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A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inlays & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Root canal treatment

Tooth extraction

TMJ treatment

Dental implants


Offers Even28 at-home™? No

Offers Even28 at-dentist™? No

Offers Invisalign®? Yes


Monday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed





Check out what some of our happy patients are saying about us:

Diana D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakimi and his staff are kind, caring, and patient. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed during one visit and did not feel even an ounce of pain or discomfort.  I had avoided going to the dentist for years because of my crippling fear, but this is no longer the case now that I found Smile Center Dental. I will gladly be coming back every six months for my cleanings because I know that I am being treated with the best care out there. Office is clean. Staff is nice. Dr. Hakimi is very competent and also very gentle. What else could one want when searching for the perfect dental experience? Highly highly recommend.

Beth Byrne (Source: Google)


I had x-rays and a teeth cleaning yesterday at Dr Hakimi’s. I have been his patient for over four years. I will never go to another dentist. He is excellent. My only regret is that I did not start going to him sooner. He has taught me how to take good care of my teeth and I am very grateful. He is gentle, kind, thorough and professional. His staff is friendly and efficient.
It was a wonderful experience.

Spicy T. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had an excellent first visit, from beginning to end! First, Blanca at the front desk made it super easy to set up my appointment. She did her best to set me up for the best time possible and was really nice about it. Usually I feel kind of pressured and rushed to set up an appointment at other places but Blanca made me feel otherwise, like she actually cared to have me come in. Once there she helped me out with the paperwork and again, was really nice about it. A+ on her politeness! Next, I walked in to get my X-rays…..I HATE GETTING X RAYS DONE. This time however, was different. The lady doing them was really nice and gentle with the whole procedure. I feel bad because I can’t remember her name, but she did an excellent job! Finally, Dr. Hakimi came in and explained the work I had to get done. He was really nice, very professional and informative. Didn’t make me feel nervous at all either. I usually always freak out at the dentist! Just got a quick cleaning done this time but I’ll definitely be coming back to get the rest of my work done here!

Evelyn C. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I wish there were more stars to give. After an awful experience with a previous dentist who broke my wisdom tooth with an extraction, I had not gone to a dentist in years. I recently started having some pain in one of my molars and the remaining wisdom teeth and after searching for months for a dentist and bugging other yelp reviewers I came across Dr. Hakimi. I messaged him with a ton of questions and concerns and he took the time to answer them all at night BEFORE I was even his patient. He was able to see me within a day. I went in and was seem within 5 minutes. I had X-rays done and the lady that assisted me was so sweet. She is fairly new to the team but she was so kind and listened to my issues. When the doc came in he was so amazing. I really thought I had a ton of issues but I actually only had one cavity and a filling that needs to be replaced and I need to address some teeth grinding issues but first I needed to get my wisdom teeth removed. The surgeon is there only once a month and today was his day in and Dr. Hakimi fit me in totally last minute. Not once did he make me feel bad about not going to the dentist or try to sell me other procedures. I trust him with his recommendations. I had my wisdom tooth extractions today and all seems well. The one thing that I ended up worrying about was the coronactomy they did because I didn’t get to ask questions from the surgeon post op BUT that was more me because I was out of it not anything they did BUT I literally just messaged Dr. Hakimi and he replied straight away. What doctor does that?! The surgery itself was great! In and out in less than an hour and only have the normal mild discomfort which is more than tolerable. Ice and ibuprofen are more than enough. I will update my review after the follow up but I doubt that my opinion will change. Definitely a keeper!

Jina K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


First of all, Dr. Hakimi is an absolute professional. It feels so great to know you are in good hands. He is a very well skilled dentist, as well as courteous and caring. He takes his time explaining all of the procedures and what the next steps are. You can tell the well being of his patients is his greatest passion. Second, his office staff take their cues from him. They are always friendly, accommodating and kind. They have been able to work with my schedule since I have two small kids at home and have limited time to go to the dentist. Third, the dentist office is very modern, up to date and super Clean, which is the first thing I pay attention to. I feel comfortable and in good hands every time I visit Dr. Hakimi’s office. I highly recommend Dr. Hakimi and his office to anyone who is looking for a caring, honest, reliable and a very excellent dentist.


