Smile by Design Dental Group
Michael Hyeonju Choi, DMD:
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Smile by Design Dental Group
Michael Hyeonju Choi, DMD

Irvine, CA






A list of major dental treatments which I offer my patients:

Dental cleaning

White fillings


Inalys & onlays


Clear aligners

Porcelain veneers

Teeth whitening

Dentures & partials

Tooth extraction

Dental implants

Sedation dentistry



Monday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Wednesday: 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Thursday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed


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Check out some of my treatment photos:

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Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-5 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-5 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-Before-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-After-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-Before-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-After-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-7 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-7 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-Before-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-After-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-9 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-9 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-White-Fillings-Before-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-White-Fillings-After-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-Before-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-After-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-Before-5 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-After-5 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-Before-6 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-After-6 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-Before-5 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-After-5 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-6 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-6 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-Before-8 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Full-Mouth-Reconstruction-After-8 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-Before-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Porcelain-Veneers-After-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-Before-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-After-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-Before-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-After-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-Before-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-After-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-Before-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-After-4 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-White-Fillings-Before-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-White-Fillings-After-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-Before-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-After-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Implant-Before-3 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-Before-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Dental-Crown-After-2 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-crown-lengthening-before-1 Michael-Hyeonju-Choi-Crown-Lengthening-After-1


Check out what some happy patients are saying about us:


I first found Dr. Choi and his team back in 2016 when I needed a front tooth implant. I was incredibly nervous about finding the right team to perform the procedure – not because I am afraid of dental work, but because I wanted it to look natural and be top quality work. After researching a few in-network options, I read many reviews of Dr. Choi’s talent, professionalism, and caring nature. I successfully completed my implant and KOR Whitening in 2017 after a long year of procedures and check-ups, and I can 110% say that my expectations were exceeded and am thankful I found a doctor who cares so much about his work and patients.

I now live in LA and continue to make the drive to Irvine because Dr. Choi and his team are that good. I dread having to find someone else that lives up to my now very high expectations of what dental experiences should be like.

His team is incredible as well – Angie, who assisted Dr. Choi with the implant, as well as administered my KOR Whitening, is incredibly talented and a joy to be around. She is very precise in in all her work and also super friendly. Love working with her.

Anya, the dental hygienist, is top notch. I’m very particular about my teeth and I have never had my teeth feel as clean and thoroughly inspected as I have with Anya. She takes pride in her work and is also fun to talk to. I always leave with my smile feeling rejuvenated. She is very knowledgeable about all things dental hygiene and can recommend a variety of solutions for your smile. I also purchased the RotadentPRO toothbrush she highly recommends and could never go back to an ordinary brush again. Very happy with the decision.

All around fantastic office – thank you for taking care of me during my implant surgery, follow-ups, and continued services. I have recommended this office to a variety of people around OC/LB/LA.

Thanks team!


The visit was great as always! I have been coming to see Dr. Choi for some time now and my treatment (implants & reconstruction) was interrupted due to a serious family issue out of state for the better part of 2 years and was limited in my visits. He picked up right where he left off. Very professional and would recommend him to anyone who needs major work down to the minor stuff. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well. I am looking forward to getting back on track with Dr. Choi and staff. 😉


First of all I am a walking teeth disaster. dr. Choi and his staff had their work cut out for them when I walked in about 4 years ago. They have accepted all my challenges and put me back together again. Complete with Crowns and Implants. I’ve refer’d my husband and my son all go to Dr. Choi. I’ve had some not so great dentists in the past and so I have dental trust issues. I can honestly say I TRUST Dr. Choi & his staff completely.


Dr is excellent and very caring. The entire  staff is very friendly and helpful. Every aspect from teeth cleaning to the implant process are done to perfection. I can’t say enough good things about Smile by Design.


Hello, to anybody that is looking for an excellent dentist who cares, who is conservative, yet enthusiastic about his work, then this is the dental office for you and your family!!! I can’t say enough about Dr. Choi’s comfortable & beautiful office, the office staff, especially Angie & Donna have made my visits to the dentist extra special, kind and extremely comfortable, the dentist is efficient and all of his dental work is professional, and he is very gentle and his attention to detail is always there, Dr. Choi is the best, and I will continue to make him #1 priority and continue my dental treatment, along with cleanings at his office! Thank you very much, Smile By Design!!!!


