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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Thursday: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Ingrid S. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


SIMPLY… I went to heaven… After a horrible experience and discomfort as a result of a broken tooth for days, I was not only in extreme pain, but completely resistant to go to another dentist… I was extremely fearful of them, until Smile Cafe.. they made time for me as an emergency visit, their front staff made me feel safe, making sure that all covid protocols were in place, while making sure that i didn’t have to fill out any hard copies.. they just collected my info and all done digitally at a push of a button… Next, Astrid as the treatment coordinator, she walked me through every step of my visit to ensure i knew i was going to be cared for, her warmth and care made me feel i was at the right place and not one beat was missed, x-rays with amazing assistants explaining what was taking place with a smile… Then i walked into heaven while welcomed by Dr. Nichole , her hands had the perfect touch as i told her.. the hands of an angel, although i had to have minor surgery to extract my tooth, i couldn’t feel anything as she performed surgery and made it all better… Once she made sure I was at ease and comfortable after my procedure, she explained my after surgery plan and immediately insured that i was scheduled for my follow up appointment in two weeks… I no longer am afraid of dentists, nor in pain… on my way out I met Dr. Noor, he made sure i was ok and fully taken care of… his, knowledge, sense of humor and people skills, along with my Dr. Nichole and the entire staff, made me feel as a family member.. just as if i was their only patient.. A wonderful experience.. A dream team and I truly went to Smile Cafe heaven!!! I recommend their dental care team to my family and friends without hesitation…

Cindy Wu (Source: Google)


There aren’t many places where one would return after having their first visit via a Groupon purchase…I had such a pleasant experience that I returned 6 months later for my cleaning and fillings. The practice is very organized and they stick to the appointment time. Maybe one feedback about being too organized is that they send out multiple appointment reminders so it could get a bit overwhelming. Staff are friendly and the dentist I had was very attentive. She did an awesome job on my fillings! Glad I found a dentist that I enjoy!

Ardita L. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


I went in last night for a first visit 2 weeks before my wedding.. I had a huge concern, I already invested so much money in my smile and I wasn’t happy with my results. I was hoping Dr. Noor can help. The front desk staff is quick, efficient, and friendly. Then I was greeted by a dental assistant which the office referred to him as “The Professor.” I LOVED HIM! He was the sweetest person & we had great conversation and he did my xrays and photos seamlessly. Dr. Noor came in and we discussed options, I decided to go through with a resin veneer and he was so generous to agree to do it that evening, past office hours because my wedding was coming up. I never had any medical professional do that for me and I sincerely appreciate how accommodating he was. The procedure took 2 hrs, and it was painless!! I am so thankful he agreed to stay late (along with the guy from the front desk to help!) to work on me. I now have a perfect smile that I’ve never had before and am so thankful I can smile so huge on my wedding day! Thank you Dr. Noor & Team!

Jasmine C. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


This review is for Dr Noor staff and hygienist Melanie. I have been going to smile cafe for close to 2 years. I am on Invaslign, and it has been quite a journey. I came to find Dr Noor after many hours of research, googling top Invasilgn dentist. Why did the dentist have to be top best? Because “original dentist” claimed my case was “too complicated”. They all wanted to me get more and more extractions. They did not want to start me on invasilgn, without these extractions. I already had 2 and was not fond of getting any other teeth extracted. Dr Noor is a miracle worker, I cannot say enough good things about him. My teeth are 98% perfect and guess what? NO EXTRACTIONS!!! I learned from Dr Noor that as we get older, we need all our teeth. He does not understand why so many other dentist, want to only extract. His staff is top notch, professional, well spoken, educated, funny, and personable. I go into smile cafe, even when I do not have an appointment. This says a lot coming from a big baby, that used to cry and shake in the dentist chair. I love the whole staff: Luis AKA professor, Elvin, Carlos, the other Luis, and I miss dearly the former staff that have left to pursue their dentistry degrees. I am happy and wish them the best. The office is clean, modern looking, and I love their Mango juice. Melanie the hygienist is an angel, she has such a soft hand. She is kind, patient, never judgmental and gives great advice on teeth care. Every office has an “everything” person, Ronnie is their everything in this office. His calm demeanor, his professionalism, his knowledge of everything. He’s a fantastic worker and a great person with a big heart. Ronnie has gone out of the way to fix issues whether with my bill, dealing with care credit, etc. Christy the person whom answers all the calls, bless her. She’s always so pleasant to speak to, she’s warm and knowledgeable. Smile cafe has a fantastic staff, that is hard to find in New York. Now if they can find the perfect front desk person. Someone with charisma, friendly, helpful, and that enjoys working there. Someone like Tonya, I miss her dearly. It’s a all around great practice. As much as I want my invaslign treatment to end, i do not want my visits at smile cafe to end. I love you guys, you rock!!!!!!!

