyone needing an orthodontist!!

Teal Metzner (Source: Google)


I came across Simply Orthodontics because I needed adjustments to an old retainer that no longer fit, as well as adjustments to a new retainer from another orthodontist that didn’t seem to fit right. I was so impressed from the moment I walked in. The office itself is a very clean, modern, nice looking space. Dr. Shung, Min (the Treatment Coordinator), and the rest of the office staff were all so friendly, kind, and professional. I received complimentary adjustments on both of the retainers I brought in, which was so kind of them to offer me, especially because one of the retainers proved to be a difficult adjustment which took a couple of weeks to complete. I am so grateful to have found Simply Orthodontics and will definitely return for any future orthodontic needs I have

D M. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Nothing but 5 stars across the board for Simply Orthodontics and the entire team. Dr. Shung and all of the staff (Min, Annie, all the technicians, and every one else!) is professional, courteous, friendly, accommodating, and takes their role seriously in providing high caliber services. Getting orthodontic care isn’t enjoyable for many, but Dr. Shung and his entire team have figured out the recipe for creating a clean environment, stress free, and easy, from start to finish. Even during the most challenging of times beyond their control (Covid and its related impacted on businesses), Simply Orthodontics went above and beyond in actively communicating, rescheduling, and finding safe ways to continue to provide service when safe to do so. While I wouldn’t want to redo ortho care, if I had to, I would pick Simply Ortho and actively recommend it. Keep up the great work!

Rachelle Q. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Loved working with the whole Simply Orthodontics team! From the office team (Min and Annie), to the technicians, and to the finance team (Joanna) – everyone made the Invisalign process so easy and manageable! Joanna supported me during my treatment to ensure my insurance worked for me and that I didn’t pay more out of pocket than needed. Working with Min and Annie made getting started on a treatment plan super seamless and worked with my hectic work schedule. Lastly, the technicians and of course, Dr. Shung, who always made sure I understood my treatment plan, was comfortable during my visits to ask questions and feel overall great about the progress I was making. Thank you Simply Orthodontics Team!! Keep up the amazing work you do!

Lisa Farber (Source: Facebook)


I interviewed 10 orthodontists before I made my decision to get braces for a second time. I had them at 15 yrs. and now 53. It was the BEST decision!! Dr. Shung and his staff get 10 out of 10! I considered everything, let me tell you. Save a bunch of money but get the best quality and attention and the smile of your dreams. I just got my braces off 2 days ago and I’m THRILLED with the results. Honestly, I liked having them so much I was kind of sad to see them go! Consider braces over Invisalign. His braces are clear and you hardly know you have them on. Go for it! Invest in yourself

Warren Soy (Source: Google)


My story started a couple years back. I started with a different Orthodontist. About six months into treatment I found it very difficult to schedule an appointment as they were so busy and had limited time for appointments, I work full time and could never find a time that worked, so I didn’t see them much. Eventually I stop going. I was stuck with broken braces and had major teeth issues. I was to embarrassed to go back. I started to look up orthodontist on yelp and found Simply Orthodontics. I went in and found that the staff was extremely friendly, they made me feel so comfortable that I agreed to start treatment again. Dr Simon and his staff are the best. They worked with my schedule and made everything so easy. One and a half years later I’m finally done with treatment. I’m extremely happy with the results. If you have the same issue as I did don’t wait call them they will help you. I would recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you Dr. Simon and the staff at Simply Orthodontics, you guys are awesome!

PrincessMichelle JasmineTanner (Source: Google)


What is on your list of great orthodontists? Friendly staff? Helpful financing? Flexible schedule? Clean chill atmosphere? Well guess what? Simply Orthodontics has it all! I came here on a friends recommendation for Invisalign and I regret nothing. The front desk staff *shout out Annie* is so amazingly nice and always look on point. Dr. S is so patient and nice. He’s really a gem. Overall 10/5 best place!

Teal M. from Laguna Hills, CA (Source: Yelp)


I came across Simply Orthodontics because I needed adjustments to an old retainer that no longer fit, as well as adjustments to a new retainer from another orthodontist that didn’t seem to fit right. I was so impressed from the moment I walked in. The office itself is a very clean, modern, nice looking space. Dr. Shung, Min (the Treatment Coordinator), and the rest of the office staff were all so friendly, kind, and professional. I received complimentary adjustments on both of the retainers I brought in, which was so kind of them to offer me, especially because one of the retainers proved to be a difficult adjustment which took a couple of weeks to complete. I am so grateful to have found Simply Orthodontics and will definitely return for any future orthodontic needs I have