Until I met Dr. Choi, my dental appointments were always consumed with fear and anxiety. For the first time in my life, I have met a dentist who makes me feel comfortable. For several months now I have been in and out of Dr. Choi’s office for a variety of dental work; invisalign, veneers, on-lays/in-lays and cleaning.  All of my procedures were painless and surprisingly there was no recovery process (not even sore the next day).  Moreover, his friendly staff is excellent to work with, as they are constantly accommodating my intense travel schedule. Quite honestly I rarely ever write reviews however due to the phenomenal service and attention I constantly receive at Smile by Design, I feel I must share my experience.  Oh and by the way, Dr. Choi is a perfectionist (worst than me) which truly means, he cares!

I highly recommend Dr. Choi and the entire Smile by a Design experience.


After a rigorous and laborious search for a local Irvine dentist, I stumbled upon Smile by Design.

Work I got done:
Hygiene work

Both the hygienist and dentist were very affable and educational.  It was a very comfortable, quick and enjoyable experience.  I actually felt confident about my teeth after leaving the office.  The work was pain free and professional.

I was impressed by the cleanliness, state of the art gadgetry and friendliness of the staff.  I’d recommend this office to anyone looking for a great dental experience.


Great dentistry! Everytime I come here, I feel welcome and that they go the extra mile to work around any circumstances and to do what’s best for me. Strongly recommend this place!


Dr. Choi is truly a caring and compassionate dentist. He is professional and meticulous, and he helped me live a new life with my full mouth reconstruction. I had crowns, multiple implants, and many other treatments, and the results are amazing; they turned out very natural (color, shape, fit) and Dr. Choi listened to what I wanted from the beginning to the end. He made sure I was satisfied with the results throughout the entire process, and I could tell that he wanted the best outcome for me. Now I smile with confidence and receive lots of compliments on how nice my teeth look. In terms of function, my bite is perfect so I can now eat comfortably. I highly recommend Dr. Choi and his team, including the hygienist and the endodontist, for the finest dental care.


Dr. Choi and his staff were honest and kind about my oral health. I haven’t been to a dentist in years and they walked me through X-rays and photos of my teeth, why I need what I need to get done and awesome payment plans. I do not have insurance and they were great in figuring out the best option for me. Can’t wait to come back for my treatments!


I accidentally found Smile by Design Dental Group and I am so HAPPY I did! From the moment I walked in the staff was very welcoming. I was there to have my Porcelain Veneers replaced. Dr. Choi did such an awesome job that I can’t stop smiling. :)!! I recently had my teeth cleaned by Anya and I have to say that my teeth have never felt so clean! Thank you Dr. Choi and staff for taking wonderful care of me!


My experience with Dr. Choi and his staff has been fantastic!  Having a busy schedule, they’ve always been extremely accommodating.  I once had to fix an unexpected chipped tooth before a few work events and everyone was able to make it happen late that same day.  The staff are great at reminders and keeping you on track, with no pressure, for regular cleanings, etc.  As others have said, the office is very modern and clean.  Any time I had questions regarding costs or billing, Michelle would go above and beyond to make everything clear and simple.
Most importantly, Dr. Choi and his team seem very knowledgeable and well practiced.  They are friendly and take the time to connect with you.  I feel confident that I can go here for anything that I may need.


Highly, highly recommend Dr Choi and his staff. Let alone a clean facility, modern technology and excellent service, the team makes you feel comfortable and calm throughout any procedure.

I’m not one to leave reviews but this place really deserves the recognition.


My favorite Dentist, I’ve been with you over 15 yrs. you are the best. I do appreciate for your perfect treatment on all my implants. THX.


I originally came to Dr. Choi’s office in early April 2016 sadly under the worst circumstances, I was referred to him as an emergency patient, he had to perform  reconstructive dental work as a result of botched dental work done by my former dentist’s colleague.
My experience with Dr. Choi’s and his staff has been superb, he has great bedside manners, he listened to my concerns, showed genuine empathy & compassion for me. He is skilled, knowledgeable and has the latest dental equipment and software geared to customize and suit your needs.
Dr. Choi’s staff is courteous, tactful, gentle, they answered my questions about the procedures and did not make feel rushed.
You truly are in great hands, I am grateful for giving me a great smile and I look forward to my future appointments.


I only have great things to say about Dr Choi and all the staff!! I’ve spent plenty of time here over the last couple of years between regular dental work and my Invisalign treatment. Angie the assistant is amazing and all others have been professional yet very kind. A huge plus is they are very timely!!! Definitely recommend it!