Jennifer Haniuk (Source: Google)


Dr. Noor is the absolute best! He achieved amazing results with my Invisalign which every other dentist said would be impossible. Professor Luis is also the best! I felt like family at every one of my appointments. Also had many zoom whitening treatments which went smoothly with great results! Would never go anywhere else. Thank you for all your amazing work and thank you for making every visit enjoyable.

Emily B. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


The thought of going to the dentist makes me cringe and feel absolutely sick to my stomach but after going to Smile Cafe – no more! I was suffering from extreme pain in my mouth so finally had to put my fears aside and make the appointment and I am so happy I chose to make it at Smile Cafe. First off- my initial appointment was for 2 days later but when I woke up the next morning I absolutely felt like I could not wait, I gave them a ring and the receptionist told me there were no available appointments but they would see what they could do and call me back ASAP. She called back within 10 minute and let me know Dr. Noor would stay later after office hours and see me that day at 5pm. When I arrived I was greeted and offered something to drink or anything else to make me feel comfortable. They also told me not to worry because they would be getting me back there ASAP to relieve the pain. Every person who I came in contact with while there offered me the same. Once I went back to the office to talk to Dr. Noor I told him about my previous dental issues. In the past I’ve had dentists look at me in a way I felt like they were judging me or just in a serious all business type of way but not Dr. Noor! He even told me not to worry because when he was younger he went through a bunch of dental issues too and it was nothing to be ashamed of and he would get me all fixed up. Once he took my xray he even said you poor thing I feel so bad how much pain you must be in, he really sympathized with me and it definitely helped put me at ease. While I was waiting for the numbing gel to kick in he played some funny YouTube videos to help me pass the time and take my mind off of the pain which was a really nice addition. When I said I was exhausted and could finally sleep he reclined the chair for me to get more comfortable. Luckily the oral surgeon was there for another appointment so Dr Noor called him over to see me too. They advised me to pull the tooth and were able to open an appointment up the very next morning at 8:30 am and came in just to help me get it solved quickly!!!! Appearance wise the office was clean and super nice. I will definitely be recommending these guys to other people. Not the cheapest but you pay for what you get, and the emergency dental fee was $150, I paid the same for another dentist awhile ago and was not nearly as satisfied with the service.

J U. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I’ve been a patient at Smile Cafe for years. I’m amazed at how much they’ve grown and continue to grow. They always try to provide the best service and the most beneficial and advanced procedures. They always go above and beyond. Through all their growth and change they’ve always been reliable and available. The staff is welcoming, friendly, and very professional. I go here for my check ups and cleanings and always leave satisfied with the work. Ask for Professor Luis!

Jennifer S. (Source: Google)


I think that most people agree that going to the dentist is not exactly their favorite activity. I originally was going here for Zoom that I got on Groupon, however they informed me that I need to get a note beforehand from my dentist that my teeth are in good condition etc. –mind you, I loathe my current dentist. So I told them that wouldn’t be possible however I would love to see them (call it a try out) for a cleaning, x-rays etc. They were able to fit me in later that day (PS, this is yesterday). When I walked in, everyone was super, super warm and friendly. But now let’s talk about the actual process: the x-rays were extremely thorough, but the clean… never have I ever dealt with a more gentle hand. I was shocked. My teeth looked WHITE and felt great after! I am forgetting the name of my doctor (pardon), but she was lovely, calm and very friendly! Still going to do a Zoom for an extra punch though ;). Excellent service (they take my insurance), and well… they officially gained a new patient.

Karan Johar (Source: Google)


I am a Physician here in NYC. I have never been more impressed with Dental office in my career. From the moment you walk in you are greeted by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff member. Each provider assistant explains why they are doing specific exams/testing and are extremely respectful. The dentist, Dr. Daniel Noor meets with you several times during the visit and then will bring you to the consult room where the entire pathology and treatment options are explained. Dr. Noor is methodical, detail oriented and committed to his patients. As another NYC Physician, I would trust my care to Dr. Noor. Thank you!!