Blanca M. from Venice, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found this office on Yelp based on their good views. I made an appointment for my dad who has been complaining about a toothache. Priscilla understood his crazy work schedule my biggest concern was the language barrier and not being able to be in the room to translate;he is an older Hispanic man. My dad is very stubborn so it was tough to even bring him in. Edith who took his X-rays was very fast, gentle, and extremely polite. Really loved how she greeted both of us with a smile and asked how we were doing. Doctor Hakimi left me speechless never have I met a dentist with such great work ethic. Excellent chair side manners he explained everything needed and answered every concern/question we had. Definitely takes pride in his work and cares for his patients. Doctor Hakimi won over my family. Found our new dentist  🙂

Jackie R. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakimi has been my dentist for the past 8 years. I would not go any where else. I know Priscilla ever since and they have veen awesome!!!!!! She always gives me the courtesy call before my appointment and that is something that I really appreciate. They are very flexible with the payments, not like other dental groups. Dr. Hakimi is very professional, and carefull with his work. I have very sensitive teeth, and he always makes sure that Im as comfortable as possible when Im treated. I had 2 crowns put on me about 7 years ago, and I had never had a problem.  All around  he is the best dentist in the area.

Jackie C. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


I hate going to the dentist. Besides the pain and discomfort of x-rays, cleaning and, sometimes, cavities, I hate the feeling of not only being judged that I don’t brush enough or floss enough, but the feeling that they are just on a mission to find something wrong and charge me for it. My previous dentist was not like that but he unfortunately left his practice for personal reasons. I began the search for a new one and Dr. Hakimi was referred to me by a friend (who has been going to him for years) and her husband. So off I went, expecting the worst. I got quite the opposite. Clean, friendly, easy going, right from the start. Everyone was super nice, understood and worked with my discomfort of x-rays, and NO JUDGEMENT and NO CAVITIES!! I never felt anything but goodwill, caring and comfort. I highly recommend them!!!

Patricia Nathalie F. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend this place! The service is beyond exceptional and Doctor Hakimi is the best! There are no words to describe how wonderful my experience was at the Smile Center Dental, Doctor Hakimi and his staff greeted me with respect and dignity and with a deep desire to provide the best possible care. My husband and I are terrified of going to the dentist  , however we are beyond satisfied with the care and services provided by Smile Center Dental In the past I detested going to the dentist, however because Doctor Hakimi makes everything so easy , going the extra mile making sure I was comfortable through out my complete experience and painless as well! , along with having great patience and taking his time explaining every question or concern I had ,  that I am actually looking forward to completing my dental work with him. He is not money hungry at all and provided me with a list of choices within my budget. If there were a 100 starts I will give Doctor Hakimi an extra 100 more! I am definitely recommending him to everybody!

Y. G. from Paramount, CA (Source: Yelp)


Just the other day I had to come in to see Dr. Hakimi and the specialist for dental implants. I have to say they are a great team and work great together. If you want a dentist that shows concern for his patients and their comfort plus his meticulous work ethic–then come on in to see Dr. Hakimi. If you are anxious about coming to the dentist (like I always am) don’t be he is kind and will make it all go smoothly as possible. Make your appt as soon as possible! Ps. I had titanium implants put in and I have minimal pain/ discomfort. I am following all the rules in the after care papers given to me. I am healing well! Yay for me!

Caroline P. from Norwalk, CA (Source: Yelp)


I was introduced to Dr Hakimi by Yelp and my sister in law. Since my insurance was going to expire at the end of the month, I needed to get my dental check up done before the 28th. The location was easy to find and the office was brand spanking new and very modern. Priscilla at the front desk checked me in and I waited approximately 30minutes post appointment time to be seen. Maria brought me back to have my digital x Rays done. I informed her I had nasal surgery three weeks prior so my range of motion in my mouth was very limited. I also cannot have my mouth pulled or stretched too far due to internal stitches. To be honest, I was sweating bullets because of my nose situation and was debating if this ended up being a good idea. Maria was super gentle and careful with placement and movement to ensure I was okay. When she pulled on my right cheek towards the end, I raised my hand and told her I felt a stitch stretch. She quickly but gently adjusted the x Ray plastic thingy so It did not bother me. A lot of x Rays were taken and she was just super gentle. I was then brought to the chair for cleaning (I thought). I met Dr Hakimi, he informed me I had seven cavities and that I should get them taken care of. Due to the limited time made for my appointment, we could not do the fillings today. He suggested to have the polish done today and cleaning along with filling next two visits before the 28th. The doctor left and Maria came back to polish my teeth. I thought it was really weird this happened backwards. Normally, I have my cleaning then polishing afterwards but this time it was the opposite. After Maria finished I asked her the reason why it was like that. She explained it is better to polish some of the plaque or whatever is on there off first before you next see the doctor. This will allow the doctor to see better. It made sense and I thanked her for the explanation. This was a good first time visit. I just wish they were open on Saturdays. It will be difficult to return for my filling appointments due to my work schedule.