The doctor and the entire staffs were knowledgeable and kind. Surprisingly, there is no waiting time and the procedure flew smoothly without downtime. Especially I was able to get my teeth replacement within a day, it was so valuable.


Dr. Choi is an amazing dentist. He has done extensive work for me. All has been painless and excellent work. I had implants, crowns and fillings done. Better than any past dental experience.
Anya the hygienist is knowledgeable and excellent at cleaning and helping with preventive care for my teeth.
Angie the RDA is always courteous, happy, and efficient.
I highly recommend Dr. Choi and Smile by Design.


I’ve unfortunately been a little slow on writing the review, but finally, after coming to this yelp page again so many times to recommend Dr Choi to my coworkers and friends, I decided to finally write a review. Not a ton of time on my hands, so here goes- my veneer story.

I’ve been wanting veneers for many years. I had small teeth, some gaps, and a lot of gum, but never took the leap. My coworker got veneers and they looked amazing! They were so amazing, I decided I should also take the leap and get mine. I went to my friend’s dentist and can you say sticker shock It would have costed the same as a brand new Honda. Since my mind was made up that i wanted them (just didn’t want to pay that much), I opted to look around.

I talked to a few offices and landed here. I was honest, and let them know i was serious about doing this, but didn’t want to spend the same amount i put down on my house! The office staff was professional and it was easy to get an appt. I got my regular cleaning, then had a consult.

Dr. Choi is an amazing dentist! He let me know what it would take, what they could offer, and was honest. He explained the process, showed me pics, etc. From there, i talked to the office manager and went over cost. I was able to get an agreeable price. I paid a down payment, and then the balance the day of the procedure. They were prompt with appts, send text reminders, and were very helpful. Only thing that sucked, was i had to travel for work as an emergency, missed an appt, and got charged 200$. I wasn’t happy about that, but nonetheless every other experience was great.

The dentist cared about how i felt. He made sure i wasn’t in pain and was well taken care of. He listened to what i liked, and provided his professional opinion. In the end, i got my gums trimmed and top veneers. I am so beyond pleased with the results. I always smiled a lot, but now get so many compliments on my teeth. My smile has been transformed by this dentist.

I recommend anyone looking for a trustworthy, skilled, honest dentist, go here!


I needed critical immediate help. My previous dentists addressed my many dental issues with what i can only describe as mediocre and substandard care. Not taking care of the original problems correctly, ultimately caused other dental issues to accelerate and bringing me to where i couldn’t work or speak properly even. I went to Dr. Choi s office in such a state …i received extraordinary care from the moment i walked in. Dr. Choi has serious skills with his team working all together much like a symphony, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be getting the best care. Bottom line a remarkable office.


Dr. Choi is very thorough and uses the finest equipment. He is very knowledgeable and makes sure the patient is informed. He doesn’t try to price gouge you, and the staff is very nice. We have been going to Dr. Choi for over 7 years, and we have no complaints.


Office staff was very friendly, helpful and professional. Dr. Choi has excellent bedside manner and knows how to give shots with the least amount of pain I’ve ever had – I didn’t even feel the needle. I highly recommend Dr. Choi at the Smile by Design Dental Center.


I still don’t remember exactly how I found Smile by Design, but one thing led to another and BOOM! Impacted wisdom teeth, gone! Also got a cleaning while I was there.

Very happy that I had no complications (other than chipmunk cheeks).

The office is clean and extremely nice, worked with me even though I’m extremely difficult getting scheduled (Sorry Michelle!), have a great super-friendly team, and made me feel at ease though that was the single most miserable dental treatment that I’ve had to date. Definitely recommend!


Dr. Choi is amazing !! He has transformed my smile more beautifully than I could’ve ever imagined ! Him and his staff are so friendly, I actually enjoy going to the dentist. I would recommend him for anything dental you need done! I honestly couldn’t be happier!


Dr. Choi is an amazing dentist. I’ve always dreaded going into an appointment fearing I’d come out with my gums all beat up from the cleanings and such but Dr. Choi is gentle and very talented in his approach. His friendly demeanor is also a great quality about him that gives me the confidence to go back. Overall his entire team is easy to approach and talk to and that’s a great addition to have when all you want to do is cancel with the dentist! 🙂 they make is easy to go in and no longer dread the appointments!