Madison M. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Noor and his staff are above and beyond the absolute best. The entirety of Dr. Noor’s practice truly makes you SMILE. I felt at home immediately and I must say, I have never looked forward to going to the dentist until Smile Cafe. I have recently moved to LA, but still get to Dr. Noor when I travel back to NY and if I have any problems, while I am bicoastal, he assists me as if I am still just down the street. I highly recommend making this your home too and guarantee that you will not be disappointed! I got Invisalign through Smile Cafe and am glad I did! All my problems have seemed to slowly disappear since I went into his care, after going my whole life never being satisfied as far as dentistry goes. I am grateful for Dr. Noor, his communications, knowledge, assistance and friendship. You also get to learn a lot while you are in the chair, which I think is ideal 😉 All in all it is five stars shining bright! Thankful. Smiling Client

Sarah D. from Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I love Smile Cafe!!! It is such a beautiful and clean office, and I’ve never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointments. I think every person who works there is so friendly and remembered me even though it had been almost a year since I’d been. Dr. Noor is such an incredible and rare find–he really makes you feel like he genuinely cares about his patients. I feel so taken care of by everyone at Smile Cafe. Can’t say enough good things about them! I’ll never stop going!

Narj Singh (Source: Google)


Amazing service! From begining to end, everyone was super professional. Ingrid is so gentle with the cleaning and the doctor right after was super informational. He was super down to earth. Part 2 was the whitening. They were really attentive the whole time and MARSI is just a sweetheart! She knows exactly what she’s doing as well. I had a very pleasant interaction there. They are super covid 19 cautious as well, procedures done right! I will be back and 100% recommended.

Anthony A. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Every visit I made was great. I was advised before procedure on a one-one consultation. I started the Invisalign because of the work I had before for was more than just good, so shall I say 5 stars. The staff is great, Tayna, Rodney, and Louis thank you. the office is very clean and equipment is state of the art up to date. I recently had all four wisdom teeth extracted under 10 minutes or less after getting my mouth numb. Dr. Smith was amazing. I could not believe how fast and painless he did this extraction. The most amazing part was I really had no after pain after pulling out all 4 wisdom teeth therefore not using the painkillers. Dr. Daniel Noor you the best thank you everything, looking for to the rest of my visits!

Sweet G. from West Hempstead, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been with Smile Cafe for at least two years now and I’ve always had a great experience here. I am currently completing my braces treatment by Professor Louise, along with Elvin and Dr. Noor. Everyone is always helpful and ensures that I have a smooth experience. Professor Louise is very attentive, caring and polite. I definitely recommend them. Everyone is also punctual in accordance to your appointment time. I am always welcomed by Jose who is always smiling. Looking forward to my next visit!

Anglea C. from Great Neck, NY (Source: Yelp)


It was one of the best experience of my life and I feel wired saying that as if this was a vacation but no kidding, it changed my perception of doctors especially dentists. I am so busy hence typically do not write reviews but I simply could not resist writing this one to help other patients too! I originally booked the appointment on ZocDoc based on lots of great reviews because I had annoying sensitivity for days which was getting worse and worse and I was freaking out thinking I had lots of cavities since I did not go to dentist for 2 years. I immediately got an email welcoming me with lots of great info and links to complete typical annoying paperwork online. I waked in on Thursday afternoon and was immediately greeted by receptionist standing up then offering me some coffee or drinks from their beautiful water bubble Juice bar. I had a delicious cold mango juice which was so refreshing considering I was running around all day in the hot weather. The reception area was so beautiful like a hotel reception. I chit chat with receptionist for a minute since I had already done my paperwork online then the assistant came in and took me to the back. I met with the doctor who treated me like a friend and asked me a few quick questions since he had already reviewed my medical history. The assistant took the necessary x-ray and doctor came back. He looked at the x-rays and then examined me and he sat me up letting me know exactly how to look for areas of problems on the x-ray. He showed me x-ray of someone with cavity and told me the best news of my life that I had no cavities at all. I really appreciated the fact he was educating me to read my own x-ray! I was happy but confused why I am so sensitive then? He said not to worry, we are going to apply some desensitizing gel then gave me a paste to take home and apply along gum lines. He said I was clenching causing some enamel damage but I need to relax and consider a soft night guard. It has only been 3 days and I feel so amazing. I was willing to pay anything to redo my existing older fillings if the pain was coming from the old fillings but the doctor said that is not necessary unless for cosmetic reasons since the source of pain is something else. I cannot believe they were so honest, so educated, so kind to someone in pain. Everyone smiled and asked about my work and they even sent me a follow up email to see how I was doing since I missed their call checking up on me. I am still in shock how beautiful and clean this place was and what a kind calming staff they had. I cannot wait to go back for my cleaning and will keep you posted. The only bad thing was the fact their hygiene schedule was so booked they could not give me an appointment until mid-July but I guess they are that good and it’s worth waiting for great things!