Ashley B. from Long Beach, CA (Source: Yelp)


I found this office through fellow yelp reviews and was hooked by their $50 cleaning offer. I was a little nervous if they would try to add on other charges plus I haven’t been to the dentist in quite a while (*cough*years*cough) so I was hesitant as to what atrocities they might find, but was pleasantly surprised to show up to an immaculate and bright office and was taken back right at my scheduled appointment time. I waited no more than 5 minutes before Dr. Hakimi came and introduced himself- he was extremely kind and did not make me feel like a total disappointment for having gone so long between dental visits. The cleaning was quick and definitely more pleasant than I had anticipated. When I went to check out it was the $50 as advertised (and they did X-ray and polish!) The entire staff was great and I will be back in 6 months for my next visit!

Robin J. from Chicago, IL (Source: Yelp)


“If you despise going to the dentist or keep delaying your appointment because of nerves, do yourself a favor and make an appointment here. I was in town on a business trip and needed a last-minute procedure done. The wonderful facilities and excellent bedside manner of Dr. Hakimi made it a completely pleasant experience, so much so that I will be stopping by again on future trips. I had believed that the best possible scenario for a dental procedure was for it to be tolerable, but Smile Dental Center really went the extra mile to make going to the dentist actually enjoyable.” This review was relayed to me by my friend who doesn’t have a Yelp account, but was so impressed with this office that he asked me to post his review here for him. It obviously left quite an impression!

Nicole K. from Upland, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakimi has been my dentist for over 5 years now and I would not go anywhere else! First of all, when you arrive, the parking is so convenient, and his office is located in a cute little plaza. STAFF The staff is always super friendly and gives accurate updates about time. They are good about calling me a  day or two ahead as a reminder, and if they have an earlier opening, they are sure to call me in (they know that I like to come in as early as possible in the morning so that I don’t have to drive there in the middle of the day). CLEANLINESS/DECOR I’d say it’s a perfect 10! The office has a warm, cozy feeling with blue and cream walls and lot of paintings and plants around. I feel like I am in someone’s home! QUALITY OF SERVICE I like doctors that spend their time with you, yet are efficient — Dr. Hakimi is exactly that. He gets the job done quickly with as much ease as possible, and genuinely cares about how my school is going or how my family is doing! What a refreshing thing! Some docs I have experienced in HMO settings are not as welcoming. Overall, I would say that if you’re looking for a new dentist, give his office a try. Even if you have to drive a bit to get there like I do, it’s worth it. You will leave with a smile — and a new toothbrush of course 😀

Emmi Angeli E. from Cerritos, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been visiting Dr. Hakimi’s office for the past 6 months now and I am so happy that I switched to his office. I had a bad experience with another dentist in Cerritos (might I say tried to charge me more than $3000 in dental bills), so I went to Yelp to look for a better dentist. Sure enough, Smile Center Dental has amazing reviews and did not hesitate to ask my insurance company to switch to them as my primary dentist. As soon as I walked into the office, you are greeted by a really nice receptionist (Priscilla) and went in and out for my fist visit/ evaluations for only an hour. What impressed me the most is the state of the art X-ray machine that takes panoramic images of my entire mouth without the annoying and gag-inducing metals that they shove in your molars. Dr. Hakimi is very professional and cares how comfortable his patients are during treatment. I will not hesitate to refer my family and friends to his office!