We are so very Blessed that we were referred to Smile by Design with Dr Choi!!! His gentle care and compassion as he treated my husband for a bone graft and implant was impeccable. He made my husband who is very apprehensive of any dental work, due to past experiences, feel comfortable and safe thru his thorough explanation of all of the details and his professionalism along with a great staff!!!!!!


Great doctor with a lot of experience.
Once he did extraction and put implant I did not feel any pain. Thank you Dr.Choi for your good job. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone , my friends and family.


Smile by design is by far one of the best places I get my teeth checked and cleaned. They have a very friendly staff willing to work with your needs and always give advice on how to better your teeth conditions. The dentists are very professional and give such an amazing job all the time. I have always gotten a perfect cleaning from them and will recommend them to anyone. Thank you smile by design and keep up the good work.


Dr. Choi and his staff were very friendly, efficient, and helpful. It was my first visit a few weeks ago and I didn’t even have to wait long. Everyone was very informative and made it a smooth experience. I also made a follow up appointment and I like that they sent reminders up till the day of the appointment. Excellent service!


Dr. Choi is highly recommended!  He pays high attention to detail, gentle with his hands, extremely knowledgeable, and patient explaining the work that’s being done.  I appreciate him spending time with his patients and answering any questions they may have.  The staffs are extremely friendly, knowledgeable as well, and well organized.  The office is also very clean and comforting.  

The only con is the long wait during certain of my appointments, especially during my work hours.  However, I understand it may be out of the doctor’s/staffs’ control at times.  

Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Choi.  He is great at what he does and takes pride in his work.  I had two veneers and a crown done and they came out looking like they were my own, if not nicer!


Our whole family has been going to Dr. Choi for about 15 years now and we have always been extremely happy with the work and service. I have been moved to write a review because of the Fantastic reconstruction Dr. Choi did on my husband. He now smiles again. It really changed his life. The office is lovely, spotless and comfortable and the staff always cheerful and helpful.


Dr Choi is exceptional! From regular cleanings to major dental work, they will take care of you really well! The entire staff is great and so accommodating! They have the latest technology that I am absolutely amazed by! I’ve even made my husband come here!


I recently have had several dental procedures done here including implant, implant removal and replacement (prom a prior sub-standard dental office) as well as the regular cleaning and “light duty” work. I have had a wonderful experience with each visit. Dr. Choi has state of the art equipment and skills along with an immaculate office environment and very friendly staff. I struggle through getting any dental work done and they have me feeling at ease every time. I would highly recommend this office for anything from the regular checkup to major dental procedures!!


I had a wonderful experience at this office and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering getting veneers done. Dr. Choi and his team are warm, friendly, and professional. He takes the time to make sure the outcome is exactly what we have agreed on and I never felt rushed or pushed in the process. Judith was the assistant at my last appointment and her presence made a huge difference in keeping me calm and relaxed. I love my new smile


First of all the staff is so nice and always accommodates us. I go, my husband and son all go to Dr. Choi. I’m a hard luck case for most dentist don’t know what to do for me. Dr. Choi always has the answer and is very confident in his ability and work. He’s helped me with crowns and implants. Not minor stuff. He pulled my sons wisdom teeth out without a hitch and minor work so far for my husband. Dr. Choi gets my humor and laughs at my dumb jokes. Most of all though everything Dr Choi has done for me is better than I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot done. I highly recommend Smiles By Design.


We offer a wide array of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services. We provide regular checkups, professional hygiene cleanings, and gum disease therapy as well as tooth restorations and replacements. At Smile by Design Dr. Michael Choi restores the health, beauty, and function of your smile with advanced, comprehensive, and anxiety-free restorative dentistry. Porcelain veneers are dental porcelains that are custom-crafted and bonded on your natural teeth. These are recommended for patients with gaps, chipped or cracked teeth, patients whose teeth are unevenly spaced or crowded, those whose teeth discoloration doesn’t respond to typical teeth whitening solutions, or patients with short and stubby teeth as well as those whose teeth are misaligned. The Smile by Design Dental Group are committed to help you bring out and rediscover your self-confidence by providing you a flawless dental solution through porcelain veneers along with other cosmetic dentistry services we offer. We can’t wait to show you what an incredible difference our cosmetic dentistry services can make in your smile and in your life. Our state-of-the-art dental practice warmly welcomes you.

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