Michelle V. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


TLDR: used Groupon, got treated like royalty. Doctor Noor and staff are amazing, best dental experience I’ve had in my life, left me questioning what other dentists do. Please refer to their ZOC DOC to verify review authenticity. I just had an unbelievable world class cleaning at Dr. Noor’s office. I’ve been diligently cleaning my teeth since I was a child and today still leaves my mind blown. I was LITERALLY too excited to give them a 5* (judge me, you’re allowed to). Customer service: Christy was able to fit me in on an appt day of. I told her I was experiencing gum bleeding and have missed cleaning my teeth for a year. She was BEYOND understanding and kind. I had an appt within 3 hours. I did my paperwork online and boom, go time. Once I got to the office, I was greeted by Nirbasky, who was also exceptionally courteous. X-Rays/Cleaning: Professor Luis took my x-rays, and he was gentle as can be. I hate this part bc I always feel like they can be so rough. Norys spent OVER an hour cleaning my teeth (END OF DAY MIND YOU)! That’s gross, I know, but she explained every little detail to me (why my teeth were sensitive, what I can do to remedy, etc.). I was a little weirded out by how much water was being used bc I like felt it was a little messy, but it turns out that technique made cleaning a lot more gentle! Dr. Noor: Not to sound dramatic but I think God spent a little more time on him. I see some reviews saying how post-cleaning there is a “scam” consultation, but that COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. Dr. Noor and his staff KNEW I was on a Groupon, AND that I had NO insurance at the moment we met…yet still treated me like a celebrity. In actuality, he took my financial situation into consideration, and educated me on every detail of my gum issues. And most importantly, the most affordable way to address it. NOT ONLY did he do that, he also addressed my slight teeth shift. All dentists in my 15 years since taking off my braces have never addressed this. They just push me to check alignment w/ an ortho. In fact, I went to an ortho w/ a 5* yelp review and they were useless in identifying any shift. It’s so incredibly rare that an office specializes in Invisalign + Oral Care. I hear of those horrific dentists pushing their uninsured patients to go on a payment plan all the time. However, everything was so detailed here that I left not doubting one financial breakdown. In fact, Nirbasky told me to take my time on thinking over the financial options best for me. I think other reviews need to work with the staff + their insurance company to be clear on coverage. As a freelancer in NYC I had no issue understanding one bit. And to top it all off, Dr. Noor gave me some awesome samples + a coupon for my Rx.

Britney H. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


My friend highly recommended me to Smile Café about 2 years ago because other doctors from other offices told me what I wanted to achieve was impossible without surgery! I reluctantly showed up to my consultation appointment thinking I was going to waste my time but I was blown away by the level of service at Smile Café.  I met two doctors on my first visit who spent a great deal of time explaining all my options and though they did not promise the world, I am now impressed with incredible results which saved me time and money and avoided the surgery!  The hygienist Courtney is so friendly and very diligent spending an hour with me unlike when I used to go to other offices.  The assistants go out of their way to insure you are comfortable and I love the gorgeous reception water bar area!  They do not have the cheapest prices but hey you get what you pay for and I would never trade them for anything. They offer reasonable affordable payment plans. The Financial coordinator seemed more serious on my first visit but eventually I realized he really has my best interest in mind and I truly enjoyed seeing every staff member as I went to all my appointments for the past 2 years.  I have honestly referred 4 of my friends and they are all very happy but I had been kind of lazy leaving a review until now…oh well here you have it after all and I owe it to Smile Café and all of you out there who are looking for an amazing group of dentists who really care about each patient and know what they are doing.