Nahall K. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakimi has been my dentist for several years now because he is simply THE BEST! I  used to be afraid of going to the dentist, but I always know I am in good hands at his office. I have had to get several fillings and am afraid of needles/shots, but Dr, Hakimi is so good at making the process quick and painless for me. He always asks about what’s new in my life and how I am doing – I can tell he really cares about his patients 🙂 His staff is always kind and welcoming and they always call to remind me when my appointment is (I have never experienced this type of service anywhere else!) One time when I had to switch my appointment kind of last minute, they were very accommodating and helpful. His new office is so clean and spacious! I love the decor and the fact that it is always spotless. It is a very professional, yet cozy setting. I do not live in Bellflower, but I make the drive there because I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my teeth and health. Dr. Hakimi and his staff are definitely one of a kind 🙂

Lisa D. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I went back to Dr. H for two root canals- yup i have fantastic genetics coupled with an undying obsession for Dylan’s Candy Bar 😉 I have to say I had dreaded getting these root canals because of all the warnings I had gotten from friends about how much root canals hurt- both during and after the procedure- but thankfully Dr. H is so gentle that I didn’t feel a thing! And afterward? I went to a basketball game that night- I had NO pain, didn’t have to take any meds- even though I was stocked up in preparation based on what I had been told- and all in all i have been pain free and can’t believe I had two root canals! I went in for a follow up to get my crowns put in and they fit perfectly and feel so natural. I now decided to have Dr. H make me a night guard to help with my grinding. Thanks so much, Dr. H & Smile Center!  This is my previous review: If all dentists were like Dr. Hakimi, people wouldn’t hate going to the dentist! What a wonderful experience I had visiting Dr. Hakimi’s office. Even though it was a bit of a trip from where I live, it was well-worth the drive to see a dentist as gentle, professional, honest & kind as Dr. H. His office staff is really sweet too! I saw patients of all ages there which only reaffirmed my own experience- knowing he is great with all patients. I couldn’t have been happier with the overall treatment, the way my teeth look and feel and how accommodating & kind Dr. H and his office staff were.. I was going out of town and had to have trays ordered. Dr. H not only fit me in for a last-minute appointment, but his assistant made sure I didn’t wait in the waiting room (literally walked into the office and was seated! When does THAT happen?!) and then he took my address and said he would expedite the trays to me. I also had my 7 year old niece with me and he was so incredibly kind and attentive toward her that even she was talking about him on the car ride home. THIS kind of service, especially by a dentist, is very very rare. After my experience with my previous dentist, I genuinely appreciate Dr. Hakimi and its worth the trip to go see him in Bellflower!

Hannah Flanagan (Source: Google)


Rather than write a long narrative about my experiences, here are one-word summaries of the points that I (and probably you) care about.  Getting an appointment: easy. Time past scheduled appointment spent in waiting room: none. Speed of Dental Services: quick. Quality of services rendered: exceptional. Chair-side manner of dentist: superb. Friendliness and professionalism of staff: excellent. Cleanliness of facilities- wonderful. Dr. Hooman and his dental assistant work wonderfully together; she is intuitive and efficient and he is gentle and friendly. They helped make dreaded dental work tolerable and unthreatening.

Leticia B. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I based my selection and visit based on prior reviews and I have to 100% agree with the satisfaction.  I am very meticulous about selecting a dentist and wanted someone near my home.  Dr. Hakimi address all my concerns without me having to bring them to light.  All my questions were answered and I walked away feeling confident the scheduled treatment will turn out great.  Because of Dr. Hakimi and his supporting staff, I have made the decision to make this office my official dental office.

Irene O'Campo (Source: Facebook)


The Doctor and the staff are wonderful. I have been seeing Dr Hakimi for ever. I only trust him for all my family. The office is very welcoming and it is exceptionally clean. Very modern hitech office. They don’t rush you in and out their work is the best and I should know because I’ve been in the dental field 40 yrs and know what is good work.

Farhad A. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr Hakimi is my dentist.  I live in Chicago and his practice is in Los Angeles.  This alone should convey the tremendous degree of confidence I have in his abilities and expertise.  But I want to add something here for those who are terrified of dental work like I was for about 50 years before I had the fortune of meeting Dr Hakimi.  I was truly afraid of any kind of dental work.  Anyone getting his hands close to my mouth increased my heart rate and induced perspiration.  All that ended when I met him.  He didn’t just nod to comfort my fear.  He actually paid attention to the source of fear and in practice, very complicated procedures, he made sure I didn’t feel a thing.  I mean really really really, I didn’t feel a thing, anything, nothing.  Since then, I have been looking forward to visit my dentist and I trust Dr Hakimi with any procedure he sees fit and which he wants to conduct.  I know there are more people like me who hate to admit how much this fear is bothering them.  You can stop the fear by visiting Dr Hakimi.  I travel to L.A. just for getting my dental work done right by him.  That’s all!