Tammy N. from Yorba Linda, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Shung and his staff are so welcoming and professional.  This is the best orthodontist in town. Thank you to Min for getting my kids’ treatment started, Dr. Shung for the detailed visits, and the rest his staff for the professionalism, kindness, and care.I would also like to give special thanks to Joanna who has truly been amazing, super friendly, and super helpful. Joanna is very thorough, a great listener, and great at answering questions and concerns regarding my insurance coverage. I recently switched my insurance to a new policy during my two kids’ treatments and Joanna was extremely helpful during the billing process. She helped me save my out-of-pocket money! Thank you Joanna for your great work and timeliness in submitting paperwork to the insurance companies, it surely does not go unnoticed

Patricia C. from Orange County, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend them they did a great job, I had a previous treatment done in TJ(biggest mistake) Dr. Shung is the best orthodontist. I can comfortably smile again  I had an overbite and my old treatment wasn’t giving me the results I wanted it was two months away from finishing it. I still had gaps and my front tooth had a lot of pressure, it was causing me a lot of pain. I believe I went to five other consultations before going to see doctor Shung. I found their office thru Yelp and saw all the good reviews that made me feel comfortable one of the best things was that they had free consultations and answered every question I had. Their staff is also the best, I was greeted by my name every time I came in, they are so helpful they also know every patient name. I thought it was going to be way more money but it was very affordable and they have different types of payments that works for their patient’s. Thanks to everyone of them for my end results and my happy sm

Bora C. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


There’s a reason why this place has so many great reviews… it’s because this place is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about Simply Orthodontics and their staff! Everyone is so friendly and they actually care about you here! They are very personable and actually remember who you are, which shows how much they care about their patients. I had a terrible experience with my previous orthodontist that I was a bit scared when I got referred over for Invisalign. My initial consultation with Min went so well that I ended up committing to Simply Orthodontics that day! I was initially nervous and had a lot of questions. Min helped calm me down and answered all of my questions and even helped me figure out a payment plan! On top of that, when I got to meet Dr. Shung I appreciated how honest and caring he was. I mean I knew my previous orthodontist didn’t do a good job when I had braces (my dentist told me), but I didn’t know how bad until Dr.Shung was honest about it with me and went over what went wrong. He didn’t have to go that far above and beyond, but he did because he cares about his patients and he’s passionate about his job. SERIOUSLY THOUGH…if you need an orthodontist stop putting it off, don’t hesitate, and go to Dr. Shung and his staff at Simply Orthodontics, you won’t regret it!

Christian Chavez (Source: Google)


Dr. Simon Shung and his staff at Simply Orthodontics created a comfortable environment from the first day of my consultation. This was my second time wearing braces, I did my research and found Simply Orthodontics to be the right place for me. The staff walked me through the length of time I would need braces, the procedure from beginning to end, and pricing, answering all my questions. I highly recommend Simply Orthodontics to anyone looking to improve their smile

Christine V. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Took both of my boys in for a consultation yesterday. Dr. Shung, Min and staff are amazing and super friendly. I have been working in doctors office/medical industry for the past 20 years it makes a big difference when the doctor and staff are personable and actually care about their patients and not rushing them out the door or too busy to answer questions. The office is super thorough and really good about answering all your questions and concerns. My boys are super excited about the rewards card and already trying to collect points to win prizes! I love that the office/ staff is very involved with the community and local schools in Irvine. Looking forward to hopefully starting the braces process for my boys soon

Lorena T. from Mission Viejo, CA (Source: Yelp)


We LOVE Simply Orthodontics! They’re all so sweet & professional. There’s Ipads for my kids to play on, snacks & drinks (even gluten free snacks! Thank you for that!) The location is phenomenal, I can always get some groceries at Trader Joe’s when I go over there & I get my shopping fix at Homegoods. Their hours are very convenient as well. I can’t believe we got so lucky! Thank you Simply Orthodontics!! Dr. Shung rocks!