Hana Im (Source: Google)


This was my first Zoom whitening experience, and Smile Cafe Dental Spa sure set the bar high… I even forgot I purchased the whitening on Groupon because they treated me better than places with services I’ve paid full price for. Everyone I’ve encountered here from patient advocate, coordinator, techs, and dentist provided superior – and I mean this, best of the best – service. Tech Marcella did such an amazing job on stripping my 30 years of stained teeth but more importantly, she thoroughly walked me through every step and constantly checked in to assess my experience. That really meant a lot. Then there was Dr. Noor who not once tried to push me to purchase more products/services (which is what I’m used to with other Groupon purchases) but he took his precious time to offer me an overview of my teeth and very helpful tips on maintaining preventative/good dental health. Wow just wow are all I can say about this place 🙂

Lindsey Quinonez (Source: Google)


Smile Cafe is really an unmatched office! Their customer service is next level and every person working in the office acknowledges your presence! It’s a nice feeling knowing an office truly values your business! Thank you Smile Cafe and Dr. Noor for everything. (Can’t wait to see my Invisalign results!)

Stephanie P. from Queens, Queens, NY (Source: Yelp)


I love this place. I’ve been going for a couple years now, they are clean and respectful. The workers are super sweet, they did my x-rays, photos, and scanning that all went with the package of my cleaning. It is a very in depth thorough process where I think is great and is what every dental office should do in order to give patients the right treatment they need where I felt I could trust these people with my teeth. Dr Sager was great in my cleaning and gave me a good explanation on what was going on with my teeth and how I can further take care of them leaving my teeth better than before!!! I felt very comfortable. All the workers who work in this practice are like family here to me. After my visit I came back a second time where they gave me a complimentary whitening by their best whitening technician Marcella.H. If you haven’t gone to get your whitening yet then you are missing out! She is very sweet and is with you throughout the whole process to where the ending the results are beautiful! I was definitely impressed by her outstanding service. From my previous visit I was also impressed by the office treatment coordinator Astrid E where if it wasn’t for her I would have never been able to receive the proper treatment my teeth needed and was with me financially every step of the way. I am grateful for the service these doctors and assistants gave me. I am very satisfied with the work they do here. A special thank you to Astrid and Dr.Noor for always caring about each and every one of their patients including me! You guys are doing a great service in your office. I would highly recommend this place!

Jennifer S. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I think that most people agree that going to the dentist is not exactly their favorite activity. I originally was going here for Zoom that I got on Groupon, however they informed me that I need to get a note beforehand from my dentist that my teeth are in good condition etc. –mind you, I loathe my current dentist (my current dentist told me that I had 3 cavities and needed a deep clean, and was 1 step away from gum disease… uh, no, and more on this below). So I told them that wouldn’t be possible however I would love to see them (call it a try out) for a cleaning, x-rays etc. They were able to fit me in later that day (PS, this is yesterday). When I walked in, everyone was super, super warm and friendly. But now let’s talk about the actual process: the x-rays were extremely thorough, but the clean… never have I ever dealt with a more gentle hand. I was shocked. My teeth looked WHITE and felt great after! I am forgetting the name of my doctor (pardon), but she was lovely, calm and very friendly! And re: cavities, gum disease etc: they told me I had zero of that and my teeth were great. Still going to do a Zoom for an extra punch though ;). Excellent service (they take my insurance), and well… they officially gained a new patient.

Turkan M. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


My story began when I was around 12y/o, in a country where i came from, doctors told me that it was too late to straighten my teeth as allegedly whatever I could have done to them, I had to do it at the age of seven or earlier. they basically ruined my youth as it was only 20 years ago. I was always dreaming to smile with a pleasure, without any shame, as I don’t remember myself experiencing such a pleasure which turned a happy human being, into the kind of a sad and unhappy person. in 2011 when I was 25 at the time, I had a consultation with a dentist Oleg at “Omni clinic”, who urged me to do veneers, which cost about 25k, and told me that was the only option I had with the case like that, at the time i was a student I could not afford such a pricey treatment, and therefore decided to start saving for future treatment. Last year, in Nov 2017 , i finally decided to put an end to this problem, and went to NYU dentistry hoping that professors may have a better opinion. One of the professors at the NYU advised me to go with invisalign aligners, although he warned me that not every doctor will take my case, he advised me the following “knock 100 doors until you find one”. I was so tired of my ongoing issue that I decided not to back off. I made a list of top 10 doctors in NYC, visited 8 out of ten and every doctor took impressions scans and photographs. Reviewed my case carefully. Guess what all of them suggested that the case was extremely bad and that there was no option to do it without getting rid of couple of teeth on top and 1 on the bottom. I was very upset because I have red many reviews from patients who end up pulling teeth because this affects the shape of the person’s mouth. Until I met this professional happiest man in the world, yes Dr. DANIEL NOOR. he was the only one who did go forward with my case, he was the one who said YES to invisalign without taking any tooth off my mouth. He gave me back my smile and I’m super happy for choosing him!!!!!! Sorry for typos. And yes I have never believed in magicians or their existence, but guess what, I now do, because Dr. Noor had done a magic work. A++++++++++