Tonia H. from Los Angeles, CA (Source: Yelp)


I have been coming to this dental office for a couple of years now. The staff is always friendly when you walk in. Priscilla is very helpful on the front desk and always makes sure to let you know prices and insurance coverages before any procedures. Maria is very outgoing and always makes sure that the patients feel at home and shes always smiling. Dr. Hakimi is very knowledgable on the field, you can tell he takes his job very seriously and is always concerned about his patients well being. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone that wants have a nice and professional experience!

Taryn T. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakimi has been my dentist for over a decade and I wouldn’t ever consider going anywhere else. When I lived in New York, I would schedule my dental appointments when I planned a trip home because I have so much trust in Dr. Hakimi and his team. I just did not feel another dentist would be as supportive, careful (teeth sensitivity and abrasions), personable (really easygoing and very nice), or just plain good (gentle, takes his time, and keeps me updated). I have recommended him numerous times and will continue to do so!!

Phil C. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


ust amazing! and talk about outstanding patient care. I went to Dr. Hakimi’s office with a major problem and lots of pain. He took me in without an appointment, did X-Rays and explained the problem. He then pulled the tooth with very little discomfort. Now, 24 hours later all my pain is gone. I’m 73 years old and have seen a few other dentist but Dr. Hamkimi is fantastic. If you need dental care don’t waste time searching for a dentist just get him as quickly as you can. you won’t find a better dentist.

Art M. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


I highly recommend this dental office. Very clean and such a great frendly staff. The Receptionist Priscilla was very helpful and kind. I had the best experience. Dr. Hakimi is the best. He took real good care of me.  I had a lot of work done on one side in a hour. 1 Wisdom tooth and 2 other teeth extracted  2 fillings and a deep cleaning top and bottom. No Pain Went home feeling like a champ. Felt fine the next day and 4 days after. So glad i went here. I am looking forward to my next visit. I must add Dr. Hakim’s assistant Maria was very nice and helpful to all my needs. She is good at what she does. Friendly staff, Great work and affordable prices.

Phala K. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


Okay, so I have been going here for 2 years. I had wonderful experience with Dr.Hakimi and his staff the best Dentist I been to and know. He was very professional , patient , wise , friendly , thoughtful and very kind. He understood my situation and gave me a very good advice. I am extremely please with him and his whole office staffs and I would highly recommend him! He even gave me the best financing options and it was very affordable. Looking forward to my straight white bright teeth and getting a better smile! Thank you!!!!!

Priscilla C. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had such a great experience! Prior to visiting Dr. hakimi I visited 2 other dentist for a consultation on the same treatment (I needed one veneer and a gingivectomy on that tooth). Both of the other dentists tried to sell me on so many other unnecessary procedures. When I went to visit Dr. Hakimi, not once did he try to sell me anything that I didn’t really need. Ultimately this is why I decided to get my work done with Dr. Hakimi and I’m so glad I made that decision!! The first part of the process was the gingivectomy (gum cutting) on the one tooth. I was really nervous about this part but everything went smooth and it healed up great. Next was the veneer process. Within a week I had my veneer in. The veneer was such a perfect match/fit. Dr. Hakimi completely transformed my smile!

Edgar T. from San Francisco, CA (Source: Yelp)


I interned at Smile Center Dental a couple years ago and always find myself returning for a visit because the office is incredible! Mary, Priscilla and Dr. Hakimi are such great people and are always willing to help their patients. Recently, my mom was in need of dental care and after years of putting off her visit, she finally decided to visit Smile Center Dental. After a close examination Dr. Hakimi, my mom was profoundly scared but the amount of care throughout the whole process made my mom feel comfortable and in good hands. While the recovering process was the most difficult part for my mom, Mary and Priscilla stayed in contact everyday to make sure she was having a healthy recovery and to this day my mom does not hesitate to contact the office whenever she has a question. I too visited the office last week because I still felt a little self-conscious about my smile. My procedure for a veneer was simple, clean and fast and within one week, I had achieved my ultimate goal: a perfect smile! The difference in my smile is drastic and I keep receiving several compliments over my smile and how pretty it is ;’) If you’re looking for a new dentist, Smile Care Dental is the perfect place for you! You’ll be greeted by Priscilla’s beautiful smile, assisted by Mary’s bubbly personality and in the hands of a professional, Dr. Hakimi.