Sara C. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


This office is the EPITOME of a perfect patient experience. Extremely organized, clean, and wonderful staff. I work in a doctor’s office myself so I know how tough it can be behind the scenes but they do everything here like it’s a piece of cake lol, 10/10! CONSULTATION / APPOINTMENTS. I went in for a free consultation for Invisalign and was immediately sold.Simply Orthodontics gave me an HOUR long consult and I even got x-rays and pictures of my teeth to take home. Min, the treatment coordinator, was absolutely wonderful and answered all of my questions. Making appointments is also very easy. Doctor does not run late and I always get reminder calls or emails on when my next visit is. PRICING Price for my Invisalign treatment was exactly what I was expecting. I did my research and I knew what the treatment should cost.. they did not try to overcharge me. OFFICE The office is very clean and cute, aesthetically pleasing with lots of light. They have granola bars, waters, and magazines available in the waiting room. There are TVs with Netflix set up in case you’re sitting through a long appointment. STAFF/ DOCTOR Dr. Shung is very accommodating towards your goals and he really listened to what I wanted. I’ve had previous orthodontic work and am somewhat “OCD” about my teeth. He never seemed annoyed at me for pointing out something else I wanted fixed or specific requests I had. All staff members are also incredibly friendly. I have not had a rude encounter with anyone here. Annie, who works at the front desk is also super sweet which makes the whole experience a great since she is the first and last person you talk to before you leave the office

Dave Gibbons (Source: Facebook)


If you have any orthodontic needs let’s go to Dr. Shung. I went and checked out his office today. Kind and Generous Staff. Simon Shung is gentle and caring. Their space is beautiful and creative. You’ll enjoy being there. it’ll relax you. Call their Irvine offices today. I highly recommend him and his team. Let them know your from NEWSONG or a friend. And of course, Simon Shung is a member of NEWSONG. Take your kids and let your friends know. He’s in our backyard in OC

Jennifer Hulbert-Wei (Source: Google)


Well that was best experience ever! The front office staff is friendly and we were sitting down for our consultation within minutes of our arrival. They have all the equipment in house so no need for separate appointments for consult, impressions, X-rays etc. Originally, I chose this location because of convenience but even if it was across town it wouldn’t matter because their process is so streamlined and everything can be done in house. After discussing treatment options for my daughter, I was able to set up an appointment to get her braces on for the following week. Everyone was so professional and I never felt rushed when discussing my daughter’s treatment options. Also, I love their rewards program for kids which encourages arriving on time, good oral health and good grades. Simply Orthodontics is the gold standard for orthodontic care!

Leila M. from Newport Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was seriously impressed by Simply Orthodontics from beginning to end. I had braces over 15 years ago and was worried I may need a new retainer. After seeing another Orthodontist for a consultation, things weren’t adding up so I decided to get a second opinion from Dr. Shung. From the first phone call to my actual appointment, the staff exceeded my expectations in customer service. During my consult, Dr. Shung was able to fix my retainer and recommended that I actually wear it to save myself some money from having to buy another one. The other Ortho I saw who is well known and has 3 offices, didn’t even care to put the retainers in my mouth and quoted me insane prices for a new retainer. I highly recommend Simply Ortho. They are extremely child-friendly and have such a beautiful office with iPads for kiddos to use, large screen tv’s, etc. Thank you Simply Orthodontics!

Jing Z. from Irvine, CA (Source: Yelp)


Yesterday, when my daughter went to Simply Orthodontics for her appointment, she removed her platinum earrings for an x-ray and placed them in a small disposable cup. Later, we realized that she had thrown them away in the trash can. I  sent a message to the office after 7pm, asking them not to take out the trash. I was expecting to go back in the morning and dig in the trashcan myself, but Dr. Shung replied to me after 10pm letting me know that he had found them! I didn’t think there was any way we would hear a response in the evening, nevertheless hear that he had already found them for us! Dr. Shung has completely changed my mindset about American doctors. From the period between August 2017 and May 2019 my daughter has been in treatment, he and his clinic have actively served the community and the school. I am so impressed by his medical ethics and the quality of care we have received from somebody with military background!


We are passionate about people, we just happen to do orthodontics. Our hope is to make you smile and feel like you are part of a family. We want you to feel passionate about choosing Simply Orthodontics as your orthodontic provider. Getting your teeth straight doesn't have to be difficult! We are proud to serve Irvine and Orange County! We started this business because orthodontics is such an amazing tool to help people gain self confidence and change peoples' lives. We want to be available to serve you and your family's needs. We pride ourselves on serving your needs and goals! Most people don't realize how important your teeth and smile are and it's our commitment to educate you and help you reach your dreams and your dreams for your children. Orthodontics is truly a short term investment for a long term benefit! I am a dentist, an engineer, a scientist, a designer, and an artist. All meshed together that creates my specialty: orthodontics My passion is serving people: my family, my friends, and my community. I served as a dentist in the United States Army and Army National Guard supporting our troops overseas and also at the Pentagon. As a father of six children I know how valuable loved ones are and how important it is tha they are taken care of and that their future is in good hands. My patients are my family. My goal is to work my hardest to provide you and your family with a smile to be proud of. It is my pleasure to embrace you and your family with treatment you can trust at Simply Orthodontics.