Dawn Ouellette (Source: Google)


First time I went to Smile Cafe and so glad I did…. a wonderful overall experience from the get go.. I had X-rays , cleaning , and a dental examination and everyone on their professional team that took care of me was friendly, thorough and took their time doing their job.. I will go back there and would give them 10 stars if I could.. Give them a try, they are in a class by themselves.. Dawn

Gholam V (Source: Google)


Dr Noor without a doubt is the most exceptional Dentist. He is always available in an emergency and is professional and compassionate. I love this place! Every single member of the staff is super nice. Scheduling appointments is always a breeze! Dr Noor is so experienced with Invisalign; I learned even some of his patients fly from other states just to see him for their treatment! Hands down the best Dental office in New York City and a top accredited doctor in the state! I recommend this office to everyone with their dental needs.

Fatima G. from Bronx, NY (Source: Yelp)


I went here first time to get check up & cleaning through Groupon as it was near my job . I called them to schedule appointment which was very easy . Till my appointment day arrive they send me reminder tvia text & email every week and I did all paper work online to save the time there. I arrived 10 mins early and first impressions when I got there was wow nice decor, they should change the name of this place to ” Smile Dental Spa”… Tanya welcomed me and ask to be seated few minutes after Louis took me inside and took my dental xray he was very polite and through. They had nice music playing in background which I enjoyed . After that my hygienist arrived to do cleaning , I forgot her name again I think it was Ingrid she ask few questions and told me what needs to be taken care of apart from cleaning for future treatment and explained everything very nicely. She took almost 45 mins for cleaning was very nice and did amazing job. I never had such a through cleaning before and best part I was laying down in comfortable position. After cleaning Joseph came to take pictures of me & my teeth and that was first time I had picture take at dental office, so I asked what is this for and he mentioned about future invisalign treatment in case you needed. I understand they have to promote all this procedure as they are here to do business like other’s, he was very nice too . In the end Dentist came to check the work and to recommend to do Root scaling ( Deep cleaning ) as I have 6mm gum pockets which was explained by Ingrid already. They wanted me to talk to Tanya about finances if I want to get procedure done as I don’t have insurance. I told them I am running late for work if she can explain really quick. They understood and I was in front of Tanya for 5 mins and she explained me all finance option and email me application as per my request and Ingrid gave me print out of all the detail information of procedure and why its needed to read. Overall I left from here happy & satisfied with my appointment and I can do my research for future treatement as I really like this location. Everyone here are professional and value’s your time as that is very important for me never had such a good experience at any dental office before.

Bernard J. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


(Made this Profile just for Smile Cafe, it was that good) I went to Smile Cafe after reading reviews, and I saw that the location was close to everything, 37th and Park Ave, literally 5 blocks from Grand Central! My hygienist was Melanie Gennari and she made the experience amazing (which usually isn’t the case with Hygienists and Dentists) They greeted me when I came in the door, asked me if I needed water or anything, so I already knew this place was great. No fuss, or bad attitudes, anyone that saw me in the waiting room? Greeted me in some way or asked if I were ok. I came in with no major pain or discomfort but had 2 prior teeth emergencies that I **Wrongly** thought were no longer emergencies. I knew some work was needed but not to what extent. Long story short? 1st up my X-rays came back with some bad news I was already aware of, A root canal! No one talked down to me, or made me feel bad, in fact just that 1st portion alone was really informative and they filled me in on how they do things, 1 person for X-rays (Friendly and cool), another for cleaning (Melanie) and then the Doctor/Dentist (Brief but very kind) to inspect and finalize the next steps. With my cleaning with Melanie, before she started she asked me questions since I mentioned an anesthesia allergy, and talked about what I could do to help myself (and Smile Cafe) find a solution. She explained what the X-rays found, and explained the gum issues with me using a chart and some examples. It was very easy to understand her. The cleaning was quick and smooth, no excessive forced was used, if I was in pain or discomfort I could just raise my hand and she would stop for a moment, mouthwash was offered before and after, and I received a complimentary tube of Colgate Sensitive & of course a new toothbrush. Afterwards, she informed me of what my options were, how far along my issue was, and actually mentioned options that didn’t involve surgery. Also, recommendations for electronic tooth brushes and what procedure I should do 1st, in order to stop the progression of the other issues. The Doctor closed out the experience by letting me know what types of procedures are normal for my issue, and was kind and respectful with delivering the news. I’ll definitely be back!