Mandedo U. from Anaheim, CA (Source: Yelp)


Dr. Hakimi and his staff at Smile Center Dental are the best dental care team that I have encountered so far.  I left my old dentist as they couldn’t meet my needs with the right price.  I stumbled across Dr. Hakimi on Yelp and read all the reviews so I decided to give it a try.  My first meeting was wonderful because the staff was very friendly and professional.  Dr. Hakimi is great at what he does.  He’s up to date with the latest trends in dental care.  I wanted to go in for a cleaning but when I realize he offers Invisalign and Veneers I inquired about it.  I was able to get a consultation with a quote on the same day.  His prices matched my budget.  I got my Invisalign on and off within  the quoted timeframe.  I am really happy with the results.  I really appreciate how Dr. Hakimi takes his time to explain the process and gives tips on how to maintain and care for your teeth.   I highly recommend newcomers to try this place out.  They are a hidden gem!

Stephanie P. from Lakewood, CA (Source: Yelp)


Ever since I can remember I have always had silver fillings. My goal throughout this process was to be able to change out all my silver fillings and get work done in order to have a good-looking white set of teeth. I wasn’t always fortunate enough to be able to get my teeth done the way they needed to be done growing up. I have always had silver fillings. When I got older I went into the military and they did a killing on my teeth. Dr. Hooman immediately knew in my initial consultation that I had military fillings. My mouth was filled with silver fillings; they where deep and compacted. It was hard to know what to expect when I decided I wanted to move forward with getting work done. Throughout the process Dr. Hooman and his staff worked appointments with me and answered all the questions I had.  Everytime I went to their office for my treatments I was treated with courtesy and respect. I have had disastrous dental work done before in a place that looked a lot like the movie scene of “The Saw”. You won’t get that at Dr. Hoomans. The atmosphere is clean and comfortable. I actually enjoy going every time I go and have recommended many people to Dr. Hooman. He is knowledgeable and good at what he does. Thanks Dr. Hooman and all the staff for what you do. You are the best!!

Monique G. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


Went in a couple weeks ago because I had a chipped tooth, they were able to take me in the same day even though I was a new patient. They got me in right away, took my X-rays and let me know what had to get done. The dr was gracious enough to do the procedure that same day even staying a little longer just because I had my cousin’s wedding that weekend and wanted to look my best. Thank you to the Dr for being able to do that. The only thing I would say is the receptionist is a little rude (been there twice-once for my son and this time) and both times she seemed rude and when I asked her questions she didn’t even bother to look up from her computer. Understand you might be busy, but that doesn’t mean you can be rude. Other than that everyone else is really nice and sweet. My oldest is very delicate and gets scared easily (always afraid to go to the dentist and we usually had to hold him to be able to get cleaning done) this time everyone made him feel so great that he got X-rays and a cleaning done without any help at all so I really liked that! Depending on my next visit I might make this our whole family dentist and bring in my husband and other son.

Ray P. from Artesia, CA (Source: Yelp)


Love coming here. I hate going to the dentist; was traumatized growing up and always associated dental visits with lots of pain, hence not going for the last 2 years and was due for cleaning and a check up. Dr. Hakimi was so informative and thorough. After the cleaning, I was relieved to only have 1 cavity. He was so gentle with the numbing needle that I barely felt anything, which was amazing because growing up this was the part that made me start foaming at the mouth, haha. All in all, I was seen right at my appointment time, out in an hour after xrays/cleaning/cavity filling. He suggested going back for deep cleaning and to replace some old metal fillings, so I’ll be seeing him and his lovely staff again next month. Thank you, Smile Center Dental!