Morandi R. from Hoboken, NJ (Source: Yelp)


This dental office is extremely professional and takes great care of their patients. I’ve been Dr. Noor’s patient for sometime now and hes done beautiful work to my teeth. I love how warm and friendly the front desk is. The new girl Nancy is wonderful!!! She always offers me tea or coffee, she remembers my name when I walk in. Not everyone cares about customer service at a dental office, but it is important to me. Also, the assistants are very friendly as well. I’m a lawyer and I dont waste my time or money paying for dental insurance because, smile cafe offers financial plans for patients who don’t have insurance and this saves me SO much money. Purchasing their plan is way cheaper than paying for dental insurance.

Richard B. from New York, NY (Source: Yelp)


Although I have a lot of pain, I felt like the staff at Smile Café, especially Christy, Jose and Dr Noor genuinely cared about my well-being. My first interactions were with Christy. She was really helpful and made me feel valued, and comfortable from the get-go. I also liked being personally offered a variety of drinks. My mind was on other things so I hadn’t considered my thirst going into a situation where my mouth may become dry. I had a very positive experience with Dr. Noor. I’m very grateful that he extended his day to see me and treat my dental emergency. He made me feel very comfortable in what is a challenging environment and is one of the reasons I’ll return to Smile Cafe. I don’t have much to comment on his abilities and I’ll have a better understanding after a longer dental relationship. The dental assistant Jose was exceptional, the coconut oil lip moisturizer he gave me for my dry lips was so soothing. His cheerful demeanor eased my tensions further and helped demonstrate his international experience in patient care. Another assistant that I briefly interacted with was also kind and friendly. So far I’m very satisfied with Dr. Noor, his team, and the experience, and I admire their commitment to improving an already great service!

F Tamari (Source: Google)


Dr Noor and his entire staff are extremely caring and have their patients’ best interest in mind. I highly recommend this office in search of a dental office that is superb! They’ve taken so many infection control measures to keep their staff and patients safe in uncertain times. All around.. AMAZING experience!!

Lara A. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I was referred to Smile Cafe by a co-worker last year but I thought it was a bit of a commute for me (I work at 53rd St/ Lex so it’s pretty much like 1 stop from my work with 6 train, but you know how we can be so lazy .. lol). I found a local dentist 2 blocks up from where I work. He was my country fellow man and I felt pretty comfortable going to him. After 4-5 visits ( I don’t even know why I went that many times), I realized I wasn’t happy with him. So I decided to take a chance on Smile Cafe. I am so glad that I made that decision. What a revelation! The staff is very friendly and nice (genuinly) the reception area is clean and comfortable and the wait is minimum. I had my dental cleaning done by Cortney and I must say this, she is a wonderful person. It might not make much of a difference to some people whether a Dental Hygienist is nice or not, but it made a huge difference for me. On the day I had an appointment with her I was actually going through a break-up with my boyfriend and I was devastated. As soon as I sat on the chair the tears were welling up in my eyes and there was nothing I could do to stop. I thought of sneaking to the bathroom and leaving the place. But Cortney noticed how sad I was and spoke to me in a way that it actually comforted me. I am not good at opening up to strangers, but she made me feel so comfortable that I actually told her what happened. I knew I was taking up her time and please remember time is money, but she listened to me patiently and spoke to me in a way that my mind was put to ease. I really didn’t think I could sit on that chair and go on with the process, that’s how upset I was. Cortney is an amazing person. She has a very warm heart and she truly cares about people. She didn’t know me, she could easily say that if I don’t feel well enough we could reschedule. Instead she took a big chunk of her time and had a conversation with me. I felt that I should mention this because it goes to show her caring personality which reflected also on her work. Cortney’s done a great job on my teeth. She thoroughly explained what I needed to do and what the next step would involve. She took her time to explain the differences between the types of brushes, the importance of using electrical toothbrush, and also how to use it. Yes I actually never thought of holding the electrical toothbrush in certain upright position to get a deep clean in between my teeth. She also explained the benefits of GUM Soft Picks and how to use them. For my dental cleaning she did one side first and then on the second appointment she did the other side. I think I was there 2 weeks after my first appointment and the side she worked on already had plaque growing ( I brush my teeth at least twice a day, I use mouthwash, and I floss). When I saw her again, I mentioned her how fast the plaque was growing and that’s when she explained how I should brush my teeth with the electrical toothbrush (I had to purchase one, I got one for like $40). Since then,it’s been about a month, I have no sign of plaque. Before finishing up my review, I would like to mention that Dr. Noor was also very nice and he follows up with his patients to make sure their needs are met. Christy is very accomodating in setting up the appointments. All and all, I give Smile Cafe 5 Stars!

Tammy L. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have only the best things to say about Smile Cafe and Dr Noor’s team – they are truly exceptional in an industry where there are many sub-standard operators. I have been coming to Smile Cafe for 3 years for for regular check-ups, cleanings and now Invisalign treatment and actually look forward to and enjoy my visits! I never wait more than 5 minutes to be seen and all the staff including on the front-desk are friendly and welcoming: Melanie the hygienist is wonderful and does an excellent job and all the assistants are attentive and efficient. Dr Noor himself is a delight and has a great sense of humour which makes any necessary treatment easy to deal with. It is never difficult to get an appointment and the practice itself is clean, comfortable and fun! They also have a great music selection which helps pass the time quickly. I cannot not recommend Dr Noor and Smile Cafe enough and would urge everyone to experience their service – there is honestly nothing better in New York and they consistently go above and beyond for their patients! 10/10.

Soomin L. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Noor and his team has been more than just a dentist for me. He and his team really sincerely cared for my case and me as a patient. I was in overseas yet Dr. Noor and his team even sent a parcel of a new Invisalign set to South Korea without any additional cost! He is very friendly, understanding and very skillful in what he does and he is creative in terms of providing solution for difficult cases. I am extremely happy to have Dr. Noor in NYC and I am happy with the result of my teeth. He and his team will make you feel good and happy with your smile.

Richard D. from Brooklyn, NY (Source: Yelp)


I have been a patient of Dr. Noor since 2004. Not only has he given me a great smile but he and his associates such as Luis, Cortney and Melanie make me smile whenever I come in, even after a bad day. I have always been treated with great respect–always getting the VIP treatment though there is seemingly no particular reason for this other then their wanting to make me feel comfortable and appreciated. I initially sought orthodontic treatment exclusively, presenting a very difficult case which they handled with expert aplomb, exceeding all expectations. I then made Smile Cafe my choice for all general dentistry needs. I’ve received expert counsel on daily dental care, tips on flossing, brushing and, combined with regular check-ups, my teeth have never been in such good shape. I’ve been treated as a dental patient first, and a business interest secondarily. This is rare these days. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Noor and his team.

Ana B. from Jersey City, NJ (Source: Yelp)


This establishment is by the biggest WOW factor I’ve seen in dentistry. Adults and kids I know all hate going to the dentist. Not the case for me, but if it is for you this is an awesome place to try and get your insurance to adapt to. I walked in and felt like a superstar the whole time I was there. As far as the treatment by the employees and doctor they were are just great people. When it came to my treatment and thorough cleaning?! I have never had a better tooth cleaning in any dentist visit ever! I fell in love with this place. I’m really upset my insurance isn’t really accepted there so I have some out of pocket expenses but for the service and the kindness of the team it’s well worth the money!

George H. from Manhattan, NY (Source: Yelp)


Yesterday was my first visit to Smile cafe. I had a scheduled cleaning and X-rays. The first thing I noticed was the environment. The waiting area and reception desk were colorful. At the dental procedure area there was uptempo music playing at a higher volume than usual. Their approach seems to be to knock the edge off of a sterile uptight typical dentists visit. It was different but worked. The receptionist, X-ray technician were professional and friendly. The dental hygienist, Melanie, was a great communicator. As well she performed the tidiest and thorough cleaning I’ve experienced to date. Dr. Noor was very personable and had great bedside manner to explain my options for further treatment. We actually shared a couple of laughs together. Would I Recomend Cafe Smile? Absolutely.