Lisa E. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


Everything at Smile Center Dental is great. The ladies in his office are very welcoming and efficient and Dr. Hakimi works miracles! My teeth were so awful that I stopped smiling in photos, not wanting to show my teeth…but not now! And I’m not even done with everything yet. I didn’t want to have a root canal; just not a procedure I could live through and not something I’d consider. Dr. Hakimi explained that the procedure is not as bad as they were once upon a time….but I couldn’t do it. I’ve heard way to many horror stories about root canals. He patiently listened to me, told me of the risks I’d be taking without a root canal, respected my decision and worked out a different solution for me.
I believe he’s very passionate about his work and strives for excellence. If you are looking for a great dentist, look no further. Perfect smiles are born at this place. 🙂

Stacy K. from Santa Fe Springs, CA (Source: Yelp)


I had a very good first visit just now but my review is based on my first experience when I called for an appointment. I talked with Priscilla who was so nice and accommodating. Today I was very happy to see ample parking in the back (Hambone’s Grill right there…yes!) I walked in to a very clean and professionally decorated (LOVE the floral metal globe hanging lamps) office and greeted by Blanca as well as Dr. Hakimi who just happened to be close by. I told them I forgot my new patient paperwork at home but I do have it in digital form. Dr. quickly gave me the email address and within seconds Blanca received it. There was a lady with a cane who carefully walked in and they quickly asked her to come in so that she can wait in the lounging dentist chair instead of the regular chairs in the waiting room. Good on them! Anyway I had a very good experience with Edith who took my x-rays and I appreciated the fact she would ask me if I’m doing okay. When she finished Dr. Hakimi literally walked in to see me…felt like a tag team thing. HA! He introduced himself and from his questions and insight I could tell he read my paperwork that includes a lot of medical information. I felt really at ease when he reassured me that “Oh it’s common and people get that all the time” when replying to my initial concern of the diagnosis. Then I met with Priscilla about cost and follow up appointments. She explained the breakdown to me and thoroughly answered my questions. I have an HMO plan and though Dr. Hakimi made suggestions of maintenance and care they did not try to “upsell” me anything like others in the past.   I highly suggest filling out the paperwork in advance. The format on the website is a bit awkward but I was able to work with it fine. It’s just easier to do it that way beforehand so you’re not trying to gather all the info off your phone there at the office.

Wendy C. from Bellflower, CA (Source: Yelp)


First visit: My 2 year old son and I are on time to the appt. Waited in the waiting room for about 15 minutes, filling out paperwork and for the staff to get settled. The RDA was fast, friendly and efficient. The doctor’s bedside manner was professional and easy. Pricilla is personable, shared enough of her personal life to make me at ease. The 5 stars goes to the seating area off to the side where there were books and toys there to distract my son while I got my x-rays done in the chair. The kind doctor interacted with my son so the RDA could finish. I am officially sold. This Dentist is awesome. I set a follow up appt for scaling. FYI, son had a dental appt too. In hindsight, I should have brought a 3rd person to corral him while he waited but I am a new mom and I suck at stuff sometimes. Dental appts are new to me. Second visit: No wait. I am completely nervous about getting my teeth scaled. Hubby had it done the day before and he is bleeding like a stuck pig for the rest of the night. His pillow, sheets and clothing look like they came from a crime scene. We chalk it up to taking ibuprofen and crappy gums. nI’m in an out of the office in under an hour and my gums are bleeding but I’m in good shape. Bleeding is a given. The Dr and the RDA performed the entire procedure in silence. SILENCE! Talk about a well oiled machine. Thank you youtube for showing me the procedure before going in. It’s been 6 hours; gums are sore but do not hurt. My gum line looks whiter, feel smoother and the Dr. found every crack and crevice to dig in an clean out. Sitting in the chair I felt my mouth owed him money and he was there to collect. Fast, efficient and highly skilled, Dr. Hakimi worked his magic in record time. Did I mention no waiting?


Smile Center Dental is a family oriented general dentistry practice providing quality care to you and your loved ones. We pride ourselves in educating the patients about their oral health and providing them with the best treatment options. We offer a wide range of services including preventive care, restorative dentistry, oral surgery, implants, root canals, and cosmetic dentistry. Most PPO plans are accepted and convenient payment options are offered. We have been serving the Bellflower area and the surrounding communities since 2004. Dr. Hooman Hakimi has built his practice with the philosophy of providing quality, comprehensive care for the entire family. He prides his practice on focusing on the oral health needs of his patients and performing needs based dentistry with a gentle touch. Dr. Hakimi has called Southern California home for the past 30 years and has been serving the local community since 2001. He received both his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology and his dental degree and training from the University California, Los Angeles (UCLA). After graduating in 2001, Dr. Hakimi has been a proud member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, and the Harbor Dental Society. Dr. Hakimi is well trained in all aspects of dentistry, with a special focus in Invisalign (clear braces) and Cosmetic Dentistry.